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By: Mick McCrudden

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In Morley’s absence, adolescent Mick gets up on a hoist, and we get central goss from some industry legends

I’ve got a customer’s Corvette up on the elevate at the moment and it’s a abundant archetype of why it pays to go over a car appropriately afore you buy it, if you can. Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely a appealing nice affair and I acquire apparent a lot worse.

There are some abominable examples out there of mudguard restos, which is agleam on top and applesauce underneath.

This archetype isn’t that bad, but a added authentic analysis would acquire accustomed the client some appealing advantageous advantage aback it came to the final price.

For example, I’m not agrarian about how the rear shocks acquire been mounted, as they’re inconsistent from one ancillary to the added and the bolts acclimated don’t absolutely assume to be up to the task.

The brakes on this one haven’t been appropriate from day one, and there are a admixture of affidavit for that. Aboriginal the calipers and adept butt bare a able rebuild, instead of a quick apple-pie and paint. The anchor curve are appealing doubtable as well, so we’re ditching those.

For the owner, the acceptable account is that none of the issues are awfully difficult or big-ticket to fix and we’ll acquire it appropriate in no time. Aloof those few things will get the car active appropriately – it’s a great-looking affair and deserves to be right.

But here’s a bit of advice, if you’re about to draft a wad of banknote on article like this – and they’re account abundant money – acquisition a bounded artisan and get it up on a hoist. An hour of their time won’t amount a affluence and could calmly save you 10 times the cost. Additional you’ll see things on a elevate that aloof can’t be eyeballed with the car on its wheels.

Someone with a bit of experience, who works on this actuality all the time, knows area to attending for agitation and, if annihilation else, it’s apparently account the peace-of-mind.

(Ed’s note: Morley is on leave at the moment.)

Road run it

With the contempo Covid lockdown, abounding of us acquire had to resort to starting our old cars in the afford them running. The moment you can, get it out on the road, alike if it’s aloof for a brace of kays bottomward the alley to the shops for groceries. Static active gets the agent alive its juices, but the manual and anatomy charge exercise, too, and a abbreviate run is bigger than nothing.


I was aloof account your cavalcade in the March affair and felt, for actual accuracy, I bare to actual you on your point apropos the Force 6 and Force 8 models.

These pre-date Rod Barrett’s time in the chair. The models from BA assembly barrage through to Orion (FG) were conceived by myself and Gordon Barfield, forth with a aggregation of abounding others (engineers, stylists etc). Your actual own John Bowe was additionally heavily circuitous from a active dynamics perspective.

Rod was still General Manager of FPR (race team) at that time and there was no cantankerous over into the alley car business – afar from us leveraging it for business purposes.

I, forth with abounding others, larboard the business in aboriginal 2007 as allotment of a restructure – alike admitting we had aloof acclaimed a almanac sales year in 2006. Added restructures were to chase afore the closing annihilation of the absolute business.

The Force 6 and Force 8 were advised to go arch to arch with HSV’s Senator models and were allotment of the accretion FPV line-up. The cars appealed to those who capital achievement with affluence and beneath apparent exoteric styling.

I decidedly admired the Force 8 with the Regency Red covering autogenous – which accurately akin the aphotic woodgrain tones, baby cossack addle-brain and the chrome highlights including the ancillary appearance mirror scalps.

Unlike HSV, (where I had been Sales and Business Manager), our activity was to activity two bright streams of business – Turbo 6 and V8. This was key to our success.

The afterwards FPV business absolutely focussed too abundant on the GT abandoned and this was a mis-step in my opinion. Despite a above new archetypal in the FG, consecutive FPV sales never eclipsed what we accomplished in 2006 with the earlier BF models.

As you’d additionally be aware, car accomplishment beforehand times are abstinent in years not months afore barrage to the public, so the all-inclusive majority of archetypal planning is done able-bodied in advance. Our planning already included supercharged V8s and alike the abstraction of a 351kW version.

Not to booty annihilation abroad from the backward Rod Barrett and the abounding others who brought these closing cartage to bazaar but appropriately important the actual facts are kept accurate. There were abounding initiatives that Rod brought to the table including the GS auto and ute models that were not in our plan.

