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It’s a brilliant morning in Gatcombe Park, Princess Anne’s acreage in the affection of Gloucestershire, a two-and-a-half hour drive west of London.

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The 500-acre application of outstanding accustomed adorableness is not a deluxe accumulation with a manicured garden attached, as you adeptness expect, but a asperous alive acreage disqualified abundantly by the livestock, with able managing from their hands-on owner.

This is the Princess Royal’s clandestine home, both a anchorage from the analysis of accessible action and the abode area she carries out the added bisected of her life’s work, and allegedly the allotment she cast best – actuality a farmer.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s alone babe rarely allows media into this sanctuary, so we were honoured aback Princess Anne agreed to bless her accessible 70th altogether in the pages of The Weekly.

But COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works, with my flight from Australia grounded. It was additionally alarming as to whether The Weekly’s UK-based photographer, Hugo Burnand, would be able to appointment Her Aristocratic Highness, but in the nick of time British centralized biking restrictions were lifted.

The Princess Aristocratic pivoted like a pro. I would account Her Aristocratic Highness on a video alarm and she would afresh arch out assimilate the acreage for our shoot.

And so it was, on an almighty baking summer’s day in Gatcombe, that I chatted to Her Aristocratic Highness for an hour and a quarter.

The sun was alive through the window as Princess Anne talked advisedly about aggregate from admired acreage action and adolescence memories to trips to Australia, her children, grandchildren and brother Prince Charles. We additionally discussed advancing issues such as altitude change, GM crops and veganism, and the Princess Royal’s affection to accomplish the apple a bigger abode through her alms work.

Her aristocratic assignment includes apery her mother The Queen at contest in the UK and about the world, as able-bodied as accessory august occasions. Afresh there are abutting to 350 charities, organisations and aggressive regiments that she supports, including a 50th ceremony this year as President of Save the Children.

It was, of course, a job she was built-in into. She had no best and started her accessible role age 18. But like her parents, the Princess Aristocratic is apprenticed by a abysmal faculty of duty, and alike admitting she is at an age aback best accept retired, there is no faculty that she will be slowing bottomward anytime soon.

But in being the Princess Aristocratic is warm, friendly, funny and abounding of life. Today she is dressed in her ‘at home on the farm’ chinos and denim shirt, with almost a skerrick of make-up, her beard (which she does herself) swept up in the aforementioned bouffant cycle she has beat for decades. It’s actually expertly captivated in abode with three clips at the back, Hugo our columnist afterwards tells me.

Thanks to the pandemic, Princess Anne has been abandoned at Gatcombe with her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence.

“I haven’t been anywhere for three months, so in abounding respects it’s been a joy because you absence the place, decidedly in the spring,” she says. “It’s actually lovely. The bluebells. I’ve ridden all the way through.”

Like her mother, Princess Anne still goes horse-riding every day.

“It gets you out; it’s a anatomy of exercise that apparel [me]. I apperceive there’s a lot of advancement that bodies shouldn’t ride, but frankly, if you’ve done that all your action and you apperceive the animals able-bodied – and decidedly one of mine, he bare to be formed on.”

The racehorse in catechism is alleged Cloud Formation and is “the nicest, best-behaved horse I’ve had in years,” she says.

There’s additionally a accomplishment adult in the Gatcombe stables, amusingly alleged Annie – she was alleged afore advancing into Her Aristocratic Highness’s care.

“She’s abundant earlier than I anticipation she was, so she’s alpha to feel the ache a bit,” says the Princess. “Particularly in this heat, she’s not adequate herself. She’s fundamentally a little alarmist chestnut Welsh cob.”

Later we photograph her with Fiddle Faddle – alleged afterwards a Scottish reel – and her filly Reel Fashion. I’m told the afford was alleged Schiaparelli afterwards the acclaimed Italian appearance designer, appropriately the foal’s name. Her Aristocratic Highness’s apparent adulation for the two-month-old is adapted there in our photos. Horses accept been a accomplishments to the Princess’s action aback she was a baby, and now on her acreage accommodate acute joy.

She was abundantly the aboriginal affiliate of the aristocratic ancestors to accept competed in the Olympic Games, and her babe Zara Tindall took up the billy and was presented with her argent aggregation badge at the 2012 London Olympics by her mother.

Watch Zara’s highlights from the 2012 Olympics below:

Princess Anne’s grandchildren – both Zara’s girls Mia, six, and Lena, two, and Peter Phillips’ daughters, Savannah, nine, and Isla, eight – all ride. They alive on neighbouring Aston Farm, so I ask if they accept been abutting Granny on her circadian rides.

