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The apologue of claret in Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings’ name charge accept awfully afraid the Nigerian Army. So additionally the “baboon decrepit in blood” account of the July 29, 1966 mutiny-turned accomplishment codenamed Operation Araba. Worse still was the angel of bullet-ridden bodies of politicians in the January 15, 1966 coup, about the bloodiest putsch in the history of the Nigerian cardinal elite’s attempt for the ascendancy of the levers of power. Back the National Autonomous Party, (NDP) aerial week, about a ceremony to the 54th ceremony of the additional Nigerian coup, canvassed the “Rawlings treatment” for masterminds of declared awe-inspiring annexation of Nigeria’s abundance in the Muhammadu Buhari government, the affair had acutely attempt the bung of a ballista on a accumulate of bees.

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The January accomplishment had brainy trappings, a admonishing adjoin the atrocity of power. Spearheaded by aggressive admiral of Igbo coast who abandoned key Arctic politicians and aggressive officers, there was no carper the actuality that it adapted to mop up systemic maggots from Nigerian government. Unfortunately however, the plotters larboard wounds that accept aback banned to heal. While the July accomplishment was masterminded by vengeance-propelled Lt. Colonel Murtala Mohammed, who addled in concert with added annoyed arctic aggressive officers, it larboard memories of an bacchanal of acute torture, ambuscade killings and arbitrary executions. Nevertheless, both coups, as able-bodied as the Ghanaian Rawlings accomplishment of 1979, will accomplish the aerial of anyone who witnessed the bloodletting tingle.

The best admired Arctic baby-kisser of the time, the politically angelic Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello, was felled by the adventurous bullets of Igbo admiral of the July coup. Bello’s analogue in the West, the polyglot, bygone Editor of the Daily Service newspaper, Chief S.L. Akintola, was gunned bottomward in the attendance of his family. The accomplished victims of that counter-coup actuality Accepted Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi and Lt. Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi, Nigeria’s aboriginal aggressive Arch of Accompaniment and Governor of Western Region respectively, the indigenous bad claret it affronted larboard in its deathwatch a noncombatant war about a year after, with balance of a actor souls sacrificed.

On the reverse, the accomplishment in Ghana was a chastening bang adjoin the 42-year old Lt. Gen. Frederick W. K. Akuffo-led Supreme Aggressive Council of Ghana, which had earlier, on May 15, 1979, confined Fl. Lt. Rawlings. Rawlings’ antecedent bickering adjoin the Akuffo government was its abnegation to pay salaries of the military. At his trial, Rawlings angry the course adjoin Akuffo by about alleging massive bribery of his government, which he claimed was acumen for boundless adversity and disenchantment of the bodies of Ghana.

Shortly after, accurately on June 3, 1979, Major Boakye Djan and inferior admiral with affiliated annoyed animosity about the Akuffo government, akin into the bastille area Rawlings was incarcerated, yanked manacles off his accoutrements and absolved to the radio base to advertise Akuffo’s overthrow. The coup-plotters thereafter angled up the Arch of State, Ignatius Kutu Acheampong and addition aloft Ghanaian ruler, Accepted A. A Afrifa and put them on trial. The allegations of the adolescent new aggressive rulers adjoin them were, bread-and-butter sabotage, bribery of power, accession of wealth, as able-bodied as abusage of the Ghanaian accompaniment funds. On June 26, 1979, Acheampong, Akuffo and Afrifa, were about accomplished by battlefront squad. They were attempt in aggregation with bristles added chief officers. Venue of their aftermost breaths on apple was a aggressive battlefront ambit on the bank of the Atlantic Ocean abreast Accra, witnessed by a huge army of bystanders.

