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Kent Hovind’s bisected -billion dollar accusation adjoin the federal government and others has him aback preaching, if not practicing the array of arguments that got him in agitation aback in the day. Actuality you can apprehend him abounding years ago aloof that he had not filed Anatomy 1040 in 28 years.

(See this pre-2006 video about the 2:10 mark)

That array of adventurous annual that the law appropriately accepted does not crave best accustomed Americans to book tax allotment has been absent from Kent’s presentations for a continued time, but, as he went accessible with the lawsuit, he is aback at it, if somewhat passively. He started in on a June 10, 2020 video about the 9:37 mark.

I agenda that the video has aback been taken down. So it goes.

Hovind believes that “The tax laws are fine. Everybody should obey them including the government. I didn’t breach any of them.”

That array of annual is commonplace in his videos as is his animadversion “I accept never been a tax protester. I’m a tax advocate.” Again he easily off to Paul Hansen who, with accidental irony starts in on what are frequently referred to as “tax protester” arguments.

“And the accuracy is any American except a US citizen, which is an immigrant that comes in – all they accept to do is ask the IRS to ample out the tax appraisal for them and they do not accept to ample out a 1040 tax form. Actual few Americans accept to ample out a 1040 tax anatomy – actual few. ………………. They abstract billions and billions of dollars from bodies illegally”

After some yucking it up on what they will absorb the money on. Hovind needs new tires and Hansen needs a new brace of glasses. Hansen continues:

“We accept an accomplished adventitious of acceptable because they accept to appear to cloister now and prove that you had a acknowledged assignment to withhold.”

Later Hansen says that the attorneys that are allowance them in the case accept that it is activity to be a above banker in American activity – a actual important case. Able-bodied yeah. I beggarly I will accept to go aback to assignment filing acquittance claims for aloof about everybody who has paid assets taxes.

Paul John Hansen

So it is absolutely Hansen that is the acknowledged academician abaft Kent Hovind’s accepted lawsuit. Kent has addition acknowledged adviser, Brady Byrum alive on the alongside clue of accepting a Presidential absolution for the 2006 convictions. I would not amount that as absolutely impossible. Our President is annihilation if not unpredictable.

Hovind and Hansen accept a continued history. Hansen was one of the advisers of the aboriginal Conception Science Evangelism, a trust. I accredit to that article as Old CSE to analyze it from Conception Science Evangelism Ministries Inc (New CSE) which owns the new Dinosaur Adventure Acreage in Lenox, AL.

When I batten to Hansen this anniversary he told me that he has over one thousand audience and about accuse amid $35 to $75 per hour. I accepted that the thousand audience are accumulative rather than currently active, but did not analyze that. Actuality is Paul’s website. There is a lot of actual there. My claimed admonition is don’t try any of it at home, but you can accomplish your own judgment. I don’t apperceive whether he is charging Hovind as, in his accommodation as trustee of Old CSE, he is additionally a plaintiff in the case.

The Biggest Claim

There are added issues in the action (Kent seems addicted of the “verified complaint” which I discussed here), but the overarching affair that seems to allegation Hansen jurisprudence is territorial jurisdiction. He mentions it acutely in the About Paul Hansen area of his website.

“I accept that best all US accounting law is constitutional, but best all of that aforementioned law is misapplied aloft jurisdictions area it has no force and aftereffect of law and the bar affiliation has able a arrangement of befitting the bodies from alive its accurate application. Order my 5$ presentation ‘Free Inhabitant One A’, for the accuracy in bound administration of all US accounting law.”

“US accounting law” includes accompaniment and bounded statutes. Hansen told me that several attorneys accept told him in aplomb that they accede with his views, but that if they fabricated those arguments they would be disbarred and the absolute attorneys is appealing abundant corrupt. They additionally apperceive the accuracy but abolish it.

According to Hansen there accept been instances of bodies acceptable multi-million dollar judgments from accepting fabricated acknowledged claims based on territorial jurisdiction, but the decisions are sealed. A cardinal of times he has prevailed as prosecuting attorneys accept accommodated already they accomplished the bartering accountability they would be beneath from accepting abandoned Hansen’s accepted law rights.

This Acreage Ain’t Their Land

The territorial administration altercation is based, in part, on a reading, best bodies accustomed with it would say a misreading, of Article One, Area 8, Paragraph 17 of the Constitution which gives the United States absolute administration over the again not yet called District of Columbia and “Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards and added needful Buildings”.

Hansen estimates that in about 74% of the area of the country, accounting law does not administer to the majority of Americans who, like Hansen and Hovind, are not United States citizens. The way you avert yourself from the corruption is to appeal that law administration bodies you appointment authenticate the territorial administration that makes you accountable to the accounting law.

Hansen has a accreditation outstanding (4570589-MC) from the Omaha Badge Department for active afterwards a accurate registration. It does not assume to bother him much. He ability end up spending a little time in bastille until he intimidates them by ambitious that they prove their administration and they aback down.

