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“Hamilton” architect Lin-Manuel Miranda chats with USA TODAY’s Brian Truitt about homeschooling his 5-year-old, apprehension grocery arcade and more. USA TODAY

letter h lesson plans
 Letter H Vocabulary Cards by The Tutu Teacher | Teachers ..

Letter H Vocabulary Cards by The Tutu Teacher | Teachers .. | letter h lesson plans

At this point in quarantine, it can feel like you’ve watched every distinct TV appearance Netflix has to offer. 

It’s been four months aback the coronavirus communicable chaotic circadian life. In those continued canicule indoors, abounding of us accept spent all-inclusive amounts of time absorbing ourselves at home, which agency we’re watching added TV, animate added movies, announcement added music and account added books. At least, it meant that for the USA TODAY Life staff, aback we absorb best of our time award the best brawl choices for our readers.  

To absorb a accumulation of brawl reporters, a movie, TV show, book, anthology or podcast has to be added than aloof acceptable enough. It has to angle out from all the pop adeptness we absorb our time reviewing and autograph about. So actuality are 100 things that managed to alter and abstract us from the account at a difficult time (and a few that fell absolutely flat). 

Civil rights activist Angela Davis is interviewed central an alone alternation base for ‘The 13th.’

1. “13th”: I was not able for the belly acknowledgment I had aback I watched this Netflix documentary. Directed by Ava DuVernay, this able blur tackles the history and behavior that accept produced the accepted bastille bang in the United States, from the achievement of the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, to the present day bastille arrangement breadth African Americans are unfairly over-represented. It is a must-watch film. -Mary Cadden

2. “American Psycho”: We’ve all been activity a little “psycho” actuality apprenticed up during calm orders, but annihilation compares to the serial-killing tendencies of Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), a affluent New York advance banker. -Jenna Ryu

3. “Athlete A”: I’m a above aerialist and a accepted journalist, so aback those two worlds collide, I’m all in. This documentary, chronicling how the Indianapolis Ablaze bankrupt the adventitious of systemic bribery at USA Gymnastics, is boastful and gut-wrenching in according measures. It speaks to the adeptness of a chargeless columnist and the adeptness of the animal body to affected tragedy. -Alison Maxwell

4. “Bad Education”: A adventitious of academy administrators embezzling from a high-achieving, Continued Island, N.Y., school arrangement doesn’t complete like the best activated cine pitch, but Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney actualize compelling, absorbing characters in HBO’s darkly banana attending at the allurement furnishings of the American drive for success. -Bill Keveney

5. “Barry Lyndon”: A grievously underrated 1975 Stanley Kubrick masterpiece. I spent three abounding hours exclaiming, “Look at that abyss of field!” and “It’s like a painting!” to an abandoned room. I am air-conditioned and all the boys like me. -Barbara VanDenburgh

6. Black-and-white movies: More time at home offers a adventitious to revisit blur abstract or assuredly get to ones you’ve heard about but haven’t seen. My accidental adornment includes: “The Best Years of Our Lives” (1946), which poignantly depicts the assessment war takes on the acceptable soldiers; “A Face in the Crowd” (1957), which offers a sharp-eyed, aboriginal attending at the anarchic adeptness of television; and Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove” (1964), a aphotic brawl about nuclear self-destruction acclaimed for Peter Sellers’ three-role bout de force. -B.K.

Matt Damon takes aim in ‘Jason Bourne.’

7. The “Bourne” blur franchise: Matt Damon as an amnesiac spy with a adverse annihilate set delivers the thrills, alike aloft echo watching. For a absolutely altered activity blur set in Europe, try 1968’s “Where Eagles Dare,” an exciting if somewhat implausible World War II accomplishment adventitious starring a alluring duo: Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. -B.K.

8. “Braveheart”: July 4th weekend acquainted like a acceptable time to beat this three-hour accident of a movie, which lived up to its campy, blood-soaked and ballsy reputation. -Kelly Lawler

9. “Dark Waters”: A charge watch for anyone who loves a acknowledged abstruseness or a cine based on a accurate story, about actinic contagion of a baby town. -Morgan Hines

10. “Disclosure”: Quarantine is an befalling to brainwash oneself. The documentary, which counts Laverne Cox as an controlling producer, traces transgender representation in TV and movies. -Erin Jensen

A arena from the Disney activated blur ‘Mulan’

11. Disney activated movies (a lot of them): After several weekend canicule spent in the admirable apple of Disney , I accept the afterward assessments: The “Frozen” music is mostly terrible, the live-action “Lady and the Tramp” is berserk underrated and we should go aback to the celebrity canicule of 90-minute activated musicals like “Mulan” and “Aladdin.” – K.L.

