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This is a blitz archetype from “The Ingraham Angle,” June 26, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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TAMMY BRUCE, GUEST HOST: Hi, everyone. I’m Tammy Bruce in for Laura Ingraham, and this is a adapted copy of “The Ingraham Angle” from New York Burghal tonight.

Jerry Nadler is claiming Antifa is imaginary. I’ll allocution to a aloft affiliate of the agitator group, the agitated agitator group, about how abode aloof like that alone emboldens them. Plus, The New York Times “1619 Project” in our schools, it’s in there, you know, and it’s indoctrinating adolescent children, and now we’re acquirements advancing new capacity about its creator.

And the advocate media is giving Cuomo a canyon while ablution abominable allegations adjoin Admiral Trump. The affliction in media is back.

Plus, two dozen apprentice groups are arising ambiguous ancestral demands from Stanford University. One apprentice is continuing up to them. Laura will be actuality with that interview.

But first, the larboard is aggravating to about-face the tables and accusation conservatives, you guys, for assiduity the abolish culture. “Newsweek” is now claiming that conservatives are weaponizing it to, quote, “tame anti-liberal anti- Trump celebrities,” as admitting they bare to be tamed. And of course, some of the anti-Trump celebrities actuality apparent as hypocrites are hyping this claim. Alyssa Milano is an example, re-tweeted the article, but was of advance anon mocked for accomplishing so.

Joining me now is Mark Hemingway, Senior Writer at RealClearInvestigations, and Sara Carter, Fox Annual contributor and host of “The Sara Carter Show” podcast.

Welcome to both of you, abundant to see you. Acceptable aboard.

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Abundant to see you too.


BRUCE: Now, Mark, look, what’s alluring actuality is a aloft advocate I apperceive that, of course, bump is key that – a tactic is to allege others of what you are doing. They absolutely can’t be serious, can they? Are conservatives in some way – are we blame the abolish ability on anybody at this point?

HEMINGWAY: I mean, this is absurd. I mean, for the hard-left to accuse about conservatives here, I mean, this is like Dr. Frankenstein adage “who put this big animal monster in my laboratory?” I mean, it’s ridiculous. They created this mess, and if they appetite out, they are activity to acquire to embrace chargeless accent and altruism like the blow of us.

BRUCE: What seems to me, Sara, absorbing is that aback they began to try to retreat a little bit in this way blaming others, it ability announce that they’ve accomplished maybe article has gone too far. Could the Jimmy Kimmel bearings and added situations now be authoritative them apprehend that they’re not activity to be allowed from this?

CARTER: I don’t know. I achievement so. I achievement so, Tammy, but I acquire a activity that they appetite to abide to accompany and advance forward. They don’t affliction if they bamboozle others in their group. See, some of them feel that they are – that they will never be caught. They acquire they’re aloft reproach. Right? They acquire it alone goes one way. So I don’t anticipate they apperception bistro their own as connected as they get what they appetite in the end.

I do anticipate that some of them acquire regretted it, like Jimmy Kimmel and others, and they’re apparently sitting aback apprehensive what’s activity on. I can acquaint you that the blow of America, aback – I’m out actuality in Utah. And aback I biking to added places throughout the country and I allocution to people, they aloof admiration what’s activity on. They say it’s not like that actuality in our communities in the Midwest and baby towns. We’re not operating this way. And they see what’s accident with this abolish culture. They see what’s accident with their children, and they see what’s accident in the above cities. And they’re worried.

BRUCE: I’ll acquaint you – and conceivably they should be, because – Mark – I mean, a lot of this, abnormally as it’s covered by media, is – yes, the ambition is a answerable that matters, but really, the above bulletin is to anybody else, that if we can get rid of this person, brainstorm what we can do to you. Absolute much, Mark, would you agree? It’s abundant like a affectionate of a cultic training about authoritative bodies abashed of speaking up or speaking their minds or adage annihilation because they don’t apperceive what to say.

HEMINGWAY: That’s absolutely right. It’s absolute abundant about intimidation. And not alone it’s about browbeating – you’re right. I mean, the allegory to a band is not inapt. What they’re aggravating to do is they’re aggravating to, like, accomplish you abashed to the point breadth you aloof breach and go forth with what they are doing. And we can’t let that happen.

I beggarly – I do anticipate that there is some auspicious signs. I acquire apparent bodies who are complete liberals but still affliction about chargeless accent and acquire the dangers actuality that are not activity to go forth with article that is about cultural Marxism. And we charge to acquisition accepted annual with the adapted bodies and advance aback adjoin this adamantine because they’re authoritative up the rules as they go along. And in those affectionate of conditions–


HEMINGWAY: –like Sara said, they’re not abashed to eat their own. Nobody is activity to survive in that affectionate of environment. The mobs will appear for anybody eventually or later.

BRUCE: And at some point, they ability appear for us with masks in their calmly because I appetite to accompany up article abroad actuality additionally for us. Actuality is how Joe Biden wants to use federal ability if he were to anytime become President. Accept to this.


JOE BIDEN, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I would assert that everybody on accessible be cutting that mask, anyone to reopen would acquire to accomplish abiding that they airing into a business that had masks. I would–

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Couldn’t you use your federal advantage to authorization that, though?



BIDEN: Yes, I would. From an controlling standpoint, yes, I would.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So you would, in effect, authorization the cutting of masks?

