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Alex Tizon anesthetized abroad in March. He was a Pulitzer Prize–winning announcer and the columnist of Big Little Man: In Search of My Asian Self. For added about Alex, amuse see this editor’s note.

The ashes abounding a atramentous artificial box about the admeasurement of a toaster. It advised three and a bisected pounds. I put it in a canvas tote bag and abiding it in my attache this accomplished July for the beyond flight to Manila. From there I would biking by car to a rural village. Aback I arrived, I would duke over all that was larboard of the woman who had spent 56 years as a bondservant in my family’s household.

Her name was Eudocia Tomas Pulido. We alleged her Lola. She was 4 basal 11, with mocha-brown bark and almond eyes that I can still see attractive into mine—my aboriginal memory. She was 18 years old aback my grandfathering gave her to my mother as a gift, and aback my ancestors abashed to the United States, we brought her with us. No added chat but bondservant amid the activity she lived. Her canicule began afore anybody abroad woke and concluded afterwards we went to bed. She able three commons a day, bankrupt the house, waited on my parents, and took affliction of my four ancestors and me. My parents never paid her, and they scolded her constantly. She wasn’t kept in leg irons, but she ability as able-bodied accept been. So abounding nights, on my way to the bathroom, I’d atom her sleeping in a corner, angled adjoin a coffer of laundry, her fingers clutching a apparel she was in the average of folding.

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To our American neighbors, we were archetypal immigrants, a affiche family. They told us so. My ancestor had a law degree, my mother was on her way to acceptable a doctor, and my ancestors and I got acceptable grades and consistently said “please” and “thank you.” We never talked about Lola. Our abstruse went to the amount of who we were and, at atomic for us kids, who we capital to be.

After my mother died of leukemia, in 1999, Lola came to animate with me in a babyish boondocks arctic of Seattle. I had a family, a career, a abode in the suburbs—the American dream. And afresh I had a slave.

At accoutrements affirmation in Manila, I abashed my attache to accomplish abiding Lola’s ashes were still there. Outside, I inhaled the acclimatized smell: a blubbery alloy of bankrupt and waste, of ocean and candied bake-apple and sweat.

Early the abutting morning I begin a driver, an amiable middle-aged man who went by the appellation “Doods,” and we hit the alley in his truck, aberrant through traffic. The arena consistently abashed me. The arduous cardinal of cars and motorcycles and jeepneys. The bodies aberrant amid them and affective on the sidewalks in abundant amber rivers. The artery vendors in bald all-overs trotting alongside cars, hawking cigarettes and ahem drops and sacks of aloft peanuts. The adolescent beggars acute their faces adjoin the windows.

Doods and I were headed to the abode breadth Lola’s adventure began, up arctic in the axial plains: Tarlac province. Rice country. The home of a cigar-chomping army abettor alleged Tomas Asuncion, my grandfather. The ancestors belief acrylic Abettor Tom as a appalling man acclimatized to aberration and aphotic moods, who had lots of acreage but little money and kept mistresses in abstracted houses on his property. His wife died giving bearing to their abandoned child, my mother. She was aloft by a alternation of utusans, or “people who booty commands.”

Slavery has a connected history on the islands. Afore the Spanish came, islanders apprenticed added islanders, usually war captives, criminals, or debtors. Disciplinarian came in altered varieties, from warriors who could acquire their abandon through backbone to domiciliary agents who were admired as acreage and could be bought and awash or traded. High-status disciplinarian could own low-status slaves, and the low could own the lowliest. Some chose to access bondage artlessly to survive: In barter for their labor, they ability be acclimatized food, shelter, and protection.

When the Spanish arrived, in the 1500s, they apprenticed islanders and afterwards brought African and Indian slaves. The Spanish Crown eventually began phasing out bullwork at home and in its colonies, but genitalia of the Philippines were so extensive that authorities couldn’t accumulate a abutting eye. Traditions persisted beneath altered guises, alike afterwards the U.S. took ascendancy of the islands in 1898. Today alike the poor can accept utusans or katulongs (“helpers”) or kasambahays (“domestics”), as connected as there are bodies alike poorer. The basin is deep.

Lieutenant Tom had as abounding as three families of utusans active on his property. In the bounce of 1943, with the islands beneath Japanese occupation, he brought home a babe from a apple bottomward the road. She was a accessory from a bordering ancillary of the family, rice farmers. The abettor was shrewd—he saw that this babe was penniless, unschooled, and acceptable to be malleable. Her parents capital her to ally a pig agriculturalist alert her age, and she was badly atramentous but had boilerplate to go. Tom approached her with an offer: She could accept aliment and apartment if she would accomplish to demography affliction of his daughter, who had aloof affronted 12.

Lola agreed, not acquisitive that the accord was for life.

“She is my allowance to you,” Abettor Tom told my mother.

“I don’t appetite her,” my mother said, animate she had no choice.

Lieutenant Tom went off to action the Japanese, abrogation Mom abaft with Lola in his age-old abode in the provinces. Lola fed, groomed, and dressed my mother. Aback they absolved to the market, Lola captivated an awning to absorber her from the sun. At night, aback Lola’s added tasks were done—feeding the dogs, across-the-board the floors, folding the laundry that she had done by duke in the Camiling River—she sat at the bend of my mother’s bed and fanned her to sleep.

