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This is a blitz archetype from “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” June 17, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS HOST: Acceptable atramentous and acceptable to TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT.

Just a few hours ago, the Fulton County Georgia District Attorney, Paul Howard Jr. answerable above Atlanta badge administrator Garrett Rolfe with annihilation in accession to 10 added bent charges. If convicted, Rolfe faces execution.

The declared abomination at the affection of it is the cutting of a doubtable alleged Rayshard Brooks. We told you the capacity of it two nights ago.

Last Friday, Rayshard Brooks anesthetized out bashed in the drive-thru lane of a Wendy’s in Atlanta. Brooks’s car was blocking cartage so restaurant advisers alleged the police. They accustomed — Rolfe and his partner.

They woke Brooks and they asked him if he had been drinking. Brooks accepted that he had had been. Admiral afresh move advanced with a arbiter DUI arrest. Nothing unusual.

But aback they approved to booty Brooks into custody, Brooks started swinging. He fought the admiral to the arena and afresh snatched a taser from one of them and approved to use it adjoin Administrator Rolfe.

When Brooks aloft the taser to fire, Rolfe attempt and asleep him.

Here’s some of the video.


OFFICER DEVIN BROSNAN, ATLANTA POLICE: Hey, sir. You all right? You’re anchored — you’re sitting in the drive-thru band here.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Stop. Absolute good.

RAYSHARD BROOKS, KILLED BY POLICE: I aloof had a few drinks, that’s it.

BROSNAN: How many?

BROOKS: One and a half? Like I said, I was accepting to the added cup. I was leaving. I told her, babe, let’s go, because I’m hungry.

BROSNAN: What affectionate of drinks did you have?

BROOKS: I’m not sure. It is commodity she ordered. She said top shelf or whatever. Aloof booty me home. I am accessible to go.

BROSNAN: So you had about one and a bisected drinks, but you don’t bethink what affectionate of booze it was.

BROOKS: No, sir.

BROSNAN: All right.

BROOKS: I absolutely don’t know.

BROSNAN: I anticipate you’ve had too abundant to booze to be driving. Put your calmly abaft your aback for me. Okay, put your calmly abaft your back. Hey, stop fighting. Stop fighting. Stop fighting. Stop fighting. You’re activity to get tased. You’re activity to get tased. Stop.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Stop. You’re activity to get tased.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He’s got [bleep] taser. He’s got the taser. He’s got the taser. Stop fighting. [Bleep] taser.


CARLSON: Afterwards the shooting, Administrator Rolfe approved to accumulate Rayshard Brooks alive. He performed CPR on the man he aloof shot.


GARRETT ROLFE, FORMER POLICE OFFICER WHO SHOT RAYSHARD BROOKS: Mr. Brooks, accumulate breathing. Mr. Brooks, accumulate breath for me.


CARLSON: “Mr. Brooks, accumulate breathing.” Rolfe said. “Keep breath for me.”

No amount how abundant you attending at these videos or how closely, it’s a tragedy every time. A ancestor of three girls is dead. The catechism is, was it murder? Ask yourself? How do you anticipate you would do behindhand of what blush you are?

If you snatch a cop’s taser and approved to shoot him with it, best acceptable you’d be dead. No one would advance in your memory. No one would bake a architecture in your name. No one would accede your afterlife controversial, abundant beneath a ancestral act.

That’s what happens aback you advance badge admiral with their own weapons. Anybody knows that.

But in this case, things are absolute different. Administrator Rolfe is adverse the afterlife penalty. He has been answerable by a DA who is beneath astronomic political burden to prosecute. The mob wants avengement now. They’ve bidding that by afire the Wendy’s breadth Rayshard Brooks died to the ground.

They’ve committed violence. Will they accomplish added if he’s not charged? That has to be belief on Paul Howard, and not aloof that, Paul Howard is angry for his job. Howard is adverse a runoff acclamation soon. Howard is additionally actuality advised for animal aggravation and for burglary money from a nonprofit.

So, Paul Howard has every acumen to change the accountable and to bow anon to the mob’s demands and that’s what he is doing.

During his columnist appointment today, Howard declared Rayshard Brooks, the man who went berserk on two badge admiral and agape them to the arena as quote, “jovial.”

Watch Howard’s account actuality and analyze it to the video we aloof played you.


PAUL HOWARD, FULTON COUNTRY DISTRICT ATTORNEY: Mr. Brooks on the night of this adventure was calm. He was affable and absolutely displayed a accommodating nature.

Secondly, alike admitting Mr. Brooks was hardly impaired, his address during this adventure was about jovial.


CARLSON: Jovial? You aloof watched the tape. Calm and accommodating are allegedly the aboriginal words that came to mind, abnormally the allotment breadth Brooks affective the cop’s taser and accursed it at him.

Just two weeks ago, this absolute aforementioned prosecutor, the one you aloof saw, Paul Howard, acclaimed at a columnist appointment and we’re quoting, “A taser is advised a baleful weapon beneath Georgia law.” Whatever. That was then.

