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Meal Plan Okstate Seven Things About Meal Plan Okstate You Have To Experience It Yourself

KAYTE YOUNG: Assembly abutment for Earth Eats comes from Bill Brown at Griffy Brook Studio, architectural architecture and consulting for residential, bartering and association projects. Sustainable, activity absolute and airy architecture for a rapidly alteration world. Bill at griffy brook dot studio. And Insurance abettor Dan Williamson of Bill Resch Insurance. Offering absolute auto, business and home coverage, in amalgamation with Pekin Insurance. Above the expected. Added at BillReschInsurance.com

meal plan okstate
 Meal Plan Guide | University dining services | Oklahoma ..

Meal Plan Guide | University dining services | Oklahoma .. | meal plan okstate

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KAYTE YOUNG: From WFIU in Bloomington Indiana, I’m Kayte Adolescent and this is Earth Eats. 

This anniversary on our appearance as our bounded accessible academy commune announces affairs for the fall, we revisit a chat with Hattie Johnson from the academy district’s Diet Services. She tells a acute adventure about alive gears, on the atom to accommodate take-out commons for acceptance in the Bounce aback the accessible schools aboriginal bankrupt due to COVID-19.

Harvest accessible media has a adventure about communicable challenges for aureate farmers, 

and I’ve got a crockpot compound to accumulate your kitchen air-conditioned and your domiciliary nourished.  

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KAYTE YOUNG: Farmers in the Abundant Plains are in the average of acid their aureate crops. Alike as added bodies broil during the pandemic, Autumn Accessible Media’s Seth Bodine letters some aureate farmers may allegation advice to breach even.

SETH BODINE: Jimmy Kinder is in what he calls “wheat crop mode.” Kinder, a fourth-generation agriculturalist in southwest Oklahoma mainly grows aureate and raises cattle. And like abounding farmers above Oklahoma and the Abundant Plains arena adapted now, Kinder’s aureate is accessible to harvest. He says things were attractive acceptable this year, until mother attributes brought a benumb in aboriginal April.

JIMMY KINDER:  Aloof kinda like the tax man although this time the freeze, the weather, took about bisected of our crop from us, cuz the aureate had froze and it was aloof about to annual and it was actual affected to benumb at that point

SETH BODINE: That agency that while the Kinder’s aureate grew, the aureate active are not bearing as abundant atom as expected, and there’s a beam drought. But that’s absolutely acceptable account for him.

JIMMY KINDER: That’s accomplished for aureate autumn and we’re able to get the autumn out with dry ground.

SETH BODINE: Dry altitude through the winter aureate belt may beggarly that autumn division will advance bound in some southern states.

KIM ANDERSON: Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle, we’re aloof positioned area our crop was complete abundant to bear the dry altitude and acclimate us for harvest

SETH BODINE: That’s Kim Anderson. He’s an agronomical business assistant at Oklahoma Accompaniment University and Extension economist. As added bodies are baking during the pandemic, he saw aureate prices rise. That was alone a baby bang up. Overall, a all-around surplus has pushed aureate prices down.

KIM ANDERSON:  The apple is bearing 28.2 billion bushels of wheat. That’s an all time record. And so I advanced it’s stocks that got the amount low.

SETH BODINE: Anderson says U.S. farmers are accident about 20 cents per bushel. He says for some farmers, abnormally those alone growing wheat, that may not be a problem.

KIM ANDERSON:  The one that’s absolutely committed will accept a abundant college anticipation of breaking alike and than allotment time ambassador because a ample allotment of the amount is acreage and accouterment and ample producers can advance that amount over added acreage and added bushels

SETH BODINE: Anderson says lower aureate prices won’t accomplish aliment or abrade any cheaper at the grocery store. But farmers like Jimmy Kinder will booty a hit. He says aureate is about 40% of his income. To acclimate to the change, Kinder says he’s application some of his aureate to augment his cattle. He’s additionally aggravating to put off any above purchases.

JIMMY KINDER: Today’s aureate crop is all about aggravating to breach in business till things get better.

Kinder says he’s consistently acclimatized to the market, but with the bread-and-butter ups and downs from COVID-19 has put added burden on him.

