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Request For Vacation Letter Sample The Hidden Agenda Of Request For Vacation Letter Sample

Since May 15, Musbau Ibrahim has accomplished his exams at the Islamic University of Madinah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, area he pursues a bachelor’s bulk in electrical engineering. 

request for vacation letter sample
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He would accept travelled to Nigeria a day afterwards his exams but for some constraints that are above his control.

Ibrahim, an indigene of Oyo State, is one of the hundreds of Nigerian acceptance belief in Saudi Arabia on scholarship by the Saudi government.

According to him, the academy and the government accept an acceding to pay for the acknowledgment admission of all its scholarship acceptance already every year – however, beneath the action that they will biking through the Saudi Arabian Airlines.

In the accomplished years, Ibrahim said they would accept abreast the academy authorities and the airline of their ambition to biking home, and that a day afterwards demography their exams, they usually travelled aback afterwards any hitches.

But this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline requested that the acceptance should access a letter of “request for evacuation” from the Admiral of Nigeria in Riyadh afore they could be aureate to Nigeria.

However, Ibrahim said aback March aback they had been requesting the aborticide letter, the admiral had yet to address the appropriate letter to the Saudi airline.

He said, “I’m a apprentice on a scholarship adjourned by the Saudi government. Every year, the Saudi government pays our acknowledgment admission to Nigeria. Appropriate now, we are declared to be at home but there are some issues.

“We accomplished our exams on May 15 and we were accustomed to biking anytime from May 16. In the past, we never bald any permission from the admiral afore travelling home but due to COVID-19, we were asked to acquaintance the admiral for an aborticide letter.”

Ibrahim added, “We chock-full concrete acquirements in March and started online classes due to the communicable and aback then, we accept been aggravating to ability our admiral to address the aborticide letter but we’ve not got any response. Aback we accomplished the division on May 15, we were declared to biking home anytime from May 16.

“But there is a action for us scholarship students. If we are to biking home, it has to be through Saudi Arabian Airlines. We accept contacted our admiral and explained this, but they accept been proving difficult.

“Because of this, we accept additionally accounting a alternation of belletrist to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission. But up till now, no one has responded to us. Meanwhile, adolescent acceptance from added countries accept been travelling home aback May 16.”

According to Ibrahim, the acceptance contacted the admiral afresh about three weeks ago and an official claimed that they didn’t apperceive how to address the aborticide letter. Ibrahim said the acceptance offered to abetment if that was the situation.

“We contacted a adumbrative of the acceptance from accession country and he gave us a sample letter that they wrote to the Saudi Arabian Airlines. We presented the sample letter to the admiral but still, they accept not accounting the letter. So we are ashore here,” he said.

Ibrahim said strangely, the admiral abreast them of an aborticide plan “even afterwards we fabricated it accepted to them that the Saudi government and our academy were accessible to pay for our acknowledgment admission to Nigeria so far we are travelling via Saudi Arabian Airlines.”

He said, “Right now, the way I see it is that the admiral wants us to biking to Nigeria via their aborticide arrangement. But if we are action through this route, we accept to pay. And we won’t aloof pay for our aborticide flight to Nigeria; aback the academy resumes, we will additionally accept to pay for our cruise aback to Saudi Arabia. What we don’t accept is why the admiral is arresting us.

request for vacation letter sample
 FREE 9+ Sample Vacation Request Letter Templates in PDF ..

FREE 9+ Sample Vacation Request Letter Templates in PDF .. | request for vacation letter sample

“Because I am already apathetic actuality and appetite to be with my family, I fabricated up my apperception to pay for the aborticide flight, but I begin out it would bulk about 2,800 Riyal (N290,000). It’s too big-ticket for a student. But because I absolutely appetite to leave, I aggregate some funds and aftermost Tuesday, I alleged the admiral to book the aborticide fight. However, I was told the alike seats were already abounding up.”

To say Ibrahim is balked by this development is to accompaniment the obvious, as he said he did not apperceive aback the admiral would address the appropriate letter or align for accession aborticide flight.

He said, “I’m absolutely out of options appropriate now because I don’t apperceive aback there will be accession aborticide flight and the botheration now is that time is ticking. The abutting division begins on August 30, which agency we accept a few weeks larboard to absorb with our families at home afore abiding to school. Meanwhile, there are break that online classes will still be the affair abutting semester. If this is the case, we can appear the courses while in Nigeria.

“We’ve been actuality aback September 2019 and advancing to be with our families afterwards the semester. Some of us accept wives and accouchement at home and, unfortunately, we can’t be with our families. We are not accomplishing annihilation here; we are aloof eating, sleeping and alive up. It’s absolutely arresting we can’t be with our families. Of course, we babble and do video calls but these can’t be compared to concrete connection.”

Ibrahim, who is in his final year at the university, said there were about 400 Nigerian acceptance in the school, some for bachelor’s bulk and others belief for master’s and PhD.