By the way, it was a taser, it could absolute calmly accept been Administrator Rolfe’s gun. Brooks would not accept accepted the aberration amid a pistol and a taser in the average of a brawl.

Had that been the case, Administrator Rolfe would be asleep adapted now, and you never would accept heard the adventure because no one in the media would accept cared abundant to acquaint you.

So, the prosecutor would like you to apperceive that Mr. Brooks was affable and no blackmail at all.


HOWARD: Mr. Brooks, never presented himself as a threat. At the absolute beginning, he was affably sleeping in his car.


CARLSON: Aloof a guy affably sleeping in his car and now, he is dead. So, why were the cops hassling a man who was aloof affably sleeping?

Well, the prosecutor adapted why. Booty a guess.


HOWARD: Administrator Rolf absolutely kicked Mr. Brooks while he laid on the ground, while he was there angry for his life.

Officer Brosnan absolutely stood on Mr. Brooks’s amateur while he was there disturbing for his life.

The address of the admiral anon afterwards the cutting did not reflect any abhorrence or crisis of Mr. Brooks, but their accomplishments absolutely reflected added kinds of emotions.


CARLSON: Oh, it reflected added kinds of emotions. Got that? We apperceive what’s advancing next. Guaranteed. They’re activity to acquaint us this was a racially motivated killing, and maybe they can prove that it was, we’re consistently accessible minded.

But at this point, we absolute abundant agnosticism it. There is aught affirmation of that so far.

In the absence of evidence, Paul Howard should not say things like this at columnist conferences. It makes bodies abhorrence anniversary other. It tears the country apart, which is the aftermost affair we allegation adapted now.

Atlanta’s badge administration is 58 percent black. That’s a college allotment of atramentous bodies than the Burghal of Atlanta itself.

To explain how systemic racism is amenable for the cutting and allege boring so we can understand.

Cops in Atlanta apperceive absolutely what’s activity on and what’s acceptable to appear next. There are letters tonight that abounding of them accept absolved off the job at the alpha of their shift. No agnosticism abounding will retire from the force and leave.

The Badge Chief has already quit. Who would appetite to accomplish the law in a political ambiance like this? You accomplish beneath than a plumber. Everybody hates you. You could absolute calmly get killed. You try to avert yourself and they allegation you with murder.

No way. No accustomed actuality would appetite that job. So, who is activity to booty the job? Activity forward, we are activity to get a lot of absolute bad bodies acceptable badge officers. And that’s one of the abounding things ironies here.

Pressure from the mob will not stop badge brutality, it will about absolutely access badge atrocity as the affliction affectionate of bodies become police, because who abroad would appetite it?

For now, admitting attacks on law administration beggarly that abounding of us accept no badge aegis at all. Recently, the Atramentous Lives Amount riots came to Charleston, South Carolina. Badge disappeared. What happened next?

This hasn’t been broadly reported, but we anticipation we’d allotment it with you. It’s a archetype of a 911 alarm from a restaurant in burghal Charleston abreast the Battery. This is a quote.

“It’s the Macintosh restaurant. I alleged earlier, but it’s gotten worse. The riots bankrupt into the restaurant and they are burglary all the money, the alcohol. They’re disturbing up the seats. Thirty advisers are ashore in the courtyard. They’re barricading the doors, and they’re aggravating to breach in. I alleged maybe 15 account ago and there are still no cops and there are 30 bodies in danger.” No affirmation the cops anytime came.

Ken Schneider owns a wine bar adjacent in Charleston. Atramentous Lives Amount rioters came for him, too. He and his agents afresh alleged the badge for help, but no one came.

Ultimately, Schneider told the bounded television abject that he told dispatchers quote, “Forget it. It’s too late. My abode is destroyed.”

Schneider afterwards said he was absolutely in atheism that the badge didn’t come. Schneider should accede himself advantageous by comparison. Bodies are accident added than aloof their businesses in this environment.

In New York City, murders are up 25 percent aloof this year and that’s admitting the lockdowns. In aloof the accomplished month, the cardinal of murders recorded in the burghal has absolutely angled compared to this time a year ago.

It’s not absolutely surprising. We saw the aforementioned affair appear in Baltimore afterwards the Freddie Gray riots. Aback you politicize law enforcement, innocent bodies accordingly die.

That is not a accessory point. The apprehension that the badge will appear and assure you is not ideological, ask any advanced who has anytime alleged the badge in crisis and had them not appearance up.

It’s terrifying. No amount who you vote for. Attention the accessible from abyss is not some affection of government we achievement for. It’s why we accept government. It’s the accomplished point of government. There is no acumen to accept government otherwise. It’s the acumen we pay taxes.

If you went to a restaurant and they banned to serve you food, you allegedly wouldn’t pay the bill. If the restaurant approved to accomplish you pay the bill, you would accept and you accept every adapted to resist. No one should be affected to accept to theft, and taxation afterwards aegis is theft. It is the analogue of it.

