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The Bulb Paradox Diet is based on a accepted diet book. Its axial assumption is that you should abstain lectins, an antinutrient begin mostly in plants.

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The diet’s creators affirmation that lectins may account weight gain, inflammation, and abiding disease.

However, there’s not abundant accurate affirmation to abutment the abstraction that all lectin-containing bulb foods are harmful. In fact, abounding foods with lectins are acutely nutritious.

Thus, you may admiration whether this diet is account pursuing.

This commodity reviews the Bulb Paradox Diet to acquaint you how it works, whether it aids weight loss, and its allowances and downsides.

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BOTTOM LINE: For lectin-sensitive individuals, the Bulb Paradox Diet can be a bold changer. Yet, for best people, it’s badly restrictive, banning abounding alimental foods. No affirmation suggests that all lectin-containing foods are inherently unhealthy.

The Bulb Paradox Diet was aboriginal consort in the book “The Bulb Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in ‘Healthy’ Foods That Account Ache and Weight Gain” by Steven Gundry, a above cardiac surgeon and physician.

The book’s apriorism is that abounding bulb foods anchorage lectins, which are antinutrients that are said to account weight accretion and a host of abiding diseases.

While it’s accurate that abounding bulb foods accommodate lectins, there’s little affirmation to abutment the approach that lectins are as adverse as Dr. Gundry proposes (1).

Nonetheless, some people, abnormally those with preexisting digestive problems, acknowledge able-bodied to a lectin-free diet.

Lectins are proteins begin in abounding foods, but primarily in legumes, grains, and nightshade veggies like tomatoes and eggplants (1).

According to Dr. Gundry, lectins are toxins that plants aftermath to survive and shouldn’t be eaten because of the abounding complications they cause, including inflammation, abdominal damage, and weight gain.

Although some lectins are dangerous, abounding foods that accommodate lectins are nutritious, boasting fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

For example, raw branch beans — which are arranged with nutrients — additionally accommodate phytohaemagglutinin, a lectin that can be acutely adverse if eaten in ample amounts. However, affable destroys this lectin, authoritative adapted branch beans altogether advantageous (2).

Gluten-containing grains additionally accommodate lectins, and according to Gundry, should be avoided. Yet, while some people, such as those with abdominals disease, gluten intolerance, or assertive autoimmune diseases, account from a gluten-free diet, gluten is advised safe for most.


The Bulb Paradox Diet bans lectins, which are proteins begin in abounding bulb foods. The diet’s advocates advance that all lectin-containing plants are harmful, but analysis overwhelmingly suggests that abounding are safe and healthy.

The Bulb Paradox Diet is adequately straightforward, as it artlessly involves alienated lectin-containing foods.

You’re accustomed to chase whichever appearance of bistro works for you, whether that’s three commons and snacks, alternate fasting, or some added bistro pattern.

All the same, there are two capital spin-offs of the diet.

The “Plant Paradox” book appearance two specialized programs — a low carb, aerial fat ketogenic adaptation of the diet for bodies with cancer, and a 3-day “detox” plan for bodies who are new to lectin-free bistro patterns.

If you accept blight and are absorbed in afterward the keto program, altercate it with your healthcare aggregation and accomplish abiding you additionally chase their admonition and treatment. Keep in apperception that this diet cannot and should not alter blight treatments.

According to Dr. Gundry’s website, the detox affairs involves a austere lectin-free diet for 3 days, additional a circadian dieting of ablaze exercise and bubbler at atomic 8 cups (1.9 liters) of water, tea, or decaf coffee anniversary day.

Not alone does the detox bar all lectins but additionally all dairy products, eggs, sugar, seeds, grains, nightshade vegetables, soy products, and berry oils. Dr. Gundry claims that it helps adapt your anatomy to chase a lectin-free diet continued term.


The Bulb Paradox diet involves eliminating lectin-containing foods, but there’s no structured affairs unless you accept to do its 3-day detox or ketogenic affairs for cancer.

Although the Bulb Paradox Diet is restrictive, acid out abundant bulb foods, it emphasizes accomplished and alimental sources of protein and fat.

You’re encouraged to eat these foods on the Bulb Paradox Diet:

You’re meant to alone absorb berries sparingly and absolute basics to a 1/2-cup (approximately 75-gram) confined per day.

Although best cow’s milk is excluded, A2 milk is allowed. It’s produced from beasts that artlessly alone aftermath one blazon of casein protein — A2 beta-casein (3).

The A1 beta-casein in accepted milk may account digestive problems in some people, which is why it’s banned on the diet (3).

The afterward foods accommodate lectins or added compounds that Dr. Gundry considers harmful. Thus, you should abstain them on the Bulb Paradox Diet.

According to Dr. Gundry, you can eat a baddest few of the banned veggies — tomatoes, alarm peppers, and cucumbers — if they’ve been bald and deseeded.


The Bulb Paradox Diet emphasizes whole, alimental sources of protein and fat while banning nightshades, beans, legumes, grains, and best dairy.

To lose weight, you charge bake added calories than you eat. This is alleged a calorie deficit.

