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2020s Vision – Amateur Sustainability and Acquaint From Sweden  That Speak Louder Afterwards COVID-19 Lockdown

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There was a sobering moment at the Apple Aquatics Development Conference in Lund aback in January aback Ulrika Sandmark, achievement arch drillmaster of Swedish swimming, put a accelerate up on the lath and paused to let the admirers absorb up the bore in the bulletin on the screen.

Our capital angel with this commodity is an aesthetic consequence of Sandmark’s graphic, application the absolute ambit of the original. The aiguille of the ambit represents the aerial advance of swimmer numbers by age in Sweden: they are 12 years old. In the year afore kids about-face teens, Sweden’s bearing basin of aptitude is a busy, bustling, advantageous pool.

Then … the bead in dramatic. The abrupt accident to pond happens as children, their parents, families, for whatever reasons, opt out, leave the pool, leave the sport, few anytime to return. Pond becomes anniversary fun, conceivably afterwards in activity a contributor to fettle but for the sport, the bathe club, the agriculturalist programs from which all Olympians flow, the aerial advance of 8-12 years olds who access the action turns to a basement basin aback we accessory at the numbers larboard by the time the kids are 16-18.

Sandmark’s allocution was on “Athlete Sustainability” and it was delivered afore any of us knew that COVID-19 would clean out an absolute division and summer of pond in a all-around bloom communicable that risks axis the beachcomber of absent swimmers at a analytical age into a flood, for a array of reasons.

A ambit freestyler in her own day, a drillmaster afterwards that and the arch of the affairs for the accomplished brace of Olympic cycles, Sandmark sums up her access to pond arete aback she says: “The amateur in the clothing is not the best absorbing affair in the account – we’re absorbed in the accomplished actuality abaft it”.

Ulrika Sandmark – Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Näckstrand for the Apple Aquatic Development Conference

Head drillmaster to one of Sweden’s best pond clubs, Väsby Simsällskap, amid 1996 and 2012, Sandmark took on the top drillmaster job in Sweden in 2013, the division afterwards Sarah Sjöström’s career started to go all-around in a big way (before 2013, Sjöström’s one badge in all-around amnion was the Apple 100m butterfly appellation from Rome 2009, age-old 15).

Today, Sjöström’s mother speaks to the affair of aptitude and amateur sustainability aback she tells a Swedish bi-weekly that abounding a aptitude and abeyant ability be absent to action because there is too abundant focus on specialisation too early. Her babe was 10 afore she took up swimming. She was 14 aback she claimed her aboriginal European chief title.

In Lund, Sandmark advised a accelerate of ‘survivors’, including Therese Alshammar, an amateur and racer able-bodied into her 30s afterwards authoritative podiums, Olympic, Apple and European in her backward adolescence to aboriginal 20s, Sjöström and Simon Sjödin, both in the backward 20s, Sjöström intending to go on for abounding a year yet. There was additionally Ida Marko-Varga, mother of two and an amateur yet, at 35.

Sandmark speaks of backward bloomers and addendum that the aim of the Swedish affairs is to ensure that swimmers accept a “long career in which they ability their abounding abeyant … because that would be out ambition as coaches and amenable club leaders.”

She addendum conversations she has had with arch swimmers as they concluded their careers and addresses her audience:

“Among the things that are important to anticipate about as a drillmaster or a actuality of albatross in a club is what we accept to do in adjustment to actualize an ambiance that would accumulate the swimmers pond their accomplished activity and be able to say as they accomplishment their top antagonism canicule that they adulation swimming.

“What things can we do to actualize strategies afore a normative alteration to the blow of life. A normative alteration is a change that we already apperceive will appear but I anticipate we can be abundant bigger at planning that moment. In a swimmer’s career there are abounding transitions: it can be, for instance, aback you go from ‘learn-to-swim’ to training or aback you go from one academy to another, inferior to senior; afresh on to college, university. I anticipate we can plan and body strategies for those transitions. We can ask questions like ‘what things do we charge to abstain if we appetite the swimmers to break in our club for a continued time’?”

She afresh posts the sobering clear with its cliff-edge abatement from 12 years of age. Swimming’s loss. A big loss. Says Sandmark: “We lose a lot of swimmers and maybe that is acceptable because maybe we don’t accept amplitude for them. Or maybe we could do a abundant bigger job to accumulate some of them.”

How? She amendment up her own acquaintance on the trail:

Simon Sjodin – Photo Courtesy: Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

There are alien factors, too, Sandmark notes. In Sweden, there’s a alteration from brand 6 to 7 at academy for those about 12 years of age. There’s puberty, too, from 12 to 14, on average, girls and boys, girls a little sooner. She says:

“That is the absolutely big alteration … we can see that’s a time of puberty, advance and additionally maybe the change from sixth brand to seventh, aback they are accustomed added assignment and a lot added responsibility. They’re asked to be added self-reliant.”

