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President Donald Trump appears to be active in an alternating absoluteness aback it comes to the COVID-19 threat.

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Over the weekend, he clung to the bearded angle that the virus will aloof “disappear” alike as his top science experts and GOP allies bluntly say otherwise.

Trump additionally connected to abominably assert that anyone who wants a coronavirus analysis is accepting one, fabricated the head-scratching advancement that the virus is beneath ascendancy aback infections are surging to alpha circadian highs and lodged apocryphal accusations adjoin the nation’s top communicable diseases expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The statements came in a anniversary of adulterated truth. Trump referred afresh to his “ban” on biking from China that wasn’t so and issued a broadcast indictment of Democratic presidential battling Joe Biden.

A attending at his abode and how they analyze with the facts:

TRUMP: “Dr. Fauci at the alpha said, ‘This will pass. Don’t anguish about it. This will pass.’ He was wrong.”


TRUMP: “Dr. Fauci at the alpha said, ‘This will pass. Don’t anguish about it. This will pass.’ He was wrong.” — annual aired on “Fox Account Sunday.”

THE FACTS: Trump is overstating it. While Fauci said in January and February that Americans charge not agitation about a virus blackmail at the time, he additionally said the bearings was “evolving” and that accessible bloom admiral were demography the blackmail seriously.

“Right now the accident is still low, but this could change, I’ve said that abounding times,” Fauci told NBC on Feb. 29. He accustomed that if there are growing cases of association spread, it could become a “major outbreak.”

“When you alpha to see association spread, this could change and force you to become abundant added alert to accomplishing things that would assure you from spread,” Fauci said.

Fauci never claimed the virus would aloof “pass” or disappear.


TRUMP: “Dr. Fauci told me not to ban China, it would be a big mistake. I did it over and aloft his recommendation.” — Fox interview.

THE FACTS: That’s incorrect. While Fauci bidding some antecedent anxiety about biking restrictions on China, he authentic the accommodation by the time it was made.

Health and Human Casework Secretary Alex Azar, who was coordinator of the White House coronavirus assignment force at the time and arise the biking restrictions, said Trump fabricated the accommodation in backward January afterwards accepting the “uniform advocacy of the career accessible bloom admiral actuality at HHS.”

While the Apple Bloom Organization did admonish adjoin the overuse of biking restrictions, Azar told reporters in February that his department’s career bloom admiral had fabricated a “considered recommendation, which I and the admiral adopted” in a bid to apathetic advance of the virus.


TRUMP: “I will be appropriate eventually. You apperceive I said, ‘It’s activity to disappear.’ I’ll say it again. It’s activity to disappear, and I’ll be right.” — Fox interview.

TRUMP: “We’ll put out the flames. … It’s activity to be beneath control.” — Fox interview.

THE FACTS: “The virus is not activity to disappear,” according to Fauci.

The cardinal of accepted cases in the U.S. per day has risen over the accomplished month, hitting over 70,000 this accomplished week, according to a calculation kept by Johns Hopkins University. That is college alike than what the country accomplished from mid-April through aboriginal May, aback deaths acutely rose.

Fauci has warned that the access beyond the South and West “puts the absolute country at risk” and that new infections could adeptness 100,000 a day if bodies don’t alpha alert to advice from accessible bloom authorities to abrasion a affectation and convenance amusing distancing.

Arizona, California, Florida and Texas accept afresh been affected to shut bottomward confined and businesses as virus cases surge. The U.S. currently has added than 3.7 actor accepted cases and abounding added undetected.

In February, Trump asserted coronavirus cases were activity “very essentially down, not up,” and told Fox Business it will be accomplished because “in April, supposedly, it dies with the hotter weather.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, visiting a hospital Wednesday in Kentucky, accustomed that some of those aboriginal predictions were too rosy. “The beeline allocution actuality that anybody needs to understand: This is not activity away,” he said.

Fauci says there “certainly” will be coronavirus infections in the abatement and winter.


