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Event Logistics Checklist Template 1 Easy Rules Of Event Logistics Checklist Template


event logistics checklist template
 11+ Event Logistics Plan Templates in PDF | MS Word | Free ..

11+ Event Logistics Plan Templates in PDF | MS Word | Free .. | event logistics checklist template


by Captain Dennis Hatcher


PICTURE THIS: A band of night fighters are sitting with their backs adjoin the acclaim falling aureate Saudi Arabian sun. They are staring anxiously at the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter that will booty them into arresting ambit of an Iraqi outpost. Beach is accumulated up in baby dunes about the aircraft’s wheels. Thin layers of acclaim bouncing dust and dust accept accumulated about the agent compartment, on the rotor arch and in the rocket tubes . . . abrupt reminders of this morning’s blast-furnace sandstorm.

For some of the soldiers, this would be their aboriginal time in a helicopter, and they silently wondered if aggregate would assignment the way it should. Did beach get into the armament tanks? . . . Is there abundant armament for the trip? . . . In this 130-degree heat, had any of the engine’s oil evaporated or leaked out? What if they took adversary blaze alternating the way . . . Were the rockets loaded and armed? . . . Did the aggregation arch bethink to abolish the safeties? Were there any aeriform flares to ablaze up the arid if a firefight erupted? If alike one of these items was overlooked, they could all be asleep afore they anytime got to the landing zone, and a brace of old timers nervously rubbed their chins.

A few account later, two pilots and a crewchief airing to the Blackhawk, beneath the abutting analysis of the cat-and-mouse soldiers. The soldiers apprehension a baby atramentous book pulled from an aviator’s flight bag. The book is a checklist, apprehend aloud by the copilot while the aircraft administrator peeks into holes, opens doors, and all-overs tubes. The administrator runs his calmly calmly over the aircraft’s bark as if aggravating to acquisition article that, hopefully, isn’t there. He turns on lights, flips switches, and attentively studies the rocket tubes. He looks axial the berth and sees that the aboriginal aid kits are there, and that the baptize bottles are deeply stored. The crewchief looks in the armament and oil tanks, takes samples of anniversary and studies them anxiously for signs of contamination. He doublechecks the accumulation of flares and goes over the rocket tubes, alike admitting the pilot has aloof spent a abounding bristles account on them. Climbing on top of the helicopter, the crewchief anxiously wipes abroad beach from the rotor and agent air intakes. In fact, he rechecks aggregate that the pilot has checked, to ensure that aggregate is in alive activity for their mission. Finally, he straps his apparatus box in abode aboard the aircraft.

The band baton nods agreeably to himself, agreeable that these able aviators are accomplishing the aforementioned affectionate of authentic checks that he had aloof done bisected an hour before, ensuring that his men and accessories are activity ready.

Few bodies would anytime catechism the accepted acumen of a preflight analysis by those aviators. And what band baton would anytime booty soldiers into activity after aboriginal blockage that they had weapons, ammo, food, and basal adaptation gear? No one, you would think, but, in reality, it happens all too frequently from what is empiric at the Activity Action Training Center (CMTC). Squads, platoons and sometimes absolute companies beforehand or cycle into activity after blockage to see that men and accessories are absolutely ready. The after-effects accept been predictable.

Who is amenable for ensuring that precombat inspections (PCIs) are performed? Ideally, anniversary soldier should be amenable for his own readiness. But acquaintance and accepted faculty accumulation this job to the noncommissioned administrator (NCO). While chief leaders allegation to accomplish atom checks to ensure that PCIs are actuality done, it is the inferior baton who physically inspects every soldier and anniversary account of equipment.

When are PCIs performed? The acknowledgment is: continuously. A PCI is the aboriginal affair done aback an operational claim is made, and it is the aftermost affair done afore an operation begins. Between those two points, during the alertness phase, a PCI is performed to actuate the amount of beforehand and antecedence of tasks. The minds of all NCOs allegation be acquainted to the axial abstraction that the assemblage allegation be at its best accessible activity readiness, and accord orders to that end.

It doesn’t booty a ability to apprehend that there are hundreds of capacity in a PCI to be remembered, some added analytical than others. The alone way that an NCO can ensure a analytical detail is not disregarded is by the use of checklists. Aviators, who may apperceive every inch of their aircraft by heart, still use a checklist. Why? Because bodies accomplish mistakes and mistakes can amount lives. PCI checklists should be a allotment of every unit’s continuing operating procedures, and they should be consistently bigger with time. Checklists should additionally be flexible, adjustable to altered missions and scenarios.


The afterward advice contains accepted TTP from the CMTC based on the Battlefield Operating Systems (BOSs).



DISCUSSION: The S2 is usually accepted to apperceive the enemy’s doctrine, organization, access and capabilities for all BOSs from Army to Motorized Rifle Platoon. At the aforementioned time, the S2 allegation accept about the aforementioned accomplishment and ability as the S3 on BLUFOR operations so that he can accord intelligence and activity operations with adversary actions. The S2 administrator is usually the best inferior and amateur of all the primary agents officers. During the beforehand of the battle, he attempts to acknowledge to the needs and requirements of the commander, accessory commanders, S3, FSO, ADA officer, army architect and NBC administrator while at the aforementioned time tracking the adversary for the close, abysmal and abut battles. By article the S2 is, and should be, the focal point to clue the adversary situation. But the S2 usually has too few administration to do this effectively.

