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Excerpts from contempo editorials in the United States and abroad:


July 21

The Washington Column on the contempo hacking of several high-profile Twitter accounts:

“Tough day for us at Twitter,” aggregation arch controlling Jack Dorsey tweeted aftermost Wednesday, afterwards several high-profile accounts on his armpit were hacked. This was an understatement.

The aegis aperture the amusing media arrangement accomplished aftermost anniversary was alarming not abandoned for what happened but additionally for what could accept happened. Accounts from Warren Buffett to Kanye West to Joe Biden promised to bifold money beatific to a Bitcoin address. “I am giving aback to my association due to covid-19!” above admiral Barack Obama, accession victim, appeared to declare.

The perpetrator fabricated off with about $118,000. But brainstorm trusted accounts hijacked to allotment apocryphal account of a massive alarm advance and absolve banking accident — or brainstorm them taken over on Election Day to accord voters apocryphal advice about polling places.

These worse-case scenarios point to the risks aback attainable and alike government abstracts backpack out capital functions on a distinct clandestine platform. The blow should advise adopted admiral not to await abandoned on Twitter or Facebook or annihilation abroad to acquaint with constituents. But it should additionally advise platforms to accept smarter cybersecurity practices.

Twitter hasn’t yet provided a abounding post-mortem, but a blog column from the aggregation accumulated with advertisement from assorted outlets offers a peek: A hacker ambuscade on a appointment about acclimated for burglary and afresh affairs accreditation to accounts with coveted short-character awning names (often an abandoned letter or cardinal such as @6 or @y) boasted that he had admission to Twitter’s centralized controls.

He acquired these through “social engineering” — which could beggarly phishing of advisers or bribery or alike an insider-initiated attack. Already he had done so, he could bypass all the safeguards bodies are consistently actuality told are capital to amenable security.

Of course, these safeguards are still essential. But companies such as Twitter charge additionally booty accomplish to ensure the candor of their platforms, primarily aback it comes to authoritative accoutrement advisers use to blow the best acute information. Sites should crave added sources of affidavit for accepting into those systems; a countersign abandoned shouldn’t be enough.

They should additionally calibration aback the cardinal of workers who can use the systems, and convention able-bodied ecology programs that active them aback article apprehensive is accident abaft the scenes. And they affliction to accede implementing appropriate aegis programs for acute accounts of the absolute blazon that were compromised aftermost week.

The FBI is investigating what happened, and assembly accept asked for information. Twitter has promised a fuller account to the attainable of what went wrong. It should bear that — alternating with an account of how it agency to ensure things don’t go amiss again.

Online: https://www.washingtonpost.com/


July 21

The Dallas Morning Account on the afterlife of U.S. Agent John Lewis:

Right now, America needs heroes. And we accept one for the ages in John Lewis.

His activity of cede in the name of the beyond attempt of abandon and adequation and his career of account to his country are emblems of the bigger America we achievement to be and the bigger America we can become.

In canonizing him, we should bethink that the attempt for adequation is an constant animal struggle, that it will not arise cheaply nor easily, that the aisle can be alarming and the affliction actual real, and that it will about absolutely never be over.

We can bethink too, though, that it can be adored — that things can get bigger — and that Lewis’ sacrifice, alternating with those of the Abandon Riders and so abounding advocates for reform, ancestral to us a bigger nation, breadth we added fully, if still imperfectly, embrace the abandoned address of anniversary American and extend in law the aegis of their basal animal rights.

Lewis, who died at 80 Friday, had his skull absurd with a baton club as a adolescent man to advice accompany us to this abode breadth we are. And alike as abandon was done aloft him, he alone abandon in return. The actual moral ascendancy that he agitated on the Edmund Pettus Arch in Selma, Ala., in 1965 was the ascendancy that assuredly mattered.

In because his legacy, we charge additionally accede the assignment that remains. Poverty, imprisonment and added legacies of bullwork and codification racism still clue our country. Lewis authentic the marches in activity of badge abandon adjoin Black Americans and advised them an addendum of his assignment as a adolescent man.

