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Malt O Meal Plant Locations All You Need To Know About Malt O Meal Plant Locations

“However, this canteen was not apparent ‘poison,’ so Alice ventured to aftertaste it, and award it actual nice, (it had, in fact, a arrangement of alloyed acidity of cherry-tart, custard, pineapple, buzz turkey, toffy, and hot buttered toast,) she actual anon accomplished it off.”

malt o meal plant locations
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Photograph by Michael Amsler

Best Inexpensive, Well-Crafted Appetizing TreatsSomewhere forth the evolutionary timeline of broiled goods, scones became aggrandized and abject and accolade swelled to ballsy proportions. It’s the accountability of those coffee places, Starbucks and its ilk, who affectation fattening, coffee-cake things and shoe-box-sized brownies that amount bristles bucks a pop and backpack as abundant acidity as a dry kitchen sponge. If you’re activity to amusement yourself, amusement yourself for real, and arch over to the Santa Rosa Junior College Bakery Cafe, the alive classroom/business in the SRJC comestible program’s new Brickyard Center location. Every academy day, acceptance broil and advertise their applied class to the accepted public. Their scones are rich, buttery, and abundantly sized. Their muffins are not on steroids. Actuality fabricated by students, not aggregate looks note-perfect, but the aftertaste comes through. Plus, aggregate is awfully bargain (e.g., $1.25 for a bake-apple galette). Hopefully, this will spawn a bearing of SRJC-bred bakers who will go out into the angel and accomplish cookies, rolls, and pastries the way they were originally advised to be: abounding of flavor. (Shown: Instructor Cathy Burgett and acceptance Ben Symons and Julia Lancer.) 458 B St., Santa Rosa. 707.576.0297.–S.B.

Photograph by Rory McNamara

Best Marriage of the Additional and 21st AmendmentsAndresen’s Tavern has been accessible aback Petalumans regained the built-in appropriate to abdomen up to the bar in 1934. One affair you can say about Andresen’s, family-owned for three generations, is that it’s an old-fashioned, affable place, breadth locals of altered ancestors mix at tables or comedy liar’s dice at the bar. Another affair you could say is, they abiding are basics about the Additional Amendment. On the bank are abundant aged firearms–rifles, muskets, handguns–to action the War of 1812. From the adverse wall, one is advised by the burnished eyes of long-ago collapsed buffalo, deer, antelope, armadillo, moose, bobcat, abundance lion–29 in all, including, of course, the jackalope. 19 Western Ave., Petaluma. 707.762.6647.–J.K.

Photograph by Michael Amsler

Best Coffee CartOf all the few hundred places in burghal Santa Rosa to get coffee, the aboriginal is the best. Not alone is Centro Espresso’s abode coffee (the custom-roasted Ecco Caffé) the best circuitous and adorable bean abstract around, but the account is consistently abundantly friendly. Susan Koshow, Centro Espresso’s owner, is there disposed the espresso works best of the time, and she will bethink a name and a adopted coffee alcohol afterwards a bald additional or third visit. The alternating casting of barristas are consistently appropriately pleasant–and they all accomplish pretty, blotchy designs in the chrism of aflame milk drinks, arrangement of like the way some bartenders will trace shamrocks in the arch of a pint of Guinness. It’s those touches that accomplish appetizing beverages tastier. Additionally, Centro doesn’t accept brewed coffee–the abode coffee is an Americano. All coffee beans should accommodated such an end. 733 Fourth St., Santa Rosa (in Sawyer’s News). 707.542.7449.–S.B.

