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Posted: Jul 14, 2020 12:01 AM

The opinions bidding by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the angle of Townhall.com.

Editors Note: This allotment was co-authored by Elizabeth Pipko.

Our veterans accept sacrificed abundant for our freedom. Some accept accustomed the ultimate sacrifice. In times of allegation we generally about-face to our American heroes for protection, guidance, and inspiration; this communicable is no different.

Our veterans not alone serve us during their years on alive duty, but abounding generally abide to bigger the lives of those about them alike afterwards they acknowledgment to their communities, announcement the accurate acceptation of an American hero.

This brings us to Don Feeney and Fred Lewis, both Founding Members of the US Army’s Delta Force and 75thRanger Battalion. Don batten to us about the mentality that he says has ashore with him aback bootcamp. “You never attending at the abortion in advanced of you, you alone attending at how to get about it” he said. Feeney served in the US Army from 1971-1986 and has proudly taken the acquaint he abstruse in that time with him through his life.

“Most vets will say, ‘if I can’t do this, I can do article else'” he says, and that’s absolutely what he did.

Feeney and his accomplice were active alive on a new technology business they had started aback the COVID-19 communicable aboriginal began. Aback the communicable put a arrest to their aboriginal business plan, they arranged their bags, came home, and started a new venture; alone this time their cold was to accomplish the “invisible threat” a arresting target. Feeney’s new adventure additionally includes a allegation that he and his accomplice feel acerb about—providing allusive and mission focused application opportunities for disabled veterans.

Their aggressive acquaintance accomplished them that application should accommodate a faculty of purpose, an abnormally important agency for veterans. Unfortunately, as we apperceive all too well, some veterans face concrete and brainy bloom barriers afterwards abiding home, and Feeney, attractive at how to get about these challenges, is alignment his new adventure to accommodate disabled veterans a way to accompany the action adjoin the pandemic.

As the communicable led to a abeyance of our economy, Feeney and his accomplice knew that they would be faced with added challenges than they had aboriginal anticipated. Aback the communicable aboriginal hit, Feeney and his business partner, like abounding others, were hit with banking troubles. But, (as he mentioned to us abounding times), veterans apperceive how to adapt. Feeney and his accomplice absitively that they would change their business archetypal and use the technology that they were already alive on to try and actualize a new testing affairs for COVID-19. They anon got to assignment on their solution, as able-bodied as developing a plan to appoint and alternation veterans. Eventually they achievement that these veterans can themselves be the ones activity into their communities and application the technology to assure the accessible and save lives, as they already did.

Veterans are so abundant added than aloof above soldiers. In fact, they are generally the visionaries abaft some of our country’s greatest triumphs.

Our veterans generally abide to footfall up to the bowl alike afterwards they accept completed their account to the country and go on with the hopes of accessible their communities and the lives of those about them. From captivation the accomplished political appointment to walking on the moon; to the endless added businesses, non-profit organizations, and innovations that accept appear from our veterans, their contributions to our association are so abundant greater than any of us can alike imagine.

Over the aftermost few years, the Trump administering has fabricated absurd strides aback it comes to acknowledging our veterans. Historic reforms accept been implemented at the Department of Veterans Affairs, including added bloom affliction choices for veterans, the cardinal of unemployed veterans was bargain significantly, and in 2019 President Trump active a announcement that alone 100% of apprentice accommodation debt for assuredly disabled veterans. Aftermost month, President Trump and his administering additionally appear a plan to end suicide amid veterans and all Americans alleged the PREVENTS roadmap (President’s Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End a Civic Tragedy of Suicide).

These efforts are a huge footfall in the appropriate administration aback it comes to absolutely acknowledging those who risked it all for our freedoms. Adept issues become American issues aback we apprehend article that all of our veterans already apperceive all too well: we are all in this together.

We face abundant obstacles as a society. And whether we are focused on issues of healthcare, education, or appropriation others out of homelessness, our veterans accept consistently stood appropriate alongside us, generally alike arch the allegation appear arrest these difficulties.  

Countless veterans appropriate now are dispatch up and accomplishing their allotment to action this pandemic, award new and adroit agency to abutment the civic accomplishment to action this threat.

Veterans are authoritative cogent contributions all beyond America, but are we demography notice? Are we attractive to their account and cede to appearance us aloof what it agency to be committed to a bigger tomorrow for our country? Are we attractive to their efforts in development and addition to appearance us how we should assignment to accompany aback the abridgement and arrange our country? And alike added importantly, how can we allow not to?

Peter O’Rourke served as the acting United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs and VA Chief of Staff beneath President Trump. He is a adept of the United States Navy and Air Force. Elizabeth Pipko is the architect of The Exodus Movement, and a 2016 Trump attack staffer. Her book, Award My Place, is set to be appear this summer.

Lesson Plan Hero You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Lesson Plan Hero – lesson plan hero
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