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Danny Goldberg, Founder & CEO, Zoomers to Boomers

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At the alpha of the communicable in the U.S., 17-year-old Danny Goldberg launched Zoomers To Boomers (ZtoB), a chargeless annual in which Zoomers (members of Generation-Z, built-in amid 1995 and 2015) bear aliment and aliment to immunocompromised and aged Baby Boomers.

Founded in Santa Barbara, California, Zoomers To Boomers’ operations are straightforward: Boomers adjustment their advantage on the ZtoB website, Zoomers again aces the items up and bear them to the Boomers’ residences. Boomers can either pay the aliment anon or balance ZtoB via check. 

Generation-Z Stepping Up To A Global Challenge

I initially interviewed Danny for Forbes in mid-March. I’ve never appear a aftereffect annual before, but Danny’s nonprofit was so beginning back we aboriginal batten (less than three weeks from launch), I was analytical as to see how it has asperous the pandemic. (Note: Danny’s animadversion accept been agilely edited for brevity and readability.)

John Greathouse: Hey Danny, your adventure resonated with my readers. At the time we aboriginal connected, you were in your third anniversary of operations, yet you had already fabricated amazing progress. At that time, I accept you were in eight or nine cities and you had fabricated about 1,000 deliveries. How abounding cities is ZtoB currently operating (in) and how accept your added key metrics grown?

Danny Goldberg: Zoomers to Boomers is currently operating in 31 cities, and one all-embracing armpit in Hyderabad, India. We accept completed over 4,000 deliveries and (we) accept hundreds of volunteers. Our ambition is to abide growing and award new means to advice bodies at risk.

We afresh started alive with the Santa Barbara Aliment Bank to bear meals. We achievement to aggrandize that into a civic affiliation with added aliment banks through Feeding America, to advice the aged and immunocompromised who charge our support.

We accept additionally been accomplishment ties with accompaniment and accumulated ally who are abetment our movement with their casework and volunteers. Zendesk, the chump annual software company, has donated their ticketing software so that our alignment will be added automated and easier to scale. Alaskan Airlines has offered to affix us to their workforce as abeyant volunteers. Lastly, we are now partnered with the CaliforniansForAll initiative, created by Governor Gavin Newsom and run by his Chief Annual Officer, Josh Fryday. This affiliation will additionally advice us abound our advance base.

Greathouse: You mentioned Hyderabad (India). Accept you encountered different issues associated with all-embracing expansion?

motivation letter for nonprofit organizations
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Pin by ririn nazza on FREE RESUME SAMPLE | Application .. | motivation letter for nonprofit organizations

Goldberg: Hyderabad is currently our alone all-embracing site. We initially had some absorption from added locations abroad, but these sites ultimately didn’t develop. While ZoomerstoBoomers is blessed to advice with ambience up all-embracing sites, our capital focus is acknowledging our aged and immunocompromised in the U.S. 

Greathouse: How abounding added abeyant cities accept accomplished out to you apropos ablution a annual – and what about motivates a Zoomer to adeptness out to you to alpha a new chapter?

Goldberg: We’ve had abutting to 50 -to-be sites; some are in the works, and others were ultimately not created. I accept that the columnist we’ve been accustomed has helped advance the babble about what we do, but the accurate action comes from our annex leaders. Our annex leaders are acute to our success. They address their time to allowance others, and we accord them a belvedere so that they can do so.

Greathouse: You mentioned the accent of columnist in accepting your adventure out. I was appreciative that Forbes was the aboriginal civic advertisement to aces up your story. Since that time, you’ve accustomed some actual adulatory and well-deserved press, including (from) Good Morning America. What are some of the added outlets that accept told your adventure and how has accessible relations apprenticed ZtoB’s growth?  

Goldberg: Columnist and accessible relations is a huge agency in the amount we’ve been able to grow. The Forbes commodity provided us with the adeptness to abound as a nonprofit acutely quickly, and as you mentioned, we were additionally featured in Good Morning America, which gave us addition addition in growth. Outside of those articles, we accept been featured in the LA Times, ABC News, abounding bounded newspapers, and assorted times on the accepted website Upworthy. These accept all been basal to our amplification and accept helped us serve alike added bodies than we would accept otherwise.

We accept additionally been alive on architecture a amusing media presence, with Instagram and Facebook accounts (@ZoomerstoBoomers) to advice us adeptness added of those in need. Our amusing media is actuality spearheaded by a affiliate of my Santa Barbara team, Sean McLychok. I additionally fabricated it a claimed ambition to try to get us added acknowledgment and started this by emailing reporters from assorted annual agencies. Anon after, I created a exceptional LinkedIn account, so that I would be able to bulletin bodies directly. I additionally accomplished out to Governor Newsom’s Chief Annual Officer, Josh Fryday. This helped us to accomplice with Californians For All and aggrandize our reach. 

Greathouse: Now that you’ve been operational for about thirteen weeks, accept any new challenges emerged, accompanying to the advance and across of your operations?

Goldberg: There accept been growing pains that my aggregation and I accept had to face and assignment around. One of the accepted challenges surrounds appointment our operating software from basal Google Drive casework (Google Forms, Spreadsheets, etc.) over to Zendesk.

Zendesk affably accomplished out and donated their ticketing software to advice accumulate our deliveries, and our ambition is to ultimately use Zendesk for all our U.S. sites and to use their chump assurance software for added facets of ZoomerstoBoomers as we aggrandize our operations.

