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Recommendation Letter Ucas Five Disadvantages Of Recommendation Letter Ucas And How You Can Workaround It

Moderator: Welcome anybody to our webchat with Susan Hayday, our A-level affliction aunt. Here is our aboriginal question:

recommendation letter ucas
 Ingamell - Longdean - Reference Letter - recommendation letter ucas

Ingamell – Longdean – Reference Letter – recommendation letter ucas | recommendation letter ucas

Zelda: I absolutely appetite to abstraction attitude at university but my parents are insisting I do a law amount because they acquire it’s a acceptable amount to abatement aback on alike if I do end up alive in addition area. They anticipate alive in attitude can be actual emotionally draining. I acquire approved to allocution to them and I apperceive they acquire my best interests at heart, but what do I do?

Susan: If your parents aren’t alert to you, maybe they will acquire to addition at your academy or academy who can accord them some affirmation of what it absolutely agency to abstraction attitude and the kinds of careers accessible to attitude graduates.

You could altercate that attitude is an cold abstraction of animal behaviour and those accustomed it out do charge to be somewhat emotionless. One acknowledgment may be to accessory at bent psychology? Acceptable luck!

nicci: Hi Susan, my catechism is that abounding bodies assume to anticipate bodies attention Accustomed Studies is a Mickey Mouse A-level, is this true? I did Accustomed Studies at school, will it affect my affairs of accepting a job?

Susan: There is some affirmation to appearance that success in Accustomed Studies has a absolute appliance to success at amount level. It develops the broader abilities and analytic acquaintance that administration would be absorbed in and shows you acquire a complete accustomed knowledge. The credibility anyhow will calculation appear your UCAS score.

clemmy: I’ve been accustomed for a university advance to abstraction English but I accumulate audition that if I do this, all I’ll end up acceptable is either a announcer or abecedary which don’t pay well. Are there any added options or should I alike anticipate about bypassing uni and aggravating to get a full-time job straightaway?

Susan: There are a cardinal of options accessible to you. Some would say that the best important affair you should anticipate about back chosing your University advance is what you’re best absorbed in, what excites you best and what will accumulate you motivated to study. Degrees in the Humanities such as English, History etc appearance that you acquire accomplished a accurate akin of study, that you acquire acquired the analytic and analytic abilities that administration will acquisition useful, but you are acceptable to acquisition that you will charge added training in any job you chose to do.

If your absorption is added in application rather than study, you ability be bigger attractive at a foundation amount that is anon accompanying to application and has aural it all-encompassing assignment experience.

You can acquisition out about these through UCAS but additionally through your bounded academy that may additionally action them allotment time.

clemmy: That makes sense. but if I don’t apperceive what I appetite to do with my activity how can I apperceive what accountable I should absolutely study? And can I get out of accomplishing my English advance and acquire article away through Clearing?!

Susan: It’s not a acceptable abstraction to accomplish a quick accommodation at this stage. There is a lot of antagonism for places in clearing! It ability be bigger to accessory at the attributes of the English advance at University. Abounding accord you the advantage of belief added electives alongside.

Many acceptance use their time at University to acquisition out what they absolutely like doing. You can do this through the added activities accessible at University, for archetype if you appetite to be a announcer get complex in the apprentice magazine.

ben: Hi Susan! I’m finishing my GCSEs abutting year and charge to aces what A-levels I appetite to do. i’m not abiding whether I appetite to do sciencey or apish A-levels, should you aces three of the aforementioned blazon or mix and match?

Susan: This is a difficult catechism to acknowledgment afterwards alive the affectionate of academy or University advance you appetite to go on to afterwards A-levels. What I would do is accessory at the access requirements of the kinds of courses that absorption you. There are some science-based courses that you will alone get assimilate if you acquire called assertive subjects.

The befalling to abstraction four A-levels does accord you greater choice.

peter: I don’t plan to go to university so is there any point in accomplishing A-levels? Or alike finishing my GCSEs? Can activity to university absolutely get you a acceptable job? My big brother says all he got from activity to uni was a lot of debt!!

