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There’s a bewitched abode in New York City. Aback I’m there, it’s adamantine to bethink that I’m still aural the burghal limits. The acclimate is about altered there than it is anywhere abroad in the city. There are rarely any taxis. There are a brace of alms stops, but they’re run with the affectionate of abstracted disability bigger ill-fitted to a asleep Italian apple than the NYC MTA. The bodies there complete like they’re from Brooklyn or Queens (or both) but dress like they’re activity surfing, because they about are—the bank is never added than bristles account away. This Brigadoon-ish abode is a discharge of acreage that launches itself off Queens into the Atlantic Ocean, breadth it curves about Brook­lyn. If you’ve anytime aureate out of JFK, you’ve allegedly credible it from the air. It’s bank and boardwalk, skyscrapers and marinas, the algid air-conditioned of the November ocean, and the ablaze calefaction of a July day. Al­though it’s fabricated up of abounding altered neighborhoods, anybody aloof calls it Rockaway.

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States of Matter Science Lesson Plan-1st-3rd grade by .. | free lesson plan n objectives math preschool

It’s bigger accustomed than it already was, acknowledgment to the civic cov­erage of the confusion Hurricane Sandy wrought there, as able-bodied as the consecutive rebuilding and activation of its shoreline. But until 2012, if you had heard of Rockaway and you weren’t from there, you were a Ramones fan, or you remembered that a jet comatose there about absolutely two months afterwards 9/11, or you were a New Yorker who admired activity to the beach. Aback I aboriginal went there, in 2004, I had abandoned vaguely heard of it, alike admitting I’d lived in Brooklyn for about four years by then. If pressed, I would accept estimated that Rockaway was in Connecticut, because aggregate New York–adjacent whose breadth I didn’t absolutely apperceive affronted out to be in Connecticut.

There was a Catholic girls aerial academy in Rockaway Park on Bank 112th Street—in that name is aggregate that makes Rocka­way special—that bare a acting English teacher, so the prin­cipal, Geri, alleged me in for an interview. Alike admitting I wasn’t agog on teaching in a Catholic school, and abnormally not a single-sex one (especially one in Connecticut), I badly bare a job, and it was the Friday afore Labor Day weekend, which meant classes were starting in bristles days, so I was about out of time… so off I went to that ashamed place.

“The name agency Mary, Star of the Sea, absolute for a academy so abutting to the Atlantic Ocean that the adroitness parking lot bumped up adjoin a bank dune.”

I’m overselling Rockaway, I know. It’s aloof as dirty, oily, and evil-smelling as any added allotment of the city, and while it is admirable in places, the debris still bags up abutting to broken old buildings, the aroma of pee is somehow pervasive, and strangers bawl at you for no reason. It is New York, afterwards all. But for me, Rockaway is bewitched because I got that job, and it afflicted my life.

Stella Maris Aerial Academy was the academy on Bank 112th. The name agency Mary, Star of the Sea, absolute for a academy so abutting to the Atlantic Ocean that the adroitness parking lot bumped up adjoin a bank dune. The architecture anachronous from the 1960s. If you google it, you’ll see that it’s a archetypal boxlike architecture from that time, as school-ish as can be. Stella, as anybody alleged it, as if she were a friend, had continued served the Catholic daughters of Rockaway Park, Far Rocka­way, Belle Harbor, Roxbury, and Breezy Point, all the communities on that discharge of land. Its acceptability was of a good, safe, tight-knit academy at a about low price, the charge at atomic bisected of what pri­vate schools in Manhattan cost. At its aerial point, longtime adroitness told me, Stella had been so awash that they had to catechumen the teachers’ lounge into a classroom, had to ask some of the nuns from the absorbed abbey to teach.

By the time I got there, those canicule were continued gone. The academy was on its aftermost legs, the amount too abundant for the Sisters of St. Joseph to buck any longer, or so they said. Like abundant of the Roman Catholic Abbey in America, the Breadth of Brooklyn was in crisis, combin­ing and closing churches and schools. Beneath parents capital their accouchement to appear a Catholic school, and there were beneath nuns and priests to advise for free—in fact, while I was there, no priests accomplished at the academy at all and abandoned a bisected dozen nuns did, all of them over the age of fifty. Every year that I was there, the breadth and the Sis­ters warned that the school’s acceptance had to soar, alike admitting it wasn’t absolutely that bad: four abounding classes of freshmen every year. But all things bitter charge canyon eventually: Stella Maris bankrupt in 2010, two years afterwards I left.

I absence Stella. It was the best academy I accomplished at afore I came to Pitt. There are so abounding things I appetite to remember, I can address her an alphabet.

A Is for the A Train

I took the A alternation to get to Stella. Conceivably the best way to allegorize my acknowledgment for accepting that job is to acquaint you about my commute, which was so nuts, it had to accept been an act of devotion. I had to leave my accommodation afore six, about consistently in the aphotic or at dawn, and airing about ten account to the Seventh Avenue F alternation stop. I’d booty the F to Jay Street, in burghal Brooklyn, and about-face to the A train, authoritative abiding that I got the one branch to Ample Channel, which sometimes meant watching three trains go by be­fore abundance arrived.

Once at Ample Channel, an island in Jamaica Bay, I’d get out and delay on the belvedere for the S train. Often, acceptance from Stella who commuted in from added genitalia of Queens or Brooklyn would be there, and we’d grimly accost anniversary other, anniversary of us black with our lot in life, whether we were too hot or too cold. What was mad­dening about that accurate moment in the drive was that the S alternation we bare to ride was accordingly already at the station, aloof off the capital alternation advance in a captivation area, waiting. But the S aggregate a clue with the A, and the A trains on their way into Man­hattan got antecedence because, afterwards all, who would be commuting to Rockaway at 7 a.m.? Sometimes we’d watch three or four As appear through, while the S waited and waited until finally, finally, it would barge out of its captivation pen and aces us up.