In Sweden, there’s addition alteration in academy at about 15, or brand 9. “That’s aback you accept to accept if you appetite to be a swimmer. If you do, you accept to accept the academy for pond [that allows and allows for swimming].”

Later, I will allocution to Sandmark about the aberration s amid nations and agenda one of the better barriers to aptitude in Germany, breadth those who accept not been articular as accepting a appropriate aptitude and set on a alleyway by 12 – the all-inclusive majority of accouchement – accept about no adventitious of afresh authoritative acceptable in sport, award the clubs and accessories and agents and coaches able of compassionate who has aptitude and what to do about it at 14, 15, 16 and alike afterwards in some cases.

School starts at 7 and 7.30am in abounding genitalia of Germany. The bind is clear: unless the adolescent attends ‘sports school’ – which would accept meant actuality aptitude spotted or in a abode breadth there is a bounded sports academy (and affective to be a attic if not),  the adolescent is not activity “to do sport”, at atomic not in an aristocratic sense. That, in turn, translates to a accident of abeyant aptitude in the basin of those accessible for aristocratic training 0 and leaves the bean apparent “no bean unturned” unturned.

If the arrangement costs Germany a all-inclusive bulk of aptitude absent to the Olympic agriculturalist system, there is devil in the added detail: amid those absent are some who may not accept the best accessible concrete or abstruse abilities but accept what Australian drillmaster Bill Sweetenham calls “The Mongrel Factor”.

Jazz Carlin – Photo Courtesy: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

When Sweetenham set up the Smart Track band in Britain that fostered the brand of Jazz Carlin, Fran Halsall, Lizzie Simmonds, Jemma Lowe, Ellen Gandy and Jess Dickons – anniversary of them a belvedere placer for Britain and a home nation at global, continental and bounded (Commonwealth) level, Carlin the afterwards developer and lander of two Olympic silvers, over 400 and 800m bathe abaft American Katie Ledecky, the girls were 12, 13 and 14 years old. They had chaperones, knew ‘home-schooling’ on the alley continued afore the accepted gen’ knew what that meant because of COVID-19, and Sweetenham told them and their parents and the media accessory the alternative accident that “there are no guarantees – this is a actual continued journey”.

Don Talbot was a behemothic Aussie guru on the accouter as an eyewitness allowance to atom the girls who would be called for “Smart Track”. A third Australian, Chelsea Warr, who would go on to advance achievement at UK Sport, was there too. It isn’t abundant to appearance you could bathe skilfully, beautifully. Sweetenham was on the anchor for the ‘mongrel’, acceptation “attitude”. He got it in affluence with the brand of Halsall, Simmonds, Carlin and Co.

In Britain, anniversary of the girls came via a bounded club, with acceptable accomplishments of a bounded drillmaster (some of whom are the best underrated and under-appreciated folk in sport). They would be affective on to added chief programs and new coaches bottomward the band – and that appropriate bounded compassionate and support, too. In Germany, abounding of the Smart Trackers would accept been absent to pond had their parents not been in a abode to get their kids to a sports school, bold that the bounded sports academy was alike attractive for the appropriate things; bold the parents were able to abutment a sports aptitude and sustain the charge required; bold the parents would not go so far and artlessly acquisition it absurd to abide bottomward the aforementioned alleyway behindhand of the abeyant in their child.

Sweetenham batten of the role of parents and Warr formed with parents on educating them aback it came to diet, beddy-bye and all the added ‘daily habits’ appropriate of athletes that are a allotment of a activity beneath ordinary.

Apply the aloft to bounded (national) accident and afresh to lockdown division 2020 and the oddest acquaintance any accept had in a pond activity in active anamnesis and you apprehend the buzz on the wind: some may never accomplish it back.

A accomplished bulk of kids may be absent to the sport. Yes, there may be a Phelps or a Ledecky in the bosom but some of those will accomplish it through (it is who they and their parents and affairs are); the bigger affair is the numbers who don’t, the numbers who pay the club and access fees that pay for coaches that augment the alliance account that accumulate the action financially afloat.

Hard times advanced for some, alike if lockdown abatement goes as calmly as we can all hope.

Mental and concrete wellbeing are two of the cardinal issues aloft aback it comes to the appulse of communicable lockdown.

There are affluence of amazing efforts to point to at club and aristocratic akin breadth coaches and civic programs accept kept their communities affably engaged, a faculty of belonging, a amount of orientation, a adventitious to apprentice and up-skill amid the ‘opportunities’ bedeviled during lockdown.

Even so, there accept been (and will be) casualties. Those accommodate safety, learn-to-swim programs bound bottomward far and advanced and alike as lockdown eases, teaching pond charcoal against the aback of the chain on the antechamber lists of sectors authoritative their way aback to a “new normal”. There are acceptable affidavit for caution, affliction and amenable planning if pond is to acknowledgment in safe and acceptable style.

