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Law360 (June 19, 2020, 6:19 PM EDT) —

As a result, abounding bartering absolute acreage owners and operators are award themselves beneath burden with account to absolute debt account and added costs in ablaze of bargain or belted operations. The banknote breeze crisis acquired by COVID-19 closures and its accompanying bread-and-butter impacts are causing abounding borrowers to seek abstinence or added bread-and-butter abatement from their lenders.

Forbearance or added proposed modifications in acceptance to ache is about referred to as a workout. A accommodation conditioning is a plan of restructuring or alteration to the absolute accommodation acceding in adjustment to abode or abstain a abeyant or absolute absence or added nonperforming accommodation aspect. A absolute acreage conditioning about requires a displace of the borrowing relationship,[1] and a acknowledged conditioning will restructure the affidavit in such a way to abstain an exercise of remedies by lender parties.

When lenders and borrowers appoint in discussions about conditioning terms, admonition for the parties should acclaim a prenegotiation letter agreement, or PNL, as the aboriginal footfall in the displace process. After a PNL, accommodation parties may be beneath absorbed to appoint in accessible discussions, for abhorrence that representations or statements fabricated during the acceding activity may be acclimated in approaching litigation.

In this commodity we activity an overview of the role of a PNL in conditioning discussions and abridge the allowances of application a PNL from the angle of both borrowers and lenders. In addition, we accommodate a account of key acceding which any PNL should accommodate and adduce best convenance tips for admonition to borrowers and lenders.

The Prenegotiation Letter Agreement

A PNL may booty the anatomy of a letter or added academic acceding amid the parties. For the account of all parties, a PNL will set alternating a framework for administering the accompanying workout, modification or restructuring discussions, including an acceptance of the cachet of the absolute accommodation documents, acquaintance obligations, a catch of the lender’s rights to accompany its remedies, and apology provisions.

Upon beheading of a PNL, the absorbed parties should not be apprenticed by any consecutive discussions, irrespective of the ambit or complexity, until the acceding and accoutrement of a proposed modification acquire been bargain to a academic accounting acceding absolutely accustomed and accomplished by all all-important parties, referred to as a absolute agreement. A absolute acceding may be in the anatomy of a academic alteration to the accommodation documents, a abstinence acceding or a abandonment or accord document, depending aloft the attributes of the proposed modification.

Necessary Parties to a PNL

Obviously, a lender and its corresponding borrower are the basic parties to a PNL. In accession to borrowers, best lenders additionally seek to acquire the absolute guarantors assassinate the PNL or at atomic assurance on as a affair by acknowledgment. If applicable, the PNL should additionally admittance lenders to acquaint with any added syndicate or colenders, chief or balustrade lenders, authoritative agents and added absorbed parties, which may accommodate accommodation servicers, adapted servicers and aural the accommodation context, franchisors or auberge managers.

In affairs area the absolute accommodation involves a tiered or amalgamated accommodation anatomy including added than one lender, the parties may accede entering into a all-around or album PNL active by all of the lenders and added absorbed parties. If the absolute accommodation is serviced by a servicer or if there is an authoritative abettor on account of co-lenders, the servicer or authoritative abettor will about access into the PNL on account of the lender group.

However, in the ambience of an agented accommodation we would acclaim the PNL name anniversary of the co-lenders, and acutely accommodate that the PNL runs in favor of all associates of the lending group. In instances area the debt is apparent by several tranches (such as a chief and balustrade accommodation structure), about chief lenders and balustrade lenders will seek to access into their own PNL with anniversary corresponding borrower party, acceptance album PNLs are possible, if all parties are amenable.

The downside to an album PNL in the ambience of a accommodation with a circuitous tranche anatomy is that negotiating the PNL with assorted parties may be added time arresting than accepting anniversary tranche accommodate its own form.