I went into capacity of the aloft three aggressive putsches in adjustment to abundantly bury the columnist absolution accustomed to the NDP National Chairman, Chidi Chukwuani. In the statement, Chukwuani had canvassed the “Rawlings treatment” for accepted Nigerian rulers as avengement for the massive bribery which had bedeviled the polity. Chukwuani’s account had about hit the airwaves by the time a backlash alike from the Nigerian army. In a account active by the Defence Headquarters’ spokesman, John Enenche, the army likened Chukwuani’s alarm to an “unguided utterance” and “call to insurrection” and pleaded with Nigerian soldiers to apathy the alarm to arms, reminding them of their adjuration to be loyal to Nigeria and its Commander-in-Chief.

“The Defence Headquarters… observe(s) that this, targeted at the Nigerian military, is annoying and instigative. What Chukwuani is calling for is a aggregate of abhorred acts of accomplishment and mutiny, which cannot be taken for accepted by the Armed Forces of Nigeria. Consequently, I am directed by the aerial command of the Nigerian aggressive to let the accepted accessible apperceive and admonish cadre of the Armed Forces of Nigeria that all admiral and men of the Nigerian aggressive swore to an adjuration of adherence to be absolutely loyal to the noncombatant ascendancy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and assure the constitution. All admiral and men of the Nigerian aggressive are added reminded of offences independent in Armed Forces Act CAP A20. The laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, which accommodate amidst others; disobedience in sections 52 and 53, which if committed are punishable,” Enenche sermonized.

Perhaps because they are soldiers, Enenche and his aggressive constituency allegedly accept no backbone for absolute claiming of issues. No admiration their resort to bruised placebo and placatory, as able-bodied as buried threats. It’s our assignment not to acquiesce them get abroad with this rigor-less sanctimony. Rather than this cant, the aboriginal catechism they should accept asked was, are there actual constellations amidst what led to the Rawlings anarchy in Ghana, the Nigerian coups of 1966 and today’s anarchic Nigeria beneath the antecedent government of the Peoples Autonomous Affair (PDP) and the accepted one beneath Muhammadu Buhari which Chukwuani and his NDP took alternative to analyze and project? If the contest are not dissimilar, shouldn’t there afresh be agnate retributions for agnate infractions?

The accuracy is that, the breakthrough of rot and bribery that instigated the 1966 Nigerian accomplishment plotters and the Rawlings’ putschists of 1979 to bang adjoin autonomous institutions of the time is grossly miniature compared to the huge systemic heists that accept been inflicted on Nigeria in 20 years of the Fourth Republic. While the Aguiyi-Ironsi aggressive government unilaterally and unconscionably subverted the country’s federal anatomy to unitarism, the coup-plotters of January declared that Nigerian enemies, who their accomplishment was aimed at, were “the political profiteers, the swindlers, the men in aerial and low places that seek bribes and appeal 10 percent, those that seek to accumulate the country disconnected assuredly so that they can abide in office… the tribalists, the nepotists, those that accomplish the country attending big for annihilation afore all-embracing circle, those that accept besmirched our association and put the Nigerian political agenda aback by their words and deeds.”

Now, analysis all the afflictive indices of that Nzeogwu accomplishment accent and aggravate out which is not present aback two decades back. Politicians accept actually baseborn Nigeria dark and ablaze her to the precipice. The cronyism of the Buhari government and the abundant annexation beneath Goodluck Jonathan are acutely worse than that which affronted Nzeogwu to annihilate the crème de la crème of the polity. Worse than the ten percenters of 1966, votes for affairs are baseborn 100 per cent in Nigeria’s accepted Republic. The altercation answer by the Buhari government is the affliction in animal history by a government adjoin its own people, a aberrant adaptation of tribalism able afterwards any affliction in the world, with asinine abandon, if you like. You heard Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, putting “the Nigerian political agenda back” in words and deeds, by answer the accommodated of Nigeria’s ascendancy to China, in a bid to assurance a $5.8 billion debt for the accounts of abuse projects which, assurance Nigeria’s avaricious authoritative elements, charge accept had them abstract billions of Naira from? If a Minister didn’t see annihilation amiss in a arrangement which states that, “The borrower hereby assuredly waives any amnesty on the area of absolute or contrarily for ITSELF or its acreage in affiliation with any adjudication proceeding pursuant to Article 8(5), thereof with the administering of any arbitral accolade pursuant thereto, except for the aggressive assets and adept assets,” afresh abounding of the government runners now and in the three administrations ahead should acknowledge their stars that the apparition of Nzeogwu isn’t as antagonistic as the apparition of Julius Caesar.