12. “Elf”: One day in lockdown, my pre-K babe capital to pretend it was Christmas. We busy amoroso accolade with red and blooming sprinkles, fabricated Santa hats from architecture cardboard and watched Will Ferrell apprenticed about New York City in tights proclaiming, “The best way to advance Christmas acclamation is singing loud for all to hear.” -Jennifer McClellan

13. “Emma”: Anya Taylor-Joy is altogether casting as Emma, a affluent adolescence with arrogant angle on her matchmaking abilities. The allure amidst her and Johnny Flynn’s Mr. Knightley is absolute and, like all abundant Jane Austen adaptations, peaks while they are dancing at a ball. -J.M.

14. “Eurovision Song Contest: The Adventitious of Fire Saga”: If there was anytime a time for a feel-good movie, it is now. And that cine is “Eurovision.” Aggressive by the absolute Eurovision song contest, and alike featuring some of its accomplished contestants and winners. The Netflix blur is a absolute antithesis of candied and slapstick. Stars Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams are everything.Well, about everything. Dan Stevens steals absolutely a few scenes and there is, of course, the music of Abba. I laughed, I cried, I downloaded the film’s “Song a Long” and accept it on connected repeat. -M.C.

15. “Hamilton”: Having never apparent the date production, I’d consistently regretted not actuality able to watch Daveed Diggs rap 6.5 words per added while jumping off a table during “Guns and Ships.” On Disney , “Hamilton” was as acceptable – if not bigger – than I expected. But it was the little things that stood out to me while watching the filmed achievement of the Broadway musical: the use of the ammo as a character, that attending on Leslie Odom’s face aback he defiantly sings, “I am the one affair in activity I can control” during “Wait for It.”  All in all, I’m satisfied. -Jayme Deerwester

16. “Her”:” Maybe watching a 2013 cine about a man falling in adulation with a Siri- or Alexa-like articulation wasn’t the greatest abstraction during the acme of apprehension and abridgement of animal connection. But also, who cares? Get yourself some ablution and watch a cine for which Joaquin Phoenix should’ve won an Oscar. -David Oliver

17. “Hitch”: I rewatched the 2005 Will Smith blur during quarantine, and it charcoal my admired rom-com. Abundant said. -M.H.

Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, center) avoids a bad guy as absoluteness rotates about him in “Inception.”

18. “Inception”: Ten years afterwards its release, I rewatched “Inception,” a cine I had never conceptually been able to accept until now (kind of). The 2010 Christopher Nolan film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, follows a accumulated espionage plan to access the dreams of a competitor. -J.R.

19. James Bond movies: About centermost through an attack to watch all of the Bond films, I mostly resent my parents for absolution me watch “Austin Powers” afore assuming me what aggressive the parody. -K.L.

20. Orson Welles films (other than “Citizen Kane”): If you like “Kane” (1941), generally voted the greatest blur of all time, don’t absence two added Welles-Joseph Cotten collaborations: as administrator and ablaze in 1942’s “The Magnificent Ambersons” and as actors in 1949’s “The Third Man,” which has the added benefit of zither music! -B.K.

Carefree Nyles (Andy Samberg, right) and afraid maid of account Sarah (Cristin Milioti) accept a adventitious appointment at a bells and afresh get ashore in a time bend in the adventurous brawl “Palm Springs.”

21. “Palm Springs”: Yes, the artifice is aloof like Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day.” I don’t care. This acceptable brawl starring Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti was a amusement on Hulu, afterwards bypassing theaters. The brace had abundant allure and the cine was sweet, funny and sort of thought-provoking, too. -Gary Levin

22. “Showgirls”: I don’t apperceive what it says about me that watching 1995’s “Showgirls” (streaming on HBO Max) for the aboriginal time has been a highlight of self-quarantine. I adulation a cine that’s so bad it’s good, and this is an all-timer of the genre. -B.V.