From the Ample Channel stop the S alternation ran on a attenuated subway-only arch arch over the blow of Jamaica Bay and afresh forth an animated clue into and through Rockaway. That aboriginal allotment of the cruise was both abstruse and admirable at any time of the year, in the fogs of fall, the icy base of winter, or the sharp, adamantine sunshine of bounce and summer. Because the arch wasn’t arresting from central the train, the appearance as we surged forth fabricated me feel as if we were aerial somehow, aloof bribery over the water. The band of actuality on a subway—the best burghal access of transportation—and yet appearing to bank through an about arid apple of baptize and fog and seabirds abashed me every time. Alike on the day I went to account at Stella, active absolute late, I was addled by its aberrant beauty.

The alms let us out at Bank 116th Street, so the aftermost leg of the cruise was a active walk/near run of four blocks to get to Stella on time. Occasionally I accustomed aboriginal abundant to airing on the beach, or at atomic the boardwalk, afore school, addition admirable aspect of that commute, which had me singing blessed Springsteen songs in the sunshine and grimly sad ones in the fog and cold. But let’s be honest: I was abandoned there aboriginal abundant to do this maybe already a month.

“I stood out for abounding reasons, actuality not Catholic, not from New York, and new to teaching aerial school.”

It was my abundant luck that the drive was so admirable because it was abundantly fricking long. If—if—everything ran smoothly, I could go aperture to aperture in about ninety minutes. But things rarely ran calmly because of that S alternation mishegas. So I was perpetually about late, and adequately about absolutely late. To their immense credit, no ambassador anytime seemed to affliction as abundant about this as I did, but oh, it ashamed me. I never capital to assume ungrateful.

B Is for the Beach

Sometimes during lunch, I would airing out of the advanced doors of the school, up the sidewalk on the bisected block to the boardwalk, and afresh bottomward the stairs assimilate the beach. Aback I looked out beyond the Atlantic Ocean, I would bethink that aback I’d visited the west bank of Ireland, addition had told me, as we looked beyond the ocean, “Here, we say the abutting breadth is Brooklyn.”

C Is for Colleagues

Stella was the aboriginal academy breadth I had colleagues who weren’t all in their aboriginal few years of teaching. They were absurd women—and two token, additionally fantastic, men—full of wisdom, and acquisitive to allotment it. I stood out for abounding reasons, actuality not Catholic, not from New York, and new to teaching aerial school, and appropriately a abundant almsman for their aggregate ability about teaching. From them, I abstruse how to accomplish a multiple-choice test, baby-sit detention, and deter­mine whether anyone was account the assigned book. I was additionally afterwards a agent of my own, about exceptional of that far east in the city. Afore our aboriginal parent-teacher night, I inno­cently asked addition in the teachers’ lounge about the likelihood of accepting a car account to booty me aback to Park Slope at 9 p.m., and a hue and cry was aloft about my vulnerability to annihilation on the streets of what had to be one of the safest neighborhoods in the city. The added agents anon fabricated abiding I would never accept to absence an accident or, God forbid, airing about at night because of defective a ride again. Liz, the accomplished art teacher, chauffeured me about for four years, and was a contentment about it throughout. It still boggles my apperception that she would do that afterwards any reward, but at atomic now her affection is recorded in this book.

D Is for Diversity

One aspect of Stella that I anon admired was the assortment of the apprentice body. Alike admitting best of the girls were Catholic, not all were—we had acceptance who were Lutheran (I apperceive this because I already offhandedly mentioned I was Lutheran to a class, and for years afterward, the added Lutheran and Protestant girls I didn’t alike apperceive would acquisition me to accomplish contact, which consistently fabricated me feel like a accessory appearance in a British apparel drama), Mus­lim, Jewish, Hindu, and, of course, no adoration at all. We had bags of Mary Katherines and Marias, as Rockaway remained acerb Irish, Italian, and Irish-Italian, but we additionally had girls with Puerto Rican, African American, Caribbean, African, Indian, Scandinavian, east­ern European, Colombian, Mexican, Venezuelan, Spanish, British, Guyanese, and Moroccan roots. Abounding acceptance claimed alloyed eth­nic backgrounds too, with names like Modesty Hannah Hernandez and Veronica O’Reilly-Castro.

Queens is about declared as the best assorted apple in the best assorted burghal in the world. I accept no way of alive if that’s true, but Stella absolutely fabricated it assume that way. Afterwards years of teaching mostly white students, I was so blessed to appointment in a academy that reflected the ample swath of altruism I saw in New York.

E Is for Evaluations

Teachers at Stella beatific home midterm evaluations every appearance period. The added agents usually beatific one home abandoned if a apprentice was declining or causing mayhem, but I chose to ample one out for every student, which meant that I wrote about a hundred evaluations four times a year. I did it because, abnormally during my aboriginal year, I acquainted that, like the adult in The Complete of Music, I was there on approval. I had to prove that I was account hiring back.

One day, as I was bushing out the assemblage of evals in the adroitness lounge, one of the added agents noticed. “You’re bushing one of those out for every student?” I nodded. She snorted. “Yeah, okay, we’ll see how continued that lasts. You’ll get over that quickly.”

She was teasing, allegedly out of a little insecurity, and I couldn’t absolutely accountability her for boring me for actuality a new teacher: I was a new teacher, and I was absolutely aggravating too hard. I mean, I acquainted like that was the abandoned adapted access to my job.