Photograph by Rory McNamara

Best Angle and Chips (Until March 31)Light and crisply aged on the outside, with steamy, clammy and compact cod inside, the angle and chips at the Old Vic are not alone the best around, they appear in the aggregation of some of the best pints of British ales around. So maybe the account isn’t consistently the best consistent, but the atmosphere (dark and comfortable and as publike as it gets in Northern California) and the audience (a arrangement of adolescent and old, hip and nonhip, articulate and reticent) accomplish for one of the best 18-carat and affable hangouts in all of burghal Santa Rosa. So adjustment your pints and angle and chips while ye may, for as of March 31, the Vic is history. Breadth will those of bubbler age go to see able bounded bands? Breadth will addicts of abounding English breakfasts get their account grease overdoses/hangover cures? Well, anguish about that later. For now, aloof go and accession a canteen to the Vic. 731 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.571.7555.–S.B.

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Photograph by Michael Amsler

Best Smile on a Restaurant OwnerDavid Beatriz, buyer and abettor of Taqueria Mi Pueblo in Petaluma, has a abundant smile: brilliant and warm, and aloof a little mischievous. It comes in handy, too. Not one to angle on airless formality, Beatriz is the affectionate of guy who blithely teases his barter (mercilessly), conceivably by continuing over them to beam incredulously as they abolish the abdomen of a taco to eat alfresco the shell, or to ask if they are absent aback they canyon on their additional cruise to the salsa bar. The aliment may be great, but it does assume that abounding of the restaurant’s audience accept become animated admirers abundantly because of the owner, who welcomes you as you airing in–and he agency it–then gain to accomplish fun of your card best in the way your admired uncle calls you funny nicknames. You may acquisition yourself smiling, too. 800 Petaluma Blvd. N., Petaluma. 707.762.8192.–D.T.

Photograph by Michael Amsler

Best Adorned CocktailsThough the Underwood has aloof appeared on the arena to claiming Lucy’s ascendancy in the knock-down, drag-out action for the best affair in West County, we still army to the burghal Sebastopol enactment to allay our (seemingly endless) appetite for adorned drinks (the actuality that Lucy’s is walking ambit from home, while the Underwood requires accepting in the car, compounds our adulation for Lucy’s). Affable faces, the amore of the brick ovens, and the acidity of a maraschino blooming in a whiskey acerb keeps us activity on those Friday nights aback the workweek seems to accept abject us into oblivion. A active margarita does the trick. Or a sidecar, or a mojito, minty-fresh, in the summer months. Or all of them, if abeyance is absolutely the goal. 6948 Sebastopol Ave., Sebastopol. 707.829.9713.–D.B.

Best Winetasting in a Correctional Ability for Teenage Dope SlavesWell, aloft facility. For two years. But still. . . Adjacent to Bartholomew Esplanade Winery’s tasting allowance is a babyish architecture with a absolute display that capacity viticultural practices and the history of the winery and the surrounding area. Aback in the corner, an absorbing affiliate is told from those, you know, simpler, beneath abrupt canicule of yesteryear. The tasting allowance was congenital in 1922 as the hospital for the new State Farm for Behind Women. Supported by the League of Women Voters, the “farm” was a socially accelerating activity advised to accompany “fallen women” and narcotics fiends from burghal prisons into the alpha country air for rehabilitation. From the beginning, locals abominable it, and the Sonoma Index-Tribune consistently inveighed adjoin this “soft backup for women politicians and aloft delinquents.” At first, aloof one bedfellow was interred at the capital house. But the aloof behind requested to be transferred to the canton jail, accusatory to the judge, “What awful, bigoted bodies are in the admirable Sonoma Valley.” Afterwards the citizenry climbed to 65, a few “riots,” and abundant editorializing adjoin “sisters of sin,” the ability austere bottomward beneath abstruse affairs in 1923, never to be reopened. The “women theorists and job chasers” had had their day, and there was abundant crowing in the Valley. 1000 Vineyard Lane, Sonoma. 707.935.9511. Architecture is chargeless but tasting costs $3.–J.K.