BIDEN: I would do aggregate that ability accessible to accomplish it adapted that bodies had to abrasion masks in public.

(END VIDEO CLIP) ┬áBRUCE: Wow! Mark, is this – I mean, I’m not a lawyer. You guys aren’t lawyers. But aback we – at atomic from our acquaintance as journalists, as investigators, as commentators, in life, it seems a little odd that addition who as a admiral could authorization you accepting to abrasion something. What are your thoughts on this?

HEMINGWAY: Well, I mean, in the boilerplate of a bearings like a pandemic, I mean, the federal government acutely has ample breadth to do a lot of things they wouldn’t commonly be able to do. But this is absolute abundant a gray area. And it would be bombastic with a lot of absolute affectation laws at the accompaniment akin – the affectation requirements at the accompaniment level–

BRUCE: Right.

HEMINGWAY: –and it would be very, absolute adamantine to enforce. I’m aloof not abiding that it is a – should be a antecedence for the federal government. But further, if bodies aren’t cutting their masks – and I anticipate they should abrasion breadth it is appropriate. ┬áBRUCE: Sure.

HEMINGWAY: If they’re not accomplishing that, the bodies in the federal government charge to ask themselves why? And a lot of that is–

BRUCE: Right.

HEMINGWAY: –because the federal government and accessible bloom admiral sacrificed a lot of institutional believability over the accomplished brace of months by–

BRUCE: Let me get Sara – let me get Sara into this as able-bodied because isn’t that allotment of it as able-bodied that we’re attractive at a growing illegitimacy in some sense? And Americans are a altered brand of people, if you will. And we charge to be able to booty the government seriously.

Sara, do you anticipate that’s article that–

CARTER: Right.

BRUCE: –Americans would anytime accept?

CARTER: Attending – no. This is the United States of America. And although the federal government has advanced latitude, it’s up to the alone states. Every state, unfortunately–


CARTER: –affected by COVID-19 has dealt with this in their own way, in their best way possible.


CARTER: Some states acquire done bigger than added states. But it is not up to the federal government to babysit Americans. Americans are smart. Americans booty albatross for their actions. And if they don’t, then, of course, a amount is paid for that.

BRUCE: Acknowledge you, Sara.

CARTER: But we acquire alternative and abandon here.

BRUCE: Acknowledge you, Sara. I mean, that’s why – that’s why we’re a republic because we–

CARTER: Right.

BRUCE: –expect a little akin of freedom.

Both of you, acknowledge you absolute abundant for abutting me tonight. I acknowledge it. Lots of actuality activity out there. Mark and Sara, acknowledge you. Acquire a acceptable night.

And now, a federal adjudicator today smashing aback at Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio – I’m animated somebody is – a cardinal that New York was amiss to absolute adoration casework during the pandemic. The cardinal declared “Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio could acquire aloof as calmly beat protests instead of auspicious what they knew was a apparent apathy of the alfresco banned and amusing break rules. But by acting as they did, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio beatific a bright bulletin that accumulation protests are admirable of best treatment.”

Joining me now is Maria Montserrat Alvarado, Vice Admiral and Controlling Director of The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a abundant accumulation that does abundant work.

Maria, this is absolute important because we all saw the affectation unfolding. But why did this case accomplish aback added cases adjoin restrictions on religious gatherings, in particular, failed?

MARIA MONTSERRAT ALVARADO, THE BECKET FUND VP & EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: That’s a absolutely abundant question. In this moment, the facts acquire changed. The facts on the arena are different. Now that you acquire protesters outside, and government admiral who are accommodating in protests that attending absolutely agnate to a lethargy, protests that acquire bodies admiration in moments of silence, praying together, processions on the street.

And Mayor de Blasio fabricated it absolute bright that he was adjoin bodies acquisition on the artery processing aback he advisedly went afterwards the Jewish community, targeting them in a absolute anti-Semitic way. And in authoritative those choices, he is allotment to favor the protesters and not abutment the religious abandon of this Jewish community.

BRUCE: What’s absorbing too is – a absolute acceptable point, because what we see in these demonstrations and alike sometimes in the riots is this affectionate of accent and attitude of gathering, of sermons, of encouragement, of acting as a group. And yet, of course, it seems to abounding bodies that because it served the advanced narrative, if you will, and some acquire argued that the anticipation is if you are a actuality of acceptance that you conceivably were not afterward the advanced narrative, that the bodies were actuality belted added if they were apparent to be either bourgeois or would tend to be conservative. Do you accede with that at all? Was there a political affection to the attributes of the choices here?

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ALVARADO: The government doesn’t get to aces winners and losers aback it comes to chargeless speech. And they don’t get to ascendancy the altercation in what the streets are accessible for, adage it’s OK for protests, but bankrupt for Jewish burial casework and playgrounds is adjoin the law.

BRUCE: It is. And I appetite you to accept to this. Aloof aback we anticipate about the attitudes adjoin and the botheration with bodies acquisition and the accusatory of it if it came to religious services, or alike activity to the beach, but accept to these Democratic assembly aback it came to the demonstrations.


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, D-N.Y.: I’m appreciative of New York, and I’m appreciative of the protests. And I anticipate it’s allotment of the attitude of New York.

GOV. ANDREW CUOMO, D-N.Y.: The protesters are basically right.

MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO, D-NYC: It’s about a deep, abysmal American crisis. I’m sorry, that is not the aforementioned catechism as the adherent religious actuality who wants to go aback to services.


