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Pennsylvania on Thursday appear a set of best practices for schools planning to accompany acceptance aback to the classroom for the aboriginal time aback March.

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Staggered chic times, bargain classroom occupancy, the abolishment of buffet-style cafeteria commons and desks angry in the aforementioned administration are amid the suggestions offered to schools to advice abbreviate the accident of viral spread.

Here is the abounding advice issued by the state:

Public Bloom Advice Apropos COVID-19 for Phased Reopening of Pre-K to 12 Schools

The Pennsylvania Department of Bloom (DOH) and the Department of Apprenticeship (PDE) are arising the afterward accessible bloom advice to abetment Pre-K to 12 schools in developing and implementing Bloom and Assurance Affairs for cautiously abiding to in-person apprenticeship for the 2020-21 academy year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The afterward advice provides accessible bloom standards to abate the advance of COVID-19 for amusing distancing, face coverings, duke hygiene, and charwoman and disinfecting in Pre-K to 12 academy settings. This advice reflects currently accustomed accessible bloom best practices from DOH and is in acknowledgment to requests from academy leaders for state-level bloom guidance. This advice serves as minimum standards for practices beyond all Pre-K to 12 schools with the compassionate that added authentic measures may be adapted in assertive areas depending on association manual of COVID-19.

The science and accessible bloom altitude surrounding COVID-19 are always evolving. This advice will be adapted as all-important aback new advice becomes available. DOH will abide to adviser association manual ante and added surveillance metrics and may, in abutting allocation with the Pennsylvania Department of Apprenticeship (PDE), affair advice accompanying to targeted academy cease as allotment of a added accessible bloom acknowledgment strategy.

School Bloom and Assurance Plans

All Pre-K to 12 schools should advance Bloom and Assurance Affairs above-mentioned to abiding acceptance to academy barrio and resuming in-person instruction. In developing these plans, Pre-K to 12 schools charge accede the assurance and bloom of all developed staff, in accession to students, as able-bodied as antithesis the educational acute to accessible schools to in-person apprenticeship with the accessible bloom acute to abate COVID-19 infection and manual rates.

Given that accouchement and adolescents may acquaintance challenges in finer adhering to recommendations, it is analytical that agents set a acceptable archetype for acceptance by clay behaviors about concrete distancing, face coverings and duke hygiene. Aback these precautions are taken, ache manual is acceptable to abatement – and acceptance and agents may be bigger positioned to cautiously resume in-person instruction.

All Pre-K to 12 schools should always adviser the prevalence and advance of COVID-19 in their communities and be able to apparatus stronger ascendancy or acknowledgment strategies, such as alien learning, aback all-important and in band with accessible bloom guidance. Pre-K to 12 schools should advance affairs that acquiesce them to bound acknowledge to the alteration ambiance with basal disruption to apprentice learning. The best accepted advice and added advice on COVID-19 is accessible on the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s website.

A Phased Academy Reopening Bloom and Assurance Plan Template is accessible on the PDE website forth with PDE Preliminary Advice for Phased Reopening of Pre-K to 12 Schools.

NOTE: Bounded apprenticeship agencies (LEAs) charge abide a Bloom and Assurance Plan to PDE above-mentioned to resuming in-person instruction. All affairs charge board the Adjustment of the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Bloom Acute Universal Face Coverings. LEAs that submitted affairs above-mentioned to the Adjustment charge alter their affairs appropriately and resubmit to PDE. The accommodation to added alter Bloom and Assurance Affairs based on the afterward advice and abide any added changes to PDE is at the acumen of the LEA.

Social/Physical Break Measures

Social distancing, additionally alleged “physical distancing,” agency befitting a safe amplitude amid yourself and added bodies who are not from your household. Amusing Break is axiological to blurred the accident of advance of COVID-19, as the primary approach of manual is through respiratory aerosol by bodies in abutting proximity.

All Pre-K to12 schools should apparatus strategies that absolute the cardinal of individuals in classrooms and added acquirements spaces, and interactions amid groups of students. All schools should accept protocols for break apprentice desks/seating and added amusing break practices that allows at atomic 6 anxiety of break amid acceptance and agents throughout the day to the best admeasurement feasible.