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Your readers may additionally be absorbed to apperceive that some aspects of our aboriginal artefact plan were afflicted – which meant some potentially iconic cartage were never to be seen. There were additionally a few areas area decisions were fabricated that were not necessarily for the bigger in my view.

These included the bottomward of the Force nameplates (replaced with GT-E or article appropriately forgettable), a actual acclimatized FPV Territory (F6-X).

The FPV Territory turbo was originally conceived as a stealth-like adaptation of the F6 Typhoon/Tornado alternation – with aphotic ablaze F6 wheels, lower ride height, another red covering autogenous per the Force models. It was to be alleged the F6 Tempest. Added AMG style. Addition aberration was the bottomward of the Typhoon and Tornado names aback they afflicted to the alpha numeric F6 only. Afresh there was the John Goss Special, a closing day Superbird auto and ute and a few others. At atomic the BF GT 40th Anniversary and Cobra auto and ute models saw the ablaze of day.

I guess, with the end of Australian car manufacturing, it is all bookish now, however, I anticipation it was account putting the almanac straight.

By the way, I may be a little biased, however, if you appetite to watch a absolutely acceptable alternation on the history of car accomplishment in Australia, you can’t go accomplished Shannons End of an Era. Aloof google it to watch all four episodes.

Mark BehrFormerly FPV Artefact Planning and Casting Business Manager

MANY THANKS, Mark. It’s not every day we get the acumen of addition who was on the arena at the time. Acutely there were some absent opportunities with the range, which is a little arresting to hear, but I assumption we’ve all been accusable of that from time to time.

I couldn’t accede added apropos alpha-numeric nameplates. They’re generally absurd or calmly abandoned and I’d abundant rather allocution about the Typhoon in my afford than the XYZ1.

The Shannons End of an Era alternation is accomplished and a abundant way to absorb a quiet afternoon.

Paul Beranger Book Crayon to CAD shares the best years of Australian automotive design

Enjoyed your allotment in Affair 437 on ‘Quality, analogue of’.

As a front-line victim to the model-sharing argumentation (or lunacy) of the Button Plan, I can anamnesis a brace of borderline issues that emerged during my time as Chief Designer at Nissan.

On the advertisement of model-sharing, Ford, Holden and Nissan architecture teams all had aggressive affairs for the redesign of key apparatus that differentiated their accurate models, including avant-garde end area metal, lamps, auto and autogenous features. Regrettably the absoluteness was absolutely different. Corporate bean counters were reluctant, examination the business befalling from another, added banal perspective… absorb nothing.

Nissan’s artefact accord with Ford eventually concluded up with afflicted archetypal emblems and caster covers. Patrol became Maverick and Falcon Ute became, afterwards abundant navel-gazing by Nissan’s business gurus …Nissan Ute! It was not until the bootless Pintara/Corsair accord that austere efforts were fabricated to accord barter added choice. But that’s a adventure for addition day!

However Nissan’s accord with Holden was somewhat added strategic, and successful. Holden’s Chief Designer Phillip Zmood and I met clandestinely in a Port Melbourne pub beneath the blind of black and smoke, analogue the expectations of our companies in agreement of archetypal differentiation. Phil and I had formed calm at Holden, so we were accessible to allotment our architecture account and augment them aback to our corresponding management, advising the best way avant-garde for both companies.

Fortunately, as a band-aid measure, we were able to dip into Nissan Japan’s Pulsar genitalia bin and use genitalia from the Japanese calm Langley archetypal to admit some array of casting adverse for the Clayton congenital N12 range. Nissan Australia additionally developed the Pulsar ET, a turbo hot bear as a hero model. Later, in 1987, aback artefact administration connected into the N13 model, added avant-garde planning had occurred. Holden became Nissan’s Ancestors II agent supplier and different archetypal differentiation, acute architecture assignment by Nissan Australia, accomplished greater casting separation.

A key point of absorption in these archetypal administration abstracts was baldheaded during aboriginal bazaar analysis conducted by the car companies. Actuality the Australia customer acumen of bounded and ‘imported’ brands came into aciculate focus.

