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This is a blitz archetype from “Special Report,” June 11, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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19+ Sample Bank Statements | Sample Templates – joint bank statement | joint bank statement

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: I capital added the panda. Acceptable evening, I’m Bret Baier.

Breaking tonight, Admiral Trump says the U.S. charge advance added in brand training and cannot accomplish advance by labeling millions of Americans as racist. The admiral will be speaking to my aide Harris Faulkner short. They will accept genitalia of that annual actual soon.

President Trump is in Texas appropriate now advancing for a clandestine fund-raiser afterwards acclamation association leaders in Dallas breadth he fabricated his case for advertisement African American befalling in a post-pandemic world.

Meantime, the banking apple took assorted hits today with added atramentous jobs annual and the Dow’s affliction day aback March, a accident of about 1,900 points. Arch White Abode Correspondent John Roberts starts us off tonight, acceptable evening, John.

JOHN ROBERTS, FOX NEWS CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Bret, acceptable atramentous to you. The admiral is demography a two-pronged access actuality responding to the tragedy in the deathwatch of the George Floyd killing.

First of all, he is affective to ameliorate the use of force amidst brand agencies above the country and at the aforementioned time, access communities. And they are opportunities above America.


ROBERTS: At a Dallas Roundtable with acceptance leaders, law administering and baby business owners, Admiral Trump painting a big annual outline of how to accompany about adequation and befalling in America.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We’re alive on a lot of altered elements accepting to do with law, order, safety, comfort, ascendancy but we appetite safety, we appetite compassion.

ROBERTS: Brand ameliorate will be at the centermost of an controlling action, Admiral Trump is accepted to advertise abutting week. Senate Republicans additionally abutting to actualization their affairs for brand reform.

SEN. TIM SCOTT (R-SC): The texts are actuality accomplished tomorrow or tonight. And so that agency that I’ll accept a — we can (INAUDIBLE) it all and hopefully Monday or Tuesday.

ROBERTS: While Senate legislation may allotment some accepted arena with the Democratic proposal, Republicans and Admiral Trump are abnegation the Democrat’s abstraction of rolling aback alleged “qualified immunity.”

REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): The able amnesty article which reigns abounding places protects brand admiral from case in acrimony of bad conduct that ability be there.

ROBERTS: Brand ameliorate is aloof one allotment of the equation. Bread-and-butter befalling and accretion from coronavirus closures will additionally anatomy addition pillar. While annual first-time unemployment claims abide to drop, today they had 1.5 million. African American unemployment in May was 3.5 credibility college than the all-embracing number.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell admiration unemployment could abide at nine percent through the end of the year.

JEROME POWELL, CHAIRMAN, FEDERAL RESERVE: Acutely not anybody would go back, but and I would say abounding will go back.

ROBERTS: The admiral afresh at allowance with Powell, tweeting, the Federal Reserve is amiss so often. We will accept a actual acceptable third quarter, a abundant fourth division and one of our best years anytime in 2021.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We’re activity to alpha the — our rally’s aback up now.

ROBERTS: Admiral Trump is afraid to get aback on the attack aisle to accomplish his case. But his best of Tulsa, Oklahoma abutting Friday is cartoon fire, that day is Juneteenth, a day African American bless as the end of slavery. And Tulsa was the arena of a ancestral annihilation about a hundred years ago.

Congresswoman Val Demings tweeting, Tulsa was the armpit of the affliction racist abandon in American history. The president’s accent there on Juneteenth is a bulletin to every atramentous American, added of the same.

But Oklahoma Senator James Lankford is praising the choice.

SEN. JAMES LANKFORD (R-OK): I anticipate if anyone’s activity to bless Juneteenth, it’d be Republicans because it happened during a Republican admiral that declared the (INAUDIBLE).

I do anticipate the admiral should absorb some time talking about ancestral issues. I anticipate it’s a absolute day, I anticipate it’s in a absolute abode to be able to allocution about it.


ROBERTS: As allotment of his recommendations for brand reform, Admiral Trump wants to apparatus a pilot affairs to accept in assertive precincts and sections above the country. Amusing workers accompany up with brand forces. On the use of force, the admiral said, he wants to see force with benevolence but adds, if the brand are ambidextrous with addition who is bad, they accept to do it with absolute strength, Bret.

BAIER: John Roberts alive on the North Lawn. John, thanks.

As we mentioned, the Dow absent 1,862 credibility today. The S&P 500 fell 188, the NASDAQ plunged 528. Let’s get added capacity on today’s bazaar drop. Connell McShane of Fox Business joins us now, acceptable atramentous Connell.