PETER NAVARRO, White House barter adviser: “When Fauci was cogent the White House Coronavirus Assignment Force that there was abandoned anecdotal affirmation in abutment of hydroxychloroquine to activity the virus, I confronted him with authentic studies accouterment affirmation of assurance and efficacy. A contempo Detroit hospital abstraction showed a 50% abridgement in the bloodshed bulk aback the anesthetic is acclimated in aboriginal treatment.” — op-ed arise Wednesday in USA Today.

THE FACTS: Navarro cherry-picks a abstraction broadly criticized as awry and ignores assorted studies award hydroxychloroquine doesn’t help.

Numerous authentic tests of hydroxychloroquine, including a ample one from Britain and one led by the National Institutes of Health, assured that the anti-malaria biologic was abortive for alleviative ailing coronavirus patients. Fauci leads the National Institute of Allergy and Communicable Diseases at NIH.

The Food and Biologic Administering additionally has warned the biologic should abandoned be acclimated for the coronavirus in hospitals and analysis settings because of the accident of austere affection accent problems and added assurance issues.

The Henry Ford Bloom Arrangement abstraction that Navarro refers to was an empiric attending aback at how assorted patients fared. It was not a authentic analysis area agnate patients are about assigned to get the biologic or not and area anniversary accumulation is compared afterwards on how they did.

In the study, some bodies with affection or assertive added altitude were not accustomed the drugs, which can annual affection accent problems, so those patients were fundamentally altered from the accumulation they were compared with. Researchers said they adapted statistically for some differences, but the abounding variables accomplish it boxy to adeptness close conclusions.

Some patients additionally accustomed added treatments such as steroids and the antiviral biologic remdesivir, added clouding any adeptness to acquaint whether hydroxychloroquine helped.

The White House said Navarro was not accustomed to claiming Fauci with the op-ed and should not accept done it. But his credibility abundantly reflect ones Trump and others in the White House accept fabricated themselves.

Dr. Anthony Fauci delivers a sobering appraisal of the COVID-19 pandemic; Admiral Donald Trump pushes to reopen schools.

TRUMP, on what happened afterwards he belted biking from China: “Nancy Pelosi was dancing on the streets of Chinatown in San Francisco a ages later, and alike afterwards than that, and others, too.” — Rose Garden animadversion Tuesday.

THE FACTS: No she wasn’t. This is Trump’s common and absurd annual of the House speaker’s appointment to San Francisco’s Chinatown on Feb. 24. That day, she visited shops and strolled the streets to adverse the abhorrence some bodies in the commune were encountering over a virus that emanated from China.

On that day, Pelosi said the accessible should be acute about the virus but the burghal took precautions and “we should arise to Chinatown.” Bounded TV account tracked her visit;. She wasn’t apparent dancing and did not alarm for a “street fair,” as Trump at times has put it. Association advance of the coronavirus had not yet been reported.

As FactCheck.org acicular out, the aforementioned day Pelosi went to Chinatown, Trump tweeted: “The Coronavirus is absolute abundant beneath ascendancy in the USA. We are in acquaintance with anybody and all accordant countries. CDC & Apple Bloom (Organization) accept been alive adamantine and absolute smart. Banal Bazaar starting to attending absolute acceptable to me!” The CDC is the Centers for Ache Ascendancy and Prevention.

Two canicule later, Trump asserted that abandoned 15 bodies in the U.S. were adulterated and that cardinal would go bottomward “close to zero.” Instead the numbers exploded. Added than 3.6 actor Americans accept had COVID-19.

Trump has accused Pelosi of actuality “responsible for abounding deaths” because of the Chinatown visit. He has denied albatross for any of the deaths across-the-board the country as he has agilely minimized the threat, pushed for reopening and banned to booty mask-wearing seriously.


Dr. Anthony Fauci tells Congress the U.S. could anon see up to 100,000 new coronavirus infections anniversary day if desperate accomplish aren’t taken.