Clinic attendees affected that the Ford adaptation of the Patrol would be cheaper, congenital to an inferior affection akin and beneath reliable compared to the Patrol, although Maverick would be added stronger than Nissan’s offering. Remember, they were congenital on the aforementioned Japanese assembly line. Alone emblems were changed!

The aforementioned occurred with the Falcon Ute. The Nissan adaptation would be of a college quality, about would not be as able as the Falcon! The ute was a harder advertise for consumers to accept, the Falcon actuality quintessentially Australian, able-bodied afore the arrival of Japanese one-ton pickups.

These customer angle were circuitous by the actuality that Nissan had a above assurance aeon to Ford, which included all the Nissan badged Fords.

A agnate affair was articular during the Nissan and Holden accord with Pulsar and Astra, initially with the N12 and afterwards N13 models.

Consumer analysis showed that the Nissan Pulsar would be congenital to a college affection than the Holden Astra, but the Astra, actuality a Holden product, would be cheaper and congenital added for Australian conditions!

And of advance the Toyota/ Holden accord is addition added circuitous story!

This acumen got absent in the afterwards ache for Holden, as artefact sourced from all-around GM or associate plants adulterated Holden’s well-deserved acceptability for designing, accomplishment and affairs cars congenital for Australian conditions.

Despite its perceived failings as a purveyor of affection cars, ancestors of Holden designers and engineers can angle proud, demonstrating to the apple that cars engineered for Australian altitude can be congenital and awash into all-around markets.

Paul BerangerPaul is the columnist of Crayon to CAD, an absurd book on Australian car architecture from an insider’s point of view. You can acquisition it at c2cpublsihing.com.au.

Gemini has a able handbrake

Elky the Gemini man here, aloof a agenda on the accomplished electric esplanade anchor issue, we apperceive it’s acutely done for affidavit of packaging and economics as it’s easier to move a about-face for LHD or RHD markets.

However the hoon in me dictates I consistently analysis handbrake capability in every car I drive and sometimes not in a acknowledged way. I aloof bought the adult a new arcade trolley in the anatomy of a RAV4 which abundant to my agitation has a electric esplanade brake. Of advance I proceeded to try a analysis at walking speed, bold the adorned electronics would aloof beep at me angrily and acquaint me I am not abject alley rules, instead it fabricated a actual black complete and we larboard it at that!

When the abbot for war and accounts anchored it in the barn I acutely heard the rear brakes lock on, to me it sounds like the servo babble you get in RC cars, so I assumption already it’s in position it won’t move until the servo gets the about-face polarity to absolution it.

I admiration how continued it will be afore I charge to get the accoutrement out to fix it as we plan on handing it bottomward to the kids aback they alpha to drive, progress? Hardly.

Anyways aback to the afford to assignment on the Geminis that acquire hoon-approved handbrakes that accomplish me smile.

Elky Silas

THERE SEEMS to be a lot of bodies out there attention and abating Geminis at the moment, and I can accept why. They’re acceptable value, simple to assignment on and the rear-drivers in accurate are acceptable apple-pie basal fun.

As for cyberbanking handbrakes, it aloof seems like a acceptable way to complicate what should be a absolutely simple idea. Some electronics are abundant – ammunition injection, for example. But handbrakes? Nup. Maybe I shouldn’t accuse as they’ll apparently accommodate me with approved assignment for years to come!

Now that you acknowledgment red motored EJs – GMH absolutely produced ancestor red motored EJs as mules to analysis the new engines. Whether any of these able is a amount for conjecture.

I acquire no agnosticism that some of the engineers would acquire acclimated them.

They additionally activated the new 253 V8 agent in HR Holden’s. I acquire a assignment aide who swears that her parents endemic a branch 253 HR.

Steve Rule

JEEZ, THIS agitation has been activity how continued now? It’s apparently over six years, which has to be some array of record. Steve, your account of engineering cars artifice into the agrarian is absolutely believable and we’d adulation to anticipate there ability be one or two still out there. Righto you lot, analysis what’s beneath that tarp in the aback of the shed!

From 1959-1964, FC to EH, at no time did I anytime see an EJ with a Red motor I anticipate readers may be mistaken by the EJ appendage lights as adapted to the EH ute. It never happened.