“They do occasionally appear over,” she says. “It gives them a change of backdrop and a bit added baptize to comedy in.”

Zara and Peter were aloft at Gatcombe.

“I ahead on the accomplished you’re actual advantageous if you can accept accouchement growing up on farms,” says Princess Anne. “They accept added time to themselves; there’s an apprehension that they will actually go out and adore themselves on their own. You don’t watch them every minute of the day. That is actually important,” she says.

“You additionally get to accept that if you accept livestock and animals, that is allotment of the deal, you accessory afterwards them. They’re not aloof a radish! If you appetite one, you accept to accessory afterwards it. So ponies, dogs, whatever… that’s all allotment of the deal… You accept to try to get the bulletin beyond that you accept to assignment adamantine to accumulate a abode like this.”

Does the Princess ahead casual Gatcombe on to her children? Afterwards all, it is their adolescence home.

“At Gatcombe, the agriculture bit is fine. The abode adeptness be added of a challenge,” she smiles. “By accustomed standards it’s expensive. It’s an old house.”

While their affirmation has accustomed Peter and Zara assertive privileges, they do accept to acquire their own crust. Princess Anne angry bottomward titles for her accouchement aback they were born, article Prince Harry and Meghan accept followed with their son, Archie.

“I ahead alike afresh it was accessible to see that it was a actual alloyed absolution to accept a title,” says the Princess.

What this meant for Zara and Peter was that they grew up abnormally from their cousins Princes William and Harry, in that they consistently knew they would accept to body their own careers. Aback he was younger, Peter toured South Africa with the Scottish rugby team, afterwards formed in motor antagonism and today, at 42, runs a sports brawl agency.

Meanwhile Zara, 39, abreast from her arch aggressive horse-riding career, trains horses and is angel of the Magic Millions accident actuality in Australia. Although she’s not decumbent to cooing over her offspring, the Princess Aristocratic admits she’s appreciative of their progress.

“I’ve got no complaints,” she jokes. “To be honest, accepting accouchement of parents who both accomplished at a adequately aerial akin in action and they’ve both accomplished their own levels in their own sports, is fantastic. But they’ve additionally created their own careers abroad from that, application that acquaintance – they’ve done abundantly well.”

The Princess Aristocratic was built-in on August 15, 1950, in Clarence Abode in London and still retains a abject in St James’s Palace abutting aperture to Clarence House, now her brother Prince Charles’s London home, and aloof beyond Blooming Park from Buckingham Palace, one of the homes in which she grew up.

But she has consistently acquainted best at home in the country.

“I’ve never been a burghal girl,” says Princess Anne.

“I may accept been built-in aural the complete of Bow Bells [English colloquial for a accurate Londoner], but actually never my scene. London was to me academy days. I did acquaint in London and afresh because the weekends were at Windsor [Castle] and Windsor has a acreage – mostly dairy, but there were pigs and chickens as able-bodied – my accomplishments in that faculty was consistently on the farm.”

“Because I rode from no age, you saw every allotment of the acreage and spent a lot of time bottomward there, and there were bodies acceptable abundant to explain what they were doing; or aloof out of fun to explore, aggregate eggs, see piglets.”

“All of that was actual abundant allotment of my programme,” she explains.

“There was never a catechism of active in London. It was not a apple for me.”

Princess Anne affiliated her aboriginal bedmate Captain Mark Phillips, addition equestrian Olympian, in 1973, and actual bound the brace started house-hunting in the country.

“We looked at actually a lot of places,” she reveals.

In the end the Queen purchased Gatcombe Park – which included a Grade-II-listed estate abode and 500 acreage of acreage – as a allowance for the brace and their new action began. But Princess Anne wasn’t originally attractive for a career in farming.

“There was added acreage than we had advised getting, so no, I hadn’t advised to be a farmer,” the Princess explains. “I had advised to alive in the countryside and accept how to run grassland, but mostly with horses … and the odd barbarian to bright up.”

Fortunately, those adolescence canicule with the Windsor pigs and chickens now came in handy, as Princess Anne and her bedmate started to plan the administration of their acutely abundant farm.

“It’s not huge in that sense,” she opines. “Two hundred acreage of it is woodland, the acreage is almost limited. It’s hilly. It has abrupt valleys, and … the grass doesn’t abound actual thickly. We’re still learning.”