The blow of us accept a adapted to say that, in fact, an obligation to say it and don’t let them abstract you or abash you with slogans or rioting.

This is not about the cutting afterlife of one man alfresco Wendy’s. It’s about commodity abundant beyond and abundant added important to every American no amount breadth you live.

It’s about whether we’re activity to accept a amends arrangement that treats all American citizens equally, behindhand of what the mob demands. It’s about whether we can alive affably in our own homes with our families afterwards fear. Confident that we are adequate by the government that we pay for.

If the government will not assure us, we should stop advantageous for it and that ability assuredly get their attention.

Danny Coulson is the above Deputy Assistant Director of the F.B.I. He joins us tonight. Mr. Coulson, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on. You’ve been in law administration all your life. You allocution to bodies who are still in it. Why would anyone —


CARLSON: Why would anyone appetite to accomplish the law adapted now?

COULSON: Well, that’s a abundant point and what you’re seeing in Atlanta, and I apperceive this for a actuality that admiral are walking off the job.

You know, Tucker, Lady Amends is declared to accept a blinder on, but in this case, Lady Amends is attractive to the eyes of a abject baby-kisser and answering to the mob and it’s a travesty.

Also, I anticipate there’s an important case actuality that we allegation to point out and that is that the Georgia Bureau of Analysis was asked to investigate this case, and this prosecutor appear accuse afore the analysis was alike done.

So, where’s the process? Where’s the aphorism of law? We don’t accept it now. And it’s a travesty. And I’m in acquaintance with badge admiral absolutely every day of my life, and all of them are attractive to leave or retire, or get out of the business.

And that’s absolutely too bad because frankly, they are some of our best trained, best loyal, adventuresome bodies we accept in our society.

CARLSON: I accumulate cerebration aback I watch these videos, and I assignment in a business that’s on video, so I apperceive that video can adapt the truth. And I’ve absolutely apparent added stories, including afresh breadth the video doesn’t absolutely acquaint you what’s happening.

Here’s my catechism to you as addition who has been about it all your life. If the prosecutor had added affirmation that this was in actuality a murder, and not aloof a adverse shooting, and he had affirmation that there was some bent abaft the shooting, he would accept told us today at the columnist conference, correct?

COULSON: He doesn’t accept it, and frankly, it looks like to me that that administrator was aloof accomplished accomplishing what he did. Every policeman in the country is accomplished that if you you’re opposing an abandoned with a taser, that’s like that abandoned accepting a firearm. In fact, that’s the law in the State of Georgia.

So, he is not accomplishing the adapted affair here, and he doesn’t appetite the facts. He doesn’t appetite to be abashed about accepting a absolute rendition, and he should be removed. He should be disbarred, removed and let us do an investigation.

Let the Civil Rights Division appear in. Let the Georgia Bureau of Analysis do it and let’s acquisition out what happened. I anticipate we’re activity to acquisition that those lives of those admiral were imperiled by the accomplishments of this individual.

CARLSON: I accumulate audition from bodies I apperceive in Atlanta that the prosecutor acceptable acquainted he had no choice. This is the appearance amid bodies in Atlanta because if he didn’t allegation this badge administrator with murder, the burghal would burn. What affectionate of association do we alive in breadth we chase the demands of bodies who set barrio on fire?

COULSON: Well, that’s mob rule. That’s absolutely what we don’t want. Again, it gets aback to the sails of justice, and Lady Justice, she is declared to be dark to that.

You saw it in Baltimore. That prosecutor there accusable those admiral afterwards any affirmation to acknowledgment the alarm of the mob. She alike said that. I apprehend what you’re saying. And she accusable those policemen. They were all acquitted.

Now, what’s the result? Policing in Baltimore is at an end. They are aloof absolution go. They’re not activity to go on and accident their lives or careers and case because of some prosecutor that answers to the mob. That’s not what we’re all about.

CARLSON: No. And we saw this ironically, in the south, you know, 70 years ago, and we said, we were adjoin it, but we’re applauding it now for some reason.


CARLSON: Danny, abundant to see.

COULSON: Acknowledge you. It’s consistently a pleasure. I adore your show.

CARLSON: Acknowledge you. Heather Mac Donald has spent years belief the subject. She’s the columnist of “The War on Cops” and we’re consistently blessed to accept her on the show.

Heather, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on. So, it does accept like our leaders accept affectionate of accustomed up on the abstraction of according justice, commodity that I anticipate we assassin them to defend, it is the best important affair we accept in this country, but accept you apparent any avert that idea?

HEATHER MAC DONALD, AUTHOR: We’re active through a acculturation crushing abortion of our elites, Tucker. This is an absolutely alarming moment.

Across the lath America’s elites, whether it’s in the political class, media, apprenticeship accept accepted a clearly apocryphal anecdotal about systemic badge bias. That anecdotal is calmly disprovable by attractive at the best basal facts about policing and crime.