Best DIY Guest ChecksThe capital allure at Juanita Juanita in Sonoma is the affable and semiauthentic Mexican food, of course, but a antic ambience is consistently a plus, abnormally for those dining abandoned or with kids. The decor–a caricature of roadhouse-gone-pastel–is arbitrary and welcoming. Additional they accumulate tumblers abounding with ailing Trivial Pursuit cards at the counter, as able-bodied as an fleet of bottled hot sauces in capricious degrees of searingness. Booty agenda aback you get your bill–they’re consistently accounting on the backs of old wine labels. (Also agenda that a affable basin of beans con todo, at a bald $5.50, is one of the best cafeteria deals around.) 19114 Arnold Drive, Sonoma. 707.935.3981.–S.B.

Best Vegetarian TamalesIt is sometimes accessible to buy a half-dozen of Donna’s Tamales at your bounded upscale, health-food-oriented bazaar (a Molly Stone, a United Market, or a Accomplished Foods, for example), but the best abode to sample and admission the tastiest handmade tamales in the North Bay is at the San Rafael farmers market, breadth the acceptable association from Donna’s–possibly alike Donna Eichorn herself–will appropriately acquaint you to the arresting band of mostly vegan, all vegetarian, absolutely adorable masa-based delectables. Based in Fairfax, Donna’s has about re-created the tamale, bearing simple variations on the archetypal hand-held aliment from beyond the border. The tofu and chipotle tamales advance a backpack active by goat-cheese tamales; cheese, chile, and blah tamales; broiled pineapple and plantain tamales; and alike aloof apparent blah tamales with no aroma or anything, absolute for kids and bodies attractive for an another to biscuit (they accomplish a abundant breakfast). Analysis the barrow at the farmers bazaar or log on to www.donnastamales.com to acquisition a Donna’s tamale agent abutting to you.–D.T.

Best Way to Spend a Weekend Bistro and DrinkingThe summer months accompany so abounding festivals and fairs that the weekends can be added active than the weekdays. Of course, best of them action opportunities to actuality one’s face with archetypal fair fare–you’ll see the Pasta King and Willie Bird Turkey legs about everywhere you go, and those are accomplished choices. But for a accurate aftertaste of what Sonoma Canton has to offer, there’s alone one choice: the appropriately alleged Aftertaste of Sonoma County. Part of the absolutely abominable and backbreaking Sonoma Canton Showcase of Aliment and Wine, which offers canicule of ceaseless bistro and drinking, the Aftertaste accident pairs up hundreds of wineries with hundreds of restaurants and caterers, and as the sun beats bottomward you can booty ambush in the amaranthine tentsof appetizing delights and exceptional wines. Aloof bethink that the day will accordingly end, at which point you will be pinked by the sun, tipsy, and full. This year’s accident takes abode July 10­12. www.sonomawine.com.–D.B.

Best Abode to Eat Out of Bulk-Food Bins on the SlyEating bite foods out of grocery-store aggregate bins is one of the best gratifyingly angry things to do in this customer society. It’s wrong, it’s bad, and it’s so, so easy. At a abode like Oliver’s or a natural-foods co-op, there’s a bit of a moral bind involved: These places abutment bounded producers and don’t force their shoppers to use those accursed affiliate cards for bogus “savings.” But Safeway, they accept it coming! Go on, try abduction aloof one yogurt pretzel or caramel peanut amber arrangement from the bulk-food bins. Doesn’t it feel sooo bad but sooo good? If you anytime get caught, aloof use this line: “Well, the aftermost time I bought whole-wheat fig bars, they were stale, so I anticipation I should try them out first.”–S.B.

Best Easy-Access Cheese SamplesMore tips for the free-food category, alone this time it’s from a abundance breadth they are giving it abroad for real. Appropriate off the capital in Sonoma, the Sonoma Cheese Factory has affluence of chargeless samples of their brand Sonoma Jack, as able-bodied as pesto, garlic, habanero, hot pepper, and Mediterranean Jack varieties. And don’t balloon to analysis out the smooth-spreading Teleme, which is arrangement of like the affluent man’s Cheez Whiz. Afterwards an afternoon airing with a book and a beer on the capital (see Best Accessible Drinking), a quick cruise to the Sonoma Cheese Factory can annihilate those accessory belly rumblings. They accept a deli, too, to annihilate aloft belly rumblings. I brought my cheese-lovin’ dad to the Sonoma Cheese Factory already aback he was visiting, and I affirm it was the highlight of his visit. You can’t accumulate the old man abroad from chargeless cheese for long. 2 Spain St., Sonoma. 707.996.1931.–S.B.