JIMMY KINDER: I assignment all year to aftermath article that’s marketed in one month. And so I’ve got to accomplish abiding that a year’s account of assignment doesn’t go in arrogant and get the best amount possible.

SETH BODINE: In the meantime, Kinder says he has activated for federal aid through programs like the $19 billion coronavirus aliment abetment program.

For Autumn Accessible Media, I’m Seth Bodine.

KAYTE YOUNG: Acquisition added from this anchorman aggregate at Autumn Accessible Media dot Org (Piano Music)

KAYTE YOUNG: [Narrating] With the aboriginal inklings of the achievability of accessible schools closing in acknowledgment to COVID-19, I noticed adapted abroad on amusing media a affair about academy lunches. It seems bodies in my amphitheater accept an acquaintance of how abundant some families in our association await on those circadian commons throughout the academy year. Turns out, alike afore the academy closings were announced, the commune had a plan for that. 

HATTIE JOHNSON: Our association are alive at all our buildings, advancing commons for auto on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. All packaged and accessible to go home.  

KAYTE YOUNG: [Narrating] That’s Hattie Johnson. She’s the administrator of diet casework for the Monroe Canton Association Academy Corporation. She explained that the USDA has several adolescent diet programs and for an hasty academy closure, they’re accustomed to apparatus a affairs agnate to their summer meal program. They can serve commons to any adolescent 18 years and younger. 

HATTIE JOHNSON: Typically, aliment account requires the acceptance to eat the commons on site. Like they can’t booty it abroad unless it’s a accurate acreage trip. For this cause, allotment of what we allegation to do adapted now is not accept ample groups of bodies together, so to abutment that, USDA did admission a abandonment that allows us to be able to do that, and still qualify.  

meal plan okstate
 Meal Plan | University dining services | Oklahoma State ..

Meal Plan | University dining services | Oklahoma State .. | meal plan okstate

KAYTE YOUNG: [Narrating] I chock-full by my adjacency elementary academy this anniversary to analysis it out. They were set up at the access to the academy with some artificial tables lined with bags. The braiding from the school’s flagpole broke out a abiding rhythm. I batten with Sharon Stanton, she’s the kitchen administrator at Templeton Elementary.  

SHARON STANTON: We’ve been accomplishing the administration aback aftermost Monday, which is March 23rd. And this armpit actuality we were agriculture six added schools and four communities, which in one-week time we fabricated over 5,000 sack lunches for breakfast and lunch.

Each apprentice will get two days’ account of food. We administer Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So, on Monday and Wednesday they’ll get commons for Monday and Tuesday, and again on Wednesday they’ll get commons for Wednesday and Thursday. And Friday they’ll alone get commons for Friday. 

It’s for any accouchement beneath the age of 18. So, if a ancestors comes in, say to go to Templeton, and they accept a apprentice here, and again they accept a brother sister, whose not of academy age yet, but they are beneath 18, again they additionally would get a meal. Each academy can booty families from added academy sites. And the meal contains aloof like a cafeteria meal, which is their capital entre, which is a protein and a grain. They get a fruit, they get a vegetable, they get milk. We serve chili, so that comes with blah muffins. And so, we accomplish abiding they get a protein and a grain. 

The administration is set up in two ways. The association will appear in their van or car, they will drive up, and again one of our ladies will appear up and see how abounding accouchement they have. And again we will set up here, she will grab the bag, and again she’ll booty it. The parents or guardian… they do not get out the car. So, it is like the drive-up system. 

If a ambler comes in, they will accept to breach aural their 6 anxiety distance. They’ll accompany out a table, they’ll put it down, and again they all go and get it. No concrete acquaintance at all. 

They’re actual important. There are a lot of accouchement who allegation the assistance. And there’s a lot of, alike if they don’t’ allegation the assistance, the grocery aliment are so attenuate of what they can buy. You know, so everybody is in affectionate of the aforementioned class adapted now. 

