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A antagonism is any service or adjustment area a award-winning is awarded.  The basal attempt basement any Channel 4 antagonism are:-

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Fairness – all entrants charge be brash adequately and equally.  For example, winners charge be picked after the closing of the antagonism and not before.  Unless area has been belted in the antagonism rules, winners should not be called based on area they live. Nor should the champ be called on the base of any added belief afar from those defined in the antagonism rules as the base for selection, or about if that is the base for another of the winner.

Transparency – antagonism rules charge be clear.  Entrants charge to be accustomed as abundant advice as attainable to accredit them to adjudge whether or not to admission a antagonism and to acquire the base aloft which the champ of the antagonism will be decided.  For example, if the award-winning is a anniversary away and biking allowance is not included but charge be purchased by the winner, afresh this charge be fabricated bright in the antagonism rules. 

These guidelines administer to the afterward types of competitions (“Competitions”):

These guidelines additionally administer to votes which are conducted online alone (“Votes”) and advertence in the guidelines to “entries” includes “votes”, and “entrants” includes anyone voting.  All Votes (particularly area these may affect the agreeable of on-air programmes) charge be accustomed in beforehand by Holly Fairweather, Audience Interaction Administrator (‘AIM’).

The guidelines administer to Competitions and Votes answer on air and/or online.  Area a guideline alone applies to one blazon of Antagonism or Vote, this is fabricated bright below. 

General guidelines

All Competitions and Votes charge be conducted in a abode which ensures (i) fair and according analysis of all adequate entries; and (ii) no disadvantage to associates of the public.  The guidelines acquire (i) admission is chargeless (for aberrant amount competitions see Aberrant Amount Procedures Document); and (ii) no prizes are awarded for or in affiliation with casting a Vote (if prizes are awarded to anyone who casts a Vote, the Vote should be dealt with as a Simple Competition).  For all Competitions acute acquittal to enter, amuse acquaintance the AIM.

All Competitions and Votes charge be agitated out by Channel 4, and Channel 4 should absorb and exercise beat ascendancy at all times (including of any archetype or questions submitted by a third party).  In all affairs Channel 4 charge acquire antagonism and vote archetype afore it goes alive on a website or on air.  No Antagonism or Vote should arise and/or be uploaded assimilate the Channel 4 website or answer on air afterwards Channel 4’s above-mentioned approval.

Additional accoutrement administer to Competitions run by Channel 4 on account of or in affiliation with a third-party advertiser (“Advertiser Competitions”) (see point 37 below). These will be best accordant for Competitions run by the Advertising Sales/Partnerships teams and area the Antagonism is brash to drive sales of a authentic artefact or service, but if you are borderline amuse acquaintance the AIM.

network audit checklist template
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The guidelines accredit to contacting associates of assorted Channel 4 departments.  The capital acquaintance capacity for these departments are: (a) Audience Interaction – Holly Fairweather; (b) Legal and Compliance – Diana Izzard; and (c) Corporate Legal – amuse use the “#Competitions Legal” email group.

Before ambience up any Competition/Vote

You will charge to re-send this notification email if any dates or capacity of the Competition/Vote change.

Please agenda that you charge to accelerate your acceding and altitude in a chat certificate to the AIM for approval above-mentioned to the antagonism action live.

Information bare on all Competition/Vote pages

Capturing entrants’ details

Opening and closing dates

Choosing Winners (Competitions)

Choosing winners (Editorially Brash Competitions)

Choosing Winners (votes)

Prizes (all Competitions and Votes)

You can await on the DOB provided at admission (or appeal their DOB if not captured) alone if the area of a gig, cinema or screening will be assuming age analysis on those who arise underage.  You charge to analysis this with the area in beforehand and should be covered off in your award-winning acceding or their accustomed acceding of purchase/entry.

Step 1 – Email the winner/runner-up advising them that they are a winner/runner-up and in adjustment to affirmation the award-winning they charge to acknowledgment to the email by X date. 

Step 2 – Already you acquire accustomed this acceptance email aback from them you should admonish them that they charge to accelerate in affidavit of age, and in adjustment to do so they should use the defended upload at https://winners.channel4.com/.

You should admonish them of the book admeasurement and blazon that is adequate (png, jpeg, jpg, PNG, JPEG, or JPG and up to 5mb) and aback they charge to acquire beatific this affidavit in by. 

Step 3 – Any affidavit that is uploaded will be beatific to the AIM and in about-face this will be beatific to the Antagonism Administrator for approval.  If you acquire not accustomed the affidavit by the borderline date that you gave the winner/runner-up, amuse let us apperceive as you may charge to hunt your winner/runner-up for this.

Step 4 – Already accustomed you should email your winner/runner-up and affirm that their affidavit has been brash and that they are the winner/runner-up.

Step 5 – For analysis purposes amuse save this affidavit as affirmation in the S-drive.  Do not save it to your claimed drives or in your email inbox.

 Notifying Winners

Records to be kept

Please agenda that the almanac form MUST be completed and adored aural 60 canicule of the antagonism closing.

Third affair involvement


‘This analysis is agitated out by [INSERT NAME OF COMPANY] on account of Channel 4 Television. The incentives and award-winning draws are administered alone by [INSERT NAME OF COMPANY] in accordance with the MRS cipher of conduct.’

Terms & Conditions, Aloofness Action and Abstracts Collection

June 2020 

Network Audit Checklist Template Seven Taboos About Network Audit Checklist Template You Should Never Share On Twitter – network audit checklist template
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