But by all-embracing that apocryphal narrative, they are undercutting the angary of law administration of our bent amends system, and in so doing, they’re putting bags added lives at risk. They’re putting atramentous lives at risk, who will be taken now through absolved bent behavior, assemblage banging, drive-by shootings aback admiral aback off of proactive policing. We saw this in 2015-2016, an added 2,000 blacks were murdered acknowledgment to cops abetment off from what I alarm the Ferguson effect.

But we’re additionally putting officers’ lives at accident because by so abrasive the angary of law enforcement, you’re activity to access the blazon of attrition to arrest that we aloof saw in Atlanta, because bodies abhorrence the cops alike more, that is activity to aftereffect in admiral themselves ascent their use of force, possibly to baleful levels, and we’re activity to access a abandoned cycle, breadth both suspects and admiral lives are at risk.

Instead, if the elites cared about atramentous lives, if they cared about all lives, they would be sending an absolute message, don’t accept arrest. Chase an officer’s allowable command. If you accept a altercation with those commands, you booty it up afterwards the fact.

And now, the abandon that we’ve apparent in the aftermost brace of weeks acknowledgment to addition abortion of our elites to accomplish law and adjustment during the broad wanton, barbarous and barbarous abolition of acreage and livelihoods is activity to echo itself because there has been absolutely no bridle bulletin sent.

CARLSON: I heard an adopted official say today that the adapted badge acknowledgment would be to say to Rayshard Brooks, aloof airing home.

You’re anesthetized out bashed in a drive thru-lane at Wendy’s, but aloof airing home, so we’re not chastening bashed active anymore? Does MAD apperceive this? Like, aback did this change?

MAC DONALD: And what if he had absolved home and gotten hit by a car? Afresh the admiral would additionally accept been accused of annihilation and alienation to atramentous life.

The actuality of the amount is, cops beyond the country accursed absolutely the George Floyd arrest. This is a altered case entirely. It bears no resemblance.

Somebody who grabs an officer’s equipment, fights him and uses it adjoin him is putting him on apprehension that he is activity to try to annihilate that cop.

CARLSON: That’s absolutely right. Heather Mac Donald, acknowledge you for that.

MAC DONALD: Acknowledge you, Tucker.

CARLSON: Demonizing law administration has after-effects and as consistently the after-effects abatement best heavily on the vulnerable, not in Aspen, not Martha’s Vineyard, but in places breadth bodies are poor.

In New York, a abominable video shows an aged woman shoved to the arena by a man who it turns out had been arrested 103 times and was let out every time. We’ve got capacity ahead.


DOBBS: Aftermost fall, we accustomed New York Mayor Bill de Blasio assimilate the show. He insisted that New York Burghal was bigger than it’s anytime been. Maybe New York was captivation abiding because de Blasio was active with his bedevilled presidential run and wasn’t there to abort it, but he’s aback now.

Coronavirus and the government accept accumulated to absolve a abomination beachcomber in the city. Chief breaking account correspondent, Trace Gallagher has an amend on the action of New York tonight. Hey, Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CHIEF BREAKING NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Tucker. You apperceive aback in Advance aback New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a statewide adjustment ambitious jails and prisons absolution inmates to accept by COVID-19 amusing break guidelines, the NYPD says it did not commodity to absolution earlier defendants and those with basal conditions.

It did commodity to the advanced calibration absolution and now we apperceive why. Of the 2,500 inmates appear from Rikers Island, 250 of them accept reoffended, and those 250 had been arrested 450 times, like 27-year-old Jonathan Martinez, who was bedevilled in 2014 of beheading his girlfriend.

Since his absolution a few months ago from Rikers Island, he has been arrested for six new crimes including active touching, annexation a architecture abundance and annexation a actuality at knifepoint.

After anniversary new arrest, he is accustomed a cloister date and appear and speaking of echo offenders, 31-year-old Rashid Brimmage was walking in Manhattan aback a 92-year-old woman walks accomplished him. He ancestor her in the face, she avalanche to the ground, hitting her arch on a blaze hydrant.

He kept walking, but was afterwards arrested for the 104th time, including sexually abusing a 13-year-old babe and 10 added sex offenses, which is declared to disqualify him for aboriginal release, and yet, actuality he is.

The 92-year-old woman is convalescent physically, but mentally says she will never afresh airing abandoned in Manhattan.

Finally, over the accomplished 28 canicule in New York, there accept been 38 murders. That’s alert as abounding as the aforementioned time aeon aftermost year.

Overall in New York, murders in 2020, up 25 percent over aftermost year. One NYPD official says the trend is the affliction in seven years — Tucker.

CARLSON: Trace Gallagher, acknowledgment so abundant for that. If you can’t assure old ladies as they airing alone, afresh you’re failing. Karol Markowicz is a columnist for “The New York Post” and “The Washington Examiner.” We’re blessed to accept her on the appearance tonight.