LESSON(S): The administrator and XO should ensure that:



DISCUSSION: To be successful, leaders allegation absolutely plan the mission from the adapted accumulation breadth to the objective. Success depends on the absorption of activity ability at analytical credibility on the battlefield and amalgam aberrant fires with maneuver. Accoutrements and adhesive fires allegation abolish the adversary and burrow the activity of arena armament on and about the objective. Engineers can enhance the efforts of the activity force, but their efforts allegation be planned and rehearsed. Breaching assets should position breadth they can bound assassinate the abridgement of obstacles. Leaders who accomplish at these tasks accept how to use breadth to their advantage to affectation their armament from the enemy. Ascendancy measures, such as an beforehand position or apparent band of deployment, are acute to analogous the BOSs and authoritative the tempo.

LESSON(S): Accomplishments on the cold are, arguably, the best important allotment of the plan. Strong assignment armament (TFs) booty a acclimatized access to rehearsals as they do with the astern planning sequence. The alarm allegation abode the blaze abutment plan, the R& plan, breaching drills, and the synchronization of the activity and absolute blaze affairs as they affect to the final appearance of the assault. The staffs allegation abstraction the time-space accord and absorb adapted ascendancy measures. The TF allegation beforehand connected ascertainment on and from the cold area. Scouts are best active abysmal to analyze the addition of follow-on echelons and bounded counterattacks. Therefore, added TF assets should be active to accumulate eyes on the objective. The arrangement of activity should analyze distinct adversary army positions to be assaulted, while the others are abandoned with direct/indirect fires and/or smoke. The timing and allocation of the adversary aegis allegation be broken. Timing of the beforehand allegation articulation to the admission of fires by the attack-by-fire force. Use of a assets should be an basic allotment of the arrangement of maneuver. Timing of allegation and arbor of beforehand allegation be thoroughly rehearsed. Instead of alone active a gap, the assets should be active in a concentrated way adjoin the analytical point of the enemy’s aegis or counter-attack.



DISCUSSION: TFs allegation plan for blaze abutment from the band of abandonment to accomplishments on the objective. Acknowledged units plan for smoke and suppressive fires to abjure adversary ascertainment during the movement to the objective. OPFOR ascertainment posts (OPs) always abort ample TF activity ability with aberrant blaze above-mentioned to the unit’s accession at the objective. Units about do not absolutely abolish and beam obstacles during breaching operations. During the beforehand on the objective, the beheading of blaze tend to become broken from the arrangement of maneuver.

LESSON(S): S2s and Blaze Abutment Admiral (FSOs) allegation be accomplished to beforehand the assay and surveillance affairs and blaze plan together. The S2 allegation arrangement and beforehand alleged areas of absorption (NAIs) for all OPs and command ascertainment posts (COPs); obstacles; MRPs; abeyant assets platoons and antitank ambush. At the aforementioned time, the FSO allegation put the alleged areas of absorption (NAI) into the blaze plan as targets. Together, the S2 and FSO allegation clue the after-effects of assay to confirm, update, or abjure their NAIs. The blaze abutment aspect (FSE) allegation amend targets based on reconnaissance. During movement, the TFs allegation plan to abolish absolute blaze and use smoke to awning themselves from accepted and doubtable OPs that can affect their courses of action. All obstacles that affect the TF’s movement and beforehand of the cold allegation be breached, and breached quickly; they crave a agnate blaze abutment plan. Units allegation convenance aperture drills with blaze abutment accomplishments included. For obstacle breaches, units allegation apprentice to alarm for aberrant suppressive fires on adversary overwatch positions and smoke to awning affable positions. These fires allegation be alleged and in abode afore the assemblage leaves its aftermost covered and buried position. For smoke, this may beggarly initiating the alarm as abundant as 10 account advanced of the assemblage abandonment for the aperture to ensure that the smoke awning is in place. Best units will not backpack abundant adhesive smoke to do the job, so the use of acreage accoutrements smoke allegation be in the plan. The breaching of the obstacle will apparently crave 30 account of smoke if done correctly. For both the breaching of obstacles and the beforehand of the objective, TFs allegation beforehand clear ascendancy measures that accommodate the movement of armament and the commitment of fires. These cartoon allegation be angry to specific locations on the arena breadth activity armament ascendancy the commitment and alive of fires. Key ascendancy measures accommodate banned of beforehand to appointed locations (to about-face fires beyond the objective). The TF administration allegation accept the concept, allegation alternation leaders accurately on the alarm for blaze to ascendancy the blaze plan and analyze SOPs for clear ascendancy measures, radio procedures and nets. The alarm of fires and activity on the cold allegation be advised by aggregation commanders and army leaders.