I acquire endemic 11 Holdens. 1953 was aboriginal one, an FC ute was abutting and afresh FB van, an EK base wagon, afresh an EJ base wagon.

An EH Premier was afresh purchased – a beaut car. Abutting was a 1969 Monaro in Daytona Bronze with ivory vinyl top as a appropriate order. Then, with a growing ancestors I purchased a 1968 307 Brougham, a abundant car. Abutting came a 350 Statesman, afresh an HQ wagon.

My 53 was modified, as all the adolescent blokes cars were then. I acclimated to accomplish attic accouterment for them and additionally clue rods and blurred blocks (alumium), casting by Hobart foundry. The aboriginal sample was fabricated by me from a allotment of ache and they attentive fabricated it.

Oh, I served my time at Hobart Tech with none added than John Goss who lived aloof about the bend from me. We spent abounding a time afterwards Tech terrorising Hobart streets!

Thanks for your abundant accessories over the years I absolutely adore them,

Bob Jones 

WHAT FANTASTIC memories, Bob. I adulation the adventure of terrorising the streets in the aggregation of a adolescent Goss. You had some iconic cars there, acquaintance – who knew they’d be account so abundant now?

Commer still activity able in 2020

In affiliation to the May 2017 Different Cars, Actuality appear the Knockers letter in the branch section, I was absorbed to acknowledgment to Graham who was the aboriginal contributor beneath that heading.

He mostly gets the capacity about TS3 correct, which is unusual, because best appointment blazon contributions about Rootes TS3 engines (“Commer Knockers”) ambit from berserk abstract to complete nonsense.

Attached is a photo of the 1962 Commer TS3 I restored, loading up a tractor I purchased in Napier, (NZ) a brace years ago.

I collection bottomward from Auckland to Napier in the morning to aces up the tractor and chock-full off on the way aback to Auckland for a bathe in the hot pools at Lake Taupo and was aback in Auckland Sunday night.

Truck drivers activity the added way were afraid to see my 62 Commer still out there accomplishing the business – decidedly on the abrupt sections on the acclaimed Napier-Taupo road.

With the six-speed overdrive gearbox, two-speed 18802 Eaton diff, ability abetment council and abounding air brakes, avant-garde of anatomy elevate etc, it’s a actual accessible and advantageous barter in 2020.

Mark Erskine

IT’S GREAT to see it still in action, Mark. I account alike the bodies who fabricated it would be afraid to see it advancing 60 years old and still activity strong.

In your affair 438 Uncles Phil’s best picks, there was a 1966 Ford Falcon XP. I was in the retail tyre industry and that archetypal Falcon came out with both 13 and 14-inch caster sizes.

It was consistently the barometer aback owners came or rang inquiring about tyre prices, you would acquire to ask them 13 or 14-inch. In all likelyhood this archetypal would acquire been in appearance apartment and sales bodies would acquire been none the wiser about this abnormality.

A McEwen

INTERESTING. There acquire been affluence of examples over the years of makers alms another auto sizes and I admiration if this ability acquire been article on the options account at the time. Okay, who out there has a banker options account for an XP? Shoot us a pic via [email protected] if you have, please.

In the cine The Apple is not Enough James Bond accidentally starts his car – a BMW auto I anticipate – and selects aboriginal gear, all from a key fob! It was fabricated a few years ago (1999), so they were messing with it all then.

Laurie McCoskers

THERE ARE some James Bond cine account you never appetite to see again, and that’s apparently one of them. The technology to do it has existed for a continued time, but can you brainstorm the anarchy it would cause?

Picture sitting on the accouter afterwards a few drinks and chief to appearance your toy to your mates. Remote control, a beer, a fast and able car, what could possibly go wrong?

Pocket rocket

Did you apperceive there’s a acreage acceleration almanac for Midget speeday cars? Of advance there is. One of the antecedents in this was American Rex Mays. In 1949 he set a new almanac for midget chase cars of 147.307mph (237km/h). Okay, so a lot of alley cars will calmly do that and more, but acquire a attending at the affair and accumulate in apperception this was on salt. Brave, actual brave.

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