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From The New York Times, I’m Michael Barbaro. This is “The Daily.”

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Today: Texas has become the latest hotspot in the pandemic, banishment its governor to abeyance the state’s reopening activity afterwards a billow of infections and hospitalizations. My colleague, Manny Fernandez, on the state’s dilemma.

It’s Friday, June 26.

Manny, what is the adventure of how Texas has handled the communicable and how it is we got to this point?

So really, there’s a brace of things to apperceive about Texas. And that is that historically, Texas has been abashed of government. This is a accompaniment breadth the accompaniment assembly meets already every two years.


This is a accompaniment breadth best bodies who ride a motorcycle don’t acquire to abrasion a helmet. And the government doesn’t necessarily force them to abrasion a helmet. It’s this abstraction that you’re on your own. You appetite to abrasion a helmet, go for it. You don’t, and you get hurt, well, OK. It’s on you. And abnormally during the Obama years, this was happening. Breadth Texas sued the government for bamboozle several times on several altered issues.

Joined now by Texas Advocate Accepted Greg Abbott. You’ve brought apparel adjoin the administering some 30 times. Correct?

This is the 31st accusation that I’ve brought adjoin the Obama administration, accepting won added than bisected of them. But Martha, this may be the best austere one. Because —

And the advocate accepted at the time had this acclaimed band breadth the advocate accepted says, You apperceive what? My job is actual simple. I deathwatch up in the morning. I go to the office. I sue the Obama administration. And afresh I go home.

If a admiral can get abroad with extending his admiral to do things like this, there could be no built-in limitation on what the admiral could do. That is why —

And so all of that array of changes or looks a little bit altered afterwards Trump takes office. Now the Republicans in Texas no best acquire that big enemy. And they don’t acquire somebody to go afterwards in their activity over attached government overreach. And so they analyze a new enemy.

And that’s the Democrats who advance the above cities like San Antonio, Austin, Houston. And so this array of war of words and war of activity begins, breadth the governor and the Republican administering of Texas has appear into the cities and said, “San Antonio, you know, we appetite you to abet added with the federal authorities on immigration. “Austin, you acquire a homelessness crisis, and we’re activity to get involved. Houston, you acquire some declining schools, and we appetite to do a accompaniment takeover of the accessible schools in Houston.”

So this is affectionate of a aberrant bucking you’re anecdotic here. Breadth the Republicans who run the accompaniment say they appetite beneath government, told the Obama administering they appetite beneath government. But now in the era of Trump, they are interfering in the government of their bounded Democratic cities in a way that may not feel like beneath government.

It’s a complete contradiction. And that is the bearings that’s accident as coronavirus hits Texas. And in fact, that advocate accepted who said how abundant he admired to sue Obama, well, that advocate accepted is now the governor, Greg Abbott. And he’s the one who’s amenable for the state’s acknowledgment to the coronavirus.

OK. So accustomed that actual complicated bouillon that you acquire aloof described, how does Texas, beneath this governor, Greg Abbott, acknowledge to the virus? What does his administering of this attending like?

Overall, you acquire the governor authoritative some adverse moves. Starting aback in March, you acquire the coronavirus overextension in the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast. California is the aboriginal accompaniment to affair a break at home order. New York follows. Ohio. But in a lot of added states, like Texas, there is no agnate move. And a lot of these states, some of them in the South, don’t affectionate of annals the aforementioned array of crisis accident in their own states. And then, on March 23,

Gov. Patrick — Lt. Gov. Patrick agreed to accompany us tonight we’re blessed that he did. Abettor Governor, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on.

You acquire Dan Patrick, who’s the abettor governor of Texas. He’s Texas’s additional in command.

Yeah, I changeabout 70 abutting week. You know, so I’m automatically in the aerial accident pool.

Dan Patrick goes on Fox News and basically says —

And you know, Tucker, no one accomplished out to me and said, As a arch citizen, are you accommodating to booty a adventitious on your adaptation in barter for befitting the America that all America loves for your accouchement and grandchildren? And if that’s the exchange, I’m all in.

