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Students accord in the classroom, not online

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 Recommendation letter 4 | Uyen C

Recommendation letter 4 | Uyen C | recommendation letter is

Concerning the advocacy that the academy commune activate this academy year in a virtual-only setting, agenda that Superintendent Ann Levett admits that appropriate needs acceptance and acceptance whose aboriginal accent is not English were “possibly afflicted added than others” by virtual-only ed. That is amphibiology for adage that these two groups did not do able-bodied aback affected to use virtual-only settings. It is an acceptance of discrimination.

Levett added says that she has heard from parents and agents who appetite acceptance to be aback in academy but says the district’s antecedence is to accumulate anybody safe. I anticipation that befitting anybody safe was the antecedence of the police, the armed armament and the bent amends system. The academy district’s antecedence is to brainwash children.

Virtual-only teaching works able-bodied for awful motivated students. But how abounding K-12 acceptance are as awful motivated as a 25-year-old aghast with his or her present condition?

Two of my granddaughters, one in West Virginia, one in North Carolina, did actual able-bodied at the end of the contempo academy year with basic teaching. But they had constant, amenable supervision. About 70% of their adolescent classmates did not do well. They loafed because their parents did not affliction or were not accessible to help.

And are alive parents to leave their accouchement home abandoned to study? Does Levett actually anticipate that such accouchement will catch bottomward and apprentice how to break boxlike equations? Has she apparent the cine “Home Alone”?

The apprenticeship arrangement advocated by John Dewey and his followers a aeon or so ago has afflicted and reorganized association forth left-wing and accelerating lines. This affairs has produced tens of bags of ignoramuses, arsonists, looters, and vandals. If Chatham-Savannah’s parents appetite added of that, again virtual-learning is the way to go. But if Savannah-Chatham is accessible to carelessness such nonsense and acknowledgment to a added acceptable appearance of education, again basic acquirements is not an option.

Put the acceptance in classrooms and balloon basic learning.

Herbert Guerry, Savannah

Column conjures addicted amphitheater memories

I’ve been a longtime fan of bi-weekly columnist Polly Powers Stramm back she began autograph her cornball “Polly’s People” cavalcade about people, places, and contest in Savannah during the 1950s and 1960s. She consistently manages to abduction a allotment of activity for abounding of us who grew up in Savannah during that time. Her cavalcade appear July 4 cavalcade and accent “White, Atramentous baseball players in ‘60s Grayson Amphitheater wowed this kid” is no exception.

Those of us who were baseball admirers accept addicted memories of accessory baseball amateur at Grayson Amphitheater during that era. I was a appreciative affiliate of the “Knothole Gang” aback Savannah was a acreage aggregation of the Cincinnati Redlegs (later Reds). We acclimated to sit calm in the right-field bleachers with our baseball gloves anxiously apprehension a homerun brawl hit in our direction.

I additionally bethink watching some of the abundant ballplayers — abounding of them black, afterward Jackie Robinson’s ballsy breaking of the blush barrier in 1947 — who played in the South Atlantic League at Grayson Amphitheater and who went on to brilliant in the majors during that aureate era of baseball, such as Hank Aaron, Curt Flood, Bob Gibson, Juan Pizzaro, Chico Cardenas.

One slight correction. Stramm states that the Atramentous admirers had to sit in a baby breadth bottomward the aboriginal abject side. Actually, they were herded into the broken bleachers forth the third abject side— alfresco the grandstand, caught from the elements, area they had to abide the cruel Savannah summer calefaction and humidity, and area there were poles obstructing their view.

Of all the evils and symbols of allegory I witnessed growing up in Savannah, this enduring angel of abuse has remained with me best than any others. Thus were sown the seeds of ancestral agitation that abode us to this actual day.

Thanks for the memories, Ms. Stramm. Both the acceptable and the bad.

Alan S. Lowe Savannah

Fascism accepting ballast in America

In 1917, American troops landed in France to save the French from administrative German aggression. Gen. George Pershing remarked, “Lafayette, actuality we are.” The French had adored the American Revolution from defeat and America was repaying the honor.

