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S1: Jeremy Stall is a chief editor actuality at Slate, covers the Administering of Justice, and he spends a lot of his time cerebration about one specific bend of the amends system.

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S2: The Southern Commune of New York, S.D., and why the best important affair to apperceive about FDNY is that it is historically accepted for its independence.

S1: The FDNY is so absolute that a prosecutor Admiral Clinton appointed to this arrangement concluded up investigating him.

S2: And it’s alike got a nickname, the absolute commune of New York, which comes from the actuality that it is considers itself about an absolute article from the Administering of Justice, admitting every added U.S. attorney’s arrangement does not.

S1: I anticipate it’s fair to say that this absolute streak, it hasn’t been accepted by Admiral Trump or the accepted advocate general. That became bright this accomplished weekend, as Jeffrey Berman, who’d been the advance prosecutor at the FDNY, was absolved in a ambagious two day episode.

S2: So it’s absorbing with the bodies who were acquisitive and gluttonous to advance the adeptness of this office, some of them were aghast with Jeffrey Berman’s appointment. Jeffrey Berman did the actual aberrant footfall of interviewing alone with Donald Trump for this position aback he aboriginal got this job.

S1: And that was apparent as a no no.

S2: That was apparent as that was a no no.

S1: This was bad anatomy for the admiral and the prosecutor.

S2: That was basically an aberrant move by the admiral to the actuality that he accustomed to actual aboriginal on allege to this guy and annual this guy and and accomplish abiding he was allotment of the team. Possibly that was actual unusual.

S1: It’s funny because Jeffrey Berman replaced Preet Bharara, who had led the arrangement and abundantly larboard in this affectionate of apprehensive cloud. A lot of abashing aback and alternating about whether he was accursed or resigned. And now, a brace of years later, the actual aforementioned affair seems to accept happened with Berman.

S2: Yeah. What happened actuality with Jeffrey Berman? I see the alongside that you’re talking about, Mary, in that this was a surprise. It was an brusque it happened, you know, June. Friday afternoon affectionate of bent anybody off guard.

S1: But Jeremy additionally sees article else. How abounding years aback Preet Bharara larboard office? The rules and norms about how this administering operates accept gotten twisted. How the abrupt battlefront of one U.S. advocate could be an anomaly. But now, years later, seems to fit into a beyond pattern.

S2: So with Preet, it acquainted like, OK, well, they can they can alibi themselves for this because it’s not absolutely aberrant to alter these positions at the alpha of an administration. In this case, you know, we apperceive that that arrangement has been investigating Trump’s assassin claimed attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

S1: I mean, it sounds like what you’re adage is aback Preet Bharara was fired, there was smoke. Yes. But now with Jeffrey Berman, there’s fire.

S3: Yes.

S4: That is additionally accurate because of aloof a arrangement of how this Administering of Amends of Amends has operated beneath this advocate accepted in agreement of activity out of its way at every about-face to seek to assure the president’s interests. Rule of law be accursed and normal, accustomed convenance be damned.

S5: Today on the show, what this arrangement reporters like Jeremy accept noticed adeptness beggarly about Advocate Accepted Bar and the cases he’s answerable with prosecuting, including cases adjoin his own boss, Admiral Trump. I’m Mary Harris. You’re alert to what next? Stick with us.

S1: Well, let’s do a beat tock of absolutely what happened this weekend, because I anticipate if you’re a accidental observer, it seemed really, absolutely confusing. And the abashing started on Friday aback Bill Barr appear that Jeffrey Berman was resigning.

S2: Yeah. He said, you know, that Wimar Advocate Accepted William Barr said on Friday evening, afresh in this awful aberrant announcement. Jeffrey Berman would be dispatch bottomward and that he would be replaced in this awful aberrant way alfresco of the accustomed arrangement procedures. And afresh actual quickly, the Southern Commune U.S. attorney, Herman, put out this annual saying, I’m I’m not resigning.

S1: This is absolutely uncommon. Right.

S2: I’m aggravating to anticipate of a alongside bearings area a U.S. advocate absolutely rebuked the sitting advocate accepted as he was action to abolish the U.S. advocate from office. And I candidly can’t I can’t anticipate of a agnate I mean, the abutting alongside I can anticipate of is, you know, the Saturday Night Massacre that Richard Nixon accomplished aback he accustomed to accept the appropriate prosecutor who is investigating Watergate accursed and aloof got rid of advocate accepted afterwards advocate accepted backup afterwards advocate accepted replaced until he got the actuality who would do his bidding alfresco of that analogy. It’s absolutely adamantine to anticipate of article similar, alike admitting these two things are acutely quite, absolutely distinct.

S1: So afresh on Saturday, we accept William Barr adage the admiral is now adage that Jeffrey Berman is fired. And afresh you accept the admiral saying, I’m not complex in the advocate general.

S6: Advocate Accepted Barr is alive on that. That’s his department, not my department. But we accept a actual able advocate general. So that’s absolutely up to him.

S1: I’m not involved, which all seems aberrant on their end.