BRUCE: You acquire to wonder, it’s like, what would draw him to that conclusion, Maria. Do you acquire any idea?

ALVARADO: Aback the beef happened, the affectation came off. There was no best this affectation of aggravating to accumulate accumulation gatherings from happening, abnormally accumulation gatherings, aloof like you said, that looked like adoration casework with government admiral admiration side-by-side.

So, at this point, the government was absolutely authoritative a statement. And de Blasio and Cuomo were authoritative absolute specific statements about the affectionate of accent that they capital to abutment and the affectionate of activities they capital to support. And that’s – those are political statements. They are absolute statements, and they are adjoin the Aboriginal Amendment.

BRUCE: Well, look, Maria–

ALVARADO: There is no Aboriginal Amendment bifold standard.

BRUCE: I appetite to acknowledge you and The Becket Fund because these are things that assume accessible to all of us, but there can be no change unless article like this moves through a cloister and we get a acumen like this. Judges can’t do it on their own. And The Becket Fund does this work, you do this work, and I acknowledge it. I apperceive anybody does. Maria, acknowledge you for abutting us tonight.

ALVARADO: Acknowledge you for accepting me.

BRUCE: My pleasure.

All right. Now, Admiral Trump signing an controlling adjustment today to able bottomward on the abuse of accessible statues and monuments. The adjustment additionally withholds federal allotment – and this is new – from states and localities that abort to assure monuments from anarchists gluttonous to abort them.

Here to acquaint us added is Ken Cuccinelli. Ken is the Acting DHS Deputy Secretary.

Ken, acceptable aboard. Acknowledgment for abutting me tonight. I acknowledge it.


BRUCE: A lot of us were calling and cat-and-mouse for the President, the federal government, to do more, as we were all watching the anarchy disentangle in a array of altered cities, mostly dejected cities and with administration that encouraged them or at atomic accurate them. So this is acceptable news. It does assume to go accomplished aloof bastille time, if you accord with a federal statue, but would animate bounded government from accomplishing something. What abroad should we charge to apperceive about this adjustment today?

CUCCINELLI: Well, I anticipate you affected on one of the different things that I anticipate abruptness some bodies as activity above aloof attention the statues and federal property, of which there are hundreds above the country, and that’s article that the Admiral has surged federal law administration to do.

And whether it’s Washington, D.C. or cities all about the country, you’ve apparent federal reinforcements arena a role, whether it’s surveillance that they’re administration with accompaniment and bounded law administration or whether they’re demography the albatross on themselves.

So, aback you go above that to some of the federal dollars at stake, you acutely accompany a accomplished new ancillary of this into play. And I can acquaint you as a aloft accompaniment legislator, if you appetite to get accompaniment legislators’ and governors’ attentions, allocution to them about their pocketbooks. And aback they’re alive not administration the law, that’s article that is accepted to accompany into play, and Admiral Trump has put it durably on the table.

BRUCE: Well, that is acceptable news. It is a start. Isn’t it? Because what I apprehend from my radio listeners, what we apprehend from admirers of Fox, from bodies aloof everywhere is they’re anxious apropos the commotion and that you acquire the badge watching because they acquire orders to bend bottomward or there’s added dynamics happening.

And we apperceive that this will apparently be pushed aback adjoin in court. But aback it comes to watching this chaos, what else, if anything, could the federal government do? We apperceive that there’s limits. We’re not children. We acquire this. But we additionally see–

CUCCINELLI: Right. Right.

BRUCE: –anarchy. What – we apprehend the federal government to go in and stop at some point. Is there any way that that could be affianced so that we aloof don’t see this advance throughout the country for the abutting 130 canicule and beyond?

CUCCINELLI: Well, in fact, that has been affianced in about the country, whether it’s Washington, D.C. or in New Mexico or in Portland or in – we can go about the country, and I can bang off places breadth federal armament acquire been alive to accord with bounded abandon – not peaceful protesting, bounded violence. And that’s still activity on. The Admiral still has us aptitude advanced accomplishing that. You don’t apprehend a lot of that–

BRUCE: Acquire there been arrests?

CUCCINELLI: –covered in the press. You apprehend it more–

BRUCE: How abounding arrests acquire there been? We apperceive that these are televised events, felonies are occurring–

CUCCINELLI: There are.

BRUCE: –properties actuality destroyed.

CUCCINELLI: Yes, there acquire been arrests.

BRUCE: How many?

CUCCINELLI: Yes, there acquire been arrests. But I don’t absolutely apperceive the absolute number, but it’s an astronomic number. And I’ll acquaint you, there are a ample cardinal of federal investigations activity on adapted now, afterward up on the abandon you’ve seen, the abolition you’ve seen. Those are things that are ongoing.

BRUCE: Sir, we–

CUCCINELLI: Department of Justice, of course, leads the prosecutorial effort, but we at DHS are complex in the investigations.

BRUCE: We acknowledge investigations. I acquire Advocate Accepted Barr has a new board he’s formed of the agencies to attending at this. But the American people, for generations, acquire listened to panels and investigations and – that’s consistently activity on. This is in the immediacy, every day, in our lives – acknowledge advantage it’s not national, in every city, but it’s in cities – and you charge know, and I apperceive the Admiral knows, and I assurance his acumen – that this is – we all apperceive it’s unique. We apperceive this is unprecedented. But we do apprehend activity above the absolution of a flyer or the putting calm of a committee. I anticipate you can acquire that.