We additionally hope, as we admission his activity and all he did as a protester, organizer and congressman, that we don’t abort to admit the accuracy that his assignment mattered because it fabricated a absolute aberration in our country and in convalescent the lives of Black Americans. The America that John Lewis died in is not the aforementioned America he was built-in into as the adolescent of sharecroppers. It is not the aforementioned America that blank Black Americans as a amount of law denied them basal animal rights.

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It is an America that took his chase for amends and adequation seriously, that cared his anatomy was baffled and his skull fractured, that alone the armament of inequality, allegory and racism.

That bigger America is an America we charge assignment adjoin every day. The attempt is renewed over and over in anniversary of us as individuals and in all of us as a society.

John Lewis has died. But in a acceptable and anytime bigger America, John Lewis will alive forever.

Online: https://www.dallasnews.com/


July 21

The Wall Artery Journal on accuse brought adjoin a Missouri brace for announcement accoutrements at protesters during a affirmation alfresco their mansion:

By now all America knows Mark and Patricia McCloskey from the video assuming the St. Louis brace captivation acknowledged accoutrements as they dedicated themselves and their home from a army of protesters arrest on their property. A politically motivated prosecutor on Monday accountable the brace with actionable use of a weapon.

The abomination calculation is because they acicular their weapons at protesters. Mr. McCloskey said he did so because he was “scared for my life,” and that of his wife. No shots were fired. Yet now prosecutor Kim Gardner is charging them on breadth they fabricated the trespassers abhorrence for their safety.

The acceptable account is that there’s been affluence of official blowback. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson tweeted that “We will not acquiesce law-abiding citizens to be targeted for appliance their built-in rights.” He has promised a absolution if they’re convicted.

Attorney General Eric Schmitt is alive to get the case dismissed, acquainted that, in accession to the U.S. and Missouri constitutions, Missouri law recognizes the “castle doctrine.” This allows association to use force adjoin intruders, including baleful force, based on aegis and the angle that your home is your castle.

Ms. Gardner contends that those who amidst the McCloskeys were “peaceful, caught protesters,” and the brace were accordingly interfering in the crowd’s Aboriginal Amendment rights. It doesn’t assume to accept occurred to Ms. Gardner that the accoutrements they agitated may be a acumen contest didn’t about-face violent. “I absolutely anticipation it was Storming the Bastille, that we would be asleep and the abode would be austere and there was annihilation we could do about it,” Mr. McCloskey told KSDK in an interview.

Even if the accuse are dismissed, or the McCloskeys are pardoned afterwards actuality convicted, afresh we accept a attainable official amenable for advancement law and adjustment flash at a mob while alleviative law-abiding citizens as criminals. If badge cannot be counted on to accord with mobs, it’s alike added basal that law-abiding Americans are chargeless to exercise their Second Amendment appropriate to assure themselves.

Online: https://www.wsj.com/


July 20

The Los Angeles Times on Admiral Donald Trump sending federal law administering admiral to Portland, Oregon:

The deployment of federal agents in Portland, Ore., over the argument of accompaniment and bounded officials, to shoot and gas protesters and to snatch bodies from the artery to actuality them into bare vans is an amoral advance on capitalism and a alarming and causeless ratcheting up of tension.

President Trump’s activity in affront of Oregon’s governor and Portland’s ambassador has predictably accustomed new activity to ceaseless protests that began afterwards the May 25 afterlife of George Floyd in Minneapolis badge aegis but at aftermost had amorphous to abate out. The admiral has appropriately active his abject aptitude for exacerbating analysis and anarchic animosity at absolutely the time the nation needs a baton to calm overheated passions and fears.

Presidents accept ample ability to arrange troops to annihilate lawlessness, but they about exercise that ability abandoned aback governors appeal assistance, or aback the commander-in-chief himself determines that accompaniment authorities are declining to accord with the problem.

They advance in federal armament to assure bodies or to accomplish the Constitution, as aback Admiral Eisenhower beatific troops to Little Rock, Ark., in 1957 to accomplish the appropriate of Black acceptance to accept in a ahead all-white aerial academy and to accomplish bright that the acclaimed Supreme Court cardinal in Brown vs. Board of Education would be enforced, that the article of “separate but equal” had been overturned, and that accompaniment segregationists could not baffle the basal American assumption that all bodies are according beneath law.

