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VoIP calls, real-time babble and messaging accept become all-over in business for one reason: They work.

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Consumers accept appear to apprehend the adeptness to instantly acquaintance annual providers. This affectionate of advice can drive sales and beforehand to greater chump satisfaction. The downside is that developing this affectionate of functionality centralized is generally ability intensive. Additionally, it may not accomplish faculty for a lot of companies amidst the COVID-19 communicable and a crumbling economy. Turning to an API for functionality that you ability contrarily accept developed in abode can save on development costs while dispatch the feature’s time to market.

In this article, we accommodate instructions on how to bound apparatus the Sendbird UIKit for iOS and arrange fully-featured messaging appliance pre-built UI and messaging UX. Sendbird UIKit for iOS is about a aggregate of user interface applique and the Sendbird Babble SDK for iOS.

Some things to accumulate in mind. Sendbird UIKit for iOS is a development kit with a user interface that enables the affiliation of accepted babble appearance into new or absolute applicant apps.

From the all-embracing affair to alone styles, such as colors and fonts, apparatus can be absolutely customized for a company’s cast identity.

Currently, UIKit for iOS supports accumulation channels only, that is channels with assorted bodies in them. The minimum requirements are iOS 10.3 , Swift 4.2 / Objective-C and Sendbird Babble SDK for iOS 3.0.175 . For those adulatory to analysis drive Sendbird’s sample app, they can admission it from our GitHub repository.

Sendbird UIKit supports both Objective-C and Swift, so users can actualize a activity in the accent they appetite to beforehand with.

UIKit for iOS can be installed through either CocoaPods or Carthage:

Note: The Sendbird UIKit for iOS is Sendbird Babble SDK-dependent. If you install the UIKit, CocoaPods will automatically install the Babble SDK for iOS as well. The minimum claim of the Babble SDK for iOS is 3.0.175 or higher.

Media adapter permission

Sendbird UIKit offers appearance to attach or save files such as photos, videos, and documents. To use those features, you charge to appeal permission from end users.Once the permission is granted, users can accelerate angel or video letters and save media assets.

Next, abode the beneath cipher in the Info.plist book present in the basis binder of your iOS project. This will advice in creating in appliance notifications to appeal for permissions.

(Optional) Document adapter permissionIf you appetite to attach files from iCloud, you charge actuate the iCloud feature. Once it is activated, users can additionally accelerate a bulletin with files from iCloud.

Go to your Xcode project’s Signing & Capabilities tab. Then, bang Capability button and baddest iCloud. Check iCloud Documents.

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In adjustment to use the Babble SDK’s features, you charge initialize the SendBirdUIKit instance with an APP_ID. This footfall additionally initializes the Babble SDK for iOS. Initialize the SendBirdUIKit instance through AppDelegate as apparent by putting the cipher in the AppDelegate.m file:

Note : In the above, you should specify the ID of your Sendbird appliance in abode of the APP_ID.

User advice charge be set as CurrentUser in the SBUGlobal above-mentioned to ablution the Sendbird UIKit. This advice will be acclimated aural the kit for assorted tasks. The userId acreage charge be defined admitting added fields such as appellation and profileUrl are alternative and abounding with absence ethics if not specified.

Set the CurrentUser for UIKit through the AppDelegate.m book as below:

Note: Even if you don’t use the AppDelegate, you should annals user advice afore ablution a babble service.

Note: If the CurrentUser is not set in advance, there will be restrictions to your acceptance of the UIKit.

UIKit allows you to actualize a approach accurately for 1-on-1 babble and to annual 1-on-1 babble channels so that you can calmly appearance and administer them. With the SBUChannelListViewController class, you can accommodate end-users with a complete babble annual featuring a approach list.

Use the afterward cipher for the SceneDelegate and AppDelegate by putting it in the SceneDelegate.m and AppDelegate.m files respectively



Note: At this point, you can affirm if the annual is alive by active your applicant app.

With the SBUChannelViewController class, you can body a channel-based babble annual instead of a approach list-based one. This cipher is acclimated to accessible a babble amid users. For example, if the user selects a babble figure in your appliance to babble with addition user, you can use the beneath cipher to present the chat. This eliminates the charge to appearance a approach annual in the app if the app developer does not appetite to appearance a list.

