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Friendly Letter Template 1st Grade What You Know About Friendly Letter Template 1st Grade And What You Don’t Know About Friendly Letter Template 1st Grade

Editor’s note: In ceremony of Golf Digest’s 70th anniversary, we’re revisiting the best abstract and journalism we’ve anytime published. Catch up on beforehand installments.

friendly letter template 1st grade
 Friendly Letter Writing Page - 1st grade by Carissa Bass | TpT - friendly letter template 1st grade

Friendly Letter Writing Page – 1st grade by Carissa Bass | TpT – friendly letter template 1st grade | friendly letter template 1st grade

Over the years, Golf Digest has appear a advanced ambit of clandestine reporting. We’ve beatific accessories editors—men and women—into retail aliment assuming as beginners to see how they were served, and we did assorted dark accessories to appraise how disparate club recommendations could be. We advisedly absent wedges with name-and-address tags on golf courses about the country to actuate how abounding would be returned. (Conclusion: Golfers, by and large, are an honest bunch.) In contempo years we appear two alternation of columns by bearding authors alleged “Undercover Bout Pro” https://www.golfdigest.com/contributor/the-undercover-pro and “Undercover Caddie.” https://www.golfdigest.com/story/undercover-caddie-do-tour-pros-cheat-heres-your-answer

One of our best absolute projects (not in a acceptable way) was “The Secret Activity of Barrow Girls,” in April 2015, appear by Associate Editor Keely Levins. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/the-secret-life-of-cart-girls “All the adamant flirting and exceptionable come-ons—just how bad, and bawdy, does it absolutely get?” Keely wrote. “As a 24-year-old changeable on the Golf Digest beat staff, I was the best actuality to acquisition out. With the tacit cooperation of two courses in Arizona, I went clandestine abaft the caster for three days. The names in this adventure accept been changed, but the exchanges with assemblage are verbatim, as recorded by the catlike spy pen that rode shotgun in my advanced pocket.”

Perhaps our best aggressive clandestine adventure was the afterwards set of case studies showing, unscientifically, how women are advised in the man’s apple of golf. The adventure was appear in March 2012 as a accord amid Accidental Editor Peter Finch and then-LPGA Bout pro Kim Hall, who fabricated concrete transformations in assuming bristles altered golf personas. Kim, now 38, played on the Stanford women’s golf aggregation (1999-2003); today she volunteers as an abettor drillmaster at Auburn, area she lives with her bedmate and two children. Finch, 60, additionally went to Stanford, afresh formed as an editor at BusinessWeek and SmartMoney afore abutting Golf Digest in 2003. He became a academician in journalism at the University of Tennessee (2014-’15) and now lives in Manhattan, still accidental consistently to Golf Digest. —Jerry Tarde

Ask a guy what he thinks about women arena golf, and unless he’s a knuckle-dragger of the aboriginal order, affairs are you’ll get an acknowledgment like, “OK with me,” or, “Fine, as continued as they don’t apathetic us down.” Those are the accessible responses, anyway. But what do men absolutely anticipate about women arena golf? And added important, how do they amusement women they appointment on golf courses? Are they welcoming? Unwelcoming? Somewhere in between?

LPGA Bout amateur Kim Hall and I went clandestine to acquisition out. Armed with beginners’ golf clubs, pro-quality clubs, several boxes of apparel changes and a architecture artist, we met in Chicago for three canicule and bristles circuit of golf. We didn’t analyze ourselves as a annual biographer and a golf pro. Indeed, we didn’t accede alike alive anniversary other. We were aloof a brace of singles attractive for a game.

At anniversary advance we visited, Kim portrayed a altered golfer. At two she affected to be a abecedarian who could almost breach 120. At one she was a mid-90s shooter. Twice she played her approved game–that is, like a professional. She additionally afflicted her looks, as you can see in the accompanying photos. For one annular she was fabricated up to attending as antiquated and airedale as possible. Addition time she wore a bound skirt, lipstick and beautiful golf shoes. And so on. (I was the aforementioned middle-age 11-handicapper everywhere we went. Adventure of my life.)

We accomplish no claims this was a accurate experiment. We played abandoned bristles courses, not 500. The variables were about infinite, from the types of courses to the time of day to the guys we were commutual with. Yet it was a absolute experience.

I knew, activity into this, that some guys would rather not comedy golf with women, but in Chicago I saw immediate how audacious they can be about it. Added than once, Kim and I encountered men who advisedly sped abroad from a woman to abstain arena golf with her.

This is their right, I suppose. But it’s additionally rude. And shameful. Can we absolutely admiration why golf is disturbing to allure women ashamed they get this affectionate of treatment?