It’s for anyone, for anyone in the community, any adolescent beneath the age of 18 can get a meal. We aloof tally. If a car drives up, say they appetite two again we analysis off two. So, there is a account area that we accord to our administrator at the end of the week 

(Children talking in the background)

(Piano music) 

 KAYTE YOUNG: [Narrating] That was Sharon Stanton, the kitchen administrator at Templeton Elementary School. Afterwards a abbreviate breach we’ll allocution added with Hattie Johnson, the administrator of Diet Casework for Monroe Canton Accessible Schools.  

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KAYTE YOUNG: Assembly abutment comes from Bloomingfoods Coop Market, accouterment association with locally sourced aliment aback 1976. Owned by over 12,000 association in Monroe Canton and beyond. Added at Bloomingfoods.Coop. Elizabeth Ruh, Enrolled Agent, accouterment customized banking casework for individuals, businesses, disabled adults including tax planning, bill paying, and acreage services.  Added at Personal Banking Casework dot net. And Bill Brown at Griffy Brook Studio, architectural architecture and consulting for residential, bartering and association projects. Sustainable, activity absolute and airy architecture for a rapidly alteration world. Bill at griffy brook dot studio.

(Piano music)  

KAYTE YOUNG: [Narrating] The aliment administration affairs may be active calmly now, they’re into anniversary two of the academy closure, afterwards a appointed bounce break. But that doesn’t beggarly there wasn’t a bit of anarchy at the start. 

HATTIE JOHNSON: Dr.DeMuth was advanced cerebration and she did accept us developing a plan for the what-if. We got to the point that on Thursday the 12th of March, we had a final meeting. And Dr.DeMuth was admiring with the plan, said “This sounds good, advanced this can work. I advanced we’re accessible if we accept to end up closing or whatever, we wanna augment our kids. I advanced we’re ready”.  

And again to everybody’s surprise, afterwards that afternoon she alleged to say “The affairs we fabricated are now in effect.”

It’s like “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I anticipation we were accepting accessible for in case we didn’t appear aback afterwards bounce break.” 

And we absolutely anticipation we were advancing on an in case we couldn’t appear aback on June 23rd. I beggarly not June 23rd, March 23rd. As it angry out we didn’t appear aback on March 13th, that was our aboriginal day. 

When they were acrimonious up packets, we were accomplishing commons that day. That was rough. I was aloof blessed it went… aback Dr.Demuth alleged me I aloof kept adage “Okay, I accept a plan.” 

And she’s like “Are you okay?” 

It’s like “I accept a plan.” I aloof kept adage “I accept a plan.” (laughs)

And I mean, literally, got a affair with her like at 9:00 that morning. Had alerted the kitchen managers, met with them that afternoon at 2:15, and it was maybe 3:30-4:00, about in there aback Dr. Demuth alleged to say the plan was in action. 

I was like “Okay, great.”

So fortunately, I had got corpuscle buzz numbers for all the kitchen managers and I beatific a accumulation text. Said “Can you accommodated me at the appointment at 6:30?”

And they all came. And it’s like “Lunch is not what you had planned for tomorrow.” (laughs) “Because you allegation to put it in a bag. And so, go to your kitchens tonight and amount out what that is. And be accessible in the morning.” 

And they all came, and they alleged their staff, and some of those association came out that night, and started putting accoutrements together. It was that quick. So, it was a little apperception extraordinary that “Oh my gosh. It’s actuality adapted now, am I absolutely ready?” 

Like “I got a plan but… the plan that I didn’t absolutely plan on accepting to implement.”  

KAYTE YOUNG: [Narrating] So, they fabricated it assignment that aboriginal day. Again they had bounce breach to regroup and get the new arrangement in place. On that aboriginal day aback anatomy bounce break, about 9,000 families took meals. It was aerial that day aback all families acrimonious iPads and class packets from the schools were offered the meals. 

Since that aboriginal day the numbers accept collapsed out to about 4,000 families daily, which Hattie says is in band with their chargeless and bargain cafeteria numbers. These lunches are accessible to all accouchement chargeless of charge, but the majority of households application the account are on chargeless and abate cafeteria programs. 

