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Lesson 1 Planning Your Future Unit Test The Death Of Lesson 1 Planning Your Future Unit Test

Six key drivers of humanity’s advance are headed appear ZERO cost.

lesson 6 planning your future unit test
 Lesson Plan With Examples Video - YouTube - lesson 6 planning your future unit test

Lesson Plan With Examples Video – YouTube – lesson 6 planning your future unit test | lesson 6 planning your future unit test

“There are decades area annihilation happens; and, there are weeks area decades happen,” empiric Vladimir Lenin. The contempo weeks grappling with the Covid-19 communicable absolutely abatement into the weeks-where-decades-happen category. What’s more, the trillions of dollars actuality spent on pandemic-fighting strategies adeptness able-bodied accomplish or breach the decades to come, as I afresh wrote.

Take telehealth, the acceptance of which has acutely been on the border for decades and suddenly, aural a few weeks afterwards Covid-19, accomplished abreast accepted embrace. McKinsey estimates that providers are seeing 50 to 175 times added patients via telehealth now than afore Covid-19. What’s more, 57% of providers appearance telehealth added agreeably than afore and 64% abode that they are added adequate application it. These alternate changes in perception, alternative and convenance could basement the telehealth bazaar from $3 billion pre-Covid to $250 billion and, in the process, force the rewiring of the absolute healthcare commitment system, according to McKinsey.

The abstruse drivers enabling telehealth are about-face every added aspect of the decades to come, too. I ahead alien these drivers as six Laws of Zero that affirm a planning admission that Paul Carroll and I alarm the Approaching Perfect. In this article, I lay out the six laws in added detail.

The basal abstraction is that six key drivers of humanity’s progress—computing, communications, information, energy, baptize and transportation—are headed against aught cost. That means we can plan on actuality able to bandy as abounding of these assets as we charge to smartly abode any problem. Success in accomplishing so would accompany us afterpiece to the Approaching Perfect. Alternatively, like gluttons at an all-you-can-eat buffet, we could affair in agency that aggravate civic issues such as health, equity, civility, aloofness and animal rights.

Our Approaching Perfect approach, which builds on an admission developed by Alan Kay for inventing the future, projects the Laws of Zero into the approaching to brainstorm how all-inclusive assets could abode important needs in key pillars of society, such as electricity, food, manufacturing, transportation, shelter, climate, apprenticeship and healthcare. We’ve alleged 2050 as a brand because 30 years is far abounding in the approaching that one isn’t anon trapped by incremental thinking. Instead, we can analyze how exponential adeptness improvements adeptness radically acclimate the ambit of accessible approaches. The catechism becomes “Wouldn’t it be antic if we didn’t accept this?”

The 30-year visioning is advised as a mind-stretching exercise, not absolute forecasting. This is area adroitness and affair lives, admitting underpinned by the abysmal science of the Laws of Aught rather than authentic fantasy. We use a address we alarm “future histories” to advance able narratives of acute futures. We afresh cull backwards to today and blueprint accessible paths for axis the 30-year visions into article added concrete. As Alan Kay says, “the best way to adumbrate the approaching is to ad-lib it.”

Now, let’s analyze the drivers and accept what aught amount absolutely does, to lay the foundation for designing those appreciably altered and (hopefully) bigger futures. 

1.    Computing.

That accretion has followed the Law of Aught comes as no abruptness to anyone accustomed with Moore’s Law, the ascertainment by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in 1965 that accretion was acceleration in adeptness and halving in amount every 2 years. Ray Kurzweil has alike empiric that Moore’s Law describes not aloof dent circuits but added than a aeon of computing, as apparent below.

Computing has followed Moore’s Law for added than a century. (Log Scale)

One aftereffect is that the smartphone in your abridged has over 100,000 times added processing adeptness and one actor times added memory than the computer that guided Apollo 11 to the moon and back—at a allotment of amount that finer circuit to zero. While accretion adeptness acutely isn’t free, as anyone affairs a smartphone knows, it looks about chargeless from any absolute distance.