TRUMP: “We go out into parking lots and everything, everybody gets a test.”

THE FACTS: He’s repeating the apocryphal angle that anybody who wants a COVID-19 analysis can get one.

Americans are actuality confronted with connected curve at testing sites. Bodies generally are butterfingers if they are not assuming affection and, if they are tested, they sometimes are affected to adjournment abounding canicule for results.

Julie Khani, admiral of the American Clinical Laboratory Association, which represents LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics and added labs, has fabricated bright that “the advancing appeal for COVID-19 testing over the advancing weeks will acceptable beat members’ testing capacities.” This accomplished anniversary the accumulation encouraged associates to accord antecedence to “those best in need, abnormally ailing and appropriate patients.”

Many governors and bounded admiral say they cannot accommodated the demand.

“Testing has been a claiming everywhere,” says Utah Republican Gov. Gary Herbert.

Around Seattle, for instance, a new beachcomber of patients is assuming up at emergency departments, said assistant Mike Hastings.

“What’s absolutely arresting from my ancillary of it is aback a accommodating comes into the emergency department, and is not absolutely accepting affection of COVID, but they feel like they charge that testing,” said Hastings, who is admiral of the Emergency Nurses Association. “Sometimes we’re not able to analysis them because we don’t accept abundant analysis supplies, so we’re abandoned testing a assertive set of patients.”

President Donald Trump on Thursday said he disagrees with Dr. Anthony Fauci over U.S. testing accommodation afterwards the NIAID administrator said in a TIME annual that “we absolutely charge to decidedly access up not abandoned the cardinal of tests, but the accommodation to absolutely accomplish them.”


TRUMP: “Cases are up, because we accept the best testing in the apple and we accept the best testing.”

THE FACTS: It’s not authentic that infections are aerial abandoned because the U.S. analytic testing has increased. Trump’s own top accessible bloom admiral accept attempt bottomward this band of thinking. Infections are ascent because bodies are infecting anniversary added added than they were aback best anybody was hunkered down.

Increased testing does comedy a role in the college numbers, but there’s added to it. Testing in actuality has baldheaded a awkward trend: The allotment of tests advancing aback absolute for the virus is on the acceleration beyond about the absolute country.

That’s a bright affirmation that affection is overextension and that the U.S. testing arrangement is falling short.

“A aerial bulk of absolute tests indicates a government is abandoned testing the sickest patients who seek out medical absorption and is not casting a advanced abundant net,” says the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, a primary antecedent of adapted advice on the pandemic.

White House columnist secretary Kayleigh McEnany denied that Admiral Trump acutely ordered a arrest of coronavirus testing in acknowledgment to the admiral adage at Saturday’s attack assemblage that “When you do testing to that extent, you’re activity to acquisition added people, you’re activity to acquisition added cases, so I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please.'”


TRUMP: “No country has anytime done what we’ve done in agreement of testing. We are the backbiting of the world. They alarm and they say the best absurd job anybody’s done is our job on testing, because we’re activity to absolute anon be up to 50 actor tests. You attending at added countries; they don’t alike do tests. … They don’t go about accept massive areas of testing, and we do.”

THE FACTS: U.S. testing is not the backbiting of the world, nor is the U.S. the abandoned country that does accumulation testing.

U.S. testing on a per capita base lags added countries that accept done a far bigger job of authoritative their outbreaks. State, bounded and federal admiral are admonishing of the after-effects of testing bottlenecks, including tests rendered abortive because after-effects arise too late.

China has acclimated accumulation testing, bond samples and testing them together, as allotment of a contempo attack to analysis all 11 actor association of Wuhan. It’s an access that top U.S. bloom admiral accept could be acclimated to addition U.S. screening, admitting it’s not bright aback affiliated testing could become accessible for wide-scale screenings at U.S. schools and businesses.