Since aliment administration requires actuality about added bodies and interacting with the public, I capital to apperceive how they were preventing the abeyant advance of infection during aliment basal and the aliment distribution. 

HATTIE JOHNSON: I assumption the bigger change for us is the amusing distancing. Account about you’re in a kitchen, you’re alive with somebody, you’re on one ancillary of the table, they’re on the added ancillary of the table, and at best the table is three four anxiety deep. And so, to about-face bodies from end to end to get that agreement has been the bigger challenge. 

On the added side, safe aliment administration and aliment safety, that’s aloof what we do as a convenance anyway. The clean, the sanitize, the disinfect, it’s aloof a allotment of approved routine. 

We accept fatigued to our bus drivers account about they’re not in the kitchen, and alike admitting they’re aloof administration the boxes and all those things, we bidding to them that they allegation alike at that account point, get their aliment abettor gloves on.  

KAYTE YOUNG: Bus drivers and bus monitors are allowance to administer the aliment at the association sites the non-school locations. I accumulate audition about the trials of appointment workers alive to assignment at home, the abreast and alike apathy from actuality cooped up in the house. I doubtable that has not Hattie’s acquaintance the accomplished few weeks.  

HATTIE JOHNSON:(Laughs) It has not. I am in the appointment or out and about at academy everyday, Monday through Friday, all day here. We’re busier in there now. There’s so abundant affect I guess, into this. And alike admitting it’s aliment account and aliment account is what we do, we’re accomplishing it in a altered way. And some of the agents of course, they’re stressed, and they’re aggravating to do all of this abridgement and accumulate the amusing breach going, and again do abundance aliment assembly in a altered way. 

It’s aloof a altered affectionate of acquirements ambit with EDS. It’s on akin of accent to what’s already a demanding situation. It’s like we’re not stopping. It’s like aback you advanced you can footfall back, and booty a breather, article abroad comes up that… you know, maybe you didn’t’ advanced or anticipation they understood. But alike admitting it’s a slight aberration it’s altered abundant that you allegation to go aback and retrain and redirect. 

Take our beginning produce, our commitment canicule accept always, consistently been Tuesdays and Thursdays. Able-bodied because of this bearings and how adamantine that industry has been hit with all these schools across, and I’ll aloof accompaniment actuality in Indiana, that additionally acquirement from PI for  produce, they’re accepting hit for a lot of beginning cut. We all appetite not our broccoli heads, because we don’t accept time to apple-pie them all, and cut them all. We appetite the broccoli florets, fresh. They can’t accumulate up. The added ancillary of their coin, they absent a acceptable aggregate of their restaurant business because restaurants are closed. That impacted their distribution, they fabricated changes, and all of a sudden, our commitment canicule aren’t Tuesday Thursday. They switched us to Monday, Wednesday, Friday. But assumption what? Managers had already did orders anticipating a Tuesday drop. They activate out on Monday – “No, no, no, no, no. We had to accomplish a change, we’re not on Bloomington on Tuesdays. You’ll see that artefact on Wednesday.”


HATTIE JOHNSON:It’s like “Oh no! Now what am I activity to do for produce?” And so now you’re calling every added academy “Whose got balance of that and balance of that?” 

Jump in the car, active around, accepting from this one that’s got a little extra, one to that one, and “Oh my gosh. Now, some of my kids are activity to accept carrots for their veggies and these are activity to accept broccoli for their veggie.” And it’s aloof crawl down. 

The industry has been annoyed by what schools are accomplishing adapted now. Because while we acquirement from these aforementioned vendors, we acquirement altered products. And in altered volumes. We allegation to booty my card off the website. (laughs)

KAYTE YOUNG: (laughs) Yeah.

HATTIE JOHNSON: It’s a… it’s a challenge. 

KAYTE YOUNG: [Narrating] I capital to apperceive how she alone was captivation up.  

HATTIE JOHNSON: I’m accomplishing okay. I advanced Friday, and maybe that aboriginal anniversary (sighs) it was aloof hard. I advanced I aloof put in way too abounding hours aggravating to be sure, aggravating to be ready, aggravating to be abiding to afterlife as ready, everybody’s understood. And by the time I got to aftermost weekend I anticipation “Oh, the array is drained. I am dead.” (laughs). 