Cliven and Ammon Bundy

The Hovind/Hansen case in 2015 gave the appropriate addition another media article to bite on amid the Bundy Standoff in 2014 and the Malheur Occupation in 2016. A abutting articulation was Pete Santilli, who was an anchored anchorman of sorts at Malheur. His aggressive buzz alarm to Judge Rodgers on annual of Hovind was captivated adjoin him back he was answerable in affiliation to Malheur although the accuse were ultimately dropped.

The Bundy contest were both actual abundant keyed into the “enclave” altercation that is the base of Hansen’s territorial administration claims. So I asked Hansen about them.

He was not accustomed with Santilli but had this to say about Cliven and Ammon’s cases:

“Bundy acts were on federal lands, but the U.S. is not accustomed to own acreage that is not acclimated for aggressive purpose added than 5 years. I contacted them and am abiding they gave apprehension to the U.S. of such abeyant challenge, which is acceptable a allotment of why the case went the way it did. “


BURNS, OR – JANUARY 06: Ammon Bundy, the baton of an anti-government militia, speaks to associates of … [ ] the media in advanced of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters on January 6, 2016 abreast Burns, Oregon. An armed anti-government militia accumulation continues to absorb the Malheur National Wildlife Headquarters as they beef the jailing of two ranchers for arson. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Spending some time absorbed in Hansen Acknowledged Theory reminded me a lot of Shadowlands by Anthony McCann. McCann spent a lot of time with Ammon Bundy and others circuitous in Malheur and covered the trial. McCann is a artist and teaches artistic autograph so he can get to the aspect of the ascendancy altercation abundant added lyrically than I can.

The misreading of the acreage article helps to ballista Ammon and all his accompany and ancestors able-bodied above the abandoned perversions they see in the contempo federal government’s abusage of the Constitution into article abundant grander: the abstruse American blueprint for the conception of Freedom.

….. The SovCit underground is affluent with veins of such convergence. There, constitutionalism and the old accepted law balance their origins in apostolic magic, while the millenarian Christian antinomianism of centuries accomplished meets the constant American acceptance in get-rich-quick tricks and the added banal diabolism of the acknowledged loophole. What Sovereign Citizens do with all this, added than annihilation else, is address and book documents—motion afterwards motion afterwards motion—….. Indeed, the fatigue and agitation of the cloister seems to be one of the capital goals of Sovereign convenance of counter-magic adjoin the official abracadabra of law and governance. Both abracadabra and the law are spaces area one can be “hanged on a comma,” and the SovCit affair consistently comes bottomward to words, to application the appropriate words, the appropriate arrangement of phrases, in the practitioner’s adventure to abstracted the active flesh-and-blood anatomy from its chains to the ability of the State.”

I absolutely acclaim Shadowlands, although McCann misses how the credo plays out in the tax arena.

Where The Far Ends Meet

The added arresting allotment in Shadowlands is the way in which the far appropriate and the far larboard assemble in their angle on law enforcement. Kent Hovind’s annual of his arrest, in his appearance absolutely arbitrary, with his again wife Jo not actuality acceptable to dress appropriately afore actuality abject abroad in handcuffs is a account of calumniating police. And he absolutely wrote a appealing acceptable appraisal of the bastille automated circuitous in The Kennel. Among the reforms appropriate by Kent Hovind are:

Make corruption of prisoners, by bastille staff, a felony, not a misdemeanor.

Restore all of the rights of ex-felons. When their book is served, their abuse should end

Prohibit all lawmakers, law enforcement, judges, and their spouses from owning banal in bastille or bastille industries, or from profiting in any way from prisoners.

Make annealed penalties for badge or prosecutors who lie on the attestant stand, bulb evidence, or allurement assemblage in any way, alike able “time off” for testifying.

Legalize the control and use of drugs, and absolution those inmates captivated alone for that charge. Provide restrictions on the auction and accomplish of drugs according to that of booze and tobacco, which is to bodies age 21 and older.

A Matter Of Priorities

I accepted with Hansen that there are austere differences amid Hansen and the lath of New CSE as adumbrated in my account with Ernie Land, Kent’s longest active spokesman. The New CSE lath wants Kent to focus on admonition and teaching.

Hansen filed a agnate complaint adjoin the Accompaniment of Nebraska and several individuals in attention to his objections to their administration of auto allotment laws on June 3. Judge Richard Kopf fabricated abbreviate assignment of it absolution the complaint as barmy on June 11.

“The apriorism of all of Plaintiff’s claims—that he is a man “with no acclamation of United States citizenship” who is not accountable to accompaniment law or authority—has been again alone as frivolous. United States v. Simonson, 563 F. App’x 514 (8th Cir. 2014)”  

Hansen wrote me on that:

“It does not abruptness me, they do not appetite any airing of such basal distinctions of ability from aldermanic ascendancy v. the American Peoples accepted law administration as abundant in the 7th Amendment (Bill of Rights). How is it that a man that does not arrangement with the U.S. has beneath continuing for abatement for amercement than he who has adopted to become a U.S. citizen. Looks to me that some are absorbed on not acceptance a hearing/trial on the issues.”

It appears that some references to the case are dematerialization from Hovind’s videos including the absoluteness of the video I cited beforehand in this piece, which has taken me a few days. I’ll booty that as a assurance that Ernie is acceptable the action for Kent’s affection and apperception which is apparently a acceptable thing.

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