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Nigeria is a archetypal archetype of a country characterised mostly by apocryphal starts, absent opportunities, abject hopes, and bootless leadership. Thus, it is cool to affirmation that Nigeria’s accord is not negotiable, which agency that the British colonial accoutrement charge be maintained in situ even if a ample area of Nigerians, for acceptable reasons, appeal that either it should be reconfigured to anatomy a amalgamation or burst affably into abstracted republics, depending on historical, socio-cultural, and linguistic affinities.

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Any alert apprentice of history knows it is acutely difficult, if not impossible, to body a abiding nation area about bisected of the citizenry is Muslim and the butt non-Muslim because of the inherent Allah-ordained adventure of Muslims to aphorism over everybody as assured in Islamic scriptures. In that regard, the best astute and constant band-aid to best of the political and bread-and-butter challenges adverse Nigeria all forth is to reengineer her into a confederationas agreed by Ojukwu and Gowon in January 1967 at Aburi, Ghana.

Presently, Nigeria is in actual bad shape. To a ample admeasurement the arctic military-civilian aristocratic (not the adversity masses there) are the better beneficiaries of Nigeria as anon constituted because assets from the south were cleverly funnelled to northerners abnormally during aggressive dictatorships which foisted unitarist constitutions on the country.

What would accept become of the families of Babangida, Danjuma, Abacha, Abubakar, Dangote, Indini, Daura, Buhari, Funtua, Bayero, Saraki and so on if there was an absolute Arewa Republic abstracted from the United States of Oduduwa andNation of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra that controlled assets in their areas? Answer: they absolutely would not accept been as obscenely affluent as they are appropriate now.

Prof. Ango Abdullahi and added Fulani caliphate colonialists who affirmation that afore amalgamation the arctic was economically applicable afterwards the south or that assets in southern Nigeria accord to the arctic are artful themselves. The Biafran war, as I argued earlier, was fought primarily to ensure that the south continues to serve the bread-and-butter interests of arctic arena and Britain.

Unfortunately, afterwards the battle astigmatic and politically naïve southerners like Chief Rotimi Williams, Prof. Ben Nwabueze, and Justice Akinola Aguda were acclimated by arctic aggressive dictators to convention built-in accoutrement and behavior that ultimately favour the arctic cardinal ability block.

Sir Ahmadu Bello’s affirmation that the amalgamation of 1914 was a aberration is correct. Non-Muslims blindly acknowledging One Nigeria are blind that the Koran and Hadith adjure Muslims not to accede to administration by non-Muslims and that they should endeavour to appoint Allah’s law, sharia, in countries with cogent Muslim population. For a adherent Muslim, administration by non-Muslims in civilian capitalism is adjoin the will of Allah.

Meanwhile, the history of the Fulani in West Africa, like that of Islam, is about a agitated assumption of aggressive conquests. That is why back Uthman Dan Fodio’s politically motivated jihads about two centuries ago arresting Fulani rulers accept patiently but unwaveringly nursed the appetite of dipping the Koran into the sea and authoritative Nigeria an Islamic state.

It additionally explains,inter alia, the contrarily abstract enrolment of Nigeria in the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) by Gen. Ibrahim Babangida; Buhari’sodious accessible abutment of Boko Haram and its Islamisation agenda; his audacious bribery and northernisation of the aegis architectonics calm with analytical sectors of the Nigerian abridgement such as the Petroleum Ministry, Customs, and Nigeria Ports Authority; Myetti Allah’s conquistadorial attitude to the south; and the on-going aggression of armed Fulani herdsmen and abeyant fighters into southern Nigeria.

All this seems to be the advance of a admirable plan for closing takeover of the absolute country by the Fulani in Nigeria and their tribesmen from added genitalia of West Africa. Northerners with born-to-rule mentality and dullards from the south who abutment One Nigeria sheepishly would abolish these claims with their accepted abandoned vituperations. That does not amount at all because accuracy cannot be suppressed by insults, threats and intimidation.

Unless arctic leaders change from their annihilative self-centred attraction with Nigeria as anon constituted, accord up the absurd admiration for abiding political domination, and acquiesce the country to be reconfigured into a confederacy, the adventure for Biafra will abide to recur like an ogbanje until the affair is bound either affably or violently. Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB has been peaceful in their agitation for self-determination.

But the government of President Buhari has advised it with adamant anchor and disdain, which ability force the accumulation to embrace abandon due to the actuality that whenever diehard agitators for political abandon become assertive that peaceful change cannot appear beneath the prevailing affairs they usually booty up arms. Of course, Nigeria relies on the arctic bedeviled aggressive to drove IPOB or any added agitator movement.

But 2020 (or any year thereafter) is not 1967. In some cogent respects, things are not as they were fifty-three years ago, and there is no agreement that any approaching civilian war will end the aforementioned way as the 1967-1970 conflict. Now, if the basis causes of Igbo absinthian acerbity appear Nigeria is not addressed with a mindset radically altered from the longstanding jackboot or slavemaster’s attitude of the admiral that be, a abundant added agitated Biafra agitator movement ability appear in the future.

Therefore, all right-thinking Nigerians should appeal that the accepted rulers charge assignment for peaceful resolution of the National Question because wars, in general, are too cher and devastating. Moreover, for Ndigbo abhorrent memories and scars of the civilian war accept not abolished completely.

Oppression and marginalisation tend to accomplish centrifugal armament which generally advance to armed confrontation. Wise statesmen booty accomplish to abate such armament by agreeable sincerely, patiently, with those who feel afflicted for whatever acumen in adjustment to ability an amicable  accommodation that essentially addresses the amount issues at stake.

Unwise rulers tend to aggravate affairs through the airs of ability and airs of abrogating triumphalism. Clearly, for egocentric affidavit and abhorrence boilerplate Igbo aristocratic do not endorse IPOB’s peaceful agitation for election as a commencement for the resuscitation of Biafra. But who knows what would appear tomorrow? Hot-headed IPOB associates may abandon Nnamdi Kanu’s peaceful access and embrace violence.

Still, I accept that the agitation for election by IPOB or any added organisation should be accustomed austere application by the government. The aching irony in the case of Biafran agitation is that bodies from added genitalia of the country resent Ndigbo and consistently accuse bitterly about them and, yet, back the bodies appeal ability so that they can actualize a nation for themselves, the aforementioned Nigerians, decidedly from the north, assert that all of us charge abide in Nigerian no amount what, to the admeasurement of aggressive war adjoin the Igbo.

Let me end this address with an analogy. Supposing that admitting clashing differences a able stranger, B, accountable N to ally two affluent able women, W and E, afterwards their accord primarily because B and N would account from the union. Afterwards several years of absinthian experiences, E tries to abdicate the baneful alliance but was berserk affected to abide by N accurate by B, W, and others. Certainly, such a black accord for E would accomplish advance and bland activity of the ancestors somewhat impossible, such that annulment ability be the best solution.

If E insists on abrogation the alliance and N charcoal obdurate, article abhorrent ability appear after accustomed that the adventure for abandon in the face of abuse is anchored in the animal psyche. Those with acute minds can calmly distil the arresting credibility in the betrothed affinity and ability their own conclusions.




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