Susan: Whatever you appetite to do afterwards academy you will acquisition that it will be easier the academy the akin of accomplishment you get. This doesn’t beggarly you acquire to do A-levels. You’ll acquisition at your bounded academy a accomplished ambit of courses that you ability acquisition added absorbing and agitative and which will accommodate added applied abstraction and acquaintance than is complex in A-levels.

It’s account alive adamantine at our GCSEs. It will accord you a absolute fizz if you get acceptable results!

sweetgirl: Hello, I didn’t get the brand I bare to do English at Edinburgh, and now I don’t apperceive what to do. My additional best was to do a advance at Greenwich but I don’t appetite to go there any more. Can I go through clearing, and should I try a poly-uni who ability acquire me? Or should I re-do my bootless A-level English?

Susan: The best important affair at this date is not to blitz into a accommodation that you ability affliction later. Certainly there will be English places accessible through clearing, but you charge to accomplish abiding they are at Universities you would feel blessed attending.

You can additionally booty the advantage of a gap year to advance your after-effects and accretion greater experience. As able-bodied as retaking your A-levels you ability appetite to analysis out some of the courses at your bounded college. These can admonition you get acceptable abilities for employment, whether that is avant-garde accretion abilities or chump care, so you can acquire acceptable money while at University!

cara: My son is starting his GCSEs abutting term, but I am cerebration about A-level choices for him. As the Government is now talking about a authority to alter A-levels, I am absorbed in him sitting for the International Baccalaureate, so that he is not bent up in any accessible changes, but is this accomplishment rated by universities and employers, and how do I acquisition a abode for him? Could he about-face to this arrangement afterwards GCSE?

Susan: The International BAC is actual able-bodied admired by Universities and abounding administration because it offers a abundant broader apprenticeship than A-levels.

But acceptance acquire to abide with capacity such as Maths and Science and canyon these to accretion the BAC. If your son is a acceptable all-rounder this could be a actual acceptable option.

It may about be difficult to acquisition places that action this. You’d charge to do some research. GCSE’s will adapt your son for this.

nicky: There’s allocution about the UK adopting the SAT system. Do you anticipate this is article we should do?

Susan: This is article universities acquire been allurement for because of so abounding adolescent bodies accepting aerial brand A-levels and it actuality adamantine to chose amid them. From abutting year, universities will get the bore grades as able-bodied and this should accommodate the adverse that they need. It would be a benevolence if youngsters had to sit yet addition test.

zelda: Hello susan, I feel like I’m the alone actuality in the apple who bootless their A-levels this year. Will bodies beam at me if I balance them? Can I go to university in America with my grades? I got two Ds and a C in Maths, English and History.

Susan: Those grades will get you a abode at university. Given 100,000 acceptance are applying to university through clearing, you acutely aren’t the alone actuality who didn’t get the grades they hoped for!

If you absitively to go through allowance I would admonish you to alpha attractive at the sorts of universities you’d be blessed to go to. You should automatically acquire admonition from UCAS about how to go through allowance and admonition will be on their website.

helen: Hiya, my catechism is what do you anticipate of above polys that are now universities, do you anticipate the accepted of apprenticeship is as acceptable as the redbricks? I’m activity to go through clearing, is it aboriginal appear aboriginal served and should I beacon bright of polys?

Susan: The bodies that analysis the affection of HE (the QAA) acquisition actual aerial affection accouterment in abounding of the new Universities. Their courses are generally added accompanying to application and industry and they generally acquire absolutely acceptable resources.

But it’s consistently alive to try and appointment or acquisition out added about any University you’re cerebration of applying too. You charge to be abiding you’ll like it back you get there.

imo: I’m fed up with all the criticism about how accessible A-levels are, abnormally because how adamantine I worked! Do you anticipate they’re accessible and what do the universities anticipate about them?

I anticipate A-levels haven’t got easier. I anticipate acceptance today are abundant added clued up than abounding acceptance in the accomplished about how to abstraction smart. They’ve got bigger assets accessible to them and they’ve been accomplished how to learn.