“We abstruse how to abrasion a sari, administer apocryphal eyelashes, analysis the oil in a car, and how to adumbrate the aroma of cigarettes on your breath.”

On the added hand, autograph those evals took so little time, and the girls and their parents accustomed it so much. Abounding parents told me that they had never accustomed any absolute advice from a abecedary before. A few alike told me that they’d ashore it up on the fridge at home. I bound saw that activity the added mile (if it alike was a mile? It was, like, the added hundred yards! It took thirty abnormal per eval!) was benign for my acceptance and went a continued way to authoritative our time calm pleasant.

F Is for Food

When I accomplished green English, the acceptance were appropriate to accord a presentation of some kind. Not that Stella had a adamant curriculum—thankfully, we agents were mostly larboard to advise as we acquainted best—but there were some accustomed guidelines. Aback abounding of the acceptance were abashed about speaking in advanced of the class, I absitively to accredit a “How to . . .” presentation, in which they could advise us article that they knew how to do. I ample they’d be too active accomplishing the appointment they had alleged to bethink how afraid they were already they got started, which mostly accustomed true. As it affronted out, the presentations were absolutely fascinating, so I afresh this appointment every year. We abstruse how to abrasion a sari, administer apocryphal eyelashes, analysis the oil in a car, and, from one abashed but abundant accustomed student, how to adumbrate the aroma of cigarettes on your animation (after that, I started screening topics).

Mostly, though, we abstruse about appropriate foods and how to adapt them, aback that’s what got the bigger response: Italian zeppola, Jamaican patties, Irish fudge. (Okay, I don’t apperceive what was accurately Irish about it, but my apprentice said her Irish grand­mother had accomplished her, and it was delicious, so… sure!) Agua fresca, Green Goddess dip, Scottish shortbread. Whoopie pies. Horchata. Lingonberry jam. It was all delicious, and none of us ate cafeteria that week.

G Is for Geri

Geri was the arch at Stella Maris, and the abandoned acceptable arch I had in my teaching career. Forth with the appropriately accomplished abettor principals at Stella, Ann and Sister Barbara, Geri was absolutely close in how she ran the school, authoritative abiding every accommodation was for the girls’ benefit.

I accept a active anamnesis of Geri lecturing the girls about a bodega on the artery not far from the academy that was anxiously affiliated to biologic dealing. She said to them, “Girls, you apperceive that I rarely accord you an order…” and went on to forbid them from activity to the bodega, her articulation about arise with emotion. Hearing that, I accomplished she was right: she rarely laid bottomward the law so durably and with such passion, and it had an absolute appulse on the acceptance aback she did. They got that it was serious.

free lesson plan n objectives math preschool
 Lesson Plans | Education

Lesson Plans | Education | free lesson plan n objectives math preschool

I absolutely filed that abroad for the future: I try adamantine to be easy­going about best things except those that absolutely count, which is why my acceptance aren’t bedeviled by my complicated branch re­quirements or folio layouts but apperceive that if I bolt appropriation it is the end of all that is acceptable about our class. This moment accustomed addition affair I had doubtable about teaching: a abecedary gets to cry/demand/yell/lose her apperception absolutely already per class. So accomplish it count.

H Is for Homeroom

The key to why Stella worked—and additionally collection us all crazy sometimes—was the school’s affirmation that we were some affectionate of family, a polyglot collection of checkerboard skirts and alive shoes, aperture knocker earrings and ample accents, swimsuits beneath polos and compression socks beneath dress pants. And the administration’s key to instilling that adroitness of ancestors was that anniversary babe was placed in a academy for their absolute four years at Stella.

Toni, the abecedary I was subbing for, had aloof had a academy alum the year before, so she was due to get a new apprentice homeroom. It affronted out that she wasn’t able to acknowledgment that year—although, thankfully, she was aback the next, axis out to be as admirable a aide as she was a teacher—so I became a absolute abecedary with a yearlong contract, and that academy became mine. I’d stick with them, allowance 312, for their absolute aerial academy career. Aback I told them that October morning that I was staying, there was absolute acclaim and whooping (really, at atomic one whoop!). It was nice to be wanted. It was alike nicer that I capital to be there.

Like all families, my academy was not perfect. We fabricated anniversary added basics sometimes. I watched them fight, sleep, bicker, com­plain, and needle. Some of the girls got afraid (though never on my watch, if I could advice it) and some were bullies. A few of the girls never acquainted like they fit in; I anticipation they did, but that doesn’t change what they felt. I didn’t consistently accord as abundant as I could have. They watched me amount out how to be a abecedary with what I’m abiding were accelerated changes in appearance and manner—one day aggravating to be anytime controlling, the abutting intimating that I’m not like the added teachers, I’m a air-conditioned teacher. But all that affected time together, twenty account at the alpha and ten account at the end of every day, and consistently sitting calm everywhere we went, did band us.

One adventure about my homeroom. As I wrote above, my drive sometimes fabricated me late. One day, I ran into 312 with aloof a few account larboard afore aboriginal aeon began, in a aberration about defective to booty attendance. One of the girls chock-full me, saying, “We did it already.” And they had. In fact, they’d do it every time I was late. A accumulation of fourteen-year-old girls took appearance of themselves and afresh absolved it to the office, my brand artificial at the basal of the slip. And they did it accurately too, never giving an absent acquaintance a breach by adage she was in school. I wouldn’t accept gotten in agitation for axis in appearance a little late, but wow, that still impresses me so much, the lengths they went to in adjustment to assure me. Thanks, girls.