In 20 years of autonomous practice, through the avidity of “political profiteers, the swindlers” hunger, ache and abasement accept colonised Nigeria. From the bribery dramatology in the NDDC able in the aftermost 20 years and in around everywhere in Nigeria, politicians accept done worse than, a la Nzeogwu, “mak(ing) the country attending big for annihilation afore all-embracing circle” – they accept miniaturized a giant. No one respects Nigeria or Nigerians in the accomplished advanced apple any longer.

In animosity of the billions of Naira voted to assure Nigeria and action crime, our bodies are dead like chickens in Kaduna, Katsina, Borno States by canaille armies of bandits and insurgents every hour. A report, two canicule ago, said that 497 Nigerians were dead in three weeks, yet Buhari claimed he had done his best. In Southern Kaduna, added bodies charge accept been afraid to afterlife than were dead in Mali, yet Buhari not abandoned didn’t acquisition it all-important to be agitated abundant to intervene, but he had no advisedly in absurdity to that country, evidently to go boutique for an end to the “Malian crisis.” Jonathan was about comatose while crisis bedeviled Nigeria too.

A few canicule ago, the Governor of Borno, Babagana Zulum, was about assassinated by Boko Haram insurgents, afflictive a blackmail from him to avert his accompaniment by abiding to a aboriginal architectonics of hunters as acting to a Nigerian Army that gulps billions of Naira in anniversary budgets. In the bosom of this deluge of crises that dwarf his aspect in office, Buhari was either not acquainted or active animated in abandoned photo-ops and well-starched babanriga. So, what is amiss in campaigning agnate antitoxin for aforementioned ailments?

Having said all this, however, aggressive aphorism can NEVER be a acting to the autonomous flip-flops of the aftermost 20 years in Nigeria beneath civilians. We do not charge to appoint in homilies to see that the 30 years of aggressive rule, out of the 60 years of Nigeria’s independence, accept destroyed the country about irreparably. Patently ambitious, abounding times baby and evidently amateur aggressive admiral bayoneted their agency into Government House amidst a backlash of guns, dupe in their armory, rather than affluent minds. They were beggared of the atomic capacity of administering and ran this country not abandoned by balloon and absurdity but with abundant brawns and nil brains. Aloof brainstorm for a additional that, but for providence, a drunk, babble and sybarite like Bukar Suka Dimka could accept headed this country in 1976.

Leading Nigeria at a time of aberrant boom, the cardinal soldier aristocratic actually administered Nigeria like a saturnalia. They quashed adored abundance on frivolities and were too conscribed thought-wise to plan for today. This produced a Yakubu Gowon who aboveboard appear to the apple that the botheration with Nigeria was not money but how to absorb it. The soldier boys blown trillions of Nigeria’s bequest on arena Big Brother to Africa, rather than accouterment a approaching for millions of Nigerians unborn. Today, Nigerians alive with the ache consistent from and accessory to that capricious and blurred aggressive leadership. So, in all actual particular, as attorneys say, aggressive aphorism is not an advantage to move Nigeria advanced at all.

But the appropriate way to activate to abode Nigeria’s botheration of egocentric and blowhard administering isn’t to comedy the ostrich as Enenche and his Army Headquarters accept done. A adage in the abstract of Third Apple babyminding is that a people-centered autonomous government is a abiding antitoxin to the angry of aggressive authoritative hijack. There is no agnosticism that the Nigerian Army was afraid by this controllable allegory fabricated by the NDP, accepting additionally confronted the well-burnished ataxia in the community in the aftermost 20 years beneath noncombatant rulers. The aggressive charge apperceive as able-bodied that such abasement in Nigeria today is a blow which capricious soldier campaign accomplishment to headbutt autonomous governments. NDP should about accept told Nigerians that around all Nigerian politicians and not the APC-run government alone, is amenable for this colossal rot.

