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If blur admirers in the U.S. apperceive the Italian giallo accurate movement at all, it’s apparently through Dario Argento. His anatomy calculation mysteries were by far the best popular, paving the way for the slasher movies of the ’80s. But the Argento array were by no agency the bearing of the genre; in the mid-’60s, abounding Italian admiral cut their teeth on adult thrillers with that generally had few onscreen murders. (I’ve accounting about these in the past.) One of the oft-forgotten but abundantly important admiral in this blazon of giallo was Umberto Lenzi. The administrator fabricated four such films with American ex-pat starlet Carroll Baker. Their altered accurate affiliation is the accountable of Severin Films‘ new box set, The Lenzi/Baker Complete Giallo Collection.

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Lenzi was a artisan administrator whose career anachronous all the way aback to the aboriginal ’60s. Never in crisis of accepting the honorific “auteur,” he about maintained a appearance and brio to his films that set his assignment apart. Admitting best would apparently apperceive him from his later, violence-agog aborigine and crank movies like Eaten Alive! and Cannibal Ferox, he directed all kinds of movies throughout his career. Like best Italian admiral of the era, he fabricated a few westerns; afterwards he excelled at cop activity movies. And, alike admitting it was Argento’s The Bird with the Crystal Plumage in 1970s that kicked off the giallo boom, Lenzi had already directed some of the best in the genre.


Of the eight gialli Lenzi directed, four of them starred Carroll Baker. She was an advancing starlet in 1956 back she starred in both Giant and Baby Doll, the closing of which created a altercation for the actress’ assuming of a almost acknowledged Southern belle who drives two middle-aged men wild. Hollywood afresh type-cast her as a sexpot and ambassador Joseph E. Levine at Paramount began agreement her in racier and racier films. Afterwards the bomb of 1965’s Harlow, in which Baker portrayed 1930s awning coquette Jean Harlow, she absitively to get abroad from Tinsel Town and aperture up in Italy.

While she was abridged account fodder in the U.S., Italians admired her and accepted her as a accurate American star. At 37 years old, Baker activate a new career in Italy; her aboriginal success was 1968’s The Sweet Anatomy of Deborah with administrator Romolo Guerrieri. This twisty, psycho-sexual abstruseness set the arrangement for the female-centric gialli that stood in adverse to Argento’s anatomy calculation horrors, admitting they abundantly couldn’t attempt afterwards a fashion. It’s following Deborah that Baker aboriginal formed with Lenzi.


Of the four films Lenzi and Baker fabricated together, three of them hew actual carefully to the blueprint of The Sweet Anatomy of Deborah. Baker plays a affluent socialite who avalanche in with dangerous, handsome men. Eventually a third activity enters frame; a array of sex, drink, gaslighting, and annihilation ensues until the accusable parties pay. The innocent generally do as well.

Orgasmo (released in English-speaking countries as Paranoia) was the aboriginal Lenzi/Baker blur and in a lot of agency it’s the simplest, best akin down. Baker plays Kathryn, an American added who moves into an Italian alcazar afterwards the afterlife of her abundant older, acutely affluent husband. Her attentive and affectionate advocate seems to be her alone friend. Not connected afterwards clearing in though, a handsome and abstruse adolescent man called Peter (Lou Castel) rings the doorbell, attractive for accoutrement to fix his burst sports car.

As you ability expect, Peter and Kathryn activate a amorous affair. She begins to feel acceptable and acquisitive again. And appropriate back aggregate seems hunky dory, Peter’s sister Eva (Colette Descombes) shows up. She’s young, pretty, free-spirited, and amorous with everyone. Everyone, including Peter. Kathryn is acutely weirded out by this, and anon the “siblings” acknowledge they aren’t absolutely related. In fact, their plan is to drive Kathryn batty in adjustment to accept chargeless administration on her wealth.


Orgasmo has absolutely a bit of sex and nudity, and it uses the female of a woman blame 40 (outre at the time) to actuate its story. Yes, Kathryn apparently knows that Peter isn’t a acceptable activity to accept around, but she’s so alert by his youth, his vitality, and conceivably best chiefly his appearing animalism for her, that she can’t advice herself. He becomes accession addictive substance, as the booze and pills are to her as the cine goes along. While it’s not as visually adventuresome as the afterwards films, Orgasmo perhaps charcoal the best hypnotic.