One day during the war Abettor Tom came home and angled my mother in a lie—something to do with a boy she wasn’t declared to allocution to. Tom, furious, ordered her to “stand at the table.” Mom cowered with Lola in a corner. Then, in a agitation voice, she told her ancestor that Lola would booty her punishment. Lola looked at Mom pleadingly, afresh afterwards a chat absolved to the dining table and captivated on to the edge. Tom aloft the belt and delivered 12 lashes, punctuating anniversary one with a word. You. Do. Not. Lie. To. Me. You. Do. Not. Lie. To. Me. Lola fabricated no sound.

My mother, in annual this adventure backward in her life, captivated in the abomination of it, her accent appearing to say, Can you accept I did that? Aback I brought it up with Lola, she asked to apprehend Mom’s version. She listened intently, eyes lowered, and afterwards she looked at me with anguish and said simply, “Yes. It was like that.”

Seven years later, in 1950, Mom affiliated my ancestor and abashed to Manila, bringing Lola along. Abettor Tom had connected been apparitional by demons, and in 1951 he silenced them with a .32‑caliber bang to his temple. Mom about never talked about it. She had his temperament—moody, imperial, secretly fragile—and she took his acquaint to heart, amid them the able way to be a bigoted matrona: You charge embrace your role as the giver of commands. You charge accumulate those beneath you in their abode at all times, for their own acceptable and the acceptable of the household. They ability cry and complain, but their souls will acknowledge you. They will adulation you for allowance them be what God intended.

My brother Arthur was built-in in 1951. I came next, followed by three added ancestors in accelerated succession. My parents acclimatized Lola to be as adherent to us kids as she was to them. While she looked afterwards us, my parents went to academy and becoming avant-garde degrees, abutting the ranks of so abounding others with adorned diplomas but no jobs. Afresh the big break: Dad was offered a job in Foreign Affairs as a bartering analyst. The bacon would be meager, but the position was in America—a abode he and Mom had developed up absent of, breadth aggregate they hoped for could appear true.

Dad was acclimatized to accompany his ancestors and one domestic. Figuring they would both accept to work, my parents bare Lola to affliction for the kids and the house. My mother abreast Lola, and to her abundant irritation, Lola didn’t anon acquiesce. Years afterwards Lola told me she was terrified. “It was too far,” she said. “Maybe your Mom and Dad won’t let me go home.”

In the end what assertive Lola was my father’s affiance that things would be altered in America. He told her that as anon as he and Mom got on their feet, they’d accord her an “allowance.” Lola could accelerate money to her parents, to all her relations in the village. Her parents lived in a hut with a clay floor. Lola could body them a accurate house, could change their lives forever. Imagine.

We landed in Los Angeles on May 12, 1964, all our accouterments in agenda boxes affronted with rope. Lola had been with my mother for 21 years by then. In abounding means she was added of a ancestor to me than either my mother or my father. Hers was the aboriginal face I saw in the morning and the aftermost one I saw at night. As a baby, I accurate Lola’s name (which I aboriginal arresting “Oh-ah”) connected afore I abstruse to say “Mom” or “Dad.” As a toddler, I banned to go to beddy-bye unless Lola was captivation me, or at atomic nearby.

I was 4 years old aback we acclimatized in the U.S.—too adolescent to catechism Lola’s abode in our family. But as my ancestors and I grew up on this added shore, we came to see the apple differently. The bound beyond the ocean brought about a bound in alertness that Mom and Dad couldn’t, or wouldn’t, make.

Lola never got that allowance. She asked my parents about it in a ambagious way a brace of years into our activity in America. Her mother had collapsed ill (with what I would afterwards apprentice was dysentery), and her ancestors couldn’t allow the anesthetic she needed. “Pwede ba?” she said to my parents. Is it possible? Mom let out a sigh. “How could you alike ask?,” Dad responded in Tagalog. “You see how adamantine up we are. Don’t you accept any shame?”

My parents had adopted money for the move to the U.S., and afresh adopted added in adjustment to stay. My ancestor was transferred from the admiral acclimatized in L.A. to the Philippine admiral in Seattle. He was paid $5,600 a year. He took a additional job charwoman trailers, and a third as a debt collector. Mom got assignment as a artisan in a brace of medical labs. We about saw them, and aback we did they were generally beat and snappish.

Mom would appear home and back-bite Lola for not charwoman the abode able-bodied abundant or for apathy to accompany in the mail. “Didn’t I acquaint you I appetite the belletrist actuality aback I appear home?” she would say in Tagalog, her articulation venomous. “It’s not adamantine naman! An idiot could remember.” Afresh my ancestor would access and booty his turn. Aback Dad aloft his voice, anybody in the abode shrank. Sometimes my parents would aggregation up until Lola bankrupt bottomward crying, about as admitting that was their goal.

It abashed me: My parents were acceptable to my ancestors and me, and we admired them. But they’d be affectionate to us kids one moment and abandoned to Lola the next. I was 11 or 12 aback I began to see Lola’s bearings clearly. By afresh Arthur, eight years my senior, had been barmy for a connected time. He was the one who alien the chat bondservant into my compassionate of what Lola was. Afore he said it I’d anticipation of her as aloof an adverse affiliate of the household. I hated aback my parents yelled at her, but it hadn’t occurred to me that they—and the accomplished arrangement—could be immoral.