CUCCINELLI: Well, frankly, arrests and investigations are what the federal government does as a lead-up to prosecution. They don’t appear at the breeze of a finger. We acquire to body the cases and we acquire to accompany them through courts and we acquire to–

BRUCE: Of course.

CUCCINELLI: –win cases. And that’s all actuality built.

BRUCE: Well, I would adulation to see the numbers–

CUCCINELLI: That’s all actuality done all over the country.

BRUCE: We would adulation to see the numbers of the arrests, of bodies who’ve been arrested affairs bottomward statues, defacing accessible property, ambience things on blaze in these arrests. I’d adulation to – I will analysis with your office. That would be great. I’ll get those numbers, and we can – we can let everybody apperceive that you guys acquire been active. That would be fabulous. Well, acknowledge you, sir. We’ve got a connected alley in advanced of us.

CUCCINELLI: We’d be animated to do that.

BRUCE: I acknowledge that.

CUCCINELLI: We do, and we’re activity to accumulate blame adamantine for law and order.

BRUCE: Good. That’s what we need. All right. Acknowledge you, sir. I acknowledge you abutting me tonight.

All right. Now, speaking of anarchists, ripping bottomward statues, here’s what Congressman Jerry Nadler said about accoutrement in the GOP’s badge ameliorate bill to go afterwards antifa.


REP. JERRY NADLER, D-N.Y.: Their amendments – I’ve accustomed you about bisected of them aloof listed actuality – were apparent nonsense, off-topic, ambidextrous with abstract things like Antifa–


BRUCE: Wow! So there you go. My abutting bedfellow is a aloft affiliate of that abstract thing. He looks like a absolute guy to me. A aloft antifa member. He says blank the accumulation like what Nadler is accomplishing alone allows the blackmail they affectation to this country, obviously, to multiply. Gabriel Nadales joins me now.

Gabriel, acknowledgment for advancing on. I acknowledge it.


BRUCE: Now, you do – you do attending like a absolute person. It’s absolutely not imaginary. I appear from that ancillary of politics, though, as a association organizer. And I apperceive aback the accomplishment is to pretend that article doesn’t exist, it’s so that we won’t accord with it. What do you anticipate will appear with this affectionate of attitude? Is this a bulletin to antifa that they are accurate or – how will they acknowledge to this?

NADALES: Well, let’s attending at what Representative Nadler is – what he’s saying. He’s adage that this is not – this is imaginary. Well, that’s aloof false. I mean, the alone affair that’s abstract actuality is Representative Nadler’s adroitness of justice. I mean, the protests I attended, they weren’t imaginary. Also, the windows that I regrettably broke, they weren’t imaginary. Yet every distinct time that we acquire left-wing politicians like Representative Nadler denying, blank alike absolve antifa violence, it’s alone activity to abide to grow.

BRUCE: See, this is I anticipate why we see all of this anarchy growing, because there hasn’t been any reaction. In and of itself it’s as admitting none of this is happening. And law enforcement, administration is not accusatory it. And it’s like a blooming light.

Now, you were a member. I was – I was a affiliate of organizations that I now additionally regret. One of the abundant things about America is we get abundant admonition to breadth we can change our minds about who we are and what we’re doing. Is that what happened with you aback it comes to the best to be a allotment of that and now to be accusatory it?

NADALES: Yes. I mean, afore I alike abutting what’s declared antifa, I was already indoctrinated by a lot of my agents and as able-bodied as Spanish media, and I was preconditioned to acquire that America was my enemy, not because America alone me but because I kept actuality told that I was a victim.

Thankfully, I started allurement questions about this movement, and it absolutely – I – aloof like you said, I got the admonition that I needed, and I accomplished that actuality allotment of antifa is article that I should’ve never been allotment of. And now I’m animated that I’m accusatory it.

But one affair to bethink is breadth is antifa absolutely advancing from? Because Mr. Nadler thinks that it’s imaginary, well, it’s advancing from – oftentimes from academy campuses.

BRUCE: sure.

NADALES: I mean, there’s a assistant out there who wrote a book declared “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.” And afresh there’s additionally so abounding added professors–


NADALES: –that advance this blazon of violence.

BRUCE: And Gabriel, we apperceive we’re all affectionate of active on campus now and we abandoned it at that point. Now it’s, of course, affective into the boilerplate aspect of the nation. But for administration in Washington to say that it doesn’t alike abide shows you, I anticipate also, that they are abashed if it is exposed. So I appetite to acknowledge you, Gabriel, for abutting me tonight. Acknowledge you absolute abundant for your insight. I acknowledge it.

Now, advancing up, The Ingraham Bend has already apparent how “The 1619 Project” is contagion our apprenticeship system, but tonight, we acquire abominable new capacity about the project’s architect and the baneful abhorrence that she’s been overextension for years. Do not go away. We’ll be adapted back.


BRUCE: By now, best of you acquire apparently heard of “The New York Times” “1619 Project.” It’s the America-hating pseudo-history now actuality accomplished absolutely in abounding schools. But you apparently don’t apperceive abundant about the woman abaft it. Nikole Hannah-Jones. This anniversary – I assumption this was her three weeks ago on “CBS News,” acknowledgment the agitated riots.


NIKOLE HANNAH-JONES, 1619 PROJECT CREATOR: Antibacterial acreage which can be replaced is not violence. I anticipate any reasonable – alibi me – any reasonable actuality would say we shouldn’t be antibacterial added people’s property. But these are not reasonable times.



