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There’s not abundant Daniel Cormier hasn’t able during his 30-plus years in action sports. He wrestled at the Athens Olympics, he’s a two-division best in the UFC, and he’s become one of the best commentators not aloof in alloyed aggressive arts but in sports generally. Check, check, and check. So afterwards he appear his plan to retire from the action this able June, it’s alone applicable that the final act of DC’s acclaimed career will booty abode on Saturday at UFC 252, with his third antagonism adjoin accepted ample champ Stipe Miocic. Each man owns a achievement adjoin the other, and a win actuality gives Cormier the adventitious to booty his final bow with gold about his waist. “A absolute capstone,” he calls it.

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GQ bent up with Cormier three weeks out from the leash bout, abysmal into the affliction of training camp, to allocution about what it takes to adapt for a main-event action in the UFC adjoin one of your bigger rivals, and to reflect on those awfully difficult weight cuts of the past.

For Real-Life Diet, GQ talks to athletes, celebrities, and anybody in amid about their diet, exercise routines, and following of wellness. Keep in apperception that what works for them adeptness not necessarily be advantageous for you.

GQ: UFC 252 is rapidly approaching—how are you activity both mentally and physically appropriate now?

Daniel Cormier: I feel healthy, which is one affair that I didn’t accept activity into the additional action [with Miocic]. And by actuality healthy, it allows me to be abundant added confident. Not aloof in the action but in my adeptness to adapt for the fight. So aggregate has been absolutely acceptable to this point. I feel great.

This is conceivably article that is alteration on a circadian base as we get afterpiece to action night, but from a diet standpoint, what does your day attending like this abysmal into a training camp?

I deathwatch up aboriginal every day. I’m consistently up early. 5:30, 6 o’clock. So I get up in the morning and I aloof cruise for a little bit. I don’t get started appropriate away. But appropriate about 8:30 or 9 o’clock I’ll accept a shake. It’s whey protein, some fruit, peanut butter, oat milk. That’s affectionate of my breakfast. I’m not a big breakfast guy, so I don’t deathwatch up and accept a agglomeration of eggs and everything. I usually like to accept article ablaze on the abdomen afore I go to train. So that’s what I usually eat in the morning, and I’ll alpha bubbler baptize to get fluids in. But all I absolutely accept in the morning is that shake, normally. Maybe a cup of coffee. Afresh I go to convenance from 12 to 2, and afterwards convenance I’ll usually accept a appealing big meal. Yesterday’s meal for cafeteria was broiled craven with some Jamaican rice, which was absolutely good. Some rice and peas. Aggregate is cool apple-pie and healthy. It’s not activity to be the rice that has a ton of attic milk or the added seasonings that usually appear with the rice and peas that you’re acclimated to getting.

None of the fun and agitative seasonings during training camp.

But it was good! And again, I’ll be bubbler water. Maybe I’ll accept a kombucha. Kombucha is absolutely the alone affair alfresco of my comestible drinks that I’ll accept instead of water. Most of the fluids I booty during the day is aloof baptize now. And afresh for dinner, I had kālua pig—the Hawaiian barbecue. I had some kālua pig with aflame rice. It was a acceptable day yesterday. They’re not consistently like that, but bygone was a absolutely acceptable bistro day.

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You mentioned kombucha. Are you throwing kombucha in there aloof because you like it, or is there a specific account for you?

For me, it’s because it tastes different. The things I usually drink, like Gatorade and soda, I can’t accept appropriate now. The kombucha has some of that buzz that affectionate of aloof feels good. Plus, it’s not water.

When you’re not in affected for a fight, how altered is your circadian diet?

What I do alfresco of affected would not be advised in any way, shape, or anatomy a diet. [Laughs] It’s a free-for-all! I’m bistro whatever I want, man. But, you know, admitting my nutritionist adeptness accomplish a advantageous adaptation of jerk craven appropriate now, I’ll go and acquisition the jerk atom that’s hidden in the aperture in the wall. I’ll eat Louisiana aliment as abundant as I possibly can.

My nutritionist, Ian Larios, has done a absolutely acceptable job of accumulation some of the foods that I love, but convalescent versions. He fabricated borsch the added day. A Louisiana staple, obviously. But he fabricated it with super-clean ingredients. He’ll accomplish red beans and rice, but it’s all super-clean ingredients. If I could accomplish the convalescent versions myself, I’d be abundant bigger off for it aback I’m not in training camp.

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Is it adamantine for you to about-face up that mindset aback you’ve gone so continued not accepting to be ever anxious with what you’re putting in your anatomy and afresh accepting to put some restrictions on yourself aback advancing for a fight?

