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2 2 Bank Statement Is 2 2 Bank Statement Any Good? 2 Ways You Can Be Certain

KUALA LUMPUR, June 15 – Law close Lewis & Co – which Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was accused of acclimation declared actionable funds to be deposited into – had accustomed a absolute of RM25.9 actor via 41 affairs in a bulk of almost two years, based on 10 coffer admiral from bristles banks who testified today in his bribery and money-laundering trial.

300 000 bank statement
 ATM receipt showing astounding $100M balance left at ..

ATM receipt showing astounding $100M balance left at .. | 300 000 bank statement

However, it has yet to be fabricated bright in cloister how the funds absolute by coffer admiral today chronicle to Zahid’s bent case, with the Lewis & Co coffer annual area the funds were deposited actuality a clients’ annual area clients’ funds are about captivated on assurance and can be for accepted purposes.

Today was the 22nd day of the balloon of Umno admiral and above agent prime abbot Zahid, with 10 sources mentioned as those who had transferred RM25.9 actor (to be exact RM25,952,770) to Lewis & Co’s clients’ annual during the March 2016 to March 2018 period.

While best of the coffer abstracts absolute in cloister today did not absolutely acknowledgment the Lewis & Co as a clients’ annual except for about four transactions, coffer admiral had absolute the added affairs to be aimed for the aforementioned coffer annual based on the annual number.

Zahid’s attorneys had ahead asserted that Lewis & Co is a law close that acts as a trustee for his family-owned accommodating foundation Yayasan Akalbudi.

Who transferred the RM25.9 actor and why?

The 10 coffer admiral from Accessible Bank, Maybank, CIMB, Hong Leong Bank, RHB today absolute assorted coffer abstracts such as cheques and coffer statements, including for distinct affairs from their coffer barter to Lewis & Co or assorted affairs to the aforementioned law firm. Not all of the 41 coffer affairs had their purposes listed in the coffer documents.

Public Coffer Wisma Naza Sungai Besi branch’s cyberbanking casework administrator Mar Sai Chin, who was aboriginal to affirm today as the 44th case witness, accepted that a coffer chump called Patt Siew Ming had transferred RM25,950 via a June 21, 2016 cheque to to Lewis & Co’s Clients’ Account.

Maybank’s Bangsar annex controlling administrator and 45th case attestant Lina Zailan accepted that K. Rajan Gunaretnam had transferred RM102,300 via a June 23, 2016 cheque to the aforementioned Clients’ Annual of the law firm.

300 000 bank statement
 Millennial became a millionaire in 5 years following these ..

Millennial became a millionaire in 5 years following these .. | 300 000 bank statement

CIMB Midvalley annex administrator Lau Ai Mai as the 47th case attestant absolute that HRA Teguh Sdn Bhd transferred RM313,000 in a June 30, 2016 cheque to Lewis & Co and said banks would not apperceive the purpose for affairs unless aback arrested with customers, while Maybank Giza Kota Damansara administrator Au Lai Ban as the 52nd case attestant testified that MTM Networks Sdn Bhd had transferred a RM600,000 sum via a June 28, 2017 banker’s cheque to the law close for the declared purpose of “legal fees”.

Maybank’s Bandar Utama abettor administrator Suzaliza Kamari as the 48th case attestant absolute that MY EG Sdn Bhd had transferred RM600,000 to aggregation official Chong Chien Ming for the declared purpose of “legal fees”, with Chong again absolute as accepting anesthetized the aforementioned bulk through a January 15, 2018 banker’s cheque to Lewis & Co.

As for those who fabricated assorted transfers, RHB’s Aboriginal Avenue Bandar Utama administrator G. Jayachantran as the 51st case attestant accepted that MY EG Sdn Bhd had transferred a absolute of RM8.4 actor to Lewis & Co via 14 affairs of RM600,000 anniversary during the May 2016 to March 2018 period, with abounding of these affairs declared by MY EG as actuality for “legal fees”.

These 14 affairs of RM600,000 anniversary were listed as actuality through appeal drafts anachronous May 13, 2016, and in 2017 (January 6, January 26, February 24, March 29, May 23, June 7, August 7, September 27, November 2, December 12) and in 2018 (January 29, March 14, March 26).

In acknowledging that MY EG’s advisers had fabricated the transactions, Jayachantran explained that RHB would usually conduct analysis of aggregation advisers gluttonous to accomplish armamentarium transfers such as allurement them for their aggregation tag and by acknowledging with the company’s admiral or attestant to ensure that the requests to affair cheques absolutely appear from the company.

As for the better contributor to the absolute annual from the 10 coffer officials’ affidavit today, Chia Bee Enterprise Sdn Bhd was absolute by the 49th case attestant and Maybank Central Square operations administrator Sharifah Shifah Syed Zainol as accepting issued a absolute of 10 cheques for RM1 actor anniversary all anachronous April 21, 2016, or for a absolute of RM10 actor to Lewis & Co’s clients’ account.

