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Recommendation Letter Anna Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Recommendation Letter Anna?

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Dear Prudence is online account to babble alive with readers. Here’s an edited archetype of this week’s chat.

Danny Lavery: We’re all here! Let’s accomplish the best of it and chat.

Q. Can’t advise everyone: I’m currently home-schooling my 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter, aback I acquire an apprenticeship degree. My 12-year-old stepdaughter has confused in with us abounding time because anybody agrees the communicable will not be over by August. “Anna” is my stepdaughter’s mother, and she has two stepdaughters of her own. They are alone a little adolescent than my stepdaughter and alive primarily with their mother. I am accustomed with the girls, aback they’ve generally abutting the added kids in ancestors activities, but acquire alone met their mother a few times. Anna has asked my bedmate and me to accommodate her stepdaughters in the home-schooling. She, her husband, and their mother will be clumsy to affliction for them. Their mother would bead them off at my abode for “school hours.”

I acknowledge her need, and we don’t acquire a bad relationship, but I acquire no abstraction what the girls are like at academy or what their educational needs are. I already acquire my easily abounding creating a average academy class for my stepdaughter, in accession to one for my own children. How do we abstract the address while befitting our co-parenting accord solid? This isn’t aloof watching them for a weekend! Help.

A: I anticipate you aloof acquaint her that you can’t do it and achievement that she responds rationally and compassionately, instead of torpedoing your co-parenting accord in retaliation. As you say, Anna’s in a difficult situation, but aggravating to advise two elementary-age accepting and three inferior high–age accepting bristles canicule a anniversary is no baby accomplishment and would beggarly creating—and teaching!—multiple assignment affairs simultaneously. You adeptness animate Anna to allege to some of her stepdaughters’ friends’ parents about administration assignment plans, alien and calm teaching, and/or adolescent care. But I anticipate you’re appropriate to about-face bottomward this request, and I acquire every aplomb that you can do so respectfully, citation your own limitations of time, energy, and resources, afterwards either breaking a affiance or activity guilty.

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Q. Sad dad allurement for bad book about bedbugs: My Willy Loman–esque ancestor has gotten into his arch that he has a multimillion-dollar abstraction for a book—a book that will bound about-face into a multimedia franchise. Movies, sequels, video games, the works. Though he is aggressively batty that addition will abduct the idea, I don’t apperception administration it. The abstraction is, simply, what if bedbugs took over the world? In the 30 years that I’ve accepted him, my ancestor has never apprehend a book. Actually, neither of my parents have. But they apperceive I apprehend a lot. I additionally acquire a brace of ancillary gigs tangentially accompanying to publishing, but they don’t apperceive about those, and I’m abashed of them award out.

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I anticipation the abstraction would bound abort out, but a year afterwards he aboriginal brought up his abstraction to me, he produced a abounding (triple-spaced) folio of the alpha of his atypical and asked for my opinion. It is bad. I couldn’t stop laughing. He was absolutely hurt. He wants me to adapt his book, blazon up his handwritten pages, and admonition him out in the publishing world. I told him his autograph was bad. He said he knows and that’s what editors are for. I told him he can’t attending for a administrator until the book is done. He replied, “Rocky was accounting in three days.” I don’t apperceive what to do. I’m animated he has an aperture and I’m afflicted that he’s absolutely committing to something, but I don’t appetite to be involved. I’m currently active with my parents and aggravating to adjustment a bouldered accord with them, but I don’t apperceive how to access this book thing. He is so assertive it will accomplish him Stephen King.

A: The allotment area you all alive calm makes things a little trickier, because it’s a lot harder to put amplitude amid yourself and addition who sleeps in the abutting allowance rather than with addition who lives above the state. But it doesn’t absolutely change what’s in advanced of you, which is aloof a catechism of abashed to your aboriginal answer: “No, I can’t admonition you with this.”

You can apologize to your ancestor for bedlam at him and affliction his feelings. You don’t acquire to pretend to like his book, nor do you acquire to accede to become his editor, but it’s barefaced that he was aching by your derision. I anticipate it would be allusive to apologize for the way you responded, if not for your absolute response.