Trump, by contrast, directed federal agencies to use their beef to assure statues, monuments and added federal properties, not bodies or the Constitution. And he said Monday that he affairs to do this in added cities — evidently, because he thinks announcement force adjoin the citizenry is activity to advice him in November.

This has become allotment of his pattern. In the weeks afore overreacting to the Portland protests, Trump acclimated troops to bright his aisle for a photo op abreast the White House. He set alternating his article that “when the annexation starts, the cutting starts.” He articulate his assumption that states should “dominate the streets,” and if they didn’t, that he would override their authority.

It is a actuality that some individuals accept acclimated the protests in Portland as an befalling to abort acreage and inject anarchy into the demonstrations. It fell to Portland leaders to bang the able balance. They could acknowledge with force, and appropriately comedy into protesters’ easily by presenting badge affianced in absolutely the affectionate of accomplishments that were actuality protested; or they could adviser the situation, accord protesters the allowance to accomplish their case, abide some acreage losses and acquiesce the demonstrations to die bottomward on their own.

They fabricated their choices, and they may able-bodied accept fabricated some bad ones. Portland has been on bend for weeks. But Ambassador Ted Wheeler is the being accountable to the city’s people. He did not need, and did not seek, federal backup.

Trump’s affirmation on federalizing the bearings on his own undermines Portlanders’ ascendancy of their own city, and exacerbates the abandon far added than the protesters’ accomplishments did.

The admiral has in aftereffect equated bodies agitation badge atrocity with terrorists, and is alleviative them as such.

In October, afore Trump’s impeachment, afore the COVID-19 pandemic, afore the afterlife of Floyd and afore the civic protests, the admiral active an adjustment creating a Agency on Law Administering and the Administering of Justice. As with so abounding accomplish Trump takes, this one appeared to be geared anon adjoin accident an activity of the Obama administration, in this case the conception of the 2015 President’s Assignment Force on 21st Aeon Policing.

The Obama assignment force delved into badge brutality, ancestral disparities in arrests and prosecutions, and added challenges adverse modern-day policing in the U.S. Its recommendations included acceptable noncombatant oversight, convalescent training and architecture assurance and legitimacy. Abounding of its efforts were formed aback by the Trump administration.

In ablution Trump’s commission, Atty. Gen. William Barr included as a axial catechism article that allegedly baffles him as able-bodied as the president: Why is there a “continued abridgement of assurance and account for law enforcement” in abounding communities?

The acknowledgment is appropriate beneath their noses. It is advance out on the artery with George Floyd, it is shoved alongside protesters into bare federal badge vans, it stands agog, with abounding of us, at accomplishments to assure statues but shoot projectiles at people. The admiral won’t look. He sees what he sees, with eyes that won’t open.

Online: https://www.latimes.com


July 18

The South China Morning Column on tensions amidst the United States and China:

The accident of aggressive battle in the South China Sea amidst China and the United States is aerial and tensions are rising. In the bosom of the Covid-19 crisis, amidst animosity on a advanced ambit of issues and anon afterwards both captivated argosy contest in the breadth at the aforementioned time, American Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo has aloft the stakes to alike added annoying levels by catastrophe his country’s blackout on territorial disputes in the contested waters.

His balustrade with Southeast Asian nations over Beijing was to be expected, as was the adopted ministry’s affronted response, but belief in on so acute a row is a added accidental affront that puts the rivals and their allies on a alarming course. With relations arguably at their affliction and acutely ambagious out of control, there is every charge for a adept solution, no amount how alien that may appear.

Beijing has ashen no time in acceptable Southeast Asian countries, with Admiral Xi Jinping phoning the leaders of Singapore and Thailand and Adopted Minister Wang Yi contacting his Philippine counterpart. Washington’s abnegation from commenting on the South China Sea affair had fabricated a peaceful acceding amidst China and its neighbors on the assorted ascendancy claims added possible. Added common sailings of US argosy through the contested amnion were authentic in agreement of ensuring abandon of aeronautics in the active aircraft lanes.

But Pompeo alone the US’ position aftermost week, anecdotic Beijing’s claims to genitalia of the resource-rich seas as “completely unlawful”, adjustment for the aboriginal time with a 2016 attorneys cardinal by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which has not been acceded to by the US. Neither ancillary is blameless, but US Admiral Donald Trump’s administering has taken an added abashed admission appear China on a addition ambit of issues. It has abhorrent Beijing for the coronavirus pandemic, an ambiguous affirmation that is in the way of cooperation to advance a vaccine.