Maybank’s Sea Park annex controlling Mohd Zulkarnain Ab Latiff as the 50th case attestant meanwhile absolute that Kiosk Solutions Sdn Bhd had paid a absolute of RM4.8 actor via seven affairs to Lewis & Co during the March 2016 to December 2016 period.

Kiosk Solutions’ payments were listed as involving one banker’s cheque of RM1.2 actor on June 24, 2016, while the blow were RM600,000 anniversary in banker’s cheques all issued in 2016 anachronous March 21, August 1, September 2, September 30, October 28, December 9.

Were the affairs accustomed and not in abuse of laws?

Most of the coffer admiral who testified today agreed with Zahid’s advocate Mohd Haziq Dhiyauddin Razali that the transfers of money to Lewis & Co that they had absolute were accustomed affairs that did not accept odd elements or did not aperture any laws, as they agreed that the affairs actuality recorded by banks would be traceable and would accept annihilation hidden as capacity of the payer and almsman are in coffer records.

They about additionally agreed with agent accessible prosecutor Harris Ong Mohd Jeffrey Ong that their answers were based alone on the coffer abstracts accessible to them in cloister today, with some additionally acknowledgment that their answers were based on the affairs actuality done according to customers’ requests.

But some of the coffer admiral who testified in cloister today were added alert in their replies, by crumbling to accord their opinions on whether the coffer affairs had abandoned any laws.

Maybank Setapak annex abettor administrator Yusri Md Kasri, who was additionally the 46th case witness, absolute that Cergas Murni Sdn Bhd had paid a absolute of RM1,011,520 or hardly added than RM1 actor via three cheques (RM447,773.42 anachronous March 29, 2016, RM259,047.04 anachronous April 4, 2016 and RM304,699.54 anachronous April 6, 2016) to Lewis & Co’s applicant account.

Yusri again agreed with Haziq that the coffer affairs that he had absolute were by a absolute Maybank chump that were recorded aloof like any added coffer affairs and that annihilation is hidden as the affairs could be traced back.

But aback asked by Haziq if there was annihilation adjoin the law in these three transactions, Yusri said he “did not know”, afore activity on to explain that the coffer agitated out instructions by the chump to pay funds to Lewis & Co’s annual cardinal which had been accounting on the cheques and that his acknowledgment was bound to the coffer abstracts accessible to him.

Hong Leong Bank’s Jalan Sultan Ismail annex chump annual operations administrator Wong Shiau Ping, who is the 53rd case attestant and additionally the aftermost coffer official to affirm today, absolute that coffer chump Mohamed Hussein Mohammad Annifah had transferred money via two bankers’ cheques both anachronous June 7, 2016 and for RM50,000 anniversary to Lewis & Co for the accounting purpose of “lawyers’ fees”.

But Wong appeared to advance that banks could not apperceive for assertive if their customers’ affairs were for accepted purposes.

While accordant with Zahid’s advocate Haziq that the two affairs totalling RM100,000 were accustomed affairs that were traceable as they were in the bank’s records, Wong alone agreed to Haziq’s advancement that there was annihilation odd in the affairs but refrained from acknowledging that the affairs did not aperture any laws.

“The way the chump bought it, is correct…The closing allotment I don’t know,” she said.

When acknowledgment to agent accessible prosecutor Harris, Wong said the “lawyers’ fees” were absolutely accounting by the chump as the purpose of the transactions, but acicular out that the coffer alone carries out the customers’ instructions: “When barter appear to the bank, they appetite to affair bankers’ cheques, we aloof chase whatever coffer procedures to affair bankers’ cheques for customers, the purpose for them arising the cheques, we don’t know.”

Previously, Maybank’s Dataran Maybank annex administrator Leong Siew Kong’s cloister affidavit as the 39th case attestant had apparent that added than RM99 actor in funds were deposited into Lewis & Co’s applicant annual at Maybank from 2016 to 2018 after triggering red flags for apprehensive transactions.

Leong had accepted that funds were deposited into Lewis & Co’s applicant annual based on annual statements and after advertence the antecedent of these funds, and had explained again that law firms’ applicant accounts would about not activate red flags due to the attributes of their annual as captivation funds on assurance for their clients.

In this trial, Zahid is adverse 47 charges, namely 12 counts of bent aperture of assurance in affiliation to Yayasan Akalbudi’s funds, 27 counts of money-laundering, and eight counts of bribery charges.

The balloon afore High Cloister adjudicator Collin Lawrence Sequerah resumes tomorrow.

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2 2 Bank Statement Is 2 2 Bank Statement Any Good? 2 Ways You Can Be Certain – 300 000 bank statement
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