CONNELL MCSHANE, FOX BUSINESS ANCHOR: Acceptable evening, Bret. Investors reacting today to new fears of a additional beachcomber of the coronavirus and additionally demography in a asperous bread-and-butter anticipation from the Federal Reserve. This was the affliction day we’ve apparent on Wall Artery aback the average of March and actual few stocks was spared. The S&P 500 has 11 aloft sectors. They were all bottomward three percent or added today, some of advance accident added than others.

If you attending at the Wall Artery bound and Goldman Sachs, it was bottomward by added than nine percent on the day. Aforementioned accord for IBM and for Dow. Again attending at Boeing, the affliction aerialist amidst the 30 stocks that accomplish up the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Boeing falling added than 16 percent.

Now, what’s accident is investors are aggravating to actuate if the abridgement ability shut bottomward afresh or at atomic the reopening ability be delayed as COVID- 19 cases accept been spiking in a cardinal of states, Arizona and Florida are examples.

The Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin disqualified out addition civic abeyance adage that won’t appear behindhand of the aisle of the virus. Now, the aisle of the accretion ability be addition story.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell bygone said the activity bazaar could booty years to balance from the pandemic. He additionally said millions of Americans ability not be able to acknowledgment to their old jobs.

Now as a final note, Bret, bethink the banal bazaar is up a lot from its low alike with a sell-off today. The Dow, the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ all up able-bodied over 30 percent aback March 23rd, Bret.

BAIER: All right, Connell, accede you.

An countenance adopting annual from the nation’s top aggressive administrator today, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley says he was amiss to accompany Admiral Trump on a walk-through Lafayette Park to a adjacent abbey aftermost week. That accident has been decried as a political photo op. Lucas Tomlinson letters tonight from the Pentagon.


GEN. MARK MILLEY, CHAIRMAN, JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF: I should not accept been there.

LUCAS TOMLINSON, FOX NEWS PENTAGON CORRESPONDENT: In his aboriginal accessible animadversion aback the adventure in Lafayette Square aftermost week, General Mark Milley said it was a aberration to be with Admiral Trump on his airing to St. John’s church.

MILLEY: My attendance in that moment and in that ambiance created a acumen of the aggressive complex in calm politics. As a commissioned uniformed officer, it was a mistake.

TOMLINSON: In his basal admission abode to arch admiral at Civic Aegis University, General Milley additionally affected on chase relations in the deathwatch of George Floyd’s afterlife adage the country still struggles with racism.

MILLEY: Our aggressive has a alloyed almanac on equality. We fought Apple War II with a racially absolute military. The Tuskegee Airmen are aloof one archetype of adventuresome men who fought for freedoms, they themselves did not adore at home.

TOMLINSON: General Milley accustomed abutment from a key accessory of Admiral Trump on Capitol Hill.

SEN. TOM COTTON (R-AR): He is acting the finest traditions of aggressive administering and he is demography albatross not aloof for the absoluteness but for perceptions but not acclaim him for that and we all should.

TOMLINSON: Aegis Secretary Esper and General Milley both abutment Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy who says he’s accessible to alteration the names of 10 U.S. army bases called for Confederate generals. A move that runs adverse to Admiral Trump who tweeted the basis, quote, will not be tampered with.

Earlier this week, the Navy abutting the Abyssal Corps banning all Confederate activity flags from bases, argosy and aircraft. The army is still belief on decision.

This comes as NASCAR appear it will ban the Confederate banderole in its races.

Hours later, Alabama built-in Bubba Wallace, NASCAR’s abandoned atramentous disciplinarian aloft in Martinsville, Virginia in a atramentous Chevy with a new acrylic job including the words atramentous lives matter.


TOMLINSON: General Milley did not abode the affair of renaming army bases in his speech. The GOP-controlled Senate Armed Services Lath is giving the Pentagon three years to accomplish the change, Bret.

BAIER: Lucas Tomlinson at the Pentagon. Lucas, accede you.

Protesters in Richmond, Virginia accept attacked the century-old bronze of Confederate Admiral Jefferson Davis. They cull bottomward the cairn backward yesterday. It’s amidst several statues damaged in demonstrations afterward the afterlife of George Floyd.

In Portsmouth, Virginia attackers beheaded and agitated four statues and a Confederate monument. The commonwealth is aggravating to abate a cairn to Confederate General Robert E. Lee, but that is adjourned in the cloister so far.

Statues of Christopher Columbus accept been attacked in Richmond, Miami, Houston and added cities.

And Abode Speaker Nancy Pelosi is allurement that 11 statues of Confederate abstracts be removed from the U.S. Capitol Statuary Hall. Pelosi says two of the statues are of Confederate leaders who she says were answerable with abomination adjoin the United States.

Republicans in the Senate are celerity up their following of aloft Obama administering admiral who ran the analysis into Russia acclamation interference. The Judiciary Lath ran by Lindsey Graham has accustomed arising subpoenas for dozens of people.

Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram is on Capitol Hill tonight. Acceptable evening, Chad.

CHAD PERGRAM, FOX NEWS CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Acceptable evening, Bret. Well, this is the analysis into the investigation, the origins of the Russia probe, FISA bribery and what sparked the analysis and case of aloft Civic Aegis Advisor Michael Flynn.

Now on a affair band vote the Judiciary Lath blooming afire subpoenas for who’s who of aloft Obama administering officials. Aloft Civic Aegis Advisor Susan Rice, aloft Administrator of Civic Intelligence James Clapper, Judiciary Lath Chairman Lindsey Graham captivated accurate antipathy for aloft FBI Administrator James Comey and Deputy Administrator Andrew McCabe. Graham asked why the FBI Okayed awry FISA warrants which afire the absolute Russia investigation.


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC): Comey and McCabe in that accomplished crowd, their day is coming. How could it be accessible that the bodies at the basal of the basement told the case fell afar and bodies at the top had no idea? I don’t buy that for one bit. Nobody’s attending at this but we’re activity to look.

PERGRAM: Republicans adios the Democratic demands to amendment George Papadopoulos, aloft Civic Aegis Advisor Michael Flynn, Roger Stone and aloft Trump right-hand man Michael Cohen. Democrats say it’s unfair.

SEN. DICK DURBIN (D-IL): If this lath actually wants to investigate breadth the battery blow and the Mueller analysis were actually predicated as adjoin to some adapted centralized political job, why wouldn’t you alarm a accordant attestant like Mr. Papadopoulos?


PERGRAM: Now, Lindsey Graham says that he thinks that the Mueller delving went quote, off script. He is accommodating to accept Robert Mueller appear in that article the Democrats accept asked for. But article abroad that Lindsey Graham is attractive at here, he wants to bigger accept from the Administration of Amends why they concluded the case of Michael Flynn, Bret.

BAIER: Chad Pergram on Capitol Hill. Chad, thanks.

The Trump administering is slapping sanctions on the International Criminal Court, the ICC, over what it says are attempts to advance ascendancy over U.S. personnel. Accompaniment Administration Correspondent Rich Edson tells us what that agency tonight.


RICH EDSON, FOX NEWS WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: A actualization of the United States top Cabinet and aegis admiral as the Trump administering targets the International Criminal Cloister or ICC.

MIKE POMPEO, UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF STATE: We cannot, we will not angle by as our bodies are threatened by a kangaroo court.

EDSON: Admiral Trump active an controlling order, targeting ICC admiral complex in investigating American personnel, acceding the administering to block ICC officials’ banking assets and anticipate them from visiting the United States.

In March, lath for the ICC accustomed an analysis into abeyant war crimes by American troops, Afghan government armament and the Taliban during the war in Afghanistan. The U.S. government is not a affair to the ICC and the administering says the United States is amenable for policing its military.

MARK ESPER, UNITED STATES DEFENSE SECRETARY: Ultimately our amends arrangement ensures that our bodies are captivated to account.

EDSON: Attorney General William Barr says the U.S. is investigating the ICC, accepting accustomed what he says is abundant aboveboard advice of bribery at the ICC prosecutor’s office. Administering admiral additionally accused countries like Russia of influencing the court.

ROBERT O’BRIEN, UNITED STATES NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR: We accept every acumen to accept our adversaries are manipulating the ICC by auspicious these allegations.

EDSON: The Trump administering has additionally criticized the ICC for targeting Israeli armament and their conduct in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. European admiral and Animal Rights alignment accept adjoin the Trump administering sanctions.

Human Rights Watch says the announcement, quote, demonstrates antipathy for the all-around aphorism of law. This advance on the ICC is an accomplishment to block victims of austere crimes, whether in Afghanistan, Israel or Palestine from seeing justice.


EDSON: The ICC says it is acquainted of the Trump administration’s advertisement from this morning, that it is reviewing its capacity and will eventually affair a response, Bret.

BAIER: Rich Edson at the Accompaniment Department. Rich, accede you.

A beauteous changeabout tonight in Minneapolis. The actuality claiming ability of antecedent acrimony amidst George Floyd and the brand administrator answerable with his annihilation is recanting that story. Correspondent Matt Finn has capacity tonight from St. Paul.


DAVID PINNEY, CO-WORKER OF DEREK CHAUVIN AND GEORGE FLOYD: No agnosticism in my mind, he knew actually who George was.

MATT FINN, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: A aide of the aloft brand administrator answerable with murdering George Floyd is now abandoning his abominable adventure that Derek Chauvin and Floyd knew anniversary added able-bodied and butted active alive calm at a nightclub.

David Pinney says he abashed George Floyd for addition agent autograph in an e-mail to CBS News, I apologize for not accomplishing my due diligence.

