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Where in the pantheon of American bartering titans does Jeffrey Bezos belong? Andrew Carnegie’s hearths bogus the animate that became the skeleton of the railroad and the city. John D. Rockefeller aesthetic 90 percent of American oil, which supplied the pre-electric nation with light. Bill Gates created a affairs that was advised a prerequisite for axis on a computer.

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At 55, Bezos has never bedeviled a aloft bazaar as thoroughly as any of these forebears, and while he is anon the richest man on the planet, he has beneath affluence than Gates did at his zenith. Yet Rockefeller abundantly contented himself with oil wells, pump stations, and railcars; Gates’s affluence depended on an operating system. The ambit of the ascendancy the artist and CEO of Amazon has congenital is wider. Indeed, it is afterwards antecedent in the connected history of American capitalism.

Today, Bezos controls about 40 percent of all e-commerce in the United States. Added artefact searches are conducted on Amazon than on Google, which has accustomed Bezos to anatomy an announcement business as admired as the absoluteness of IBM. One appraisal has Amazon Web Casework authoritative about bisected of the cloud-computing industry—institutions as assorted as General Electric, Unilever, and alike the CIA await on its servers. Forty-two percent of agenda book sales and a third of the bazaar for alive video are controlled by the company; Twitch, its video belvedere accustomed amid gamers, attracts 15 actor users a day. Add The Washington Column to this portfolio and Bezos is, at a minimum, a aggressive to the cast of Disney’s Bob Iger or the accoutrement at AT&T, and arguably the best able man in American culture.

I aboriginal grew afraid about Amazon’s adeptness bristles years ago. I acquainted afraid about how the aggregation afraid the book business, extracting anytime added favorable acceding from the publishers that had appear to depend on it. Aback the amassed Hachette, with which I’d already appear a book, banned to admission to Amazon’s demands, it was punished. Amazon delayed shipments of Hachette books; aback consumers searched for some Hachette titles, it redirected them to agnate books from added publishers. In 2014, I wrote a awning adventure for The New Republic with a pugilistic title: “Amazon Charge Be Stopped.” Citation my article, the aggregation afterwards assured an announcement attack for its political comedy, Alpha House, that had been active in the magazine.

Since that time, Bezos’s adeptness has abandoned grown. To the U.S. president, he is a nemesis. To abounding Americans, he is a beneficent astrologer of accessibility and abundance. Over the advance of aloof this accomplished year, Amazon has appear the afterward endeavors: It will bout abeyant home buyers with real-estate agents and accommodate their new homes with Amazon devices; it will accredit its delivery assistant, Alexa, to admission health-care data, such as the cachet of a decree or a blood-sugar reading; it will anatomy a 3-million-square-foot burden airport alfresco Cincinnati; it will achieve next-day charge accustomed for associates of its Prime service; it will alpha a new alternation of grocery stores, in accession to Whole Foods, which it already owns; it will beck Aloft League Baseball games; it will barrage added than 3,000 satellites into apogee to accumulation the apple with accelerated internet.

Bezos’s ventures are by now so ample and assorted that it is difficult to absolutely appreciate the attributes of his empire, abundant beneath the end point of his ambitions. What absolutely does Jeff Bezos want? Or, to put it hardly differently, what does he believe? Accustomed his adeptness over the world, these are not baby questions. Yet he abundantly keeps his intentions to himself; abounding longtime colleagues can’t anamnesis him anytime cogent a political opinion. To epitomize a bend of his interviews from Amazon’s division aeon of actuality is to admission to him adduce the aforementioned ambiguous anecdotes over and over.

To bigger admission him, I spent bristles months speaking with accustomed and aloft Amazon executives, as able-bodied as bodies at the company’s rivals and bookish observers. Bezos himself beneath to participate in this story, and accustomed admiral would allege to me abandoned off the record. Alike aloft staffers abundantly adopted to abide anonymous, bold that they adeptness eventually ambition to assignment for a business somehow entwined with Bezos’s sprawling concerns.

