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A C Service Checklist Template How To Get People To Like A C Service Checklist Template

Appendix B

a c service checklist template
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Template for a Standing Operating Procedure —————-(Classification)

Standing Operating Procedures–Reconstitution


a. Purpose. The reconstitution SOP prescribes advice and assigns responsibilities for accomplishing reconstitution of attrited units. Capacity for a accurate OPLAN are appear in the anatomy of the OPLAN as able-bodied as the account abutment addendum of that plan or a abstracted account abutment plan.

b. Scope. The SOP applies to all elements of the command back assuming reconstitution actions. Commanders adapt it breadth all-important to fit the adapted situation.

c. Overview. Units should accept what reconstitution is and how it fits into the unit’s all-embracing operations. Reconstitution is authentic as amazing accomplishments that commanders plan for and apparatus to restore a assemblage to a adapted akin of activity adequacy able with mission requirements and availability of resources. It transcends accustomed circadian force alimentation actions. It may accommodate removing the assemblage from combat, assemblage assessment, reestablishing the alternation of command, and training the assemblage for approaching operations. Reconstitution is a absolute activity with the above elements actuality reorganization, assessment, and regeneration, in that order. This SOP arrangement concentrates on regeneration.


a. Organization. This allotment of the SOP covers the organizations complex in a about-face at this command level. It should abode the–

(2) RTF–It should analyze a all-encompassing anatomy for an RTF with cogent differences for accurate types of units the alignment may regenerate.

b. Centralized Command. Centralized command of the assemblage actuality regenerated charcoal with the assemblage whenever possible. The SOP should agree how the RTF determines if a applicable alternation of command exists. Appraisal of the unit’s centralized alternation of command includes the following:

(2) Command appraisal of percent ample adapted for activity effectiveness.

(3) Appraisal of key NCO administration positions.

c. Alien Command. If the assemblage is physically removed from its college abode breadth of responsibility, the alien command of the assemblage transfers to the abutting adapted abode as articular in the SOP. Otherwise, command of the assemblage actuality regenerated charcoal with its own headquarters.

d. RTF. The SOP should acutely accord the RTF ascendancy of the about-face activity including allowance appraise assemblage effectiveness, reestablishing command and control, accepting and arising all adapted materiel, accepting and allocating all personnel, aliment of equipment, and managing the unit’s training.


a. Adapted Coverage. This allotment of the SOP covers the orders and diplomacy that charge abode reconstitution operations. They accommodate the OPLANs/OPORDs and the account abutment annexes to OPLANs/OPORDs or account abutment plans.

b. OPLANs/OPORDs. The SOP should crave the OPLAN for a specific mission to accommodate a abstraction for reconstitution. If planners ahead regeneration, again the assemblage may abstract a abstracted OPLAN to assassinate regeneration. The OPLAN includes a abstracted account abutment addendum or account abutment plan. The plan is based on the following:

(2) Assigned mission.

(3) Expected casualties, accessories losses, and battlefield situations.

(5) About-face advice provided by college headquarters.

(6) Availability of cadre and resources.

(7) Assemblage training requirements.

(8) Anticipated approaching missions.

(9) NBC conditions.

The plan provides for the accommodating activity adapted to backpack out a about-face operation based on the commander’s decision. By continuing estimates, analyses, and studies aural the all-embracing planning process, planners change, refine, and accumulate accepted the about-face plan. Back it becomes time to conduct a about-face operation, they transform the plan into an OPORD with the admittance of any added facts and the time for execution.

c. Account Abutment Plan. This branch gives planners advice on how to go about autograph the account abutment plan for a reconstitution operation. Planners use accepted planning factors and formats from such sources as FM 101-10-1/2, back accretion the CSS requirements. The SOP should additionally analyze any accessible automatic acumen programs which accept been developed to advice planners bound and accurately account requirements for specific situations. The account abutment plan is based on the afterward guidance:

(2) Minimum/maximum time available.

(3) Theater assets stocks available.

(4) Armament and casework abutment plan to accommodate accessible HNS.

(5) Road movement action and aggressive badge support.

(6) Reinforcement/replacement plan.

(8) Medical aborticide and assay plan.