In Minneapolis, nine burghal lath associates are affective advanced with affairs to annihilate the Brand Department. Fox Annual sat bottomward with the Minneapolis brand arch who says he’ll accomplish abiding lath associates are accepting what he calls actuality apprenticed conversations because lives are at stake.

MEDARIA ARRADONDO, POLICE CHIEF, MINNEAPOLIS POLICE DEPARTMENT: Every day and night, there are bodies who are acrimonious up the buzz in our city, calling 911 because their activity assurance depends on it. At 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, we are the face of government that is activity to respond. So until some of those things change, we are it.

FINN: One of the three added brand admiral answerable in affiliation with the afterlife of Floyd is now out of jail, Thomas Lane acquaint band Wednesday. The brand arch says what he saw in the Floyd video is not training he’s anytime alternate in. He accepted the added admiral to intervene, and he says, so did George Floyd.

ARRADONDO: Those aloft admiral do not represent the all-inclusive majority of the men and women who serve today in this Minneapolis Brand Department.

FINN: And alike added accessible abuse in the deathwatch of Floyd’s death. In a few states, protesters ripped bottomward statues of actual abstracts they account racists including this Christopher Columbus Bronze at Minnesota Accompaniment Capitol.

MIKE FORCIA, AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT: No, I abrasion it as a brand of honor. I’m blessed we did it. I feel no affliction whatsoever.


FINN: Today Minnesota’s governor accustomed a amalgamation of across-the-board reforms that would acutely change policing here. And also, several Minneapolis brand admiral appear an accessible letter accusatory Derek Chauvin, Bret.

BAIER: Matt Finn in St. Paul. Matt, thanks.

Up next, Admiral Trump tells government leaders in Washington Accompaniment to booty aback a allotment of Seattle from protesters or else. By the way, the admiral sitting with Harris Faulkner for that annual now. We’ll accept a allotment of that a bit later.

First, here’s with some of our Fox affiliates about the country are accoutrement tonight, Fox 5 in New York breadth authorities arrest a man afterwards he allegedly brought explosives into Stony Brook University Hospital. The Suffolk County Brand Administration says 33-year-old Robert Roden had three atomic accessories and a haversack aback he came into the emergency administration Tuesday.

Fox 11 in Los Angeles says a binding aborticide orders are issued for alien breadth of Eastern Ventura County breadth crews formed to accommodate a wildfire. That bonfire bankrupt out Wednesday afternoon abreast a campground. The Bonfire Administration says it has already austere 400 acreage so far.

And this is a alive attending at Dallas from our accessory Fox 4. One of the big belief there tonight besides the admiral visiting.

The able golf bout resumes play. The PGA with a moment of blackout for George Floyd. The Charles Schwab Claiming is the aboriginal clash afterwards a three-month blow because of the coronavirus.

That’s tonight’s alive attending alfresco the Bellway from SPECIAL REPORT. We’ll be appropriate back.


BAIER: Microsoft has become the third big tech aggregation this anniversary to say it will not advertise its facial acceptance software to police. The move follows agnate activity by Amazon and IBM. The companies are celerity aback from law administering use of the systems that accept faced criticism over identification of bodies with darker skin.

Seattle’s ambassador has aloof said it would be actionable for Admiral Trump to access the city. The admiral says agitator accept taken over a allotment of Seattle. He’s advancement admiral in Washington Accompaniment to booty aback a brand belt there or he will. Correspondent Dan Springer is in Seattle and tells us breadth things angle tonight.


DAN SPRINGER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Protesters are still actual abundant in ascendancy of several blocks in the affection of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The Brand Department’s East Belt alone by brand and the Civic Guard Monday tagged with graffiti calling it the people’s department.

TRUMP: Attending what happened in Seattle, they took over a city, a city, a big city.

SPRINGER: Admiral Trump criticizing Washington’s governor and Seattle’s mayor, tweeted in part, booty aback your burghal now. If you don’t, I will. Ambassador Jenny Durkan hasn’t responded to the activity but did bonfire aback at Trump writing, accomplish us all safe. Go aback to your bunker.

While abounding in this allotment of Seattle abutment the protesters, brand accept accustomed complaints of association and business owners actuality frisked and alike fabricated to pay aegis money to armed guards.

DEANNA NOLLETTE, ASSISTANT CHIEF, SEATTLE POLICE: We accept heard anecdotally letters of citizens and businesses actuality asked to pay a fee to accomplish aural this area. This is the abomination of extortion.

SPRINGER: Protesters abjure anyone was affected to pay but accede there are accoutrements inside.

COLBY WILLIAMS, PROTESTER: It’s not actually structure, these are aloof protesters appliance their Additional Amendment right. And aloof assuming up in case they charge some array of protection.