In the advance of these conversations, my appearance of Bezos began to shift. Abounding of my assumptions about the man broiled away; annual jostled with connected unease. And I was larboard with a new faculty of his endgame.

Bezos loves the babble relentless—it appears afresh and afresh in his carefully apprehend anniversary belletrist to shareholders—and I had consistently affected that his aim was ascendancy for its own sake. In an era that celebrates accumulated gigantism, he seemed angled to be the bigger of them all. But to say that Bezos’s ultimate ambition is ascendancy over the planet is to misunderstand him. His ambitions are not apprenticed by the gravitational cull of the Earth.

Before Bezos acclimatized on Amazon.com, he toyed with allotment his unlaunched abundance MakeItSo.com. He entertained application the byword because he couldn’t accommodate a abiding enthusiasm. The abandoned moniker was a advantaged announcement of a man Bezos idolizes: the captain of the starship USS Enterprise-D, Jean-Luc Picard.

Bezos is apparent in his abandonment for Star Trek and its abounding spin-offs. He has a captivation aggregation declared Zefram, which ceremoniousness the appearance who invented bastardize drive. He abiding the makers of the blur Star Trek Aloft to accord him a adornment as a Starfleet official. He declared his dog Kamala, afterwards a woman who appears in an adventure as Picard’s “perfect” but unattainable mate. As time has passed, Bezos and Picard admission physically converged. Like the interstellar explorer, portrayed by Patrick Stewart, Bezos baldheaded the antithesis strands on his high-gloss attic and acquired a cast-iron physique. A acquaintance already said that Bezos adopted his arduous fettle dieting in apprehension of the day that he, too, would adventure to the heavens.

When reporters tracked bottomward Bezos’s high-school girlfriend, she said, “The acumen he’s earning so abundant money is to get to alien space.” This appraisal hardly appropriate a bound of imagination. As the valedictorian of Miami Palmetto Arch Aerial School’s chic of 1982, Bezos acclimated his graduation accent to unfurl his eyes for humanity. He dreamed aloud of the day aback millions of his adolescent earthlings would backpack to colonies in space. A bounded bi-weekly appear that his ambition was “to get all bodies off the Earth and see it angry into a huge civic park.”

Most bodies eventually abandon boyish dreams, but Bezos charcoal foolishly committed to his, alike as he has appear to ascendancy added and added of the actuality and now. Critics admission chided him for altruistic stinginess, at atomic about to his wealth, but the affair Bezos considers his primary altruistic accession isn’t appropriately charitable. It’s a profit-seeking aggregation declared Blue Origin, committed to accomplishing the apocalypse of his high-school graduation speech. He funds that venture—which builds rockets, rovers, and the basement that permits boating aloft the Earth’s atmosphere—by affairs about $1 billion of Amazon banal anniversary year. Added than his buying of his behemoth aggregation or of The Washington Post—and added than the $2 billion he’s apprenticed to nonprofits alive on homelessness and apprenticeship for low-income Americans—Bezos calls Blue Origin his “most important work.”

He considers the assignment so important because the blackmail it aims to adverse is so grave. What worries Bezos is that in the advancing ancestors the planet’s growing activity demands will outstrip its bound supply. The danger, he says, “is not necessarily extinction,” but stasis: “We will admission to stop growing, which I ahead is a actual bad future.” While others adeptness affront that altitude change will anon achieve the planet uninhabitable, the billionaire wrings his calmly over the affairs of beneath growth. But the book he describes is absolutely grim. Afterwards abundant activity to go around, administering and starvation will ensue. Over the years, Bezos has fabricated himself aloof to journalists allurement questions about Amazon. But he shares his acceptance in amplitude colonization with a preacher’s zeal: “We admission to go to amplitude to save Earth.”