Best Name for a Sushi RestaurantSushi to Dai For on Fourth Street in San Rafael serves a affair alleged a dragon roll. It looks like a Chinese New Year dragon, which is absolutely an odd abstraction for a Japanese restaurant, but the accomplished abstraction of Sushi to Dai For is to mix things up and accept a acceptable time. The name should be your aboriginal clue that thingsare not that academic there. 869 Fourth St., San Rafael. 415.721.0392.–D.T.

Best Abode to Eat Outdoors on a Balmy Summer’s EveEven on the best boiling and buggy of nights, you can eat outdoors at Topolos Russian River Vineyard Restaurant and Winery after accepting bitten. Thank the 3,000 or so bats that accomplish their home in the bump of the winery’s roof. Anniversary night, anniversary bat eats about 5,000 insects. If you’re not carefully attractive for them, you won’t alike apprehension the bats. But there are affluence of bodies who ask for patio basement accurately to bolt a glimpse. Added visitors artlessly esplanade in the parking lot at dark to watch the active insect-control army fly out from the winery roof. So abounding appear out on warm, summer nights that enthusiasts accredit to it as the “bat launch.” But you can additionally see some in the bounce and fall. Of course, admitting the bats, Topolos is still best accepted for its admirable Greek-inspired food, and its wine. Do we alike accept to acknowledgment that the wine grapes are developed after any charge for insecticides? 5700 Gravenstein Hwy. N., Forestville. 707.887.1562.–M.W.

Best Way to Get from Auchentoshan to BunnahabhainMany bodies allegedly never advance a aftertaste for distinct malt scotch. If you accept or are accommodating to breed one, you’ll acquisition it’s a lot like wine. The region, the barrel, and the crumbling all accept an aftereffect on the flavor. Some like it peaty; others, tangy. Some like Sheep Dip. But the acceptable actuality may set you aback $50. As for scotch tasting? There are two accepted choices: (1) Get on a plane, go to Scotland; (2) go to the Equus Lounge. Amid in the Fountaingrove Inn, Equus is an ’80s executive-chic auberge bar, the autogenous casting with a David Lynchesque glow. It’s both one-of-a-kind, with the signature horse-of-a-feather bas abatement aloft the bar, and an bearding hideaway. The beverages in catechism afterglow like gold. The best way to get acquainted with some of the 58 distinct malt scotches on duke is to get the sampler. For $10 to $15, the adornment is a mix-and-match alternative of Highlands, Lowlands, and Islands malts. With names like Glenkinchie and Laphroaig, it’s best to aboriginal try and pronounce, again sample the malts. 101 Fountaingrove Parkway, Santa Rosa. 707.578.0149.–J.K.

Best Tasting Allowance to Escape the GrapeWine, wine, wine! We are actuality in the North Bay ample with wine, inundated, awash, tanked, aswim, adrift. Every now and then, it’s a acceptable abstraction to devious from the backcountry a bit. Hence: sake! The tasting allowance at Napa’s Hakusan Account Gardens is a baroque abode to become bigger acquainted with the palette-bracing delights of rice wine–and for those of you whose account acquaintance is bound to corrupt bottom grades of account served hot, it’s absolutely an eye-opener. The $3 tasting includes bristles types of sake, from smooth-drinking and dry abstract to the crowd-pleasing raspberry-infused sake. 1 Executive Way, Napa. 707.258.6160.–S.B.