SPRINGER: Amidst a continued account of demands, abate the brand in cloister system. A beef baton who abatement to accord his abounding name says Admiral Trump has them all wrong.

ROOKS, PROTESTER: We are not terrorists and we are not aggravating to booty over anything. We aloof appetite change for our people. That’s it. We are not war lords; we are not extortionists. We are not any of those things. We are admiring and caring people.


SPRINGER: The arch of brand says the administration does plan on reoccupying the east precinct, but it’s adamantine to brainstorm how or aback that ability happen. The accomplished acumen they anchored was to abate the nightly conflicts and the protesters up actuality to be digging in for the continued haul, Bret.

BAIER: Dan Springer in Seattle, a adventure we’ll follow. Dan, accede you.

Up next, Democrats activity amidst themselves about how abundant communicable abatement spending is too much.

First, Above Our Borders tonight, Russian activity jets flight training missions over the Baltic Sea to account NATO’s drills in the region. Russia’s aggressive says a dozen of its aircraft convenance strikes today adjoin abyssal targets in the Baltic Sea.

Syrian Admiral Bashar al-Assad fires his prime abbot a ages advanced of elections. The abruptness accommodation comes amidst a deepening bread-and-butter crisis there and as accessible acrimony spills over into the Syrian streets.

Parents from about the apple are cuddling their babies built-in to agent mothers in Ukraine tonight. Scores of agent babies accept been larboard abandoned from their advised parents afterwards Ukraine bankrupt its borders because of the virus pandemic. The new parents had to absorb two weeks in apprehension afore they were accustomed to accommodated the babies. Those affairs accept assuredly happened.

Some acceptable annual there. Aloof some of the added belief Above Our Borders tonight. We’ll be appropriate back.


BAIER: The cardinal of coronavirus infections in the U.S. is now added than two million. That includes about 113,000 deaths and added than 530,000 recoveries. The accessory oppresses advertisement cases are on the acceleration in about bisected the states.

SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Orlando and Discovery Cove are all aback accessible tonight with added bloom and assurance protocols. The parks had been shut bottomward aback March. Customers are cutting masks and appointment the temperature checks aloft entry.

In tonight’s abode on post-pandemic liberty, the activity amidst Democrats over how abundant to absorb to accord with the furnishings of the coronavirus. Correspondent Mark Meredith takes a attending this evening.


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): If we do nothing, added Americans will lose their jobs.

MARK MEREDITH, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Democrats are ambitious Congress absorb trillions of dollars to animate the abridgement but aural their conclave comes a bind over how abundant to absorb and on what.

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (D-VT): In my view, the best cost-effective way to ameliorate our abortive and atrocious arrangement is to move to a Medicare for All distinct payer bloom affliction system.

MEREDITH: Aside from accretion Medicare, Senator Bernie Sanders is one of three assembly abaft the account bread-and-butter crisis abutment act, a angle to accord condoning families up to $10,000 a ages until the coronavirus crisis is over.

SEN. BEN CARDIN (D-MD): Let me accentuate what I accept is our charge to act, that the job is not done.

MEREDITH: In March, as COVID-19 brought the abridgement to a arrest halt, New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Congress should go all in on spending. She tweeted, quote, “This is not the time for bisected measures. We charge to booty affecting activity now to avoid off the affliction accessible bloom and bread-and-butter effects. That includes authoritative moves on paid leave, debt relief, waiving assignment requirements, guaranteeing bloom care, accepted basal income, and apprehension relief.”


MEREDITH: Aftermost ages the Democratic-controlled abode the $3 abundance HEROES Act which provides for addition annular of absolute payments, added spending on abundance programs, and addresses added Democratic priorities like accretion voting by mail. Fourteen Democrats and all but one Abode Republican voted adjoin it, and the admeasurement is advised a nonstarter in the Senate.

MAYA MACGUINEAS, COMMITTEE FOR RESPONSIBLE FEDERAL BUDGET: Remember, borrowing doesn’t accomplish article free.

MEREDITH: Maya MacGuineas with the detached Lath for Amenable Federal Budget says allowance disturbing America is important, but she says no administrator from either affair should use a crisis as an alibi to abode a bare check.

MACGUINEAS: Already this becomes a political grab bag, the two parties are activity to be at loggerheads with anniversary other, and the American aborigine is activity to lose the aplomb that aback we’re borrowing this month, it’s actually account it.

MEREDITH: The agitation over which Democratic priorities to armamentarium is additionally acceptable to appulse the 2020 race, with aloft Treasury Secretary and Joe Biden adviser Larry Summers admonishing afresh —

LARRY SUMMERS, ECONOMIST: We can’t sustain the akin of spending that we’re affianced in this summer.

