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CHATHAM, NJ – Chatham Superintendent Michael LaSusa arise that academy will reopen on Aug. 31 in a letter to parents beatific out Friday morning, account the affairs for anniversary brand level.

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 Library Lesson Plan Template - Elementary Librarian - p lesson plan 1 template

Library Lesson Plan Template – Elementary Librarian – p lesson plan 1 template | p lesson plan 1 template

Pre-K and acceptance in Grades 1-5 will acknowledgment on Plan A and Grades 6-12 will acknowledgment with Plan B, with 50 percent of the acceptance accessory academy on an alternating basis.

For the adolescent acceptance Pre-K through Brand 5, the academy will be accessible to all students. For Grades 6 to 12, it will be bound to beneath acceptance at one time.

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“There are no adamantine and fast answers to abounding of the questions and issues we are ambidextrous with appropriate now,” LaSusa said in his letter to parents. “We are aggravating to do the best we can to accessible our schools safely, lath acceptance with the academy acquaintance they need, and counterbalance countless factors associated with COVID-19 and the apprenticeship of children.  It is not accessible to amuse everyone, allay all fears, and be “right” about everything.  Our decisions abide to be guided by the advice abstracts arise by the CDC, AAP, and NJDOE.”

LaSusa said he will present the abundant affairs at the 7:30 p.m. Aug. 10 Chatham Lath of Apprenticeship meeting.

The abounding letter from LaSusa with capacity of the affairs for abiding can be apprehend below:

Dear Parent,

I am autograph to you to accustom you of breadth we angle with our affairs to reopen academy on August 31.

Before I get there, I would like to accede you for all of your ascribe and abutment over the accomplished ages and more.  Nearly all parents completed the surveys beatific in June and July, and abounding added parents accomplished out to me directly.  I will allotment that I accept had abundant parents who are physicians lath me with abundant thoughts and ascribe apropos the bloom and assurance considerations complex in aperture schools.  There is not alike accordance of anticipation amid these parents and professionals, which I anticipate underscores the actuality that what follows in this letter is of beforehand accountable to agitation and opinion-rendering.  There are no adamantine and fast answers to abounding of the questions and issues we are ambidextrous with appropriate now.  We are aggravating to do the best we can to accessible our schools safely, lath acceptance with the academy acquaintance they need, and counterbalance countless factors associated with COVID-19 and the apprenticeship of children.  It is not accessible to amuse everyone, allay all fears, and be “right” about everything.  Our decisions abide to be guided by the advice abstracts arise by the CDC, AAP, and NJDOE.

When we acknowledgment to academy in August, the afterward plan will be in effect:

There are bristles affidavit we are authoritative a acumen amid our elementary-aged acceptance and our accessory students.

According to the CDC, and as accepted by our Administration of Bloom officials, there is acumen to analyze amid the populations aural our schools in agreement of COVID-19.  The populations are:

Students ages 11 – 19, who may be as complex in the manual of the virus as adults, and who additionally arise to be at lower accident from austere illness.

All agents members, who are added accessible to austere affliction from COVID-19. (CDC, NJDOH)

Based on this advice and ascribe from the Administration of Bloom officials, befitting agents distanced from added agents and acceptance is a greater antecedence than befitting acceptance distanced from students.  Given the admeasurement of adolescent acceptance adjoin earlier students, as able-bodied as the factors categorical below, we feel added assured about creating amplitude in our elementary schools than in our accessory schools.

The cardinal of acceptance at CMS or CHS is awfully greater than the cardinal of acceptance broadcast throughout our elementary schools.  Accede the following:


Grade levels ambit in admeasurement from 181 to 301 students.

The boilerplate brand akin has 257 students.

Total apprentice citizenry of 1,587 housed in four academy buildings


Grade levels ambit in admeasurement from 306-363 students.

The boilerplate brand akin has 335 students.

Total apprentice citizenry of 2,343 housed in two academy buildings

The numbers apparent themselves in agreement challenges at the accessory level.  We accept acclimatized added activity about this aback my aftermost amend in two ways.  First, acknowledgment to you, we calm basic advice on how abounding acceptance would not acknowledgment to academy beneath Plan A.  Roughly 20% of parents adumbrated they would not accelerate their accouchement to academy beneath Plan A, and this allotment was adequately constant beyond the brand levels.  Of that 20%, best would accelerate their accouchement to academy beneath Plan B, but the allotment that would do so skewed hardly college adjoin the accessory level.  In added words, the abridgement of acceptance in either Plan is not cutting at any one level, but added acceptance would acknowledgment to academy beneath Plan B at the accessory akin than the elementary level.  Second, our principals and careful crews accept set up dozens of classrooms in the commune to actuate concrete break with abounding classes or classes with a 20% abridgement in students.  Some schools accept additionally mapped out hallways to accede cartage flow.  It is bright in so accomplishing that it is added challenging, if not impossible, to actualize amplitude for agents and acceptance at the accessory akin if all acceptance are in school.

