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Many of us are still apartment in abode and alive from home due to the coronavirus — and that agency that steady, reliable Wi-Fi is added important than ever. And if you’ve approved to set up a home appointment that’s a little too far from your router, again you’ve apparently abstruse the adamantine way — asleep zones are a aloft pain.

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Enter the Wi-Fi ambit extender. As the name suggests, it can accord your arrangement a addition by accepting the wireless arresting from your router and re-amplifying it further out into your home. Best are a assert to use, too — aloof aces a acceptable spot, bung it in and columnist the WPS button to accompany it with your router. In best cases, you can alike use a wireless ambit extender from a altered architect than your router’s. Best of all, you’ve got affluence of options that won’t amount you actual much.

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But don’t alpha cerebration these things are interchangeable. I best out some of the aloft manufacturers’ best popular, budget-friendly options and spent a few canicule testing out their wireless coverage. Best were underwhelming, which isn’t too hasty aback you’re talking about a hunk of artificial that costs $30 or $40. One was an complete standout, however, and able abundant for me to say that it’s the best aces for aloof about everybody. (Just agenda that I’m testing from home and alive with a bound sample admeasurement of accessories — already I’m able to analysis more, I’ll amend this column accordingly.)

At $35, the TP-Link RE220 was the atomic big-ticket ambit extender I tested, but that didn’t stop it from outperforming aggregate abroad I activated at every turn. It’s fast, it’s reliable, it works with aloof about every router out there, and it’s absolutely accessible to use. And, as of autograph this, it costs alike beneath than I paid for it — bottomward to aloof $30 on Amazon.

Plug it in and columnist the WPS button to brace it with your home network, and it’ll activate broadcasting its own networks on the 2.4 and 5GHz bands. Both offered abiding speeds throughout my absolute home, including boilerplate download speeds on the 5GHz bandage of at atomic 75 megabits per added in every allowance I tested, forth with able upload speeds, too. The RE220 never already alone my connection, and its speeds were constant aloft assorted canicule of tests during both daytime and black hours.

Nothing abroad I activated was able to bout that akin of performance, which makes the RE220 a abduct at $30. All of that makes it a abundant best for anyone attractive to addition the arresting to a aback allowance that sits a bit too far aloft the router’s reach. Read added about convalescent your home’s Wi-Fi.

With two adjustable alien antennas, the D-Link DAP-1620 is appealing able for a budget-priced ambit extender, but it wasn’t as constant as our top pick.

D-Link DAP-1620: This was the alone ambit extender that anytime managed to hit amateur digits during my tests, with an boilerplate acceleration of 104Mbps in my bedchamber during black hours. Bureaucracy was aloof as simple as what I accomplished with TP-Link, too. I was able to beck HD video, browse the web and accomplish video calls on the extender’s arrangement afterwards any issue.

Network speeds were inconsistent admitting — and abundant slower in daytime hours, with a bigger dropoff than I saw with TP-Link. The accessory additionally alone my affiliation at one point during my acceleration tests. The app was too choosy for my tastes, too, abnegation to let me log in and abuse settings with the supplied accessory password, and ultimately banishment me to displace the device.

Software woes aside, the accouterments seems appealing acceptable with this ambit extender, and aback it’s not absolutely the newest archetypal from D-Link, there’s a acceptable adventitious you can acquisition it on auction somewhere. One agent has it listed new on Amazon for about $40, but I wouldn’t absorb added than $30 on it, accustomed what the aloft TP-Link RE220 costs.

The Netgear EX3700 wasn’t able abundant for the price.

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 +20 Resume Templates [Download] Create Your Resume in 5 ..

+20 Resume Templates [Download] Create Your Resume in 5 .. | resume template wps

Netgear WiFi Ambit Extender EX3700: It’s a dated-looking device, and it wasn’t a awfully able aerialist in my tests. The 2.4GHz bandage was able to sustain applicable speeds amid 30 and 40Mbps throughout best of my home, which was able abundant to beck video with basal buffering, or to authority a quick video alarm with a slight delay. But the 5GHz bandage was decidedly weak, generally bottomward into distinct digits with alone a distinct bank amid my PC or affiliated accessory from the ambit extender. 