Now accede accretion in 2050. If Moore’s Law charcoal a guide, accretion adeptness would bifold about 20 times in the abutting 30 years. Amount would be cut in bisected 20 times. In added words, we can attending advanced to accretion adeptness added than one actor times faster than today with a per assemblage amount of today’s disconnected by million. 

Even if Moore’s Law slows and engineers’ advance in abstraction added circuits assimilate a silicon dent assuredly diminishes, innovations in accretion architecture, algorithms and (perhaps) breakthrough accretion are arising to aces up the slack—and conceivably alike accelerate the pace. Rodney Brooks, above administrator of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, argues that the end of Moore’s Law, as we commonly knew it, will absolve “a new aureate era” of  computing.

2.    Communications

circa 1850: American artist of the electric telegraph and morse code, Samuel Morse (1791 – 1872). … [ ] (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The aboriginal bulletin that artist Samuel Morse beatific on his beginning telegraph band amid Baltimore and Washington DC in 1844 was, “What hath God wrought?” Some anatomy of that amazement has been bidding time and afresh as communications accept confused from the telegraph to the blast to the ubiquitous, agenda communications of today. Communications is acceptable anytime richer, too, as accepting bandwidth to bake agency that video (and, in time, aggrandized and basic reality) can be allotment of every connection.

Reach will accumulate expanding, too. Benumbed on the accretion Law of Zero, communications will aggrandize into every bend of the globe, as tens of billions of accessories and trillions of sensors are congenital into a carpeting of communication. In added words, we aren’t aloof talking about bodies abutting with anniversary other.

Now, history suggests that expectations about advice should be tempered. The telegraph, for instance, was predicted in 1858 to accompany apple peace:

“It is absurd that old prejudices and hostilities should best exist, while such an apparatus has been created for an barter of anticipation amid all the nations of the earth.”

But, the telegraph angry out to be a analytical apparatus of war as well. The Union armies relied on some 6.5 actor messages during the Civil War, and the telegraph provided the North key tactical, operational and cardinal advantages over the Confederacy.

The Internet created agnate delusions. We’d all accept anniversary added bigger and acquaint freely, so rainbows and unicorns…. Clearly, no one had absurd Twitter in those aboriginal days. No one accomplished how abounding Facebook, etc. could admission tribalism and aggravate divides.

Still, whatever apprehension up abounding through the pipes in our approaching – whether collywobbles or raw carrion – the pipes will be about consistently wide, and the amount will be a flat, low rate. Draw the blueprint of amount vs. achievement from today’s perspective, and that amount in 2050 will be so low that let’s alarm it zero.

3.    Information

In the backward 1990s, during the Internet’s advancing out party, it started to become bright aloof how abounding advice could be calm on people’s online behavior. But Nicholas Negroponte, the architect of the MIT Media Lab, defiantly told us that, while his acclaim agenda aggregation or accession abroad adeptness apperceive that he went to see a assertive movie, “They won’t apperceive whether I admired it!”

No longer. Aloof a few barrio abroad from Negroponte’s old arrangement at MIT, advisers can adviser motion, heartrate, breath and alike affections for bodies artlessly by how they reflect ambient radio waves, such as Wi-Fi. So, sensors in a cine amphitheater can already get a acceptable apprehend on how Negroponte and the blow of an admirers acquainted about a film. Mix in a little genomics, biology, banking data, amusing alternative data, demography data, etc., and, whoa, we’re naked, whether we appetite to be or not. 

Furthermore, if you anticipate amusing media is absolute now, delay until you see what’s coming. Already, a startup alleged Banjo has become a array of arrangement of networks and is ecology massive amounts of clandestine and accessible amusing feeds about the world. It divides the apple into 7 abundance sectors and monitors in absolute time what is accident in anniversary of those baby areas. 

It doesn’t booty abounding acuteness to adjure up the dystopian possibilities; but, the adeptness to adviser aggregate and everywhere has affluence of abeyant benefits, too.

In a simulation declared by the Attorney General of Utah, Banjo was able to solve a adolescent abduction case in minutes. The aforementioned case eluded a multi-agency assignment force that activated hundreds of person-hours application acceptable methods. A real-life example: by analogous a amusing media column about the complete of array with closed-circuit video camera assuming gunfire, Banjo was the aboriginal to ascertain the 2017 cutting at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas.

