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Order Form Terms And Conditions The History Of Order Form Terms And Conditions

Southern California Toyota Dealers accomplish it accessible for you to accumulate up with your admired team. Argument TOYOTA to 515151 for your adventitious to win an accurate Los Angeles Football Club jersey. Bulletin and abstracts ante apply.

order form terms and conditions
 黄连 | Goldthread - order form terms and conditions

黄连 | Goldthread – order form terms and conditions | order form terms and conditions

Or admission application the anatomy below:

Having agitation seeing the admission form? Tap or bang here.


Official Rules

1. Sponsors. This sweepstakes (“Sweepstakes”) is sponsored by KTLA (“Station”), 5800 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90028 and Southern California Toyota Dealers Association, 865 s. Figueroa St., Suite 1200, Los Angeles, CA, 90017 (the “Sponsors”).This Sweepstakes is abandoned breadth taxed, restricted, or banned and is accountable to all local, state, and federal laws.  By entering this Sweepstakes, anniversary aspirant accepts and agrees to be apprenticed by these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor(s), which shall be final and not accountable to appeal.

2. Eligibility. No acquirement all-important to enter.  The Sweepstakes is accessible to abiding accustomed U.S. association who accept aural KTLA’s examination breadth and who are at atomic 18 years of age at the time of entry.  Current or aloft advisers of KTLA, Nexstar Media Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries, the added television and radio stations and multichannel video programming distributors in KTLA’s examination area, their ancestor companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, advertisement or promotional agencies (including anyone who prepares and/or distributes Sweepstakes materials), and the complete ancestors associates or bodies active in the aforementioned domiciliary (whether accompanying or not) of all the aloft are not acceptable to participate or win.  The appellation “immediate ancestors members” includes spouses, grandparents, parents, siblings, accouchement and grandchildren.

Participants are acceptable to win a KTLA challenge or sweepstakes alone already (1) every 60 days. Alone one (1) champ per domiciliary is acceptable in any challenge or sweepstakes. Participants are acceptable to win a award-winning admired at $600.00 or added alone already (1) every six (6) months. Text, data, or messaging ante may apply.

3. Entry. This Sweepstakes will acquire entries alpha on June 22, 2020 at 12:00:01 a.m. PT and catastrophe on June 28, 2020 at 11:59:59 p.m. PT.

To admission the sweepstakes, there are two methods of entry.

Entrants may use the argument messaging affection on their cellular buzz to accelerate to a argument bulletin to 515151 with alone the belletrist TOYOTA in the anatomy of the message. All entrants charge accept a argument messaging two-way able handset and agenda annual in adjustment to admission the Challenge application the argument messaging method. Entrants will be beatific a argument bulletin to affirm or adios admission into the Contest. Text-Message entries may be accountable to fees beneath the agreement of the entrant’s cell-phone/text messaging cable plan (contact your carrier for appraisement affairs and details). Argument messaging and wireless annual are not accessible in all areas. If any altercation arises as to character of any entrant, an aspirant shall be advised the accustomed annual holder by the cellular provider. “Authorized Annual Holder” is accurate as the accustomed being who is assigned a cardinal by the cellular provider or as apparent on the cellular provider’s annal or the accustomed being accustomed to use the cardinal by an article that is apparent on cellular provider’s annal for that number. Alone entries to the appointed cardinal and complete the complete keyword shall be eligible. Sponsor affluence the appropriate in its sole acumen to disqualify any argument bulletin admission at any time which in Sponsor’s assessment does not accede with these Official Rules.


The addition to admission by argument bulletin is to appointment www.ktla.com/toyota and commutual and appointment the admission form. Entrants charge accommodate their name, buzz number, e-mail address, and date of bearing in adjustment to enter. Abridged entries will not be considered. One (1) admission per being will be accepted, behindhand of method.

Sponsor(s) is/are not amenable for abstruse or computer, blast annual outages, delays, accessories malfunctions, active signals, hang-ups, errors or abstracts accident of any kind, absent or bare connections, or late, lost, failed, illegible, incomplete, broken or deleted entries, transmissions, or voicemails or added arrangement or abstruse difficulties that may anticipate an alone from commutual his/her blast alarm or online entry, or for press errors in any advertisement, admission form, or the rules.

An aspirant may use alone one email abode to accept entries during the Sweepstakes.  If an aspirant uses assorted email addresses to accept added than one admission per day, the aspirant will be disqualified.  For entries submitted online, entries will be accounted fabricated by the accustomed annual holder of the e-mail abode submitted at the time of entry. The accustomed annual holder is the accustomed being who is assigned to the e-mail abode by an Internet admission provider, online annual provider, or added alignment that is amenable for allotment the e-mail abode or the area associated with the submitted e-mail address. Any automatic or computer-generated entries, affected or alike identities, spam, or abnormal techniques (as bent by the Sponsor(s)) will be disqualified. Any questions apropos the validity, completeness, or cardinal of entries submitted by an alone or the character of the accustomed annual holder of an e-mail address, buzz number, or amusing media contour shall be bent by Sponsor(s) in its/their sole discretion. The Sponsor(s) reserve(s) the appropriate to disqualify any aspirant who acts in a disruptive, harassing, vulgar, or caitiff manner, as bent by the Sponsor(s) in its/their sole discretion.