Best Abode to Get a Burger, If You Can Live After the FriesThe testosterone akin is a little much–sports memorabilia everywhere, T-shirts stapled to the beam covered with cacographic signatures, the beautiful waitress bringing you your food, etc. But that’s the affectionate of abode Mike’s at the Crossroads is: a blue-collar man’s affectionate of abode that serves blooming sprouts with its burgers. And what’s amiss with that? There’s no agnosticism that Mike’s burgers are good, admitting I don’t apperceive if they are “the best burgers west of the Pecos,” as the card brags. But they are blubbery and dank with aloof the appropriate fixings. Artlessly put, they are aggregate a burger should be. Only, there are no chips with them. Don’t alike ask. If you appetite fries, go elsewhere. Mike feels so acerb about the “no fries” policy, he lists 11 affidavit on the card why he doesn’t accept them, including “the burger’s anointed by itself” and “Mike’s too abuse apathetic to change the grease.” The burgers do appear with a arrangement of sides, including several salads and, if you charge accept your potato fix, chips. 7665 Old Redwood Hwy., Cotati. 707.665.9999.–J.L.

Best Movie-Theater PopcornThis is a balance amid the Rafael Film Center, the Rialto, and the Raven Theater, all of which action fresh, alpha airheaded and absolute butter. Of course, to the ardent moviegoer, the bistro of airheaded is a angelic rite forth the curve of Holy Communion. Annihilation is as black as actuality handed a bag of dried airheaded with breach prepared, bogus adulate flavoring. It so happens that those theaters that accept the acceptation of acceptable airheaded tend to be those which additionally admit the call of accepting a apple-pie amphitheater attic and the accent of alms inexpensively priced bottled amnion and good, able coffee. They additionally tend to be those assuming the best films. In added words, if you are clutching airheaded in a amphitheater bench while cat-and-mouse to see Daredevil or Cradle 2 the Grave, affairs are acceptable that your airheaded is appealing abuse crappy.–D.T.

Best Mecca of Artificial Block Toppers, Part I”Nothing says fun like a party!” proclaims Nancy’s Fancy’s motto–and annihilation says “irresistibly broken-down nostalgia” like a artificial block topper. Acquisition Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, little soccer players with goals, sparkly applique accretion bells, and alarming babyish torsos on picks to accomplish into those awe-inspiring babyish cakes–all in august bargain plastic! Accept you anytime noticed that while time has confused on into the 21st aeon block toppers accept remained arctic in the ’60s? Here’s to acquisitive it stays that way. Nancy’s, besides accepting a aperitive arrangement of nonedible block decorations, is the affair headquarters, with a accumulation of decorations, cardboard plates and affair tableware, affair favors, and affluence of aliment for authoritative candied affair treats. 3480 Airway Drive, Santa Rosa. 707.546.2253.–S.B.

Best Mecca of Artificial Block Toppers, Part IIShackford’s is added on the cookware ancillary than Nancy’s, but they accept a alternative of cake-topper kitsch that calmly rivals, if not tops, Nancy’s Fancy’s. Additional the old general-store feel of Shackford’s has a affectionate of time-travel aspect to it that’s actual accessory to the acknowledgment and acquirement of block toppers. Tiny artificial babyish bottles and rattles; mini approach copse and hula dancers; itty-bitty footballs, soccer balls, and baseball bats; and atomic artificial hot dogs and hamburgers on picks–all appropriate there for about 25 cents each. So a arcade bacchanalia can total, say, bristles bucks! Oh, it is absolutely heaven. 1350 Capital St., Napa. 707.226.5651.–S.B.

Best Way to Sample Sebastopol’s Angel CropSebastopol’s angel groves are a nice change from the acreage of grapevines and a admonition that added plants can abound actuality too. One day, my accompany and I chock-full at Ace-in-the-Hole Pub on a whim. Aloof off Highway 116 West, it reminds me of a accouterments abundance on the outside. I kept assured to see John Deere tractors sitting on the lawn. But inside, you apperceive you’re in the appropriate abode with the smooth, balk benches, ablaze chicken walls, and aristocratic bar. We ordered a sampler, breadth you get to aftertaste all four of Ace’s crisp, ablaze beverages in pear, berry, honey, and angel (of course). We admired them so much, we anniversary got a pint forth with apple-stuffed sausages, and they complemented anniversary added as able-bodied as any wine and French appetizer. 3100 Gravenstein Hwy. N., Sebastopol. 707.829.1223.–J.L.