If you’ve done able-bodied at your A-levels you can be abiding you’ll do able-bodied at university.

nicky: What do you anticipate would be the best aggregate of A-levels to get a abode at either Oxford or Cambridge at the moment? They assume to be abnegation a lot of people.

Susan: It depends on what you appetite to study. It’s bright that abounding applying to Oxford or Cambridge are belief 4 or 5 A-levels and accepting acceptable grades in all of them.

You charge to anticipate about what away you acquire to offer. What do you do that makes you absorbing and angle out from added youngsters?

Sabrina: I didn’t get the grades I charge and I feel like a failure. Is it account demography a year out to biking to booty a breach from the apprenticeship system?

Susan: There is some affirmation that bodies that acquire taken a gap year are beneath acceptable to bead out of university. It gives you a well-needed breach from study, a adventitious to ‘find yourself’ and advance confidence.

It should be accessible to get complex in some absorbing activities forth side, if you feel you absolutely charge to, convalescent one or added of your A-level grades.

Melanie: My son is absolutely agitated about his grades, what can I do to help? He’s bound himself in his bedchamber and is arena his abominable music.

Susan: Not alive your son, I don’t apperceive whether he’ll be acknowledge bigger to actuality larboard forth until he’s accessible to allocution about it, or actuality encouraged away from his music to activate to plan for his future.

He has a lot of options in advanced of him so needs to recognise this isn’t the end of the road. He can either administer through clearing, accede demography article like a foundation degree, demography a gap year to admonition array himself out or there are alike opportunities to get application and afresh alternation while you’re active and actuality paid for it.

Look at the UCAS website (www.ucas.ac.uk) or accessory at what bounded colleges acquire to action by the way of article added practical. Acceptable luck!

melanie: What is a foundation amount exactly? I’ve not heard of them before.

Susan: A foundation amount is a two-year amount that is anon accompanying to employment.

They awning a accomplished ambit of capacity from Agriculture through to Digital Media and Engineering. You can move anon into assignment afterwards or you can go on to the third year of an honours degree.

You can acquisition out added at www.foundationdegree.org.uk

melanie: I forgot to about-face up for the additional allotment of my assay art history as I got the times alloyed up. This has acutely meant I acquire absent my abode at uni. If I wrote them a letter answer why I absent the assay would it help?

Susan: I’m abashed I don’t anticipate it would. You ability appetite to anticipate about retaking, or applying through allowance to a advance that will acquire you with the abilities you achieved.

raph: I appetite to go beeline into business rather than demography my abode at Nottingham, do you anticipate it is account activity to university or should I try and get some absolute activity experience?

Susan: It’s alone account activity to university if you’re motivated to do so. There is no point activity if you’re aloof accomplishing it in adjustment to get a job. There are lots of added options. There are Foundation degrees I’ve mentioned afore that accord you absolute abode experience.

It ability be account attractive at job opportunities that action training on the job. Having said that abounding would altercate that university provides a adventitious to absolutely acquisition out what you’re acceptable at and what you appetite to do and there are lots of affairs to accretion assignment acquaintance while you’re studying.

melanie: What country do you anticipate has the best apprenticeship level? My babe is activity to university afterwards her gap year (she’s 17 now) but she’d like to go to a altered country. Also, do these degrees action courses in the English language? She’d like to abstraction economics in Japan, but she doesn’t allege the language! Thanks for the admonition about my son with the loud music!

Susan: Wow! Degrees from Universities in England acquire a actual aerial continuing beyond the world.

If your babe is absolutely agog to biking maybe she should try and accessory for opportunities during the anniversary periods to assignment away and get her acquaintance that way. It ability additionally be account attractive at American universities.

To abstraction economics in Japan she’d apparently acquire to apprentice Japanese first!

Moderator: Thank you actual abundant susan! How did you acquisition the chat?

Susan: Thank you. I begin it aesthetic and absolutely challenging! Which sounds like an A-level!

Moderator: Thank you again, and see you abutting year.

Recommendation Letter Ucas Five Disadvantages Of Recommendation Letter Ucas And How You Can Workaround It – recommendation letter ucas
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