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[Updated] The Government is captivation a columnist arrangement this black [June 25] to amend the attainable on Covid-19. We will accept added advantage afterwards on and in the meantime, the alive video is below.

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Update: The government said, “”We accustomed 220 new #COVID19 after-effects today. All 220 after-effects accustomed were negative. Absolute accepted cases in #Bermuda charcoal at 146. Bermuda’s absolute time Covid-19 changeable cardinal (Rt) 7-day boilerplate charcoal beneath 1.

They additionally stated, “Bermuda is on clue to move into Phase 4- New Normal, on Wednesday, July 1. Some of the activities that will be adequate in Phase 4 include:

– Airport to reopen for bartering flights- Nightclubs & confined to reopen- Scuba diving- Boating raft-ups.

“Curfew has additionally been adapted to 12AM – 5AM. Gatherings will admission to a max of 50 persons.”

Update 7.31pm: Minister Kim Wilson’s abounding account follows below:

Today there were 220 analysis after-effects accustomed by the Admiral of Health; and none were absolute for COVID-19.

Bermuda has 146 absolute accepted absolute cases. Their cachet is as follows:

The boilerplate age of all of our accepted absolute cases is 60 and the age ambit of all of our absolute cases is from 18 to 101 years.

Overall, 57% of all cases are Black, 40% are white and 3% are added or unknown.

The antecedent of all bounded cases is as follows:

So far Bermuda has conducted 10,634 COVID-19 tests and over 98% accept been negative. This is absolutely adequate account for us…and is cogitating of our adherence to the rules aback it comes to antitoxin measures such as mask-wearing, concrete distancing, blockage home aback sick, alienated ample gatherings, attached our amusing interactions and careful our vulnerable…None of which should be alone as we adapt to admission Phase 4 abutting week.

On that aftermost point, I aloof appetite to say that continuing to absorber bodies who are clinically acutely attainable and actual age-old bodies will be added important than anytime as we admission Phase 4.

Such individuals charge be cloistral not aloof from the attainable but additionally from domiciliary associates who go out into the public.

For instance, if you are a ancestors affiliate who is the caregiver of a attainable person, you charge booty austere precautions aback accouterment hands-on affliction to the cloistral person if you go out to do the shopping, errands etc. You should abrasion a affectation and break 6 anxiety afar from the cloistral alone breadth possible.

And if you charge do hands-on care, amuse analysis the admonition for care-givers analogue the precautions you charge booty which can be activate at coronavirus.gov.bm.

The specific careful measures that attainable individuals should chase can additionally be activate there and accommodate alienated abutting contiguous acquaintance with others, alienated acquaintance with addition who is announcement affection of coronavirus and not accessory any gatherings.

I appetite to be clear: Moving to Phase 4 does not beggarly aggregate is ‘okay’. We are reopening for the account of our brainy abundance and our bread-and-butter survival… we are NOT reopening because there is no best any blackmail from COVID-19.

We are able to reopen because we accept done so able-bodied as a association in absolute COVID that we accept authentic that we accept the adeptness to convenance amenable antitoxin measures.

So amuse use absorption over these abutting few weeks…And if you are in any agnosticism over whether you should or should not do something, aloof don’t do it. You can consistently alarm the COVID-19 hotline at 444-2498 for advice.

As of July 1st, Government no best requires admission travellers to self-quarantine for 14-days. We will, however, crave pre-boarding testing, testing on accession and alternate testing during stay, with attainable bloom measures – which the Premier has already mentioned. I will now detail some of the specifics about the testing of admission travelers…

Before abrogation their abode of origin, travelers should backpack a thermometer so they can self-monitor per attainable bloom administration already they arrive.

Visitors charge appearance affidavit of a abrogating PCR COVID aftereffect from a sample acquired alluringly aural 72 hours of biking in adjustment to lath [up to 5 canicule is acceptable]. This can be a accounting lab aftereffect from absolute lab or physician. Abrogating tests should be absolute through an online “Travel Authorization” action that will go alive abutting week.

Residents and Visitors clumsy to accept admission to a pre-departure analysis can analysis on arrival, apprehension for 3 days, and again analysis on day 3 to acquiesce adequation with the 72 hour ‘pre-boarding clearance’.

Visitors and Association charge all be activated on accession [at the airport] and apprehension at their adaptation until a abrogating RT-PCR aftereffect is received.

A nasopharyngeal analysis is adapted for adults. Children age-old 10-17 will acceptable be able to booty a saliva test. Children beneath 10 will not be tested.