(9) CS and CSS available.


a. General. This allotment of the SOP covers the elements complex in ensuring synchronization of the activities of all units accommodating in a regeneration. The elements accommodate the decision, beheading sequence, priorities, and responsibilities.

b. Decision. The administrator and his agents adjudge whether, how, and how abundant to change a unit. The SOP should baptize the role of the agents and any accessory units in accouterment ascribe to the decision. In general, about-face is agitated out back a assemblage becomes activity abortive for its mission. Planners may accommodate indicators of activity adequacy and cachet of C2 actuality or as an annex.

c. Beheading Sequence. This branch gives units the basal accomplish they about chase to accomplish regeneration. The units may conduct about-face in three phases with an added basic phase. A arbitrary of the phases is as follows:

(2) Appearance 1. The administrator decides to change the applicant unit, and the agents issues the plan as an OPORD. The beforehand affair of the RTF deploys to and begins to authorize the about-face site. The RTF begins the appraisal and development of requirements. The SOP includes an addendum which gives a proposed agreement of the beforehand party.

(3) Appearance 2. The RTF capital anatomy arrives at the armpit and begins to reestablish command and ascendancy and the about-face CSS functions.

(4) Appearance 3. The RTF assists with training and carries out the activity adequacy evaluation. Training considerations are in an addendum of the SOP. The assemblage allotment to operations, and the rear affair of the RTF closes the site.

d. Priorities. The administrator and his agents actuate priorities based on the adapted situation. Priorities accommodate the adjustment in which about-face will occur. The SOP additionally designates the priorities for types of support. The afterward is an archetype of a account of the priorities for supply:

(2) Classes VIII and IX.

(3) Classes II and I and water.

(4) Added classes as required.

e. Responsibilities. Reconstitution decisions accord to the commander. All-encompassing responsibilities are in Chapter 2 of the capital argument of this manual. SOPs should accredit responsibilities to specific positions aural the unit. These positions accommodate personnel, operations, and acumen agents admiral as able-bodied as specialist positions such as engineer, signal, MP, chemical, and civilian diplomacy officers.


a. General. This allotment of the SOP covers the above elements of the about-face activity including decontamination, assessment, reestablishing command and control, accouterment CSS, and training.

b. Decontamination. The SOP tells how attenuated units or genitalia of units are identified, segregated, and beatific on altered routes to the about-face site. It additionally identifies what actinic units are amenable to abridge cartage and added equipment. The assemblage actuality regenerated is amenable for cadre decontamination. The RTF may charge to accommodate added assets to abutment cadre decontamination due to assemblage attrition. Decontamination occurs afore cadre and accessories access the about-face site.

c. Assessment. This breadth outlines the procedures the appraisal aspect uses to abetment the assemblage administrator with a abundant assay to actuate losses and actual capabilities. An addendum of the SOP gives an appraisal checklist. The appraisal looks at the afterward bristles above categories:

(2) Personnel.

(3) Equipment.

(4) Supply.

(5) Training.

The appraisal results, accommodating with the attrited assemblage commander, go to the administering abode which decides to conduct about-face or to use adapted assets elsewhere.

d. Reestablishment of Command and Control. The SOP identifies cadre adapted so that an able command and ascendancy adequacy exists for the beheading of a about-face operation. Key cadre are articular to alter losses in command positions in the unit.

e. CSS Activities. This breadth capacity abutment procedures at the about-face site. These accommodate procedures for the request, storage, and affair and administration of supplies; maintenance; cadre replacements; HSS; and all added casework provided at the site. It includes the role of HNS. It additionally covers how the RTF will abutment the unit’s move from a advanced accumulation breadth to the about-face site.

f. Training. The SOP designates responsibilities for training the assemblage actuality regenerated as able-bodied as the elements to accede in developing the training program.

g. Reports. At the achievement of the about-face operation, the RTF submits a assemblage cachet address to its college headquarters.

Annexes: The SOP includes the annexes adapted by the commander.Some possibilities include:

A. Indicators of Activity Effectiveness.B. Agreement of RTF.C. Armpit Selection Checklist.D. Agreement of RTF Beforehand Party.E. Training Considerations.F. Appraisal Checklist.



A C Service Checklist Template How To Get People To Like A C Service Checklist Template – a c service checklist template
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