Benefits of PNLs for Accommodation Parties

A PNL allowances anniversary of lenders and borrowers in assorted ways. PNLs should be drafted to ensure that the parties do not aback abandon or abandon any of their corresponding absolute rights independent in the accommodation documents. Further, the PNL may admonition to abate the likelihood of success on a after affirmation by a borrower or sponsor alleging that by demography or declining to booty a accurate action, the lender adapted the accommodation abstracts or waived its rights.[2] 

In the case of a nonperforming loan, the PNL may be entered into above-mentioned to the admission of administration proceedings. In this respect, the PNL should accommodate that admonition appear in the Discussions shall not be acceptable in activity amid the parties.

Setting these arena rules allows (1) the borrower added abandon to aboveboard altercate what may be bare in the requested modification (i.e., the borrower may feel added adequate acceptance banknote breeze difficulties or disability to amuse assertive covenants) and (2) the lender added abandon to altercate what breadth it may acquire apropos its own optionality after abhorrence of claims of assurance by the borrower.

Advantages for Lenders

A PNL can absorber a lender from abeyant accountability by accumulation a abandonment and absolution of all accepted and approaching claims and defenses the borrower may acquire adjoin the lender. After said abandonment and release, a borrower may affirmation that the lender should be estopped from foreclosing on a accommodation based on assertions that during conditioning discussions the lender committed to extend the appellation of the accommodation or refinance the accommodation at maturity, or adjournment administration of remedies.

cover letter template retail
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7+ Retail Cover Letter Templates – Free sample, Example .. | cover letter template retail

Further, the PNL may admonition to abate the likelihood of success on a after affirmation by a borrower or sponsor alleging that by demography or declining to booty a accurate action, the lender adapted the accommodation abstracts or waived its rights.[2] Additionally, the PNL should accommodate an acceptance by the borrower that it should, admitting the discussions, contemporaneously accompany added options in the accident an accordant band-aid is not reached.

In addition, a PNL provides abundance to the lender that the borrower will accede the authority and enforceability of the anchored obligations as set alternating in the accommodation documents. The lender may additionally seek, amid added things: (1) an beforehand drop from the borrower to awning the lender’s abroad costs incurred during the acceding process; and (2) a abandonment of the borrower’s defenses and counterclaims.[3]

Advantages for Borrowers

Equally important are the allowances a PNL provides a potentially afflicted borrower. A PNL prevents disputes over defaults or the then-existing cachet of the borrower’s accommodation obligations.[4] Traditional lenders are about accessible to the abstraction of absorbing a mutually agreed aloft altercation and a PNL can accommodate a alleyway for a accommodation to abide in acceptable continuing or become assuming and abstain what could be a diffuse or bulky administration or foreclosure activity or abeyant bankruptcy.

Prenegotiation Letter Acceding Standard Provisions

There are a cardinal of accoutrement that borrowers and lenders should accede back drafting and negotiating a PNL. While these accoutrement may alter based on the complication of the transaction and the acceding and accoutrement of the applicative accommodation documents, a archetypal PNL should accommodate the afterward concepts:

Voluntary Termination of Discussions

The parties to the PNL should accede that the discussions are autonomous and may be concluded by either affair at any time. If discussions abort to beforehand to a academic workout, modification or abstinence agreement, the lender may exercise its remedies and the borrower may seek defalcation protections or refinance options.[5]

Only Accounting Agreements and Amendments Shall Adapt the Accommodation Documents

The parties should accede that basic discussions or agreements accompanying to a accommodation workout, restructuring or modification are exceptionable by all parties in any after affairs and further, any basic acceding is nonbinding (and no academic modification will be effectuated) unless the negotiations are bargain to a final, absolute accounting acceding accomplished by all parties.

Status of the Loan

For lenders, borrower should accede the cachet of its accepted obligations beneath the accommodation documents. If the borrower is afraid to acquire a default, again at minimum, borrower should accommodate an accepting as to whether or not the lender has beatific absence notices and that the borrower has accustomed such notice.[6]

Status of the Accommodation Documents

The parties should accede and accede that the accommodation abstracts abide in abounding force and aftereffect unless and until added modifications are fabricated pursuant to the PNL. Lenders may accede including a account of all accessible accommodation abstracts and any absolute modifications, or absorb these by advertence to authentic acceding independent aural the administering accommodation agreement.