Today, President Donald Trump has banned to advance Alexander Vindman, a hero who told the accuracy about Trump’s crimes in the allegation hearings. This is the about-face of 1917: an American epitomize of the case of Alfred Dreyfus in the backward 19th aeon in France because he was a Jewish affiliate of the French accepted staff.

Vindman is additionally Jewish and he came to America in 1979 to escape Soviet anti-semitism. Those falsely accusing Dreyfus were the precursors of French fascism. Trump is the forerunner of American absolutism with his act answer the Dreyfus affair.

Trump’s actions, speeches, appeals, and intentions are actually absolutist to my ear. Those who avert and abutment him may not apprehend this but every act and every chat from Trump reminds those with celebrated afterthought that he is in the band of Benito Mussolini and Joseph Paul Goebbels. Every country has its own array of fascism. Trump is our array of absolutism and our shame.

Norman Ravitch, Savannah

Revisionist history misrepresents Confederacy

To all the philistine amusing amends warriors who abide to aspersion the Confederate States and their leaders as traitors, amuse go apprehend some history. Especially the founding documents. I am disgusted by alert to these radicals advance toppling Confederate monuments and statues and accusing Southern patriots of rebelling adjoin the United States. It is accessible these pop ability wizards cut chic on founding abstracts day.

The Declaration Of Independence provides that, “whenever any Form of Government becomes annihilative . . . it is the Appropriate of the Bodies to adapt or to abate it, and to convention new Government.” After decades of abominable and annihilative tariffs and taxes imposed on the Southern States, that is actually what they did. They proclaimed the Union that existed amid the Southern states and the added states of North America, was attenuated and they were now abstracted and absolute states with abounding ability to burden war, achieve peace, arrangement alliances, authorize commerce, and to do all added acts and things which absolute states may of appropriate do. Annihilation backbiting there, they seceded in accordance with the Declaration of Independence.

Ignoring the accoutrement in the Declaration of Independence, President Abraham Lincoln arbitrarily proclaimed in April 1861 that those Southern states had not seceded, but were “in rebellion” adjoin his Union. This absolutist activity accustomed him to alarm out the military, access the seceded States, and attack to put bottomward his apish apostasy by starting a war.

This aggressive aggression had actually annihilation to do with slavery. The Corwin Amendment (March 1861) and the War Aims Act (July 1861) provided added affidavit that Lincoln’s war was not fought over catastrophe slavery. It was fought over what Lincoln himself generally declared as, “his revenue.”

Andrew P. Calhoun Jr., Savannah

Deeper discussions bare on accessible symbols

It is animal attributes to appetite to account those who are apparent as heroes or leaders who represent ethics of account to the accepted good. Thus we accept a array of monuments all beyond this country: Marines adopting the banderole at Iwo Jima; Teddy Roosevelt astride his horse; monuments to collapsed soldiers.

Autocrats accept additionally had a affection for architecture statues or portraits of themselves as abundant leaders to the peoples they are subjugating: Lenin, Stalin and Mao Tse-tung appear to mind.

It is no abruptness aback statues of the closing are broken bottomward by adulatory peoples aback they abolish their tyrants. They may be “history,” but not history account celebrating, alone in removing those symbols of such aching memories.

So it is with the discussions we Americans are now accepting about statues anniversary Confederate leaders and generals. They, too, represent history. But not anybody angle that history positively.

I anticipation above Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes was actually actual in blame the Legislature to abolish the Confederate action banderole adumbration from the Georgia accompaniment flag. It was continued overdue. I am animated that Mississippi has assuredly done the aforementioned thing. This is not 1890, this is 2020. There is no abode in today’s association for befitting such accessible symbols that are aching reminders of abhorrent times for so many.

The discussions we care to be having, I think, is not about whether to abolish those statues anniversary Confederate leaders and generals, but should be what to put up in their place; and what belief we use to adjudge who or what should be aces of honoring.

We are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of God. We should be alive calm for our accepted good. In all things. All abroad is but distractions.

Raphael Semmes, Savannah

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