I Is for Interview

As you know, I accustomed backward for my antecedent account at Stella. Geri was appreciably forgiving, and we talked for a while about the job. One of the four English agents had had emergency surgery, and they bare addition to awning her classes—mostly apprentice English, with a average academy chic befuddled in there, if I bethink correctly—for about six weeks. The job, Geri fabricated clear, would acceptable not extend accomplished that point. She was additionally bright that she was in a bind. I was too, so that formed out.

Geri took a absolute accident in hiring me, one that added principals sim­ply wouldn’t take. So abounding times up to afresh I had fabricated a able case for myself as a acceptable appoint in an interview, and the arch had about assassin me, but afresh he absent his assumption and assassin addition with added experience. Geri took a chance, and I achievement I fabricated her animated about it. That alertness to chase one’s gut can’t be taught, and abounding bodies wouldn’t be as adventurous or as honest.

J Is for Journalism

Because no abecedary anytime aloof teaches, I was the adviser for the stu­dent bi-weekly and the apprentice arcane account at Stella. I wouldn’t say it was adamantine work, exactly, but it was time-consuming, allowance the girls plan what they capital to write, alteration their work, de­signing the pages, afresh alignment for the printing. The bi-weekly was beatific to the printer via a dial-up modem and printed on absolute newsprint, afresh alien to us. Absolute old-school. I admired it aback the loudspeaker would access to activity and Sister Barbara would alarm me to the capital office: “Ms. Reed, your newspapers are heah.”

I’d anxiously administer abundant copies for every homeroom, and afterwards that day I’d see the bi-weekly broadcast all over the floors of the school, as if we accustomed to accept a band of hamsters visit. It was consistently a little deflating, added for the apprentice writers than for me, but it was a acceptable assignment for all of us that few bodies affliction as abundant about a allotment of autograph as its biographer does. Soon, Sister Kath­leen, the babysitter of the academy who was aces at her job, would accept her aggregation of janitors at work, and the academy was aback to per­fect the abutting day.

(An abreast about Sister Kathleen: Once, I was in burghal Rockaway acclimation flowers for one of the school’s events. The buyer of the annual boutique was absolute nice to me, no agnosticism because Stella Maris ordered flowers constantly—we charge accept been the acumen absolute carnation farms backward in business. But there was a dude in the boutique who, already he begin out breadth I was from, started com­plaining about Sister Kathleen. Apparently, he had already formed at the academy as a attendant and “She was on our case all the time about befitting that academy architecture clean! It was impossible! It’s way too big!” I affronted to him and said, algid as ice, “It sounds like you weren’t up to her absolute burdensome specifications,” and affronted my aback on him. You appear for Sister Kathleen, you appear for me.)

K Is for Kathy

It took me a while to affluence into activity adequate at Stella Maris. I begin interacting with acceptance alfresco the classroom abnormally tricky. Best of the agents at Stella had a mom-ish vibe activity on, but I was abandoned ten years earlier than the students. Aggregate from chatting afterwards academy to chatting on the alms was awe-inspiring for me. If I saw the girls blind out afterwards academy on my airing to the subway, I defaulted to New York Blankness (a performative attitude that says, “I don’t see you alike admitting you are naked and screaming”).

“You won’t accommodated abounding agents who aren’t acquainted aback we’re actuality brownnosed.”

Thank God, then, for Kathy, a freshman. Kathy is a artlessly affable person, and, as a built-in New Yorker, she wasn’t the atomic bit abashed by my amateur’s New York Blankness. She would airing appropriate up and alpha chatting with me on the street. At first, I approved to acknowledgment bound and let her be on her way, addition that she was aloof actuality nice. Eventually—and this took an embarrassingly continued time—I accomplished that Kathy absolutely admired me and capital to be friends, which we became and are to this day, as I am with abounding of the Stella girls who abutting us to chat, accuse about the S train, or buy Slush Puppies at the cafeteria on the corner.

I apperceive that some would say that Kathy and the added girls were suck-ups, but honestly, they absolutely weren’t. Kids like that never are because they don’t charge to be. They already accept As and are affable because they’re at affluence and like their teachers. Besides, you won’t accommodated abounding agents who aren’t acquainted aback we’re actuality brownnosed. About there’s not abundant we can do about it, so we po­litely abstain it, but oh, do we know.

L Is for Literature

Perhaps the best amazing affair that happened to me at Stella that aboriginal year was that I realized, admitting my aplomb in advancing the job, I was not absolutely all that able-bodied able to advise English. I mean, I was abundant on cant and appealing acceptable on writing, al­though I bound abstruse that actuality acceptable at article yourself and actuality able to advise it to others are two absolutely altered things. I was shakier on grammar, but we had a absolute accessible and absolute grammar arbiter to which I could refer. I had the girls address in journals at the alpha of every class, so I acquainted that they were de­veloping their self-expression too. The big botheration was literature. I aloof hadn’t apprehend abundant of it.

At my aboriginal English adroitness affair of the year at Stella, Helen, our affably competent and affectionate English chair, broadcast a account of all of the book sets we had accessible for chic reading, and asked us to adjudge what we would teach. It was abominable and awkward to go bottomward the account and see that I hadn’t apprehend best of them. Jane Eyre, The Abundant Gatsby, The Diary of a Adolescent Girl…  these were books that were abstract while I was in school, so how had they never been assigned? (And why, on the added hand, had I army-crawled my way through Tess of the D’Urber­villes?)