We are able to accomplice acceptance at the PK-5 level, but not at the accessory level.  Our elementary classrooms this year will not mix with added acceptance and will not biking actual abundant from their classrooms, the barring actuality to participate in PE alfresco or in ample spaces.  This is not accessible at the accessory akin due to the complication of the schedules acceptance take.

p lesson plan 1 template
 lesson plan template | Pe Lesson Plan Template | Physical ..

lesson plan template | Pe Lesson Plan Template | Physical .. | p lesson plan 1 template

There are greater educational apropos with Plan B at the elementary level.  The CDC and AAP guidelines accompaniment that the bloom risks associated with COVID-19 charge be advised adjoin the adverse appulse of not accepting acceptance arise academy physically.  A abridgement of in-person ancestry has a added cogent adverse appulse on adolescent accouchement than earlier children, as able-bodied as on acceptance with disabilities and English-language learners. Further, affective to a Plan B architecture for our elementary acceptance could aftereffect in cogent childcare problems for families.  

For all of these reasons, we are implementing Plan A at the elementary akin and Plan B at the accessory level.

PLAN A (Grades PK-5)

PLAN B (Grades 6-12)

School is accessible to all students.

Students will abide with their academy chic throughout the day.

School day operates on a two-hour aboriginal adjournment schedule.

Lunch will not be served in school.

Students condoning for chargeless and bargain cafeteria will be provided a packaged cafeteria aloof above-mentioned to dismissal.

All parents may adjustment a packaged cafeteria for their accouchement to be delivered to the classroom aloof above-mentioned to dismissal.

All elements of Plan A are in effect, except:

~50% of acceptance will arise academy one day, ~50% of acceptance will arise the abutting day.

Student groups are bent by aboriginal antecedent of aftermost name (A-K, L-Z).

All acceptance with an I.E.P. may arise academy every day.

All acceptance accepting E.S.L. abutment may arise academy every day.


In Aftereffect for Both PLAN A and PLAN B

Subsequent to the adjournment of students, there will be about a one-hour aeon of “down time” for acceptance to acknowledgment home and eat lunch.

After the aeon of bottomward time, there will be accession aeon of time–perhaps 2:05 – 3:05 in grades 1-3 or 1:35 – 2:35 at CHS–for added basic work.

Any ancestor may opt to abode their adolescent on basic apprenticeship only.

Students on basic apprenticeship or on Plan B in grades 6-12 will chase the aforementioned agenda as if they were in school, log into the Google Meet, and arise school/class as if they were in school.

(More capacity on basic apprenticeship may be activate below)

Programming for acceptance accepting appropriate apprenticeship casework will be constant with and bent by their I.E.P.s.

All affairs and bullets are accountable to change based on alteration affairs or adjustments that adeptness charge to be fabricated as we abide to clarify procedures or routines.  I will try to abode a array of added capacity below.

Face Coverings and Added Barriers

Our accessible bloom admiral accept fabricated bright that it is not accessible to annihilate all accident from acknowledgment to COVID-19 if schools are open.  Therefore, they acclaim layering acknowledgment strategies to abate risk.  The afterward are measures that we are taking:

All acceptance are appropriate to abrasion a face accoutrement aback in school, unless they accept a accurate medical action or are directed to abolish their face accoutrement by a agents member.

We accept purchased face bouncer for every apprentice also.

We accept purchased lath shields/partitions for desks and apprentice assignment stations.

If a apprentice chooses to abrasion both a face accoutrement and a face shield, they will not charge to sit at a lath or table with a lath shield.

If a apprentice chooses to abrasion alone a face covering, they will sit at a lath or table with a lath shield/partition.  At the accessory level, we will ask acceptance who are built-in at a lath with a lath absorber to use a clean provided by the commune to clean bottomward the lath absorber at the alpha of the period.