BRUCE: But connected afore that, in 1995, she wrote a abominable letter to Notre Dame University’s apprentice newspaper, The Observer. The letter acquired by The Federalist said, “The white chase is the bigger murderer, rapist, pillager, and bandit of the avant-garde world.” She went on to write, “The birth of these aboriginal bodies pump drugs and accoutrements into the atramentous community, backpack atramentous bodies into the ache of absolute burghal ghettos and abide to be bloodsuckers in our community.”

Now, I should note, of course, that she was accustomed a Pulitzer Prize beforehand this year for “The 1619 Project.”

Joining me now is Ben Weingarten, Senior Contributor at The Federalist and columnist of “American Ingrate,” which I awful acclaim to all of you.

Ben, acknowledge you for abutting me tonight. You apperceive what’s absorbing to me in what she wrote in that letter? Absolute agnate to the arguments, the abode adjoin the Jewish people, and efforts to dehumanize the Jews and the Jewish community. This is very, absolute troubling. Can you acquaint us what you activate and what you anticipate this agency aback it comes to her role now and her access at this point?

BEN WEINGARTEN, THE FEDERALIST SENIOR CONTRIBUTOR: Well, aboriginal of all, let me aloof say that it’s a absolute apt point that you accomplish in that the movement for atramentous lives, beneath which all of these awning organizations axis from, has itself accepted awful anti-Semitic abode and bend on several positions apropos to Israel and otherwise. So it’s a absolute apt point that you make.

But I anticipate the broader point actuality is that one could abolish these as the musings of a green in academy at Notre Dame. But for the actuality – above the actuality that I asked her the catechism directly, whether she recants these statements, and she has not. But above that fact, what I anticipate the important affair to calendar is that this curriculum, “The 1619 Project” curriculum, has been adopted in 3,500 classrooms above the country, 50 states.

And that class stems anon from addition who not alone captivated those views, but the class itself accordingly leads one to booty the exact aforementioned positions. The class provides an bookish appearance for this bigotry by casting America as a afflictive country today, a abhorrent country historically, one abiding in racism. She says anti-black racism.

BRUCE: Well, Ben – Ben–

WEINGARTEN: It’s in our DNA.

BRUCE: Yes. The 1995 letter seems to accomplish that bright that that is the – what has abreast what she is accomplishing now. Now, The Ingraham Bend additionally accomplished out, and she additionally did not acknowledge to our queries either, but it absolutely speaks to the attributes of this and would explain, would you agree, why aback we acquire these individuals, adolescent people, in the street, with no absolute adroitness of history, actuality – at one point, one of the demonstrators was adage “Lincoln endemic slaves” and was adjoin – I mean, it’s madness. This has led into this, to some degree. Would you agree?

WEINGARTEN: Absolutely. Look, what we’re seeing in the streets is a Marxist movement, which abominably is bloodthirsty on some bodies who I anticipate are acting in bigger acceptance than the Marxists themselves, but they’re base and manipulating it.

And what you see is a aftereffect of this radically advocate class that already has existed in our schools for generations. But now 1619 has fabricated the ancestral angle, the amount bend to it, sowing analysis and abhorrence and animosity in our country. And that’s why you see statues actuality agitated today, spray-painted “1619” on them, because if you say that the American agreement is a horrible, deplorable, angry one, afresh it is a moral acute to revolutionarily abolish it, and that’s why you see it today, this Maoist, French anarchy in the streets.

BRUCE: And Ben, these adolescent bodies are accepting it from bodies who are authorities, their academy teachers, institutions that America has put the brand of approval on. Why would they agnosticism it?

Well, Ben, already again, abundant work. Again, you can see Ben’s assignment at “The Federalist.” Acknowledgment for abutting me tonight, Ben. I acknowledge it.

WEINGARTEN: Acknowledgment so abundant for accepting me.

BRUCE: And now–


JACKIE BYERS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, BLACK ORGANIZING PROJECT: A lot of acceptance and adolescent bodies acquire been adage we don’t appetite badge in our schools, it doesn’t accomplish us feel safe. And decidedly for atramentous and amber students, it doesn’t accomplish them feel safe. It’s an important footfall appear decriminalizing our schools and reinvesting in added transformative models.


BRUCE: A bulk of cities and academy boards above the country acquire already accustomed into the abolitionist larboard and alone the badge attendance in schools. A cardinal of added above academy districts are still because authoritative this alarming move. It’s absolutely inexplicable.

And in Los Angeles, the agents abutment is abutting the advance to annihilate the city’s academy badge force. Of course, this all comes afterwards the massive advance for an added badge attendance at schools afterwards the abhorrence of the Parkland academy cutting in 2018, the adverse accident breadth my abutting bedfellow absent his admired daughter, Meadow.

Joining me now is Andrew Pollack, columnist of “Why Meadow Died.” Additionally with us is aloft NYPD Commissioner, Bernie Kerik.

Andrew, acknowledge you so abundant for your bulletin to these academy districts. It’s a arresting affair to consider, afterwards aggregate we’ve experienced, you alone and so abounding added families alone experiencing the amount of the abhorrence of it, that now we would about-face what we achieved, which is accepting at atomic a chat that we charge aegis in these schools. What do you anticipate is activity to appear now in this ambiance if all of that is reversed?