I wasn’t a fan of the web interface, either — it seemed added absorbed in accepting me to annals for the assurance (and opt into business emails) than in absolutely alms me any array of ascendancy over the connection. There’s an app you can use instead, but it’s alone accessible on Android devices. WPS button-based bureaucracy lets you skip all of that, which is nice — but still, with best outlets alms it for about $50, this is one you can cautiously skip.

The Linksys RE6350 larboard a lot to be desired.

Linksys RE6350: My speeds were constant with the RE6350 — they aloof weren’t actual fast. 

By default, the accessory automatically steers you amid the 2.4 and 5GHz bands, but with download speeds alignment from 10 to 35Mbps throughout all of my tests over assorted days, it ability as able-bodied aloof absence to the slower 2.4GHz band. The accessory supports automated firmware upgrades, which is nice, but you can’t use the Linksys Wi-Fi app to abuse settings — instead, you’ll accept to log in via the web portal.

On top of all that, the RE6350 seemed to be the atomic abiding of all the extenders I tested, with added than one alone affiliation during my tests. At about $50, that’s aloof too abounding negatives for me to acclaim it.

A afore and afterwards in my aback bathroom, area it’s generally difficult to advance a able Wi-Fi connection. The TP-Link RE220 (right) did a abundant job of advocacy speeds.

Like lots of folks, I’m alive from home these days, so I activated anniversary ambit extender out on my home network, a 300Mbps AT&T cilia connection. My abode is appealing baby — aloof 1,300 aboveboard anxiety — but the router AT&T provided struggles to advance a able arresting in the aback of the house.

You can see the bearings bright as day aback you attending at the boilerplate speeds in anniversary allotment of the house. With my accurate laptop in hand, I confused from the active allowance area the router is amid to the adjoining kitchen, again a alley bathroom, again my bedroom, and finally, a bath in the actual aback of the house. In anniversary room, I ran assorted acceleration tests and logged the results. Then, I again the action in reverse, abutting in the aback bath and again alive my way appear the active room. Finally, I again the accomplished action during black hours and averaged aggregate together.

Speeds in my home abatement off a bluff in that that aback bathroom, the extreme allowance from the router.

Sure enough, my boilerplate speeds plummeted in that aback bathroom, the extreme allowance from the router. The all-embracing boilerplate aloft all tests was about 60Mbps, but that’s overselling it. Upload speeds area about in the distinct digits, and in best cases, my affiliation would bead afterwards a few account in the room. In the affliction of my four analysis runs, the boilerplate download acceleration in that aback bath was aloof 15Mbps.

You’ll appetite a abiding affiliation of at atomic 20Mbps in adjustment to beck video and browse the web comfortably. Accomplish that 50Mbps if you appetite to beck in 4K. Same goes for video calls, area you’ll additionally appetite athletic upload speeds to match. 

If that aback bath were, say, a aback office, I’d be miserable. That presented a bright mission for my analysis extenders. Which one would accommodate the biggest, steadiest addition to speeds in the aback bisected of my home? 

To acquisition out, I acquainted anniversary ambit extender in one at a time and commutual them with my router, affiliated my laptop to their addendum networks, and again my acceleration tests. I placed them in the hall, center amid the spots area I analysis in the alley bath and the adept bedroom, and abutting to the bend of area I’m able to get a able arresting from the router. A acceptable ambit extender should be able to accept a solid arresting from the router at that distance, again axle its arresting out further than the wireless arrangement could originally extend.

None of the constituent ambit extenders I activated were able to hit afire fast speeds — but the TP-Link and D-Link were able to sustain speeds in the aback of my abode that are calmly fast abundant for alive HD video or authoritative FaceTime and Zoom calls.

In the end, anniversary one was able to advance my affiliation in that aback bath afterwards bottomward me, but alone TP-Link and D-Link were able to sustain upload and download speeds that were fast abundant for abounding internet usage. TP-Link’s 5GHz bandage was the arch overall, with an boilerplate aback bath download acceleration of about 75Mbps and an boilerplate upload acceleration aloof aloft 50Mbps. I didn’t see abundant about-face amid analysis rounds, either, alike amid daytime testing and black testing. 

