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New Hire Request Letter 1 Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About New Hire Request Letter

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

new hire request letter
 Printable request to hire new employee sample letter ..

Printable request to hire new employee sample letter .. | new hire request letter

During the anniversary of June 22, 2020, the U.S. Department of Activity (“DOL”) Allowance and Hour Division (“WHD”) issued three Acreage Assistance Bulletins, anniversary accouterment advice to WHD acreage agents apropos three altered acquiescence issues accompanying to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, on June 25, 2020, the DOL appear bristles fact-specific assessment belletrist discussing assorted pay practices accurately apropos to assertive salespersons and canton government employees.

Each of the contempo Acreage Assistance Bulletins at atomic tangentially chronicle to the COVID-19 pandemic. The aboriginal account announces a change to the DOL’s convenance of gluttonous pre-litigation asleep damages. The additional account addresses aback an agent may booty leave beneath the Families Aboriginal Coronavirus Acknowledgment Act (“FFCRA”) to affliction for a adolescent based on the cease of a summer affected or added summer programs. Finally, the third account provides advice apropos aback schools that accept physically bankrupt in acknowledgment to the COVID-19 are advised “in session” for purposes of adolescent activity laws.

Since 2011, the DOL accustomed asleep damages—which bifold the bulk of aback pay workers receive—as allotment of any pre-litigation adjourned adjustment of declared Fair Activity Standards Act (“FLSA”) violations.  On June 24, 2020, the DOL provided administration with some acceptable account aback it announced that the bureau will no best automatically accompany pre-litigation asleep amercement in authoritative actions. The DOL explained that the change in convenance was based on President Trump’s Executive Adjustment 13924, Regulatory Abatement to Abutment Bread-and-butter Recovery, requiring the DOL to abide removing assertive authoritative and administration barriers to bread-and-butter abundance as America strives to defeat the bread-and-butter furnishings of COVID-19.

According to the DOL, authoritative FLSA investigations involving asleep amercement booty 28% added time than those involving aback accomplishment only. Thus, the DOL bidding that that continuing to seek accretion of pre-litigation asleep amercement as the rule, rather than the exception, would be an authoritative administration convenance that would potentially arrest bread-and-butter accretion in these aggravating times, decidedly as administration face atypical and applied challenges in applying the FLSA to new altitude in acknowledgment to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, in adjustment to abate the time bare to achieve FLSA authoritative cases and to accommodate aback accomplishment to advisers faster, the WHD will no best accompany pre-litigation asleep amercement from administration by default.

Accordingly, able July 1, 2020, the DOL will not appraise pre-litigation asleep amercement if any one of the afterward affairs are present:

there is not bright affirmation of bad acceptance and willfulness;

the employer’s account for the violation(s) appearance that the violation(s) were the aftereffect of a bona fide altercation of active law beneath the FLSA;

the employer has no antecedent history of violations;

the amount involves alone advantage only;

the amount involves circuitous area 13(a)(1) and 13(b)(1) exemptions; or

the amount involves State and bounded government agencies or added non-profits.

Further, anniversary appeal for pre-litigation asleep amercement beneath the FLSA charge be submitted to and accustomed by both the WHD Administrator and the Solicitor of Activity (or either of her designees) on an alone case-by-case basis.

It is important to accept that this new activity does not affect the DOL’s ascendancy to seek asleep amercement adjoin administration in court, and does not prohibit advisers from advancing asleep amercement in clandestine accomplishments adjoin employers. Although this new advice does not absolutely annihilate the achievability that an employer may be accountable to bifold amercement in all wage-and-hour claims, administration can breathe a blow of abatement as they try to cross the altered challenges created by COVID-19, alive that the DOL will not automatically accompany pre-litigation asleep amercement in authoritative actions. With that said, administration should abide to accede with all allowance and hour requirements, and should argue with an advocate as questions appear in adjustment to abstain the abeyant acknowledgment associated with FLSA violations.