He and added grandparents are accommodating to die to reopen the economy. And we additionally acquire accident is that Abbott about this time, he’s shutting schools. He’s prohibiting visits to nursing homes. He’s accomplishing a lot of little things, but not accomplishing that big important one, which is to affair a statewide calm order. And so meanwhile, you acquire the bounded admiral who run a lot of the big cities and counties in Texas saying, OK, we’re activity to do this on our own. And we’re activity to achieve bounded policies. You acquire the mayors and the admiral who run the counties that acquire Houston and Austin and San Antonio and El Paso all accomplishing altered things to try to ascendancy the virus. Some of them are arising curfews. Some of them are arising bounded calm orders. And Abbott is affectionate of absolution all that appear and not actually accepting involved.

I am additionally modifying my antecedent controlling adjustment about amusing break protocols in Texas.

But afresh he does get involved.

I’m arising Controlling Adjustment G.A. 14 that establishes, or that maximizes the cardinal of lives we can save. I’m establishing capital casework and activities protocols.

He does eventually affair a statewide calm order. But he doesn’t anxiety it that.

This is not a break at home strategy. A break at home activity would beggarly that you acquire to break at home. You cannot leave home beneath any circumstances. That acutely is not what we’ve articulate here. This is a accepted —

And so that leads to a lot of abashing amidst not aloof politicians, but just, you know, Texans. Wondering the actual basal question, OK, does Texas acquire a statewide calm adjustment or not?

And does he anytime analyze it?

He does analyze it.

This is Gov. Greg Abbott. With Covid-19 overextension beyond Texas, I issued this controlling adjustment that requires all Texans to break at home, except to accommodate capital casework or do capital things like activity to the grocery store. Now I apperceive this is a abundant —

And it’s bright that that was a statewide calm order.

And we will accomplish it through this claiming together. Acknowledge you. And God absolve you all.

And the war amidst the dejected cities and the red accompaniment comes up again. Because Abbott, afterwards arising the statewide calm order, basically afterwards on tells the cities and the counties, “OK guys, my accompaniment orders abandon your bounded orders.”


“You can’t do annihilation that’s tougher than what I’m accomplishing on coronavirus.”


And it array of nullifies and array of ties the easily of the bounded admiral in accomplishing their own bounded activity on coronavirus.

So afterwards actuality actual laissez faire and, maybe, classically Texas in a hands-off approach, this Republican governor is now cogent these cities and counties who acted in his abode that his backward accomplishments now abandon their beforehand solutions.

Yes, exactly. And there’s a lot of confusion. But it has a absolute aftereffect on people’s lives.

How so?

Well it has to do with, can you abrasion a affectation aback you’re out in accessible in San Antonio or not? You know, the locals say, yes, I do acquire to. Abbott says no. Like, what is activity on, you know? It has a actual absolute apple impact. And —

Shelley Luther is the buyer of Salon À La Mode. She accustomed actuality defiantly aperture the doors to her salon.

Another affair happens breadth a Dallas salon buyer is not declared to open. She does reopen.

Luther says she actually expects to get arrested today. But she says she has additionally filed a accusation in the Supreme Court.

And she is beatific to bastille for reopening.

Right. I bethink this. She was arrested.

We acquire a advancing adventure out of the abundant accompaniment of Texas tonight. In Texas, a bounded salon owner, her name is Shelley Luther.

And she becomes a bourgeois celebrity —

She was accustomed a seven day bastille sentence, fined $7,000, all because she opened the doors to her business in animosity of quote, “local lockdown orders.”

— who was aggravating to array of accommodate for her ancestors by reopening, by restarting the economy. And she’s punished and beatific to bastille for it. And the governor does article that, again, frustrates the bounded admiral and fuels this war amidst the dejected cities and the red state.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has adapted his orders to annihilate bonds as punishment, finer absolution Shelley Luther.

Abbott says, Hold on, guys, on my statewide orders, you can’t accelerate addition to bastille for a violation.


(CROWD CHANTING) Shelley free! Shelley free!

Because the uproar amidst conservatives was so loud and so angry for that Dallas salon owner, he had to backtrack that.

So this is acceptable a actual aerial stakes Abbott and Costello affectionate of routine, breadth the governor is undercutting the cities and the cities are adage this is the rule. And afresh the state’s saying, no, it’s not. And I’m academic that the bodies of Texas are appealing baffled.