Adult/Staff Interaction

Maintain a ambit of at atomic 6 anxiety from added adults to the best admeasurement feasible.

Maintain at atomic 6 anxiety from students, whenever accessible and aback not confusing to the educational process.

Hold accumulation affairs such as parent-teacher conferences, agents meetings, and chic planning virtually.

Implement strategies to admission adult-adult concrete ambit in time and space, such as staggered drop-offs and pickups, and alfresco drop-offs and pickups aback acclimate allows. Discourage parents from entering the academy building.

Use concrete barriers, such as plexiglass, in accession areas and agent workspaces breadth the ambiance does not board concrete distancing.

Discourage congregating in aggregate spaces, such as agents lounge areas.

Busing and Transportation

Require acceptance and parents/guardians/caregivers to accomplish a evidence screening above-mentioned to accession at academy or the bus stop anniversary day. (See Evidence Screening Apparatus at end.)

Bus drivers and cartage charge abrasion face coverings while on the bus, in accordance with the Secretary of Health’s Adjustment Acute Universal Face Coverings issued July 1, 2020.

Promote amusing break at bus stops. Accede abacus added bus stops to abbreviate the cardinal of acceptance cat-and-mouse together.

Load the bus by bushing seats from aback to advanced to absolute acceptance walking accomplished acceptance to acquisition a seat.

Do not bench acceptance in the advanced row of the bus.

Assign seats by accomplice (same acceptance sit calm anniversary day) or animate acceptance from the aforementioned ancestors to sit together, or both.

Use band marks to appearance acceptance breadth to sit.

Minimize the cardinal of bodies on the bus at one time aural acumen and to the greatest admeasurement possible.

Do not acquiesce individuals, including parents, guardians and added caregivers, on the bus, unless actually all-important (i.e., to abetment a apprentice with a disability).

Open windows, if acclimate allows, to advance ventilation.

Disinfect buses afterwards anniversary run. Thoroughly apple-pie and antisepticize buses daily.

Provide condoning options on the bus and advance use.

Have all acceptance ablution their calmly or use duke sanitizer afore or anon aloft entering the school.

Send acceptance anon to their assigned classroom aloft entering the building. Do not acquiesce acceptance to besiege in a lobby, hallway, or cafeteria afore academy starts.

Communicate that individuals who are self-quarantining or accept been diagnosed with a accepted or apparent case of COVID-19 may not bead off or aces up accouchement from school.

Survey parents and families about their affairs to advance academy commune busline casework to bigger accept accommodation needs.

Encourage accession modes of busline for acceptance who accept added options to abbreviate the cardinal of acceptance on anniversary bus.


When assorted acceptance are in one amid space, such as a classroom, bench acceptance at atomic 6 anxiety afar and adverse the aforementioned direction, to the best admeasurement feasible.

Turn desks to face in the aforementioned direction. If desks or workstations cannot be moved, accept acceptance spaced afar and sitting on alone one ancillary of tables.

Alternative Spaces

Separate acceptance aural accepted areas.

If possible, authority classes in gyms, auditoriums, added ample spaces or outdoors, breadth concrete break can be maintained.


Create one-way cartage arrangement in hallways.

Place concrete guides, such as tape, on floors or sidewalks to actualize one-way routes.

Stagger chic times to absolute numbers of acceptance in hallways at any time.

Assign lockers by accomplice or annihilate lockers altogether.

When feasible, accumulate acceptance in the classroom and circle agents instead.

Outdoor Amphitheater Spaces

Cohort acceptance and absolute the admeasurement of groups application the amphitheater at any one time.

Reinforce concrete break during amphitheater comedy to the admeasurement feasible.

Have acceptance and agents ablution their calmly or use hand-sanitizer afore and afterwards actuality on the playground.

Gatherings/Field Trips

Limit gatherings, events, and extracurricular activities to those that can advance concrete distancing.

Consider abandoning acreage trips at the alpha of the academy year and rescheduling aback there is acceptable viral control.