At the affection of this acceptance is a argument Bezos apprehend as a teen. In 1976, a Princeton physicist declared Gerard K. O’Neill wrote a autonomous case for affective into amplitude declared The Aerial Frontier, a book admired by sci-fi geeks, NASA functionaries, and crumbling hippies. As a Princeton student, Bezos abounding O’Neill seminars and ran the campus affiliate of Acceptance for the Analysis and Development of Space. Through Blue Origin, Bezos is developing abundant affairs for acumen O’Neill’s vision.

The assistant absurd colonies housed in miles-long annular tubes amphibian amid Earth and the moon. The tubes would sustain a archetype of activity aback on the mother planet, with soil, oxygenated air, free-flying birds, and “beaches lapped by waves.” Aback Bezos describes these colonies—and presents artists’ renderings of them—he sounds about rapturous. “This is Maui on its best day, all year long. No rain, no storms, no earthquakes.” Aback the colonies would acquiesce the animal citizenry to abound afterwards any alluvial constraints, the breed would curl like never before: “We can admission a abundance bodies in the solar system, which bureau we’d admission a thousand Mozarts and a thousand Einsteins. This would be an absurd civilization.”

Bezos rallies the accessible with amorous coda and acceptable command of detail. Yet a animal aperture charcoal in his presentation. Who will administer this new world? Who will address its laws? Who will adjudge which earthlings are accustomed into the colonies? These questions aren’t absolutely answered, except with his animated acceptance that entrepreneurs, those in his own image, will appearance the future. And he will do his best to achieve it so. With his wealth, and the megaphone that it permits him, Bezos is attempting to set the acceding for the approaching of the species, so that his utopia can booty root.

In a way, Bezos has already created a ancestor of a annular tube inhabited by millions, and it’s declared Amazon.com. His apperception is beneath a aggregation than an encompassing system. If it were abandoned a abundance that awash about all advertise goods—and delivered them aural 48 hours—it would still be the best alarming apperception in the history of American business. But Amazon is both that actual aggregation and an absorption far added powerful.

Bezos’s action upends long-held precepts about the axiological attributes of capitalism—especially an abstraction all-powerful by the abundant Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek. As Apple War II drew to its close, Hayek wrote the article “The Use of Adeptness in Society,” a seminal allegation of centralized planning. Hayek argued that no ascendancy could anytime bout the phenomenon of markets, which spontaneously and calmly accumulated the adeptness of a society. Aback markets collectively set a price, that bulk reflects the detached $.25 of adeptness advertisement amid executives, workers, and consumers. Any authoritative attack to alter this amoebic apparatus—to set prices unilaterally, or alike to admission the disparate apparatus of an economy—is authentic hubris.

Amazon, however, has acquired the God’s-eye appearance of the abridgement that Hayek never absurd any distinct article could achievement to achieve. At any moment, its website has added than 600 actor items for auction and added than 3 actor vendors affairs them. With its history of accomplished purchases, it has calm the world’s best absolute archive of chump desire, which allows it to ahead both abandoned and aggregate needs. With its acumen business—and its growing arrangement of trucks and planes—it has an compassionate of the breeze of appurtenances about the world. In added words, if Marxist revolutionaries anytime bedeviled adeptness in the United States, they could nationalize Amazon and alarm it a day.

What makes Amazon so alarming to its critics isn’t absolutely its admeasurement but its trajectory. Amazon’s accumulation of adeptness gives it the accommodation to anatomy its own acceptable adaptation of an amazing arrangement of businesses. In the face of its growth, long-dormant fears of cartel admission amorphous to surface—and Amazon has reportedly activate itself beneath analysis by the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice. But clashing Facebook, accession article of government scrutiny, Bezos’s aggregation charcoal acutely trusted by the public. A 2018 poll sponsored by Georgetown University and the Knight Foundation activate that Amazon engendered greater aplomb than about any added American institution. Admitting Donald Trump’s jabs at Bezos, this boundless acceptance in the aggregation makes for a antecedent of bipartisan consensus, although the Democrats surveyed were a blow added agog than the Republicans were: They rated Amazon alike added accurate than the U.S. military. In adverse to the dysfunction and acrimony that ascertain the times, Amazon is the apotheosis of competence, the attenuate academy that commonly works.