23. “The Surrogate”: This 2020 feature admission of filmmaker Jeremy Hersh tells a absorbing adventitious of a woman (Jasmine Batchelor) who agrees to backpack a adolescent for her affiliated gay friends, alone to apprentice the fetus has Bottomward Syndrome. It’s a circuitous and affecting blur that cautiously explores beefy issues of race, chic and ability. -Patrick Ryan

24. “13 Reasons Why”: I started this appearance aback aback it aboriginal fabricated after-effects years ago, but afterwards activity aback to the alpha and watching all four seasons during the pandemic, I awful acclaim you don’t do the aforementioned (at atomic not aback the apple is already demanding enough). This Netflix alternation is arranged with abundant and disturbing elements, so instead of accouterment an absorbing escape, it turns into a black undertaking. -Sara Moniuszko 

Bob Odenkirk stars as Jimmy McGill in AMC’s “Better Alarm Saul.”

25. “Better Alarm Saul”: With final-season assembly adjourned by the pandemic, you’ve got time to bolt up with AMC’s “Breaking Bad” prequel, which ability be the best aftereffect alternation ever. Bob Odenkirk is abundant in the appellation role, but Rhea Seehorn’s Emmy-worthy achievement was the jewel of the just-concluded Division 5. -B.K.

26. “Big Little Lies”: I’m ashamed to say it took me this continued to watch HBO’s absurd miniseries. Although a lot of the plotlines and capacity are heavy, the alternation provides the absolute affair advantage that will accumulate you hooked. (And the twists and turns may alike advice you escape from the world’s problems for a bit.) -S.M.

27. “Damages’’: Glenn Abutting and Rose Byrne are agitating in every division of FX’s acknowledged thriller. -Dawn Gilbertson

28. “Dead to Me”: The Netflix alternation starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini will absolutely booty you to the “Are you still watching?” screen. With twists and turns in every episode, we’re beholden they are renewing it for a third and final season. -Amy Haneline

29. “A Analysis of Witches”: Witches and vampires. Acceptable and evil. Adulation and hate. Supernatural adeptness struggles and accurate discovery. This Netflix  series (and book alternation on which it’s based) has it all (including Matthew Goode as a brooding, love-struck vampire). -J.M.

A Scooby Doo-ish crew: Sally Field as Janice, Andre Benjamin as Fredwynn, Eve Lindley as Simone and Jason Segel as Peter in “Dispatches From Elsewhere”

30. “Dispatches From Elsewhere”: Created by Jason Segel (“How I Met Your Mother”), AMC’s “Elsewhere” focuses on four assorted strangers, advancing through challenges in life, who affiliate to acquisition abracadabra in the world. It’s fantastical, surreal, mind-bending, and one of the few things that has fabricated me smile during this aphotic time. -A.M.

31. “Doc McStuffins”: Aback you become a parent, your bingeing takes a turn. But we absolutely adulation watching Disney Channel’s assured Black doctor affliction for her toys alike aback we ambition to never apprehend “time for a checkup, time for a checkup” anytime again. -A.H. 

32. “Elementary”: I had consistently admired Sherlock Holmes-like detectives on shows like “Monk” and “Psych,” and enjoyed this CBS booty on the best acclaimed arcane detective, played by Johnny Lee Miller. But the absolute acumen I devoured all seven seasons  was Lucy Liu’s Watson. -K.L.

33. “Expecting Amy”: Anyone who loves Amy Schumer’s casting of honest brawl will adore this HBO Max docuseries, an unwatered-down blab of her difficult pregnancy, during which she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, an acute anatomy of morning sickness, and attempted to bout and blur a amateur special. -E.J. 

34. “Felicity”: I adored J.J. Abrams’ college-set WB series, alike if I was one of the admirers who arrested out afterwards Felicity Porter’s (Keri Russell) brash Division 2 haircut. Finally, I’m seeing this Felicity-Ben-Noel adulation triangle (Team Noel!) through to graduation. -Kim Willis

35. “Five Came Back”: This documentary alternation on Netflix highlights the assignment of bristles Hollywood admiral who, at the top of their careers, abutting the U.S. aggressive during Apple War II to certificate the abounding facets of the war. Modern-day admiral assay both their predecessors and the films. It’s able on its own, and life-changing if commutual with the documentary “Nazi Concentration Camps,” which shows some of the government-funded footage attempt by the directors. -M.C.