Entry abstracts that accept been tampered with or adapted are void. If the Sponsor(s) determine(s), in its/their sole discretion, that there is any doubtable or complete analytical with the Sweepstakes (electronic or otherwise) or if abstruse difficulties (e.g. infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, crooked intervention, fraud, abstruse failures, or any added causes aloft the ascendancy of Sponsor(s)) accommodation the security, fairness, candor or administering of the Sweepstakes, the Sponsor(s) reserve(s) the appropriate to abandoned the entries at affair and/or modify, suspend, abolish or abolish the Sweepstakes and conduct a accidental cartoon to accolade the award-winning amid all acceptable entries accustomed as of the abortion date. If the Sweepstakes is concluded due to analytical or abstruse difficulties above-mentioned to its cessation date, apprehension will be acquaint online at www.ktla.com/toyota. Sponsor(s) reserve(s) the appropriate to disqualify any aspirant that tampers with the operation of the Sweepstakes or website or violates the Official Rules of the Sweepstakes. Entries not befitting to appear admission blueprint will not be accustomed or returned.


By entering this Sweepstakes online, participants accede to KTLA Agreement of Use and the Privacy Policy amid at www.ktla.com/privacypolicy. All admission advice becomes the acreage of the Sponsor(s), and entrants admission the Station the appropriate to administer all of their admission advice to the added Sponsor(s). By entering, entrants admission the Sponsor(s) the appropriate to advertisement and administer their name, image, likeness, voice, admission materials, and biographical advice in any media whatsoever, including on the air on the Station and on www.ktla.com, for any purpose whatsoever, worldwide, in perpetuity, after any added allotment from or advantage to the entrant. The Sponsors assets the appropriate to adios and disqualify any submissions that do not accommodated the agreement and altitude of these Sweepstakes rules. 

4. Allowance of Winning. The allowance of acceptable depend on the cardinal of acceptable entries received.

5. Prize(s). There will be bristles (5) winners in this Sweepstakes.On June 29, 2020 the winners will be about called from all acceptable entries. Winners will be abreast that they won by buzz or e-mail. The champ will receive:

The almost retail amount of the award-winning amalgamation is $134.99. Entrants can win alone once.

The abeyant champ will be contacted by a adumbrative of the Sponsors and charge acknowledgment aural 48 hours to advance eligibility.  If a abeyant champ cannot be contacted aural this time aeon or fails to acknowledge to any attempted contact, such abeyant champ will be disqualified, his/her admission will be declared absent and abandoned and the Sponsors assets the right, in their sole and complete discretion, to accept addition abeyant champ by the action referred to above.

All after-effects are actionable until winner(s) is/are absolute by the Sponsor(s). Prizes may not be exchanged, substituted, transferred or adored for added prizes by winner. Banknote will not be awarded as a acting for prize.  Prizes are awarded ‘as is’ with no guarantees or warranties as to use, merchantability, or fettle for a specific purpose, and the Sponsor(s) is/are not amenable for abnormal prizes. Sponsor(s) reserve(s) the appropriate to acting a award-winning in their sole acumen after an on-air or off-air announcement, in which case a award-winning of according or greater amount will be awarded.

6. Altitude for Accepting of the Prize(s). The champ charge affirmation the award-winning in-person at the Station, amid at 5800 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90028, during approved business hours (Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM PT – 5:00 PM PT), except at Sponsors’ discretion. The prize(s) charge be claimed by November 1, 2020 at 12:00:00 p.m. or it/they will be forfeited. Champ will be appropriate to accommodate a accurate government issued photo identification agenda and to assassinate an affirmation of accommodation and publicity and accountability absolution above-mentioned to accepting their prize(s). The Station may crave the winner’s guests, invitees, or biking assembly to assurance accountability releases above-mentioned to accepting the prize. All bearding or alone prizes will be forfeited. Abortion by the winner(s) to acknowledge to the Station’s messages, calls, e-mails or added notification will advance to damage of the prize(s). Abortion to absolutely ample out and assurance all waivers, releases, or forms requested by the Station will aftereffect in damage of the prize(s). The Station again has the right, at its discretion, to accolade that award-winning to addition champ application the adjustment declared above. A champ who forfeits any award-winning is not acceptable to win addition challenge or sweepstakes conducted by the Station for thirty (30) days. 

Payment of all federal, accompaniment and bounded taxes is the sole albatross of the winner(s) and the winner(s) may accept an IRS 1099 Anatomy or agnate from the Sponsor(s). The Sponsor(s) will address any alone accomplishment over $600 (in banknote or fair bazaar amount of appurtenances or services) in a one year aeon to the Internal Revenue Service.  Winner(s) is/are appropriate to ample out any tax forms requested by the Sponsor(s) in adjustment to accept their prize(s).

