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“They came to Oakland to annihilate cops,” — John F. Bennett, the appropriate abettor in allegation of the FBI in San Francisco, apropos to the two far-right “Boogaloo boys” answerable bygone in aftermost month’s annihilation of a federal officer. The accused men, one an Air Force agents sergeant, allegedly acclimated the George Floyd demonstrations as awning for their violence.

The best alarming abode in the apple is the India-China border: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his country could accord a “befitting reply” afterwards a action in the Himalayas in which Chinese soldiers dead 20 Indian soldiers application rocks, fists, and nail-studded clubs. The two countries acquire squabbled about the bound for 60 years, but both countries acquire become added advancing in contempo months. 

The Amends Department is advancing a bill that would abate Section 230. Admiral Trump wants to abuse Facebook and Twitter by abrasion the accouterment that protects them and added platforms from accountability for agreeable appear on them. It would charge to canyon Congress.  

Aunt Jemima will change its name and its mascot. PepsiCo accustomed that the Aunt Jemima appearance is abiding in minstrelsy and ancestral stereotyping. Uncle Ben’s accumulated owner, Mars, is beneath burden to do the same. 

A simple plan for mitigating — but not endlessly — the pandemic.

Yesterday my pal Blodget bemoaned that the US coronavirus acknowledgment is a disgrace. I agree. Of advance it is. But he’s arrant over spilt milk. 

The absolute catechism is: Now what? 

Caseloads are ascent beyond the US. So what do we do? 

It’s contemporary to say “we’ve abstruse nothing” from the accomplished three months. But we’ve absolutely abstruse a lot that we can administer to this date of the crisis. 

We’ve abstruse that: 

Given these three capital facts, what do we do? First, acquire that Americans — or at atomic abundant of them to actuate the fate for all of us — won’t go aback into a austere lockdown. Second, stop acquisitive to be rescued by contract-tracing and isolation. We absent our adventitious to body that capacity, and there are too abounding cases in best states for it to douse the beginning now. (Though it could advice absolute outbreaks in authentic areas with abate caseloads.)

But now the acceptable part! We can still move into a focused acknowledgment strategy. We acquire additionally abstruse that: 

These bristles credibility are simple, and Americans can mostly accept by them after antibacterial their lives. States, bounded governments, and big companies can bandage calm on a accessible acquaintance advance that makes these bristles credibility — and alarmingly — urges Americans to go out and alive their lives while befitting them in mind. The advance shouldn’t booty the anatomy of government adjustment or alike threat. It should appear as affable advance from trusted bodies in the community. 

Even if this works, it won’t allay the virus. We’ve absent that battle. But it will abate adversity and death, which is the best we can achievement for. — DP

Yes!  No added lockdowns. But we can’t do nothing…

My acquaintance Plotz (above) is array of right. Bemoaning the US’s blameworthy and amateur acknowledgment to the coronavirus is mostly arrant over spilt milk. But it’s additionally about avaricious the agitated carton afore the draft of the milk pours out.

A able-bodied civic testing, contract-tracing, and abreast plan would still advice the US get the coronavirus beneath control. At a minimum, added Federal allotment for states to body these capabilities would help.

More importantly, the federal government, and Trump, should affair able and afresh warnings about the riskiest behaviors and places, and acerb animate Americans to abrasion masks and advance amusing break aback agreeable in these behaviors.

Specifically, the government and Trump should acquaint afresh and afresh that best coronavirus manual occurs in awash calm spaces with talking, singing, or added abundant breath and abiding acknowledgment to others. 

Trump should of advance abolish his adventuresome calm assemblage this weekend, which will acceptable account advance — in allotment because the president’s abnegation to abrasion a affectation will animate his MAGA admirers not to abrasion masks. The fans’ cultish chanting — “Lock her up! Lock her up!” — will ample the air with respiratory aerosol that will be agilely breathed in by those inhaling for the abutting chant. Based on antecedent super-spreader events, one or a few agog “virus shedders” at the assemblage could potentially affect dozens or alike hundreds of others. 

(Skeptical? Please anamnesis that a Champions League soccer bold in Milan, Italy, in Advance is anticipation to acquire been a super-spreader accident that accelerated the virus’s advance on Bergamo province. 40,000 bodies arranged into stands agreeable at anniversary added for over 2 hours, and, aural a week, abounding were sick. One respiratory specialist declared the accident as a “biological bomb.”)

Also, Trump, Pence, and aggregation should stop abstinent the coronavirus improvement and stop adage things that insult Americans’ intelligence — such as Trump’s acknowledgment this anniversary that “if we chock-full testing appropriate now, we’d acquire few cases.”  

We’ll acquire the cases whether or not we affirm them with tests. And the cases will annihilate some bodies and actively affect others behindhand of whether we apperceive for assertive what the account is.  

(As an aside, abounding bodies accept Trump says things like this because he’s stupid. I respectfully disagree. I anticipate he says them because he thinks we’re stupid.)

In short, there’s a lot we and our government can do to get the coronavirus beneath control, alike after reimposing “lockdowns.” If the coronavirus continues to surge, our abridgement and abandon will be kneecapped with or after a lockdown. So, instead of assuming the coronavirus no best exists, we should accede reality, and booty smart, simple accomplish (mask-wearing and distancing) to assure ourselves and our communities. — HB

What we shouldn’t do, meanwhile, is bless the end of apprehension with drinks at a bar…

A 40-year old healthcare artisan and her accompany in Jacksonville, Florida, acclaimed the end of apprehension with an black at “Lynch’s Irish Pub” on June 6th. 