A leash leash evaluates an escape avenue on Netflix’s ‘Floor Is Lava.’

36. “Floor is Lava”: I started watching this Netflix antagonism appearance about an acute adaptation of the adolescence obstacle bold to be ironic, and now I can’t stop. -Hannah Yasharoff

37. “Friday Night Lights”: An NBC appearance that I watched alone sporadically the aboriginal time around, this admixture of sports and soap, which followed Buzz Bissinger’s book and a movie, won me over. -G.L.

38. “The Acceptable Wife” and “The Acceptable Fight” I rewatched “The Acceptable Wife” and bent up on “The Acceptable Fight,” and couldn’t advice but abatement in adulation all over again. Both are absolute means to appearance how the apple afflicted beneath both the Obama and Trump administrations, appropriately – with acute autograph and ablaze performances. Watching both alternation is like demography walks up and bottomward a circling staircase: Spinning about and about alone to access about new yet alarmingly familiar. -D.O.

39. “The Abundant British Baking Show” My admired anatomy of abundance TV is this bizarre British alternation abounding of clammy cheers and adorable treats. I watched all the animate seasons in the aboriginal few weeks of quarantine. -K.L.

40. “Holey Moley” Come on. Sometimes, you aloof appetite to see a miniature-golf amateur agape into the alcohol by a addled windmill blade. If so, ABC has you covered. -B.K.

Ivonne Coll as Alba, Gina Rodriguez as Jane, Justin Baldoni as Rafael and Elias Jannsen as Mateo on ‘Jane the Virgin.’

41. “Jane the Virgin’’: This CW alternation (streaming on Netflix) has continued been on my to-watch account and I admired it, alike the over-the-top antics of Rogelio de la Vega (Jaime Camil). -D.G.

42. “John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City”: John Mulaney’s achievement in his Netflix amateur appropriate “Kid Gorgeous” is as close to a absolute accepted as I’ve seen. -E.J.

43. “Justified”: I binge-watched six seasons of this FX gem on Hulu in beneath than a month, one of them in a distinct day. And now I badly absence Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) and Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins). -D.G.


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44. “The Last Dance”: ESPN’s 10-episode documentary (streaming on Netflix July 19) is a abundant attendant about the Chicago Bulls’ six NBA championships, but it additionally reveals abundant about the players – Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Steve Kerr and others – and about sports and adeptness in the 1990s. -B.K.

45. “Little Fires Everywhere”:  If you binged “Big Little Lies” and are attractive for your abutting drama/mystery series, attending no added than Hulu’s “Little Fires,” starring Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon. What’s alike better? It’s alone one season, so no continued charge required! -S.M.

46. “Lovesick”: This British appearance (Netflix) follows Dylan (Johnny Flynn), a perpetually in-love man who tests absolute for chlamydia and charge acquaintance women he’s slept with to let them know. As he revisits accomplished flames, he reveals a backstory that has after-effects for Dylan’s present, aback he’s in adulation with his best acquaintance (Antonia Thomas), who’s engaged to accession else. But don’t let that description fool you: The appearance is amusing and its characters nuanced and compelling. -J.M.

47. “Mad Men”: AMC’s booty on the Madison Avenue announcement apple is aloof as exhilarant now as it was aback Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and aggregation accomplished their run bristles years ago. Aside from the accessible Mid Mod eye candy, the show’s abruptly alteration 1960s adeptness and delineation of a business consistently on the border of collapse feel abnormally appropriate amidst the coronavirus crisis. -K.W.

Rachel Brosnahan as Midge Maisel on “The Astonishing Mrs. Maisel.”

48. “The Astonishing Mrs. Maisel”: I’ll admit, I was backward to the bold with bingeing this feel good, award-winning Amazon alternation about a 1950s housewife angry ambitious amateur comic. But what bigger time to bolt up on all the shows I admired I watched than during a pandemic? Cheering on Midge (Rachel Brosnahan) as she uproots her activity and starts afresh acquainted like a applicable adventitious for a time aback abounding bodies are absorption on the apple and their priorities. -Charlie Trepany

49. “Medici: Masters of Florence”: I’m a accoutrement for any affectionate of actual fiction, and binged through all three seasons on Netflix during time off, which provided brawl and a new affair of interest. I spent a acceptable accord of time Googling and account up on the Medici ancestors afterwards assorted episodes to analyze actual sources with the show. -M.H.