S2: Yeah, well, let’s attending contested is that, you know, the admiral does accept the adeptness as the arch of the controlling branch, if he wants to blaze the U.S. attorney. He he can do it. And by Sunday, apparently, they had affectionate of straightened out their belief and Trump was saying, well, it was a procedural thing. In an annual with Fox News. The admiral told Fox News that it was a procedural affair that the advocate accepted had asked him to do in agreement of dispatch into to blaze Berman. But either way, ultimately, it was aural the president’s ascendancy to do that. And added importantly, what the advocate accepted said, the advocate accepted said, OK, we’ll chase the accustomed almsman procedure. And Audrey’s Strouse, who is Jeffrey Berman’s deputy, will booty over that arrangement until a abiding almsman is accustomed by the Senate and accepted by the Senate. And what that did was that accustomed Jeffrey Berman to footfall off of this position, that he was activity to, you know, try to broad in this arrangement indefinitely and say, you apperceive what? As continued as as continued as this actuality is in allegation of this office, I feel actual adequate abrogation it to her. And I will go. And that’s what happened.

S1: Yeah. It seemed all forth that what was important to Jeffrey Berman was ensuring this alternation of command, ensuring addition he trusted took over the office. Do we accept any abstraction why that was the acropolis he capital to die on?

S2: All we apperceive are these tea leaves and little clues that he larboard in his aboriginal in his Friday agenda adage that he would not be leaving. And the above one is that he said that he was activity to break on to ensure that advancing investigations would be adequate and be chargeless of about chargeless of political interference. So the implication, I guess, then, was that he did not assurance others, an outsider, to appear in and do that on cases that he and the arrangement were currently alive on and that Audrey Strauss now will be in allegation of which who he afresh does assurance in some ways.

S1: Jeffrey Berman had this protection. He was appointed in a funny way by board and absolutely alone the admiral could blaze him. Does Audrey Strauss accept any of those protections?

S2: She does not. She could be accursed by William Barr, which would acquiesce Barr to already afresh do the president’s bedraggled assignment if if it comes to that. And if there comes a bearings area her actuality in that arrangement is an aggravation to anyone.

S7: Allotment of the acumen this Jeffrey Berman adjoin William Barr move aloft so abounding flags is because the FDNY has been a active force abaft abounding absolute investigations of the Trump administration, investigations into the president’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, investigations into Trump donors who were bound in the president’s impeachment. The FDNY alike prosecuted Michael Cohen, a man who was already accepted as the president’s fixer.

S1: So there is some autograph in The Atlantic that basically said there are three possibilities actuality for what happened. And one is aloof a straightforward. The admiral capital to affectionate of accord this prosecutor position as a advocacy role to addition to accolade addition for it. But the others bound absolved that. Like, it’s a awe-inspiring time to do that. The added one of the added affidavit was over television. This guy’s been investigating Trump, and this is array of a punishment. What do you anticipate about that reasoning?

S2: I anticipate that it’s accessible to see the like how appointing a golfing associate adeptness attending like a advocacy move. And in agreement of the angle of retaliation, we’ve apparent afresh and afresh and afresh how this White House and this Administering of Amends amusement bodies that they accede to accept gone adjoin them. And I’m cerebration accurately of all the accumulation firings and removals that occurred afterwards the allegation saga.

S1: But a affiliate of this administering doesn’t accept to actively baffle the admiral to get his attention. Simply acceptance an analysis into Trump to move advanced bare has concluded careers, too. And that may be what happened here, you know, in Jeffrey Burmans case.

S2: He did this. This move of recusing himself from this actual important case anon or it accompanying to Trump’s claimed interests of the Michael Cohen case, a case in which Michael Cohen has anon active the admiral in accessible cloister and said, I did these crimes at the bidding of the admiral of Donald Trump, who is now the admiral of the United States. And in aloof recusing himself from that case and acceptance it to go advanced as it did, one can see how that adeptness be advised a big abundant betrayal to this admiral to accreditation backfire or removal.

S1: Yeah, we apperceive this admiral isn’t a fan of recusals. I mean, he got rid of Jeff Sessions afterwards he recused himself for the Mueller investigations.

S2: Yes. That, you know, the angle of the recusal as betrayal, I think, speaks to how Trump has abundantly declared about what he wants from a Administering of Justice, which is he wants a aegis racket. He wants a Roy Cohn. He wants a claimed advocate to be accomplishing what he wants and operating to assure his accompany and possibly alike to go afterwards his adversaries.

S1: And we should accomplish this point, which is that who leads these offices is absolutely important. This isn’t the aboriginal time that the advocate general, William Barr, has put or accustomed to put addition who’s abutting to him in allegation of an office. This happened in Washington and that did end up accepting a absolute appulse on cases involving the Trump administration. Can you aloof acquaint that story?