Karol, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on. So, there’s so abundant lying about every adversary adapted now. Absolute adamantine to get to what’s absolutely happening, but accord us, if you would an authentic snapshot of abomination in New York adapted now.

KAROL MARKOWICZ, COLUMNIST: It’s been advancing for a while. In December, I wrote about how the affection of activity crimes in New York were activity on punished and how that was acutely activity to circling into a bigger bearings and the abomination fasten is absolutely not a abruptness for anybody that’s been afterward it.

In December, aback I wrote that commodity about the affection of activity crimes, I was told, well, it’s not murder. So, you know, what’s the big deal? But the big accord is now here, and I anticipate we’ve let the advocate activists and politicians bisect us into the camps of either you’re pro-police or you accept Atramentous Lives Matter.

But the accuracy is, if you are pro-police, it’s because you accept Atramentous Lives Matter, and if you attending at the contempo abomination spike, it’s accident primarily in atramentous neighborhoods. And that’s why these white activists accept this — blame this defund badge idea, because it’s not accident in their neighborhoods. If it was, they’d appetite amateur the badge on their streets.

CARLSON: Yes, Aspen and Martha’s Vineyard are still absolute safe. Is anyone blame back?

MARKOWICZ: Right. You know, I am seeing somewhat aloof on amusing media and I see — I’m a constant New Yorker. I accept a lot of accompany in New York of all political stripes, and I am seeing this movement amid New Yorkers to say we don’t appetite to avert the police. We appetite the badge on our streets. We feel safer aback the badge are there.

And I think, it is growing because these abomination numbers, they’re not activity to go ignored. And again, aback they’re accident in white neighborhoods, you’re activity to see these advanced white bodies adjudge that they do like the badge afterwards all.

CARLSON: Do you anticipate anyone — I mean, it’s it seems like New York has to apprentice the aforementioned assignment every 30 years or so.

MARKOWICZ: That’s allegedly true. I anticipate that that’s allotment of the affair is like constant New Yorkers like me accept that we can’t aloof blow aback the numbers are good, and aback it’s abandoned affection of activity crimes happening.

I anticipate a lot of the new arrivals accept a absolutely confused abstraction of what New York Burghal is like and what it’s been like and they don’t apperceive what time aback it didn’t feel safe to airing about and they don’t accept that there was a time aback New York was bad.

CARLSON: They anticipate history started yesterday. A lot of bodies are activity to leave New York. It’s sad, obviously. Karol Markowicz, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on tonight.


CARLSON: It is sad.

MARKOWICZ: Acknowledge you for accepting me.

CARLSON: Well, our cultural anarchy is in progress, as you know, and the capital adumbration of that artwork is actuality destroyed for brainy offenses, aloof like in Mao’s China or the Taliban’s Afghanistan.

Where will it stop? Will any allotment be larboard by the end? That’s next.


CARLSON: Political cults all accept one affair in common, they aloof approved to abort history and ability to accommodate to their vision. It’s consistently Year Aught for them. We’ve apparent it all over the apple throughout history.

In Afghanistan, in 2001, the Taliban dynamited a 1,500-year-old behemothic Buddhists. They alarm them idols. They destroyed them.

Mao’s Red Guards besmirched the graves of Emperors and destroyed age-old art by the truckload.

Now, that aforementioned actuation to abort art has appear to the United States. It started with Confederate statues, but confused absolute bound to, for example, statues of Abraham Lincoln. One in Boston, allegedly is advancing down. The man who active the Emancipation Proclamation is now too racist to be represented in art. Columbus statues are actuality dumped in lakes.

A Georgia law assistant wants to abort Stone Mountain, an irreplaceable assignment by the man who carved Mount Rushmore and speaking of which, how continued do you anticipate it will be afore they bomb Mount Rushmore?

Art is actuality destroyed on a greater calibration than any time in American history. No one is arresting it. So, we asked Jerry Saltz, he is a Pulitzer Award-winning acceptable art critic, a man who appreciates and writes about art for a active what he thought. Here’s his reply.

“There’s no issue. A advocate beachcomber has swept beyond this country that has basically said abundant with racism. This isn’t about larboard and right. It’s about adapted and wrong.”

So, the man who won a Pulitzer Award-winning autograph about art is all on lath with antibacterial art in the name of revolution. That’s the country we alive in tonight.

Ryan Girdusky is the columnist of “They’re Not Listening: How the Elites Created the National Populist Revolution.” He joins us tonight. Ryan, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on.

So, aback a Pulitzer Award-winning acceptable art analyzer …

RYAN GIRDUSKY, AUTHOR: Acknowledge you for accepting me.

CARLSON: … won’t avert art. Aback it’s larboard to a adapted of centermost allocution appearance hosts to avert art. What affectionate of country are we in?

GIRDUSKY: Yes, I anticipate we allegation to attending at these bodies the aforementioned way that loyalists of Chiang Kai Shek looked at Mao. This is to adduce Peter Hitchens, “a administration change” that they’re pushing, and they’ve accomplished the anti-racist movement has accomplished that the institutions that was declared to aegis attitude and history and art accept absolutely accustomed up and they are abject now to them.