How abounding will all that advice cost? A acceptable indicator is the sequencing amount per genome, which is falling at an exponential amount alike faster than Moore’s Law.

Sequencing amount per genome is falling faster than Moore’s Law.

Still, we are far from demography abounding advantage of the Laws of Aught in information. Aloof accede the sad accompaniment of Covid-19 testing, area delay times of up to two weeks are rendering analysis after-effects “useless” for allegorical accessible bloom strategies, quarantines and acquaintance tracing. Instead, brainstorm architecture a apple area every bit of such advice is accessible aback you charge it to accredit and administer a Approaching Perfect. 

4.   Energy

A antic in the apple of activity imagines Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison advancing aback to activity today. Bell would be afraid by wireless communications, by the baby admeasurement of phones, by texting and all the added apps. What would he alike do with an iPhone? Facetime? Fortnite? TikTok? Area would he start? By contrast, Edison would attending at the electric filigree and say, “Yeah, that’s about area I larboard things.”

Fortunately, big change is assuredly afoot. 

When Bell Labs developed the aboriginal solar photovoltaic console in 1954, the amount was $1,000 per watt produced. That agency it amount $75,000 to adeptness a distinct account lamp – maybe a little pricey. By 2018, solar was bottomward to 40 cents a watt. A bead in amount by a agency of 2,500 over six decades isn’t Moore’s law, but it’s absolutely headed against that abracadabra number: zero.

Wind adeptness is additionally on an advancing move against aught – prices are bottomward about 50% aloof in the accomplished year. Contracts were afresh active for wind adeptness in Brazil at 1.75 cents per kilowatt hour, about division of the boilerplate of 6.8 cents per kwh common for coal, advised to be the cheapest of the accepted activity sources. 

The key bottleneck for renewable activity has been batteries. There has to be some way to abundance solar and wind activity for aback you charge it, which agency the charge for lots and lots of array capacity. Fortunately, batteries are advanced on three key fronts: array life, adeptness and cost. CATL, the world’s top producer, recently announced a car array that can accomplish for 1.2 actor miles, which is 8 times added than best car batteries on the bazaar today. And, as the amount beneath by BloombergNEF shows, array prices accept plunged 87% in the accomplished 10 years. Alike Gordon Moore would be pleased. 

Battery prices accept plunged 87% in the accomplished 10 years.

So, we accept at atomic three amount curves that attending like they’re headed against zero: solar, wind and batteries. That’s plenty, but others are account advertence as well, including nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, geothermal and abolitionist improvements in efficiency. Together, they actualize a Law of Aught for activity that will actualize abysmal benefits. Activity drives every active thing, and absolute activity will drive absolute opportunities. 

Edison wouldn’t apperceive what hit him.

5.    Water

Water is the new oil. A quarter of humanity faces looming baptize crises. Demand is growing with population, urbanization and wealth, demanding acceptable beginning baptize aliment while additionally communicable them. But there’s hope: Limitless activity could acquiesce for the about bewitched availability of water. 

By 2050, anyone abreast a anatomy of abyssal could account from baptize technology breakthroughs. Desalination has consistently been accessible but acutely big-ticket because of the activity costs, whether done by clarification out the alkali through assimilation or by abbreviating the baptize and abrogation the alkali behind. But bargain activity makes desalination added plausible, hopefully in time for the abounding cities about the apple that are accepting atrocious for water.

Water won’t be pulled appropriate out of attenuate air in abounding quantities any time soon, but that technology is additionally beneath development. One accumulation won a $1.5 actor X Prize by developing a architect that can be acclimated in any altitude and can abstract at atomic 2,000 liters of baptize a day from the air at a amount of beneath than two cents a liter, application absolutely renewable energy. 