It’s not as if Kim got the apathy from everyone. Abounding players and golf-course staffers went out of their way to board her. Yet she was always–unmistakably–an outsider. As she entered the adviser at one course, the pro accustomed her by saying, “You charge be Kimberly–we’ve been cat-and-mouse for you!” He was aloof actuality friendly, but it was additionally a admonition she was an oddity; there were no added women on his tee area that afternoon, so this had to be her.

No amount how Kim dressed or how she swung her clubs, guys about broiled to her ashamed they accomplished she wasn’t activity to comedy slowly. Kim, who grew up in San Antonio and started arena golf 25 years ago, at 5, has accepted this for decades. “In the admirable scheme, that’s the abandoned important affair to men golfers: Can you accumulate moving?” she says. “Most men don’t absolutely affliction about annihilation else.”

The one barring was ashamed Kim was dolled up as the girliest character, the one we alleged Damsel in Distress. Then, annihilation she did seemed to bother anyone. “I absolutely could do no wrong” as that character, she says. “I could accept spent 20 account in the bath at the about-face and gotten abroad with it.”

Why did she anticipate that was? “Guys aloof go googly over a appealing lady,” she says. “It’s innate. And it’s not bound to golf courses. It happens in confined and added accessible places, too. Men appetite to affect that woman. It’s not ‘courting’ exactly… but it affectionate of is.”

Read highlights of our experiment, annular by round.

Kim’s character: Beginning golfer, Ugly Duckling look

Kim accustomed a few account afore me and arrested in, branch for the range. Ashamed I got there, I asked the abettor pro if the added bodies in my accumulation would be walking or riding. “There’s abandoned one actuality so far, and they’re walking,” he said.

His best of words—”they’re walking”—seemed to accept an accessible purpose: He didn’t appetite to analyze my accomplice as a woman.

A morning cloudburst had acquired a delay, and several groups–all male–were milling about by the convenance green. Admitting Kim and I had been commutual with addition twosome, the agents seemed bent not to accelerate us out with anybody else. Anniversary of us abandoned asked club cadre to be commutual with addition brace ashamed the rain adjournment lifted, but they insisted we go out as a pair.

No agnosticism they’d apparent her abating up. Over at the range, Kim was accurately swatting at balls, in appearance as a beginner, and not authoritative acceptable contact. Best of her swings were constant in low liners or whiffs. Her schlubby accouterments wasn’t abacus abundant to her marketability. I absolved over to the amateur and affected to be black about my pairing. “Did you get a amount of who I’m with?” I asked.

“Maybe you can advice her a little,” he suggested. “A lot of women don’t like that, though.” He laughed. “Just be acquainted of area you’re continuing ashamed she hits.”

The golf-course agents “seemed to feel apologetic for me,” Kim told me later. “There was absolutely a ‘poor you’ vibe. Ashamed I asked the abettor about area I could acquisition some food, he didn’t aloof point. He came out from abaft the adverse and absolved me about the bend to the restaurant to appearance me area it was.”

Not anybody was so friendly. Reaching one front-nine aperture with a continued affected carry, we both marched beyond a arch against the ashamed tees, area I would hit. A forester saw us and came antagonism advanced in his cart. “She has to hit from there!” he hollered, gesturing against the red tees. His articulation was decidedly louder than it bare to be. “She can’t hit from here! She won’t get over that ravine!”

“I know,” Kim replied softly, accomplishing a 180 and branch ashamed beyond the bridge.

High-end daily-fee course

Kim’s character: Golf-pro skills, Tomboy look

‘Walking or riding, Miss Hall?” asked the abettor pro as Kim arrested in.

“Whatever the others in my accumulation are doing,” she answered.

The pro spotted one of Kim’s arena ally continuing anon abaft her, a aging man in his backward 60s or aboriginal 70s. “Which is it, Mr. Williams?”

“I’ll be riding,” he said grumpily.

“OK, I’ll ride, too,” Kim said.

After she’d accomplished paying, Williams and his acquaintance active in, afresh hustled from the golf boutique and headed for the aboriginal hole. Finding it open, they teed off and roared bottomward the fairway afore Kim and I could get there to accompany them. So we began our annular as a brace on a awash course. For the aboriginal three holes, we waited for Williams and his acquaintance on every shot. Finally, at the fourth tee, they offered to let us through.

“Isn’t the advance affectionate of awash up?” I asked.

“Would it be OK if we aloof abutting you?” Kim asked.

Pause. “Yeah,” Williams replied, acutely not captivated about it. “All right.”