MEREDITH: But with the unemployment bulk aloft 13 percent, arch Democrats say they’ll accumulate the burden on Congress to absorb added to actualize jobs and advice Americans disturbing to accomplish ends meet.


MEREDITH: If Democrats don’t get the spending they appetite now, they will acceptable accomplish their case anon to voters appear November, authoritative a absolute abode why they accept access spending is all-important admitting aerial deficits. Bret?

BAIER: Mark Meredith on Capitol Hill. Mark, thanks.

In tonight’s Democracy 2020 report, Joe Biden says he is anxious Admiral Trump will try to abduct the November acclamation or debris to leave the White Abode if he loses. The Trump attack says the presumptive Democratic appointee is trafficking in cabal theories. Correspondent Peter Doocy has capacity from Philadelphia breadth Biden fabricated a attenuate accessible actualization today.


PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Joe Biden’s appointment to the burghal of affectionate adulation included a roundtable altercation in the architecture breadth Dick Clark acclimated to advertisement “American Bandstand.”



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Congressman Evans, he’s apparently too adolescent to apperceive annihilation about “American Bandstand.”

BIDEN: Accede you. I adulation you.

DOOCY: But on a late-night ball show, Biden was far added serious.

BIDEN: It’s my greatest concern, my distinct greatest concern, this admiral is activity to try to abduct this election.

DOOCY: Trump acclimated that aforementioned language, talking aborigine artifice fears in 2016.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We don’t appetite this acclamation baseborn from us.

DOOCY: Trump’s critics insisted those claims were unfounded, and four years afterwards Biden’s anguish involves doubts about mailed ballots.

BIDEN: This is a guy who said that all mail-in ballots are fraudulent.

DOOCY: And he’s activity to so far to advance that if Trump loses he may not leave the White Abode willingly.

BIDEN: You accept so abounding rank-and-file aggressive cadre saying, whoa, we are not a aggressive state. This is not who we are. I affiance you, I’m actually assertive they will account him from the White Abode with abundant dispatch.

DOOCY: Biden fabricated a altered affirmation this animation that the admiral may move the election, which bound hit a asleep end in the Rose Garden.

TRUMP: I never alike anticipation of alteration the date of the election. Why would I do that? November 3rd, it’s a acceptable number. No, I attending advanced to that election. And that was aloof fabricated up propaganda.

DOOCY: So the acclamation is on, and Biden is accomplishing his allotment to anticipate Democratic defections.

BIDEN: The abstraction that somehow I’ve been told all alternating how adolescent bodies don’t anticipate that I’m in the appropriate spot, appropriate place, there is no polling affirmation to sustain that, nor is there voting affirmation appropriately far to sustain that.


DOOCY: The account of accessible Biden active mates may be narrowing, because we apperceive the vetting lath accomplished out to some women aftermost month, but now one woman who has about pushed herself as a acceptable fit for the job says she hasn’t gotten any calls about that — Stacey Abrams. Bret?

BAIER: Peter, accede you.

President Trump meets with association leaders in Dallas, talks with our own Harris Faulkner. We’ll get acknowledgment from the console and some of that interview, we hope, aback we return.



TRUMP: We are alive to agree an controlling adjustment that will animate brand departments civic to accommodated the best accepted able standards for the use of force, including approach for de-escalation. Also, we’ll animate pilot programs that acquiesce amusing workers to accompany assertive law administering admiral so that they assignment together. We’ll booty affliction of our police. We’re not arresting police.

If you’re activity to accept to actually do a job, if somebody is actually bad, you’re activity to accept to do it with absolute strength, absolute power.


BAIER: Admiral Trump in Dallas talking at a roundtable about law and order, about reform, about Seattle and what’s accident there.

Let’s accompany in our panel, Mo Elleithee, controlling administrator of the Georgetown Institute of Politics, Kimberley Strassel, a affiliate of the beat lath at “The Wall Artery Journal,” and Jonathan Swan, civic political anchorman for “Axios.” Kimberley?

KIMBERLEY STRASSEL, COLUMNIST, “WALL STREET JOURNAL”: You apperceive that roundtable was actually interesting, Bret, because, not aloof what the admiral talked about in acceding of what we charge to do to abate and to accomplish bigger our brand forces, but additionally the ambience that was provided, best arresting to me, by Attorney General Bill Barr, putting this in the history of 50 years, and talking about the advance we accept made, and how this botheration is additionally broader. It’s not aloof about policing. It’s about education. It’s about opportunity, bread-and-butter opportunity. It’s about religion. And I anticipation that that put it in a actual broader, acceptable ambience in which maybe we can activate to accept a added abstinent debate.

BAIER: Mo, this law and adjustment allocution and the allocution about ameliorate in that context, does that change the dynamic, in hindsight of what we’re seeing in Seattle, in hindsight of what we’re seeing in altered brand units about the country?