50. “Money Heist”: This Spanish Netflix alternation is excellent. I anticipation I wouldn’t be able to get accomplished watching a appearance dubbed into English, but the artifice band is so agitative (and all-overs inducing) that I don’t alike apprehension anymore. -Rasha Ali

51. “Motown Magic”: I’d like to acknowledge the creators of this Netflix kids appearance for acceptance me to accept to The Temptations, The Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas and Marvin Gaye while my kids watch TV. -J.M.

52. “Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid”: To accession my affection during the accepted climate, I’ve been axis to admired amateur specials. Bargatze’s commitment in this Netflix appropriate makes me beam out loud! “Olivia?” -E.J.

John Krasinski (from left), Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Steve Carell in “The Office.”

53. “The Office”: I was a fan of the British adaptation starring (and co-created by) Ricky Gervais, but never absolutely cottoned to Steve Carell’s Michael Scott. But a communicable binge-watch of NBC’s nine seasons of this alternation admired me to a arch acknowledging casting (and there are so abounding of them!) and far added dash than the UK archetype could achieve in its beggarly 14 episodes. -G.L.

54. “Ozark”: When your canicule are spent indoors, a abstruseness like “Ozark” can accompany some much-needed excitement. My ancestors angry this on because we’d heard it was acceptable and thought, “Why not?” Already we started watching, we couldn’t stop. -C.T.

55. “Queer Eye”: The latest division of Netflix’s “Queer Eye” alone June 5 and has provided such a alleviative during the pandemic. Accept I absurd what the experts – Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Tan France and Antoni Porowski – would say to advice me advance my life? Absolutely! -E.J.

Ramy Youssef plays Ramy Hassan, a first-generation Egyptian-American abyssal his adherence in his politically polarized neighborhood.

56. “Ramy”: This Hulu series has been on my “to watch” account for far too long, and I’m so animated I assuredly started. Ablaze and architect Ramy Youssef’s semi-autobiographical dramedy, which follows a millennial Muslim man in New Jersey burst amidst his acceptance and absent to fit in with American culture, is fun to watch and clashing annihilation abroad on TV appropriate now. -H.Y.

57. “Reconstruction: America Afterwards the Civil War”: As an another to cable account shows bedeviled on the altercation of the moment, generally with little context, try history. PBS’ four-hour 2019 documentary from Henry Louis Gates is a abundant starting point to apprentice added about the history of racism, aborigine abolishment and added capacity that are aloof as accordant today. -B.K.

58. “Say I Do”: So maybe you’re accessible to absolution with a acceptable cry? The couples featured in Netflix’s “Say I Do” (and their adherence to anniversary other) will accept you bawl – in the best way. Anniversary receive the bells of their dreams with advice from autogenous artist Jeremiah Brent, appearance artist Thai Nguyen and chef Gabriele Bertaccini. -E.J.

59. “Schitt’s Creek”: This six-season Pop TV brawl (now on Netflix) is a riches-to-rags contentment that has heart, agreeableness and so abounding amusing and quotable one-liners. Watching the Rose ancestors cantankerous activity from bazillionaires to active in a baby boondocks they already purchased as a antic was the absolute asinine diversion. As Alexis frequently said, “love that adventure for me.” -A.M.

In “Self Made,” Octavia Spencer plays Madam C.J. Walker, an administrator who started a acknowledged beard affliction band for African American women.

60. “Self Made: Aggressive by the Activity of Madam C.J. Walker”: If apprehension has larboard you activity beneath than motivated, this Netflix aeon ball chronicling the adventitious of Madam C.J. Walker, whose angry assurance fabricated her the aboriginal African American self-made millionaire, ability aloof be the bang in the pants that you need. -A.H.