To the greatest admeasurement possible, use basic accumulation events, gatherings, or meetings, and advance break of at atomic 6 anxiety amid bodies if contest are held. Alfresco contest over 250 bodies are prohibited.


School commons comedy an important allotment in accouterment aliment aegis for accouchement and adolescents. Decisions about how to serve commons charge booty into annual the actuality that in abounding communities there may be added acceptance acceptable for chargeless and bargain commons than above-mentioned to the pandemic.

The best advantage is to serve alone commons and accept acceptance eat in classrooms or added spaces as an accession to the cafeteria.

If commons are served in a cafeteria setting, sit acceptance at atomic 6 anxiety afar and accept acceptance abrasion face coverings aback walking to and from the cafeteria as able-bodied as aback accepting their food.

Require acceptance and agents to ablution calmly or use duke sanitizer afore and afterwards eating.

Seat acceptance in staggered arrange to abstain “across-the-table” seating.

Have acceptance eat in cohorts.

Serve alone argent meals/box lunches.

Avoid cafe appearance or self-serve meals.

Do not serve commons ancestors style.

Do not acquiesce candy to be aggregate for classroom activities or events.

Avoid administration of aliment and utensils.

Utilize alfresco space, aback possible.

Create an ambiance that is as safe as accessible from acknowledgment to aliment allergens and constant with alone 504 plans. See DOH Advice on Life Threatening Allergies.

Face Coverings and Masks

On July 1, 2020, the Secretary of Bloom issued an Adjustment acute all individuals to abrasion a face accoutrement aback they leave their homes. The adjustment outlines situations aback a face accoutrement charge be beat and includes bound exceptions (see Section 3 of the Order). The Secretary issued this Adjustment to abide to assure all in the Commonwealth from the advance of COVID-19, alert of the charge to apathetic the admission in the cardinal of cases as the Commonwealth reopens and in adjustment to abstain the improvement that is cutting the bloom affliction systems and accessible bloom systems in added states that accept been beneath acknowledged in reopening than the Commonwealth.

This Adjustment applies to any alone age-old two and earlier whenever alfresco the home, including while in academy entities, including accessible K-12 schools, brick and adhesive and cyber allotment schools, clandestine and biased schools, career and abstruse centers, and average units; educational programming for acceptance in non-educational placements such as residential settings (boarding schools), residential facilities, apprehension centers, and hospital settings; PA Pre-K Counts, Arch Alpha Programs and Preschool Early Intervention programs; Clandestine Academic Nursery Schools and locally-funded baby activities.

The Adjustment was able July 1, 2020 and will abide in aftereffect until the Secretary of Bloom determines the accessible bloom accident is abundantly bargain so that face coverings are no best all-important as a broadly activated accessible bloom tool.

“Face covering” agency a accoutrement of the adenoids and aperture that is anchored to the arch with ties, straps, or loops over the aerial or is captivated about the lower face. A “face covering” can be fabricated of a array of constructed or accustomed fabrics, including cotton, silk, or linen, and, for the purposes of the Order, can board a artificial face absorber that covers the adenoids and mouth. “Face coverings” may be factory-made, sewn by hand, or improvised from domiciliary items, including but not bound to, scarves, bandanas, t-shirts, sweatshirts, or towels. While procedural and surgical masks advised for bloom affliction providers and aboriginal responders, such as N95 respirators, would accommodated these requirements, these specialized masks should be aloof for adapted anatomic and bloom affliction settings.

School Agents and Visitors

Face coverings, such as masks or face shields, charge be beat by all non-students, both agents and visitors (including parents and guardians), while on academy property, including during apprentice declivity and pickup.

Individuals charge abrasion a face accoutrement (mask or face shield) unless they accept a medical or brainy bloom activity or disability, authentic in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, that precludes the cutting of a face accoutrement in school.

Teach and reinforce use of face coverings amid all staff.

Face coverings may be removed to eat or booze during break and cafeteria periods; however, at those times, amusing break charge be practiced.

Staff are not adapted to abrasion a face accoutrement in situations breadth cutting a face accoutrement creates an alarming activity to accomplish accessories or assassinate a task.

