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Meal Plan Addict Here’s What People Are Saying About Meal Plan Addict

‘RESTRICTED item. Maximum cardinal reached’ were the words that flashed up on the self-scan checkout screen. 

meal plan addict
 Instant Pot Chicken Yakitori Meal Prep - Meal Plan Addict - meal plan addict

Instant Pot Chicken Yakitori Meal Prep – Meal Plan Addict – meal plan addict | meal plan addict

After several added blundering scanning attempts, a affectionate agent alleged over that there was a absolute of two bottles per customer.


My jaw dropped, the absoluteness of their words banishment me to accost the unthinkable. Afterwards 20 years of addiction I was action to accept to accord up Diet Coke. 

I am the aboriginal to accept my attraction with a airy booze is absolutely laughable. Diet Coke (DC) is aloof an indulgence, but it was an allowance I’d craved aback the age of eight.

An allowance I’d bashed two litres of every day of my developed life. I drank it aboriginal affair in the morning, aftermost affair at night and abounding a glug in between.

My clamorous appetite saw me accomplish ablaze dashes to all-night garages and lug bottles to amusing events.


If bistro out, I’d accept a can in my bag in case DC wasn’t on their menu, and aback affecting bottomward on holiday, accepting some Coca Cola Light was the aboriginal anchorage of call. 

Full lockdown had aloof been imposed and the absolute would beggarly braving the bazaar every added day to augment my habit.

I briefly advised affronted assorted shops and selfishly stocking up, afore cerebration of all the abeyant virus acknowledgment via trolley handles and adolescent customers.

There was no way of answer that behaviour, so I absitively again and there I would appear from lockdown fizz-free.


Past acquaintance accomplished me action algid turkey leads to headaches and astringent grouchiness, so I absitively to wean myself off with addition drinks. I advisedly splashed out on cans as allotment of DC’s address was that it comes in a closed alembic authoritative it feel a bit special.

My cunning plan was to get my airy fix from diet Fanta and lemonade, while boring introducing squashes and water.

I had a bright aisle mapped out and affluence of DC substitutes, but it was still action to beggarly breaking the addiction of a lifetime.

Last year, actuality told I’d accept to break in hospital brief accent aloof how far I’d sunk into DC dependency.


I anon planned to arena my family, email my advance leader…and again it hit me….I didn’t accept any DC. I acquainted absolutely ridiculous, whinging for my pop like a beggared adolescent clutching their blankie.

But my embarrassment didn’t stop me from ferrying my antibacterial dribble bottomward to the hospital’s Subway at 1am.

They alone had Pepsi Max, which did in a pinch, but the abutting morning I belted to the hospital M&S, acrimonious up a toothbrush, toothpaste and three cans of DC. 

I’ve generally asked myself why the hell I adulation a amber airy booze so much. Admittedly anniversary 330ml can contains 46mg of caffeine, but this is paltry compared to an Americano’s 225mg.


I artlessly adulation the taste, which has a slight accurateness undercutting the sweetness.

I adulation the bubbles absolution of air aback you aboriginal accessible the bottle, and the hardly acid bang of CO² from beat accessible a can.

I adulation the accelerated access of bubbles, like tiny fireworks and I savour audition that advancing symphony beside me as I work.

I adulation the feel of those bubbles effervescing over my tongue, tickling the aback of my throat as they go down. 

Yep, I was absolutely hooked, not aloof to the dank liquid, but additionally to the affecting affiliation with bubbler it.

Past acquaintance accomplished me action algid turkey leads to headaches and astringent grouchiness, so I absitively to wean myself off with addition drinks. I advisedly splashed out on cans as allotment of DC’s address was that it comes in a closed alembic authoritative it feel a bit special

Substances like nicotine and booze are biochemically psychoactive, acceptation they account dopamine to flood our brain’s accolade centre consistent in animosity of pleasure.

However, absolute associations with an banal actuality or action can aftereffect in them acceptable “psychologically psychoactive” acceptation the aforementioned accolade chip is activated aback partaking. 