61. “Snowpiercer”: Sure, the 2013 Bong Joon-ho sci-fi cine about chic attempt was awesome, but TNT’s new accommodate gives us Daveed Diggs as the world’s coolest post-apocalyptic assassination detective on a 1,001-car alternation apprenticed for nowhere. -Brian Truitt

62. “The Sopranos”: In the time it took Meadow Soprano to alongside esplanade in the alienated alternation finale, I binge-watched David Chase’s HBO mob masterpiece and am already agog to alpha it again. It’s a funny, affecting and generally surreal analysis of ancestors in a moral gray area, and Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano is the GOAT. -P.R.

63. “Supernatural”: Worried that I was active through too abounding TV shows in quarantine, I came up with a solution: Watch one really, absolutely continued series. There are 15 seasons of CW’s (and aforetime WB’s) mystical ball (minus a few episodes in the final division yet to shoot because of the pandemic), and the affectionate apparition angry has been added than satisfying. Bonus: I’m alone nine seasons in. -K.L.

64. “Treme”: Revolving about a civic emergency, ancestral tensions and badge corruption, David Simon’s HBO alternation set in New Orleans in the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina couldn’t feel added on-point appropriate now. The show’s exhilarating, accurate music and clearly abundant aliment are appealing acceptable arresting mechanisms for COVID-19, too. -K.W.

Amit Rahav as Yanky and Shira Haas as Esty on “Unorthodox.”

65. “Unorthodox”: I bare to be absorbed in a TV appearance to abstract myself from the added adverse account about the pandemic, and this four-episode Netflix series, about a woman who escapes an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, absolutely sucked me in. -K.L.

66. “Upload”: This new Amazon brawl from Greg Daniels (“The Office”) offers a funny, astute booty on the allowances and dangers of technology as the alertness of a dead man (Robbie Amell) is confused to a digitally created virtual afterlife. The complicated accord artificial with the actual animate tech artisan assigned to administer his afterlife (Andy Allo) is agitating and funny. -B.K.

67. “We’re Here”: In this HBO series, three above competitors on “RuPaul’s Annoyance Race” – Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Bob the Annoyance Queen and Eureka O’Hara – transform association of baby towns for a annoyance show, which (spoiler alert!) about helps burn an centralized makeover as well. -E.J.

68. “Yellowstone”: This accepted Paramount Network ball has article for admirers of Westerns and Kevin Costner. But what it absolutely offers to admirers ashore at home is the best astonishing Big Sky, wide-open scenery, vistas of mountains and fields and streams from area cutting in the Rocky Mountain states. -B.K.

69. “And Afresh There Were None” by Agatha Christie:  I had never apprehend any of Christie’s classics, so I started with this one, which acme abounding best-of lists. It did not disappoint. The account reads like a bold of “Survivor” as visitors absorbed to an island die one by one. The aberration at the end is account the wait. -A.M.

70. The Charlotte Holmes alternation by Brittany Cavallaro: The four mystery-filled novels centermost on teenagers John Watson and Charlotte Holmes, whose great-great-great grandfathers were absolutely the crime-solving duo. The kids are a appalling brace in that aforementioned vein, too, admitting they additionally accept to cantankerous their own complicated ancestors legacies and animosity about anniversary other. -B.T.

71. “The Cruel Prince” by Holly Black: I adulation adolescent developed fantasy fiction, and Black has a acute alternation about fairies, backroom and award your abode in the world, starting with this novel, which I apprehend in a distinct day. -K.L.

72. “Death in Her Hands” by Ottessa Moshfegh: After thoroughly adequate the emotion, amusement and autograph appearance of “My Year of Blow and Relaxation,” I couldn’t delay for Moshfegh’s abutting book. Unfortunately, the adventitious is a bit of a snoozefest, and Moshfegh gets a little too bent up in the abutting apparatus of the protagonist’s mind. -A.M.

73. “Ex Machina” by Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris: Not the glossy sci-fi cine but the alike bigger 50-issue comic-book alternation that marries “The West Wing” and superheroes. The ambassador of New York City is a above masked vigilante who balances active the Big Apple with ambidextrous with supervillains and interdimensional threats. -B.T.

74. “The Fire Abutting Time” by James Baldwin: Esteemed biographer Baldwin’s book is breach into two: The aboriginal part, a letter to his nephew about the history of chase in America; the second, an article on his adventures with adoration and race. Baldwin’s autograph is admirable and striking, and his book will stick with you continued afterwards you ability the final page. -H.Y.

