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Many readers are absolutely accustomed with the action for home-etching of PCBs: it’s brash actual straightforward, if a little involved, today. This was not the case in my youth, aback I aboriginal acquired an absorption in electronics. At that time, carving alike single-sided boards was for “advanced” hobbyists. By the time I started carving my own PCBs, the avant-garde hobbyists were on to double-sided home-etched boards — the alone blazon not pictured above, because I couldn’t acquisition the one acknowledged archetype I anytime created. I after saw the acceleration of “bare bones” bogus PCBs: professionally fabricated anchored admeasurement boards with plated-through holes, but no soldermask or silkscreen. Eventually, this gave way to the accumulation PCB casework we accept now with abounding two-layer boards, complete with soldermask and silkscreen.

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Today, the “advanced” hobbyist may be application four-layer boards, although the four-layer acceptance amount is still about low – OSH Park produces about 90% two-layer and 10% four-layer, for instance. I anticipate this will accordingly increase, as has been the case with all the antecedent technologies: the avant-garde eventually becomes the mainstream. Anniversary of the antecedent accouterment has brought easier architecture and architecture as able-bodied as bigger performance, and the aforementioned will be accurate as four layers becomes added commonplace.

So, let’s booty a attending at designing four-layer PCBs. If you’ve never brash one for any of your designs, you may be abundantly afraid at what little added amount is circuitous for all the allowances you gain.

The accessible aberration amid two-layer and four-layer PCBs is two added layers of copper. The accurate adjustment of the layers aural a lath is accepted as a “stackup.” Two-layer stackups are simple: there’s chestnut of a defined array on anniversary ancillary of a amount material, best generally FR4 glass-reinforced adhesive laminate. A archetypal archetype is apparent in the figure: 1.4 mil (aka 1 oz) for the chestnut and 60 mils for the core. If you’ve never formed with four-layer PCBs before, you ability accept the added two abutting chestnut layers were appropriately spaced within, but they’re about abundant afterpiece to the alien layers. There are some actual acute affidavit to do this, which we’ll analyze in a bit.

If you’re acclimation a ample cardinal of PCBs anon from the manufacturer, you can adapt the stackup, alteration the agreement and chestnut thicknesses to clothing your design. With hobbyist-oriented services, however, you get their accepted four-layer stackup. Luckily, abounding casework accept called their offerings well. OSH Park, for instance, uses a exceptional FR408 substrate for their four-layer service, which yields accomplished RF performance.

So, now you’ve got two added chestnut layers – what should you do with them? There are a cardinal of agency to align your design, but unless you accept specific reasons, it’s best to stick with the best accepted strategy. In this approach, the alien layers are acclimated for signals, and the two abutting layers are acclimated as ability and arena planes. Best commonly, the arena alike is abutting to the basic ancillary of the PCB. Signals are again placed on the two alien layers. One acceptable way to do this is to avenue signals in erect admonition on the two layers – the top band ability accept primarily vertical traces, while those on the basal would be mostly horizontal. To get to about on a diagonal, you booty a Manhattan-distance path, alternating amid layers. This increases the accessible arresting density, and is a acceptable starting point for bombastic on a design.

Connections amid the layers are fabricated with vias, aloof like in two-layer stackups. To ability an IC, for instance, the pin may be burst out with a short, avant-garde trace to a via which connects to the ability plane. Better yet, you can actualize a baby “power island” fabricated from a chestnut cascade on the basic ancillary which is affiliated to the alike through several vias, abacus one or added bypass capacitors adjacent for rock-solid ability supply. With multi-layer PCBs, there are altered varieties of via, although in hobbyist-level offerings, you about will be bound to the added accustomed blazon that goes through all layers of the board. In added avant-garde lath processes, you can additionally accept dark vias which alone affix alien layers to an abutting layer, or active vias which alone affix abutting layers.

OK, you’ve called to go with a four-layer stackup and the accepted band arrangement. What does this buy you? First, ability administration is abundantly simplified and improved. About solid planes, burst alone by vias, accept actual low inductance and resistance, convalescent ability quality, added there’s no charge to fit avant-garde ability traces assimilate the arresting layers. Anywhere you charge VCC or GND, aloof assignment bottomward for it. Without ability traces on the alien layers, there’s that abundant added allowance for arresting traces.

There are alike added allowances for  RF or accelerated agenda designs. A 50-ohm trace on a archetypal two-layer lath is about 110 mils wide. On the archetype four-layer stackup apparent above, that drops to 14 mils, about a agency of eight advance in body aloof from the clue width.  Differential agenda arresting pairs can additionally be improved, shrinking their brand by a agency of four in this example. These advantages can calmly aftereffect in added compact, yet easier-to-route designs, extenuative you lath breadth and adored architecture time.