Transparent face coverings accommodate the befalling for added beheld cues and should be advised as an accession for boyish students, acceptance who are deafened and adamantine of hearing, and their teachers. Individuals who are communicating or gluttonous to acquaint with accession who is audition broken or who has accession disability, breadth the adeptness to see the aperture is capital to communication, are not adapted to abrasion a mask; however, individuals should accede application accession blazon of face accoutrement such as a artificial face absorber and admission concrete distancing.

Have an able accumulation of face coverings and added claimed careful accessories (PPE) at anniversary academy architecture and anxiously adviser inventory. (See Pennsylvania COVID-19 PPE & Food Business-2-Business (B2B) Interchange Directory for abetment sourcing these materials.)


All acceptance charge abrasion a face accoutrement (cloth affectation or face shield) that covers their adenoids and aperture central the academy and while alfresco aback concrete break is not feasible.

Children two years and earlier are adapted to abrasion a face accoutrement unless they accept a medical or brainy bloom activity or disability, authentic in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act or IDEA, that precludes the cutting of a face accoutrement in school. Apartment for such acceptance should be fabricated in affiliation with the student’s bloom affliction provider, academy nurse, and IEP/504 team.

Teach acceptance and families how to appropriately abrasion a face accoutrement (cover adenoids and mouth), to advance duke hygiene aback removing the face accoutrement for commons and concrete activity, and how to alter and advance (washing regularly) a bolt face covering.

Schools should accommodate face accoutrement break throughout the day. Advance a ambit of at atomic 6 anxiety during these face accoutrement breaks. Schools may acquiesce acceptance to abolish face coverings aback acceptance are:

Eating or bubbler aback spaced at atomic 6 anxiety apart;

Seated at desks or assigned workspaces at atomic 6 anxiety apart;

Engaged in any activity at atomic 6 anxiety afar (e.g., face accoutrement breaks, recess, etc.); or

When cutting a face accoutrement creates an alarming activity in which to accomplish accessories or assassinate a task.

Transparent face coverings accommodate the befalling for added beheld cues and should be abnormally advised as an accession for boyish students, acceptance who are deafened and adamantine of hearing, and their teachers.


Coaches, athletes, and assemblage charge abrasion face coverings unless they are outdoors and can consistently advance amusing break of at atomic 6 feet. Athletes are not adapted to abrasion face coverings while actively affianced in workouts and antagonism that anticipate the cutting of face coverings, but charge abrasion face coverings aback on the sidelines, in the dugout, etc. and anytime 6 anxiety of amusing break is not possible.

See the Governor’s Advice for All Sports Permitted to Accomplish During the COVID-19 Disaster Emergency to Ensure the Assurance and Bloom of Employees, Athletes and the Accessible for absolute antic activity guidance.

Hand Hygiene, Cleaning, and Disinfection

COVID-19 may survive on assertive surfaces for some time, which agency it is accessible to be adulterated afterwards affecting a attenuated apparent and afresh affecting the mouth, eyes, or nose. Frequent handwashing, forth with cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and ventilating acquirements spaces and any added areas acclimated by acceptance (i.e., restrooms, hallways, and transportation), decreases transmission.

Hand Hygiene

When handwashing, individuals should use soap and baptize to ablution all surfaces of their calmly for at atomic 20 seconds, delay for arresting lather, bathe thoroughly, and dry with a disposable towel.

Teach and reinforce abrasion calmly and accoutrement coughs and sneezes amid acceptance and staff. See CDC Handwashing Resources.

Make duke sanitizer accessible in accepted areas, hallways or in classrooms, or in all three, breadth sinks for handwashing are not available. See CDC Duke Sanitizer Use.

Work with bounded bloom departments and bloom affliction systems to advertise hygiene and ablution strategies for infection blockage at home.

Have able food and anxiously adviser account to abutment advantageous hygiene behaviors, including soap, duke sanitizer with at atomic 60 percent alcohol, cardboard towels, tissues, and no-touch debris cans. (See Pennsylvania COVID-19 PPE & Food Business-2-Business (B2B) Interchange Directory for abetment sourcing these materials.)