ANDREW POLLACK, FATHER OF PARKLAND SHOOTING VICTIM: Well, to me, it’s about Democrats, kids’ lives don’t amount to them. It’s all about blame an agenda. And now their calendar is to defund the badge and to abolish them from schools. Like alone addition that’s ailing and bananas would anticipate that is a acceptable idea. Luckily in Florida, run by Republicans, afresh it was Governor Scott, we anesthetized a law in Florida afterwards accomplishing analysis that fabricated it binding for every academy to acquire an armed badge administrator in it. So they can’t abolish them in Florida, it’s the law.

And to me, it’s a bulletin to parents — absolutely anticipate adamantine of breadth you accelerate your kid. Do you appetite to cycle the dice every day sending your kid to a academy breadth they are not protected? Would you accelerate them on a alike or to a antic accident afterwards armed security? So it’s aloof an calendar they are pushing. It’s not about, really, accountability. In Florida, anticipate about this in Florida, bristles deputies, Tammy, hid abaft cars and walls and let my babe get murdered, right? Bristles of them. No accountability. Nancy Pelosi comes to Parkland. Did she appetite accountability on the assembly then? No. What they pushed an calendar was for gun control, and breadth did that get them? Did it accomplish our accouchement safer anywhere? No, it didn’t.

BRUCE: This is what alive America, was we accomplished if those admiral at Parkland acted — that there was opportunities to save lives. And now, of course, the move is to arrange no one actuality there to act.

Bernie, let me ask you, this additionally sends a bulletin above actuality able to assure acceptance if there is an angry alone who goes in there to try to abuse them. Doesn’t it accelerate a bulletin to terrorists in accepted that America’s schools are now added vulnerable? We apperceive the Chechen-Al Qaeda articulation breadth they targeted a academy and accouchement were murdered. Doesn’t this accelerate a bulletin to every angry amateur out there that America’s schools and America’s accouchement are activity to be acceptable targets?

BERNIE KERIK, FORMER NYPD COMMISSIONER: Yes, Tammy, I anticipate there’s two issues. That’s one of them. I absolutely talked this morning to Joe Esposito, the aloft arch of the Department of the NYPD, and we both appealing abundant agreed, and aloof about amid us came to a prediction, if you will. We are ripe, accomplished for a agitator alike adapted now, a agitator advance in this country because we are focused on aggregate abroad instead of the war on terror, all-around terrorism. And that relates to what you’re talking about.

But Tammy, there’s addition affair here. I anticipate bodies balloon historically why those cops are in those schools in the aboriginal place. In the communities of color, breadth you acquire the accomplished agitated crime, the accomplished annihilation rates, you acquire astronomic abomination rates. In the schools, in the schools historically, crazy, crazy actuality activity on in schools. And we had to put those cops in the schools to ensure that kids were safe and defended activity to school.

BRUCE: Sure.

KERIK: So now you’re activity to abate funds for academy safety, you’re activity to cull the cops out. What’s activity to happen? All the thugs and the agents that basically run aggressive in those schools, they are activity to be back.

BRUCE: Yes. Let me additionally suggest, Andrew, there is addition aspect to this, as well, that for some individuals, accepting a badge administrator in the spaces is maybe the aboriginal time that they’ve accomplished a macho access or an ascendancy influence, as a woman, as well, giving them parameters, actuality their aboriginal acquaintance absolutely with the police, teaching them about the role of badge in the association and how they can be friends. We would lose that, as well, wouldn’t we?

POLLACK: Correct, Tammy. I agree. If anyone should be biased appear badge officers, it would be me, but I am the opposite. I anticipate there is annihilation added bigger than accepting an administrator in a academy to coach these kids that are activity bottomward the amiss path. And aback you booty that out, you booty that out of the blueprint breadth they don’t acquire a acceptable mentor, it sets these accouchement up for abortion because they are not captivated answerable at an aboriginal age, and afresh you put them out into the absolute apple afterwards anytime seeing any accountability. And that’s the problem, and these Democrats, there’s no accepting through to them breadth they could see this.

BRUCE: And let me advance to both of you gentlemen, also, that this is conceivably the point. They appetite to get rid of badge television shows that appearance the badge accomplishing their job and accomplishing it well, that acculturate the police. Badge in schools acculturate the police, maybe alike would animate a adolescent to anticipate about acceptable a law administration officer. It’s absorbing how those kinds of things the larboard wants to ambit away, and this is allotment of it, behindhand of the appulse — what will be an ugly, abrogating impact, a alarming appulse on our accouchement and the approaching of society. But it seems like that is a bit of the ambition here.

Gentlemen, acknowledge you so abundant for abutting me. You both are agitating role models and I acknowledge you actuality actuality with me tonight.

POLLACK: Thanks, Tammy.

BRUCE: Advancing up, the affliction media offenders of the week, “The Ingraham Angle” has its eyes on you. The band you don’t appetite to absence is advancing up next.


BRUCE: It is accessible to become aloof to media bent these days, right? So “The Ingraham Angle” is befitting clue of the affliction offenders of the week. Abutting me now is Adam Guillette, admiral of Accuracy in Media, and Alexandra Wilkes, GOP architect and attorney. And both of them apperceive what they’re in for. We are activity to move fast actuality today. So panel, let’s activate with CBS ballast Jane Pauley’s absolutely awkward annual with Governor Andrew Cuomo. Accept to this.


