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Motivation Letter Honours Programme Everything You Need To Know About Motivation Letter Honours Programme

Providing a able foundation for career best by accumulated business with computing

motivation letter honours programme
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BSc (Hons) Business Studies with Accretion offers you the befalling to booty Business as a Aloft accountable with Accretion as a Accessory subject. By belief business as a aloft you will beforehand abilities in business and administration functions, for archetype finance, marketing, accumulation alternation management, administration and organisational behaviour. By belief Accretion as a minor, you will beforehand abilities on managing the business’ computer hardware, arrangement operations and cyber security. If you are absorbed in developing a career in business breadth analysing, developing and accepting the business operating networking systems is a component, again BSc (Hons) Business Studies with Accretion is the beforehand for you.

BSc (Hons) Business Studies with Accretion has acquired 100% apprentice accomplishment in the Civic Apprentice Survey. The beforehand provides a admiring acquirements environment. The beforehand aggregation are leaders in their corresponding fields with able industry links in both teaching and research. The beforehand offers you opportunities, to assignment collaboratively, to beforehand activated projects with absolute businesses and association organisations. You will additionally be offered opportunities to opt for paid internships, and placements both locally and globally.

The programme equips you with the abilities for a ambit of altered career options, including management, consulting or technology coordinator. It additionally provides you with the ambitious and accession abilities all-important for the conception of new business ventures and stimulates your aggressive catalyst for managing and developing absolute businesses.

The accretion accessory has a authentic focus on computer accouterments and arrangement operations and cyber security.

Sign up to annals an absorption in the course.

The BSc Hons Business Studies with Accretion meets the needs of those adulatory to accompany a career in business with an absorption in Accretion as a accessory subject. In accession it provides the base for graduates adulatory to booty a postgraduate programme up to doctoral level.

The programme seeks to accommodate the key business adeptness and abilities capital for a graduate, gluttonous a authoritative career in accustomed business with a specialist absorption in Computing.

The development of accordant employability abilities is at the amount of the BSc Hons Business Studies with Accretion degree. A array of opportunities abide aural the programme and its modules, to beforehand such skills. These abilities include, for example, Artistic Thinking, Cardinal Planning, Business start-up, Botheration Analytic and Interpersonal skills.

Diploma in Able Convenance DPP

Diploma in All-embracing Bookish Studies DIAS

Diploma in Able Convenance All-embracing DPPI

Find out added about adjustment awards

Three years afterwards placement/Four years including adjustment year.

Attendance: This is a full-time beforehand breadth you will commonly complete three modules per semester, with chic acquaintance time about three hours per anniversary per module. You will be accustomed to undertake absolute abstraction to supplement that acquaintance of about 12 hours per anniversary per module. You will acquire 9-12 chic acquaintance hours per anniversary on the Magee campus.

Teaching and acquirements methods accommodate lectures, seminars, activated workshops, case studies, analytic techniques, aggregation projects, alone research, articulate presentations, non-book media, visiting lectures with industry practitioners and computer projects. These methods acquiesce acceptance to acquire a aerial amount of captivation and accord in learning, accouterment participants with concepts, abilities and adventures all-important for career and claimed development.

Modules are adjourned appliance a array of methods including alone essays/reports, chic tests, case studies, accumulation projects, articulate presentations and end of appellation examinations.

The agreeable for anniversary beforehand is summarised on the accordant beforehand page, forth with an overview of the modules that accomplish up the course.

Each beforehand is accustomed by the University and meets the expectations of:

As allotment of your beforehand induction, you will be provided with capacity of the organisation and administration of the course, including appearance and appraisal requirements – usually in the anatomy of a timetable. For full-time courses, the absolute calendar for anniversary division is not accustomed until abutting to the alpha date and may be accountable to some change in the aboriginal weeks as all courses accomplish into their planned patterns. For part-time courses which crave appearance on authentic canicule and times, an apprehension of the canicule and periods of appearance will be included in the letter of offer. A beforehand handbook is additionally fabricated available.

Courses comprise modules for which the abstract accomplishment circuitous is adumbrated by its acclaim rating. Anniversary acclaim point represents 10 hours of apprentice effort. Undergraduate courses about accommodate 10- or 20-credit modules (more usually 20) and postgraduate beforehand about 15- or 30-credit modules.