Princess Anne has accepted the agriculture action for abutting to bristles decades now, and for the accomplished 27 years has been abutting in her affection by her additional husband. Together they accept developed an absorbing business and a little allotment of Her Aristocratic Highness’s cast of paradise.

“We’ve gone in the aftermost 25 years for rare-breed cattle, sheep, pigs, horses. The pigs alive in the woodland.”

When I afterwards see the pigs in our photos, they accessory like the happiest beasts in England, masters of their own domain.

“I’m abashed we do accept to fence them in. It’s not advised adapted to let them roam too much. The rules on pigs in this country are actual austere in acceding of area they can and can’t go.”

“Mind you, the pigs themselves don’t consistently alive by that accurate agreement,” explains the Princess with a wry smile.

Recently the acreage was invaded by a agrarian boar.

“It came in [to Gatcombe], dead my boar, which was appealing arid of it, and although allegedly it had a go at my adolescent sows, it didn’t leave annihilation behind, so I absent on every count!” chuckles the Princess Royal.

This is the array of bawdy farmer’s account that is 100 per cent Princess Anne, and why she gets on so able-bodied with rural folk the apple over.

One of her abounding roles is as President of the Aristocratic Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth (RASC).

“She’s a country being at affection and thoroughly enjoys the assignment she does with us,” RASC Hon. Secretary Michael Lambert tells me.

“One of the challenges is authoritative abiding that she keeps to a timetable, because she enjoys talking to the farmers so much. She is actual like one of us… Then, aback she’s not accomplishing aristocratic work, she’s agog to get aback to Gatcombe as anon as possible.”

The Princess Aristocratic is a applied agriculturalist with actual altered account from her earlier brother Charles, whose carefully amoebic Highgrove acreage is not far away. The ancestors disagree on abounding issues apropos to the acreage including genetically adapted crops, which the Princess Aristocratic supports.

“It has been an astronomic advantage in abounding genitalia of the apple to use GM wisely for actual specific environments. It makes it abundant added acceptable to be able to abound what you need,” she explains. “I accept to admonish bodies that rapeseed oil was alone fabricated non-toxic to bodies by the Canadians afterwards the Additional Apple War by genetically modifying the plant. It’s [ironically] actually accepted with all those bodies who don’t like GM.”

I ask if she and Prince Charles anytime accept conversations about farming. “Yes… occasionally, but rather short,” quips the Princess.

Princess Anne encountered all-inclusive farms in Australia and New Zealand on her aboriginal big beyond bout in 1970. She was aloof 19, and at the time a huge hit on annual covers about the world, acclaimed for her appearance choices from miniskirts to trouser suits. Anne and Charles accompanied their parents on the tour, which was to bless the bicentenary of Captain James Cook sailing up the east coast.

“I had a lot of aboriginal impressions on that cruise because that was one of the aboriginal continued trips I’d been on with the Queen and the Duke,” remembers the Princess.

“It was hot. It was actually full-on. It was actually adamantine work. I ahead it was in Melbourne, aback walkabouts were aloof starting, and somebody said to me, ‘We’ve met before’. I thought, ‘I’ve aloof accustomed in Australia, so that’s unlikely.’ She was Maltese and said, ‘I was the attic maid in the auberge in Malta aback you backward afore the Queen abutting you.’

“I was three! That accomplished me a actual important lesson, that the apple was already a appealing baby place. We afresh had a night in Queensland off the baffled track. I wondered why it was red. Afresh it rained brief and the abode went green. Actually extraordinary. It was a actually absorbing trip.”

One affliction for the angry adolescent aristocratic was what she saw as arrant sexism at official functions.

“Of course, the Queen is the Queen and it’s a altered relationship, but I still got the activity that there were women at that end of the allowance and men at this end of the room. I didn’t go for that, so I aloof affronted the men at the added end,” she laughs.

“To be honest, I ahead they were adequate in Queensland that I was the atomic bit absorbed in the livestock or the land. They were actually blessed to talk.”

In Melbourne, Princess Anne and Prince Charles danced at a brawl with 400 added adolescent Aussies to bedrock bandage The Mixtures.

“They were fun events. You met altered sorts of people, not atomic of all accompany of my brother, who went to academy with him in Geelong.”

Another memorable appointment was in 2009, aback the Princess Aristocratic came for the canonizing for victims of the Black Saturday bushfires. It was a adverse time.

“You generally admiration aback is the adapted time to accept a canonizing and that was actually aboriginal days, because there were still fires burning. We flew through one on the way out. I ahead for best of us, the acceleration of fires, the way they bake in Australia, how bound they can do damage, it was appealing horrifying.”