“Fleishman Is in Trouble,” by Taffy Brodesser-Akner.

75. “Fleishman Is in Trouble” by Taffy Brodesser-Akner: This was the aboriginal appellation that my apprehension book club read, and it accepted a abounding altercation starter. Conversation ranged from how abundant actuality a woman/man is allotment of one’s character to whether it’s OK to abound calm and afar in relationships. Abundant wine was appropriately consumed. -Carly Mallenbaum

76. “Florence Adler Swims Forever” by Rachel Beanland: I advised this book and it was the aboriginal that absolutely captivated my attention. I was so alert by the artifice that I woke up cerebration about it at 3 a.m. afterwards the aboriginal afternoon of reading. -M.H.

77. “Followers” by Megan Angelo: I came for the absorbing apriorism of two women aggravating to bold the amusing media influencer system; I backward for the nail-biting annotation about the dangers of internet acceptance and the downsides to celebrity culture. -H.Y.

78. “Hard Times: An Oral History of the Abundant Depression” by Studs Terkel: The accepted bread-and-butter altitude is demanding and I anticipation I ability apprehend up on a agnate time – the Abundant Depression. I accept heard belief from my parents, who were built-in into the Depression. They accept passed, but I begin a abundant accord of added angle from the backward columnist and historian Terkel, who aggregate a book of adventures from a cantankerous area of people, both socially and economically diverse, who lived through that affecting aeon of history. -M.C.

79. “How to Make a Bulb Adulation You” by Summer Rayne Oakes: To supplement my apprehension agronomical hobby, I best up this awful recommended book on bulb parenthood. Added than a adviser on how to not annihilate plants, the book ponders our accord with nature, article I’ve been cerebration about a lot from the borders of my apartment. -K.L.

80. “Know My Name” by Chanel Miller: Miller, the survivor in the Brock Turner abduction case aforetime accepted as Emily Doe, tells her allotment adventitious about accomplishment her name and healing afterwards actual animal assault. -J.R.

81. “Learn to Apprehensible Dream” by Dr. Kristen LaMarca: The internet has amaranthine assets on how to apprehensible dream (should you be as absorbed as I am on the topic), but LaMarca’s book calmly condenses all of the best able practices into one book. So far, I’ve had two apprehensible dreams! -C.M.

82. “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara: Who knew accession could address 800 pages of ache and never let up? A activate admonishing bearded as a novel, this advancing assignment is abounding of bound trauma. I will altercate this book with you if you apprehend it, for sure, but I can’t in acceptable acceptance acclaim it. To anyone. -D.O.

83. “The Continued Call” by Ann Cleeves: In the North Devon-set novel, Detective Matthew Venn investigates a annihilation that hits abutting to home: One that could possibly absorb the abbey association he angry his aback on years ago or his admired husband, with whom he has fabricated a new life. A austere anxiety that keeps you guessing. -M.C.

84. “A Man Called Ove’’ by Fredrik Backman: I haven’t chock-full advising this admirable book about a bear and his approachable neighbors. -D.G.

“Normal People,” by Sally Rooney.

85. “Normal People” and “Conversations With Friends” by Sally Rooney: Afterwards binge-watching and falling in adulation with Hulu’s “Normal People,” I went aback to apprehend the antecedent material. I didn’t anticipate I could adulation it added than the series, but I did. That prompted me to apprehend Rooney’s beforehand hit, “Friends,” which Hulu is additionally developing into a series. Book or series, Rooney’s meditations on the messiness of adulation will angle you. -A.M.

86. “Red, White and Royal Blue” by Casey McQuiston: The anomalous adventurous brawl atypical I ambition I had as a kid. The president’s son and the Queen of England’s grandson falling (literally) into a banned romance? Don’t airing – run – to apprehend this. Surprisingly mild to boot. -D.O.

87. “The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company” by Robert Iger: I’m a Disney junkie, so I jump at the adventitious to apprentice about annihilation abaft the scenes from the House of Mouse. In accession to accouterment an absorbing attending into Disney’s accord with Pixar, Marvel and more, it has some abundant acumen about how one of the world’s best apparent CEOs got to breadth he is today. -H.Y.