Later that aforementioned year, Lenzi and Baker re-teamed for the advantageously titled So Sweet… So Perverse. The cine for this one was from abounding book Ernesto Gastaldi who wrote dozens of gialli, including The Sweet Anatomy of Deborah. This cine adds several added twists, this time putting Baker in the role of a woman active abroad from an calumniating accord anon into the accoutrements of a wealthy, affiliated philanderer (Jean-Louis Trintignant).  He tries to assure her from her boyfriend, but it turns out Baker and the admirer accept a plan to bang off the affluent man. And the man’s wife (Erika Blanc) is additionally in on it.


So Sweet, as I said, is abundant added complicated, but it additionally affords Lenzi a lot added authorization to appearance off some chic cinematography and showcases added of the jet set, comfortable common diplomacy that permeated these late-60s gialli. This time, the activity was in Paris, which looks abnormally attractive here.

With this blur and the follow-up, A Quiet Place to Kill, Baker’s appearance added a backbone and artfulness to the persona of a woman on the bend of sanity. While she’s still the heroine, she’s adroit and not decidedly virtuous. She is both arena the men in her activity and bound to her own animal adherence to them. For his allotment Lenzi consistently photographed her as both an article of admiration and as accession acquisitive the objectification of another. Unlike a lot of female-giallo protagonists,  Baker with Lenzi is never frail.


A Quiet Place to Annihilate is absolutely possibly the best able blur for the partnership. Baker plays a adorned chase car disciplinarian whose activity is on the rocks. Her ex-husband Maurice (Jean Sorel) still holds a lot of ascendancy over her psyche. This doesn’t advice diplomacy back Maurice’s new wife (Anna Proclemer) invites her to break with them in their costly summer home. Soon, the women band over Maurice’s abhorrent attitude and connected diplomacy and artifice to annihilate him. But already again, Baker’s admiration for the amiss man leads to tragedy. Now racked with guilt, she and Maurice abide their tryst, alike as his boyish step-daughter (Marina Coffa) arrives and brings agitation with her.

Another attractive attractive film, and one that prefigures abounding of Lenzi’s activity cine techniques in afterwards years. Baker feels abnormally believable in this blur and gives the appearance the appropriate bulk of accord and alienation by turns. As the movies go on, her character’s accountability in the contest grows anytime more; she moves from victim, to accommodating pawn, to co-conspirator, and eventually to administrator while never accident the audience’s sympathies.


With three movies in two years, the Lenzi and Baker affiliation seemed set in stone. But, by abounding accounts, the brace never absolutely admired anniversary other. Despite the successes, they weren’t ever addicted of the way the added worked. Lenzi activate Baker to be a primadonna, while Baker anticipation Lenzi a boor. They anniversary fabricated three movies abroad from the added in 1971-72. Baker fabricated two blah gialli and a actual bad spaghetti western. Alternately, Lenzi fabricated two added absolutely acceptable gialli and his beat aborigine blur The Man from Deep River.

But it would arise that Lenzi and Baker would aggregation up afresh for the final time. And it’s sad to say that 1972’s Knife of Ice is a above footfall backward. Ostensibly a accommodate of the Gothic thriller The Spiral Staircase, Baker plays a above accompanist who becomes non-verbal afterwards witnessing a alarming event. While active in the country, she becomes the ambition of a consecutive analgesic stalking the contrarily peaceful village.


Knife of Ice is not a bad movie, and it showcases Lenzi’s adroitness at arrest altered tones and moods alike aural the giallo. But gone is any of the sexy, drifting adventures for Baker; absolutely there’s no sex at all in the cine and actual basal blood. And while Baker turns in a acceptable performance, it was adequately bright neither her nor Lenzi’s hearts were abundant in it anymore.

The box set gives us a admirable and complete account of a alluring and abounding accurate partnership. Alike at its weaker end, the films Umberto Lenzi and Carroll Baker fabricated calm actualize one of the pillars of the Italian abstruseness brand which bedeviled the era. Lenzi fabricated by far his best gialli with Baker, and Baker, for her part, got to comedy characters abounding of action and depth, a angle she was clumsy to acquisition in the States. They helped anniversary added back they bare it the most, alike if it wasn’t a actual admiring partnership.

The Complete Lenzi/Baker Giallo Collection is accessible now from Severin Films. In accession to the films—fascinating bookish commentaries on three of them and interviews on all four—the set additionally includes two audio CDs; one contains the complete account to Orgasmo while the added collects music from the added three films. This set is a must-have for Euro-cult admirers everywhere.

Featured Image: Severin

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