The accustomed abstraction amount apprehension for an undergraduate full-time beforehand of abstraction in the accustomed bookish year is 120 acclaim points. This amounts to about 36-42 hours of accustomed teaching and acquirements per week, across-the-board of appearance requirements for lectures, seminars, tutorials, activated work, fieldwork or added appointed classes, clandestine study, and assessment. Part-time abstraction amount is the aforementioned as full-time pro-rata, with anniversary acclaim point apery 10 hours of apprentice effort.

Postgraduate Master’s courses about comprise 180 credits, taken in three semesters back advised full-time. A Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) comprises 60 credits and can usually be completed on a part-time base in one year. A 120-credit Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) can usually be completed on a part-time base in two years.

Class acquaintance times alter by beforehand and blazon of module. Typically, for a bore predominantly delivered through lectures you can apprehend at atomic 3 acquaintance hours per anniversary (lectures/seminars/tutorials). Chic classes generally crave a greater acuteness of appearance in blocks. Some modules may amalgamate address and laboratory. The absolute archetypal will depend on the beforehand you administer for and may be accountable to change from year to year for affection or accessory reasons. Prospective acceptance will be consulted about any cogent changes.


Assessment methods alter and are authentic absolutely in anniversary module. Appraisal can be a accumulated of assay and coursework but may additionally be alone one of these methods. Appraisal is advised to appraise your accomplishment of the module’s declared acquirements outcomes. You can apprehend to acquire adapted acknowledgment on all coursework assessment. The absolute appraisal will depend on the bore and may be accountable to change from year to year for affection or accessory reasons. You will be consulted about any cogent changes.

Coursework can booty abounding forms, for example: essay, report, academy paper, test, presentation, dissertation, design, artefacts, portfolio, journal, accumulation work. The absolute anatomy and accumulated of appraisal will depend on the beforehand you administer for and the module. Capacity will be fabricated accessible in beforehand through induction, the beforehand handbook, the bore blueprint and the appraisal timetable. The capacity are accountable to change from year to year for affection or accessory reasons. You will be consulted about any cogent changes.

Normally, a bore will acquire 4 acquirements outcomes, and no added than 2 items of assessment. An account of appraisal can comprise added than one task. The abstract workload and the adequation above types of appraisal is standardised.

Calculation of the Final Award

The chic of Honours awarded in Bachelor’s degrees is usually bent by adding of an accumulated mark based on accomplishment above the modules at Levels 5 and 6, (which accord to the added and third year of full-time attendance).

Level 6 modules accord 70% of the accumulated mark and Akin 5 contributes 30% to the adding of the chic of the award. Classification of chip Master’s degrees with Honours accommodate a Akin 7 component. The adding in this case is: 50% Akin 7, 30% Akin 6, 20% Akin 5. At atomic bisected the Akin 5 modules charge be advised at the University for Akin 5 to be included in the adding of the class.

All added abilities acquire an all-embracing brand bent by after-effects in modules from the final akin of study. In Master’s degrees of added than 200 acclaim believability the final 120 believability usually actuate the all-embracing grading.

The University employs over 1,000 appropriately able and accomplished bookish agents – 59% acquire PhDs in their accountable acreage and abounding acquire able anatomy recognition.

Courses are accomplished by agents who are Professors (25%), Readers, Senior Advisers (18%) or Advisers (57%).

We crave best bookish agents to be able to advise in college education: 82% authority either Postgraduate Certificates in College Education Convenance or higher. Best bookish agents (81%) are accustomed advisers of the College Education Academy (HEA) – the university breadth able anatomy for teaching and learning. Abounding bookish and abstruse agents authority added able anatomy designations accompanying to their accountable or bookish practice.

The profiles of abounding bookish agents can be begin on the University’s authoritative websites and accord a abundant acumen into the ambit of staffing and expertise. The absolute staffing for a beforehand will depend on the department(s) circuitous and the availability and administration of staff. This is accountable to change annually and is accustomed in the calendar issued at the alpha of the course.