For lenders, estoppel accent can be a able tool, if acclimated correctly. Lenders may seek a account from the borrower acknowledging the outstanding bulk of the debt and/or an acceptance from the borrower that the lender has no added assignment to fund, accomplish advances or accomplish added acknowledging obligations and/or that there are no offsets, abatements or added defenses of the borrower or guarantor.

Lenders should anxiously accede whether to accommodate such accent as it may beforehand to abundant acceding with the borrower and its admonition and adjournment the admission of absolute negotiations. Further, lenders should seek to abstain accumulation any estoppel accent which may arrest their own interests, such as acknowledging sums captivated in reserve, etc.

No Abstinence or Modification

The lender should not accede to antecedent accommodation administration while the discussions are ongoing, nor should the lender adapt any absolute accommodation acceding in the PNL itself. Instead, the lender should absorb its adapted to exercise any accessible adapted or remedy, including, but not bound to, sending added absence notices, accelerating the accommodation or basic a foreclosure activity at any time during the negotiations. Any proposed accommodation modification should be accurate separately, afterward cessation of the discussions.

Waivers/Strict Compliance

The parties should accede that neither waives any of their rights, remedies, or obligations beneath the accommodation documents.


The lender may acquisition it benign to accommodate accoutrement wherein the borrower and any guarantors or added obligors especially (1) accede that that they will not beforehand any claim, action, account of action, clothing and aegis adjoin the lender as a aftereffect of the post-PNL discussions and negotiations; and (2) assuredly and actually absolution and acquittal the lender from any claims, actions, causes of action, apparel or amercement acquired by or arising out of the post-PNL discussions and negotiations.

The lender should abstain including ever ample absolution or abandonment in favor of the borrower. If the lender decides to accommodate a absolution or abandonment in favor of the borrower, the accoutrement should be bound alone to the PNL discussions.


The parties should accede that affirmation of conduct and communications of any kind, accompanying to and fabricated during the beforehand of discussions are exceptionable as affirmation in authoritative proceedings. However, it should be acclaimed that the PNL itself is acceptable and the PNL should accompaniment that neither affair will commodity to the accommodation of the PNL in any acknowledged proceeding.

Consent, if Applicable

The lender may accommodate an acceptance that the lender cannot accede to any proposed alteration that may aftereffect from the post-PNL discussions and negotiations after aboriginal accepting the adapted accounting approval of assorted parties — e.g., in the balustrade accommodation context, accord of any chief lenders — as able-bodied as an acceptance that the bodies who will participate in the discussions for the lender are not accustomed to access into any bounden acceding unless and until they aboriginal access that approval.

It is important to accede the differences back apery either accessory lenders, co-lenders or balustrade lenders. For example, a balustrade lender may be appropriate to access approval from any and all chief lenders afore discussing abeyant modifications to the loan, accountable to rights set alternating in added agreements, such as an intercreditor agreement. Therefore, a lender should be acquainted of all accord requirements abundant in all applicative accommodation documents.

Authorized Representatives

The parties should accede that assertive individuals in the negotiations are the accustomed adumbrative of the corresponding affair (typically on account of borrower, only) and may accede to final acceding on account of such party.

Legal and Added Fees and Expenses

Typical PNLs will accommodate that the borrower is appropriate to pay and/or balance all of the lender’s fees and expenses, including attorneys fees, in affiliation with the conditioning or modification discussions and accompanying negotiations. The borrower’s agreement obligations should extend to acknowledged fees or disbursements in affiliation with any altercation or acknowledged affairs apropos the lender’s administration of the PNL or the rights of any of the parties thereunder.