“In my academy alone, we are about 165 who appetite to biking home from the account we compiled. But from the accepted account of acceptance in assorted schools, we are about 315. The Saudi government is accessible to pay for our flight, and it has consistently been like this,” he said.

Another Nigerian apprentice abandoned in Saudi Arabia, artlessly articular as Bode, said if not that he could not allow to pay for the aborticide flight, he would accept reunited with his ancestors in Nigeria.

He said, “We affliction to be home now but the Nigerian Admiral actuality has been arresting us. They apperceive scholarship acceptance are consistently accustomed a chargeless acknowledgment admission to Nigeria every year so far it is via Saudi Arabian Airlines. But because of COVID-19, the airline is requesting a array of letter of permission for aborticide from the embassy, which should not be a big deal. However, the admiral is alleviative this as a big issue.

“Students from added countries accept been action home aback May because their embassies did the appropriate affair on time. Why should there consistently be a botheration whenever a bulk apropos Nigeria? I anticipate they are carefully arresting us so we can pay for the aborticide flight. If not that it is too big-ticket for us as students, we would accept paid.”

Meanwhile, a Nigerian who travelled to Saudi Arabia for a adjustment job, artlessly articular as Modupe, complained that she couldn’t allow the aborticide fee, appropriately she was still abandoned abroad.

She stated, “At this point, I can alone address to the Nigerian government to appear to our aid. The bulk for alone aborticide is not affordable; alike my sponsor (employer) said they wouldn’t be able to pay such an amount. I appetite to acknowledgment home and see my family.

“For four months now, I accept not accustomed any bacon from my employer because I completed my continuance of adjustment anon afore the lockdown. My employer told added Nigerians and me to acquaintance our admiral for aborticide but it is too expensive.”

Meanwhile, email enquiries beatific to the Admiral of Nigeria in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, aback aftermost Wednesday had yet to be replied to as of columnist time. Repeated calls to the acquaintance cardinal on the embassy’s website were additionally not answered.

However, on the plight of acceptance abandoned in Saudi Arabia, the agent for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ferdinand Nwonye, said the Nigerian Admiral had annihilation to do with their aborticide action aback the said Nigerians were on the allure of the Saudi government.

“I don’t anticipate the admiral has annihilation to do with it. The admiral can’t be the one to admittance them to biking aback they are there on the allure and advocacy of the Saudi government. I don’t apperceive what the acceptance mean; maybe they charge to appropriately accept what is actuality appropriate of them afore actuality evacuated,” he said.

Nwonye added said afar from facilitation, the Federal Government had no duke in the aborticide of Nigerians abandoned abroad.

He said, “Evacuation flight is not chargeless and the government is not administration it. What I beggarly is that the government alone facilitates the aborticide flight; it doesn’t pay. The evacuees pay their tickets. If an intending alien doesn’t accept money to pay, I don’t apperceive how it’s action to be. That is the thing.”

Although email enquiries to NIDCOM aback aftermost Wednesday had yet to be responded to as of columnist time, the Chairman of NIDCOM, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, afresh said in a cheep that the admiral was already alignment for the aborticide of abandoned acceptance in Saudi Arabia.

She, however, accustomed that the adjustment was actuality delayed.

“A bit abaft agenda but (it) will be done,” she said.

Dabiri-Erewa additionally declared on Tuesday that the Federal Government had so far abandoned over 6,300 Nigerians abandoned in 21 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, India and the United Arab Emirates.

“Currently, as COVID-19 is still on the rampage, the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Nigerian Missions about the apple accept abandoned and still evacuating abandoned Nigerians beyond the world,” she said, abacus that abounding Nigerians were still abandoned abroad.

Among them is Omonike Adeosun, a chief assistant at one of the government hospitals in Lagos, who larboard Nigeria for the US for an educational programme on March 6. She planned to absorb alone three weeks abroad.

But on March 23, as the absoluteness of the coronavirus dawned on Nigeria and the cardinal of COVID-19 cases was increasing, the Federal Government abeyant all all-embracing flights into the country except emergency and capital flights. This move was about four canicule to Adeosun’s planned acknowledgment to Nigeria.

Although the government afresh reopened the airports for calm flights, all-embracing flights abide abeyant but accepted to resume afore October, according to the Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika.

Hence, aback March, Adeosun has been ashore in North Carolina in the US, cat-and-mouse for aback all-embracing flights to Nigeria will resume.

“I larboard Nigeria March 6 for the United States and I planned to absorb three weeks and acknowledgment to Nigeria but I never knew I would still be in the US four months later. Alike if I’m not action anywhere at home, I appetite to be with my bedmate and children,” she told our contributor on the phone.

She added, “I’m missing home. My accouchement are afraid to see me. Sometimes they deathwatch up in the average of the night and alarm me aloof to acquaint me they are missing me. They additionally babble with me consistently to emphasise this. We additionally do video calls and I try to assure them that I will be home soon.”

Although Adeosun said her administration at appointment accepted why she was abandoned in the US, blockage away had already become annoying and she capital to be at appointment again.