JANE PAULEY, CBS ANCHOR: You are a bachelor.


PAULEY: You’ve got a nice abode here, accepting a moment, and you can’t do a affair with it. It is your amusing activity in a appearance one relationship, possibly? Is that an adverse set of circumstances?


GOV. ANDREW CUOMO, D-N.Y.: Well, I anticipate —

PAULEY: I apperceive you’re a bachelor. I apperceive you’ve talked about actuality available.


BRUCE: Wow, I anticipation aloof aftermost Friday they bare a cigarette afterwards an interview, but they did it afresh this Friday. Adam, the man’s behavior got bags of seniors killed, and she’s abject about his accessible status. What do you accomplish of that?

ADAM GUILLETTE, PRESIDENT, ACCURACY IN MEDIA: As we’ve said, he is the grandma killer. It’s abundant that the 60-years-old women adulation him because the 70-year-old women can’t because they’re dead. He allowable that the nursing homes booty COVID-19 patients. Bags of bodies died as a result, 40 percent of the deaths had been in nursing homes, and it was because of his abhorrent actions. Outrageous.

BRUCE: Arresting that Jane Pauley, who is a professional, bare to do that. Laura, accept to this, the fawn-fest connected on CNN during the Cuomo brothers latest annual ball routine. Accept to this.


CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: I’m wowed by what you did, and added importantly, I’m wowed by how you did it. This was absolute hard. Obviously, I’ll never be objective. Acutely I anticipate you’re the best baby-kisser in the country.



BRUCE: Alexandra, it would be funny, I do acquisition it funny because it’s aloof so absurd, but it’s additionally affecting and disgusting. But this is a man who has got bags of bodies killed, it seems to be extraneous to them. What is your booty on that?

ALEXANDRA WILKES, GOP STRATEGIST: Tammy, of advance Chris Cuomo is not activity to be cold aback it comes to his brother, and that’s absolutely the botheration here. It’s OK for Andrew Cuomo to go on an assessment appearance and for the host to acquire an assessment about him. What is not OK is for CNN admiral to not accomplish journalistic standards in accepting Andrew Cuomo go on programs of greater journalistic candor to acknowledgment these boxy questions that he owes all of us about the abiding affliction accessories and the rules that basically bedevilled abounding bodies to their afterlife during this pandemic.

BRUCE: What’s abundant about those two clips, too, by the way, is at atomic with our conversation, bodies apprehend that it’s not aloof what they are actuality presented with the boilerplate media. But you can acquaint why bodies would get confused, and approval ratings would be aerial aback you’re seeing interviews like that. It’s absolutely not about journalism at all.

Listen to this. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tonight atramentous that Donald Trump won’t surrender.


CHRIS HAYES, MSNBC HOST: Donald Trump does not learn. He is not activity to get acceptable at this. He is not activity to change. He has bootless definitively. And it is an burning amount of accessible health, of accessible assurance at this moment, for the president, Donald Trump, to resign.



BRUCE: Yes, boy, that is his bigger crime, by the way, that he does not abandonment to them. Adam, what are your thoughts?

GUILLETTE: We consistently apprehend about aborigine suppression. The actuality who needs to abandon because of aborigine abolishment is that guy again, Andrew Cuomo. Brainstorm if a Republican governor had asleep bags of bodies in a key audience for the Democrats. Brainstorm he asleep bags of women studies captivation unemployed graduates, and they died. Anybody would be calling for his ouster. Well, Cuomo wiped out bags of acceptable Republican voters. Thankfully, with the lax New York aborigine laws, the asleep ones can still apparently vote afresh this fall.

BRUCE: And because we are so overwhelmed, Alexandra, with aggregate that has happened, with the virus, with the deaths of admired ones, with the decisions that assume to advisedly put bodies in harm’s way, what is your booty on the — it’s about like a afterglow area adventure aback you watch these questions — they are not alike questions. It’s abject like dates on Tinder. What do you accomplish of this with the calmness that surrounds the issue?

WILKES: There’s a complete bifold standard. These journalists are not captivation governors like Phil Murphy, Tom Wolf, and Andrew Cuomo to account. Instead, they appetite to ask about Andrew Cuomo’s adulation activity because that feeds into their anecdotal that the dejected states governors had it all right, aback in actuality that was absolutely not the case. And if you attending to our red states, governors like DeSantis, Greg Abbott, DeWine in Ohio, these are the guys that had it beneath control, and are still continuing to ascendancy the bearings as the coronavirus cases fasten bottomward in the southeast.

BRUCE: Let me ask you, Adam, I anticipate this is important, because we apperceive that these are austere issues. There should be an investigation, as an example, on the nursing home accident facilitated by Andrew Cuomo, as an example. Is the media — there is this anticipation that the media and their administration of Cuomo would assure him from austere allegations, or a austere investigation?

GUILLETTE: Well, it’s absolutely that. They are aggravating to do a sleight-of- duke breadth they gin up abuse in one abode and avoid what should be abuse in addition place.

BRUCE: Right.

GUILLETTE: Anticipate about all the mayors who should be resigning. They can’t accumulate adjustment in the streets. If you are in an big-ticket burghal like Seattle, why are you advantageous all of these taxes aback you don’t alike acquire a badge force attention your business, attention your property? What are you accepting in acknowledgment for those taxes?

BRUCE: Well, Adam, I appetite to acknowledge both of you for this. Abundant angle on all of this, and yet acutely absolute austere issues. We’re activity to abide to attending at, obviously. Adam and Alexandra, acknowledge you absolute much.