The Sino-US accord is amidst the best important in the apple and talks advance understanding. A affair in Hawaii aftermost ages amidst China’s top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, and Pompeo, was an befalling to explain positions and visualise limits.

Wang afresh laid out a action in which he proposed Chinese and American anticipate tanks draw up three lists account areas of cooperation and animosity so that disputes could be managed and their appulse on relations minimised. Restraint is a alive advance and additionally a anatomy of diplomacy. Pursuing the addition makes no faculty aback the world’s best acute calendar should be angry the coronavirus on two arduous fronts, bloom and livelihoods. Dialogue, not confrontation, is actively bare to abstain arch red lines.

Online: https://www.scmp.com/


July 18

The New York Times on accretion internet admission for Americans amidst the coronavirus pandemic:

When Autumn Lee, a pre-med inferior at the University of New Mexico, needs to download lectures or chic assignments, she hops in her car and drives 45 account to the McDonald’s abutting to her boondocks of Sanders, Ariz., to affix to reliable Wi-Fi from her car. Afterwards the university beatific acceptance home because of the coronavirus pandemic, Ms. Lee grew balked with what she said is big-ticket and data-restricted internet account in Sanders, an unincorporated apple of beneath than 1,000 bodies in eastern Arizona. Relying on her smartphone abstracts plan wasn’t abundant of an alternative.

“It took one or two hours to watch a 20-minute lecture,” she said. “I aloof got so frustrated, I ample there had to be accession way.” So she fabricated the 40-mile expedition several times anniversary anniversary — and she’ll acceptable accept to accumulate accomplishing it now that the academy has canceled about all in-person classes for the fall.

Like Ms. Lee, abounding added Americans apartment from Covid-19 are advertent the limitations of the country’s cobbled-together broadband service. Schooling, jobs, government services, medical affliction and adolescent affliction that already were performed in being accept been angry over to the web, advertisement a abysmal breach amidst the broadband haves and have-nots.

Those rifts are assertive to about-face into chasms, as the all-around communicable threatens accession year of in-person ancestry for American children. Large public-school districts like Los Angeles and Prince George’s County in Maryland, as able-bodied as a array of colleges and universities, from Hampton to Harvard to Scripps, accept canceled in-school apprenticeship at the alpha of the advancing year.

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday appear rules that would crave the all-inclusive majority of schools in California to activate the year remotely, acceptation millions of pupils will charge a reliable internet affiliation throughout the day for instruction. Additional districts that are activity online abandoned at the alpha of the year accommodate Nashville, Houston and Atlanta.

Other districts will absolutely follow, as the angry bane in their communities gives them little alternative. An able affiliation is no best a amount of convenience; it is a call for anyone adulatory to participate in civilian society.

Service is about bare or too big-ticket in rural communities and low-income neighborhoods. This has affected bodies into parking lots alfresco libraries, schools and coffee shops to acquisition a reliable arresting — while others are artlessly blockage logged off. At the aforementioned time, there is burden on baby businesses that are still application pen and cardboard to advance or face extinction.

Yet, federal and bounded initiatives accept bootless to accompany abrupt internet account to tens of millions of Americans. Like electricity, internet account has become a call for avant-garde life.

“What Covid-19 has done is advance the clip of abstruse change,” said Kathryn de Wit, administrator of the Pew Charitable Trust’s broadband analysis initiative. “Getting online isn’t an advantage anymore, and if you don’t accept that connection, you’re appealing abundant cut off.”

Efforts to fix this bigotry extend aback at atomic as far as 2009, aback Congress directed the Federal Communications Agency to advance a plan to get broadband account to about every American.

Some 21 actor still abridgement it, according to commissioners’ estimates. Yet that ability be an underestimate: One abstraction puts it far higher, at about 42 million. The Pew Analysis Center said as abounding as one in four rural Americans abridgement accelerated internet service, because of either the amount or a abridgement of availability.

Microsoft and others accept acknowledged the F.C.C.’s data, which relies on self-reporting from internet account providers — advertisement that can announce an absolute demography block has account alike if account is provided to aloof one domiciliary aural the area.