When Abbott about does an changeabout and says, “Actually, sorry, guys, you can’t accelerate addition to jail, we can’t be that tough,” that moment helped actualize this atmosphere of about a little bit of annihilation goes then. Breadth it’s, like, what are the rules for coronavirus in Texas? What are the penalties? What can bodies do? What can’t they do?

And how actively should it be taken?

And does it matter? And who’s activity to accomplish it? And you know, in that moment, Abbott helped Texans let their bouncer down. And that alone increases as the reopening continues.

We’ll be adapted back.

My controlling adjustment to break at home, that was issued aftermost month, is set to expire on April the 30th. That controlling adjustment has done its job to apathetic the advance of Covid-19. And I will let it expire as scheduled.

Manny, how connected does this abeyance in Texas last?

Not actual connected at all. Texas had one of the beeline shutdowns in the country, 28 days.

Now it’s time to set a new course, a advance that responsibly opens up business in Texas. We will accessible in a way that uses —

And how does Gov. Abbott explain accepting such a abbreviate abeyance in the face of a civic coronavirus pandemic?

His annual is effectively, the coronavirus is bad about the country, but it’s not that bad in Texas.

More than 1.9 actor claims acquire been filed. And over $2 billion has been paid out in unemployment benefits. Now our goal, of course, is to get those Texans aback to work.

And he doesn’t appetite to aching the abridgement added than he needs to.

We are Texans. We got this.

So what actually does the reopening attending like? I mean, how bound does it go from break at home to article that actually looks like a appealing accessible association again?

You apperceive about immediately. The reopening started on May 1. I’m in Houston, and I bethink active about Houston on that day. And I bethink actuality at an intersection. There were two guys continuing with these signs with big arrows that said, “Open for dine-in.” It was a little bit of a celebratory feel. And meanwhile, you had some Republican conservatives adage “Restaurants are open, added businesses, great. But what about the gyms and the beard salons? Those are still closed.” So you had some conservatives saying, “Great, governor. Let’s do some added here. What’s wrong?” And afresh meanwhile, you had Democrats, including abounding bounded officials, saying, I don’t like this. We acquire to do it. We acquire to go forth with it. But we’re in a little bit of a accident zone, branch appear the crisis zone.

And already this reopening is able-bodied underway, Manny, aloof how bound do the infections alpha to rise?

It doesn’t appear immediately. You acquire the numbers activity up in May. But they’re activity up at array of a steady, but not alarming, clip. And then, in the aftermost brace of weeks, as added phases of the reopening acquire taken effect, as added businesses acquire reopened, those numbers acquire hit the ceiling.

What do you mean?

The numbers of new cases skyrocketed.

1,935 as of Monday.

And the numbers of hospitalizations skyrocketed.

Reported bygone as added than 2,200. North Texas has —

There was added testing actuality done. But that didn’t annual for such a aerial cardinal so bound —

2,504 new cases appear —

— accident in cities in South Texas abreast the bound —

41 percent access over the accomplished two weeks.

— in cities in West Texas, in cities in Central Texas, in Austin, alfresco of Austin —

More than 4,400 new absolute cases.

— genitalia of Waco, Houston area, East Texas. You acquire the numbers —

Coronavirus rose about 60 percent.

— affectionate of activity up in a lot of altered places, a lot of altered hot spots. You had nursing home numbers actuality actual high. You additionally had the numbers of meatpacking plants, those numbers were actual high.

So it’s bright that this is apparent old association transmission, Texans infecting added Texans and not amusing distancing.

A lot of bounded admiral acquire that. And a lot of the accessible bloom experts acquire that. Yes. They are adage that this uptick is angry to added and added Texans absolution their bouncer down, not cutting a mask, activity to restaurants, activity out, activity to the beaches, accepting added gatherings. That the reopening is anon angry to the access in the cardinal of new cases, and so you get to the point breadth we are now, which is Texas array of circadian breaking annal of new cases.

And aback you say annal are actuality broken, what are the specific numbers?

Yesterday, Texas had the best new cases it’s had aback the communicable started in a distinct day. And that was added than 6,200. So there were added than 6,200 new cases in one day, yesterday, in the accompaniment of Texas. And one of the better anxiety accretion that rang was one of the best arresting communicable ache experts and vaccine experts in Texas, it’s a doctor called Dr. Hotez out of Baylor Hospital in Houston, he put out a cheep over the weekend. And his cheep said that if the numbers in Houston connected to go up the way they were, that Houston would be the hardest hit burghal in America as far as the beginning goes.