Best $10 Pancakes in the North BayThey’re a band sensation. The macadamia nut pancakes, topped with caramelized assistant halves, that are offered during breakfast at Jellyfish–the chic and tiny restaurant at Petaluma’s new Sheraton Auberge at the Marina–cost 10 bucks a plate. And they’re account it. Suddenly, chat is overextension and bodies are assuming up for a auberge breakfast, after aggravation to absolutely beddy-bye there. Which is accomplished with the bodies at Jellyfish. The fancy, agilely menued East-West admixture restaurant is acutely a bit out of the way, but the agents is added than acquisitive to appearance their stuff. Already you’ve approved the pancakes, you’ll appetite to appear aback for cafeteria or dinner. 745 Baywood Drive in Petaluma, aloof off of Lakeville Highway. 707.283.2888.–D.T.

Best Unheralded ChefIn the aboriginal to mid ’90s, Evelyn Cheatham operated Tweet’s restaurant in Mendocino, and association still allocution about her allotment soup, rosemary scones, potato tarts, and added dishes. Aliment biographer Michele Anna Jordan says Cheatham “has a appearance that is both able-bodied and delicate, and she could acutely accompany the ranks of celebrity chefs if she was so inclined.” Instead, Cheatham absitively to assignment with afflicted youth. She’s now chef at Sonoma Canton Juvenile Hall and is boring architecture WOW (Worth Our Weight), a affable academy for adolescent people. For the accomplished 12 years, she has adapted and delivered commons on Christmas day for abandoned groups, aged women’s groups, children’s shelters, and families bottomward on their luck. The meal is not adjourned by any organization. It’s aloof a activity of adulation by Cheatham and her friends.–M.W.

Best Accessible Drinking–Legal and (Sort of) EncouragedThere has allegedly been some altercation over whether this is ultimately a astute allowance for Sonoma to allow. Please agenda that abandonment is not encouraged; adequate with some affection quaff, however, is. And it’s not aloof wine. Here’s the deal: On a brilliant day, appearance up by yourself with a acceptable book, a blanket, and a canteen opener. Go to the Sonoma Wine Exchange. Browse over their abounding hundreds of accomplished all-embracing beers and buy one (Duvel! Duvel!). Go to the plaza, pale out a comfortable tuffet, sit down, and acidity the book and the beer, attractive at all of the day-tripper couples and Sonoma jailbait kids blind out. Get athirst and adjustment a Croque Monsieur to go from the adjacent Basque Bakery and Cafe. Adulation life. Amid Napa, Spain, and Aboriginal streets, Sonoma.–S.B.

Best Super-Friendly Greasy-Spoon Waitress”Would you like some added coffee? Great! Is there annihilation abroad I can get you? Tabasco? Sure! Thanks! Accept a agitating breakfast!” Oh, to be abounding to thus, backward on a hungover Sunday morning. It heals and revitalizes. While all of the delay agents at Mom’s Boarding Abode in Cotati are affable and prompt, one server in accurate stands out. She has long, beeline amber beard and looks like she could be Dave Grohl’s sister (she’s allegedly not). We anticipate of her as Mrs. Grohl. How does she consistently smile so huge? How does she bethink what every table needs, and how does she administer to accompany blueberry abstract to diners afore they alike apprehend they ability charge it? Who can say. This woman is a active marvel. We could ask Mrs. Grohl her name, but again she wouldn’t be Mrs. Grohl anymore. So, to Mrs. Dave Grohl: You are a amazing waitress, and you brighten up our days. Thank you! 8099 La Plaza, Cotati. 707.795.3381.–S.B.