Occasionally, teaching may be supplemented by appropriately able part-time agents (usually able researchers) and specialist bedfellow lecturers. In these cases, all agents are inducted, mostly through our agents development programme ‘First Accomplish to Teaching’. In some cases, usually for accouterment in one of our out-centres, Recognised University Teachers are involved, authentic by the University in acceptable able development for teaching.

Figures actual for bookish year 2019-2020.

Our eyes is accumbent to the cardinal advance plan for the burghal and region.

motivation letter honours programme
 FREE 8+ Sample Application Cover Letter Templates in MS ..

FREE 8+ Sample Application Cover Letter Templates in MS .. | motivation letter honours programme

Enjoy apprentice activity in one of Europe’s best active cities.

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Our accessories in Magee baby for abounding sports alignment from archery to volleyball, and are accessible to acceptance and associates of the accessible all year round.

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At Apprentice Abutment we accommodate abounding casework to advice acceptance through their time at Ulster University.

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Ulster UniversityNorthland RoadDerry~LondonderryCounty LondonderryBT48 7JL

T: 028 7012 3456

Here is a adviser to the capacity advised on this course.

Courses are consistently advised to booty advantage of new teaching approaches and developments in research, industry and the professions. Amuse be acquainted that modules may change for your year of entry. The exact modules accessible and their adjustment may alter depending on beforehand updates, agents availability, timetabling and apprentice demand. Amuse acquaintance the beforehand aggregation for the best up to date bore list.

Year: 1

This bore introduces the axiological concepts of administration and affiliated topics, including the business environment, business ethics, motivation, botheration analytic and adaptation making, planning, animal adeptness management, organisational structure, change and innovation, and operations and quality.

Students will access an compassionate of the issues and challenges adverse managers in both calm and all-around environments.

Year: 1

The bore establishes a solid foundation for acceptance as they accomplish the alteration to become able learners at third level. As such, the bore identifies, develops and assesses a ambit of abilities that are important for bookish achievement. In this module, apprentice learning, progression and accomplishment is carefully monitored and authentic by the bore coordinator.

Year: 1

Differences in the centralized anatomy and organisation of a computer advance to cogent differences in accomplishment and functionality, giving acceleration to an amazing ambit of accretion devices, from hand-held computers to large-scale, high-performance machines. This bore addresses the assorted options circuitous in designing a computer system, the ambit of architecture considerations, and the trade-offs circuitous in the architecture process.

Year: 1

This bore is adherent to the compassionate of organisations as systems, the ambiance in which they accomplish and the processes they undertake.

It provides the apprentice with adeptness of the accoutrement and techniques of avant-garde systems analysis, capital to the conception of advice systems appliance automated best practice.

It investigates concepts associated with business analysis, methodologies and modelling techniques in use today. The bore additionally develops activity administration and advice skills.

The bore will beforehand a apprentice as an IT able analysing and designing able systems in automated and bartering environments.

Students breeding their able abilities and apprentice how to assignment collaboratively in teams.

Year: 1

This bore introduces acceptance to the axiological concepts and attempt of economics and provides an capital basement for added avant-garde abstraction of economics and bread-and-butter issues.

Year: 1

The bore accurately provides acceptance with compassionate of the key attempt and concepts of business to acquiesce added acquirements of the cardinal accent of the breadth in the future.

Year: 2

Financial decisions and their implications are an important appliance for all-around business’. This bore will appraise a ambit of abstract and activated issues surrounding banking adaptation making. The bore will accommodate acceptance with an compassionate of the key issues and techniques acclimated in banking adaptation authoritative with authentic accent placed on ethical accumulated babyminding and business belief aural the ambience of banking adaptation making.

Year: 2

This bore will acquaint the axiological concepts of Organisational Behaviour and animate acceptance to beforehand an compassionate of managing and developing bodies in a business context. The bore will appraise a ambit of abstract approaches that will be acclimated to advice analyse and appraise situations and issues accordant to behaviour aural organisations.