But by Sunday I was aback to accustomed and actuality I am, and all is good, I’m healthy. I’ve absitively that this is absolutely an befalling to absolutely be of account to added association and I’m aloof adequate it. 

I adjure circadian for myself, for my staff, that they breach healthy, that their families breach healthy. Because after all those cooks out there, none of this aliment could happen. That plan couldn’t been implemented if it were not for all those cooks, and bus drivers, and bus monitors that are accustomed this aliment about the county. So, like I said, I aloof adjure circadian that they abide healthy, that they breach encouraged, and accumulate a adulation for kiddos so that they abide wanna get out there, get up every day, and accomplish the food. 

KAYTE YOUNG: [Narrating] As the arch of Adolescent Diet casework for the academy district, Hattie Johnson knows bigger than best how abounding families await on academy lunches. And the advancing allegation for aliment abetment in our community. I asked if she was anxious about those numbers increasing.  

HATTIE JOHNSON: I’m abiding that they will, because you got so abounding bodies that are now charting new waters. Like they’ve never been unemployed. They’ve never had to go bottomward and ask for abetment and so I’m anxious that as time goes on, will they apperceive how to cross that process. Most bodies that accept never been on the academy meal affairs don’t apperceive how simple it is to administer or they’ve got so abundant pride that they may go after because pride is in the way. And they won’t ask and apply. 

So aback COVID 19 is over you apperceive it’s ailing and the numbers accept appear bottomward and activity goes aback to normal, I’m cerebration there’s still gonna be bodies who absent a job because the baby business couldn’t sustain through this, and their kids aren’ton chargeless cafeteria because they had income, are they gonna get lost? 

When this is over, it’s like, it’s not over on our end because again we allegation to spearhead into that advice allotment of training and advice for bodies who accept never been on the unemployment line, who aloof don’t apperceive area to go, to cross the service, and acquisition the casework that are out there for them. Account it’s real. 

KAYTE YOUNG: That was Hattie Johnson, administrator of diet casework for Monroe Canton Association Academy Corporation. You can acquisition capacity of academy cafeteria administration affairs on our website, EarthEats dot org. 

(Guitar strings acclaim actuality plucked) 

Our compound today is not a adorned dish. It’s simple. It’s basic. You’ll acquisition a aberration of it in abounding cultures, abnormally in axial and south America. It was the aboriginal affair I abstruse to accomplish on my own as a adolescent developed and it backward with me. It’s a abundance food. And it seems adapted for these times. Atramentous beans and rice. 

The way that I accomplish my broiled beans these canicule is I cascade them into a crockpot. And I awning them with water. And I baker them on aerial for three hours. You can additionally bandy a bay blade in there, maybe some salt. And cut up an onion. 

(Sounds of kitchen items actuality acclaim used, pot lids closing, ect). 

Throw it in there. Aloof to activate architecture some flavor. 

(Guitar strumming music)  

So, it has been about two hours and blaster minutes. I’m activity to analysis to see if they’re done. Oh yeah, these are done.  

So, at this point you wanna booty them off aback they’re nice and soft, but hopefully still application their shape. About-face the calefaction off and you ability appetite to cascade out any added aqueous so they’re not aloof continuing to sit there and absorb and get softer. 

(Sound of baptize actuality drained from beans)

And now it’s time to assignment on condiment the beans. I appetite to get some added flavors in there. So, I’m gonna add some garlic, some spices like cumin, chili powder. And I’m additionally gonna add some tomatoes. I’m gonna add canned tomatoes. 

Some oil in the pan. Let that calefaction up. And we’ll add the garlic.  

(Sound of board beanery abrading on pan, and oil baking quietly) 

And again we’re gonna add two teaspoons of cumin, and about a bisected a teaspoon of chili powder. And let all of that sauté together, absolution those flavors and aromas. Aloof let that broil for about a minute. 

And again I’m gonna use canned tomatoes, I adopt the accomplished tomatoes. They tend to accept a little added acidity and actuality to them. Again I’m aloof gonna breach them up with my board beanery and about-face the calefaction up a little. Get the tomatoes cooking. 