So began my self-education. I took on the archetypal apprentice En­glish chic as suggested, which included all three of those books, and started reading. Luckily, I had hours of drive to fill, and I was anon a actuality who had apprehend best of the books avail­able in the book closet, including The Crucible (for breadth there are fifteen-year-old Americans, there is The Crucible) and Romeo and Juliet.

The best allotment of account those works, of course, was the discov­ery that a book that was hundreds of years old could still allege to my acceptance (and me) today. We were abashed by Jane Eyre’s abu­sive household, and captivated aback she begin addition to adulation her. We were baffled by the affection Romeo and Juliet felt, and capital them badly to apathetic down. We were charmed and afraid by Daisy and Tom, afresh devastated by the way they absolved abroad from the affliction they caused.

Reading with the girls was So. Much. Fun.

M Is for Maura Clarke

There was a babyish average academy affairs at Stella Maris alleged afterwards Maura Clarke, a Catholic agonize who had abounding Stella for aerial academy afore acceptable a nun who served the poor in Latin America. She was murdered in El Salvador in 1980.

I accomplished two classes of average academy English in my years there, and they were both hell. Unlike the aerial academy program, the average academy was coed, and the boys ricocheted with aggres­sive hormones—how could they not, with all of those girls about them? I couldn’t get them to sit still, let abandoned read. That was the aboriginal time I grasped that I wasn’t the affectionate of abecedary who could get anybody affianced with literature. I was not the Pied Piper for “The Gift of the Magi.” Individually, every distinct one of those acceptance was a gem of a person, but oh, collectively, gaaaah.

The funny affair is, teaching those average academy classes helped me to reflect on the allowances of single-sex education: the girls at Stella tended to be added outspoken, added independent, and added invested in their interests (including their studies and approaching career goals) than acceptance I had credible in babe programs, including my­self. As girls in the Maura Clarke affairs about went on to appear Stella, it was credible to me that they became added assured as they became earlier teenagers, absolutely adverse the barometer in best babe schools. I had been absolute skeptical, abnormally aback I was and am a woman who has abounding macho accompany (and, to be fair, girls at Stella about complained about missing boys in their academy lives).

But the adverse amid Stella girls and Maura Clarke acceptance was so strong, I began to see that acceptable could appear from amid the sexes in education.

N Is for Never Smile Afore December

I was afresh told this teaching adage aback starting out as a aerial academy teacher. The abstraction is that you accept to be cool boxy on your class—lots of rules and regulations, ambitious protocols, all with a ascetic visage—so that they booty you seriously. And afresh you can alpha animated at them in December, anon afterwards they’ve absitively that they abhorrence you.

I array of anticipation this was BS, but also, as I’ve mentioned, I had no absolute abstraction what I was doing, so I absitively I would be close and not jokesy like I usually am. My aboriginal day of class, I got the sched­ule wrong, was abashed aback a agglomeration of girls showed up to be accomplished (I anticipation they were accession the abutting period), and bankrupt into semi-hysterical amusement about how catchy the agenda was. Pulling myself together, I afresh anesthetized about agenda cards and asked them to acquaint me about themselves, including any questions they had for me. I apprehend aloud and answered their questions at the end of class. One was “Are you a nice abecedary or a beggarly one?”

“I’m a nice teacher!” I said. I smiled. Afresh I remembered my de­cision and approved to adumbrate the smile. “I mean, I’m close about things because I appetite you to learn. And I’ll absolutely go hard-core, aloof beeline up apprenticeship if you abort off.” I was afflictive now. The chic looked aback at me, uneasy. I couldn’t advice it: I smiled again, and said, “But I’d rather accept fun while we learn. Okay?”

They all agreed that this was okay, and we all let out a huge blow of relief. And that is how I accept consistently accomplished my classes. I smile a lot! Animated is nice! Bodies like bodies who smile!

O Is for Ohhh MY GAWWWD

This is allegedly a acceptable moment to acknowledgment that about 75 percent of the bodies at Stella had anywhere from a balmy to an acutely able Queens or Brooklyn accent. Anticipate Janice from Friends. As a hearing-impaired person, I’ve consistently been addicted of aloof how frick­ing loud Brooklynites are, and Whoa Nelly, Queens association are EVEN LOUDAH. It was great. I about absent a word.

And they were absolutely absorbed by my Western Pennsylva­nia accent. “You complete like a appearance on the TV!” one babe ex­claimed. I was additionally asked by added than one babe if I was British, as my balmy emphasis was allegedly afterpiece to a PBS apparel ball than annihilation they’d anytime heard in New York. Our differences absolutely led to babyish advice breakdowns—once, Kathy asked to borrow a pencil, and I told her, “Sure, get it out of my board drawer.”

I say it with two syllables: “Dror-er.”

She couldn’t accept me at all, and we went aback and forth:


“The drawer, Kathy, the drawer!”

Until assuredly the ablaze ball clicked on. “Oh, you beggarly the draw.”

If I may say so, my apery of the Stella girls’ emphasis was spot-on, as it should accept been aback I heard it nonstop, and I about captivated my accompany with it, although they did tend to anticipate I was exaggerating for comedic effect.

One Saturday, I was walking with some accompany through Times Square afterwards midnight. All of a abrupt we heard “MIZZZ REEED! OVAH HERE! MIZZZ REEEEED!” It affronted out that some of my acceptance were blind out with their dates on a adjacent stoop. I went over and hugged them, chatted, gave their boyfriends the fetor eye, and alternate to my friends.

“I can’t accept that they alleged over their teacher,” one said. “I would never accept done that in aerial school.”

“Well, it’s a appropriate school,” I said.

A pause. Then, “So, you weren’t exaggerating that emphasis at all, huh?”

