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Stomach affliction is article appealing abundant anybody is acquainted with at some point in their lives. While some altitude are balmy abundant to be advised with calm remedies, it’s accessible you’re ambidextrous with article added austere if your affliction is astringent or accident all the time. So you absolutely appetence to get to the basal of that catchy Q: Why does my belly hurt?

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“There are assorted causes of belly pain, which can be astute or abiding and can be acquired by issues apropos to the stomach, appendix, gallbladder, spleen, bowel, liver, gynecological issues, or added issues,” says Michael D. Dann, MD, a gasteroenterologist at Manhattan Gastroenterology in New York City. “A absolute assay and added analysis can advice you to accept and appropriately amusement the account of your pain.”

Because the account of accessible causes is appealing long, Dr. Dann recommends that all assiduous or astute belly affliction consistently be evaluated with a absolute appointment and assay by a gastroenterologist for an authentic analysis and analysis plan. While there are bags of absolutely controllable affidavit that you’re belly hurts (hi, indigestion!), you def appetence to aphorism out a austere affliction or condition.

Read on for 32 abeyant causes of belly pain, as able-bodied as how to analyze and amusement them.

IBS is one of the best accepted causes of belly pain, says Dr. Dann. Affection about accommodate affliction in the belly and belly breadth that is acrimonious and chronic, adapted bowel habits, nausea, and vomiting.

How to amusement it: Analysis will alter depending on affection can accommodate comestible modifications, medication, and affairs behavior changes (think: adapting new accent administration techniques, as accent can aggravate IBS symptoms).

Symptoms of lactose bent accommodate a crampy belly affliction (often in the lower abdomen), bloating, flatulence, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, all afterwards bistro dairy articles that accommodate the amoroso atom lactose.

How to amusement it: The best accessible way to amusement lactose bent is to annihilate or absolute dairy articles from your diet, says Dr. Dann. You can additionally booty an agitator backup to abate symptoms, or amusement accessory causes of lactase deficiency, such as with calcium and vitamin D supplementation.

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Patients with gastroesophageal abatement ache (GERD) about accuse of heartburn, regurgitation, and adversity swallowing, says Dr. Dann. However, some patients may additionally accord with belly or chest pain, nausea, abiding cough, hoarseness, or wheezing.

How to amusement it: Balmy and alternate affection can be managed with affairs and comestible modification, says Dr. Dann. Medication may be bare for assiduous or accepted affection and can accommodate antacids, histamine H2 receptor blockers (such as Pepcid, a.k.a. famotidine), or proton pump inhibitors such as Prilosec (omeprazole). Astringent affection may crave surgery.

4. Gas and bloating

Gas in your digestive amplitude comes from either swallowed air and the accustomed breakdown of assertive undigested foods by controllable bacilli that are artlessly present in the ample intestine, per Dr. Dann. Although it can about account awkward moments, it’s a accustomed aspect of digestion. Gas affliction and added affection like burping, flatulence, bloating, and airtight can be affronted by assertive foods such as dairy articles and bogus sweeteners, according to the Mayo Clinic.

How to amusement it: If it’s not accompanying to accession condition, gas can about be advised and managed with assorted over-the-counter medications (such as Beano or Gas-X) and comestible changes. If you acquaintance abiding gas and astringent pain, it could be a assurance of accession basal GI condition, which a doc can advice to diagnose.

5. Aliment poisoning

Food contagion after-effects from bistro attenuated food, causing affection such as nausea, airsickness and diarrhea, in accession to belly pain, according to the Mayo Clinic.

How to amusement it: Aliment contagion can about be advised at home by replacing fluids and electrolytes and absolution it run its course. But if you acquaintance astringent affection like dehydration, blood-soaked stool, and a agitation over 100 degrees, you should seek medical attention.

6. Indigestion

Indigestion is appealing abundant aloof the academic name for accepting an agitated stomach, apparent by aerial belly pain, about afterwards a meal. Added affection can accommodate gas and nausea, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Gastritis is the appellation for deepening involving the lining of the stomach. Affection are agnate to GERD and accommodate belly discomfort/pain, heartburn, nausea, and vomiting. Gastritis can be acquired by affliction due to boundless booze use, stress, medication such as anti-inflammatory drugs, acerbity reflux, and infections acquired by bacilli like Helicobacter pylori, the closing of which can additionally advance to ulcers and belly cancer.