Cranky as they seemed, the guys bound became affable already they watched Kim hit from the aforementioned tees they were playing. “Whooo!” said Williams’ associate afterwards her aboriginal tee shot. “Are you accessible for alloyed doubles?”

She accomplished the blooming in two and two-putted for par. By the abutting tee, the guys were abounding of questions. “Did you comedy academy golf?” (Answer: Stanford.) “Where are you from?” “You alive in Las Vegas? What’s it like to alive there?”

As we neared the end of our round, with Kim out of earshot, I approached the duo and asked why they had been so bent to blitz off advanced of us. They seemed a little taken aback. “We weren’t aggravating to get abroad from you,” Williams insisted. “We aloof saw the aboriginal tee was open, so we went.”

Kim laughed ashamed I relayed their response. “They knew I was in their group, and they aloof abject off,” she said. It was the aboriginal time she could anamnesis that accident to her. Had it occurred in “real life,” I wondered, would she abstain abiding to the course?

“No, I aloof thought, OK, he’s a jerk, and let it go,” she said. “Everyone abroad there was nice. Maybe this guy has a botheration with women.”

Privately endemic daily-fee course

Kim’s character: Beginning golfer, Damsel in Distress look

I got to the advance afore Kim this time. The golf-shop staffers were apathetic in that big-city way, abrupt and maybe alike ambiguous rude. I asked one of them area to acquisition the aboriginal tee. “Behind the building,” he answered afterwards attractive up or gesturing.

Kim’s acquaintance was altogether different. Ashamed she formed in, an access of coiled albino hair, bright-red nails and lipstick, the guys airtight to attention. The golf-shop agents aback became experts in baby talk, allurement area she was from, cogent her how to acquisition the starter’s shed, answer the course’s admission policy, and adulatory her a abundant round.

I was bottomward at the aboriginal tee affair the brace we’d been commutual with ashamed Kim came out of the shop. The amateur saw her first, from about 150 yards away. “Hey, actuality comes your fourth,” he said. “You guys mind?” He emitted a low whistle. “I don’t anticipate so! I don’t anticipate you guys are gonna mind!” We angry to attending at Kim, and I accurately laughed forth with the added guys.

Kim was one of abandoned two women we saw at the advance that day, and absolutely she was the added made-up. Guys in added foursomes aboveboard stared at her as we passed.

Kim played as a beginner, and because of that we were affective slowly. By the fifth tee, there was a aperture and a bisected accessible advanced of us, and I saw a forester abutting in a cart. I was assertive he was activity to acquaint us to get a move on. But no. It turns out the forester had heard from the amateur that Kim ability be low on tees, so he went to his golf bag and activate some extras. “Here,” the forester said captivation out a scattering for her. “I heard you ability charge these.”

The men we played with, buddies in their backward 30s, were no beneath affable than the ranger. They complimented Kim on her “braveness” for advancing out to comedy as a distinct changeable and offered auspicious words ashamed she bootless to get her brawl aerial or remained ashore in a bunker. On a brace of occasions I approved to allurement them into accusatory about her–“Boy, she’s appealing bad,” I said ashamed she could not apprehend us–but they didn’t bite. Once, I commented that I bare a bath breach and didn’t feel adequate activity abaft a timberline with her in our group. They laughed and agreed, and that was the end of it.

“I acquainted great!” Kim said afterwards the round. “Everyone advised me so nicely. But the affair is, this is 2011. To get the amateur to be nice, to accept anybody in the golf boutique be so sweet, do you accept to be all done up in curls and architecture and apocryphal eyelashes? Why don’t all women get that treatment?”

Kim’s character: Decent player, Boilerplate Jane look

Rain delays afresh accolade the tee area at this course, so we had to activate our annular as a twosome. We bent up with a brace of men in their mid-30s at the fourth tee. Kim asked if we could accompany them. “We were affectionate of acquisitive to comedy fast,” one muttered, blank the accumulation in the fairway appropriate in advanced of them.

“Doesn’t attending like you’re activity anywhere,” I said. They let us accompany them.

Kim, carding mostly bogeys and doubles, was befitting a active clip for this round. “She’s appealing good, huh?” I said to Jim, the added abrupt of our two new friends.

“She’s consistent,” he said, not aural actual impressed. In their rush, the guys sped accomplished the advanced tee on the abutting hole, afore Kim could hit. “Average Jane goes appealing unnoticed,” she said.

A few holes later, Kim approved to appoint the guys in conversation. There was a abrupt back-and-forth about careers and hometowns. Ashamed Kim declared herself as “a mom,” the chat ended. That was the aftermost catechism they asked her. (She is, in fact, the mother of a 1-year-old babe and is on leave from the LPGA Tour, area she played for four years and becoming added than $350,000.)

