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Google Drive is an badly accepted billow accumulator annual that lets you save assorted files to the billow and afresh admission them from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It comes pre-installed on best new Android phones, and you’ve already got an annual if you’ve anytime acclimated Gmail.

It’s able and accessible to use, but if you’re new to billow accumulator and accept never acclimated competitors like Dropbox or Box, it can be a bit overwhelming. To help, we put calm this beginner’s adviser to how to use Google Drive. Feel chargeless to use the jump links beneath to skip to the best accordant allotment for you. If you don’t already accept them, additionally bang the Drive download buttons beneath to download the app for Android or iOS.

We won’t get too abstruse here, but Google Drive is Google’s billow accumulator solution. It allows you to abundance your media and abstracts on Google servers so you can chargeless up amplitude on your adamantine drive and admission them from aloof about any accessory with an internet connection.

Before we dive into all the appearance and appearance you how to use Google Drive, let’s allocution about a few basal things you accept to know. The aboriginal is that you allegation a Google annual to use the service. It’s chargeless of allegation and can be set up in a few minutes. The annual gives you admission to all of Google’s services, including Drive, Gmail, Photos, YouTube, Play Store, and so on.

You can admission Drive on the web by branch to drive.google.com or via the chargeless Android app. You can additionally appearance all your files via the Drive binder on your PC with Google Drive for Desktop, but you allegation to download the software first.

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You can get the software by visiting Drive’s website. From actuality you bang on the settings cog in the top right, afresh Get Drive for desktop. Chase the accession instructions, afresh aloof barrage the affairs and go through the bureaucracy process, afterwards which you’ll see a Google Drive figure beneath the Favorites tab on Windows.

When it comes to storage, you get 15GB for free, which is aggregate amid Drive, Gmail, and Photos. That’s abundant for best people, but you can add added for a annual or annual cable fee. This cable is now alleged Google One, and gives added allowances aloft aloof added accumulator like rebates in the Google Abundance and added users for families.

We’re aloof absorption on Google Drive appraisement here, so let’s accept a attending at the raw storage. A 100GB plan will set you aback $2 per month, 1TB goes for $10 per month, while 10TB costs $100 per month.

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Storage amplitude is the capital affair for best billow accumulator solutions, but book blazon limitations may additionally be cogent for abounding users. Thankfully, Google Drive supports a ton of book types including .jpeg, .png, .gif, mpeg4, .mov, and .avi — see abounding annual here. There are additionally book admeasurement banned in place, but they won’t annual problems for best users:

That’s it for our album on what Google Drive is an some basal things you should apperceive afore starting. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s booty a attending at how to use Google Drive.

In adjustment to admission your files on Google Drive, you aboriginal allegation to upload them on on the web, PC, or adaptable client. First, we’ll allocution about the web client, area there are two means to upload files to Drive.

The aboriginal is the annoyance and bead method: baddest a book you appetite to upload from your PC, annoyance it to Drive in a browser window, and bead it. This works for both alone files as able-bodied as folders. The added advantage is to bang on the New button amid in the top-left bend of the website and either baddest Book upload or Binder upload (image above). Afresh accept the files or folders you appetite to upload, bang on Accessible or Upload, and you’re acceptable to go.

An alike easier adjustment of uploading to Google’s billow server is to booty advantage of the Google Drive for Desktop. Aloof annoyance the abstracts you appetite to upload and bead them into the Drive folder. It basically works the aforementioned as appointment files from one binder to addition on your computer, although it may booty a while for the files to sync.

Uploading files from your adaptable accessory is appropriately easy. Accessible the Drive app, bang the figure in the bottom-right corner, and baddest the book you appetite to accelerate to the cloud. You can additionally bound upload files by aperture them, borer the Allotment button, afresh Save to Drive.

Downloading files from Google Drive is additionally fast and accessible on any accessory with an internet connection. If you’re application Google Drive for Desktop, annihilation you upload can be affected to any added binder on your computer aloof like any added file. You can additionally download files from the web applicant by appropriate beat and beat Download. This works for both alone files and absolute folders.

On adaptable accessories it can be added acceptable to leave the files in the billow and aloof accessible them back you allegation them, but there are some situations area you’ll allegation to acquisition that Google Drive download button. All you allegation to do is acquisition your book in the app, tap the three dots on the right, afresh Download, and you’re acceptable to go.

You can adapt the files in Drive the aforementioned way you would on your PC. You can leave them all in one abode (My Drive) or put them in altered folders. To actualize a binder in the web client, bang on the New button and afresh baddest Folder. You can additionally right-click in the Drive binder on your computer and actualize a new binder like you commonly would on Windows. On mobile, tap the dejected button and baddest Folder, as apparent in the screenshots below.

To move files into a binder on the web, artlessly use the annoyance and bead adjustment for the web applicant and the Drive folder. This additionally works on mobile, but in my experience, it’s faster if you tap the Added accomplishments figure (three vertical dots) abutting to a file, baddest the Move option, and afresh accept the new area for the file.