And at this point you’ll additionally appetite to add added salt. Gonna add at atomic addition teaspoon. At this point you could additionally add chilis, you could add broiled chilis in the crockpot or you can add some beginning chopped chilis adapted now. 

I’m gonna see what I’ve got here. We accept chilis. Chipotle… morita, this is a broiled one. Advanced I’m aloof gonna stick one of those in actuality now, I probably should’ve done it earlier, but I’m gonna go advanced and try it. 

Okay, our tomatoes are absolutely alive actuality (sound of bubbles in pan). And they’re nice and burst up. And I’m gonna add the beans aback in, and I’ve taken out the two bay leaves. 

And now I’m activity to accompany that up a abscess and again about-face it bottomward and let it simmer apparently with the lid off, or aloof hardly ajar. Let it aloof simmer for addition 20 minutes, bisected hour or so, aloof to absolutely let all those flavors amalgamate together. And it’s appealing abundant ready. 

(Guitar chords plucking, affable minimalist music) 

Alright our atramentous beans accept been alive with their condiment for about 20 minutes, and let’s analysis on them. They attending great, they accept affectionate of a sauciness, bright attending to them. The beans are still captivation their shape. That tomatoes admixture is aloof absolutely incorporated, and it smells fantastic. Let’s accord it a taste. 

Mmm, yeah, the smokey, that smokey chipotle is absolutely advancing through. These aftertaste appealing able-bodied seasoned. I’m apparently gonna appetite to put hot booze on it, but not anybody in my ancestors brand ambrosial foods. So, I tend to accumulate things on the balmy ancillary and again we aloof consistently accept hot booze on the table. So, these are ready. 

And I’m gonna about-face the calefaction off for now. And aback we’re accessible to accept banquet I’m gonna accomplish some rice. Accomplish whichever affectionate of rice you prefer. You can additionally serve it over quinoa or some added atom of your choice. I’m aloof gonna use white rice in the rice cooker. And chase the instructions on your amalgamation of rice if you don’t already apperceive how to accomplish rice. 

And again I like to serve it with all sorts of toppings. I’m gonna put jack disconnected jack cheese on it, bill and appearance shredded, some red salsa, little bit of acerb cream. If you accept an avocado that would be perfect. You could clasp a little block of adhesive over the top. 

And aloof serve that in a basin over the rice and all the toppings, and it is adorable and satisfying, about festive. But yet it’s additionally this absolutely basic, comforting, simple meal. Aback we fabricated a big pot of it, we’re gonna accept a lot of assortment so that can be burritos, tacos, throughout the week. 

And that’s about it, atramentous beans. Acquisition the compound at EarthEats.org. 

That’s it for our appearance this week. Breach nourished, breach safe. 

(Earth Eats affair music, composed by Erin Tobey and performed by Erin and Matt Tobey)

RENEE REED: The Earth Eats aggregation includes Eobon Binder, Chad Bouchard, Mark Chilla, Abraham Hill, Taylor Killough, Josephine McRobbie, Daniel Orr, The IU Aliment Institute, Autumn Accessible Media and me, Renee Reed.  Our affair music is composed by Erin Tobey and performed by Erin and Matt Tobey. Earth Eats is produced and edited by Kayte Adolescent and our controlling ambassador is John Bailey.

KAYTE YOUNG: Special acknowledgment this anniversary to Hattie Johnson, and Sharon Stanton. 

Production abutment comes from Insurance abettor Dan Williamson of Bill Resch Insurance. Offering absolute auto, business and home coverage, in amalgamation with Pekin Insurance. Above the expected. Added at 812-336-6838. Bloomingfoods Coop Market, accouterment bounded association with locally sourced aliment aback 1976. Owned by over 12,000 association in Monroe Canton and beyond. Added at Bloomingfoods.Coop. And Elizabeth Ruh, Enrolled Agent, accouterment customized banking casework for individuals, businesses, disabled adults including tax planning, bill paying, and acreage services.  Added at Personal Banking Casework dot net.

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