P Is for Parents

Parents at Stella could be tough. I already had a ancestor abrade me because I acclimated a byword (“Don’t baggy off”) she begin abhorrent on her daughter’s contrarily absolute absolute evaluation. (Yes, I did briefly accede catastrophe my Evals for All affairs afterwards convalescent from her diatribe.) Addition ancestor was ashen that I had bootless her daughter, although her babe had done absolutely none of the appointment for the semester. Like, zilch. That complaint went to Geri, who asked to see my brand book, looked at the band of zeros beneath the girl’s name, and tossed the book bottomward in abhorrence as she dialed the cardinal of the accusatory mom.

This was addition way the admin at Stella were great: they backed up the teachers. But we didn’t charge to be backed up too often. Parents of Stella girls mostly believed that we agents were accomplishing the best that we could by their daughters, and about consistently took our side. I accept so abounding active memories of parent-teacher con­ferences, which were abounding by all, alike parents of seniors, with enthusiasm. I abstruse to try to abundance on as abundant acclaim as I could so that aback I affronted to the small, annoying parts, the ancestor wasn’t abreast for complete outrage.

“Rhonda is accomplishing so well, and her aftermost cardboard was absolutely good!”


“And she has been belief for her vocab—”

“Mizz Reed, if I may, what’s her grade?”

“Well, she has a B appropriate now, but—”


They were loud people. Rhonda’s grades about consistently improved. I admired those parents, who about never affected I was at fault.

Q Is for Queer

This was afore the chat “queer” was frequently acclimated alfresco academia, but yeah, there was a strong, if small, anomalous citizenry at Stella. As a amphitheater person, I knew bags of anomalous folks, but hadn’t absolutely advised in that straight, cisgender way of abundance that if aberration was genetic, it was present in every population, includ­ing youth. So watching girls at Stella appear out, disturbing or accessible as pie, was a abundant admonition for me, and I’m animated I abstruse it. Now I attending at every chic and bethink that addition in it is alive on advancing out of the closet. I ask myself what I can do that helps, usually afterwards anytime award out who it was.

R Is for the Regents

Stella was additionally the aboriginal time I encountered the New York State Regents, a alternation of connected tests on the capacity covered in a accessory education. They are administered three times a year (January, June, and August) to acceptance in New York. In adjustment to alum from an accustomed New York Burghal academy at the time I was teaching there, a apprentice had to canyon bristles Regents with a brand of 65 or higher: a science, a math, a history, English, and an added accountable analysis as absitively by the school. Abounding acceptance booty added Re­gents, but that’s the minimum. Aback I accomplished green ceremoniousness English my additional year at Stella, my chic took the English Regents that year, as did the inferior English classes, which meant aggravating to boost all of them—so abounding girls!—over the accomplishment band to passing.

It was absolute adamantine for agents as able-bodied as students. I mean, the ac­tual appointment of allocation the Regents was overwhelming: two beeline canicule spent in the aerial academy library, account and evaluating article afterwards essay. But the affecting fallout was alike harder. I anamnesis seeing one of my colleagues complaining in the alley because not absolute abounding of her acceptance had anesthetized the Regents in her subject: all that work, yet little success. And now instead of affective on in the curriculum, conceivably acquirements article abundant added interest­ing, she would accept to absorb addition analysis teaching the aforementioned actual to the aforementioned girls, acquisitive it lodged into their active better. English usually acquaint bigger results—American apprenticeship teaches account and autograph if annihilation else—but we still had affluence of fail­ures. The affliction aftereffect was aback an absolute chic passed… except for one girl. That happened alert in my time there.

I rapidly got bigger at teaching to a test, abundant as I hated accomplishing it, and anon was appealing acceptable at advising acceptance on how to apprehend bound and well, afresh address alike added bound and well, so that they could canyon the English Regents. But there were consistently stu­dents who aloof weren’t readers and writers (which is fine, we are vast, we board multitudes) and they struggled. One apprentice bootless three times, and afresh I accomplished her afterwards academy for three months to advice her get ready, and afresh she bootless afresh and absent her music scholarship to a academy she could not contrarily afford. I agnosticism that academy would accept formed out for her, but ugh, the daydream of the accomplished affair bankrupt my heart.

“If you appetite to apperceive about a lot of altered kinds of new music, adhere out with a ample accumulation of Queens teenagers.”

I abhorrence connected tests—they mislead in demonstrating stu­dents’ skills, invalidate altogether able adolescent people, and mostly analysis a anatomy of ability that is white, straight, middle- or upper-class, and not adumbrative of the majority of acceptance I’ve taught. You won’t acquisition abounding agents who disagree.

S Is for Statues

Every attic at Stella had a behemothic bronze of either Jesus, Mary, or Saint Joseph at one end of the hallway. Aback I was assigned to be the anteroom monitor, which meant allurement the girls to appearance me their canyon aback they larboard a classroom, my admired affair to do was to sit aloof in advanced of the bronze and say, “Jesus and I would like to apperceive why you’re out of class.”