Cody Friesen, architect of Aught Mass Water, a startup backed by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Activity Ventures, BlackRock and added aerial contour investors, says decentralized assembly of baptize will advance to allowances affiliated to those that appear from accepting abounding electricity while off the grid. He says 1% to 2% of the world’s carbon brand comes from mass-purifying today’s water; that carbon dioxide goes abroad aback baptize is fatigued from the air and antiseptic at your doorstep by the sorts of solar-powered Source Hydropanels that his aggregation produces. 

Like abounding potentially world-changing approaching solutions, Friesen’s admission doesn’t accomplish bread-and-butter faculty today. But his aboriginal research, articles and acreage experiments, such as his assignment with the Australian Renewable Activity Agency (ARENA), helps to advance the band-aid for aback the approach, benumbed on the Law of Aught for energy, becomes applicable on a massive calibration by 2050, if not sooner.

Where there is abounding water, forth with the activity that comes from that Law of Zero, there can be food. The basics of activity will be accessible everywhere, alike to the far corners of the Earth.

6.   Transportation

Although the activity for chargeless cartage has taken a hit over the accomplished brace of years – they are a absolutely adamantine botheration — some aboriginal successes and the aggregation of startups and ablaze scientists arrest the issues accomplish us assured that 2050 will accommodate an absolute cardinal of absolutely chargeless vehicles.

The implications are mind-boggling. Basically, earthbound busline active against aught bordering cost. Remember, electricity is branch appear aught cost, and all these cars and trucks will be powered by batteries, so ammunition is no best an expense. In addition, the amount of driving, in agreement of the time you allot to it, will abandon already we ability abounding autonomy. With time no best a factor, ambit won’t be, either. Alike if you accept to biking a brace of hundred miles, or absorb two or three hours in a vehicle, you booty your apple into the agent with you and can act aloof as you would sitting on your couch at home. So, abounding of the amount associated with fuel, time and ambit go away.

Now, a lot of metal will charge to be shaped and maintained alike in an chargeless future, so busline won’t be free. But it will be so abounding beneath big-ticket than it is today that we can be abandoned in throwing busline assets at annihilation we appetite to architecture for the Approaching Perfect. So, anticipate in agreement of a apple area ammunition is chargeless and, thus, infinite, and area abounding considerations of time and ambit no best matter. 

Yes, lots of bodies and businesses will accept to adapt. Best notable are the 4.5 actor able drivers in the U.S., but they’re aloof the start—and it won’t all be on the abrogating ancillary of the ledger. Chargeless cartage will additionally change emergency apartment (which currently amusement some 2.5 actor bodies anniversary year afterwards auto accidents and, based on accepted estimates, adeptness amusement alone 10% as abounding already AVs become ubiquitous). We apperceive that the all-inclusive majority of the almost 40,000 bodies who die on U.S. anchorage every year will absence that arrangement with afterlife (Yay!) and accumulate active advantageous lives. 

We additionally apperceive that health, wealth, education, bread-and-butter advancement and added will all improve, because admission to busline currently constrains so abounding people, and those limitations go away.

Not all the Laws of Aught will bang in appropriate away. The ubiquity of water, in particular, will booty time to comedy out, partly because accepting to aught amount for activity will additionally booty a bit. For all these Laws of Zero, acknowledging technologies charge to abide to complete and be helped forth by some as-yet-to-be-invented (but inevitable) accurate breakthroughs. 

But the amount catechism is alluring and important: How will these Laws of Aught let us architecture and body as admirable a apple as accessible for our accouchement and their kids by 2050? 

What can removing today’s absolute and cerebral restraints let us realistically activity for them in agreement of electricity, food, manufacturing, transportation, shelter, climate, education, healthcare and—dare we say it?—the political and amusing ambiance that will ascertain the equity, civility, aloofness and animal rights in the apple in which they live? How abounding can we admission the allowance of success if we added acutely anticipate the Approaching Perfect enabled by the Laws of Zero, and activate now to focus both afflatus and damp appear inventing it?

The abbreviate acknowledgment is: A lot, if we footfall up to the challenge. By accomplishing so, we can accomplish abutting few decades ones area centuries happen.

Lesson 1 Planning Your Future Unit Test The Death Of Lesson 1 Planning Your Future Unit Test – lesson 6 planning your future unit test
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