And we accept this aberrant column civil Michel Foucault eyes of the apple breadth we’re starting at Year Zero, as you said that aggregate charge be beheld as it is today and the beat is today. And, you know, Camille Paglia consistently said, “Better Jehovah than Foucault” because at atomic with an organized religion, with a absolute religion, with Christianity or Judaism or what accept you, you get things like, belief like absolution and salvation.

You don’t get that. You accept a Penal Code in the anti-racist movement. You can sit there and be accusable of accepting white advantage and actuality built-in white, but you can never get conservancy for it. You can never get accretion for it.

And in this new — and you could never be woke abundant — and in this new age of reason, we’re in a absolute austere aeon because as Sir Roger Scruton consistently says, “Good things are adamantine to actualize and accessible to destroy,” and we’re antibacterial a lot of them.

CARLSON: Exactly. They accept become absolutely what they’ve spent my accomplished lifetime, 50 years cogent us they hated. They’re advocating for segregation, for racism, for the abolition of art, and for the abolition of books.

NPR ran a allotment about decolonizing your bookshelf — afire books. This happened so quickly.


CARLSON: Are you abashed by it?

GIRDUSKY: No, but the affair is, it didn’t absolutely appear that quickly. And I adduce this in my book that aloof was appear that if you attending at woke analogue and there’s a abundant guy called Zack Goldberg. He’s a PhD student, I believe, and he tracked how woke analogue has added in above media outlets like “The New York Times” and “The Washington Post” aback like 2006-2007.

So, it started with colleges adage you can’t address — aftermath Ernest Hemingway and accomplish bodies apprehend Ernest Hemingway because it’s too adult to the aeon that we’re in adapted now.

And let’s face it, there’s two realities. There’s the apple of data, which shows it’s bigger to be a atramentous actuality in America today than anytime before. Atramentous incarceration amount is bottomward 40 percent in 30 years. The killing — cutting and killing of caught atramentous men is bottomward 80 percent in bristles years alone. The allowance gap is diminishing.

The accomplishment are activity up beneath President Trump and if he would ameliorate acknowledged clearing and stop assignment visas — accumulation assignment visas, they got alike higher.

And afresh there’s the apple of the media and afresh there’s a apple of amusing media. You are nine times today to apprehend about a atramentous victim of badge atrocity than a white victim. That does not beggarly that they are actuality disproportionally attacked.

CARLSON: And yet our elites are falling for it — wholesale. And I’m abiding your book explains why. Ryan Girdusky, a absolute acute man. Blessed to accept you on the show. Achievement you’ll appear back.

GIRDUSKY: Acknowledge you, Tucker.

CARLSON: Time for an amend from the cast new nation of CHOP. Tonight, we attending at CHOP’s economy. Aloof how abundant adopted aid is accepting into the Autonomous Zone? Is annihilation actuality created there? Does anyone accept a job?

What is the NGO befitting CHOP afloat? We got to the basal of that. The acknowledgment will abruptness you.


CARLSON: Acknowledgment to coronavirus, all-encompassing rioting, the dematerialization of police, and now the conception of an absolutely new nation in downtown, it is a boxy time to accept a business in Seattle, one abundance buyer afresh explained.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Walking through burghal Seattle is not like it acclimated to be afore the COVID-19 pandemic.

JOEY RODOLFO, STORE OWNER, SEATTLE: It becomes mind-numbing, absolutely frankly.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Abundance buyer Joey Rodolfo who batten to a few months ago, says burghal tourism has struggled for a while. He believes bodies are abashed because of a continued account of agitated crimes in the area.

JOEY RODOLFO, STORE OWNER, SEATTLE: Aloof a absolute bad aftertaste for bodies to appear bottomward here, accord with panhandlers, accord with aggregate that’s activity on.

And so for us, as retailers bottomward here, we’ve been blind on and afresh all of a abrupt COVID hits.


CARLSON: That abundance owner, Joey Rodolfo will be on the appearance tomorrow night. Well, while bodies with jobs in Seattle are struggling, bodies who don’t assignment and smoke edger and aerosol acrylic barrio for a active are accomplishing bigger than ever. They accept their own country now, CHOP.

The abridgement there is thriving, again, not because anybody does anything. Not a distinct actuality in CHOP works or has anytime worked. Instead, like so abounding brittle arising nations, they are propped up by a abiding diet of adopted aid from NGOs.

Seattle radio appearance host Jason Rantz has spent addition day at CHOP for us. Our CHOP contributor joins us now. Jason, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on.

So, we are accepting letters from CHOP that the absolute nation’s abridgement and its analytical infrastructure, it’s Porta-Potties amid them is actuality accurate by an NGO, an aid group, which?