“For a affiliate of the ancestors to be able to appear and accompany you seemed actually appropriate, so it was actually nice that bodies acquainted that was appreciated.”

Princess Anne watched with abysmal affinity as Australia battled this year’s abandoned bushfire season. Abounding royals – including Princes William, Harry and Charles – accept adapted a articulation amid the fires and altitude change, but she is beneath convinced.

“I don’t alike go bottomward the altitude change route,” she says, abashed her head. “I ahead the way bodies administer arena is allotment of the discussion… Altitude changes all the time. It has done so throughout the globe’s history, so there’s annihilation new beneath the sun. Somehow, we’ve got to apprentice that our affectionate of action is changing. We’ve got to bethink to account what’s out there and how to alive with it.”

She agrees that Aboriginal Australians may accept a bigger butt of how to accord with our fires.

“They’ve got a lot added adeptness and I doubtable their adeptness to canyon on the accordant adeptness is bigger than us. Aboriginal Nations bodies accept a abundant bigger compassionate of what the dangers are, and blaze would accept been a massive crisis throughout their existence.

“They apperceive Australia a lot bigger than anybody else. I doubtable they existed in actually a lot of altitude changes already.”

While her opinions may not be accepted with environmentalists, Her Aristocratic Highness speaks from a abyss of acquaintance acquired from talking to farmers about the Commonwealth.

She started alive with Michael Lambert at the Aristocratic Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth in 2008, accessory her aboriginal appointment in New Zealand. RASC was originally set up by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1957.

“Very kindly, my ancestor asked me to chase in his footsteps,” she says proudly. “For me it’s been actually fascinating. We went from Brisbane, big agriculture country, to Singapore and vertical farming.”

“Father and babe are actual similar,” adds Michael. “The Duke is occasionally indiscreet. She is abundant added measured, but she’s actually blessed to alarm a burrow a spade.”

“We were talking about amoebic assembly at our 2014 Brisbane conference, and there was a admirer from the Australian Greens affair who fabricated some statements in his presentation that she didn’t accede with… At the end, she went up to him and they had actually a discussion. She’s not abashed to appear forward.”

Princess Anne tells me she recalls talking about the vegan movement at one of the conferences, and it’s safe to say she’s not a fan.

“You can’t accept a apple after livestock. They are a all-important and actual effective allotment of our apprehension to augment ourselves,” she argues. “Perhaps my bigger affliction is distinct affair groups… We charge livestock as allotment of the 18-carat mix that keeps acreage healthy.”

Chris Hartley is Secretary of the organisation and says Princess Anne spends three weeks a year at their events.

“She’s her father’s daughter. There’s a apparent affection amid them that you’ll see, but she is actual hands-on. She’s a workaholic,” says Chris. “I ahead to Her Aristocratic Highness, the role is about creating a bigger apple in acceding of giving opportunities, advice, advice and advance to bodies who will accomplish a difference.”

“I achievement that’s true,” muses the Princess. “I ahead both my ancestor and I would feel it’s about administration information; that there are abounding added similarities than dissimilarities in the world, and you accept to focus on those to accomplish it a bigger place.”

The Princess’s longest-standing alms assignment is with Save the Children. She has travelled all over the apple witnessing accouchement in acute situations, including refugee camps. She says that alike admitting images from those trips can be heart-rending, she consistently tries to see the positives.

“You use those images in adjustment to get the bulletin beyond to others. I’m consistently encouraged by the way you see accouchement active about and playing. The accepted denominator was the cardinal of accouchement who fabricated toys out of wire covering hangers. Everywhere! They’re actually acceptable at it.”

As her 70th altogether approaches, I admiration if Princess Anne feels earlier and conceivably wiser.

“Sometimes,” she replies, answer that her bigger joy is abutting advice that she has appear beyond over the years to “the adapted point” today. “Then you feel wiser.”

In essence, she says, she’s “jack of all trades, adept of none” – which I think, attractive at her farm, is a little harsh. As our babble ends, the Princess Aristocratic all-overs in her Acreage Rover and leads our columnist about her admired acreage.

After the shoot, she drives accomplished our photographer’s assistant, who is packing up, and stops to acquaint him about afresh laid eggs she has aloof best up. I am reminded of the little babe who aggregate eggs at Windsor.

She actually hasn’t afflicted at all.

Read this adventure in The Australian Women’s Weekly August affair on auction now.

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