Speeds were able throughout the blow of the house, as well, which suggests that the TP-Link RE220 offers the best ambit of the four, too. Aback I approved application the TP-Link ambit extender to accomplish a FaceTime call, I was able to move throughout my absolute abode afterwards seeing any dips in the alarm quality.

I’ll accept a bigger faculty of ambit already I’m able to resume abounding testing at our lab and at the 5,400-square-foot CNET Acute Home — but for now, all of that is abundant for me to alarm the RE220 the bright champ here, abnormally because that it’s the atomic big-ticket advantage I tested.

Most constituent ambit extenders alone action basal appearance at best, but the TP-Link RE220 additionally includes a arresting backbone tester and a High-Speed Approach in the app.

Aside from my acceleration tests, I fabricated abiding to beck video in my bedchamber on anniversary extender’s network, and I fabricated several video calls on anniversary network, too. All four were serviceable, but the TP-Link RE220 was the alone one that didn’t present any issues with my internet connection. My video was brittle and quick to load, and my video calls were bright as could be.

Pairing a constituent ambit extender with your home arrangement is as accessible as acute the WPS button.

I additionally spent time arena with anniversary extender’s settings. You shouldn’t apprehend much, but best will at atomic accomplish it accessible to change the addendum network’s name or password. Some accommodate app controls with added features, too.

My top pick, the TP-Link RE220, makes it absolutely accessible to abuse settings via TP-Link’s Tether app on an Android or iOS device. Again, the appearance accomplish for abbreviate pickings, but you can analysis arresting backbone or about-face on High-Speed Mode, which dedicates the 2.4GHz bandage for cartage from the router to the ambit extender, abrogation the 5GHz chargeless for your accustomed arrangement traffic. That approach absolutely wasn’t as fast as administration the 5GHz bandage like accustomed aback I activated it out, because those admission 2.4GHz speeds are limited, but it still ability be a advantageous advantage in some setups.

As for ambience a ambit extender up, you should apperceive that it’s about as accessible as it gets. Most, including all four that I tested, abutment Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or WPS, which is a accepted agreement that wireless networking accessories can use to affix with anniversary other. Aloof bung the arresting booster in, columnist the WPS button, and again columnist the WPS button on your router aural two minutes. 

It’s additionally account authoritative abiding that your ambit extender includes at atomic one Ethernet jack. If you can affix your active accessory (like a acute TV) anon to it, again you’ll adore speeds that are as fast as possible.

A cobweb router with its own, committed ambit extenders will do an alike bigger job of overextension a accelerated Wi-Fi arresting throughout your home. This bureaucracy from TP-Link is currently accessible for beneath than $200.

One aftermost note: If you’re active in a large-sized home, or if you charge speeds faster than 100Mbps at range, again it’s apparently account it to go advanced and advancement to a cobweb router that comes with its own range-extending accessory devices. You’ve got added options than anytime these days, including our top all-embracing pick, Google’s Nest Wifi, as able-bodied as three-piece cobweb arrangement setups from Eero, Netgear Orbi and TP-Link that amount $250 or less. Any of those would acceptable beat a standalone router commutual with a constituent ambit extender like the ones activated here.

For instance, I had a three-piece TP-Link Deco M5 cobweb router on hand, so I set it up and ran some acceleration tests alongside the ambit extenders. The affiliation wasn’t absolutely as abiding as what I saw aback I activated a agnate three-piece Eero bureaucracy aftermost year, but my boilerplate speeds backward able-bodied aloft 100Mbps throughout my absolute house, alike in the back. Bigger still, I didn’t accept assorted networks and addendum networks to jump amid — aggregate was circumscribed to a distinct cobweb network. Simple!

Spend a little added on a cobweb router, and you can acquisition one that supports the newest, fastest Wi-Fi 6 speeds, or one with an added 5GHz bandage that you can address to cartage amid the router and the extenders. I’ve got lots of advice on systems like those in my abounding cobweb router rundown.

That said, if all you charge is for your accepted router to advance a abiding arresting one or two apartment further into your home, again a simple ambit extender will apparently do aloof accomplished — abnormally if you buy the appropriate one. For my money, that’s the TP-Link RE220.

Read more: Google Nest Wifi review

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