On June 26, 2020, the DOL released guidance regarding aback an agent may booty leave beneath the FFCRA to affliction for his or her adolescent based on the cease of a summer camp, summer accessory program, or added summer program, for COVID-19 accompanying reasons.

The FFCRA requires accessible administration and clandestine administration with beneath than 500 advisers to accommodate acceptable advisers with up to 80 hours of paid ailing leave and up to 12 weeks of broadcast ancestors and medical leave, of which up to 10 weeks may be paid (these requirements dusk on December 31, 2020, unless continued by Congress). One of the condoning affidavit for leave beneath the FFCRA is if the agent is clumsy to assignment or telework due to a charge to affliction for his or her adolescent whose abode of affliction is bankrupt due to COVID-19 accompanying reasons. A “place of care” is a concrete area in which affliction is provided for the employee’s adolescent while the agent works and includes schools and day affliction centers, as able-bodied as summer camps and summer accessory programs.

However, clashing schools and day affliction centers, abounding summer camps and programs bankrupt in acknowledgment to COVID-19 before any accouchement began to appear and, in some cases, afore they were alike able to enroll. Such camps and programs accordingly would not accept been places of affliction of any adolescent at the time they closed. Accordingly, free whether a bankrupt affected or affairs would accept been the abode of affliction of an employee’s child, condoning him or her for leave beneath the FFCRA, is somewhat confusing. The DOL advice attempts to accommodate clarification.

The DOL accurately accustomed that summer camps and programs may authorize as places of affliction for the purposes of FFCRA leave, alike if they would accept not been operating at the time those regulations were issued in April 2020. However, the catechism is whether a specific summer affected or affairs would accept been the abode of affliction for an employee’s adolescent had it not bankrupt for COVID-19 accompanying reasons, which charge be accustomed by a advantage of affirmation in any administration activity (i.e., added acceptable than not).

In the bulletin, the DOL advises WHD board evaluating whether an employer break denied FFCRA leave to an agent based on the cease of a summer affected or affairs to accede whether there is affirmation of a plan for the adolescent to appear the affected or program. If there is no “plan,” board are instructed to appraise whether it is still added acceptable than not that the adolescent would accept abounding the affected or affairs had it not bankrupt due to COVID-19. A ancestor or guardian’s bald absorption in a affected or affairs is about not enough. The DOL indicates that the afterward affairs would acceptable be acceptable to authenticate that a bankrupt summer affected or affairs may be advised the abode of affliction for an employee’s child:

The adolescent was enrolled in the affected or affairs afore it closed.

The agent took added acknowledging accomplish abbreviate of absolute enrollment, for example, acquiescence of an appliance or drop afore the closure.

The adolescent had ahead abounding and is currently acceptable to appear the affected or program, for example, if the adolescent abounding during the summers of 2018 or 2019, that may announce the affected or affairs would accept been the child’s abode of affliction during summer 2020, as continued as the adolescent continues to amuse abilities for attendance.

An agent who requests FFCRA leave charge accommodate the employer with advice in abutment of the charge for leave either orally or in writing, including an account of the acumen for leave and a account that the agent is clumsy to assignment because of that reason. Additionally, in the case of leave to affliction for the employee’s adolescent whose academy or abode of affliction is closed, the agent charge provide: (1) the name of the child, (2) the name of the academy or abode of care, and (3) a account that no added acceptable being is accessible to affliction for the child. An agent who requests leave to affliction for his or her adolescent based on the cease of a summer camp, summer accessory program, or added summer affairs is accountable to these aforementioned requirements and should accommodate the name of the specific summer affected or affairs that would accept been the abode of affliction for the adolescent had it not closed.

Due to the nuanced attributes of this analysis, we acclaim consulting with admonition afore abstinent an employee’s appeal for FFCRA leave based on the cease of a child’s summer affected or program.

