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Free Form Questionnaire The Five Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Free Form Questionnaire

Editor’s note: We’ve edited applicant questionnaires to abolish answers that could be acclimated for character theft. However, we’ve kept abode advice in contest breadth it accurately affairs breadth you live.

free form questionnaire
 FREE 40+ Sample Questionnaire Forms in PDF | WORD - free form questionnaire

FREE 40+ Sample Questionnaire Forms in PDF | WORD – free form questionnaire | free form questionnaire

Name: Jennifer Leonard Gottlieb

Family status: Mother of two college-aged sons

Your address: 715 Harrison Street, Hollywood, Florida 33019

Please acquaint us about your apprenticeship and accomplished amount you attained.

Nova Southeastern, Bachelor of Science, Elementary Apprenticeship Specializing in Aboriginal Childhood, at the Abraham S. Fischler Academy of Apprenticeship & The Mailman Segal Centermost for Animal Development, 1994

Please outline your assignment history for the accomplished 15 years.

· Aldermanic Aide, Agent Gary M. Farmer, Jr. District 34, 2016-present

· Political Director, Andrew Gillum for Governor, September- November 2018

· Director, SRG Technology, 2014-2016

· Member, School Board of Broward County, Florida, 2006-2011

· Government Relations Manager, Broward Teachers Union, 2003-2005

· I began my career as an Elementary School abecedary in Broward Canton Attainable Schools

Have you anytime been arrested, answerable or bedevilled of a crime? Or accept you anytime accustomed a “withheld adjudication” or had a amount closed or expunged? If yes, amuse explain.

Have you anytime been a plaintiff or a actor in a civilian action, including defalcation or foreclosure, or had a abstinent adjustment issued adjoin you? If so, amuse explain.

Are you a affiliate of any borough groups? If so, amuse name them.

– Temple Beth El of Hollywood

– Activity Member, Civic Council of Jewish Women

– At Ample Member, Broward Democratic Party

– Jewish Association Relations Council, Jewish Federation of Broward County

– Hollywood Lakes Borough Association

Have you anytime run for arrangement before? If so, back and where?

Yes, I was adopted county-wide for the at ample bench to the School Board of Broward Canton School in 2006 and 2010.

Why are you active for this office?

I am amorous about voting as the centermost of our democracy. Every acceptable aborigine should annals and apperceive that their vote, and every vote matters. This charge be the antecedence of any Administrator of Election. Now is a time for a able baton who can accompany trust, security, association beat and a charge to ensure that every vote counts and that voting is attainable to anybody calmly and equitably. I am that person. The Administrator should be afire in authoritative the arrangement assignment for the attainable and its employees. As supervisor, I will assignment to annals new voters who accept never been enfranchised before, to angry for action initiatives that advance new engagement. I will acknowledge to the COVID-19 crisis befitting anybody safe and ensure that voting is not jeopardized.

Why should voters vote for you?

Voters should vote for me because I accept a accurate almanac of convalescent circuitous organizations and authoritative bodies. I am the alone applicant who has served in a county-wide non-partisan adopted office. That acquaintance and accepting formed as a aldermanic and association abettor for a accompaniment agent has accustomed me the arrangement and accomplishment set to be an able and able Administrator of Elections. You can calculation on me to assignment endlessly to ensure that every vote counts and that voting is safe, fair, calmly accessible, agreeable for the young, the elderly, the disenfranchised, and is equitable.

What is the better claiming adverse the Supervisor’s arrangement and what should be done about it?

Certainly, above-mentioned to the acclamation of the abutting Supervisor, the best actual claiming is administering two elections during a all-around pandemic. I accept alone researched safe addition acclamation strategies that we could apparatus temporarily. The assay included assorted action proposals, both aldermanic and executive, as able-bodied as application absolute ascendancy to accomplish changes to acclamation administration. As a result, I accept the Administrator should preemptively mail out vote-by-mail ballots to every registered aborigine in anniversary of the Fall elections in adjustment to ensure every registered aborigine was acquainted of their advantage to casting a acclamation cautiously from home, and able-bodied afore the borderline to acknowledgment a completed ballot. Aside from the challenges as a aftereffect of COVID-19, Broward Supervisor’s arrangement has afresh fatigued civic criticism for not actuality able to get our vote counts in appropriate and a history of poor acclamation architecture which has resulted in lawsuits and may accept amount voters their adopted best of a candidate. This charge change immediately. In addition, we apperceive that the aegis and accuracy go duke in duke to ensure voters accept the aplomb that their votes calculation and matter.

How would you admission the achievement of Pete Antonacci as elections supervisor, and Brenda Snipes afore him?

Dr. Snipes consistently batten of bare resources. There needs to be improvements and I will action for added assets to ensure added appropriate advertisement of acclamation results, and a cellophane action so there is aborigine aplomb in the results.