Notably, neither the Bulb Paradox Diet nor its 3-day detox or keto programs are absolutely advised for weight loss. They don’t absorb any calorie brake techniques, such as allocation ascendancy or calorie counting.

As such, if you appetite to lose weight on this diet, you should accede anxiously tracking your aliment intake.

Because the Bulb Paradox Diet is affluent in protein and advantageous fats back it excludes best civil foods, it may advance added animosity of fullness. In turn, this may accomplish it easier to stick to a calorie arrears (4).

The diet additionally removes best candy foods and added sugars, which may artlessly lower your calorie intake.

Regardless, you may appetite to accept an another bistro arrangement that’s abnormally advised for weight loss.


The Bulb Paradox Diet’s focus on whole, chapped foods may accomplish it easier to advance a calorie deficit. Still, the diet isn’t congenital to advice you lose weight.

The Bulb Paradox Diet may accommodate several benefits, such as convalescent insulin acuteness and digestive health.

Limiting bathetic items, grains, and best civil foods may advance your insulin sensitivity. Insulin is a hormone that regulates your claret amoroso levels.

Sugary foods, candy grains, and civil foods — abnormally those with little fiber, protein, or fat — rapidly access your claret amoroso levels, causing a fasten in insulin (5).

Over time, abnormally if you commonly eat these foods, your anatomy may become insulin resistant. This action is active in weight accretion and several abiding illnesses, including blazon 2 diabetes, affection disease, and Alzheimer’s (6, 7).

Still, removing these foods from your diet may addition insulin sensitivity, abbreviating your accident of weight accretion and abiding ache (8).

One of the key allowances of the Bulb Paradox Diet and added lectin-free diets is bigger digestive health, abnormally for bodies disturbing with digestive issues or lectin sensitivity.

Although not anybody is acute to lectins, some bodies acknowledge abnormally to them, abnormally to gluten or the lectins in nightshade vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants (9, 10).

Lectin-sensitive individuals may acquaintance accident to their digestive amplitude lining and imbalances in gut bacilli if they eat lectins (11).

This can not alone advance to digestive problems like ache or diarrhea but additionally complications like a attenuated allowed system, bantam growth, and bark altitude (11).

By eliminating lectins, bodies with lectin acuteness may see improvements in their digestive symptoms, acceptance their gut time to heal.

If you’re experiencing abiding digestive issues or doubtable that you’re lectin sensitive, it’s best to allocution to your healthcare provider.

The autoimmune agreement (AIP) is a lectin-free bistro arrangement that’s agnate to the Bulb Paradox Diet.

The AIP is a blazon of paleo diet that may advice administer autoimmune altitude like anarchic bowel ache (IBD), abdominals disease, and Hashimoto’s. 

In abounding people, aureate and added lectin-rich grains advance deepening that can advance to gut dysfunction, changes in immunity, and the development or deepening of anarchic or autoimmune altitude (12).

One abstraction in 15 bodies with IBD begin that the AIP bargain deepening and bigger affection afterwards alone 11 weeks (13). 

A similar, 10-week abstraction in 17 women with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis assigned the AIP and acclaimed a cogent abridgement in inflammation, forth with an advance in affection and affection of activity (14).

For these reasons, the lectin-free Bulb Paradox Diet may additionally account individuals with autoimmune conditions.


The Bulb Paradox Diet is best acclimated to abate affection for bodies with lectin sensitivity. Because it removes best candy and bathetic foods, it may additionally advance your insulin sensitivity.

The Bulb Paradox Diet has several downsides, arch amid them its boundless aliment restrictions.

It eliminates a advanced array of foods, from legumes and seeds to nightshade veggies to commonly aloft meats. While this may advice bodies with lectin sensitivity, you’re absurd to see abounding allowances if you’re not acute to lectin.

In fact, abounding of these banned foods are alimental and accommodate almost few lectins, abnormally afterwards affable them.

For instance, beans and legumes are affluent in protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Moreover, best of their lectins are abortive back they are appropriately able by assimilation and affable (15).

Because the diet discourages grain-fed meats and commonly aloft poultry, it can additionally be big-ticket to follow. Grass-fed meats are about abundant added big-ticket than grain-fed ones, as able-bodied as potentially added difficult to find.


The Bulb Paradox Diet is unnecessarily akin for bodies who aren’t acute to lectins because it bans a array of alimental foods. It may be big-ticket to chase as well.

The Bulb Paradox Diet eliminates lectins, an antinutrient that may be adverse for bodies with lectin sensitivity. As such, it bans legumes, beans, grains, and abundant veggies.

However, there’s actual little affirmation that anyone after lectin acuteness should cut these foods from their diet. In fact, these foods accommodate benign fiber, antioxidants, and nutrients.

What’s more, you can abate or annihilate best lectins via cooking.

While the Bulb Paradox Diet may advance insulin acuteness and action a few allowances for weight loss, abounding bodies may acquisition it too restrictive, as able-bodied as expensive.

If you’re experiencing abiding digestive issues and because this diet, be abiding to argue your healthcare provider first.

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