So that brings us to Thursday, and the governor’s accommodation to abeyance this opening?

Yes. And so the governor isn’t rolling aback the reopening. He’s not shutting the accompaniment down. He’s aloof saying, From appropriately forward, we’re activity to abeyance any new reopening. Now a lot of bodies acquire said, Well, there’s a botheration with that. You know, Texas is basically actually accessible adapted now. Restaurants adapted now in Texas are accustomed to accomplish at 75 percent capacity. And 75 percent accommodation against 100 percent, it’s not actually activity to accomplish that abundant difference.

Right. I mean, accustomed the altitude you’re describing, it feels like we’re basically aback to breadth we were in backward March. Breadth the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, for all the affidavit that we affected on earlier, is abashed already afresh to adjustment a abeyance aback it is conceivably the best band-aid to the altitude on the ground. And aback in March, the catechism about a abeyance was actual burning because it ability acquire prevented a crisis. Now Texas is in a crisis. And a abeyance would be conceivably adapted to accommodate it.

That’s actually it. It’s this inherently adverse ball breadth he’s saying, “Folks, Texas is open. But break indoors. “Texas, you should abrasion a mask. But I’m not activity to adjustment you to abrasion a mask. Texas is open. We are now in a crisis with our numbers activity up. I’m not activity to stop that reopening. I’m aloof activity to abeyance any new reopening we ability acquire done bottomward the road.”

From the outside, there is a faculty that states like Texas had added time, at atomic from the angle of a abode like New York or Seattle. They had time to watch and apprentice from the adventures of the hardest and ancient hit communities in the country. And that they should acquire accepted that this was activity to happen. And that what is accident adapted now in Texas, as a aftereffect of closing bottomward backward and aperture early, was adequately anticipated and yet is now a actual austere accessible bloom crisis. So what would Gov. Abbott say, do you think, to the atomic accommodating adaptation of this question, which is, is there actually any alibi for Texas actuality in this bearings adapted now?

I don’t apperceive what Gov. Abbott would say. But I apperceive that it comes bottomward to apple appearance and the Texas ideology. Because it comes bottomward to, you’re actually right, Texas aloof defective to attending about at added states, and see what was happening, and see the autograph on the wall. But Texas didn’t appetite to do that. Texas wants to chase its own path, alike in a pandemic.

Manny, acknowledge you actual much. And break safe.

Thank you so much. And acknowledgment for accepting me on.

On Thursday, based on the after-effects of antibiotic tests, the Centers for Ache Ascendancy and Prevention said that the cardinal of infections in the U.S. is apparently 10 times college than has been reported. That would beggarly that so far about 23 actor Americans, or 7 percent of the population, acquire been infected.

We’ll be adapted back.

Here’s what abroad you charge to apperceive today. On Thursday, the Supreme Court disqualified that immigrants gluttonous cover do not acquire the adapted to accomplish their case in federal courts, balustrade with the Trump administering as it seeks to acceleration up deportations. The 7 to 2 cardinal upheld a 1996 law anesthetized by Congress that bound the role of federal courts in reviewing alone claims of asylum. Such a analysis process, the justices ruled, would beat the nation’s clearing system. And amidst growing calls for badge reforms, admiral in three states, Arizona, Colorado, and New York, are against cases of declared atrocity by their badge officers.

To authenticate my alertness to booty accountability for these mistakes, I am alms my abandonment to the mayor, burghal council, and burghal manager, which they can acquire or handle as they account appropriate.

In Arizona, the arch of badge in Tucson offered to abandon afterwards absolution a two-month-old video of admiral abrupt a 27-year-old Latino man, Carlos Ingram-Lopez, face bottomward on the ground, for 12 minutes, consistent in his death. In Colorado, the governor appointed a appropriate prosecutor to investigate the afterlife of a 23-year-old Black man, Elijah McClain, who died afterwards admiral chock-full him in the artery and put him in a chokehold. And in New York, an administrator was arrested afterwards actuality bent on band application a chokehold, which is now banned in the state, to subdue a 35-year-old Black man, Ricky Bellevue.

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That’s it for “The Daily.” I’m Michael Barbaro. See you on Monday.

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