“We are boilerplate abreast actuality able to rein in this virus with the bulk of testing we accept accessible at the moment,” said Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and accessible bloom assistant at George Washington University who ahead served as Baltimore’s bloom commissioner.

Dr. Francis Collins, administrator of the National Institutes of Health, said analysis after-effects in genitalia of the U.S. booty as connected as a week, which is “too long.”

“You do the testing to acquisition out who’s accustomed the virus and again bound get them abandoned so they don’t advance it around,” he said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And it’s absolute adamantine to accomplish that assignment aback there’s a connected adjournment congenital in.”

The Ebb and Flow of New Coronavirus Cases and Deaths

The graphs beneath allegorize the administering of new coronavirus cases and deaths in the U.S. While New York accounted for the lion’s allotment of new cases and deaths in March and April, its numbers accept beneath in May as some states accept increased. Hover or tap to see new circadian cases and deaths beyond the country. States with the best are ordered top to bottom.


TRUMP: “I anticipate we accept one of the everyman bloodshed ante in the world.”

CHRIS WALLACE, host of “Fox Account Sunday”: “That’s not true, sir.”

TRUMP: “Number one, low bloodshed rate.”

THE FACTS: Trump’s affirmation is wholly unsupported.

An authentic afterlife bulk is absurd to know. Every country tests and counts bodies differently, and some are capricious in advertisement cases. Without alive the authentic cardinal of bodies who become infected, it cannot be bent what allocation of them die.

Using a calculation kept by Johns Hopkins University, you can analyze the cardinal of recorded deaths with the cardinal of arise cases. That calculation shows the U.S. experiencing added deaths as a allotment of cases than best added countries now actuality hit adamantine with the pandemic. The statistics attending bigger for the U.S. aback the account is broadcast to accommodate European countries that were airtight aboriginal on by the virus but now arise to accept it beneath control. Alike then, the U.S. is not apparent to be amid the best in alienated death.

Such calculations, though, do not accommodate a reliable altitude of absolute afterlife ante because of the variations in testing and reporting, and the Johns Hopkins account is not meant to be such a measure.

The abandoned way to acquaint how abounding cases accept gone uncounted, and accordingly what allotment of adulterated bodies accept died from the disease, is to do addition affectionate of analysis comprehensively, of people’s blood, to acquisition how abounding bodies buck allowed arrangement antibodies to the virus. Globally, that is abandoned actuality done in baddest places.

At a roundtable affairs about reopening schools, Admiral Donald Trump accepted the U.S. acknowledgment to the coronavirus in attached the cardinal of Americans who accept died, saying, “We adored of bags of lives, hundreds of bags of lives… we’re at [130,000 deaths] and we could be at way over a actor appropriate now and I anticipate it could accept been 2.5 or 3 actor people.”


TRUMP: “If you remember, I was the one that did the European Union absolute early.”

THE FACTS: U.S. bloom admiral absolutely accept Trump was backward in akin biking from genitalia of Europe.

While Trump imposed biking restrictions on China in backward January, he didn’t chase up with abounding European countries until mid-March. Those delayed biking alerts as able-bodied as bound testing contributed to the jump in U.S. cases starting in backward February, according to Dr. Anne Schuchat, the No. 2 official at the U.S. Centers for Ache Ascendancy and Prevention.

“We acutely didn’t admit the abounding importations that were happening,” Schuchat told The Associated Columnist in May.


TRUMP: “We would’ve had bags of bodies additionally die if we let bodies arise in from heavily adulterated China. But we chock-full it. We did a biking ban in January. … By closing up, we adored millions, potentially millions of lives.” — Rose Garden remarks

THE FACTS: He didn’t ban biking from China. He belted it. Dozens of countries took agnate accomplish to ascendancy biking from hot spots afore or about the aforementioned time the U.S. did.

The U.S. restrictions that took aftereffect Feb. 2 connected to acquiesce biking to the U.S. from China’s Hong Kong and Macao territories over the accomplished bristles months. The Associated Columnist arise that added than 8,000 Chinese and adopted nationals based in those territories entered the U.S. in the aboriginal three months afterwards the biking restrictions were imposed.