On the ashamed nine, the army attenuated out and we began arena alike faster, aggravating to accomplishment all 18 afore sundown. Ashamed we putted out on the aftermost hole, in abreast darkness, we all befuddled hands, and Jim thanked us for hurrying.

“They absolutely weren’t absorbed in me at all,” Kim said afterward. “I was aloof affectionate of there. It’s weird, that we couldn’t accept a conversation.”

High-end daily-fee course

Kim’s character: Golf-pro skills, Golf-pro look

For the additional time in three days, Kim and I accustomed at the aboriginal tee on time abandoned to acquisition the men we’d been commutual with had amorphous afterwards us. Because the advance was busy, we bent up with the two mid-60s golfers in a amount of minutes.

Now, there was no catechism Kim looked like a golfer. Beyond her outfit, she was arena the aforementioned clubs she uses on tour. Still, there was an awkward blackout ashamed we formed up abaft the delinquent golfers on the tee box.

“Mind if we appear forth with you?” asked Kim, finally.

“Yeah …” one of them responded. “OK.”

Kim stepped to the dejected tees, which they were playing, and smacked her drive bottomward the center. The guys had no accessible reaction, but afterwards a brace of holes, one of them approached her and said, “So area did you comedy golf on a scholarship?”

It wasn’t continued afore the beverage-cart babe collection up. We weren’t thirsty, so we coiled her off, but she capital us to stop anyway. She leaned against Kim. “The guys up advanced said there was a woman arena from the dejected tees and accomplishing absolutely well,” she said. “I aloof capital to appear out and say, ‘Good for you!’ “

By afresh the guys we were arena with–Bob and Ed–had ample out Kim was bigger than the boilerplate academy golfer. “Did you anytime anticipate about activity pro?” Bob asked.

“Actually, I am a pro,” Kim said.

Now the guys were abounding of questions, and Kim answerable them with answers about activity on tour, her admired courses and, naturally, what Tiger Woods is absolutely like. (She met him at a convenance center, and he was nice to her.)

After our round, ashamed Kim had departed, the guys said they’d enjoyed arena with us and were animated we’d abutting them. “Just attending at how she swings it,” Bob said. “So smooth.”

“I’m gonna Google her,” said Ed.

I said it seemed like they were aggravating to get abroad from us ashamed the annular began.

“No!” they chorused. “Not at all.”

That’s not the way it looked to Kim. “You could acquaint they didn’t appetite me to accompany them at first,” she said. “There wasn’t any question. But ashamed they saw me play, it was like, Oh, she knows what she’s doing. Now all of a abrupt we were on the aforementioned wavelength.”

Looking ashamed on our experience, it’s adamantine to apperceive absolutely why Kim got the algid accept so often. Apathetic comedy is absolutely a big allotment of it. In a lot of men’s imaginations, there’s no such affair as a accelerated woman golfer.

This isn’t article Kim has dealt with a lot in the past. Because she began arena so adolescent and bound got so acceptable at it, she has hardly showed up at golf courses area bodies don’t apperceive her or weren’t assured her.

Over the years, though, she has played abundant golf with men to apperceive that some are afflictive adorning with women. That seemed to be the case ashamed Kim was in her Boilerplate Jane character. She was plain-looking, not an abnormally abundant golfer, and a calm mom. The men we played with had affluence of questions for me. But with Kim, they seemed to conclude, “What is there to allocution about?” and larboard her alone.

Some guys feel like women put a damper on things, Kim says. “They appetite their ‘boy time.’ They feel like they can’t smoke or anathema and being if a lady’s in the group. I comedy with my dad and his accompany all the time, and they still apologize to me if they anathema or they burp or whatever. Appear on. I’m 30 years old. That doesn’t bother me.”

Shouldn’t men be advantaged to “boy time”? Of advance we should. And the accuracy is, we’ll generally acquisition it at a accessible golf course. But that doesn’t alibi the behavior Kim and I encountered. It’s not 1950 anymore. Unless you book your tee time for a foursome, there’s a adventitious you’ll get commutual with added players and–the horror!–one or added of them ability be female.

You can action it, as we saw guys do in Chicago. Or you can booty the aerial alley and embrace it. Because, as Kim acicular out, you never apperceive who that woman golfer ability be. “You ability get addition who turns out to be absolutely absorbing to you–like an advance administrator or a CEO. Or maybe a golf pro.”

Story continues

Friendly Letter Template 1st Grade What You Know About Friendly Letter Template 1st Grade And What You Don’t Know About Friendly Letter Template 1st Grade – friendly letter template 1st grade
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