Best Abode from Which to Booty Aliment Home in a Active BagFor about a hundred years or so, the Union Auberge in Occidental has been a aloft atom for ample groups and familiesto accommodated up and sit about giant, Oliver Twist­style board tables, aloft which are aggregate absolutely non-Twistian amounts of absolutely abundant food. Piles of it, served ancestors style, one advance at a time. Platters of this will be followed by alike beyond platters of that. The minestrone is to die for. There’s no adventitious you will eat it all, so active accoutrements are commonplace. 3703 Capital St., Occidental. 707.874.3555.–D.T.

Best Bake-apple Angle in Santa RosaOK, maybe Bob’s Bake-apple Truck is the alone bake-apple angle about here, but it’s still good. There’s lots of fresh, locally developed and amoebic produce. Additional the association are nice and knowledgeable, and the prices are low. Due to burghal ordinances, seasonal, amphitheater aftermath stands are not accustomed aural Santa Rosa burghal limits. But Bob Coburn had already been active his angle aback 1983 aback the burghal approved to shut him bottomward a brace of years ago. By that time, he had developed such a affectionate afterward that 1,200 bodies active a address to save the stand. And aback the planning agency captivated a meeting, about 60 bodies showed up to allege on Coburn’s behalf. “It was such an absurd activity to see all those bodies angle up for me like that,” says Coburn, whose eyes still brume over aback he talks about that night. “It absolutely fabricated me feel like my assignment actuality is appreciated.” Bob’s Bake-apple Truck, accessible May through October,is on Highway 12, aloof west of Mission Street, Santa Rosa.–M.W.

Best Abode to Analysis the Chemical Processes That Create a Acceptable Pinot NoirHealdsburg’s internationally accessed Sonoma Canton Wine Library, amid in the aback of the Healdsburg Regional Library, holds over 5,000 wine-related items of a bookish and research-appropriate nature. Tragically, there is no winetasting at the Wine Library. But for that affectionate of research, you don’t accept to go far. Bend of Piper and Center streets, burghal Healdsburg. 707.433.3772.–D.T.

Best Abode to Hear Amateur Singing in a Allowance That Smells Like Balmy SugarThe central of a Algid Bean Creamery (any of them–the amusing ice chrism food are aback all over the North Bay) tends to accept the unmistakable, saliva-inspiring aroma of a active cotton-candy vendor. The ice chrism is hand-mixed afore your eyes on a slab of algid bean (get it?), with your best of capacity acquiescently formed into your admired acidity of ice cream. Be warned though: the Algid Bean crew, by some accumulated mandate, consistently sing silly, bouncy songs every time addition drops a tip in the jar. It’s affectionate of sweet. Which, one supposes, is the point. 2031 Novato Blvd., Novato, 415.898.7900; 301 S. McDowell Blvd., Petaluma, 707.762.1824; 2324 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa, 707.578.1811; 6580 Hembree Lane, Windsor, 707.838.1821; 651 Trancas St., Napa, 707.251.3707.–D.T.

Best Ghost WineryNestled on a hillside, in the adumbration of wine country hotels and mirrored accumulated campuses of Fountaingrove, one of California’s best celebrated wineries continues to rot into the ground, forgotten. Among the arch producers of wine in the backward 19th century, Thomas Lake Harris’ religious collective lives on alone as a namesake. Fountaingrove is now mainly a paradise for developers. But the bright history of the armpit has been told so abounding times–the millennial religious cult, the rumors of atrocious animal practices, the beneficiary to Japanese ability who became winemaker–that the best hasty and weirdest adventure of them all is simply, why the heck are the actual barrio still activity to hell? Let’s breach this down. Fountaingrove: endless of money on that hill, two aloft hotels, accessible freeway access, accurately in the average of the w-i-n-e c-o-u-n-t-r-y. What am I missing here? Is it the “negative activity vortex” that some bounded spirit-heads accept described? Round Barn Boulevard, off Fountaingrove Parkway, Santa Rosa. Not accessible to the public. Consistently use attention aback abutting a vortex.–J.K.

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