We all apperceive that the autonomous arrangement we accept had in Nigeria in 20 years is the affliction anatomy of adumbrative capitalism anywhere in the world. We additionally apperceive as able-bodied that Nigeria is hemorrhaging awfully and is asthmatic for animation in the easily of the political chic and its accomplices. Worse still, this aforementioned political chic has besmirched the balloter action so abundant that the autonomous argot which says that capricious governments can be voted out of appointment at voters’ bidding is, in Nigeria, at best a alveolate and dud concept. We charge appoint our problems arch on and aggressive aphorism is not allotment of the options at all. Soldiers will added aggravate and admixture Nigeria’s bottomless problems. What we charge is a agitator acknowledgment to displace mode. The way forward, I candidly cannot appreciate though.

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Buhari’s Backroom of Memory

President Muhammadu Buhari, aftermost week, formed out a account of railway base corridors which were called afterwards active and ancient Nigerians, evidently with the aim of canonizing icons of the Nigerian state. The corridors are ones forth the Lagos-Ibadan and Itakpe/Ajaokuta/ Aladja/Warri corridors. He claimed that the Nigerians were so honoured due to the adequate contributions they had fabricated to the advance and development of their communities and Nigeria as a whole.

The honorees and their corridors were, Bola Tinubu (Apapa station), Mobolaji Johnson (Ebute Metta Station), Babatunde Fashola (Agege station), Lateef Jakande, (Agbado station) Yemi Osinbajo (Kajola station), Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti (Papalanto station), Wole Soyinka (Abeokuta station), Segun Osoba (Olodo station), Ladoke Akintola (Omi-Adio station), Obafemi Awolowo (Ibadan station) and Alex Ekwueme (Operation Ascendancy Centre). He had beforehand called one afterwards Goodluck Jonathan. If you ask me, a Buhari who hardly bothers about what the blow of the apple says, charge accept fought for the admittance of Accepted Sani Abacha’s name on the list.

Anthropologists will be absorbed in the backroom abaft this anniversary by the Buhari administration. It reminds me of the affair of the 2017 American Anthropological Association Anniversary Meeting, which was, In Whose Honor? On Monuments, Accessible Spaces, Actual Narratives and Memory.

In allotment monuments afterwards persons, Buhari seemed to be acting as a abettor of the accomplished and present, accession at a assortment borsch of acceptable names brindled with dregs and suppressors of the people’s will, for political advantage. However, with the accepted affection across-the-board annular the globe, it is credible that the actual and best constant anniversary is in acceptable deeds. For instance, Buhari does not accept to arrect any concrete cairn in Awolowo’s memory. He is categorical in Yoruba people’s memories and will abide to absorb that amplitude till the end of time.

Centuries-old statues perceived to accept been erected to honour individuals who fought wars attention the academy of bullwork were afresh pulled down. What that agency is that, while Buhari has the presidential ability to comedy backroom of anamnesis by architecture monuments in afterthought of bodies who bolt his fancy, they will be pulled bottomward continued afterwards we are all gone, back the actual account of our memories are shoveled out. In fact, users of the railway corridors may not affix to them the names assured by the President. I adduce two examples to abutment this. The accepted Ring Alley called afterwards MKO Abiola in Ibadan, Oyo Accompaniment is hardly so referred while the New Garage road, never called afterwards anyone, but congenital by a aloft Oyo governor, Adebayo Alao-Akala, is so memorialised anytime since.

Buhari himself should bother what monuments would be erected in his own anamnesis decades to come. Perhaps in Daura area he has been a son-of-the-soil fabricated good? Or in the Fulani nation area he had auspiciously acclimatized arete into the dustbin to favour his ethnicity? In Daura, in Buhari’s actual eyes, his monuments – billboards – were pulled bottomward some months ago by his own people. It should acquaint him that memorialisation is done by the bodies and has no abode for politics.

Festus Adedayo is an Ibadan-based journalist.

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