JASON RANTZ, SEATTLE RADIO SHOW HOST: Essentially, yes. So they are a appreciative bodies at CHOP and they don’t absolutely appetite to ask for help, and the acceptable account is they don’t accept to ask for advice because the Burghal of Seattle, beneath the administration of Mayor Jenny Durkan accept absitively to appear in and accommodate a lot of the casework there.

You’ve got burghal workers who are advancing in, who are charwoman up. The Park charwoman up the space. They’re accomplishing the auto afterwards bodies who accept absitively to clutter at Cal Anderson Park. They’re charwoman of course, the Porta Potties that they accept brought in, and they’re accomplishing aloof some of the basal aliment for any country that needs to run smoothly.

Usually you accept the absolute country accomplishing it, or the burghal accomplishing it. In this case, you’ve got the Mayor of Seattle accomplishing it for them.

CARLSON: So it’s a little bit like actuality a benumbed jailbait in mom’s attic. You get high, she does the laundry.

RANTZ: Yes. Although, usually aback you’re a ancestor and you acquisition your kid is accepting stoned, you usually abuse them and you maybe accept them do some chores. Here, you absolutely do the affairs for them.

Now at the aforementioned time, there seems to be a new administration accumulation advancing forward. A woman by the name of Jaiden Grayson has stepped advanced and she absolutely is accomplishing what parents commonly do, which is accouterment a time that anybody has to be at home. There is a borderline of be in your home if you alive in the CHOP breadth by 10:00 p.m. because this is no best about attention the association who alive here. This is now absolutely about demography over the absolute area.

So bygone aback I came on, we had this chat about the accommodation that was fabricated to acquiesce for one way streets. Well, about two hours afterwards we got off the air, they absitively — the association at CHOP to absolutely block the one way streets.

Now, one of them is aback accessible as of today, but the added one charcoal closed.

CARLSON: Man, I feel like it idiot for working. We should bake a Wendy’s and maybe Jenny Durkan will accompany us dinner. Alarm me. Jason Rantz.

RANTZ: At some point, it does feel like, maybe that’s what we should allegedly be doing.

CARLSON: Maybe we should. I don’t anticipate they’re advantageous a lot of taxes.

RANTZ: No taxes by the way.

CARLSON: No taxes. Appealing acceptable deal.

Thanks to coronavirus, the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo acutely were postponed. Above League Baseball may not appear aback this year either.

But abhorrence not, sports fans. There is yet hope, acknowledgment to a new able-bodied competition, the CHOP Summer Games. It’s a cast new country, so it’s applicable the amateur will accept a accomplished new array of sports to attempt in.

There’s the two man barrier advance to accumulate the badge out for those who amount acceleration over strength. There is amusing amends streaking. There’s a challenge for the best arrant advance on an outsider. Here’s the advanced agent for the gold medal.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You’re asthmatic me.


CARLSON: Appealing physical, but not all contests are feats of strength. The added sedate can try to meddle in pesticide chargeless agronomical application CHOP’s adored bags of clay and Dixie cups and marijuana seeds.

Those with articulate aptitude can attempt in the loudest cool agreeable competition.


DAN SPRINGER, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: .. acknowledge to our appeal for — a appeal for advice about what they plan to do next.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (shouting from behind): Who do you assignment for? Who do you assignment for?


CARLSON: Afresh there’s the award-winning for the best barnyard graffiti aerosol corrective on a storefront, added credibility for size. There’s still time to assurance up for the games, and if you appetite to participate, apprehend angry competition.

Unlike the absolute Olympics, there will be absolutely no biologic testing of any kind. We can affiance you that.

So what added contest should the Chopestani bodies accommodate in their aboriginal games? For that, we about-face to columnist and columnist, Mark Steyn.

Mark, it’s abundant to see you. I accept you’ll be aggressive in CHOP.

MARK STEYN, AUTHOR AND COLUMNIST: Well, I will absolutely be afterward it, Tucker. You advertence the blockhead testing. That’s not absolutely activity too able-bodied at the moment.

After a brace of weeks of active out on the streets of CHOP, abounding of the Chopestani performers are in a bit of a bind because traces of urine accept been begin in their biologic samples. So that’s absolutely a bit of a botheration adapted now.

CARLSON: And gross, if I can say.

STEYN: Mitt Romney — Mitt Romney who as you apperceive is, I accept the aboriginal U.S. Ambassador to the Chopestani people, he absolutely fought adamantine for that job. And as you know, he ran the Winter Olympics. He is absolutely managed to acceptation a brace of the top Winter Olympic sports into the CHOP Summer Games.

For example, we’ve got the two man luge. There’s a bit of a difference. The guy on the basal is one of the CHOP residents, but the guy on top is absolutely a bronze of Christopher Columbus that they’ve toppled.

And so far in the basic rounds, I accept it’s the Richmond Virginia Christopher Columbus bronze that is in the lead. The Boston Christopher Columbus bronze is abutting behind, but there’s some abstruse altercation with the board because that guy had his arch decapitated, and it’s not bright whether a headless Christopher Columbus is absolutely acceptable for the two man luge.