During our bendable barrage of the new software in Santa Barbara, we ran into errors that denied admission to our volunteers, briefly shutting bottomward our custom deliveries. Blake Lindblad, our VP of Technology, and Jackie Caplan, our VP of Client Casework and Communication, and I accept been scrambling to fix this with Zendesk over the accomplished week, and appropriately accept had to apprentice how to accumulate our barter blessed and cared for while ambidextrous with this issue. We accept been in acquaintance with our clients, allegorical them of the software issue, and managing their orders through email until the affair is absolutely resolved.

Greathouse: Good for Zendesk, abnormally accustomed all the added issues they are no agnosticism adverse in the pandemic.

When we aftermost spoke, you were in the aboriginal stages of gluttonous admission allotment to ensure that you can accumulate the deliveries chargeless to your clients. You additionally talked about potentially charging association who are not a (health) accident for (receiving) deliveries, as a way to account your costs. What is your latest cerebration apropos befitting ZtoB financially viable?

Goldberg: The basal blueprint for ZoomerstoBoomers is one that I accept is actual financially viable. The advance abject for ZtoB is primarily aerial academy students. Our apprentice lath is contributed and works from home. We accept a baby Advisory Lath of accomplished professionals who are additionally committed to allowance others. Because of their generosity, our costs are actual low – at this point our bigger amount is the amount of gasoline for our volunteers.

There is a bounded aggregation in Santa Barbara alleged Mission Security & Patrol which has affably offered to account the amount of gas for our bounded advance drivers. We would adulation added targeted donations like this, so that our volunteers can abide authoritative deliveries after incurring any claimed costs. Added than this, our primary focus for donations and abeyant admission allotment is to advice bodies who are in need, rather than to pay for overhead. As time goes on, we may analyze added means to accomplish acquirement for ZoomerstoBoomers which can in about-face abide to abutment accessible associates of the community. 

Greathouse: What is the best way for companies or individuals to acquaintance you apropos in-kind or banking donations?

Goldberg: Companies or individuals can accord anon through our site, application the “Donate” button. We are currently beneath the awning of the Santa Barbara Foundation, as a budgetary sponsor, and we achievement to get our tax-exempt cachet soon. If -to-be donors accept any added questions, they can acquaintance us about donations at: ZtoBSantaBarbara(at)gmail. 

Greathouse: I apperceive you’re cerebration advanced to ZoomerstoBoomers’s apotheosis post-COVID-19. What are your latest thoughts apropos how your alignment will abide to add value, already the communicable is over?

Goldberg: I apprehend a charge to advice the aged and immunocompromised indefinitely, and my bearing can ample this charge perfectly. 

Even back the communicable is abaft us, aerial academy and academy acceptance will abide to attending for advance and association annual opportunities. What makes volunteering with ZoomerstoBoomers actual adorable is that advance commitments can be flexible, based on the alone student’s agenda – the apprentice can accomplish to more/fewer hours based on their accepted academy agenda and responsibilities. So, our ambition is to abide to abound ZoomerstoBoomers so there are ZtoB opportunities throughout the U.S. for aerial academy and academy acceptance to advice their neighbors. I’m envisioning ZtoB clubs in aerial schools and colleges throughout the country. 

We plan on continuing absorption on grocery delivery, but additionally abacus added means to help, such as tech help. We currently accept a activity in the works alleged ZoomerChat, which will be a abutment band for ZtoB customers. Abeyant barter will accept the adeptness to acquaintance a ZtoB advance by buzz for advice in application the website to adjustment groceries, for advice with technology such as Zoom or Facetime to affix with admired ones, or aloof to chat. One of the absolutely impactful things I’ve abstruse over the accomplished few months is that for abounding of our customers, the abhorrence they acquainted as the communicable began was abstract by loneliness. There were abounding nights I would be on the phone, chatting with an aged chump – they aloof capital to talk, and that alternation fabricated them feel better, and added affiliated to the community.

Greathouse: Wow, that’s abundant to hear. You’re accomplishing an admirable job of absolutely compassionate your customers’ needs, which acutely go far above aliment deliveries.

I apperceive you’re currently a aerial academy junior, but as you attending advanced to college, has ZtoB impacted what you intend to study?   

Goldberg: I will be starting my academy applications this summer. I’m a able math/science student, so above-mentioned to this acquaintance with ZoomerstoBoomers, I was because a STEM above or pre-med.

I haven’t narrowed bottomward the account of schools I appetite to administer to, but my angle on what I appetite to study, and what I’m attractive for in a academy accept afflicted a little. Over the accomplished few months, I’ve abstruse so abundant about starting a business that I now appetite to analyze this more.

So currently, I’m attractive at colleges based on what they can advise me – not aloof about STEM majors which was my antecedent focus, but additionally about the business apple and entrepreneurship. My parents are both doctors, and I grew up cerebration I ability additionally appetite to accompany a acreage in medicine. I’ve abstruse through ZoomerstoBoomers that there are abounding means to accomplish a absolute appulse on those about you — not aloof through medicine. 

Greathouse: Agreed – entrepreneurship can accord adolescent bodies an out-sized befalling to change the world.

Your adventure is afflatus on a cardinal of levels, including demonstrating that anyone can accomplish a common impact, irrespective of their age or experiences. Can you allotment any insights with added boyish Zoomers who accept big dreams, but accept not yet acted aloft them?

Goldberg: I never absurd we’d become such a ample organization. I noticed a botheration in my association and congenital a band-aid for it. I bound learned, however, that this was abundant beyond than a bounded problem. This began our apparent growth, and the adventure to area we are now. For others with big dreams, alpha small.

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