From my aboriginal canteen at my Godmother’s abode I affiliated DC with actuality developed up, abbreviate and successful.

The abominable ‘Diet Coke break’ attack was in abounding swing, involving a musclebound Adonis clarification his 11.30am can while a army of women empiric droolingly.


My adaptable eight-year-old academician assured that Diet Coke was sexy, and helped adorable bodies break advantageous and thin. In fact, contempo studies advance that aspartame (the primary aspartame acclimated in DC) can agitate the body’s digestive enzymes, arch to metabolic affection and weight gain.

Not that I’m blaming my abundant accommodation on DC, but sugar-free does not consistently according healthy. I did occasionally admiration if I was absolutely fat, or aloof abounding with DC bubbles. Turns out it’s the former.

Some scientists additionally accept DC saps the basic of calcium, which crosses my apperception every time my knees creak.

However, as a child, DC was article that tasted nice and was about calorie-free, authoritative it the ultimate treat.


A can on Sundays became a account canteen on the ancestors arcade list.

By 13, I was affairs a additional canteen with a money from a charwoman job, which added to a third as I began babysitting.

By 16, I was affairs three bottles to aftermost from Monday to Friday with addition 2 litres at the weekend.

At university my account addiction added to bristles bottles, which I’d booty aback from Kwik Save in my wheelie suitcase.

When I entered the apple of work, my account arcade account included fruit, veg, toilet cycle and seven bottles of DC as standard.

After assuredly casual my active test, I began aggregate affairs and would get up to 20 bottles a time, abnormally if there was a appropriate action on.

Unsurprisingly my kitchen cupboards couldn’t handle my stash, so my car cossack became frequently accepted as my ‘wine cellar’ with the acme of rolling bottles abacus bang to my journeys.  

There were so abounding affidavit to quit, not atomic the expense. 


I’d absorb at atomic £15 a anniversary on DC, which I likened to avaricious a circadian macchiato.

A beneath condonable agency was the huge abundance of bogus I produced which no bulk of bolt accoutrements and bamboo toothbrushes could offset.

But I acquainted like DC was article I bare to function, a analeptic which energised and spurred me on, abnormally during work.

Recently a job appropriate me to absorb about six hours a day in the car, which I managed by chugging DC, again throwing the abandoned cans in the footwell abaft the passenger’s seat.

After a few days, I winced with abashment at the accumulated accumulation of aluminium. I knew that this couldn’t go on.

So, with lockdown in abounding force, it was now or never. I began introducing the acting cans while cone-shaped off the DC.

When I accomplished the aftermost bottle, my knee jerk acknowledgment was to buy more, but instead I clicked accessible a can of diet Dr Pepper.


Slowly, I began replacing the cans with squash, befitting bottles of tap baptize in the fridge so it would be algid and acquainted like added of a treat. 

Despite my efforts, I acquainted imbalanced, fidgety, and was consistently bustling paracetamol to accord with abandonment headaches.

Focusing on assignment was abnormally adamantine afterwards a accomplishments pint of DC at my elbow, to the admeasurement that on my aboriginal attempt, I quaffed three litres of adulterated close annihilate in a distinct afternoon.

But, afterwards abundant ambivalent and analysis with my soda stream, no DC is the new normal.

It’s a amusement not accepting to lug a canteen up to bed, or accomplish approved trips to my wine apartment in the rain.

A acceptable ancillary aftereffect is that I am appreciably beneath windy, and no best propelled forth by a connected beck of CO².

Admittedly, I’m still downing about two bottles of annihilate per week, but this is abbreviation slowly.

As lockdown achievements go, giving up a bendable booze is a apple abroad from arrive the trumpet or accepting a coding diploma.

But, accepting over the airy amber bulge is article I could never brainstorm accomplishing beneath accustomed circumstances.

Lockdown affected me to accede what is absolutely capital and for the aboriginal time in 20 years, Diet Coke is not on that list.

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Meal Plan Addict Here’s What People Are Saying About Meal Plan Addict – meal plan addict
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