How to amusement it: Analysis depends on the specific cause, of course. For example, astute gastritis acquired by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or booze may be adequate by endlessly use of those substances. Medications that block or abate acerbic assembly and advance healing can additionally help, as can antacids and antibiotics to amusement H. pylori infection.

This action about includes aerial belly affliction with the affliction occasionally localizing to one side, says Dr. Dann. Added affection accommodate belly bloating, fullness, nausea, and the disability to eat a abounding meal, or action abounding afterwards alone a baby bulk of food.

How to amusement it: To amusement this condition, with the advice of a doctor, abandon use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and assignment to annihilate H. pylori with adapted medications to advance abscess healing, says Dr. Dann.

This is the appellation acclimated to call gastrointestinal affection breadth the account seems to be unknown. Affection of anatomic dyspepsia can overlap with GERD and gastritis, says Dr. Dann.

How to amusement it: Patients beneath 60 years of age should be activated and advised for H. pylori, says Dr. Dann. This sometimes will accommodate an aerial endoscopy, decidedly if they’re over age 60. Patients who are H. pylori abrogating or who abide to accept affection afterwards gettiing rid of the bacilli should be advised with antisecretory analysis with a proton pump inhibitor.

These are the agreement for deepening in the lining of the belly and colon, respectively. Affection will alter based on the breadth and cause. In both cases, the basal account could be due to a action such as Crohn’s ache or alike article added amiable such as a abridgement of claret breeze to the belly area, says Dr. Dann. Patients with communicable colitis about accept diarrhea associated belly pain, which may be severe.

How to amusement it: Depending on the severity of symptoms, antibiotics may be needed.

Acute appendicitis about presents initially with affliction about the belly button which radiates into the appropriate lower division of the belly area, says Dr. Dann. It is associated with nausea, vomiting, and accident of appetite.

How to amusement it: For patients with non-perforated appendicitis (meaning the addendum hasn’t bursted), you’ll acceptable charge an appendectomy in a adequately appropriate fashion. If the addendum hasn’t been ruptured, you may be able to amusement it alone with antibiotics. If the addendum has ruptured? You’ll charge emergency surgery.

Gallstones can account astute ache or aciculate affliction amid in the appropriate aerial division or added breadth beneath the chest. That’s because gallstones action aback digestive aqueous deposits accept accustomed in the gallbladder, and these “stones” accept briefly blocked the duct, causing ache and pain. The affliction may afford to the aback and appropriate accept brand and affection can additionally accommodate nausea, vomiting, and sweating. Affliction can aftermost 30 to 90 account at a time, and an belly assay abominably won’t tend to appearance much, says Dr. Dann.

How to amusement it: During a gallstone attack, affliction can be controlled with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. “Elective gallbladder abatement should be advised for patients with gallstones on imaging to anticipate approaching attacks and complications of gallstone disease,” says Dr. Dann.

This is the appellation for aback deepening occurs in the gallbladder, about from a chock-full aqueduct (like from a gallstone). Astute cholecystitis affection can accommodate severe, prolonged, abiding affliction (like for added than four to six hours) involving the appropriate aerial quadrant. You may additionally accept a agitation and an animated white claret corpuscle count, and you may be astute aback you put burden on the breadth beneath the ribs while animation deeply.

How to amusement it: This is a added austere action that requires hospitalization, says Dr. Dann. Analysis will accommodate intravenous hydration (meaning through an IV), affliction meds, IV antibiotics, and anaplasty to abolish the gallbladder.

Acute cholangitis can present analogously to astute cholecystitis but is about added severe, says Dr. Dann. It occurs aback a bean becomes impacted in ducts clarification acerbity from the alarmist into in the baby intestine, arch to an infection. Affection accommodate fever, jaundice (yellowing of the bark or the whites of the eye), and belly pain. The belly affliction is about ambiguous and amid in the appropriate aerial quadrant.

How to amusement it: Analogously to the antecedent condition, analysis will accommodate analysis with intravenous hydration, affliction medications, antibiotics, and surgery.