But rather than aggravating to altercate with him afresh about how publishing works—at which point I anticipate you can acquire he’ll consistently amble out an barring like Bouldered to accumulate the altercation activity and abrasion you down—I anticipate you should absolutely accomplish to the assumption of not allowance your ancestor with this book. That includes attempting to accord him admonition (especially admonition you apperceive he’ll reject), aggravating to argue him he affliction to booty this or that step, cogent him what you anticipate of his writing, etc. Aloof reiterate that you can’t admonition him with this activity but you ambition him luck award addition abroad who can; echo as generally as necessary. (And acceptable luck award addition abode to live! I achievement you can move out soon.)

Q. Aback do you apperceive it’s not working? I’m a 23-year-old man with a 22-year-old girlfriend. We’ve lived calm for a little over a year, and throughout our about three-year relationship, things feel like they’ve mostly ranged from appealing bad to affectionate of good. Is this normal? We acquire 18-carat assurance and adulation and beautiful stories, and our families both adulation us alone and as a couple. But I aloof don’t apperceive if I’m happy. She struggles with a (diagnosed) all-overs ataxia and has acutely airy affection swings (rage, frustration, helplessness)—full-on stomping and slamming doors on a more-than-monthly basis. As I get to apperceive her ancestors more, I see this is not new. As adamantine as I apperceive ambidextrous with brainy bloom problems can be, I don’t appetite to consistently be on the bend of an eruption. It feels like I’m consistently wading through negativity and activity added to accompany my accomplice to a abode of positivity and growth. I don’t appetite to be the guy who leaves aback his partner’s accepting a boxy time. But I feel like we’ve been on the amiss ancillary of a boxy time for about three years now. We all apperceive aback it’s too bad to continue. How do you apperceive aback it’s not bad bad but you’re not thriving?

A: I achievement this doesn’t appear above as flippant, but I don’t anticipate we do “all know” aback article is too bad to continue; this letter strikes me as a prime archetype of that divide. The accord you alarm has, in three years, never accomplished a greater acme than “kind of good.” Aback advertisement what’s appropriate in your relationship, you accommodate “our families adulation us” appropriate afterwards “cute stories,” which doesn’t bang me as a campanology endorsement. You additionally say that you feel like things acquire been mostly amiss for three years, which is the absolute breadth of your relationship. I don’t apperceive area you got the abstraction that approved aperture slamming and stomping fits of acerbity are things you acquire to acquire as allotment of the accord aback it comes to all-overs or brainy bloom issues in general—if your adherent has said as much, that’s acutely worrying—but it’s artlessly not true. You can acquire all the benevolence and backbone in the apple for her all-overs ataxia and still apprehend to be advised with account and safety. Her all-overs ataxia does not absolve her fits of rage, nor does it accomplish it absurd for her to amusement you kindly.

It sounds like you affliction for this woman but you don’t like the way she treats you or responds to her own anger, and you haven’t apparent any advance in three years. I anticipate you can say this accord is too bad to abide appropriate now.

Q. Blight diagnosis: I was afresh diagnosed with cancer. I’ve aggregate it with a few abutting accompany and my siblings. I don’t appetite to go accessible with this account appropriate now because I don’t anticipate I can handle the questions and attention. I additionally planned not to acquaint my aged ancestor until I acquire a bright advance of action. Am I accomplishing the appropriate thing?

A: I’m so apologetic about your diagnosis. I achievement you feel a lot of abandon to acknowledge aback it feels atomic backbreaking and advancing to do so. And whenever that time does come, I achievement you can say—or accredit addition to say on your behalf—that what you’d acquisition best accessible is to not be asked a lot of aftereffect questions about your treatment. In my experience, abounding bodies advance on actuality told what to do in a crisis. It may be advantageous for your accompany to hear, “Right now, the best advantageous activity you can do to admonition ____ is to save your questions for [whichever acquaintance or affinity you’ve deputized as your point person] and allocution about regular, accustomed capacity with _____ to admonition advance a faculty of normalcy.”

I anticipate it’s accomplished to authority off on speaking to your ancestor about your analysis until you’ve ample out what you’re activity to do. It adeptness be altered if you abashed your ancestors wouldn’t be able to accumulate a secret, but it’s not as if you’re planning on alienated him for years. You’re in a difficult position, and if you charge a few added canicule or weeks to focus all your energies on addition out what you appetite to do afore talking to your father, I anticipate it’s able-bodied deserved. If anyone with agnate acquaintance wants to allotment what worked, or didn’t work, aback it came to administration a analysis with accompany and family, amuse let us apperceive in the comments. I’d adulation to apprehend from you!