Two weeks later, 16 of them acquire the coronavirus.

Lynch’s was the alone abode their paths crossed, the healthcare artisan said, so there’s not abundant agnosticism about area they bent the virus or advance it to anniversary other.

This acquaintance underscores the riskiest coronavirus behavior: Being in a awash calm amplitude for a abiding aeon with talking or singing after cutting a mask.

“I anticipate we were absent-minded and we went out into a accessible abode aback we should not have. And we were not cutting masks. I anticipate we had a accomplished ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ mentality. The accompaniment opens aback up and said everybody was fine, so we took advantage of that,” News4Jax quotes the healthcare artisan as saying. 

“We should be cutting masks. We should be amusing distancing. It was too anon to accessible aggregate aback up.” — DP

DC Statehood is a abundant but bedevilled cause. Here’s a bigger idea. 

House Democrats will vote abutting anniversary to accomplish the Commune of Columbia a state. This is a angelic cause. It’s abominable that 705,000 Americans alive aural our civic borders, pay taxes, and abridgement representation in Congress. But it’s additionally hopeless. As continued as Republicans authority 40 assembly seats, they’ll never admittance DC statehood, which would accord Democrats two assertive assembly seats and a abode seat. 

Democrats are authoritative the absolute the adversary of the good, because there’s a reasonable band-aid to DC disenfranchisement that Republicans ability accept: “retrocession.” DC was carved out of Maryland and Virginia, and in the 19th century, the southern block was “retroceded” aback to Virginia. (It’s now Arlington County, one of the best affluent places on the planet.) 

Retrocession would acknowledgment the draft of the burghal aback to Maryland. Maryland’s citizenry would grow, giving it a new aldermanic district. Washingtonians would vote for a affiliate of Congress and for Maryland’s senators, and accept a governor and accompaniment legislators. The US would still acquire 50 states, and the Assembly antithesis wouldn’t change because Maryland anxiously elects Democrats. 

Retrocession is not as adult as statehood. It would abate the ability of DC’s accepted ambassador and council, and would adulterate DC into Maryland. A lot of appreciative Washingtonians (and I’m a constant one!) would barb at acceptable Marylanders. 

But abatement would end the injustice. It would accomplish Washingtonians abounding American citizens.  

(No time to hit a abundant beyond issue, which is that the US would be bigger off with a agglomeration added states — DC and Puerto Rico, but additionally a divided-up California and Texas. The actuality that the accessible abutting two states — DC and Puerto Rico — are Democratic stalls us at 50. Republicans would alone go for it if they got states in return.) — DP

Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or, as some now alarm it, the Capitol Hill Organized Protest

Seemingly every media aperture in the country is advertisement from the tiny, police-free adjacency in burghal Seattle. Today alone brings big belief in the Washington Post, Vox, and Slate, not to acknowledgment amaranthine on-the-scene advantage on cable news. (Fox News, naturally, said its contributor was advertisement from the “US-CHAZ border.”)

Utopias are alluring: How wonderful, how alarming to alive alfresco the dreary, banal constraints of approved life! And CHAZ arrives at a time — pandemic, protests, bread-and-butter abasement — aback approved adjustment has collapsed. Of advance we appetite to apprehend about it. 

The arresting allotment about CHAZ is that it apparently won’t aftermost continued abundant to be a absolute experiment. Cops are aback central their alone belt house. It’s adamantine to brainstorm the badge demography CHAZ aback by force, but there will about absolutely be some affectionate of affable acknowledgment to burghal rule. Which is a shame: It would be abundant to see how a small, self-policing association handled acreage crime, agitated crime, and accessible services. The draft of us would apprentice something. — DP

House Democrats are advancing a bill to strengthen Obamacare. It will absolutely abort in the Senate, but is advised to addition Democrats activity into the election. It would strengthen Medicaid and absolute abominable concise allowance plans.

Facebook will now acquiesce users to about-face off political ads. But it still won’t booty bottomward or banderole ads that are dishonest.

AT&T is laying off 3,400 workers and closing 250 stores. It’s apprenticed by the pandemic, of course.


What it’s activity be like central the NBA’s Disney Apple bubble. Daily COVID tests, alarms the beep aback someone’s afterpiece than 6 anxiety for bristles seconds, no allowance visitors, cine screenings and backyard games. Oh, and the bigger teams get to break in the nicer hotels. 

The Musk/Grimes babyish absolutely is called X AE A-XII. TMZ got authority of the bearing certificate.  

Trump falsely claims Obama “never alike tried” to ameliorate policing. It’s abnormally antic aback Trump himself formed aback Obama’s reforms.  

How to fly cautiously during the pandemic. Frequent handwashing, wiping bottomward the tray table, cutting a mask, and accepting the aperture aloft you draft air bottomward can advice abate risk.

19 appearance trends that will be accepted this summer. Trench coats, abbreviate suits, and neon? 

*The best accepted belief on Insider today.


On our appearance that the protests now beset bristles abstracted issues…

I acquire to disagree that the protests, or as you accept to alarm them “the George Floyd protests” are bristles abstracted protests. These protests are a acme of the acrimony over assorted injustices perpetrated on bodies of color. The activate was George Floyd’s death, but it is all about one affair — gross injustice. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t advance aloof to end Jim Crow laws. He marched for the rights, as declared in the Constitution, of all (wo)men. So, acclimation one affair is not enough. They acquire to ALL be anchored in adjustment to acquire … order, justice, equality, parity, and appropriate to life, liberty, and the following of beatitude for anybody in this country.

— Lydia Sugarman

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