Some of the better assets of affective to four-layers may not be anon obvious, but there are added advantages to the baby ambit amid the abutting chestnut layers and their agnate alien ones. Keeping the arresting traces abutting to a ability or arena alike increases the coupling amid them, and decreases the arresting bend breadth including the accepted acknowledgment path. These factors abatement broadcast emissions and advance arresting integrity. If it’s aloof a amusement project, you may not be cerebration of emissions testing, but if you anytime appetite to get your architecture certified for sale, it can be a admiration issue. Bigger arresting integrity, on the added hand, agency you accept a greater adventitious of a acknowledged accelerated architecture the aboriginal time.

These advantages can be affecting and about appear automatically. As a abundant example, Dave Jones over at eevblog afresh acquaint a video area he took an absolute two-layer design, the Gigatron TTL microcomputer, and afflicted it to four-layers artlessly by abacus ability and arena planes in amid the absolute arresting layers. Aback he noise-tested the PCB, emissions from the four-layer adaptation were abundantly bargain compared to the aboriginal design.

So, that all sounds awesome, but absolutely there charge be some disadvantages to four-layer designs. Yes, but they’re about minor. First, four-layer boards amount added than two-layer boards on a per-area basis. Archetypal numbers are from 1.5 x to 2 x the amount for boards of according quality, not counting the absolutely bargain “deals” on leaded HASL accomplishment two-layer prototype-grade services. This metric can be a little misleading, however. A four-layer architecture may be abate than the agnate two-layer version, adverse some of the per-area amount difference. The amount of the PCB may additionally be a baby atom of the absolute BOM, so acceleration it will alone add a baby incremental cost.

For one-off and claimed projects, application a four-layer stackup may pay for itself in the time and accomplishment adored acquisition the design. If you’re planning a assembly run, four layers may still accomplish sense, alike if it’s aloof for a ancestor that you can after try to cost-reduce into two-layers. Get it alive quickly, again optimize later.

Another perceived disadvantage is the added assembly time for the added circuitous four-layer process. This may accept been added of an affair in the past, as the times are acceptable added commensurable lately. OSH Park, for instance, ships 90% of its two-layer orders in 8 agenda days, and an agnate admeasurement of their four-layer ones in 9 days, with the times accepted to adjust aural the abutting few months. Combined with real-life aircraft times, accessory differences like this are absolutely inconsequential.

Besides time and cost, there may additionally be accessory anatomic drawbacks to four-layer designs. Reworking a four-layer lath to actual mistakes in a ancestor can be added difficult than acclimation a two-layer version. Back the abutting layers are so abutting to the alien ones, it doesn’t booty abundant added force to accidentally cut into a arena or ability alike aback surgically disconnecting a arresting trace. This can account either ancillary of the trace to abbreviate to the plane. A ablaze blow and a absolute analysis with a microscope is advised. On the added hand, if you’ve baffled arresting traces on abutting layers for some reason, re-working the lath may be abutting to impossible: addition acumen to stick ability planes in there.

Routing a four-layer PCB can absorb some new twists, acute a little added thought. For instance, in the four-layer stackup declared above, signals on the basal band are referenced to the ability plane; their acknowledgment accepted charge breeze through the alike to the abutting bypass capacitor to acquisition its way aback to ground. If you’re switching layers generally with accelerated signals, you may charge to add added bypass capacitors amid the planes at cardinal credibility on the lath to abbreviate these acknowledgment paths and accumulate arresting bend areas small. The upside is that accomplishing so is artlessly a amount of agreement the caps and bottomward a few vias to affix them to the centralized planes.

Finally, your admired PCB blueprint apparatus may not abutment four-layer boards. Eagle’s chargeless adaptation is bound to two layers, as is Fritzing. If you use a hobbyist-oriented package, you’ll charge to verify that it will do added layers. This may be the best acute acumen I’ve heard yet to get started with KiCAD.

Given all the advantages that four-layer designs accompany and the basal added cost, it’s apparently advantageous to appraise if any of your accepted or approaching designs would account from dispatch up. Personally, I usually alpha with four-layer designs these days. About the alone time I use two-layers is for acutely simple boards, or aback I charge them quickly, back I can get blitz two-layer orders in about a anniversary (coincidentally at the aforementioned amount as accustomed turn-time four-layers).

There’s no acumen to stop at four-layers, either. Agnate arguments can be fabricated for affective to higher-layer stackups. For a decidedly absorbing take, analysis out Kerry Scharfglass’s allocution at aftermost year’s Hackaday Superconference, area he describes spending an added $130 to move his 500-piece adjustment from four-layer to six-layer and extenuative an estimated 20-30 hours of architecture time.

You ability be see a agnate accumulation on your abutting project. Give it a try.

[Thanks to Laen and Drew at OSH Park for their insights and data.]

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