S2: Yeah. And it was a agnate it was an absorbing agnate activating area you had in the U.S. attorney’s arrangement in the Commune of Columbia, Jesse Lou, who is additionally advised to be, you know, a actual bourgeois Republican who would serve as somebody who could be trusted to administer that office. But afresh aback advance came to boost and aback the prosecutors in that office, the line, the band prosecutors in the arrangement came in with the cases that Robert Mueller presented that were anon impacting on Trump’s accompany and political allies, Jesse Mood was complex in those cases and she didn’t baffle with those cases. She didn’t put those cases to a stop. She didn’t assure the admiral in any absolute way. Those cases did go forward. You’re talking about cases adjoin Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, cases adjoin Roger Stone and Michael Flynn specifically. And afresh in February, area she was weirdly replaced beneath actual aberrant arrangement scenario, area she was told she was accepting a position that she ultimately didn’t get. And the advocate accepted best Timothy Shea, this actual abutting confidant, to anon alter her. And immediately, anon you saw the appulse with what he did with that arrangement in agreement of in that Roger Stone case and in that Michael Flynn case, alive on annual of bent defendants, one of whom had pled accusable and wonderful, whom had been bedevilled in both of those cases, the attorneys who are alive on them for the DOJ resigned.

S1: Right. Yep.

S2: And one of the cases there was an absolute abandonment for that from the Administering of Justice. And I accept that that official is testifying afore Congress this week, I think. But otherwise, the prosecutors on those cases aloof stepped bottomward from the cases.

S1: So you can see how these decisions are putting these online attorneys in amid a bedrock and a adamantine place, like authoritative them accept whose ancillary are you on?

S2: Yeah, and to their credit, the bodies who are alive in the academy day to day accept done what’s right, it seems, for the best part.

S4: In agreement of accomplishing their jobs and afresh aback their jobs were thwarted, accomplishing the the acute and important footfall of assuming to some admeasurement what was accident by dispatch down, they created a book by which bodies were added acquainted of what this advocate accepted was accomplishing and how he was interfering in the levers of amends took to assure the president. But additionally it resulted in assorted belletrist from bags of above Administering of Amends officials. I anticipate twenty bristles hundred at this calculation who absolute said this actuality is abusing his ability and he charge go. This actuality actuality the advocate accepted by Embar, this actuality advocate about Embar is abusing his ability and he charge go.

S1: What you’re laying out is a pattern. It seems like to me. What are the mechanisms area added branches of government in Washington could arbitrate at this point? I apperceive you’ve been absolutely analytical of the Democrats in the accomplished for not captivation William Barr to account.

S2: Well, you know, it’s adamantine because to accord them some credit, they did try to accuse the admiral and they did. I didn’t go about-face out as they wanted. So it’s difficult afresh to aback the Republican majority that controls the Senate has apparent no absorption in captivation this administering accurately answerable up to the president. It’s difficult to afresh about-face about and say, OK, we’re activity to go afterwards his is primary agent and achievement that they see the ablaze there.

S1: Well, aback was the aftermost time that William Barr was alike in Congress giving testimony, like accomplishing the basics at the aforementioned time he has abhorred testifying afore Congress like the plague.

S2: And he is declared to be accomplishing that. He had alike agreed, I believe, to do that this summer and backed out already again. And so now we’re activity to accept this actual aberrant accident on Wednesday, this week, area the House Judiciary Committee that has administering over all of this is activity to be interviewing associates of ours, Administering of Justice, about abnormal political access and arrest in that Administering of Justice, Justice. And the advocate accepted is abnegation to appearance up to avert himself or allege or alike explain himself.

S1: So the guy that the Trump administering originally capital to alter Berman with, he hasn’t gone away. This guy, Jay Clayton from the S.E.C., but now we talked about how, you know, accepting complex with Barr and captivation him answerable in Congress and the Senate apparently wouldn’t happen. But the Senate does accept the ability to accept a choice like that.

S2: So what do we apperceive about how that action adeptness go so that the way that action commonly goes is that in those cases, if your home accompaniment senator, it is agent from the accompaniment of the office, which is accessible for the appointment, altar to that arrangement historically, the administrator of the Judiciary Committee, who is now Lindsey Graham. But historically, whoever that administrator is, has accustomed the homestate senators privileges to adios the choice absolute and to say, I do not accede with this arrangement in my home. Accompaniment Agent Lindsey Graham, for now, has said he will account that. And that agency about that Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand accept vetoes over this and that they accept the befalling to say no to this appointment. And they’ve already said that they would be appliance that. It charcoal to be apparent whether or not the Judiciary Committee chairman, Lindsey Graham, is activity to stick by that and how continued he adeptness stick by that.

S1: Yeah, I admiration if you see that as a success or whether you see it as anemic sauce.

S2: It depends on what happens abutting with the accepted U.S. attorney. Audrey Strauss. And if she’s accustomed to do her job.

S7: Jeremy Stahl, acknowledge you so abundant for abutting me. Acknowledge you, Mary. Jeremy Stal is a chief editor at Slate. And that’s the show. What Abutting is produced by Mary Wilson, Jason de Leon and Daniel Hewitt. We’ve got advice every anniversary from Alicia McMurry and Allison Benedikt. I’m Mary Harris. I’ll bolt you aback actuality tomorrow.

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