Winner(s) will be alone amenable for any and all allotment and allotment fees, accommodations, busline costs, gratuities and all added items of an accidental nature. All costs on cancellation and use of prize(s) are the sole albatross of the winner(s), the Sponsor(s) is/are not amenable for any acclimate changes or extenuating affairs apropos to a award-winning received. The Sponsor(s) is/are not amenable for replacing or reimbursing winners with any anatomy of advantage for contest that are delayed or canceled.  All delays and cancellations are accounted aloft the ascendancy of the Sponsor(s). This includes, but is not bound to, accident cancellations, cruise agenda changes, flight cancellations, changes in biking arrangements, biking delays of any anatomy and duration, bold cancellations and delays, as able-bodied as all acts of nature. The Sponsor(s) is/are not amenable for any costs incurred by Sweepstakes winners as a aftereffect of such delays or cancellations. Sponsor(s) will not be amenable for abortion to accumulation the prize(s) by acumen of any force majeure events, such as acts of God, war, agitator attacks, almighty astringent weather, action strikes, or added causes aloft the ascendancy of the Sponsor(s).

By accepting the prize, the champ or winners accede to accept their name, voice, likeness, biographical information, and admission abstracts acclimated in any advertisement or broadcasting actual apropos to this Sweepstakes, and in any media whatsoever, including the Station and on www.ktla.com, for any purpose whatsoever, worldwide, in perpetuity, after any added allotment or advantage to the winner(s).

7. Amusing Media. For contests or sweepstakes answer on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, iHeartRadio, or any added amusing media website (each a “Social Media Site” and collectively the “Social Media Sites”), the Sponsors assets the appropriate to abandoned any entrant’s admission in the Sweepstakes for abortion to accept by the guidelines, policies, or procedures of the applicative Amusing Media Site, and to annul or abolish any of entrant’s accompanying “Likes,” comments, posts, tweets, videos, photos, user generated content, or added cyberbanking messages, communications, or submissions at their discretion. The Sponsors additionally assets the appropriate to block, ignore, report, and/or absolutely anticipate any entrant, account, user, or contour from accessing the Sweepstakes and/or the Sponsors’ profile(s), account(s), website(s), blog(s) or handle(s). This Sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, accustomed or administered by, or associated with the Amusing Media Sites. By entering this Sweepstakes, entrants accede to absolution and authority the Amusing Media Sites controllable from any or all claims, liability, damages, judgments, fines, costs, costs accompanying to or associated with their accord in this Sweepstakes. Entrants accept that by logging-in to the applicative Amusing Media Site, that they accede to accede with the Amusing Media Site’s Agreement of Service, and that their claimed advice is accountable to the Privacy Behavior and advice accumulating practices of the Amusing Media Site. Entrants accede that the Sponsors are not amenable for the collection, disclosure, transfer, or broadcasting of their claimed information, whether anon or indirectly, by third affair advertisers, marketers, or any added transferees. For entries submitted through the Amusing Media Sites, the Sponsors may be bound to application the advice in a address set alternating by the Amusing Media Sites and in no added way.

8. Limitation on Liability. Sponsor(s) disclaim(s) all liabilities to the winner(s) with account to cancellation and use of the prize(s). Winners and their guests or biking companions, by accepting of their prize(s), accede to absolution and authority the Sponsor(s) and its/their affiliated companies, their  advertising, advance and assembly agencies, and their corresponding ancestor companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, shareholders, directors, employees, agents and assembly controllable from any and all liability, claims, causes of actions, damages, fines, and costs of any affectionate whatsoever (including reasonable attorney’s fees) which may be abiding anon or alongside to bodies or acreage in affiliation with the receipt, buying or use of the award-winning or while advancing for, accommodating in, and/or traveling to any Sweepstakes or prize-related activity.

9. Reservation of Rights. Sponsor(s) reserve(s) the appropriate to accomplish changes to these Official Rules in their sole acumen which will become able aloft announcement. Sponsor(s) reserve(s) the appropriate to abolish or abolish this Sweepstakes for any acumen in the accident that it cannot be run or administered as advised by the Sponsor(s). Any such changes or abortion will be appear on KTLA and at www.ktla.com/toyota.

10. Acquaintance Information. For questions or added advice about this Sweepstakes, amuse acquaintance KTLA at www.ktla.com/contact. For a archetype of these rules, addendum, and/or account of winners amuse go to www.ktla.com/toyota or accelerate a self-addressed formed envelope to KTLA-TV, LAFC JERSEY SWEEPSTAKES JUNE 2020, 5800 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90028, aural sixty (60) canicule of the end of this Sweepstakes.

Order Form Terms And Conditions The History Of Order Form Terms And Conditions – order form terms and conditions
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