Mitt is additionally alone activity to be anticipation the ice dancing. This is breadth associates — Chopestani citizens who were aforetime undocumented Americans, they put on the spangley bolero jacket, and they ball about I.C.E. agents and abnormally enough, they all skate alike admitting they were appointed for deportation.

So a lot of absorbing new sports at the CHOP Summer Games.

CARLSON: I will see you —

STEYN: Mitt, by the way — yes, Mitt is absolutely alone activity to accompany the afire — the Olympic bake from the abutting ablaze Wendy’s. It’s been agitated by Mitt active Wendy’s to Wendy’s to Wendy’s, one ablaze Wendy’s to addition beyond the apple until it assuredly arrives in the CHOP Olympic Stadium.

CARLSON: The bake accepting been formed by Ziggy Marley, like three anxiety long.

STEYN: Yes, absolutely. Absolutely.

CARLSON: Mark Steyn. Abundant to see you tonight. Acknowledge you so much.

STEYN: Hey, acknowledgment a lot, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, the Democratic Affair ideologically has larboard what we commonly anticipate of as sanity, and gone about else, so fast we can almost accumulate up with it. Joe Biden is aggravating his best to accumulate up with it. He’s accordant all the way. Dana Perino on that, next.


CARLSON: Joe Biden is at that date in activity breadth close accommodation authoritative becomes added difficult. What for breakfast? Muesli or a bagel? It can booty hours.

So we apperceive if elected, his admiral will be controlled by added bodies and those bodies are acceptable to be axial abstracts in the woke band of the Democratic Party. What will that attending like?

Dana Perino hosts “The Daily Briefing” with Dana Perino and we’re consistently blessed to accept her on our show. Dasna, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on.

So, Biden has been declared absolute generally and to this day as moderate, but I don’t see him blame aback absolute adamantine adjoin the revolutionaries in his party.

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: It’s interesting, because usually, aback a applicant gets to a General Election, they alpha to move aback to the centermost because in the primary, they got pulled to the binding — adapted or left.


PERINO: But aback it comes to Joe Biden, partly because he was so accurate by the African-American vote and was able to actuate himself into this position breadth he is now the presumptive Democratic nominee, he array of went left, but not absolutely and however, the activity in the Democratic Affair is absolute abundant added larboard than maybe he thinks he’s anytime been.

Now, moderate, it depends on how bodies call it now, right? It’s authentic abnormally now.

You accept somebody like Joe Biden, who has absolutely been appealing advanced over the years. But breadth he is now compared to breadth the blow of the affair is, is absolutely the center.

So he is not as — a absolute accomplished politician. I anticipate we all apperceive that. Maybe he is maybe alike beneath of a accomplished baby-kisser than Hillary Clinton.

So one of the things that’s accident is you accept him actuality pulled by the far left, the Congresswoman AOCs of the world, and if you apprehension the added day, this 50 altered ecology and advanced groups all got together, beatific a letter to Joe Biden ambitious what his position should be on something.

So, he is activity to abide to get pulled in that administration while President Trump is out there accomplishing his rallies and aloof actuality himself.

CARLSON: In a moment like this, anemic bodies get afflicted immediately. Do you anticipate there is any at his amount assumption that Joe Biden will avert adjoin the larboard in his own party?

PERINO: Well, let’s aloof booty defund the police, okay. So, he said and he wasn’t the abandoned one in the Democratic Party, but he was appealing quick to say, yes, I’m not for that. You had Clyburn, Bass, Kamala Harris, others all appear out and say, yes, we’re not for defunding, we’re for reforming the police.

So, I anticipate there are allegedly some things breadth he would be able to do that. Now, it ability be an absorbing affair that if he were to win election, look, we’ve got bristles months ago, let’s say he were to win. I anticipate he would allegedly be able to bear actuality pulled alike added to the left, because he’s alike intimated that maybe he would aloof be a one appellation President. So, he wouldn’t accept that admiration to try to move and advice the abject if that’s the position.

We’ll see. We got bristles months left, Tucker.

CARLSON: It’s a continued time, but it’s affective fast. Dana Perino, abundant to see you.

PERINO: A lot can happen.

CARLSON: Oh, are you kidding? A lot has happened aback Monday. I can almost accumulate up.

PERINO: I know.

CARLSON: Acknowledge you. Acceptable to see you tonight.

PERINO: Okay. Bye.

CARLSON: Speaking of fast that hour went fast, at atomic for us. Acknowledge you absolute abundant for affability in. We’ll be aback tomorrow night.

But in the meantime, we accept a abruptness for you. The Abundant Sean Hannity continuing by in New York. Agreeable and Programming Absorb 2020 Fox Account Network, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Absorb 2020 ASC Casework II Media, LLC. All abstracts herein are adequate by United States absorb law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, appear or advertisement afterwards the above-mentioned accounting permission of ASC Casework II Media, LLC. You may not adapt or abolish any trademark, absorb or added apprehension from copies of the content.

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