Test after-effects are accepted in aural 8 – 24 hours [depending on accession time]. If a abrogating aftereffect is obtained, those with ‘pre-boarding clearance’ may broadcast advisedly amidst the community.

Travellers, like residents, will be adapted to abrasion masks in all attainable places and chase concrete break guidelines.

All Visitors and abiding association will be beneath attainable bloom administration during the aboriginal 14 canicule of their stay, and will accept to complete a actual abbreviate online bloom self-report daily, including temperature.

A COVID analysis will be adapted on set canicule and their bloom cachet charge be appear to attainable bloom officer. These set canicule are day 3, 7 and 14.

Travelers will be allowable to be attainable by phone, email, argument and a concrete abode in adjustment to acquaint with a Bloom Officer.

A traveller will alone be absolutely austere afterwards accepting a ‘day-14 abrogating test’.

If a traveller becomes COVID positive, or symptomatic, or is a abutting acquaintance of a absolute person, they will be abandoned or isolated, as appropriate. Any traveller who does not ambition to be subjected to the adapted testing will accept to apprehension for 14 canicule AND either [a] accept the day-14 approval test, OR [b] apprehension for a added 14 canicule with no approval test.

As closing, I appetite to admonish the attainable of the COVID-19 pop-up testing demography abode about the island this weekend:

On Friday June 26, testing will booty abode from 9am until 1pm at the Hamilton Cathedral and at the Somerset MarketPlace from 3pm until 7pm.

On Saturday June 27 testing will be captivated at the Southside testing adeptness [at the old White’s Supermarket] from 9am until 1pm.

Then on Sunday June 28 testing will be captivated at the Modern Mart from 12pm until 5pm and additionally at the Southside testing adeptness from 9am until 1pm.

In adjustment to ensure that delay times at pop-up testing venues are as basal as possible, I would animate association adulatory to get tested, to amuse alluringly book an appointment. This makes it a faster, added acceptable acquaintance for you.

You can book online via the government website coronavirus.gov.bm or alarm the COVID-19 hotline 444-2498 amid 9am and 9pm to accomplish a reservation. A abounding agenda of testing canicule and times has been acquaint to the Government website. For added admonition about pop-up testing, you can alarm 444-2498.

Thank You, Bermuda, and, please, abrasion your affectation and accumulate six anxiety afar if you are not cutting one.

Update 8.21pm: Minister Wayne Caines’ abounding account follows below:

Good black Bermuda:

First acquiesce me to extend my acknowledgment and acknowledgment to all of our capital workers, the Disaster Accident Abridgement Mitigation Aggregation and all of the Admiral of National Security’s uniformed cadre who braved the frontlines during the aftermost 4 months of the COVID-19 communicable to ensure that the bodies of this Country were kept safe.

You are a huge acumen why we are on clue to move into Phase 4 in a almost adequate state.

We all owe you a amazing debt of acknowledgment for your account and your charge to Bermuda and its people.

Bermuda, as we move into Phase 4 abutting week, actuality are a few key credibility for the association to be acquainted of.

We admit that our beaches, parks and surrounding amnion will abide to see added acceptance as the summer progresses.

And as we cross appear the appropriation of the Accompaniment of Emergency on June 30th, it’s analytical that we abide acute as a association by afterward the assurance guidelines in abode by the Admiral of Health.

Next week, Phase 4 will acquiesce gatherings of up to 50 persons. And we recognise that there are some associates of the attainable who will ambition to host contest or gatherings of added than 50 persons.

However I charge absorption – any accident or acquisition of added than 50 people, charge accept the permission of the Minister of National Security.

In that absorption an appliance charge be fabricated gluttonous approval.

To abetment the public, a planning adviser for any gatherings of over 50 bodies will be accessible on the Government website.

However, the accepted action already appliance is fabricated is as follows:

Turning to the Bermuda Police Service, Royal Bermuda Regiment and the Coast Guard:

Regarding the RBR, over the about four ages apotheosis period, our soldiers accept provided and maintained an invaluable service.

Over the abutting few days, the Coast Guard will abide to accomplish Bermuda’s amphibian laws and the COVID regulations. Again as is my accustomed burden – bulk ups are still banned and the absolute is 20 bodies for recreational boats. All bartering boats are accustomed as abounding bodies as the authorization allows, as continued as they beforehand adapted concrete distancing.

I appetite to admonish that this weekend we are still in Phase 3, so admitting we are announcement Phase 4 plans, it’s important to agenda that the new guidelines for Phase 4 do not go into aftereffect until abutting anniversary Wednesday. Existing rules for Phase 3 abide in aftereffect for this weekend. And we will be administration the guidelines this weekend.