It’s boxy initially. Especially backward in my career. I’ve fought already a year for the aftermost few years. So for eight months I’m about accepting whatever I want, and afresh all of a abrupt the portions are a lot smaller, the aliment is a lot cleaner. So it’s an acclimation appropriate away. But the aboriginal affair we do every distinct time is alter all the bathetic drinks with baptize and try to alike my arrangement to get it able to go aback to work. That’s consistently footfall cardinal one: Get abundant acceptable fluids in me area I can alike handle the workload that comes with training camp.

Something I begin interesting: For your additional action adjoin Stipe, both of you went into that action about 10 pounds lighter than you were for the aboriginal fight. For you, was there a specific acumen for that, alike afterwards acceptable the aboriginal fight?

I anticipate that was conscious, alive that it was activity to be a long, arduous fight, so cardio was activity to be actual important.

And how does that acquaint the weight that you’re acquisitive to appear in at for the third fight?

In the aftermost fight, if I’m actuality as honest and accurate as I can with you and the world, my cardio bootless me. Appropriate now there’s not necessarily a assertive cardinal on the scale, but rather the appropriate weight that allows me to attempt at the optimal akin area I can go adamantine for 25 account with a guy that has a ton of accomplishment that’s as acceptable as anyone in the world. So it’s helped me in the faculty that I apperceive now how to administer my conditioning better. But it’s not a cardinal on the scale. It’s added about actuality physically fit. We accept and apperceive what we charge to do in adjustment to accord us the best adventitious to win.

There was a bulk of time area you were angry at ablaze heavyweight, accepting to bead bottomward to 205 pounds. You’ve been accessible in the able with how abundant of a attempt that was for you to do. What is the bigger aberration for you at this date aback advancing for a ample action adjoin ablaze heavyweight?

It’s so abundant easier to go to training. The absoluteness is I was acid so abundant weight, it was about like a fat camp. We were absorption so abundant on authoritative the weight that it was adamantine to aloof go train. Regardless of what I was doing, my practices at 205 were in full-on diaphoresis suits. I had sweatpants, a diaphoresis top, consistently long-sleeve shirts. I was never able to alternation calmly because I had to accomplish abiding that every distinct convenance resulted in a assertive bulk of weight off.

I feel so abundant added adequate now, because I can go to convenance alive that the ambition is to get bigger and annihilation else. Aback I was angry at 205, I was starting camps sometimes at 250—needing to lose 45 pounds aloof to get on the calibration for a championship fight. And never accepting the added batter because it was all appellation fights. So it was acutely difficult, and it feels acceptable now to attempt at a weight that is added accustomed to me. But I attending aback on those canicule and I’m actual proud. I dealt with the affliction of authoritative the weight, went out there, and exhausted some of the best fighters the apple has to offer.

I bethink you adage at one point that the move to the ablaze ample analysis would be article that would advice you alive a convalescent life. Actuality a brace years removed from authoritative those weight cuts, accustomed how barbarous some of them were, do you feel now that angry at ablaze ample for those four years was conceivably added adverse to your health?

No, no, no, no. I still feel that it was bigger for me, not alone physically but mentally. It accustomed me to do things I wasn’t abiding I could do. I wasn’t abiding if I could accomplish 205. It was six pounds beneath than I was authoritative aback I was wrestling. So it accustomed me to apprentice some things about myself. I abstruse that I can do aloof about annihilation if I put my apperception to it. Every time I stepped on that scale, it was about like a win, because I had already austere the aboriginal hurdle of the fight. I knew that already I got on the calibration at the weight that I was declared to be at, I would be able to attempt because I put in so abundant assignment aloof to get there. I apperceive accepting on the calibration at weight shouldn’t feel like such a big victory, but it was every distinct time.

Do you accept any predictions on how this third action adjoin Stipe is activity to go?

I aloof apperceive that this fight, I won’t lose my apperception like I did aftermost time. I’m activity to be added focused, added able to win this action at whatever cost. The aftermost action I anticipation I fought okay, but I didn’t action to my accurate potential. This time you’ll get to see me for all that I am, and all that I’ve been throughout the advance of my career. And not abounding fighters get that third, so I’m advantageous that the UFC has put me in a position area I alike get to hunt that.

And accustomed that it’s about absolutely the aftermost action of your career, how acceptable does it feel to get to go out on your own terms, in a leash bender adjoin one of your bigger rivals for the title?

It’s a bogie tale. We allocution about fighters activity out on their own terms—most fighters don’t get the befalling to go out on their own terms. That’s aloof not the way the bold works. I’m advantageous to accept done the things that I’ve done and congenital the relationships I’ve congenital area the UFC has accustomed me this opportunity. I’ve had a acceptable run. And it’ll be a celebration, because I’m acceptable this fight.

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Originally Appeared on GQ

Plan D Diet Top 2 Fantastic Experience Of This Year’s Plan D Diet – plan d diet
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