I was present in 2018 back poor acclamation architecture and analytical acclamation administration led to abounding votes either actuality undercounted or butterfingers entirely. I’ve had actual bound acknowledgment to Administrator Antonacci, and while I advance some anxiety over the candor and auditing processes accessible to third parties beneath his appointment, I accept no absolute criticism adjoin him. I do accept there is added that can be done, such as a added proactive COVID-19 acclamation action and still broadcast aboriginal voting options.

What changes would you accomplish to the supervisor’s website to accomplish it added advisory and user friendly?

First, I would add to the landing folio of the website a simple aborigine allotment form. This would calmly facilitate either appeal (currently aloof vote-by-mail enrollment) in the advance up to this election. Second, I would accommodate a added abundant acclamation tracker that includes advice on breadth the acclamation is while in transit. This is agnate to the way a amalgamation or envelope is alien in the USPS. The armpit has bigger back the aftermost election, admitting it is still a little active looking, which makes affluence of aeronautics a slight chore. Helpful brochures in assorted languages and assets for new voters labeled “Felon Voting Rights” is a abundant addition.

The blueprint of the 2018 accepted acclamation acclamation in Broward was broadly cited as a agency in the aftereffect of one of the abutting U.S. Senate contest in American History. What changes would you accomplish to ensure that that never happens again?

Broward Canton has had a continued history of acclamation problems, both in architecture all-embracing and for some districts. These failures accept not alone fatigued civic criticism and lawsuits, but the bootless processes are abrasive the aplomb of the voters and ability of the votes cast. For too continued there has been a focus on the abstruse acquiescence with rules and not abundant assay of the animal dynamics back voting. Obviously, we charge accede with the approved requirements, in 2018, the acclamation architecture on some ballots delivered by mail was a absolute and complete disaster; one that was advised and bound in a 2007 elections guideline report. However, the affair accompanying to alone those ballots acceptance to voters in Congresswoman Wilson’s Congressional District. I accept the bombastic checks that the Administrator engages back reviewing ballots is awry for this reason. The solution, about tedious, requires the Administrator to broadcast what every aberration of the acclamation will attending like, including the bend curve of the vote-by-mail ballots. The Administrator should additionally chase a simple best convenance categorical in that 2007 abode that suggests never agreement a chase in an breadth of the acclamation decidedly afar from the remainder, and absolutely never anon beneath the admonition breadth a actuality ability absence it.

What should the Accompaniment Legislature do to advice advance the elections process?

The Accompaniment Legislature should move to accomplish improvements to our arrangement such as:

· Pay for all vote-by-mail acclamation allotment so that every Floridian has admission to a chargeless acclamation (at atomic in this aeon and approaching cycles breadth in-person voting could be impaired);

· Now that Florida is a affiliate of ERIC we should admittance alteration registrations from ERIC affiliate states up through acclamation day. Currently, voters registered alfresco of Florida who accept afresh confused charge amend their allotment by the book closing deadline. This borderline does not administer for registrants who accept confused from addition canton aural Florida. With admission to ERIC abstracts we should calmly be able to verify whether a actuality has voted in addition administration aural ERIC in real-time;

· Annihilate acclamation day voting area brake to aloof the belt abutting to your home. Instead accumulate the archetypal acclimated during the aboriginal voting period, breadth a apprentice can vote in any belt aural her canton of residence. This would save our Administrator money and accomplish it easier for voters by preventing the axis abroad of an contrarily acceptable voter;

· Modify our vote-by-mail law to reflect “postmarked by acclamation day” instead of “received by”, and acquiesce the aforementioned 10-day accepting addendum as beyond ballots. Yes, this could account adjournment but would ensure every vote mattered and counted;

· Modify borderline to cure vote-by-mails errors to 5pm on the Thursday afterwards acclamation day (same borderline as abating conditional ballots); and

· Acquiesce for acquiescent extensions of blab deadlines by the Admiral of Elections breadth 2 or added recounts are accident at any one time, one of which is a state-wide race.

How would you assignment to accomplish it easier and added acceptable for bodies to vote? Do you abutment online voting?

All of the suggestions I fabricated in the antecedent acknowledgment reflect means to advance the affluence and accessibility of voting. I abutment the abstraction of online voting, and conceivably in the approaching we will be in a position to apparatus a abstruse band-aid to affluence and admission aborigine turnout. However, at this time, online voting is artlessly not a accurate defended voting medium. Attempts at affective us afterpiece accept mostly bootless in cogent means (i.e. Iowa Democratic Caucus), and the affluence of admission comes with accidental risks, not the atomic of which would be accident the accountability of a cardboard acclamation trail. As Supervisor, I would focus our efforts on added voting preferences of so abounding Broward voters. For instance, voting early, either in actuality or by mail is a cogent alternative for the abounding Broward voters. Anniversary is easier and added acceptable than voting on acclamation day in a specific precinct. Authoritative this easier includes a abundantly broadcast vote-by-mail assurance advance that would run in both odd and even-numbered years. Vote-by-mail declivity locations would be placed throughout the County, in acutely apparent attainable areas, and in all aboriginal voting locations. Aboriginal voting locations would consistently run the absolute aeon accustomed beneath Florida statute, and I would continuously add new locations breadth account permitted.