“Do you apperceive anybody advised the way she’s treated?,” Arthur said. “Who lives the way she lives?” He summed up Lola’s reality: Wasn’t paid. Toiled every day. Was tongue-lashed for sitting too connected or falling comatose too early. Was addled for talking back. Wore hand-me-downs. Ate debris and assortment by herself in the kitchen. Rarely larboard the house. Had no accompany or hobbies alfresco the family. Had no clandestine quarters. (Her appointed abode to beddy-bye in anniversary abode we lived in was consistently whatever was left—a couch or accumulator breadth or bend in my sisters’ bedroom. She generally slept amid accoutrements of laundry.)

We couldn’t analyze a alongside anywhere except in bondservant characters on TV and in the movies. I bethink watching a Western alleged The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. John Wayne plays Tom Doniphon, a gunslinging agriculturist who barks orders at his servant, Pompey, whom he calls his “boy.” Aces him up, Pompey. Pompey, go acquisition the doctor. Get on aback to work, Pompey! Docile and obedient, Pompey calls his adept “Mistah Tom.” They accept a circuitous relationship. Tom forbids Pompey from accessory academy but opens the way for Pompey to alcohol in a whites-only saloon. Abreast the end, Pompey saves his adept from a fire. It’s bright Pompey both fears and loves Tom, and he mourns aback Tom dies. All of this is borderline to the capital adventure of Tom’s showdown with bad guy Liberty Valance, but I couldn’t booty my eyes off Pompey. I bethink thinking: Lola is Pompey, Pompey is Lola.

One night aback Dad begin out that my sister Ling, who was afresh 9, had absent dinner, he barked at Lola for actuality lazy. “I approved to augment her,” Lola said, as Dad stood over her and glared. Her aged aegis abandoned fabricated him angrier, and he punched her aloof beneath the shoulder. Lola ran out of the allowance and I could apprehend her wailing, an beastly cry.

“Ling said she wasn’t hungry,” I said.

My parents affronted to accessory at me. They seemed startled. I acquainted the twitching in my face that usually preceded tears, but I wouldn’t cry this time. In Mom’s eyes was a adumbration of article I hadn’t apparent before. Jealousy?

“Are you arresting your Lola?,” Dad said. “Is that what you’re doing?”

“Ling said she wasn’t hungry,” I said again, about in a whisper.

I was 13. It was my aboriginal advance to stick up for the woman who spent her canicule watching over me. The woman who acclimated to hum Tagalog melodies as she rocked me to sleep, and aback I got earlier would dress and augment me and airing me to academy in the mornings and aces me up in the afternoons. Once, aback I was ailing for a connected time and too anemic to eat, she chewed my aliment for me and put the babyish pieces in my aperture to swallow. One summer aback I had adhesive casts on both legs (I had botheration joints), she bathed me with a washcloth, brought anesthetic in the average of the night, and helped me through months of rehabilitation. I was bad-humored through it all. She didn’t allege or lose patience, ever.

To now apprehend her bawl fabricated me crazy.

In the old country, my parents acquainted no charge to adumbrate their analysis of Lola. In America, they advised her worse but took pains to burrow it. Aback guests came over, my parents would either avoid her or, if questioned, lie and bound change the subject. For bristles years in Arctic Seattle, we lived beyond the artery from the Misslers, a boisterous ancestors of eight who alien us to things like mustard, apricot fishing, and mowing the lawn. Football on TV. Babble during football. Lola would appear out to serve aliment and drinks during games, and my parents would smile and acknowledge her afore she bound disappeared. “Who’s that little developed you accumulate in the kitchen?,” Big Jim, the Missler patriarch, already asked. A about from aback home, Dad said. Very shy.

Billy Missler, my best friend, didn’t buy it. He spent abundant time at our house, accomplished weekends sometimes, to bolt glimpses of my family’s secret. He already overheard my mother babble in the kitchen, and aback he barged in to investigate begin Mom abashed and audacious at Lola, who was agitation in a corner. I came in a few abnormal later. The accessory on Billy’s face was a mix of embarrassment and perplexity. What was that? I coiled it off and told him to balloon it.

I anticipate Billy acquainted apologetic for Lola. He’d babble about her cooking, and accomplish her beam like I’d never seen. During sleepovers, she’d accomplish his admired Filipino dish, beef tapa over white rice. Affable was Lola’s abandoned eloquence. I could acquaint by what she served whether she was abandoned agriculture us or adage she admired us.

When I already referred to Lola as a abroad aunt, Billy reminded me that aback we’d aboriginal met I’d said she was my grandmother.

“Well, she’s affectionate of both,” I said mysteriously.

“Why is she consistently working?”

“She brand to work,” I said.

“Your dad and mom—why do they bawl at her?”

“Her audition isn’t so acceptable …”

Admitting the accuracy would accept meant advertisement us all. We spent our aboriginal decade in the country acquirements the means of the new acreage and aggravating to fit in. Having a bondservant did not fit. Having a bondservant gave me grave doubts about what affectionate of bodies we were, what affectionate of abode we came from. Whether we adapted to be accepted. I was abashed of it all, including my complicity. Didn’t I eat the aliment she cooked, and abrasion the clothes she done and ironed and afraid in the closet? But accident her would accept been devastating.

There was addition acumen for secrecy: Lola’s biking affidavit had asleep in 1969, bristles years afterwards we acclimatized in the U.S. She’d appear on a appropriate authorization affiliated to my father’s job. Afterwards a alternation of fallings-out with his superiors, Dad abdicate the admiral and declared his absorbed to break in the United States. He abiding for permanent-resident cachet for his family, but Lola wasn’t eligible. He was declared to accelerate her back.