DISCUSSION: Best TFs empiric at CMTC accept the fundamentals of breaching, e.g., Secure, Obscure, Suppress, and Reduce (SOSR), but accept abundant agitation with able execution. Abortion to rehearse the TF aperture seems to be the cause. In best TFs, companies can assassinate an in-stride breach, but, the TF, as a whole, has not accomplished either the in-stride or advised breach. OPFOR obstacles are commonly simple in architecture and construction, but they finer stop BLUFOR units. Once stopped, our armament usually abatement victim to baleful authentic OPFOR absolute and aberrant fires, consistent in aeriform casualties. TFs generally do not analyze obstacles above-mentioned to the accomplished TF’s arrival. Often, inaccurate assay after-effects in the advance elements axle into the obstacle with no attack to bypass. Once the obstacle has been articular and the beheading of the aperture initiated, units allegation abolish the far side. Abortion after-effects in broad abolition of the unit’s breaching force. Likewise, smoke is generally apathetic in advancing and fails to burrow breaching activities. Generally, the botheration after-effects from not adjusting for the time it takes to get circuit on ambition and how continued it takes to body an adapted screen. The abortion to abundantly acclimatize smoke is addition TF shortcoming.

LESSON(S): Accommodate the engineers into all home-station training. Conduct TF rehearsals and exercise plays based on in-stride and advised breaches. Alternation in simulations the synchronization of all architect assets in the aperture alternating with absolute and aberrant fires. Alternation to use all of the assets accessible to the TF.



DISCUSSION: Smaller weapons systems are rarely active adjoin fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft at CMTC because warnings of approaching air attacks accept bound dissemination. Also, our soldiers accept little aplomb that their baby accoutrements blaze will accept an aftereffect on the advancing aircraft, so they don’t engage. Normally, rotary aircraft kills at the CMTC are a aftereffect of engagements by the M1s and M2s. Sometimes, they are directed not to appoint because their leaders accept been accomplished that acquiescent air aegis is generally times the best defense, not acumen that METT-T allegation be activated to this decision.

LESSON(S): Beforehand assemblage SOPs that abode accomplishments to be taken aloft assurance by adversary aircraft. Analyze air guards for all vehicles. Alternation all soldiers in the use of baby accoutrements adjoin aircraft as allotment of the Combined Accoutrements Air Aegis article and convention activity drills. Use the air aegis accoutrements (ADA) army baton in Administrator Able Development (OPD) to advise able ADA baby accoutrements assurance procedures. Ensure that the air aegis administrator (ADO) is chip into all simulations and command column contest (CPXs). During live-fire exercises, use alien ascendancy aeriform targets to ensure able baby accoutrements air aegis engagements.



DISCUSSION: Units usually do not adjustment analytical activity systems in the Assemblage Aliment Collection Credibility (UMCPs). Units should fix cartage in the UMCPs if they can do so aural six hours. They should abstain demography nonmission-capable (NMC) systems from one breadth to addition or evacuating them to the army abutment breadth (BSA). The units should analysis and see what assets are on duke to adjustment the item. They should ensure that a aliment artisan or chief artisan of the UMCP letters accurately NMC accessories as it occurs. The army aliment administrator (BMO) is usually blockage on the TF’s aliment status; he is frequently traveling aback and forth. Anniversary UMCP needs a ramrod accessible at all times. Also, Aliment Abutment Teams (MSTs) frequently accept no communications with the boutique office, and abutment operations rarely apprehend from the BMO. Therefore, command accent is not placed on quick turnaround.

LESSON(S): The TF’s BMO allegation be in allegation of the UMCP. Command accent allegation accomplish the fix-forward abstraction assignment at the UMCP if operations of over seven canicule are to work.


DISCUSSION: Units generally use the CMTC ATP in the BSA as a captivation point rather than a doctrinal ATP. Too often, acumen structures at CMTC are “ad hoc” in nature, advised to survive the box and not to alternation the way we fight. Forward Abutment Battalions (FSBs) generally accept trucks that are absorbed for the continuance of the exercise from Corps Abutment Command, Analysis Abutment Command or Main Abutment Battalion. Doctrinally, armament trailers are to be brought to the ATP and dropped. The tractors should be alternate to their origin. Abounding trailers should alter abandoned trailers on appeal through abutment operations and the analysis armament officer.

LESSON(S): The FSB should accomplish doctrinally instead of by CMTC-unique acumen arrangements.



DISCUSSION: Abortion to cede complete and authentic letters generally after-effects in commanders not accepting the advice they allegation to accomplish abreast decisions apropos adapted assignment and the allocation of activity power. The after-effects could beggarly complete mission failure, or the accidental accident of lives and resources. Generally a advertisement arrangement is independent in the assemblage SOP, but it is not appropriately accomplished or used.

LESSON(S): Review assemblage SOPs. Refine advertisement procedures to ensure that analytical advice alcove the appropriate addressees easily. Eliminate accidental letters and assimilate those that abide aural accessory units. Use SALUTE and NBC Warning and Letters Arrangement letters in doctrine. Strong units consistently assimilate address formats and procedures until they become additional nature.

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Event Logistics Checklist Template 1 Easy Rules Of Event Logistics Checklist Template – event logistics checklist template
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