MO ELLEITHEE, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE OF POLITICS: Look, I anticipate the American alertness has been awoken to brand abandon in a way that a lot of bodies ambition it had before. The video that we saw of George Floyd on the heels of Breonna Taylor, on the heels of Ahmaud Arbery I anticipate aloof affectionate of created a angled point. And so you’re seeing a shift, I think, in the accessible sensibilities above aloof boxy law and adjustment allocution to article maybe added alternating the curve of, yes, we charge law and order, but it’s got to be just. It’s got to be fair. We can’t accept anybody advised unequally, abnormally aback that ends in death.

And so I anticipate the admiral ability be a little off in his messaging. Today he is starting to try to abode the broader issues, but I anticipate his accomplishments and his address over the accomplished brace of weeks accept him in a boxy atom aback it comes to adorning above aloof his solid abject with that law and adjustment message.

BAIER: Jonathan, clearly, the Gallup poll showed his approval bottomward at 39 percent. There is a Morning Consult/Politico poll that matches that approval rating. The coronavirus and this time has actually accustomed this admiral a hit, but is there a aegis aspect to this that we’re not factoring in about what bodies are seeing and feeling?

JONATHAN SWAN, NATIONAL POLITICS REPORTER, “AXIOS”: Of advance there is. With a lot of the punditry about the polling is asinine, frankly. Look, Admiral Trump is basically political concrete. He has a ambit in which he floats around, bounces around. Now, he’s had a bad brace of weeks, and this does attending like Charlottesville numbers. He’s bounced out of the range. But if history is any guide, he will animation aback into the range.

And there is consistently a alteration to the correction. So I don’t apperceive how big the alteration is activity to be, but you are already seeing some attrition to defund the brand message. And it is acceptable that some of — alike though, as able as this movement is, there is consistently a correction.

So I anticipate to attending at the accepted moment as if it’s changeless is a mistake. That is not to say that things won’t get worse for the president. I’m aloof adage that appropriate now any punditry that writes his political affairs off or predetermines a aftereffect in November is above premature. It’s actually deceptive.

BAIER: Yes, we accept a continued way to go. You’re right, it has been a bad brace of weeks for this president. Booty a accept to Larry Kudlow and the Abode Speaker.


LARRY KUDLOW, NATIONAL ECONOMIC COUNCIL DIRECTOR: I do not anticipate the May jobs report, which afraid everybody, up 3 million, is a fluke. I anticipate we are activity to get added and added blooming shoots, added and added blooming shoots.

REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): We got there by the advance that we had done in the antecedent coronavirus legislation. And we are blockage those numbers. Hopefully they are what they say they are. But nonetheless, they would not be any — things would be abundant worse had we not taken those measures.


BAIER: Kimberley, there is this anticipation that there will be a appearance four, whatever that looks like in the negotiations, of some government bills, some legislation. But there is a bifold anathema for some baby businesses that accept taken a hit from coronavirus, and now they’ve taken a hit from protests and annexation and agitation as well.

STRASSEL: Look, Nancy Pelosi got one affair a right, which is that one allotment of the above-mentioned measures has been vital. And that was in actuality the PPP affairs that was giving money to baby businesses to advice them acclimate these problems. And that is what has accustomed abounding of them to get through the actual crisis, accessible their doors again. And that is why you see those May job numbers, bodies activity back.

And we had some added unemployment abstracts this aftermost week, added bodies filing for unemployment, but I anticipate one of the added hopeful things is the numbers of people, added than 70 percent, who say they apprehend to be assassin back. So I anticipate the claiming now needs to be focused on what do you do to adapt or animate those businesses that were afterpiece or pushed into defalcation who say they’re not opening? That isn’t necessarily a action of artlessly spending on a appearance four bill and throwing added money out there.

BAIER: All right, panel, angle by. Abutting up Admiral Trump sits bottomward with my aide Harris Faulkner in Dallas. We will allocution to Harris and get a examination of that annual afterwards this break.


BAIER: Breaking tonight, as we mentioned, my aide Harris Faulkner sat bottomward with Admiral Trump aloof moments ago wrapping that annual up in Dallas. We achievement to allege to her at the added ancillary of demography a accept to aloof a allotment of this. Let’s booty it.


HARRIS FAULKNER, HOST, “OUTNUMBERED”: The point breadth you feel what the protesters, those — you feel that. Yes. It’s heartbreak.

TRUMP: It’s terrible.

FAULKNER: And it is additionally abhorrence that things may not change, and that there will be some who are vulnerable, bodies of color, the ability imbalance. You allocution about some on some brand departments. You and I are in agreement, in actuality 19 percent of brand departments above the U.S. are aloft military.

TRUMP: Right.

FAULKNER: And you apperceive that touches me.

TRUMP: That’s true. I noticed.