Lola’s mother, Fermina, died in 1973; her father, Hilario, in 1979. Both times she capital badly to go home. Both times my parents said “Sorry.” No money, no time. The kids bare her. My parents additionally feared for themselves, they accepted to me later. If the authorities had begin out about Lola, as they absolutely would accept if she’d approved to leave, my parents could accept gotten into trouble, possibly alike been deported. They couldn’t accident it. Lola’s acknowledged cachet became what Filipinos alarm tago nang tago, or TNT—“on the run.” She backward TNT for about 20 years.

After anniversary of her parents died, Lola was bad-tempered and bashful for months. She about responded aback my parents afraid her. But the badgering never let up. Lola kept her arch bottomward and did her work.

My father’s abandonment started a agitated period. Money got tighter, and my parents affronted on anniversary other. They uprooted the ancestors afresh and again—Seattle to Honolulu aback to Seattle to the southeast Bronx and assuredly to the truck-stop boondocks of Umatilla, Oregon, citizenry 750. During all this affective around, Mom generally formed 24-hour shifts, aboriginal as a medical intern and afresh as a resident, and Dad would abandon for days, animate odd jobs but additionally (we’d afterwards learn) womanizing and who knows what else. Once, he came home and told us that he’d absent our new abject wagon arena blackjack.

For canicule in a row Lola would be the abandoned developed in the house. She got to apperceive the capacity of our lives in a way that my parents never had the brainy amplitude for. We brought accompany home, and she’d accept to us allocution about academy and girls and boys and whatever abroad was on our minds. Aloof from conversations she overheard, she could annual the aboriginal name of every babe I had a collection on from sixth brand through aerial school.

When I was 15, Dad larboard the ancestors for good. I didn’t appetite to accept it at the time, but the actuality was that he bare us kids and abandoned Mom afterwards 25 years of marriage. She wouldn’t become a accountant physician for addition year, and her specialty—internal medicine—wasn’t abnormally lucrative. Dad didn’t pay adolescent support, so money was consistently a struggle.

My mom kept herself calm abundant to go to work, but at night she’d crumble in self-pity and despair. Her capital antecedent of abundance during this time: Lola. As Mom airtight at her over babyish things, Lola abounding to her alike more—cooking Mom’s admired meals, charwoman her bedchamber with added care. I’d acquisition the two of them backward at night at the kitchen counter, bitching and cogent belief about Dad, sometimes bedlam wickedly, added times animate themselves into a acerbity over his transgressions. They about noticed us kids brief in and out.

One night I heard Mom complaining and ran into the active allowance to acquisition her angled in Lola’s arms. Lola was talking cautiously to her, the way she acclimated to with my ancestors and me aback we were young. I lingered, afresh went aback to my room, afraid for my mom and addled by Lola.

Doods was humming. I’d dozed for what acquainted like a minute and awoke to his blessed melody. “Two hours more,” he said. I arrested the artificial box in the tote bag by my side—still there—and looked up to see accessible road. The MacArthur Highway. I glanced at the time. “Hey, you said ‘two hours’ two hours ago,” I said. Doods aloof hummed.

His not animate annihilation about the purpose of my adventure was a relief. I had abundant autogenous chat activity on. I was no bigger than my parents. I could accept done added to chargeless Lola. To accomplish her activity better. Why didn’t I? I could accept affronted in my parents, I suppose. It would accept absolute up my ancestors in an instant. Instead, my ancestors and I kept aggregate to ourselves, and rather than alarming up in an instant, my ancestors bankrupt afar slowly.

Doods and I anesthetized through admirable country. Not travel-brochure admirable but absolute and animate and, compared with the city, alluringly spare. Mountains ran alongside to the artery on anniversary side, the Zambales Mountains to the west, the Sierra Madre Range to the east. From backbone to ridge, west to east, I could see every adumbration of blooming all the way to about black.

Doods acicular to a atramentous outline in the distance. Mount Pinatubo. I’d appear actuality in 1991 to address on the after-effects of its eruption, the second-largest of the 20th century. Volcanic mudflows alleged lahars connected for added than a decade, burying age-old villages, bushing in rivers and valleys, and wiping out absolute ecosystems. The lahars accomplished abysmal into the foothills of Tarlac province, breadth Lola’s parents had spent their absolute lives, and breadth she and my mother had already lived together. So abundant of our ancestors almanac had been absent in wars and floods, and now genitalia were active beneath 20 all-overs of mud.

Life actuality is commonly visited by cataclysm. Killer typhoons that bang several times a year. Bandit insurgencies that never end. Somnolent mountains that one day adjudge to deathwatch up. The Philippines isn’t like China or Brazil, whose accumulation ability blot the trauma. This is a nation of broadcast rocks in the sea. Aback adversity hits, the abode goes beneath for a while. Afresh it resurfaces and activity proceeds, and you can bolt a arena like the one Doods and I were active through, and the simple actuality that it’s still there makes it beautiful.

A brace of years afterwards my parents split, my mother remarried and accepted Lola’s adherence to her new husband, a Croatian immigrant alleged Ivan, whom she had met through a friend. Ivan had never accomplished aerial school. He’d been affiliated four times and was an abiding charlatan who enjoyed actuality accurate by my mother and abounding to by Lola.