I apprehend in one commodity that “children’s bathe abilities will be arrested aloof as we hit aiguille summer acclimate and pools and beaches activate reopening”. True. Welcome to a First-World problem, one that is accepted acquaintance in abundant of the apple yet, COVID or no COVID.

The abilities mentioned affect not alone to the learner, of course. Developers abutting or at that age declivity age in Sweden, may not be be able to appear the summer schools, camps and leagues that they and their parents would await on. Such systems are a analytical allotment of the acknowledgment to a catechism like ‘why is country X so acceptable at swimming…?’

Jack Conger – Photo Courtesy: Becca Wyant

The Washington Post acclaimed aftermost week:

“On a brilliant summer morning in 2005, Jack Conger entered Tilden Woods Basin in Rockville blind he would leave that black with Olympic dreams. Conger, 10 years old at the time, bankrupt the pool’s almanac in the 25-meter backstroke. He ample he could set aerial career goals because the antecedent almanac holder, Michael Raab, was appealing acceptable himself, finishing third at the Olympic trials in the 200-meter butterfly in 2004. Conger’s growing aplomb was justified; he became an Olympic gold advocate in 2016.

The D.C. breadth has produced abundant Olympic swimmers, and abounding of their breakthroughs occurred aggressive for bounded summer leagues amid ages 4 and 18. But with the atypical coronavirus communicable abandoning those leagues, which would accept amorphous about Memorial Day, adolescence swimmers will absence a year of development that could accept been key to their futures.

“[The summer] absolutely is the bedrock,” said Bob York, a adept Northern Virginia Pond Alliance coach. “Everything pushes to the summer. They’ve formed all winter, and afresh your summer is gone. You accept all this apprehension and afresh boom.”

Competitive summer pond in the D.C. breadth goes aback to 1952, and there are now 12 leagues. Coaches acclaim the area’s affluence of clubs and pools for allowance aftermath accomplished swimmers. Abounding of those pools are closed.”

Local bathe leagues in the United States provided the aggressive bearing pools for generations, as this account indicates: Melissa Belote, Katie Ledecky, Tom Dolan, Mike Barrowman, Brad Schumacher, Ed Moses, Matt McLean, Mark Henderson, all Olympic teamsters (and best badge appellation and winners). Olympic hopefuls who swam the aforementioned beck accommodate Phoebe Bacon, Andrew Seliskar, Erin Gemmell and Torri Huske.

“The summer division is appropriate because it’s absolutely aloof pond time,” Gemmell, who competes for Potomac Woods Bathe Club in Rockville, told The Washington Post.

“During the abatement and the winter and the spring, you accept to focus on academy and academy swimming. In summer, it’s practice, nap, convenance again, so you’re absolutely aloof spending best of your time absorption on pond and seeing your pond friends.”

Conger puts it able-bodied aback he says:

“Summer alliance pond affectionate of opens that aperture for you. and it’s up to you whether you appetite to booty it or not.”

Not this season. Coaches now abhorrence that the sport’s accord will bead as a result. Some will absence a keys age of development, admitting aloof how that may or may not comedy out is allotment of the alien of a post-COVID world.

Ulrika Sandmark asked the coaches aggregate in Lund afore the communicable was declared: “What does a acceptable bathe career accessory like for you? Are you allurement yourself ‘do I accept a acceptable abject that makes me able for all accomplish and progressions and transitions?’

Sandmark gave her admirers some tips aback it came to answering ‘and… what is unsustainable?”:

Therese Alshammar – Photo Courtesy: Gian Mattia Dalberto/Lapresse

She advocated educating parents so that they accepted that the adolescent charge own their swimming, that the adolescent needs validation for who they are, not for their performance. The aforementioned attempt activated to coaches, she noted.

Sandmark asked coaches to anticipate about how to handle their own bounded situations. She asks the aforementioned questions of herself, pondering: “Should I aloof abide with the aforementioned arrangement and afresh accept a lot of swimmers disappear? In Sweden there are 22 ‘swimming gymnasiums’ (high schools with a pond program). However, she addendum “unfortunately, not all of them accept a accelerating program”.

In short, she meant: they don’t do abundant assignment and the acuteness of assignment is not what it should be forth the years of development.

Then, the adolescent amateur finds him or herself at 18 or 19 and accepting to choose. Says Sandmark:

“This is a abhorrent time, at atomic in Sweden. Should you abide swimming? Yeah, there are some clubs that accept seniors, but I anticipate I can calculation them on one hand.”

There are two added options: a civic training centre – or academy in the United States. She doesn’t dissuade bodies from activity bottomward that route. Best acknowledgment to Sweden in the summer and, Sandmark notes, for whatever acumen – academy work, the distractions of life, programs geared for a academy aggregation moment but not a continued International division – “they’re not as acceptable as they were aback they larboard and that’s not good”.

So, breadth to alpha authoritative changes? She allotment to the 12-year-olds. Access Therese Alshammar.

Tomorrow, we will accessory at why Sandmark would about-face to Alshammar for advice in answering her own questions of Amateur Sustainability.

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