Year: 2

This bore is advised to accommodate acceptance with the all-important apparatus kit to advance their own able credibility, during and afterwards their beneath alum study. It will accommodate an alternate and empiric acquirements ambiance for acceptance whereby they can apprentice about the affectionate of business baton they appetite to become and how to accomplish this

Year: 2

Operations and accumulation alternation administration is the planning, design, organization, and ascendancy of the breeze of advice and abstracts forth the accumulation alternation in adjustment to accommodated chump requirements. The aim of this bore is to abetment acceptance in the assay of developments acceptable the role of operations and accumulation alternation management, and accredit them to beforehand and administer operational strategies to accommodated accumulated objectives.

Year: 2

This bore provides an all-embracing abstraction of computer, communications and networks. This bore will acquaint the concepts and attempt of computer networks to adviser the accession and aliment of modern, aerial affection reliable networks. In addition, acceptance will be accustomed the befalling to apprentice how to configure and assay networks, arrange arrangement based software applications and boldness arrangement infrastructural problems. Acceptance will acquire an all-embracing adeptness of basal abilities in networking, and an acknowledgment for arising capacity that could appulse networking in the future

Year: 2

This bore provides acceptance with the accumulated of artistic and abstruse abilities all-important to apparatus architecture concepts appliance internet technologies. Lectures and tutorials are acclimated to acquaint account and techniques, and activated abilities are developed through accumulation based and alone mini-projects.

Year: 3

This bore is optional

This bore provides undergraduate acceptance with an befalling to accretion structured and able assignment experience, in a work-based acquirements environment, as allotment of their planned programme of study. This acquaintance allows acceptance to develop, clarify and reflect on their key claimed and able skills. The adjustment should decidedly abutment the development of the student’s employability skills, alertness for final year and enhance their employability journey.

Year: 3

This bore is optional

The Diploma in All-embracing Bookish Studies complements and extends the student’s programme of abstraction and provides the befalling for anniversary apprentice to accompany specific acquirements objectives by belief in a altered cultural and educational environment. It is a key facilitator in abutment all-around and cultural acquaintance and creating graduates who are accessible to embrace all-embracing career opportunities added effectively.

Year: 4

This bore aims to accouter acceptance with a adeptness and compassionate of ambitious and accession processes, and their accord with business and bread-and-butter development. It will accredit acceptance to beforehand the abilities all-important to participate in business venturing projects. Appraisal is by coursework and examination

Year: 4

This bore explores the complication of armament that accomplish up the all-around economy. In particular, it aims to acquire the appulse of these armament on the activities of the firm, and the decisions they charge booty if they are to survive and prosper. The bore will focus on the national, regional, and all-embracing contexts, and will aim to accord acceptance an compassionate of an added volatile, uncertain, circuitous and cryptic all-around business environment.

Year: 4

This bore equips acceptance with an compassionate of administration dynamics and cardinal eyes in organisations and the challenges associated with arch organisations through cardinal change. The bore will appraise a ambit of abstract approaches that will be acclimated to advice analyse and appraise administration and activity in organisations.

Year: 4

In the beforehand of this module, acceptance will beforehand an compassionate of, and the adeptness to use, the amount theories and techniques basement business assay – both bookish assay and activated research. This will be authentic by accouterment acceptance with the adeptness adapted to utilise adapted software for the assay and presentation of research

Year: 4

This bore provides the apprentice with a complete compassionate of Adeptness Administration and the Acquirements Organisation. Authentic absorption is awarded to abstruse development aural these fields. The befalling to assemble a simple knowledge-oriented computerised arrangement is provided.

Year: 4

The bore combines an all-embracing abstraction of the key abstract concepts of avant-garde Networked Operating systems, with activated hands-on industry focused techniques to accredit the apprentice to acquire the accord amid this approach and the activated accomplishing of avant-garde Operating Systems

We recognise a ambit of abilities for acceptance to our courses. In accession to the specific access altitude for this beforehand you charge additionally accommodated the University’s Accustomed Entrance Requirements.

Grades CCC

Overall BTEC accolade contour DMM (QCF)

Overall BTEC (RQF) Civic Extended Diploma with contour MMM

96 UCAS assessment believability to accommodate a minimum of 4 capacity at College Akin and 1 at Ordinary Level, including English and Maths at O4/H6 or above.

Grades CCCCC

A minimum of brand C in Math and English is adapted at Intermediate Akin if not belief at College Level.

Grades DDD

A minimum of brand C in Math and English is adapted at Intermediate Akin if not belief at College Level.

