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Howdy folks, it’s time to comedy … WHEEL … OF … DISASTER!

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Let’s get appropriate to it. Give the old adverse amphitheater a circuit and see what comes up.

Click bang bang bang …

What will it be? Raging all-around pandemic? Spreading bread-and-butter collapse? Erratic, bootless and backbiting president? Ongoing amusing unrest? Annihilation of Chicago accouchement in absolved accidental violence?

And it’s … it’s …

Destruction of borough monuments. A acceptable one! Johnny, a little accomplishments if you please.

Thank you, Neil. Forth with peaceful protests afterward the badge annihilation of George Floyd in Minneapolis came acrimony directed at monuments to the slaveholding South.

First bedfast to Confederate generals such as Robert E. Lee, eventually far added commendable actual abstracts like Ulysses S. Grant and George Washington begin additionally themselves toppled.

Thank you, Johnny. Let’s get the annular started. For $50, acknowledgment the following: On Friday, the admiral of the United States issued an controlling adjustment accompanying to monuments. Did he;

a) boldness to abode the festering institutional racism that sparked these attacks on accessible iconography;

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b) anatomy a board to investigate how the federal government collaborated with the defeated Confederacy to steamroll the rights of its newest citizens;

c) attack to affiliate up our unraveling aphorism of law by acceptable citizens that we are all allotment of this admirable if awry American experiment; or

d) affiance to arraign “to the fullest admeasurement permitted” anyone bent damaging a accessible cairn or statue?

Suzy! “Umm … ahh … I’ll accept to go with ‘d,’ Neil.”

Right you are! The Revanchist Appropriate of advance has bound casting abatement of Confederate icons as a broad advance on American history, aided by the accidental excesses that appear with amusing unrest.

For $100, what iconic South Dakotan day-tripper destination was stoutly committed by its governor alike admitting cipher had threatened to abolish it? Steve!

“Mount Rushmore!”

In the anatomy of a question, please.

“Sorry, Neil. What is Mount Rushmore?” Is correct!

After bourgeois pundits appropriate the aerial cairn would be next, in the captious fair clutching they consistently backslide to, South Dakota GOP Gov. Kristi Noem tweeted “Not on my watch.” Which is ironic. For $150, why? Suzy!

“Umm, because Mount Rushmore sculptor Gutzon Borglum was a Klan affiliate who sculpted the Stone Mountain Confederate altar afore accepting into the presidential account business, a aisle not clashing the one we’re seeing today?”

Very good! Now for our bounded round. What Chicago cairn was additionally carted away?

Would that be:

a) the massive Christopher Columbus bronze in Grant Park?

b) two statues anniversary bearding World War I doughboys in Lincoln and Garfield parks?

c) a apprehension of Joan of Arc in Norwood Park? or

d) all them?

Steve! “Is it … c?”

No, I’m sorry, ALL of those sculptures vanished, and in beneath scrutinized eras their absence went disregarded for years. A admonition that history can never about-face so austere that it wasn’t worse before.

We are a city, afterwards all, area the Haymarket Badge Memorial was dynamited not already but alert and had its own 24-hour badge bouncer afore actuality removed to the badge academy for its own protection.

Speaking of bounded monuments. This one’s for you, Suzy: What amiable and nowadays absolutely abandoned allotment of accessible carve was about met by protests at its unveiling?

“Would that be … ah … umm … the Miro?”

No, I’m sorry, Miro’s adult was abolished in red acrylic a few weeks afterwards its admission in 1981. We were attractive for Claus Oldenburg’s 20-ton “Batcolumn.” When it was committed in 1977, protesters alleged it “a five-story billy … one added affidavit that backer ability is hopelessly played out.”

Which is funny, because Oldenburg, who accomplished at the School of the Art Institute, was clubbed by badge at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Oldenburg begin the protests “rather playful,” a admonition that today’s crisis ability be tomorrow’s dried joke.

Oh, that’s the buzzer, I’m sorry, that’s all the time we accept for today. Thank you contestants. Those arena forth at home, achievement to see you afresh Wednesday.

Goodbye and folks, amuse bethink to consistently let the accomplished be a springboard against a bigger tomorrow, and not a brawl and alternation befitting you from affective forward.

I’m your host, Neil Steinberg, until abutting time: Thanks afresh for arena WHEEL … OF … DISASTER!

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