The OG acumen for action gluten-free, abdominals ache sufferers tend to acquaintance belly affliction and boundless flatulence in accession to diarrhea, which is about foul-smelling due to malabsorption, says Dr. Dann. Affection can present as aboriginal as adolescence but best frequently present amid the ages of 10 and 40. Patients may additionally acquaintance weight loss, anemia (low red claret corpuscle count), neurologic disorders from deficiencies of B vitamins, and osteopenia (thinning of the bones) due to vitamin D and calcium deficiencies.

How to amusement it: Best patients can administer abdominals ache with a gluten-free diet, as able-bodied as by ecology and advertisement any complications to their doctor.

Pancreatitis can be astute and chronic. The affliction is about astringent and can alike afford to the back. Affection can additionally accommodate abhorrence and vomiting, and you ability feel a little bit of abatement aback you sit cocked or angular forward, says Dr. Dann.

How to amusement it: Best cases of pancreatitis crave hospitalization, forth with aqueous backup and affliction meds.

Hepatitis is aback there is deepening in the alarmist due to one fo the bristles hepatitis infections. Patients with astute hepatitis may accept affliction in the appropriate aerial quadrant, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. Added affection accommodate jaundice, aphotic urine, and ablaze black stools.

How to amusement it: Analysis will alter depending on the basal account and may crave analysis for admiring care, says Dr. Dann.

Gastroparesis is a action aback the belly can’t appropriately abandoned itself of aliment contents. In accession to belly pain, a being with gastroparesis will accept nausea, vomiting, aboriginal satiety, bloating, and in astringent cases, weight loss. The account is about unknown, but gastroparesis can be apparent in diabetics and post-surgery patients.

How to amusement it: Analysis about includes authoritative changes to your diet, accepting your claret amoroso levels and changes beneath ascendancy if you’re diabetic, and hydrating. Medication such as metoclopramide (Reglan) may be necessary, and some patients may crave a agriculture tube, says Dr. Dann.

Kidney stones action aback a bean passes from the branch into the ducts accustomed urine to the bladder. Balmy to astringent affliction is the best accepted affirmation and can action in the aback or abdomen. Added affection accommodate nausea, vomiting, aching or burning urination, and claret in the urine.

How to amusement it: Branch stones are best about advised with affliction medication and hydration until the bean passes artlessly through your urinary system. Ample stones may crave added treatment, like lithotripsy (a action acclimated to advice breach up the stones) or surgical removal.

Bladder infections can absolutely account belly pain, as able-bodied as aching and burning urination, and/or claret in the urine. If it’s a branch infection you’re ambidextrous with, you may additionally accept a fever, chills, thigh pain, and collective tenderness.

How to amusement it: Best cases can be advised with a advance of articulate antibiotics, admitting astringent cases may crave analysis and IV antibiotics. In attenuate cases, anaplasty may be required, says Dr. Dann.

You may be afraid by this, but affection for astute myocardial infarction (the medical appellation for affection attack) can accommodate belly pain, belching, nausea, and indigestion, as able-bodied as conciseness of animation or chest pain.

How to amusement it: Administration will depend on the basal account but will consistently requires alert acceptance and hospitalization, says Dr. Dann. Affection attacks are no joke.

Endometriosis is a ataxia in which tissue that commonly curve the uterus grows alfresco of it, about arch to lower abdominal/pelvic pain. Affection accommodate aching periods with belly cramps, aching during sex, and/or infertility. Endometriosis can additionally advance to bowel and float issues, says Dr. Dann.

How to amusement it: Initial analysis about includes articulate contraceptives and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, says Dr. Dann. However, ceremony ante are aerial if you stop demography medication. If analysis isn’t successful, anaplasty to abolish the tissue advance is an option.

Also accepted as leiomyomas, uterine fibroids about advance to abiding lower abdominal/pelvic burden or pain. Affection will alter depending on the admeasurement and cardinal of fibroids and can accommodate belly amore and low-grade fever, and your gyno may be able to feel ample fibroids during an alien belly exam.

How to amusement it: Analysis can accommodate articulate contraceptives or GnRH agonists (medications that affect hormone levels). Some women additionally acquisition abatement with an IUD as a bearing ascendancy method. In added cases, myomectomy (a surgical action to abolish uterine fibroids) ability be necessary.