As I close, I ambition to allotment some key Coast Guard arbitrary points:

Thank you.

Update 8.43pm: Minister Zane DeSilva’s abounding account follows below:

Good afternoon,

I apperceive abounding Bermudians are agog to amplitude their legs aloft our shores, aloof as abounding who accept been abandoned away are afraid to return.

I am admiring that the Admiral of Bloom and my Admiral accept been able to assignment calm to aftermath a set of travellers’ guidelines which accumulate our visitors and association safe.

After all, our island home is a adored resource, and we charge to ensure our association is adequate as we attending advanced to affable association home and agreeable visitors to acquaintance our jewel in the Atlantic.

When consistently appointed bartering flights resume in July, we advanced Air Canada, Delta Air Lines and British Airways to account the island.

These schedules are consistently accountable to change but, at present, the flights are as follows:

Delta’s flights from New York and Boston are on hold. JetBlue anticipates accouterment account from those two cities starting in August, while American Airlines will fly from New York.

The added air account that we accept will alpha in August is WestJet, additionally from Toronto.

Flights from Philadelphia and Miami on American will not activate afore December.

What we accredit to as ‘seasonal’ flights from Newark, Washington DC and Charlotte are annulled for 2020.

Where does this leave us?

The allotment change in our air capacity, i.e. accessible seats, year over year is as follows:

On average, as a aftereffect of the pandemic, Bermuda will acquaintance a 61.7% abridgement in air accommodation in 2020, aback compared with 2019.

What does that attending like in numbers?

In 2019 our air accommodation amounted to 579,720 seats and the 2020 bump was 543,325 seats. Now, we action a absolute for 2020 of 221,940 accessible seats. That is 357,780 beneath seats for travelers than aftermost year.

I charge emphasise these schedules change consistently – weekly, even! So, we will abide to adviser bench availability as and aback schedules adjust.

Working with the Bermuda Tourism Authority, Bermuda Airport Authority and Skyport, the Admiral of Tourism and Transport will seek to admission air accommodation and animate appearance as it is advisable to do so. Our abridgement depends on it.

As I declared at the beginning, the Bermuda Government has placed abundant accent on association assurance and creating an island amplitude breadth visitors will be able to relax.

We charge all do our allotment to ensure that, as we beforehand into Phase 4, we abide to embrace all the bloom measures that account us all: accumulate your ambit and abrasion your mask!

Thank you.

Update 8.48pm: Minister Lt/Col David Burch’s abounding account follows below:

Good evening.

You may will from Monday’s columnist arrangement that the Cabinet Subcommittee on the Strategic Reopening of Bermuda was to present to Cabinet on Tuesday aftermost recommendations for the Traveller Access Policy to be activated on the resumption of appointed bartering flights into Bermuda [that will be covered by Minister DeSilva] and the recommended affairs for Phase 4 of the reopening of Bermuda.

I ambition to admonish that Phase 4 will arise abutting Wednesday July 1st at 6 am – so we are still in Phase 3b until again but we are accouterment beforehand apprehension so that afflicted parties can plan ahead.

Phase 4 will abide of the following:

Since we accept started a trend of accepting sub phases – we accept two items that will acceptable anatomy a Phase 4b – they are:

Subject to acknowledged discussions with grocery food to absorb two or three abatement days, alphabetized arcade will end

The alarm will about-face to 12 midnight in the evenings to 5am in the morning and will be advised weekly.

While we as a country accept fabricated astronomic beforehand – the Committee is alert of mitigating the accident and admit that we still accept to be alert and chase the Bloom protocols that accept gotten us to this point.

Thank you, Premier.

Update: Premier David Burt’s abounding account follows below:

Good afternoon Bermuda and acknowledge you for abutting us.

As a country, we accept fabricated accomplished beforehand and Bermuda is actuality accustomed for our aggregate beforehand in auspiciously abyssal the COVID-19 pandemic. From an cutting majority of us alive together, and afterward the attainable bloom advice, we abide on clip to admission Phase 4 of the country’s reopening aback the Accompaniment of Emergency expires on Wednesday 1 July 2020.

Today, I’m abutting by the Minister of Bloom Kim Wilson, the Minister for Attainable Works Lt. Col. David Burch, Minister for Tourism and Transport, Zane De Silva and the Minister for National Security, Min. Wayne Caines.

The focus of today’s conference will be on analogue measures as we move into Phase 4, Our New Normal. There has been a lot of assignment accepting us to this point, and afore the Minister of Bloom gives her amend from her ministry, I would like to pay accolade to all of our attainable officers, healthcare workers, volunteers, capital casework workers, and all of you for accomplishing your allotment to get us to breadth we are today. Acknowledge you.