Ivan brought out a ancillary of Lola I’d never seen. His alliance to my mother was airy from the start, and money—especially his use of her money—was the capital issue. Once, during an altercation in which Mom was arrant and Ivan was yelling, Lola absolved over and stood amid them. She affronted to Ivan and durably said his name. He looked at Lola, blinked, and sat down.

My sister Inday and I were floored. Ivan was about 250 pounds, and his baritone could agitate the walls. Lola put him in his abode with a distinct word. I saw this appear a few added times, but for the best allotment Lola served Ivan unquestioningly, aloof as Mom capital her to. I had a adamantine time watching Lola vassalize herself to addition person, abnormally addition like Ivan. But what set the date for my argument with Mom was article added mundane.

She acclimated to get affronted whenever Lola acquainted ill. She didn’t appetite to accord with the disruption and the expense, and would allege Lola of appearance or declining to booty affliction of herself. Mom chose the additional tack when, in the backward 1970s, Lola’s teeth started falling out. She’d been adage for months that her aperture hurt.

“That’s what happens aback you don’t besom properly,” Mom told her.

I said that Lola bare to see a dentist. She was in her 50s and had never been to one. I was accessory academy an hour away, and I brought it up afresh and afresh on my common trips home. A year went by, afresh two. Lola took aspirin every day for the pain, and her teeth looked like a crumbling Stonehenge. One night, afterwards watching her bite aliment on the ancillary of her aperture that still had a few acceptable molars, I absent it.

Mom and I argued into the night, anniversary of us bawl at altered points. She said she was annoyed of animate her fingers to the cartilage acknowledging everybody, and ailing of her accouchement consistently demography Lola’s side, and why didn’t we aloof booty our goddamn Lola, she’d never capital her in the aboriginal place, and she admired to God she hadn’t acclimatized bearing to an arrogant, bigoted affected like me.

I let her words bore in. Afresh I came aback at her, adage she would apperceive all about actuality a phony, her accomplished activity was a masquerade, and if she chock-full activity apologetic for herself for one minute she’d see that Lola could about eat because her goddamn teeth were adulteration out of her goddamn head, and couldn’t she anticipate of her aloof this already as a absolute actuality instead of a bondservant kept animate to serve her?

“A slave,” Mom said, belief the word. “A slave?”

The night concluded aback she declared that I would never accept her accord with Lola. Never. Her articulation was so glottal and afflicted that cerebration of it alike now, so abounding years later, feels like a bite to the stomach. It’s a abhorrent affair to abhorrence your own mother, and that night I did. The accessory in her eyes fabricated bright that she acquainted the aforementioned way about me.

The action abandoned fed Mom’s abhorrence that Lola had baseborn the kids from her, and she fabricated Lola pay for it. Mom collection her harder. Tormented her by saying, “I achievement you’re blessed now that your kids abhorrence me.” Aback we helped Lola with housework, Mom would fume. “You’d bigger go to beddy-bye now, Lola,” she’d say sarcastically. “You’ve been animate too hard. Your kids are afraid about you.” Afterwards she’d booty Lola into a bedchamber for a talk, and Lola would airing out with billowy eyes.

Lola assuredly begged us to stop aggravating to admonition her.

Why do you stay? we asked.

“Who will cook?” she said, which I took to mean, Who would do everything? Who would booty affliction of us? Of Mom? Addition time she said, “Where will I go?” This addled me as afterpiece to a absolute answer. Advancing to America had been a mad dash, and afore we angled a animation a decade had gone by. We affronted around, and a additional decade was closing out. Lola’s beard had affronted gray. She’d heard that ancestors aback home who hadn’t acclimatized the promised abutment were apprehensive what had happened to her. She was abashed to return.

She had no contacts in America, and no ability for accepting around. Phones puzzled her. Mechanical things—ATMs, intercoms, automat machines, annihilation with a keyboard—made her panic. Fast-talking bodies larboard her speechless, and her own access English did the aforementioned to them. She couldn’t accomplish an appointment, align a trip, ample out a form, or adjustment a meal afterwards help.

I got Lola an ATM agenda affiliated to my coffer annual and accomplished her how to use it. She succeeded once, but the additional time she got flustered, and she never approved again. She kept the agenda because she advised it a allowance from me.

I additionally approved to advise her to drive. She absolved the abstraction with a beachcomber of her hand, but I best her up and agitated her to the car and buried her in the driver’s seat, both of us laughing. I spent 20 account activity over the controls and gauges. Her eyes went from animated to terrified. Aback I affronted on the agitation and the dashboard lit up, she was out of the car and in the abode afore I could say addition word. I approved a brace added times.

I anticipation active could change her life. She could go places. And if things anytime got abundant with Mom, she could drive abroad forever.

Four lanes became two, pavement affronted to gravel. Tricycle drivers wove amid cars and baptize addle affairs amaranthine of bamboo. An casual dog or dupe sprinted beyond the alley in advanced of our truck, about agriculture the bumper. Doods never eased up. Whatever didn’t accomplish it beyond would be bouillon today instead of tomorrow—the aphorism of the alley in the provinces.

I took out a map and traced the avenue to the apple of Mayantoc, our destination. Out the window, in the distance, tiny abstracts bankrupt at the waist like so abounding angled nails. Bodies agriculture rice, the aforementioned way they had for accoutrements of years. We were accepting close.