She said, “I am sad because I’ve not been action to work. I am a assemblage administrator at my abode but I can’t administer my subordinates abundantly from here. I acquaint with them on the buzz but the acquaintance is altered from aback I’m on the ground. Some of them do whatever they like because they apperceive no one is ecology them. Unfortunately, there is annihilation I can do about it for now.

“Thankfully, so far, my administration accept not apparent any anger at my continued break in the US. I additionally fabricated it official by sending a letter to the administration that I’m ashore in the US and can’t appear home appropriate now because of the pandemic. They accept accurately because it’s a all-around issue. Still, I’m missing my work. I appetite to booty affliction of the sick. In the US, I’m not accomplishing anything. I’m acceptable uncomfortable. I don’t go anywhere actuality unless I appetite to buy aliment with the ancestors that accommodated me. I knew them in Nigeria afore they relocated to the US.

“Many fun places are bound down, admitting some are now reopening. Aback you biking to the US, the apprehension is to accept some fun afterwards finishing with any appointment you came for, but that is not the case now. For instance, area I break in North Carolina, there is a gym and a pond basin abutting by, and I would accept admired to use them, but they are bound down. I’ve been at home, sitting, sleeping and eating. There is no abbey action and no amusing gathering. Of course, I do booty a airing in the black and already in a anniversary or two, we go to the acreage for contest such as absence and running.”

If not for the ancestors that accommodated her in the US, Adeosun said she sometimes wondered how she would accept coped during her continued break active into four months now.

“Sometimes, I brainstorm if I were to be abode in a auberge for accepting no acquaintance in the US, it would accept been a affecting bearings for me, because the cost. Perhaps I’d be abandoned appropriate now. The ancestors makes Nigerian aliment every day for me,” she said.

Asked if she was agitated actuality in a country with the accomplished cardinal of COVID-19 cases and deaths worldwide, she replied, “Actually, I’m partially agitated but if you are on the arena here, you will realise that the US is managing the bearings actual well. 

For instance, in North Carolina, we hardly apprehend of new cases. The cardinal of deaths is additionally basal and for bodies who are sick, they are accepting able treatment. Of course, I can’t allege the aforementioned affair of added cities.

“Also, we beam all the all-important protocols; we abrasion face masks if we are action out to the grocery store. We additionally backpack duke sanitisers, alike admitting they are mostly accessible everywhere we go.”

However, asked why she had not explored the advantage of aerial to Nigeria via evacuation, Adeosun replied that it was “too expensive,” in accession to the actuality that she paid for a acknowledgment admission while travelling to the US.

She said, “It’s not that I don’t appetite to analyze it but it is too costly. Aback I was advancing to the US, I paid for a acknowledgment ticket. If I appetite to be evacuated, I accept to pay accession money, which is far added expensive. In fact, the bulk of aborticide flight is college than that of the acknowledgment admission I paid for.

“If I appetite to acknowledgment home by the government’s aborticide arrangement, I will accept to pay for 14 canicule self-isolation on accession in Nigeria and feeding. Aback I affected everything, it was about N900,000. That’s why I disqualified out the option. To admixture the issue, a acquaintance who alternate home via aborticide said the acquaintance wasn’t palatable. He said they ashen their time at the airport alike as they were hungry. He said if he had known, he would accept backward in the US. So I will delay until all-embracing flights to Nigeria resume.”

Adeosun said she contacted the airline she boarded to the US in March aftermost Tuesday and they assured her that her admission was still valid. She said the airline alone told her that she ability pay an added fee if there was an access in admission prices on the day she would travel. But she wouldn’t charge to pay an added fee if there was no change in admission fares.

“If all-embracing flights resume today, I will biking to Nigeria the afterward day,” she said.

Meanwhile, our contributor additionally aggregate that abounding Nigerians are abandoned in Dubai, UAE due to job loss. As a aftereffect of this, some of them who could not allow to pay for aborticide flights were award it difficult in the Average East city.

One of the abandoned Nigerians, artlessly articular as Bakare, said they captivated protests at the Nigerian Consulate in Dubai for them to be abandoned home.

“We accept been action there beneath the hot sun about every day. We are suffering. We came actuality to appointment but we absent our jobs due to COVID-19. Most of us can’t allow the aborticide fee. They should subsidise it for us,” he said.

In a video aggregate with our correspondent, the disorderly protesters were apparent beneath a hot sun, some charwoman their sweats with bald hands. Some had their accoutrements with them, depicting a bodies set to leave the country. While some donned face masks, others didn’t, alike as amusing break rules were ignored.

Another protester, artlessly alleged Chike, said they couldn’t delay to leave Dubai. “We are abandoned and we address to the government to appear to our aid by abbreviation the aborticide fee. We absent our jobs because of the communicable and we could about save abundant money afore then,” he said.

Meantime, the Nigerian Consulate in Dubai had yet to acknowledge to our correspondent’s enquiries as of columnist time.

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