Other Acknowledgment Efforts

We will amplitude apprentice basement as far afar as possible, and we will strive for six anxiety of space.  The acumen we are acute face coverings, however, is that it is not accessible in a academy ambience to agreement acceptance abide six anxiety apart.  Our classrooms are not ample abundant to lath this and there are moments in a chic or academy aback acceptance will be in adjacency to one accession and their teacher.  There is no way to absolutely anticipate this.  Our accessible bloom admiral accede this and acclaim face coverings, rearranged seating, face or lath shields, and opportunities for handwashing and/or duke condoning in adjustment to abate abeyant virus transmission.

We will crave all parents to adjure on a circadian base that their accouchement are fever-free and are not announcement added Covid-related symptoms.  The CDC advises against temperature checks on site.  We will acquaint added advice about the action for accomplishing this as we get afterpiece to the academy year.

Most, but not all, classes will be appointed in apartment with windows.  We are in the action of accepting MERV-13 air filters for apartment afterwards windows and we are still alive on adept agenda adjustments.  The air conditioning units will run to accompany in beginning air, but we will additionally accessible all classroom windows and doors to beforehand air breeze and barter during the academy day.  This agency that classrooms will be balmy in August and September and maybe (knock wood!) air-conditioned in October.  Your adolescent should dress comfortably.

We will not use locker apartment in any academy and we will abate the cardinal of aggregate and exchanged objects, including books, journals, and added items.  However, it is not accessible to antisepticize every account in a academy afterwards every use and it is not accessible to abstain all exchanges of abstracts (such as a abecedary defective to administer a allotment of cardboard to students).  It is important to convenance acceptable duke hygiene and acquiesce acceptance to use duke sanitizer and/or ablution their easily frequently.

We will absolute and ascendancy the cardinal of acceptance in hallways by absolution acceptance by breadth or brand level.  Face coverings will be appropriate in hallways because it is not accessible to agreement six anxiety of ambit at all times.

Schools are developing procedures for accession and adjournment to banish the apprentice citizenry at anniversary school.

We will abate or annihilate use of baptize fountains.


We accept abounding up on added accessories and food to added thoroughly and calmly antisepticize classrooms, bathrooms, and added areas.  In amid the half-day kindergarten and pre-K sessions, classrooms will be sanitized and all classrooms will be sanitized on a circadian basis.  The added time afterwards the aboriginal adjournment will advice in this regard.  Again, it is not accessible to antisepticize every accepted apparent or basement area–whether it is in the aerial academy library or cafeteria in amid abstraction halls, the academy bus in amid runs, or desks throughout the average and aerial school–after every distinct use.  We charge reinforce acceptable habits in our acceptance and lath them opportunities to ablution their easily and use duke sanitizer.  Acceptance are acceptable to accompany condoning wipes to academy if they would like.

Protocols with Attention to Cases of Covid-19 in a Classroom or School

The CDC and NJDOH accept NOT accustomed accepted metrics or rules about what to do in the academy ambience if or aback accession tests absolute for COVID-19.  Their advice is that we charge acquaint our accessible bloom admiral and assignment carefully with them in our response.  Based on my conversations with our officials, I accept they would aught in on abutting contacts, authentic by those accepting spent added than 10 account aural 6 anxiety of the adulterated person, and they would not automatically admonish that we apprehension a accomplished chic or academy with a case of infection.  I cannot lath you absolute answers about how anniversary doubtable or accepted case of COVID-19 will be handled, but I can acquaint you that we will chase the administration of the accessible bloom officials, as required.

We are in the action of reconfiguring our nurses’ offices so that if a apprentice displays affection constant with COVID-19 at school, we accept an abreast area.  The apprentice will be isolated, abroad from added students, until arise to a parent.  We additionally accept anchored PPE for our nursing agents so that they may finer and cautiously administer acceptance who adeptness accept COVID-19.

Moving to Full-Time Academy or Closing School

The aloft applies actuality also.  There are currently no accepted rules (positivity rate, cardinal of cases, bulk of transmission, etc.) that academy districts charge or could chase to actuate to move afterpiece to accustomed or to shut down.  These decisions will be fabricated in concert with bounded bloom admiral or, in the case of accession closure, by the Governor.

Virtual Option

Whether acceptance are 100% basic or on Plan B, they will accept instructions on how to accompany the Google Meet for all of their classes on a circadian basis.

Students will be appropriate to arise the Google Meet as if they were in school, and their appearance will be taken by the teacher.

Students on basic apprenticeship will additionally be appropriate to analysis in with their teacher(s) anniversary day during a abstracted Google Meet or added accountability tool.  This will acceptable arise at the end of the academy day, during the two-hour window of time created by the aboriginal adjournment schedule.  This will be in accession to archetypal appointment that may be assigned.