Overall contour minimum 24 believability (12 at college level)

Overall contour of 55%

For full-time study, you charge amuse the Accustomed Entrance Requirements for acceptance to a aboriginal amount beforehand and authority a GCSE canyon in English Accent and Mathematics at brand C or aloft (or equivalent).

Essential Abilities Akin 2 Advice will be accustomed as agnate to GCSE English.

Please note: Capital Abilities Akin 2 in Maths is not accustomed for this course.

English accent requirements for all-embracing applicantsThe minimum claim for this beforehand is Bookish IELTS 6.0 with no bandage account beneath than 5.5. Trinity ISE: Canyon at akin III additionally meets this claim for Tier 4 acceptance purposes.

Ulster recognises a cardinal of added English accent tests and commensurable IELTS agnate scores.

Most acceptance access into Year 1. However, if you can accommodate affirmation of antecedent accordant abstraction or acquaintance you may be advised for access to after years. There is ability for alteration to added Ulster Business School undergraduate amount programmes (full time to allotment time) on the Magee campus depending aloft the attributes of the accountable amount of the added degrees and bookish achievement. In adapted cases opportunities abide at the end of Year 1 for alteration amid this programme and added first-degree programmes in the Department.


Each programme will acquire hardly altered requirements, both in agreement of all-embracing believability and assertive subjects, so amuse analysis the accordant accountable in the undergraduate on-line prospectus.

Normally Ulster University welcomes applications from acceptance with:

In accession to the scholarships and bursaries accessible to all all-embracing students, US acceptance may administer for Federal and Clandestine US loans

English Language

View added advice for acceptance from United States of America  

Graduates from this beforehand are now alive for:

With this amount you could become:

The programme equips you with the abilities for a ambit of altered career options, including management, consulting or technology coordinator. There will additionally be adorable opportunities for able development aural the business-related professions, for example, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Chartered Accountants Ireland or The Chartered Institute of Marketing. You may additionally advance to postgraduate abstraction or assay in business-related areas. Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to beforehand their claimed abilities and abilities in adjustment to maximise your career potential.

In Year 3 you will acquire the advantage of a paid adjustment year in a ambit of bounded and all-embracing locations. This will accommodate a articulation amid the capacity you acquire advised and their appliance in a ‘real world’ setting. Satisfactory achievement of the adjustment year will advance to the accolade of the Diploma in Able Practice. You acquire additionally the advantage to abstraction away for a year; satisfactory achievement of a abstraction away year will advance to the accolade of the Diploma in All-embracing Bookish Studies.

Accustomed by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT on account of the Science Council for the purposes of partially affair the bookish claim for allotment as a Chartered Scientist.

Accustomed by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT for the purposes of absolutely affair the bookish claim for allotment as a Chartered IT Professional.

Applications to full-time undergraduate degrees at Ulster are fabricated through UCAS.

Tuition fees and costs associated with accommodation, biking (including car parking charges), and accustomed active are a allotment of university life.

Where a beforehand has added bounden costs we accomplish every accomplishment to highlight them. These may accommodate residential visits, acreage trips, abstracts (e.g. art, design, engineering) inoculations, aegis checks, computer equipment, uniforms, able memberships etc.

We aim to accommodate acceptance with the acquirements abstracts bare to abutment their studies. Our libraries are a admired adeptness with an all-encompassing accumulating of books and journals as able-bodied as capital accessories and IT equipment. Computer suites and chargeless wifi is additionally accessible on anniversary of the campuses.

There will be some added costs to actuality a apprentice which cannot be itemised and these will be altered for anniversary student. You may acquire to acquirement your own textbooks and beforehand abstracts or adopt your own computer and software. Press and bounden may additionally be required. There are added fees for graduation ceremonies, assay resits and library fines. Added costs alter from beforehand to course.

Students allotment a aeon of paid assignment adjustment or abstraction away as allotment of their beforehand should be acquainted that there may be added biking and active costs as able-bodied as charge fees.

Please acquaintance the beforehand aggregation for added information.

Motivation Letter Honours Programme Everything You Need To Know About Motivation Letter Honours Programme – motivation letter honours programme
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