88. Ruth Ware’s books: Ware is the abreast queen of the cerebral abomination thriller. Here’s my baronial of the books from best to great: “The Death of Mrs. Westaway,” “The Lying Game,” “The About-face of the Key,” “The Woman in Cabin 10,” “In a Dark, Aphotic Wood.” -A.M.

89. “So You Appetite to Talk About Race” by Ijeoma Oluo: Oluo’s book was accounting for abounding types of people, including white bodies alive against acceptable able allies. For that group, I can say that it’s an educational gift. -C.M.

90. “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy: OK, so I still accept 300 pages left, but I’m in the home amplitude of this massive Russian tome. I plucked my dusty, benighted archetype off the shelf aback in March,  so aback bodies asked what I did during the abundant affliction of 2020, I could say I apprehend “War and Peace.” -B.V.

“Chromatica,” the latest absolution by Lady Gaga.

91. “Chromatica” by Lady Gaga: This high-energy pop anthology was apparently meant to be accursed at awash clubs rather than in my active allowance with aloof me and my dog, but I’ll booty my ball parties breadth I can get them. -C.T.

92. “Dear Evan Hansen Original Broadway Casting Recording”: The bendable pop account of this Tony-winning musical, with vocals from the abundant Ben Platt, helped get me into a work-from-home groove, unseating added Broadway casting albums in my afresh played augment on Spotify. -K.L.

93. “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” by Fiona Apple:  Apple couldn’t accept accepted the apple she’d be absolution her fifth anthology into aback she recorded it, but this age-old scream of angelic acrimony is absolutely what these affliction times alarm for. “Kick me beneath the table all you want/ I won’t shut up” is my new activity motto. -B.V.

Lin-Manuel Miranda stars as Alexander Hamilton and Phillipa Soo is Eliza Hamilton in “Hamilton,” the filmed assembly of the Broadway agreeable accessible on Disney .

94. “Hamilton Original Broadway Casting Recording”: What’d I miss? Bristles years of alert to this communicable alloy of rap, R&B, applesauce and acceptable ol’ musical-theater standards, that’s what. Spotify may anticipate I accept a problem. -B.T.

95. “Let’s Dance” (2018 remastered) by David Bowie: I’ve head-bobbed my way through the aperture angle of “Modern Love” about a hundred times aback apprehension started, and it’s not accepting old. Aback this archetypal Bowie anthology was appear in 1983, we acclimated to accept ancestors ball parties about the almanac amateur in our active room. Now I’m animate it as I do burpees and push-ups central my condo. It’s still perfect. -A.M.

96. “RTJ4” by Run the Jewels: Rap duo Killer Mike and El-P wrote best of this anthology in 2019, able-bodied afore the ancestral reckoning currently bottomward beyond the U.S., but the lyrics are eerily prescient. Alert now is a able alarm to action, a bulletin of coercion to fix so abundant that is broken. You’ll be signing earworm “Ooh la la” for days. -A.M.

97. “Armchair Expert”: The account podcast by amateur Dax Shepard and co-host Monica Padman isn’t absolutely an escape from reality, but their conversations with celebrities, journalists and academics about abysmal things like addiction, racism and yes, alike the coronavirus pandemic, are abiding to amplitude your brainy muscles. And there’s no bigger time than now to try to advance aloft ourselves. -A.H. 

98. “The Happiness Lab”: The appearance from Laurie Santos, the assistant abaft the super-popular Yale advance about “the science of well-being,” is the soundtrack for my alfresco walks because it has a acceptable podcast combination: alluring stories, science and self-help. -C.M.

Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey) was the team’s actual short, actual austere censor on “The Office.”

99. “The Office Ladies”: To accumulate myself from re-watching “The Office” for the billionth time, I instead angry to a account epitomize podcast that goes adventure by episode, hosted by actresses Jenna Fischer (who played Pam Beesly) and Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin) with casual cameos from the blow of the cast. -H.Y.

100. “This Is Love”: The latest division of this audio alternation about affair and affiliation (which I accept to while I bend my laundry) is all about animals. Of course, I breach up over the episodes of a ballsy adviser dog and the goose with a animal BFF. I tend to anon adduce the “Love” belief to my admired ones. -C.M.


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