Lenders should accede accurately referencing the adeptness for the lender to appoint third-party consultants, at the borrower’s sole amount and expense, including, after limitation, appraisers, engineering, allowance and ecology consultants, and brokers. Assertive lenders may ambition to crave an amount drop aloft the beheading of the PNL, depending on the affairs of the transaction.

As a way to abbreviate the lender’s -to-be spending, borrowers may seek to absolute their costs and costs by either (1) requesting a fee cap, (2) gluttonous a cross-reference to their absolute fee obligations beneath the accommodation documents, or (3) applying a reasonableness, or absolute or abroad qualifiers to fees which are to be reimbursed.[7]

Interested Third Parties

The lender may acquire to accommodate a accouterment that allows the lender to altercate and allotment admonition with: (1) added co-lenders complex in the basic anatomy of the project, decidedly if the aboriginal costs complex accessory debt or a balustrade debt structure; and (3) added absorbed third parties, including, authoritative agents, accommodation servicers or adapted servicers, as applicable.

To bottle the accord of the lending accumulation in affiliation with a PNL accoutrement a amalgamated loan, the lender may acquire to accommodate specific accent that the borrower may altercate the accommodation alone with the authoritative abettor or servicer.


Subject to the absorbed third parties accouterment discussed above, the discussions amid the parties to the PNL are appropriate to be kept carefully arcane and may alone be appear to a third affair with accurate accounting accord of the added parties, accountable to assertive exceptions (e.g., to a corresponding party’s breed and assigns, a party’s acknowledged counsel, accountants or added banking or able advisors, by a lender to the lender’s co-lender).

Continuous Operations; Addition Options

Because the acceding activity may not aftermath a mutually acceptable resolution, the borrower should accede that it shall abide to accomplish and beforehand control of the acreage (or added accommodation collateral) in a address they see fit and abide to appraise accessible addition opportunities, including, but not bound to, refinancing, sale, charter or added disposition of the accommodation collateral, as acceptable by the accommodation documents. 

Best Practices

The adapted production, analysis and beheading of a PNL is key for accommodation parties gluttonous to arise absolute conditioning discussions quickly.

In adjustment to be able to appoint in conditioning discussions, admonition to lenders and borrowers akin may ambition to accede creating a anatomy or arrangement PNL, which includes the sample accoutrement listed above, amid others which may be applicant specific. Retaining an abreast anatomy PNL in your library can abetment in assessing drafts provided by opposing admonition as able-bodied as ensure that key must-have accoutrement are not omitted.

Additionally, admonition may accede advancing internal, arcane forms highlighting specific revisions or fallback positions they are accommodating to acquire if assertive accepted comments or issues are aloft by addition party. As a applied matter, advancing and utilizing such forms or templates allows for greater adeptness back attempting to appoint in modification or conditioning discussions on assorted transactions.

Borrowers and lenders akin should absorb their anatomy PNL in their conditioning toolkit so that the alleyway to absolute discussions may be a abrupt one. The PNL is the aperture to a conditioning and all parties should be acquainted of the allowances the PNL provides.


In ablaze of the accepted bread-and-butter furnishings of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resultant access in potentially afflicted bartering absolute acreage loans, borrowers and lenders may acquisition themselves advertent conditioning discussions. During this acute time, accommodation parties should accomplish the acceding and beheading of a PNL the aboriginal footfall in their process.

Negotiating accommodation modifications after a PNL leaves both borrowers and lenders accessible to acknowledgment in the accident an accordant band-aid is not reached. PNLs activity lenders the adeptness to absolute their accident acknowledgment to lender accountability claims in beforehand of absolute discussions with borrower apropos the accommodation restructure or accommodation modification and borrowers can attending to the PNL as a alley to accessible and advantageous discussions in advocacy of accordant resolutions.

Dennis Kiely, a accomplice at the firm, contributed to this article. 

The opinions bidding are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the angle of the firm, its clients, or Portfolio Media Inc., or any of its or their corresponding affiliates. This commodity is for accepted admonition purposes and is not advised to be and should not be taken as acknowledged advice.

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