Q. Not absolutely comparable: I am a nonbinary lesbian, and one of my abutting accompany is cis, straight, and demisexual. She generally talks about her struggles to accompany a anomalous association and how in aerial academy she was ousted from the LGBT abutment club for “not actuality gay enough.” She additionally has a abhorrence for PDA, which she says is why she dislikes Pride events. There are times aback she will accuse to me about “our” community, like adage she doesn’t “like” it aback actuality gay is “someone’s accomplished personality,” and candidly it makes me angry. I grew up in an acutely religious boondocks that abundantly afflicted my self-image and suppressed my adeptness to appear out alike to myself until afterwards college. It’s taken so abundant time and brainy activity and digging through self-loathing to access at myself that I feel actual affronted aback she talks like our adventures are similar. While I don’t anticipate it’s appropriate to address that anomalous bodies ache in adjustment to accept accepting by their community, I additionally don’t acquire a lot of accord for her situation. I can accept that it’s difficult to date beeline men aback sex isn’t on the table until abundant afterwards in a relationship, but it doesn’t accept to acquire abundant to do with my acquaintance either.

She’s actual acute on the activity because of that acquaintance in aerial school, and I aloof don’t apperceive how to accompany this up with her afterwards creating a huge mess. Our accord is continued ambit now, but I allocution to her in some way every day. I’m abashed that as I assuredly activate to seek out my own anomalous association in my city, she’ll alpha up afresh about demisexual exclusion and PDA. Should I alike accompany this up with her? Is it account it to alarm out the things she says or has said that abrade me aback we’re not alike in the aforementioned burghal anymore?

A: I’m a little afraid to apprehend your acquaintance was kicked out of an LGBT abutment accumulation in aerial school—in my experience, best aerial academy abutment groups of that affectionate were and are GSAs that accustomed anyone on lath with the accepted assumption of LGBT rights, no bulk their orientation. Regardless, as you say, the actuality that some of your friend’s gay classmates advised her atrociously in aerial school, while sad, has no address on your admiration to seek out sex, romance, friendship, support, parties, gay bars, or Pride contest now. (I’m aggravating to abstain the catchall “queer community” because, as you no agnosticism already know, there are a cardinal of anomalous communities, and no one actuality or accumulation speaks for all of them.)

If you say to your friend, “I’m planning on [asking addition out, activity to a gay bar, benumbed with Dykes on Bikes, abutting a anomalous meetup group]” and her acknowledgment is “Some of those bodies adeptness kiss in accessible or abort to accommodate me in association events,” again you acquire every appropriate to adios that misdirection and acquaint her it isn’t up for debate. You additionally acquire the appropriate to alarm some of this homophobia, alike if she doesn’t accede with you; absolution bodies as “too gay” is a homophobic response.

I do anticipate this is account bringing up, because it’s agitated you to the point area you no best feel accord or backbone for a acquaintance you allocution to every day, which agency it’s demography up a lot of allowance in your accord already. She has every appropriate to be aching by her aerial academy classmates, to animosity PDA, and to seek out relationships she finds acknowledging and meaningful. But attempting to behest your decisions in adjustment to redress her own alone grievances is a arch too far.

Q. Old love: We reconnected by buzz afterwards some 40 years. He told me that I was his aboriginal adulation and he has never abandoned me. We both affiliated added bodies and saw anniversary added occasionally over the years, but annihilation significant. He said he acclimated to accumulate in blow with my ancestors aloof to apprehend account of me. Aback he afar his aboriginal wife he visited me to see if there was a adventitious for me and him. He saw what he anticipation was a blessed alliance and left. He afterwards remarried and has been with the aforementioned woman for 15 years with two kids. We affiliated a brace of years ago by buzz and that was aback he told me that I was his aboriginal adulation and he has never abandoned me. He keeps me in his heart. He said the best amazing things to me and I accepted that I consistently acted about him. Our accord grew by video babble and we did cantankerous boundaries. He said he was appropriately affiliated and admired his wife but additionally admired me. He said he doesn’t appetite to lose me.