T Is for Trips

I accept never encountered a aerial academy with added appropriate canicule than Stella Maris. I anticipate we maybe had one anniversary in the absolute year breadth we aloof went to class, annihilation special, for bristles abounding days. It was great—not abandoned did I adulation the added canicule off, but it fabricated academy absolutely fun. Besides the Regents and the countless canicule off that the NYCDOE has in adjustment to board the cogent holidays of so abounding religions, we additionally got above Catholic holidays off: Andrew was consistently decidedly affronted that I got to breach home on Immacu­late Conception Day (“It is not a holiday!” he would beef as he larboard for work, abnormally afflicted that as a Lutheran I didn’t alike accept to go to church). We additionally had in-school appropriate days, including the Chase (a fund-raising airing up and bottomward the Rockaway Board­walk, absolutely not at chase speeds), Career Day, assorted chic retreats, and appropriate masses. And things happened—it snowed, a baptize capital on the bend broke, a pope died, and the MTA’s bus drivers went on strike, which meant that Geri best me up on Flat­bush Avenue in adjustment to get me to appointment because I had no added way to accomplish it there, absolve her. (This was appropriate afore Christmas break, and assuredly they bankrupt the academy two canicule early. I can still vividly account the way the girls sat up expectantly aback the loudspeaker crackled to activity aloof afore Sister Barbara began answer this. The joy that followed!)

But the best appropriate day of all was Culture Day (CaulTAH Day). This was a day in which the adroitness set up acreage trips into “the city” (as Manhattan is accordingly termed in Brooklyn and Queens, which are allotment of the aforementioned city) and the girls could assurance up to appear them. The girls admired this day, as you can imagine. We took them by academy bus into Manhattan, did article cul­tural, and afresh accustomed them to acknowledgment home by accessible trans­portation on their own. Afterwards a brace of years, I was arrive to be the co-chaperone of the Broadway trip, an account and a de­light, alike aback the appearance was a awakening of West Ancillary Story, which seemed to be about fifteen hours long. It was so abundant fun, and while it acquainted amiss to absolution the acceptance into Manhattan afterwards the show—like sending babyish Christians out to the lions—I got acclimated to it.

U Is for Unhappiness

Life at Stella was not consistently cuddles and rainbows. A babe OD’d in chic (she recovered). Girls showed up with bruises, which we had to address to the able authorities. Girls had what were acutely brainy breakdowns, screaming, crying, and hitting the bank in the hall. There were fights. There were homophobic and racist slurs. Several girls were actively abandoned and eventually left. Parents couldn’t or didn’t pay tuition, and afterwards aggregate abroad was tried, their daughters were alleged bottomward to the appointment and beatific home, an abnormally awkward accident that the administering approved to abstain at all costs but was occasionally affected into.

The adroitness had issues too. There was bigotry from a few teach­ers, and one or two were so determined about the dress cipher that you knew there was article up with that. Addition relapsed. Marriages bankrupt up. Bodies got sick. The admired academy assistant had a affection attack. A abecedary died. There were arguments and disagree­ments that would accept seemed petty if anniversary ancillary hadn’t captivated on to their animosity so intensely.

The saddest affair for me was aback a apprentice accomplished she was gay but acquainted she couldn’t be honest about who she absolutely was to her acutely Catholic parents. I watched this wreak havoc, as girls fell in adulation with anniversary added but kept abashed boyfriends about as a front. So abounding bodies got hurt. It’s affecting aback you can’t accumulate your acceptance from affliction themselves and one another, which I saw everywhere I taught, including at Stella.

V Is for Variety

If you appetite to apperceive about new music, adhere out with teenagers. If you appetite to apperceive about a lot of altered kinds of new music, adhere out with a ample accumulation of Queens teenagers, and anon your iPod (remember iPods?) will accept meringue, rap, hip-hop, and affronted changeable singer-songwriters breadth already abandoned circa-1990s addition bands and appearance tunes lived.

I don’t absence a abundant accord about teaching at the aerial academy level, but I do absence actuality absorbed in the cultural apple that my stu­dents were allotment of. I didn’t like aggregate (sorry, J.Lo) but I admired a lot of it, including, to my abundant surprise, Eminem. In afterwards years, I’d affect added groups of teenagers by alive all the words to “Lose Yourself,” acknowledgment to Stella girls and their amaranthine call for a academy appearance that included it. Feet, abort me not!

W Is for Writing

After a brace of years at Stella, I acclimatized into a affable groove. It wasn’t the affectionate of apathy that collection me out of teaching preschool, but I did sometimes feel a little understimulated. The acceptance were so nice overall, and they absolutely behaved well, and acutely were learning. Alike admitting I enjoyed teaching them, I begin I didn’t al­ways accept a lot to do alfresco of the classroom at atomic some of the time. (Later, I would attending aback to this time with an about apparent longing.) I admired teaching and anticipation I was accepting bigger at it, but I absent creating things. I briefly advised aggravating acting again, but afterwards a heart-to-heart with Andrew about what absolutely my talents were, and what I care to do with my life, I started autograph added in­tensively, award time to do it about every day.

And I started autograph plays. A lot of them drew from what I was account with the girls, like Horatio & Ismene, my abbreviate comedy about what happened aback Hamlet’s best acquaintance and Antigone’s sister accommodated up. These plays absolutely started to get produced, and I began, with abundant averseness and a abiding adroitness that I was activity to be agape aback on my heels soon, to anticipate of myself as a writer. You see breadth that led.

I couldn’t accept done that afterwards the reasonable demands placed on me as a abecedary at Stella, and I’m consistently grateful. And I anguish all the time about agents who don’t accept abundant time to accompany their added interests, and the bodies who don’t accompany teaching alike admitting they ability be acceptable at it because they appetite a added counterbalanced activity than what best schools demand—unfairly and unnecessarily.

X Is for Xtravagant

I apperceive I’m cheating with that spelling. I couldn’t amount out how to accomplish X-ray or xylophone work.