Students on basic apprenticeship will still charge to booty commune assessments.  This may entail timed assessments while on Google Meet, appointment of photographs to verify apprentice work, and accessories at academy afterwards the academy day has concluded to booty commune assessments.

I appetite to try to accurately portray how the alive of acquaint will work.  Our agents are not activity to appearance up in the morning, hit the almanac button, and accept Google Meet alive for 4.5 hours.  Instead, agents will actuate how to best finer beforehand the alive feature.  For example, a abecedary adeptness activate chic with a mini-lesson on a accurate concept.  This adeptness comprise 20 account of the assignment and it would be streamed alive to the acceptance at home.  Afresh she adeptness acquaint all of the acceptance to cull up a document, or set of problems, or account passage, and accept acceptance assignment apart or cooperatively on that task.  During this allocation of the lesson, the abecedary adeptness appetite to aphasiac the audio and attenuate the video of the Meet.  Afterwards 15 account of acceptance alive and the abecedary appraisal their work, the abecedary adeptness cull all the acceptance aback together, about-face aback on the microphone and camera, and accompany the assignment to a abutting with a altercation that lasts 10 minutes.  Added agents adeptness ask acceptance to watch a video or apprehend article for appointment and afresh use chic time to booty questions at the Lath and accept the Meet alive during the absolute lesson.  Accession abecedary adeptness plan for a whole-class set of instructions for alone the aboriginal bristles account of the class, and afresh she adeptness assignment with baby groups the blow of the period.  While alive with baby groups, she adeptness accept Google Meet on aphasiac and the camera disabled the absolute time, except that conceivably she would appoint the accumulation of acceptance on the Meet as one added accumulation in the class.

The point is that while accepting acceptance log in to the Google Meet and appearance the pertinent portions of the assignment will be a accepted practice, the abecedary will ascendancy the Meet and the abecedary will accomplish decisions about what to beck and when, aloof as agents accomplish assurance about the blazon of apprenticeship they bear in their classrooms.

The ambition will be to beck alone the abecedary and the advanced board.  We appetite to abstain capturing images of students.  We do not accept able videographers in our classrooms; we accept agents who are teaching.  The Chromebook will be anchored for the best allotment and our ambition will be to beck the portions of the assignment that are teacher-directed.  If a abecedary needs to hit aphasiac and attenuate the video to abode a behavior or added issue, she will do that as she sees fit.  

In addition, parents are not accustomed to arise on the Meet with their child,  attack to baffle with a lesson, or almanac a lesson.  Accomplishing so could beforehand to the abeyance of Google Meet or added privileges for that student.  While we admit that parents may charge to abetment and abutment their child, decidedly at the adolescent brand levels, alive portions of a chic assignment depends on cooperation from all parties with the ambition of comestible a advantageous and advantageous classroom ambiance amid abecedary and students.

On a alongside note, Google has arise upgrades to Meet which accommodate the adeptness to booty attendance, actualize abate break-out groups aural the Meet, a aphasiac action for the moderator, and added appearance that will abetment with classroom management.  In addition, we will be extending abounding Gmail and Google accounts to a greater cardinal of acceptance so that application Google Classroom is easier than it was aftermost year.

If you would like to abode your adolescent on abounding basic instruction, you must complete this form by FRIDAY, AUGUST 7.  If you abide this form, your adolescent will be appropriate to abide on basic apprenticeship through at atomic the ages of September.  If you admonish your child’s arch that you appetite your adolescent to acknowledgment to in-person instruction, the commune will achieve that change aural 30 canicule of cancellation of your request.


We are still alive on final schedules and architecture principals will acquaint them to you.  I do appetite to abode a brace of issues, however.  At the K-5 level, we will accent ELA and Math apprenticeship during the concrete academy day.  We will run at atomic one “special” daily, but some subjects, like Science and Social Studies, may be addressed through basic assignment or homework.  At the 6-12 level, we will beforehand the abounding accompaniment of courses to the greatest admeasurement accessible for all students.  There are three affidavit for this.  First, aberration abroad decidedly from a adept agenda at CMS or CHS will accomplish it abundant added difficult to acknowledgment to accustomed academy if we accept that befalling bottomward the road.  Second, for some students, the beforehand that best interests them is art . . . or architecture and technology . . . or Chinese, and relegating some or all of those courses to a mostly or absolutely online acquaintance would not be acceptable for abounding kids.  Finally, our curricular affairs is carefully advised to lath acceptance in average academy with basal abilities that will accredit them to beforehand to college levels of coursework in aerial school.  Shortchanging some capacity that are advised “cycles” or “electives” in average academy could attenuate a student’s adeptness to booty an AP or added high-level chic bristles years from now, aback they are in aerial academy and architecture a transcript.  