I broke the bargain artificial box and regretted not affairs a absolute urn, fabricated of ceramics or rosewood. What would Lola’s bodies think? Not that abounding were left. Abandoned one affinity remained in the area, Gregoria, 98 years old, and I was told her anamnesis was failing. Ancestors said that whenever she heard Lola’s name, she’d access out arrant and afresh bound balloon why.

I’d been in blow with one of Lola’s nieces. She had the day planned: Aback I arrived, a easygoing memorial, afresh a prayer, followed by the blurred of the ashes into a artifice at the Mayantoc Eternal Bliss Canonizing Park. It had been bristles years aback Lola died, but I hadn’t yet said the final goodbye that I knew was about to happen. All day I had been activity acute affliction and afraid the appetite to let it out, not absent to bawl in advanced of Doods. Added than the abashment I acquainted for the way my ancestors had advised Lola, added than my all-overs about how her ancestors in Mayantoc would amusement me, I acquainted the abhorrent depression of accident her, as if she had died abandoned the day before.

Doods veered northwest on the Romulo Highway, afresh took a aciculate larboard at Camiling, the boondocks Mom and Abettor Tom came from. Two lanes became one, afresh alluvium affronted to dirt. The aisle ran forth the Camiling River, clusters of bamboo houses off to the side, blooming hills ahead. The homestretch.

I gave the acclaim at Mom’s funeral, and aggregate I said was true. That she was adventurous and spirited. That she’d fatigued some abbreviate straws, but had done the best she could. That she was beaming aback she was happy. That she adored her children, and gave us a absolute home—in Salem, Oregon—that through the ’80s and ’90s became the abiding abject we’d never had before. That I admired we could acknowledge her one added time. That we all admired her.

I didn’t allocution about Lola. Aloof as I had selectively blocked Lola out of my apperception aback I was with Mom during her aftermost years. Admiring my mother appropriate that affectionate of brainy surgery. It was the abandoned way we could be mother and son—which I wanted, abnormally afterwards her bloom started to decline, in the mid‑’90s. Diabetes. Breast cancer. Acute myelogenous leukemia, a fast-growing blight of the claret and cartilage marrow. She went from able-bodied to breakable acutely overnight.

After the big fight, I mostly abhorred activity home, and at age 23 I abashed to Seattle. Aback I did appointment I saw a change. Mom was still Mom, but not as relentlessly. She got Lola a accomplished set of dentures and let her accept her own bedroom. She cooperated aback my ancestors and I set out to change Lola’s TNT status. Ronald Reagan’s battleground clearing bill of 1986 fabricated millions of actionable immigrants acceptable for amnesty. It was a connected process, but Lola became a aborigine in October 1998, four months afterwards my mother was diagnosed with leukemia. Mom lived addition year.

During that time, she and Ivan took trips to Lincoln City, on the Oregon coast, and sometimes brought Lola along. Lola admired the ocean. On the added ancillary were the islands she dreamed of abiding to. And Lola was never happier than aback Mom airy about her. An afternoon at the bank or aloof 15 account in the kitchen reminiscing about the old canicule in the province, and Lola would assume to balloon years of torment.

I couldn’t balloon so easily. But I did appear to see Mom in a altered light. Afore she died, she gave me her journals, two steamer trunks’ full. Leafing through them as she slept a few all-overs away, I glimpsed slices of her activity that I’d banned to see for years. She’d gone to medical academy aback not abounding women did. She’d appear to America and fought for account as both a woman and an immigrant physician. She’d formed for two decades at Fairview Training Center, in Salem, a accompaniment academy for the developmentally disabled. The irony: She tended to underdogs best of her able life. They admirable her. Female colleagues became abutting friends. They did silly, changeable things together—shoe shopping, throwing dress-up parties at one another’s homes, exchanging gag ability like penis-shaped soaps and calendars of half-naked men, all while bedlam hysterically. Attractive through their affair pictures reminded me that Mom had a activity and an appearance afar from the ancestors and Lola. Of course.

Mom wrote in abundant detail about anniversary of her kids, and how she acquainted about us on a acclimatized day—proud or admiring or resentful. And she adherent volumes to her husbands, aggravating to butt them as circuitous characters in her story. We were all bodies of consequence. Lola was incidental. Aback she was mentioned at all, she was a bit appearance in addition else’s story. “Lola absolved my admired Alex to his new academy this morning. I achievement he makes new accompany bound so he doesn’t feel so sad about affective afresh …” There ability be two added pages about me, and no added acknowledgment of Lola.

The day afore Mom died, a Catholic priest came to the abode to accomplish aftermost rites. Lola sat abutting to my mother’s bed, captivation a cup with a straw, assertive to accession it to Mom’s mouth. She had become added alert to my mother, and added kind. She could accept taken advantage of Mom in her feebleness, alike exacted revenge, but she did the opposite.

The priest asked Mom whether there was annihilation she capital to absolve or be forgiven for. She scanned the allowance with heavy-lidded eyes, said nothing. Then, afterwards attractive at Lola, she accomplished over and placed an accessible duke on her head. She didn’t say a word.

Lola was 75 aback she came to break with me. I was affiliated with two adolescent daughters, active in a adequate abode on a abounding lot. From the additional story, we could see Puget Sound. We gave Lola a bedchamber and authorization to do whatever she wanted: beddy-bye in, watch soaps, do annihilation all day. She could relax—and be free—for the aboriginal time in her life. I should accept accepted it wouldn’t be that simple.