He says that he doesn’t appetite to lose what he has with his wife or aching his kids but he can’t balloon me. He is afflicted by his animosity for me. If he could he would run away, but that can never happen. He tells me I am his dream woman and he is so sad we absent anniversary other. He doesn’t see this as cheating on his wife. I accept that he can’t adulation her if it was so accessible to get into a accord with me, admitting continued distance. He had no account for befitting in blow with me, as our accord is not concrete except for that one time. We acclimated to allege every day, again already a week, and now, because his ancestors is home, he calls me at atomic already a anniversary for a few minutes. I am balked and jealous. I acquire no appropriate to be. What am I to do? He is absurdly anxious of any man who he thinks may acquire designs on me.

A: I abhorrence the acknowledgment you’re attractive for is article like this: “Offer him the afterward specific ultimatum. Use these exact words. Again delay a week: He will aback deathwatch up with renewed backbone and resolve, leave his wife, and barrel you away; he’ll chase through on all the promises he’s fabricated about admiring you added than anyone.” I can’t accord you that answer. The best I can action is this: You can’t ascendancy how generally he calls; you can’t ascendancy the promises he makes to you, or the assurances that if alone the timing had formed out a little abnormally you’d be calm appropriate now; you can’t ascendancy his attempts to accumulate you from affective on by dating addition else. It sounds like he does what he wants, aback he wants—calls you aback he thinks he’ll get article out of it, doesn’t alarm you aback it’s not convenient, picks you up and puts you aback on a shelf according to his own fancy, says “amazing things” aback he wants to animate your fantasies about him, goes bashful aback he’d rather be with his family, tries to accumulate you on broad assets for him by black you from activity on dates with addition available. You can cautiously acquire that he’ll accumulate accomplishing this as continued as he still gets article out of it, namely, your attention. I don’t anticipate you can calculation on him to anytime angle or cut bait, to either say, “I’ve absitively to break with my wife and absolutely accomplish to this relationship, so I’m catastrophe things amid us” or “I’m accessible to stop blaming time and accident and accomplish to actuality with you.”

Enough about what you can’t control. What can you control? If you get article out of this intermittent, mostly phone-based relationship, and you can anticipate yourself mostly appropriately continuing with it, alive as you do the upsides (intensity, a faculty of clandestine exclusivity and of actuality in on a august secret, familiarity) and the downsides (furtiveness, unpredictability, abridgement of commitment, not dating anyone else), you can accumulate demography his calls. But if the abstraction of a approaching that looks a lot like your accomplished doesn’t appeal, you can stop demography them.

Q. Re: Can’t advise everyone: “We adore a accord of amicableness with you because of our accepted absorption in the abundance of your daughters who abide in our household. But this amicableness does not bulldoze us to affliction for your added spawn.”

A: I can’t in acceptable censor acclaim that the letter biographer say “This amicableness does not bulldoze us to affliction for your added spawn” to anyone she wants to accumulate on speaking terms. I accede with the assumption but can’t brainstorm anyone responding absolutely to actuality announced to like that.

Q. Re: Blight diagnosis: I was diagnosed with breast blight in February of 2019. You do not acquire to tell! My actual ancestors is all who knows. I haven’t told continued ancestors or accompany or anyone, and it’s aloof a abatement to not acquire ceaseless acute “How are you?” conversations every day.

A: Thanks so abundant for that reminder—this absolutely is a bearings area I anticipate it’s important for the letter biographer to put their own interests first. You’re the one ambidextrous with cancer, and you acquire the appropriate to anxiously ascendancy how abundant time and activity you absorb on clarification conversations, about well-meaning the conversationalists may be.

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Q. My above intern is aggravating to bribery me: I’m in the average of an acute affecting activity at work. I am separated, his alliance is on the rocks, but annihilation has happened above hand-holding. We get an absurd bulk of abutment from anniversary added and anticipation no one at assignment noticed. The affair is my summer intern: She did apprehension and is now aggressive me that I acquire to address her a letter of advocacy bigger than the one I did or abroad she will “tell.” She did an OK job but was not the best or brightest, so I wrote a B-plus recommendation. She confronted me and mentioned she knew everything. So should I address an alike added agog letter or angle my ground? I absolutely feel like I haven’t done annihilation amiss with my aide but don’t appetite to accord with any awkward questions. Apprehend what Prudie had to say.

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