Cleaning and Disinfection

Clean and antisepticize frequently afflicted surfaces and altar aural the academy and on academy buses at atomic daily, including aperture handles, bore handles, and bubbler fountains.

Disinfect buses afterwards anniversary run. Thoroughly apple-pie and antisepticize buses daily.

Clean spaces aback acclimated by altered groups or cohorts of students.

Clean and antisepticize bathrooms frequently throughout the day.

Disinfect aggregate accessories such as computers, keyboards, art supplies, accoutrement and play/gym accessories frequently, and advance duke abrasion afore and afterwards administration equipment. Accede accepting added food and abstracts to absolute the charge for sharing. Absolute the use of aggregate accessories aback possible.

Have acceptance and agents ablution calmly (or use duke sanitizer) afore and afterwards affecting aggregate equipment.

Limit or prohibit the use of accepted bubbler fountains and accommodate safe alternatives for accouterment water, aback possible.

If possible, annihilate high-touch surfaces (i.e., abolish chiffonier doors so that acceptance and agents can calmly admission food afterwards affecting a aperture or handle.)

Use accepted charwoman practices for calm areas that accept not been acclimated for 7 or added canicule or alfresco equipment.

Follow accepted protocols to apple-pie surfaces that are not aerial touch, such as bookcases, cabinets, bank boards, or drapes, as able-bodied as floors and carpets.

Use disinfectants registered by the EPA as able adjoin SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. See Account N on the EPA website. Accredit to and chase manufacturers’ administration for use. Alone articles labeled as safe for bodies and the ambiance (e.g., Safer or Designed for the Environment), absolute alive capacity such as hydrogen peroxide, ethanol, citric acid, should be called from this list, because they are beneath toxic, are not able respiratory irritants or asthma triggers, and accept no accepted carcinogenic, reproductive, or adorning effects.

Do not accept acceptance present aback disinfectants are actuality acclimated or accept acceptance participate in disinfecting activities.

Ensure blast systems accomplish appropriately and admission apportionment of alfresco air by aperture windows and doors aback possible.

In accession to the standards above, Pre-K to 12 schools should accredit to the CDC Charwoman and Disinfecting Your Facility for advice on how to apple-pie specific surfaces.

Outdoor Amphitheater Spaces

Clean and antisepticize artificial and metal amphitheater equipment, decidedly high-touch surfaces such as railings, handles, etc., frequently and commonly over the advance of anniversary day.

Have acceptance and agents ablution their calmly or use duke sanitizer, afore and afterwards actuality on playgrounds.

Reinforce concrete break of at atomic 6 anxiety during amphitheater play.

Limit the admeasurement of groups application the amphitheater at any one time.

Consider accouterment admission to duke washing/sanitizing stations on the playground.

Individuals with Disabilities or Added Chronic Conditions

Students with Disabilities or Added Chronic Conditions

Every apprentice with a affliction is advantaged to a chargeless adapted accessible apprenticeship including services, or accommodations, or both based on their abundant apprenticeship affairs (IEP) or 504 Plan. It may not be feasible, depending on the needs of the alone boyish or adolescent, to attach to break guidelines. Teams should actuate a student’s adeptness to accommodated break guidelines on a case by case basis, which may crave artistic solutions. If a apprentice with a affliction is clumsy to chase the break or added bloom and assurance guidelines, schools should at all times chase applicative federal and accompaniment law, and booty the afterward steps:

Collaborate with student’s parent/guardian, medical provider, certified academy assistant and academy administrators to advance an adapted educational plan of affliction for acceptance (i.e., 504 Plan or IEP).

Determine how to accommodated apprentice needs cautiously and accede the following:

‒ CDC Bodies who are at added accident for astringent illness

‒ CDC Bodies who charge to booty added precautions

‒ CDC Added at-risk populations

Medically brittle and high-risk acceptance and the agents assigned to those classrooms should accept a evidence screening done at academy daily, in accession to the evidence screening adapted above-mentioned to accession at school. (See Evidence Screening Apparatus below.)

Consider alien acquirements options aback appropriate.

Staff with Chronic Conditions

Staff at college accident should abstain acquisition in groups of any admeasurement and abstain accepted areas such as agents lounges.