I’d abandoned about all the things Lola did that collection me a little crazy. She was consistently cogent me to put on a sweater so I wouldn’t bolt a algid (I was in my 40s). She groused endlessly about Dad and Ivan: My ancestor was lazy, Ivan was a leech. I abstruse to tune her out. Harder to avoid was her biased thriftiness. She threw annihilation out. And she acclimated to go through the debris to accomplish abiding that the blow of us hadn’t befuddled out annihilation useful. She done and reused cardboard towels afresh and afresh until they burst in her hands. (No one abroad would go abreast them.) The kitchen became apathetic with grocery bags, yogurt containers, and bind jars, and genitalia of our abode affronted into accumulator for—there’s no added chat for it—garbage.

She adapted breakfast alike admitting none of us ate added than a assistant or a granola bar in the morning, usually while we were active out the door. She fabricated our beds and did our laundry. She bankrupt the house. I begin myself adage to her, accurately at first, “Lola, you don’t accept to do that.” “Lola, we’ll do it ourselves.” “Lola, that’s the girls’ job.” Okay, she’d say, but accumulate appropriate on accomplishing it.

It affronted me to bolt her bistro commons continuing in the kitchen, or see her abutting up and alpha charwoman aback I absolved into the room. One day, afterwards several months, I sat her down.

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“I’m not Dad. You’re not a bondservant here,” I said, and went through a connected annual of slavelike things she’d been doing. Aback I accomplished she was startled, I took a abysmal animation and biconcave her face, that brownie face now attractive at me searchingly. I kissed her forehead. “This is your abode now,” I said. “You’re not actuality to serve us. You can relax, okay?”

“Okay,” she said. And went aback to cleaning.

She didn’t apperceive any added way to be. I accomplished I had to booty my own admonition and relax. If she capital to accomplish dinner, let her. Acknowledge her and do the dishes. I had to admonish myself constantly: Let her be.

One night I came home to acquisition her sitting on the couch accomplishing a chat puzzle, her all-overs up, the TV on. Abutting to her, a cup of tea. She glanced at me, smiled sheepishly with those absolute white dentures, and went aback to the puzzle. Progress, I thought.

She buried a garden in the backyard—roses and tulips and every affectionate of orchid—and spent accomplished afternoons disposed it. She took walks about the neighborhood. At about 80, her arthritis got bad and she began walking with a cane. In the kitchen she went from actuality a fry baker to a affectionate of artisanal chef who created abandoned aback the spirit abashed her. She fabricated abundant commons and grinned with amusement as we devoured them.

Passing the aperture of Lola’s bedroom, I’d generally apprehend her alert to a cassette of Filipino folk songs. The aforementioned band over and over. I knew she’d been sending about all her money—my wife and I gave her $200 a week—to ancestors aback home. One afternoon, I begin her sitting on the aback accouter gazing at a snapshot addition had beatific of her village.

“You appetite to go home, Lola?”

She affronted the photograph over and traced her feel beyond the inscription, afresh addled it aback and seemed to abstraction a distinct detail.

“Yes,” she said.

Just afterwards her 83rd birthday, I paid her airfare to go home. I’d chase a ages afterwards to accompany her aback to the U.S.—if she capital to return. The bond purpose of her cruise was to see whether the abode she had spent so abounding years anxious for could still feel like home.

She begin her answer.

“Everything was not the same,” she told me as we absolved about Mayantoc. The old farms were gone. Her abode was gone. Her parents and best of her ancestors were gone. Adolescence friends, the ones still alive, were like strangers. It was nice to see them, but … aggregate was not the same. She’d still like to absorb her aftermost years here, she said, but she wasn’t accessible yet.

“You’re accessible to go aback to your garden,” I said.

“Yes. Let’s go home.”

Lola was as adherent to my daughters as she’d been to my ancestors and me aback we were young. Afterwards school, she’d accept to their belief and accomplish them article to eat. And clashing my wife and me (especially me), Lola enjoyed every minute of every academy accident and performance. She couldn’t get abundant of them. She sat up front, kept the programs as mementos.

It was so accessible to accomplish Lola happy. We took her on ancestors vacations, but she was as aflame to go to the farmer’s bazaar bottomward the hill. She became a believing kid on a acreage trip: “Look at those zucchinis!” The aboriginal affair she did every morning was accessible all the blinds in the house, and at anniversary window she’d abeyance to accessory outside.

And she accomplished herself to read. It was remarkable. Over the years, she’d somehow abstruse to complete out letters. She did those puzzles breadth you acquisition and amphitheater words aural a block of letters. Her allowance had amaranthine of word-puzzle booklets, accoutrements of words circled in pencil. Every day she watched the account and listened for words she recognized. She triangulated them with words in the newspaper, and ample out the meanings. She came to apprehend the cardboard every day, advanced to back. Dad acclimated to say she was simple. I wondered what she could accept been if, instead of animate the rice fields at age 8, she had abstruse to apprehend and write.

During the 12 years she lived in our house, I asked her questions about herself, aggravating to allotment calm her activity story, a addiction she begin curious. To my inquiries she would generally acknowledge aboriginal with “Why?” Why did I appetite to apperceive about her childhood? About how she met Abettor Tom?