Do you abutment boundless use of mail-in voting? If so, why? If not, why not?

Yes, vote-by-mail is accessible and acceptable for abounding voters. In the case of COVID-19, it is additionally the alone reasonable way abounding voters can casting their ballot. I accept we should abide alive to aggrandize vote-by-mail access.

What added should the supervisor’s arrangement be accomplishing to advice admission aborigine turnout?

I accept a accurate almanac of association outreach. Application that association beat experience, I intend to abode aborigine suppression, perceived or real, and disenfranchisement through the acceptance based communities, schools, chief centers, the underperforming voting populations, abandoned shelters, those who accept not been adjudicated as felons but who are in the bastille system, and, as a mom of two academy age sons, I appetite to accomplish it easier for our academy acceptance to vote. Throughout my life, I accept developed partnerships in Broward that will advance aborigine allotment drives and outreach. Finally, I appetite to ensure Amendment 4 is absolutely implemented as the voters overwhelmingly accepted so as to restore axiological voting rights and agreement every aborigine who is advantaged to vote does and that their vote matters.

I’ve categorical abounding of my solutions in the answers above, but to briefly summarize:

– Advance the affluence of admission and accessibility of voting by accretion aboriginal voting locations and hours;

– Admission vote-by-mail assurance by announcement the allowances of the voting method. This includes extensive out to voters breadth they are; and

– Accommodate vote-by-mail declivity locations throughout the county.

According to the Mueller Report, Russian agents in 2016 were able to accommodation the email systems of at atomic two Florida canton admiral of elections offices. In the aforementioned year, a ransomware advance was fabricated on the Palm Beach Canton administrator of elections office. What changes would you accomplish in acclamation security? What do you anticipate about a acknowledgment to hand-counted cardboard ballots to abstain computerized acclamation fraud?

“Computerized acclamation fraud” is a across-the-board byword that could represent any cardinal of problems. Interference of any affectionate is unacceptable, but the use of computer accretion machines does not necessarily crave our arrangement to be affected to fraud. In 2018, no blueprint was altered, and in actuality the cardboard back beneath accepted statutes allows us to verify those returns. I do not abutment demography our arrangement out of the 21st aeon by acute a hand-count, absolute of the computer count. We must, however, change the way our centralized email arrangement can be accessed by alfresco malware. This includes befitting defended email communications on high-security servers, and attached intra-office advice to a abstracted server altogether. Acclamation abstracts manual from anniversary polling area during acclamation day should additionally be secure, and thankfully our accepted practices do accumulate that abstracts secure. These changes would annihilate the abstracts aperture abeyant that was apparent in the Palm Beach Administrator of Elections office. To be sure, if we are to advance aborigine aplomb that every berth counts, we charge amusement Administrator of Elections security, not aloof in Broward, but beyond the accompaniment and nation, as a amount of civic security. Abrasive the ability of the vote through advance into our systems, will not alone about-face elections but we attenuate aborigine aplomb in the ability of their vote and will abase aborigine turnout.

Is there annihilation about yourself that we didn’t ask about that would abash you if an adversary begin out?

How abundant money accept you aloft so far? Amuse accommodate today’s date.

As of June 26, 2020. $39,206.00

Have you accustomed any added endorsements? If so, which ones?

o Broward Canton Council of Professional Fire Fighters

o Accompaniment Agent Gary Farmer, District 34

o Accompaniment Representative Michael Gottlieb, District 98

o Accompaniment Representative Dan Daley, District 97

o Accompaniment Representative Evan Jenne, District 99

o Canton Commissioner Beam Furr

o Mayor, Michael Ryan, City of Sunrise

o Mayor, Josh Levy, City of Hollywood

o Mayor, Frank Ortiz, City of Pembroke Pines

o Mayor, Joy Cooper, City of Hallandale Beach

o Hollywood City Commissioner, Kevin Biederman

o Sunrise City Commissioner, Lawrence “Larry” Sofield

o Countywide At-Large, Bench 9 School Board Member, Robin Bartleman

o School Board Member, District 1, Ann Murray

o Former FEA President and School Board, Affiliate Maureen Dinnen

o Controlling Director of the Broward Delegation, Andrea Knowles

Free Form Questionnaire The Five Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Free Form Questionnaire – free form questionnaire
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