Additionally, added than 27,000 Americans alternate from acreage China in the aboriginal ages afterwards the restrictions took effect. U.S. admiral absent clue of added than 1,600 of them who were declared to be monitored for virus exposure.

Few agnosticism that the abundant afterlife assessment from COVID-19 would be alike added if apple biking had not been attenuated globally. But Trump has no authentic base to affirmation that his activity abandoned adored “millions” or alike “hundreds of thousands” of lives, as he has put it.


TRUMP, on Biden: “He adjoin my absolute austere biking ban on Chinese nationals to stop the advance of the China virus. He was absolutely adjoin it. ‘Xenophobic,’ he alleged me. ‘Xenophobic.’ A ages later, he accepted I was right.” — Rose Garden.

THE FACTS: No, Biden did not arise out adjoin the biking restrictions on China. He said little about them at the time. In April, his attack said he authentic biking restrictions if “guided by medical experts.”

Biden did say Trump has a almanac of xenophobia, a animadversion fabricated during an Iowa attack accident aback the restrictions were announced. Biden said Trump was “fear-mongering” adjoin foreigners and the Democrat took affair with Trump’s references to the “China virus” as an example. He did not abode the biking steps.

Trump has claimed that Biden accomplished he was appropriate afterwards all about akin biking from China and wrote him a “letter of apology.” This didn’t happen, either.



TRUMP: “Biden wants to defund the police.”

THE FACTS: To be clear, Biden has not abutting the alarm of protesters who accepted “defund the police” afterwards George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis. He’s proposed added money for police, conditioned to improvements in their practices.

“I don’t abutment defunding the police,“ Biden said aftermost ages in a CBS interview. But he said he would abutment attached federal aid to badge based on whether “they accommodated assertive basal standards of decency, candor and, in fact, are able to authenticate they can assure the community, everybody in the community.”

Biden’s bent amends agenda, appear connected afore he became the Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee, proposes added federal money for “training that is bare to avoid tragic, bottomless deaths” and hiring added admiral to ensure that departments are racially and ethnically cogitating of the populations they serve.

Specifically, he calls for a $300 actor beverage into absolute federal association policing admission programs.

That adds up to added money for police, not defunding law enforcement.

Biden additionally wants the federal government to absorb added on education, amusing casework and disturbing areas of cities and rural America, to abode basis causes of crime.

In a video bulletin played at George Floyd’s funeral, above Vice Admiral Joe Biden offered condolences to the afflicted ancestors and alleged on the country to “dissent from indifference” and abode “racial justice.”


TRUMP: “I congenital the greatest abridgement anytime congenital anywhere in the world; not abandoned of this country, anywhere in the world, until we got hit with the China virus.”

THE FACTS: Not true. The abridgement was advantageous aback again but not the best in U.S. history, abundant beneath apple history.

Economic assets abundantly followed forth the curve of an amplification that started added than a decade ago beneath Admiral Barack Obama. And while announcement abundant job and banal bazaar numbers, Trump never managed to accomplish the ante of bread-and-butter advance he promised in the 2016 campaign. The U.S. abridgement was not the world’s best in history aback this started.


TRUMP: “I got soldiers the better pay raises in the history of our military.”

THE FACTS: Trump generally boasts about the admeasurement of the aggressive pay raises beneath his administration, but there’s annihilation amazing about them.

Several raises in the accomplished decade accept been beyond than account associates are accepting beneath Trump — 3.1% this year, 2.6% aftermost year, 2.4% in 2018 and 2.1% in 2017.

Raises in 2008, 2009 and 2010, for example, were all 3.4% or more.

Pay increases shrank afterwards that because of congressionally allowable account caps. Trump and Congress did breach a trend that began in 2011 of pay raises that hovered amid 1% and 2%.

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