Note: You should accept either a SBDChannel article or a ChannelUrl in adjustment to run a channel-based babble service. You can apparatus the cipher in AppDelegate.m or anywhere in your annual area you’d like to apparatus babble in the address declared above. Use the afterward cipher to apparatus the babble service:


UIKit is a Swift-based framework. However, If your activity is in Objective-C, configuring aloof a few added accomplish allows you to run the kit in your applicant app. Go to your Xcode activity target’s Body settings tab and again set the ALWAYS_EMBED_SWIFT_STANDARD_LIBRARIES to YES.

UIKit is broadcast in the anatomy of a fat binary, which contains advice on both Simulator and Accessory architectures. Add the calligraphy beneath if you are planning to administer your appliance in the App Store and ambition to abolish accidental architectures in the application’s body phase.

Go to your Xcode activity target’s Body Phases tab. Then, bang and baddest New Run Calligraphy Phase. Append this script.

The UIKit for iOS manages the lifecycle of its ViewController forth with assorted angle and abstracts from the Babble SDK for iOS. UIKit Apparatus are as follows:

In adjustment to use the appearance of Sendbird UIKit for iOS in your applicant apps, a SendBirdUIKit instance charge be accomplished in anniversary applicant app through user affidavit with the Sendbird server.

The instance communicates and interacts with the server appliance an accurate user account, and is accustomed to use the UIKit’s features. This folio explains how to accredit your user with the server.

Sendbird server authenticates requests from applicant apps through two methods: One is appliance alone user ID, the added is appliance a user ID forth with the user’s admission token.

The user ID affidavit can be advantageous for applications in development or absolute casework area added aegis is not necessarily needed. On the added hand, the admission badge affidavit generates admission tokens for anniversary user through the Babble Belvedere API.

Once you appeal and admission a badge for a user, you charge to use that specific admission badge to accredit the user. This goes in the AppDelegate.m file.


The SBUMain.connect() adjustment connects a user to the Sendbird server appliance the preset advice of the CurrentUser. If the user ID acclimated during the affiliation attack does not abide on the Sendbird server, a new user annual is created with the defined user ID.

The SBUMain.connect() adjustment additionally automatically updates the user contour on the Sendbird server.

When the ViewController is alleged in the UIKit, the affiliation is automatically fabricated with the CurrentUser advice which was set in the SBUGlobal.

In case you appetite to affix to the Sendbird server at a accurate timing, you can use the cipher as below. This goes in the AppDelegate.m file:

When a user doesn’t charge to accept letters from the Sendbird server, it is recommended to abstract the user from the server. Even afterwards disconnected, the user can still accept beforehand notifications for new letters delivered by APNs (Apple Beforehand Notification Service). To apparatus this, amuse put this cipher in the AppDelegate.m file:

Push notifications are a blazon of notification beatific to your users’ accessories back an appliance is active in the background.

Push notifications for iOS applications will accommodate a burden created by Sendbird and be delivered through APNs. The Sendbird server will acquaint with APNs whenever bare and APNs will accelerate a beforehand notification to the appliance on iOS devices.

In adjustment to use this feature, you charge to annals the accessory tokens of your applicant app users to Sendbird server through the AppDelegate.m file.

Note: APNs should be set up in beforehand in adjustment to accelerate beforehand notifications.

Note: You can use these methods back the SBUGlobal.CurrentUser is set and affiliated to the Sendbird server.

You should unregister a user’s accessory tokens from the Sendbird server if you don’t appetite to accelerate beforehand notifications to the user. This should alone be acclimated back you don’t appetite to accept beforehand notifications anymore. To apparatus this, amuse use the beneath cipher in the AppDelegate.m file:

Note: You can use these methods back the SBUGlobal.CurrentUser is set and affiliated to the Sendbird server.

When a CurrentUser is created with a different ID of the user, the UIKit automatically generates the appellation and profileImage of the user based on the defined userId. You can additionally adapt these backdrop by yourself back bare in the AppDelegate.m file.

Note: You can use this adjustment back the SBUGlobal.CurrentUser is set and affiliated to the Sendbird server.

Now that you’ve accomplished a bit of success with the Sendbird API, you can anticipate about the array of use cases it ability be advantageous to. For example, converstaional ecommerce applications to advice abate client uncertainty, in-app babble during alive alive contest to access admirers engagement, or acceptance an online money alteration through a babble interface instead of acute a coffer chump to go to a branch.

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