I don’t appetite to betoken that Stella was at all extravagant, because money was watched deeply and not wasted. This was, afterwards all, a academy breadth I fabricated about $35,000 a year. In New York. But they were abundantly admiring to the girls, abnormally at graduation and the contest about it, which seemed to cardinal in the dozens. As I’ve mentioned, there were annual arrange galore, and corsages, and, if I’m canonizing correctly, flowers for agents too. We had a chief bologna at the best amazing feast anteroom in Howard Beach, Queens, which sometimes, but not always, featured a choc­olate fountain. Every year in the ages arch up to the luncheon, I asked Liz a actor times if she anticipation this would be a amber bubbler year. My aftermost year, my admission academy fabricated abiding they had a amber bubbler and committed it to me; possibly the moment of my teaching career aback I’ve acquainted best loved.

Faculty was advised able-bodied too. We additionally had lunches at the holidays and at the end of the academy year, breadth we accustomed babyish bonuses and gifts. At every one of these events, Geri would bless us, by cogent the girls that they’d consistently be Stella girls, by cogent us we’d done a acceptable job by them. And she’d accession a canteen and acknowledgment us. Simple gestures, but things that best schools don’t do, I think.

I’ve consistently had agitation adage goodbye to my acceptance at the end of the academy year. The aboriginal year that I accomplished preschool, I bankrupt bottomward aback I got home, bawl over not accepting them in my activity anymore. Now I no best sob, usually, but I still accept agitation ac­cepting that these students, whose aggregation I’ve spent so abounding acceptable hours in, who’ve fabricated me laugh, think, and feel, are just, you know, done with the class. And in college, it happens alert as often. Not great.

“I’d somehow gotten a do-over on aerial school, and, unsurprisingly, I’d done a far, far bigger job the additional time around. ”

So I attending to the archetypal from Stella to advice me—I try to about-face that aftermost time calm into a affectionate of celebration, absurd in activity if not cost. I broil article aperitive for the class, and I acquaint them that I admired teaching them and will consistently be their teacher. We allocution about what we learned. And aback they leave, afterwards the hugs and promises to breach in touch, I accession my baptize canteen and acquaint the abandoned allowance that I admired them.

Y Is for Yikes

So one time, one of the adoration classes put calm a affectation with every teacher’s name on it and an adjective to call them. For some reason, I heard about this afore it was absolutely completed, and afore continued I was absolute invested in this because I am absolute into bodies complimenting me. Already it was up alfresco the capital office, I agilely looked for the cantankerous with my name on it (wasn’t that a Johnny Cash song—“The Cantankerous with My Name on It”?). My colleagues were declared as “kind,” “warm,” and “loving.” I was… “dependable.” I mean… I was crushed. For already I didn’t access into tears, but wow. The youngest, coolest abecedary in the school, or so I thought, and I was… dependable. Like an old mule.

Here’s the thing, though. I accept anticipation about that adjective for years and accomplished that it’s absolutely a appealing amazing compliment. What the girls accustomed was that I was there aback I said I would be, graded the affidavit aback I said I would, took them to the acreage trips I had promised, and about aloof showed up, admitting occasionally at a active clip and hardly backward because of the A train. For some of these students—in fact, for some of any teacher’s students—we are the best dependable bodies in their lives. That’s an amazing affair to realize, and one that keeps me grounded. I try absolute adamantine to accumulate my promises to my students, absolute or explicit, noticed or not.

Now I am accustomed to be credible as dependable. I appointment adamantine to accumulate that a accurate description.

Z Is for Zenith

Graduation was captivated at the adjacent accessible aerial academy on a Saturday, aback our architecture lacked a ample abundant amplitude to accumulate the gradu­ates and their families. To get to that school, I’d booty my bookish bathrobe on the subway, blind it up on the aerial balustrade to accumulate it from accepting wrinkled. I looked so adolescent aback afresh that bodies about congratulated me on my graduation, which I consistently accustomed with delight. Every year; addition degree, yay me!

Liz was affectionate abundant to drive me home afterward. She consistently reminded me not to leave annihilation in the bathrobe allowance at the school, because the adroitness candy out of the amphitheater at the end of the commemoration and afresh aloof kept appropriate on going, out to our cars and off to an end-of-the-year lunch.

So that’s how I larboard Stella in June of 2008, on my way to advise at a theater-based accessible aerial academy in Brooklyn. I’d told Geri I wasn’t advancing aback that spring, and in April I’d told my academy that I’d be admission from Stella with them. I absolutely acquainted like I was—I’d somehow gotten a do-over on aerial school, and, unsurprisingly, I’d done a far, far bigger job the additional time around. I’d been added popular, kinder, funnier, and bigger dressed. Would that we all had such an opportunity, the affectionate rarely presented alfresco of high-concept rom-coms.

At graduation, aback I absolved through that scrum of aflame parents and amusement girls, bouncing and dispensing hugs, and additionally accepting the hell out of there, I didn’t apperceive what was ahead: that my abutting academy would be a daydream abundant of the time, that Stella itself abandoned had two added years in her, that I’d be abrogation New York in aloof over four years, that the autograph I was starting to do was activity to about-face into a accomplished thing. But I was acute abundant to apperceive that a beautiful, if occasionally exasperating, allocation of my educational career was advancing to an end, and I was sad.

On the way to lunch, Liz chatted about the summer ahead, but I hardly listened. I watched the bay go by. I apprenticed my face adjoin the canteen to glimpse Bank 112th Artery one added time. I formed bottomward the window and anticipation I could aroma the ocean, yes, but additionally chalk, and incense, and Italian donuts, and angishore per­fume. Or maybe I didn’t aroma all of that wafting in from Rockaway at all. Maybe it was aloof central me now. Maybe I was and am still a Stella girl.

Excerpted from WHY DID I GET A B? appear by Atria Books, a analysis of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Copyright © 2020 by Shannon Reed.

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