Schools should accede accouterment alternating assignment options or duties that abbreviate acknowledgment risk, including telework options, breadth feasible.


Efforts to abate the manual of COVID-19 accept led to abounding accouchement not accepting accepted bactericide medical services. It is basic that all accouchement accept recommended vaccinations on time and get bent up if they are abaft as a aftereffect of the pandemic. Accepted anesthetic prevents illnesses that advance to accidental medical visits, added outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases, hospitalizations, and added ache on schools, families and bloom affliction systems.

Schools should assignment with bounded pediatricians, academy nurses, and accessible bloom authorities to advance adolescence anesthetic messaging afore and during the academy year. Students, families and agents should be encouraged to get the affliction vaccination. The flu vaccine is basic to abbreviation the appulse of respiratory affliction in communities.


All Pre-K to 12 schools should accept a Bloom and Assurance Plan that includes a arrangement for ensuring advancing advice with families about the elements of the bounded Bloom and Assurance Plan including means that families can convenance safe hygiene in the home.

Post signs in awful arresting locations (e.g., academy entrances, restrooms) that advance accustomed careful measures and alarm how to stop the advance of bacilli (such as by appropriately abrasion calmly and appropriately cutting a face covering).

Post signs on how to stop the advance of COVID-19, such as screening affection and blockage at home aback sick, appropriately abrasion hands, accustomed careful measures, and how to appropriately abrasion a face covering. The CDC developed assets that can be activated in the academy setting.

Broadcast approved announcements on abbreviation the advance of COVID-19 during the academy day.

Include belletrist (e.g., videos) about behaviors that anticipate the advance of COVID-19 aback communicating with staff, acceptance and families (such as on academy websites, in emails, and on academy amusing media accounts).

Ensure communications are in accepted languages announced at academy and home and calmly barefaced for acceptance and adults.

Post the bounded Bloom and Assurance Plan on the academy entity’s accessible website above-mentioned to acceptance acceptance to acknowledgment to school.

Provide approved amend advice on academy websites and in ancestor flyers/letters.

Encourage caregivers and families to convenance and reinforce acceptable blockage habits at home and aural their families.

Remind parents/guardians/caregivers to accumulate accouchement at home if ailing with any illness.

Prepare parents/guardians/caregivers and families for alien acquirements if academy is briefly dismissed.

Provide training to adapt parents/guardians/caregivers for agenda and alien learning.

Discourage acceptance and families from acquisition in accessible places while academy is absolved to advice apathetic the advance of COVID-19 in the community.

Additional Resources

Pennsylvania Department of Bloom Translated Materials

CDC book and agenda assets to reinforce accustomed careful measures

CDC Advice Toolkit for Migrants, Refugees, and Added Limited-English-Proficient Populations

Symptom Monitoring

Staying home aback ailing is one of the best able means to abbreviate the accident of manual of COVID-19. Both evidence screening and testing are strategies acclimated to analyze individuals with COVID-19. The CDC Interim Considerations for K-12 Academy Administrators for SARS-CoV-2 Testing provides added advice on types of testing and outlines scenarios for aback acceptance may charge testing. This advice may be acclimated in affiliation with the appearance considerations beneath as a framework to acquaint appearance behavior and practices.

Pre-K to 12 schools should acquaint to anybody in the apprenticeship association that agents and accouchement should not appear to academy and to acquaint academy admiral if they become ailing with COVID-19 symptoms, analysis absolute for COVID-19, or are apparent to accession with COVID-19 affection or to accession with a accepted or apparent case of COVID-19.

School agents and families may account from application the DOH Evidence Screening Tool.

Adopt adjustable appearance and ailing leave behavior for acceptance and staff.

Instruct parents to accumulate accouchement at home if they are ill.

Any apprentice or agents with a agitation of 100.4 degrees or college or the affection of accessible COVID-19 infection should not be in school. (See Evidence Screening Apparatus below.)

Provide academy agents with all-important accessories to admeasurement temperatures for any apprentice or agents who may become ill during the academy day.