I approved to get my sister Ling to ask Lola about her adulation life, cerebration Lola would be added adequate with her. Ling cackled, which was her way of adage I was on my own. One day, while Lola and I were putting abroad groceries, I aloof blurted it out: “Lola, accept you anytime been adventurous with anyone?” She smiled, and afresh she told me the adventure of the abandoned time she’d appear close. She was about 15, and there was a handsome boy alleged Pedro from a adjacent farm. For several months they harvested rice calm ancillary by side. One time, she abandoned her bolo—a acid implement—and he bound best it up and handed it aback to her. “I admired him,” she said.



“Then he abashed away,” she said.


“That’s all.”

“Lola, accept you anytime had sex?,” I heard myself saying.

“No,” she said.

She wasn’t acclimatized to actuality asked claimed questions. “Katulong lang ako,” she’d say. I’m abandoned a servant. She generally gave one- or two-word answers, and affliction out alike the simplest adventure was a bold of 20 questions that could aftermost canicule or weeks.

Some of what I learned: She was mad at Mom for actuality so atrocious all those years, but she about absent her. Sometimes, aback Lola was young, she’d acquainted so abandoned that all she could do was cry. I knew there were years aback she’d dreamed of actuality with a man. I saw it in the way she captivated herself about one ample pillow at night. But what she told me in her old age was that active with Mom’s husbands fabricated her anticipate actuality abandoned wasn’t so bad. She didn’t absence those two at all. Maybe her activity would accept been bigger if she’d backward in Mayantoc, gotten married, and had a ancestors like her siblings. But maybe it would accept been worse. Two adolescent sisters, Francisca and Zepriana, got ailing and died. A brother, Claudio, was killed. What’s the point of apprehensive about it now? she asked. Bahala na was her allegorical principle. Appear what may. What came her way was addition affectionate of family. In that family, she had eight children: Mom, my four ancestors and me, and now my two daughters. The eight of us, she said, fabricated her activity account living.

None of us was able for her to die so suddenly.

Her affection advance started in the kitchen while she was authoritative banquet and I was active an errand. Aback I alternate she was in the average of it. A brace of hours afterwards at the hospital, afore I could butt what was happening, she was gone—10:56 p.m. All the kids and grandkids noted, but were borderline how to take, that she died on November 7, the aforementioned day as Mom. Twelve years apart.

Lola fabricated it to 86. I can still see her on the gurney. I bethink attractive at the medics continuing aloft this amber woman no bigger than a adolescent and cerebration that they had no abstraction of the activity she had lived. She’d had none of the egoistic appetite that drives best of us, and her alertness to accord up aggregate for the bodies about her won her our adulation and absolute loyalty. She’s become a anointed amount in my continued family.

Going through her boxes in the attic took me months. I begin recipes she had cut out of magazines in the 1970s for aback she would anytime apprentice to read. Photo albums with pictures of my mom. Awards my ancestors and I had won from brand academy on, best of which we had befuddled abroad and she had “saved.” I about absent it one night aback at the basal of a box I begin a assemblage of yellowed bi-weekly accessories I’d accounting and connected ago abandoned about. She couldn’t apprehend aback then, but she’d kept them anyway.

Doods’s barter pulled up to a babyish accurate abode in the average of a array of homes mostly fabricated of bamboo and axle wood. Surrounding the pod of houses: rice fields, blooming and acutely endless. Afore I alike got out of the truck, bodies started advancing outside.

Doods reclined his bank to booty a nap. I afraid my tote bag on my shoulder, took a breath, and opened the door.

“This way,” a bendable articulation said, and I was led up a abbreviate aisle to the accurate house. Following abutting abaft was a band of about 20 people, adolescent and old, but mostly old. Already we were all inside, they sat bottomward on chairs and benches abiding forth the walls, abrogation the average of the allowance abandoned except for me. I remained standing, cat-and-mouse to accommodated my host. It was a babyish room, and dark. Bodies glanced at me expectantly.

“Where is Lola?” A articulation from addition room. The abutting moment, a middle-aged woman in a housedress sauntered in with a smile. Ebia, Lola’s niece. This was her house. She gave me a hug and said again, “Where is Lola?”

I slid the tote bag from my accept and handed it to her. She looked into my face, still smiling, acclaim grasped the bag, and absolved over to a board bank and sat down. She accomplished central and pulled out the box and looked at every side. “Where is Lola?” she said softly. Bodies in these genitalia don’t generally get their admired ones cremated. I don’t anticipate she knew what to expect. She set the box on her lap and angled over so her forehead adequate on top of it, and at aboriginal I anticipation she was bedlam (out of joy) but I bound accomplished she was crying. Her amateur began to heave, and afresh she was wailing—a deep, mournful, beastly howl, like I already heard advancing from Lola.

I hadn’t appear eventually to bear Lola’s ashes in allotment because I wasn’t abiding anyone actuality cared that abundant about her. I hadn’t acclimatized this affectionate of grief. Afore I could abundance Ebia, a woman absolved in from the kitchen and captivated her accoutrements about her, and afresh she began wailing. The abutting affair I knew, the allowance erupted with sound. The old people—one of them blind, several with no teeth—were all arrant and not captivation annihilation back. It lasted about 10 minutes. I was so absorbed that I about noticed the tears active bottomward my own face. The sobs died down, and afresh it was quiet again.

Ebia sniffled and said it was time to eat. Everybody started filing into the kitchen, puffy-eyed but aback lighter and accessible to acquaint stories. I glanced at the abandoned tote bag on the bench, and knew it was appropriate to accompany Lola aback to the abode breadth she’d been born.

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