The added Acreage Assistance Account appear on June 26, 2020 is pertinent to administration who administer amateur beneath the age of 16.  Specifically, the DOL provided guidance regarding aback schools that accept physically bankrupt in acknowledgment to the COVID-19 communicable are nonetheless advised to be “in session” for the purposes of applicative adolescent activity laws. The DOL’s Adolescent Activity regulations outline appliance standards for 14- and 15-year olds, including limitations on hours of appliance depending on whether academy is “in session.” Beneath these regulations, 14- and 15-yearolds are bound to assuming nonagricultural assignment for three hours on academy canicule and eight hours on non-school canicule for a absolute of 18 hours per anniversary aback academy is in session. Aback academy is not in session, they can assignment up to eight hours a day and up to 40 hours a week.  Due to COVID-19, abounding accessible schools accept bankrupt their doors and accordingly no best crave acceptance to physically appear school; however, abounding schools nonetheless abide to crave acceptance to accept basic apprenticeship through ambit learning.

Under this DOL guidance, if a accessible academy commune physically closes schools in acknowledgment to COVID-19 but requires all acceptance to abide apprenticeship through basic or ambit acquirements for at atomic one day or during any allotment of one day, academy is in affair in the academy commune during that day and that week.  Beneath those circumstances, amateur age 14 and 15 may not assignment during academy hours, as bent by the accessible academy commune in which they reside, and charge absolute hours of appliance to three hours in any day in which basic or ambit acquirements is required, eight hours in any day in which no basic or ambit acquirements is scheduled, and 18 hours in the week. If the accessible academy commune has physically bankrupt schools and has not issued new academy hours for basic or ambit learning, the academy hours that were in aftereffect afore the academy cease abide to apply.

Employers who administer amateur beneath the age of 16 should be acquainted of this advice and should accomplish abiding they apperceive whether or not the minor-employee’s academy is “in session” (i.e., acute basic or ambit learning), alike if the academy itself is physically closed.  If the accessory employee’s academy is acute basic or ambit learning, the employer should be accurate not to agenda the accessory agent for added hours than acceptable beneath applicative adolescent activity regulations.

In accession to the Acreage Assistance Bulletins, the DOL additionally appear bristles assessment belletrist apropos assorted wage-and-hour topics:

Salespersons who biking to altered locations to advertise articles appliance their employer’s cartage authorize for the outside-sales absolution beneath area 13(a)(1) of the FLSA, and the employer is not appropriate to pay them minimum allowance or overtime pay. See FLSA2020-6.

Automobile dealerships may be able to use allurement payments from auto manufacturers to advice accommodated their obligation to pay salespeople minimum wage, depending on the acceding amid the parties. See FLSA2020-7.

Salespersons who set up displays and accomplish demonstrations at assorted retail locations, not owned, operated, or controlled by their employer, are absolved from overtime and minimum allowance “only if their primary assignment is assuming sales assignment directed against the cleanup of their own sales.” However, sales fabricated through a third-party banker like a big-box store, “may not authorize as sales assignment directed against the cleanup of their own sales unless the advisers access a charge to buy from the barter and are accustomed acclaim for the sales that were consummated accurately through their efforts.” See FLSA2020-8.

An emergency-management administrator active by a canton government may authorize for the abstruse able or authoritative exemptions if his or her duties chronicle “to acceptable with the ‘running or servicing’ of the canton government itself.” See FLSA2020-9.

The FLSA does not prohibit the employer from classifying a artisan as absolved from overtime or minimum-wage payments aback a retail or account business is starting a “representative period” for a new agent or for a store, and aback it is cryptic what the akin of agency will be; however, if the employer chooses to do this, the employer charge pay overtime exceptional advantage for any overtime hours formed during that aeon if commissions do not aggregate added than bisected of the worker’s advantage at the end of that period. See FLSA2020-10.

Although these assessment belletrist are somewhat attenuated in their application, they accommodate nuanced advice for analogously anchored administration with commensurable pay practices and arrangements. Administration are encouraged to consistently analysis their pay practices, with the advice of counsel, to ensure compliance.

© Copyright 2020 Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLPNational Law Review, Volume X, Number 183

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