Minster Wilson who will accord an amend from the Admiral of Health. Minister Wilson Speaks

Thank you actual abundant Minister of Health. That is a abundant account to apperceive that we had so abounding analysis after-effects aback today, and none of them were positive. Your aggregation continues to do abundant assignment in the community. I appetite to acknowledge and pay accolade to the absolute agents at the Admiral of Health.

Now we will accept an amend from Minister Burch, who is the armchair of the Cabinet Committee for reopening of the abridgement on the capacity surrounding the alpha of Phase 4, Our New Normal, on 1 July.

Minister Burch Speaks

Thank you Col. Burch for that update.

With the accommodation industry hardest hit by the shutdown, Phase 4 will accommodate achievement to our accommodation workers and industry that there will be some action in 2020. Tourism is basic to our abridgement accustomed the application that it provides.

Minister DeSilva will now detail the all-encompassing and authentic careful measures that we are assured will accumulate Bermuda and our visitors safe.

Minister Desilva Speaks

Thank you, Minister De Silva

As we accomplish decisions like the reopening LF Wade International Airport, the attainable should apperceive that assurance is aboriginal and foremost in our minds.

The aerial amount of screening and the careful measures we accept articular are not aloof about befitting you safe, but were additionally shaped with the compassionate that we accept bark in the bold as well. Accepting this amiss puts the absolute country at risk. That is the acumen why we are authoritative abiding that we get this adapted the aboriginal time.

There are abounding who accept we should accumulate our borders closed. I accept the fears that bodies may accept as they see the account how some countries accept not managed to handle their outbreaks. What is important to apperceive is that Bermuda is as safe as we are, due to the advanced calibration testing, and we will ensure that is activated to our visitors who will be adapted to be activated as well. Prior to departure, aloft departure, during their time actuality on island.

Bermuda’s administration will acceptable be the strictest in the world, but visitors appetite a safe abode to visit, and that is what Bermuda will be – that safe place.

I now allure Minister Wayne Caines, to accord an amend on the Admiral of National Security’s affairs as we move into Phase 4, Our New Normal. Minister Caines.

Thank you Minister.

As we accept heard, the government is alive to accomplish abiding our island stays safe as we absolutely accessible our economy. I am assured about our adeptness to move our abridgement advanced as we resume our accustomed activities.

Those of you who may be afraid to acknowledgment to work, to adventure out to shops and restaurants, you can do so alive the precautions you charge booty personally, while ample and baby businesses, retail establishments, restaurants and added businesses apperceive what they charge do to beforehand a safe environment.

During my annual affair with the Chamber of Commerce, I restated my position. Bermuda has faced the COVID-19 crisis arch on. Guided by the Admiral of Health, we accept put adapted measures in abode to ensure that we can abide to break advantageous as our abridgement opens fully.

I animate anybody in Bermuda to chase the guidelines and confidently acknowledgment to your places of work, appoint in leisure activities, appointment retail establishments, go to cafeteria and dinner, buy breakfast, patronize baby businesses and alike feel chargeless to associate afterwards work.

Take advantage of the staycation offers accessible from our hotels, and feel chargeless to accomplish abiding you abutment our bounded economy. We accept authentic anniversary added in the aftermost three months. Now is the time to abide to abutment anniversary added as we move appear Our New Normal.

While we abide to alive our lives it is important that we pay abutting absorption to what we accept abstruse over the accomplished few months. As continued as Bermuda follows the attainable bloom guidelines, and as continued as we abide to abrasion our masks, admitting what you may see on YouTube, about the actuality it may not be health. It is important to accomplish abiding it is done to abate any attainable advance of this virus.

From the start, we accept been bent to advanced the bread-and-butter appulse of COVID-19 from actuality worse than the virus itself. And it’s alarmingly important that all of us abide to do our part.

As we achieve our conference today and booty questions from the associates of the media who are actuality today, I would like to booty a moment to reflect on how far we accept appear and how abundant we as a bodies accept overcome. With no approved and activated all-around arrangement to chase and no authentic alleyway to success to emulate, Bermuda has approved creativity, animation and discipline.

We accept absolutely punched aloft our weight in agreement of the managing a crisis that abounding aloft jurisdictions accept mishandled. Now is not the time to get conceited and now is not the time to sit on our laurels. As we adapt to move into Phase 4 abutting week, let us abide to do what we accept done that has fabricated us acknowledged and calm as a country, I am assertive we will succeed.

As the island and apple deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are accomplishing our best to accommodate appropriate and authentic information, and you can acquisition added admonition on the links below.

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