Ovarian cysts are solid or fluid-filled sacs or pockets in or on top of an ovary. Affliction is about a assurance that the cyst has access or burst, says Dr. Dann. The best accepted affirmation is lower division pain, and abnormally affliction afterwards sex.

How to amusement it: Ovarian cysts can about be managed with ecology by your doctor and with over-the-counter pain-relief meds. In astringent cases, anaplasty may be required.

This affliction can action in the average of your menstrual cycle, ancillary with timing of ovulation. It may be right- or left-sided, depending on which ancillary you’re ovulating from during that cycle.

How to amusement it: This affliction usually goes abroad aural 24 hours, says Dr. Dann. You can amusement it with over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. If ovulation is decidedly aching for you, demography bearing ascendancy pills to anticipate ovulation may be a band-aid account talking to your gyno about.

An ectopic abundance occurs aback a fertilized egg implants alfresco of the uterus, about on the fallopian tube. It about occurs during the aboriginal trimester, with affection such as belly affliction and or vaginal bleeding that can be life-threatening.

How to amusement it: With an aboriginal diagnosis, best patients may be advised with a biologic alleged methotrexate (MTX). But in some cases, a woman may charge surgery, says Dr. Dann.

Pelvic anarchic ache (PID) about includes astute lower belly and or pelvic pain. Patients may additionally accept pelvic agency amore and affirmation of deepening of the animal tract. Any sexually alive woman is at accident of developing PID, and it best about happens aback an STD is larboard untreated, causing this infection of the changeable organs.

How to amusement it: Analysis can accommodate antibiotics acclimated to amusement gonorrhea, chlamydia, and added bacterial infections. Astringent or complicated PID may crave hospitalization.

Ovarian bewilderment occurs aback an ovary becomes askance about the ligaments that authority it in place. Affection can accommodate abstinent to astringent pelvic pain, about associated with nausea, a apparent accumulation or bloating in the pelvic area, and sometimes vomiting, says Dr. Dann.

How to amusement it: Ovarian bewilderment can sometimes resolves itself, but it about involves surgery. Surgical abatement of the ovary may sometimes be appropriate as well, says Dr. Dann.

Ovarian blight has a acceptability as a “silent killer,” as it’s about asymptomatic until it’s in an avant-garde stage. But aboriginal affection may accommodate bloating or abdominal/pelvic pain, urinary coercion or frequency, and postmenopausal bleeding.

How to amusement it: Analysis will crave anaplasty followed by chemotherapy, says Dr. Dann.

Ovarian hyperstimulation affection (OHSS) can account belly ache from continued ovaries in women ability abundance treatment. Aboriginal affection are usually balmy to abstinent and activate four to seven canicule afterwards the ovulatory dosage of the animal chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone. Late affection are about added astringent and begins at atomic nine canicule afterwards the ovulatory dosage of hCG during a apperception cycle.

How to amusement it: Balmy or abstinent OHSS and can be managed with analgesics such as Tylenol (acetaminophen), and by alienated astute concrete activity, says Dr. Dann.

Endometritis is the deepening of the close lining of the uterus, a.k.a. the endometrium. It about involves lower belly and pelvic pain, as able-bodied as aching periods with cramping, affliction during sex, and/or infertility. It can additionally advance to bowel and float issues, addendum Dr. Dann.

How to amusement it: Best infections are balmy and convalescent with antibacterial therapy, admitting some may crave IV antibiotics or curettage, a surgical abrading action to abolish the afflicted tissue.

Crohn’s ache is accession blazon of anarchic bowel ache that causes deepening in the digestive tract. It’s apparent by affection such as belly pain, astringent diarrhea, cramping, and blood-soaked stool, according to the Mayo Clinic. If you accept accept affection that could be constant with Crohn’s ache or accept already been diagnosed, you should consistently be evaluated with a absolute appointment and assay by a physician for an authentic analysis and analysis plan, and to exclude a added austere or burning condition, says Dr. Dann.

How to amusement it: While there’s abominably no cure for Crohn’s, it’s about advised and managed with medications such as corticosteroids, allowed arrangement suppressors, and antibiotics. In astringent cases, anaplasty may be required.

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