Since accumulator amplitude is at a exceptional in the cloud, it’s important to apperceive how to annul Drive files to bright up space. The easiest advantage on the web is to baddest a book or binder and columnist the annul key on your keyboard. This works for both the web applicant and Drive folder. To annul a Drive certificate from your adaptable device, tap the Added accomplishments figure abutting to the book (three vertical dots) and baddest Remove.

One of the best things about Drive is the adeptness to allotment files with others. These can be distinct abstracts as able-bodied as folders. To allotment a Google Drive book or folder, baddest it and bang the Get shareable articulation icon, afresh archetype and allotment the articulation with the bodies you want. You can additionally bang the Sharing settings option, area you can accredit alteration permission and accelerate the articulation anon to someone’s email address.

The action is agnate for adaptable devices. Tap the Added accomplishments figure (three vertical dots) abutting to a book and about-face on the Articulation sharing option. The articulation will automatically be copied, so you can go advanced and adhesive it into a messaging app and accelerate it to a friend. Alternatively, you can tap on Add people to accelerate the articulation to an email address.

Drive is affiliated with Google’s appointment abundance apartment that includes Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, which battling Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Although these three casework accept their own committed website, every certificate you actualize is automatically adored in Drive. Drive additionally supports added Google casework like Google Forms, Google Drawings, and more.

You can actualize a certificate beeline from Drive’s web interface or the adaptable app, which will afresh booty you to the Google Doc’s committed website. How exactly? Bang the dejected New button in the top-left bend of the website and afresh baddest Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides. On mobile, tap the dejected figure and baddest one of the three options mentioned in the antecedent sentence.

No amount which advantage you choose, you’ll consistently be able to admission all created abstracts from your PC, adaptable device, as able-bodied as the Drive binder on your computer.

Google Drive additionally integrates with abounding third-party apps. These include:

One third-party app that works with Google Drive is WhatsApp, area you can absolutely abundance your earlier letters on the billow service. In alike bigger news, WhatsApp fabricated a change that lets bodies abundance letters on Google Drive after accepting them calculation appear their accumulator limits.

You can analysis out the abounding annual via the web interface: bang the New button and baddest Added followed by Connect added apps. Back you see article you like, bang the Connect button to accommodate it with Drive.

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

One of the best and best advantageous integrations is amid Gmail and Drive. In fact, actionable abutment for application Gmail for accumulator predates Google Drive as a service. Fans created a affairs alleged Gmail Drive which accustomed you to use Gmail as a accumulator medium. Obviously already Google Drive and Drive for Desktop were appear Gmail Drive was no best all-important and is no best in supported.

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To allotment a Drive book with Gmail, alpha basic a bulletin and bang the Drive figure at the basal of the screen. You can afresh cross to the book and allotment it. On mobile, bang the Attach figure (the paperclip) at the top of the screen, afresh Insert from Drive. This is additionally an accessible way to allotment ample files, which are aggregate as links rather than attachments.

It’s additionally accessible to save Gmail files to drive. Aloof abrasion over the angel or added media book and bang the Drive figure in the basal right. On mobile, you accept to continued columnist the image, afresh tap Appearance image. Tap the Added options figure (the three dots) in the top right, afresh Save to Drive.

It’s account acquainted that files on Gmail calculation against the aforementioned accumulator absolute as files on Drive, so you aren’t absolutely extenuative any amplitude this way. You are, however, authoritative them easier to chase for in the Drive interface on the web, mobile, and desktop clients.

Having your files online is abundant for accessing them from assorted devices, but it can additionally beggarly you won’t be able to see or adapt them after an internet connection. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Google Drive. The annual has an offline mode, acceptance you to admission files while you’re not affiliated to the internet. You can appearance and adapt files including Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, with all the changes actuality synchronized automatically back an internet affiliation is accustomed again.

You accept to about-face on offline admission alone for anniversary device. On your computer, accessible the settings menu, and accredit the Offline approach (image above). Additionally accomplish abiding to download the Google Docs offline Chrome extension. Already that’s done, you can appointment Drive’s website to appearance or adapt your files. But accumulate in apperception that you accept to use the Chrome browser for this to work. Of course, you can additionally accessible files via the Drive binder on your computer, which will afresh accessible up in Chrome.

Things are a bit altered on adaptable devices. You accept to accessible the Drive app, tap the Added accomplishments figure (three vertical dots) abutting to a file, and afresh baddest Available offline. Alternatively, you can continued columnist on a book and afresh baddest added ones and chase the aforementioned action to accredit offline approach for assorted files at the aforementioned time.

If you’ve fabricated it this far, you now accept a acceptable abstraction of how to use Google Drive. The annual does action a few added features, but those mentioned aloft are the best important ones. Analysis out added guides and agreeable about Google Drive and added billow accumulator casework at the links below!

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