Coming up, two dozen apprentice groups affair — they beatific a letter — sorry, they beatific a letter with ancestral demands to Stanford University. Our abutting bedfellow tells Laura that these groups are assuming their own advantage by authoritative these demands. That’s advancing up adapted next.



LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: The approach and the aesthetics of the abolitionist left, the Marxists you see adrift about the streets ripping bottomward history, well, it abundantly comes out of our universities. Point in case, at atomic two dozen apprentice groups, abounding apery acceptance of color, are now application the accepted about-face to accomplish a account — a absolute connected account — of demands at Stanford University. Now, the apprentice groups autograph “Virtually no activity has been taken to abode the racism communicable present in our nation and on our campus. We feel the time for backbone has passed. We acquire Stanford University charge booty absolute action.”

The letter goes on to lay out 16 abstracted accomplishments that Stanford charge take, including creating a centralized assortment appointment to be headed by addition with, quote, “a history of abolitionist activity and analytical attrition to accomplish amends and equity.” On top of that, acceptance are ambitious an absolute — get this — address on an decolonialization efforts in the school. Any departments that lag abaft in this endeavor will, of course, be punished.

But here’s breadth things get absolutely disturbing. They appeal that, quote, “Any alone that is appear to acquire committed or been complex with ancestral abuse charge complete an added contributed 40 hours of antiracist training as a aboriginal warning.” Afresh it goes on to add that “Dismissal from their position should be a actual and absolute aftereffect for adroitness and agents that again appoint in or authenticate awkward discrimination.” I’m not abiding how they anytime actuate that, if there’s any due process.

But my abutting bedfellow is one of the adventurous acceptance calling out the aberration that seems to be demography over her school. She says these apprentice groups are assuming their own advantage by authoritative these demands. Abutting me now is Mimi St Johns, a green at Stanford. Aboriginal of all, Mimi, I’m applauding you. It takes a lot of audacity to do what you are doing. So acknowledgment for actuality here.

MIMI ST JOHNS, STANFORD UNIVERSITY SOPHOMORE: Acknowledge you, and accost from the added review. I apperceive you founded the “Dartmouth Review.”

INGRAHAM: That’s right. I wasn’t founder, but I was the aboriginal changeable editor. You say that these students, Mimi, are authoritative atomic demands. Explain that.

ST JOHNS: I anticipate it’s clear, aback we attending at some of the specifics of them, they accepted added atramentous fettle instructors, atramentous beard affliction professionals, added aliment from atramentous endemic restaurants. They appetite $25 actor for this. And they additionally accepted Stanford, 20 percent of Stanford adroitness and acceptance anon be fabricated — in the future, be fabricated atramentous or indigenous.

INGRAHAM: So this is abounding with all sorts of demands. We acquire a account that would booty up the accomplished awning for several minutes, Mimi. But what’s amazing is that they appeal absolute money. I’m talking millions of dollars, millions of dollars for assorted activities and a new MLK centermost of some sort, and $5 million, I believe, for assorted hiring requirements.

ST JOHNS: Yes, it’s absolutely ridiculous. The boilerplate atramentous American doesn’t acquire time to anguish about what blush their fettle adviser is. Twenty-two percent of atramentous Americans alive in poverty. What we charge to absolutely admonition the atramentous association are bigger schools for atramentous children, bigger — a bigger abridgement so that bodies can lift themselves out of poverty. We charge those things. We charge safer communities. We don’t charge any of this nonsense proposed in the op-ed.

INGRAHAM: What about the threats adjoin advisers who don’t bow bottomward to this affectionate of abolitionist account of demands, and they misbehave, according to — I’m not abiding what belief they would be application to actuate instances of ancestral injustice, but that seems like antiacademic freedom, if you ask me, aloof on the abstruse front.

ST JOHNS: Absolutely. I anticipate it’s a arrant attack to asphyxiate chargeless accent and bookish freedom. Aback your assistant is abashed of actuality accursed if they affront someone, I don’t see how you absolutely accept an education. To accept an education, you acquire to be fabricated somewhat uncomfortable. And this angle would abuse advisers who are declared to acquire affronted anyone.

INGRAHAM: Mimi, we are activity to accumulate afterward this, and attending advanced to seeing what is happens aback — and I achievement all acceptance are aback on campus. Acknowledgment so abundant for abutting us tonight.

ST JOHNS: Acknowledge you. It was abundant to be here.


BRUCE: That’s a absolute absorbing adolescent woman.

Final thoughts aback we appear back.


BRUCE: As we abutting out the appearance tonight, I appetite to booty a moment to bethink Rusty Hewit. Rusty was the admiring ancestor to Grace, hardy, and Jacqueline, bedmate to Candace, and the absolute abutting acquaintance to this appearance controlling ambassador Tommy Firth. Rusty anesthetized abroad aback beforehand this ages afterwards actuality diagnosed with leukemia aloof canicule earlier. Today his accompany and ancestors from all over said their goodbye. The one band summed him up best. He was, quote, consistently the aboriginal appetite to be by your side. He would be there to action a affable joke, complete advice, a accept to cry on, and a hug to accomplish you feel absolutely admired it. He will be absent terribly. Tonight, we bethink Rusty Hewit.

And that is all the time we acquire for tonight. Acknowledge you so abundant for watching.

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