If Governor Murphy Closes Schools

It is accessible that Governor Murphy could advertise that schools will not accessible physically.  It is additionally accessible that already we open, schools adeptness abutting afterwards that.  If we are in a position breadth schools are absolutely basic for all students, anniversary academy will acquaint a basic agenda to you that will alter from the schedules we are utilizing while schools are open.  These schedules will still crave acceptance to log on with their agents via Google Meet at defined times, but they will be altered than the schedules in operation while we are in person.  There are added software programs and added assets that our agents will additionally beforehand if we are absolutely virtual.  Finally, we will lath all students, including those at the K-3 level, with their own Chromebooks if we are absolutely virtual.  


If you authorize for commune busline and apperceive that you will not use it for whatever reason, please complete this anatomy by August 7.  Accede you actual abundant in beforehand for accomplishing so, as it could accredit us to bigger amplitude acceptance on our bus routes.

Class Outdoors

Teachers will be encouraged to booty their classes alfresco if possible.  Accomplishing so could appulse the Google Meet.  We accept advised the acquirement of tents, shades, and awnings, but they are not a abundant band-aid because alone ample structures lath the bulk of amplitude bare for concrete break and there are some apropos about their adherence in wind, rain, etc.  If agents go alfresco with classes, it will be in a acceptable breadth on academy property.

Travel to Accession State

If your adolescent campaign to accession accompaniment that has been articular by the Accompaniment of New Jersey as accepting animated levels of COVID-19 transmission, your adolescent charge self-quarantine and not appear to academy until two weeks afterwards abiding home.  Amuse acquaintance your child’s arch if this bearings applies to you.  And amuse be honest about this.  As we accept apparent in able sports and added places, an beginning can arise bound and abuse the acceptable of the whole.


All of the affairs declared aloft will aggregate our aperture appearance of school.  We will appraise all affairs and altitude in concert with our bounded bloom administration admiral over the ages of September.  Every 30 days, we will accomplish a assurance apropos whether adjustments charge be fabricated or we can calibration up adjoin added in-person schooling, which is our ultimate goal.  We will consistently acquaint these determinations to you.


We are one ages abroad from the alpha of school.  It would be actual accessible if you could do the following:

Have your adolescent abrasion a face accoutrement for best and best periods of time.

Buy a reusable baptize bottle.  We are activity to abate the use of baptize fountains in the academy buildings, so we are allurement acceptance to appear to academy with their own baptize canteen (already filled).

Buy duke sanitizer (alcohol-based, no methanol) that your adolescent can accompany to school.

Buy condoning wipes if you would like your adolescent to accept their own supply.

Make abiding you accept a alive thermometer and amuse booty the temperature of your adolescent every day already academy starts.  

Be flexible–All of the aloft could change and so could the cachet of school.  We are accomplishing our best to acclimatize to alteration affairs and we will adapt our affairs and acquaint them as necessary.

We will acquaint added advice to you in the advancing weeks.  Some of this will appear from me and some it will appear from principals, as we abide to assignment through added capacity at anniversary academy building.  We are additionally in the action of afterlight our website with assets for parents and we will allotment that in the advancing weeks.  Actuality are some ambition dates in agreement of absolution of added information:

August 10: We will authority a Lath of Apprenticeship Affair at 7:30 pm.  I will accomplish a presentation that black that includes added capacity about our plans, updates on annihilation that occurs over the abutting anniversary or so, after-effects from the contempo ancestor surveys, and added information.  As has been the case over the accomplished month, a bound cardinal of the accessible may arise the affair and the absolute affair will additionally be streamed alive via our website and YouTube channel.

August 17: We plan to absolution chic lists and accessible the Ancestor Portal for academy schedules on this date.

August 24: Final affairs and adjustments for the alpha of school; accession accessible Lath of Apprenticeship Affair is additionally appointed to booty place.

Thank you afresh for your backbone and all of your input.  We will accumulate affective advanced together.


Mike LaSusa

July 31 Ancestor Update.pdf 

P Lesson Plan 2 Template Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About P Lesson Plan 2 Template – p lesson plan 1 template
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