Work with academy administrators, nurses, and added bloom affliction providers to analyze an abreast allowance or breadth to abstracted anyone who develops the affection of COVID-19 while on academy premises. (See Evidence Screening Apparatus below.)

Provide advancing apprenticeship and advice to staff, parents/guardians and acceptance about signs and affection of COVID-19, and the accent of blockage home if sick. See the CDC Affection Actuality Sheet and CDC Anticipate Advance of COVID-19.

Require acceptance and parents/guardians/caregivers to accomplish a evidence screening above-mentioned to accession at academy or at the bus stop anniversary day. (See Evidence Screening Tool.)

Additional Resources

DOH Advice on Home Abreast or Apprehension and Abiding to Work

DOH PA Bloom Alert Network (HAN) #504

CDC advice on how to cautiously end home isolation

Responding to Accepted or Apparent Cases

After a Absolute Case of COVID-19

DOH or canton and borough bloom departments (CMHDs) agents will acquaint the academy article anon aloft acquirements that a actuality with a accepted or apparent case of COVID-19 was present at the academy or a academy accident while infectious. DOH or CMHD agents will abetment the academy with accident assessment, abreast and apprehension recommendations, and added infection ascendancy recommendations. Schools should booty every admeasurement to advance the acquaintance of the afflicted individual.

It is the albatross of DOH or CMHD agents to acquaintance a apprentice or agents actuality with COVID-19, acquaint abutting contacts of their accessible exposure, and accord instructions to those involved, including ancestors and added domiciliary members, apropos self-quarantine and exclusions. The alone who activated absolute will not be articular in communications from DOH or the CMHD to the academy association at ample but may charge to be selectively articular for acquaintance archetype by the DOH or CMHD staff.

Pre-K to 12 schools are reminded to acquaintance bounded DOH or CMHD agents afore acting in acknowledgment to a accepted or doubtable catching disease. Alarm DOH at 1-877-PA Bloom (1-877-724-3258); a adumbrative is on-call 24 hours a day. Pre-K to 12 schools amid in a administration with a CMHD should alarm the CMHD. DOH and CMHDs will accommodate advice to schools apropos ache information, adapted belletrist and communications, identification of high-risk individuals, adapted activity and treatment, and on-going abutment and assistance.

If the actuality is present on academy acreage aback DOH or CMHD agents acquaint the academy of the absolute case information, the actuality should immediately, but discreetly, be taken to the COVID-19 accompanying abreast amplitude for aces up (if student) or asked to acknowledgment home (if staff).

Establish procedures for cautiously alteration home ailing individuals.

Contact DOH or the CMHD for added advice if a parent/guardian/caregiver notifies the academy of abeyant acknowledgment by a student, agents member, or academy visitor.

The absolute architecture does not charge to be evacuated.

Wait at atomic 24 hours afore charwoman and disinfecting. If not feasible, delay as continued as possible. If seven canicule accept anesthetized aback the ailing alone was in the afflicted area, charwoman is not needed.

Close off areas acclimated by the ailing actuality and do not use afresh afore charwoman and disinfecting. Chase CDC Advice on Charwoman and Disinfecting protocols.

Create a advice arrangement to self-report affection and for advice agents and families of exposures and closures. Schools should, however, booty every admeasurement to advance the acquaintance of the afflicted individual.

Contact Tracing

Robust surveillance, case investigation, acquaintance archetype and abreast of absolute cases or apprehension of abutting contacts can apathetic and stop the manual of COVID-19. Pennsylvania’s accessible bloom basement of epidemiologists, association bloom nurses, and CMHD agents are the courage of this work. Added advice on acquaintance archetype and case analysis can be begin in DOH’S Acquaintance Archetype Plan.

DOH and its CMHD ally accept accustomed procedures for adapted advice with Pre-K to12 academy entities aback there is a apparent or absolute COVID-19 case. Bounded DOH agents or the CMHD will acquaint the academy article and PDE anon aloft acquirements that accession who activated absolute for COVID-19 was present at the academy or academy accident while infectious. DOH or CMHD agents will abetment the Pre-K to 12 academy with accident assessment, abreast and apprehension recommendations, and added infection ascendancy recommendations.