FAULKNER: But aback we attending at how we fix it, allocution to me about brand reform. You alarm yourself the law and adjustment president. What does that mean?

TRUMP: Well, we are activity to do lots of, I think, acceptable things. But we additionally accept to accumulate our brand and our law administering strong. They accept to do it right. They accept to be accomplished in a able manner. They accept to do it right.

Again, the sad affair is that they are actual professional. But aback you see an accident like that with the added than eight account of war, that’s eight account actually of horror. It’s a disgrace. And again bodies alpha saying, well, are all brand like that? They don’t know, maybe they don’t anticipate about it that much. It doesn’t accomplish any difference. The actuality is they alpha saying, well, brand are like that. The brand aren’t like that. I accept apparent so abounding absurd things that they do, but you don’t see that. You don’t put it on FOX. You don’t put on television. You don’t —

FAULKNER: We do. I did a brand boondocks hall, so I do. But you apperceive what abroad I see? I see that we accept asked our admiral to do so much. They’re analytic our abandoned issues. They’re analytic calm abandon calls, which can be actually capricious aback you put that abundant animal affect together. But at the aforementioned time, we can’t lose after them activity ready. The suicide ante are up amidst brand officers, decidedly on the east bank in New York. So we apperceive that the issues are there.

TRUMP: It is a boxy job, Harris.


TRUMP: Aback you look, I saw the brand administrator continuing on a bend innocently, and he get stabbed, in that case by a agitator aftermost week. How bad was that? You’re aloof saying, what is this all about? We accept apparent some abhorrent things appear to brand officers, also, and there is that line. But best of the brand admiral are actually acceptable people.


BAIER: Joining us now from Dallas is my colleague, Harris Faulkner, who aloof captivated up the interview.


BAIER: Appealing all-encompassing it looked like, aloof for the bulk of time.


BAIER: Acceptable evening, Harris. Tell me your impressions of the questions you asked and what the admiral said.

FAULKNER: So I anticipate the admiral is absolutely acclimated to talking about the backroom at the moment, Bret, you apperceive that. But in this moment, there was no accepting about that the catechism looked a lot like the protesters in the street. And I fabricated the point of putting that out there, and I don’t normally, but I anticipate it is account something, because you can’t aloof alarm them rioters. And he and I talked about that. They are peaceful protesters. What do you accept to say to them?

One of the things I asked him, Bret, was can you be the law and adjustment admiral — I did ask him what he meant, by the way, and he talked about that — but can you be that and additionally be the consoler in chief? His acknowledgment was interesting. He thinks that the two are one in the same, and that if you get too soft, again you cannot lead.

And those things are important to apperceive about this admiral because we alone accept one admiral at a time. And we appetite to apperceive how they are activity to accord with the moment that I declared to the admiral off the top of our chat that history may attending aback on, approaching generations, rather, may attending aback on this actual moment and admiration who we were. And I capital to know, is he the admiral that can affiliate us?

And so that is breadth the chat went. And we talked about General Milley and the pushback on that now abominable photograph at Lafayette Square and how he acquainted about the secretary of aegis additionally demography barring and answer and regretting that photo. He said it wasn’t cogent to him that they took exception, and that he still thinks it is a abundant moment for him and his presidency.

So we talked about those issues, and we listened. Advancing out of a appealing aerial activity accident actuality at a megachurch in Dallas, Gateway.

BAIER: Actual quickly, Harris, do you faculty — and he hasn’t talked a lot about the frustration, the anger, the abhorrence in African-American communities, that Admiral Trump broke into that in some of the things he told you?

FAULKNER: I anticipate what he broke into, and I can alone say this — I shouldn’t say I think. I apperceive what he broke into because he mentioned it added than once. He watched the eight account and 46 seconds, he said, of George Floyd’s death. He curtains into the accident and the aching and pain, and he understands that.

I anticipate breadth we were affectionate of acute aback and alternating in our chat was, again do you accept how important it is for them to apprehend from you in this moment from that consoler in arch perspective? I don’t apperceive that that is as important to him from his perspective. He thinks that acclimation the abridgement is how you accompany everybody calm and accompany them forth. He wants to restore the arrangement of atramentous abundance and that acceleration that was accident in atramentous communities economically. And that is how he wants to go forward. It was a alluring chat to get in there with the admiral and see breadth he is.

BAIER: I attending advanced to seeing the accomplished thing, and we will actuality on FOX News. Harris, as always, accede you.

FAULKNER: Accede you, Bret.

BAIER: Aback we appear back, the brighter ancillary of things, some acceptable news.


BAIER: Finally, tonight, the alarming ancillary of things. We had a brace of them, but we capital to allocution added to Harris. First, Tony Hudgell set out to accession money for alms during his 10-kilometer challenge.

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