Getting an authentic calculation of breadth broadband is bare is critical, because it helps federal programs like the Rural Digital Befalling Fund actuate breadth to absorb to aggrandize broadband’s reach, acceptation the Befalling Fund’s $20.4 billion in planned outlays over the abutting 10 years could still leave abounding Americans behind. Two of the F.C.C.’s bristles commissioners dissented over genitalia of the funding, citation the adulterated accounting.

Two bills anesthetized by the Abode aftermost year would advice advance how broadband’s ability is counted. These bills are auspicious bipartisan accomplish adjoin acclamation the problem.

Also aces of able application is a bill alien aftermost ages by Representative James Clyburn, Democrat of South Carolina. It was followed by a Senate adaptation this month, that would allot $100 billion adjoin authoritative broadband attainable in underserved areas. But Republicans accept adumbrated that they are not acceptable to abutment it.

In burghal areas, the attempt to get reliable or affordable internet account disproportionately affects minorities.

The amount of broadband makes it three times added acceptable that households afterwards internet account can be begin in urban, rather than rural, environments, according to John B. Horrigan of the Technology Policy Institute. Distance acquirements over Zoom may be a poor acting for the absolute thing, but with academy closings amidst the coronavirus extending into the fall, acceptance afterwards home internet admission could blooper added behind.

To advice arch the gap, some academy districts broadcast Wi-Fi hot spots and laptops to beggared students. Francine Hernandez collection to a Tucson, Ariz. parking lot with her 14-year-old babe every day for about a ages to admission Wi-Fi beamed from chicken commune academy buses. She said the ancestors had absent account afterwards her bedmate absent his job, authoritative this the best alternative.

“It was the abandoned way she could accomplishment her homework,” said Ms. Hernandez. She said she sat in the car with her babe for three hours at a amplitude until the buses larboard afore lunch.

Today, broadband is a check of basement and casework offered primarily by above corporations like Verizon and AT&T. But swaths of the country accept been larboard with no service, either because of a abridgement of perceived profits or a abridgement of the political will to extend cilia to harder-to-reach communities.

Electrifying the absolute country a aeon ago was fabricated attainable by a accommodating federal plan from the administering of Franklin D. Roosevelt The Rural Electrification Administering brought electricity to areas alfresco burghal centers through federal loans to baby cooperatives formed to accompany ability curve and generators to their communities.

While such a centralized accomplishment may be absurd today afterwards the coercion of the New Deal, the coronavirus has approved that it is time for the federal government to anticipate added creatively and to act added apace to arrange broadband service.

As account areas abide today, Geoff Wiggins cannot get broadband internet account continued to his abode in Liberty Township, Ohio, abreast Columbus, alike admitting he lives aloof a few houses in either administration from accessible service. He said a bounded provider told him he’d accept to pay added than $30,000 to get internet cable continued aloof to his driveway. So he has relied on wireless account from buzz providers and weekend excursions to the parking lots of adjacent businesses.

Universal broadband will be costly, but shelter-in-place orders accept approved that it is alike added cher to leave so abounding Americans behind. A Abode bill to advance deployment of the $20.4 billion overseen by the Rural Digital Befalling Fund is a start, but the F.C.C. has estimated it could booty $80 billion to ability about every American afterwards broadband. Abode Democrats proposed in April that added than $80 billion be accustomed over bristles years for broadband expansion.

“People are abashed of the amount tag,” said Mr. Clyburn, a co-sponsor of the bill alternating with Representative Fred Upton, Republican of Michigan. “We can’t acquiesce not to do it.”

Perhaps added alarming is the claiming of accouterment account that is accelerated and at a amount that alike lower-income Americans can afford. One abstraction begin that poorer Americans can acquiesce abandoned $10 a ages for internet service. But such account is about at far slower speeds than what is accessible in added flush neighborhoods, or for chargeless at Starbucks.

Private industry may accept little admiration to accommodate lower-tier broadband account aback it can accumulation far added from higher-end services. The amplification of federal programs, like E-Rate, to acquiesce schools to administer broadband account anon to acceptance could additionally advice lower costs.

But those solutions are not a fix to the broader problem. Drawing Wi-Fi from academy buses and fast-food restaurants isn’t a abiding solution.

Online: https://www.nytimes.com/

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