DOH or CMHD agents will abetment the Pre-K to 12 academy article with acquaintance archetype and may appeal advice apropos abeyant abutting academy contacts from academy nurses/health staff. Decisions to clue added bloom advice (i.e., apprehension timeframes) will be fabricated at the bounded academy level.

Take measures that acquiesce for apparent individuals to be added calmly traced:

Use assigned basement for anniversary chic aback feasible.

Take appearance for every chic and board all individuals (staff and contractors) who were in the classroom.

Use sign-in bedding for in-person affairs to certificate agents attendees.

Keep authentic annal of any bodies added than acceptance and agents that access the building, their acumen for actuality there, the locations in the architecture they visit, and the names of abutting contacts they appointment in the architecture if possible.

Attendance Policies

Current apprehension advice for abutting contacts of bodies with COVID-19 may present appearance challenges for acceptance who are abandoned because of a domiciliary acquaintance with a case. A “close contact” is authentic as either actuality aural about 6 anxiety of a COVID-19 case for 15 or added account (close acquaintance can action while caring for, active with, visiting, or administration a bloom affliction cat-and-mouse breadth or allowance with a COVID-19 case), or accepting absolute acquaintance with catching secretions of a COVID-19 case (e.g., actuality coughed on). See the Department of Bloom Case against Acquaintance for added advice on these distinctions.

Schools should be able to accredit adapted individuals or those who accept a accepted acknowledgment to a accepted case to an adapted bloom affliction provider or testing site. Accredit to DOH advice on Coronavirus Affection and Testing for capacity on accepted testing locations throughout the Commonwealth.

Schools should abutment acceptance and agents who are abandoned by acceptance for charity in absence from in-person apprenticeship and extra-curricular activities and transitioning to alien acquirements and work.

Returning to Pre-K to 12 School

Staff and acceptance with fevers or affection associated with COVID-19 should seek medical absorption for added appraisal and instructions afore abiding to school.

Staff and acceptance with agitation or affection that may be associated with COVID-19 and no accepted absolute acknowledgment to a actuality with COVID-19 may acknowledgment to academy aback they are asymptomatic and accept been agitation chargeless for at atomic 24 hours afterwards the use of fever-reducing anesthetic or accept acceptance of an accession analysis from a bloom affliction provider that explains the COVID-19-like symptom(s).

Staff or acceptance with affection who accept had a absolute acknowledgment to a actuality with COVID-19 will be advised apparent cases and should abide afar from school/work until absolution from abreast belief has been met.

A apprentice or agents affiliate who is abandoned afterward abutting acquaintance with a case may not acknowledgment to academy until austere to do so by DOH or the adapted CMHD. A abrogating analysis acquired above-mentioned to the end of apprehension does not bright an alone for return. The absolute apprehension aeon charge be completed. See CDC advice on Apprehension if You Might be Sick.

Closing School

The Department of Bloom will abide to adviser association manual ante and added surveillance metrics beyond the commonwealth, including Pre-K to 12 academy specific outbreaks of COVID-19. Based on this ache ecology and surveillance DOH may, in abutting allocation with PDE, affair advice accompanying to targeted academy closures as allotment of a added accessible bloom acknowledgment strategy.

Example Academy Evidence Screening Tool

Complete Circadian Above-mentioned to School/Work*

Employee or Apprentice Name:

Assigned Class/Group:


Are you/is the apprentice demography any medication to amusement or abate a agitation such as Ibuprofen (i.e. Advil, Motrin) or Acetaminophen (Tylenol)?

Are you/is the apprentice experiencing any of the following?

Group A

1 or added symptoms

Fever (100.4 or higher)


Shortness of breath

Difficulty breathing

Group B

2 or added symptoms

Sore throat

Runny nose/congestion


New abridgement of aroma or taste

Muscle pain

Nausea or Vomiting



Stay home if, you or the student:

Have one or added affection in Accumulation A OR

Have two or added affection in Accumulation B OR

Are demography agitation abbreviation medication.

*May be activated as a screening apparatus for both at home and on-site screening practices.

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