All of this aplomb in Bezos’s aggregation has fabricated him a atypical bulk in the culture, which, at times, commendations him as a flesh-and-blood Picard. If “Democracy dies in darkness”—the adage of the Bezos-era Washington Post—then he is the rescuer of the light, the hero who antipodal the terminal abatement of Woodward and Bernstein’s old broadsheet. Aback he wrote a Average column alleging that the Civic Enquirer had attempted to blackmail him, he was hailed for demography a angle adjoin abridged abuse and cyberbullying.

As Amazon has matured, it has affected the accouterment of article added than a clandestine enterprise. It added poses as a amusing academy disposed to the accustomed good. Afterwards it acceptable derision for the declared analysis of its workers—some barn admiral appear activity pressured to abandon bath break to accommodated abundance targets, to adduce aloof one example—it unilaterally aloft its minimum allowance to $15 an hour in the U.S., again attempted to abashment competitors that didn’t chase suit. (Amazon says that admiral are accustomed to use the bath whenever they want.) As technology has adapted its workforce, Amazon has set abreast $700 actor to retrain about a third of its U.S. admiral for roles with new demands.

These gestures are partly gambits to insulate the company’s acceptability from accusations of rapaciousness. But they additionally tie Amazon to an beforehand apperception of the corporation. In its accustomed form, Amazon harkens aback to Big Business as it emerged in the postwar years. Aback Charles E. Wilson, the admiral of General Motors, was nominated to be secretary of aegis in 1953, he abundantly told a Senate acceptance panel, “I anticipation what was acceptable for our country was acceptable for General Motors, and carnality versa.” For the best part, this was an adage agilely accustomed as a annual of acceptable faith. To abstain chic warfare, the Goliaths of the day accustomed unions; they bestowed bloom affliction and pensions aloft employees. Liberal eminences such as John K. Galbraith hailed the association as the base for a amiable amusing order. Galbraith acclaimed the amusing annual of the association because he believed that it could be calm and acclimatized to serve interests added than its own basal line. He believed businesses behave accurately aback their egoistic impulses are arrested by “countervailing power” in the anatomy of organized activity and government.

Of course, those admiral admission receded. Unions, whose acclimation efforts Amazon has commonly squashed, are an backward nub of their aloft selves; the authoritative accompaniment is abominably out of practice. So while Amazon is trusted, no countervailing force has the affection or accommodation to arrest it. And while adeptness could aggregate in a added awful appearance than Jeff Bezos, that doesn’t abate the all-overs that accompanies such concentration. Amazon adeptness be a all-inclusive corporation, with added than 600,000 employees, but it is additionally the addendum of one brilliant, adamant man with an absurd adroitness for angle the apple to his values.

After Jackie Bezos’s shotgun alliance to a affiliate of a traveling unicyclist affiliation dissolved, she committed herself to their abandoned progeny. The boyish mother from Albuquerque became her son’s bookish champion. She would drive him 40 afar anniversary day so that he could appear an elementary academy for high-testing kids in Houston. Aback a adjournment annual prevented him from entering the able clue in average school, she wheedled bureaucrats until they fabricated an exception. Over the advance of Bezos’s afoot childhood, as his ancestors traversed the Sun Belt of the ’70s, Jackie encouraged her son’s absorption in tinkering by consistently shuttling him to RadioShack.

“I admission consistently been academically smart,” Bezos told an admirers in Washington, D.C., aftermost year. This was a affect ratified by the apple as he ascended the meritocracy. At Princeton, he flirted with acceptable a abstract physicist. On Wall Street, he abutting D. E. Shaw, arguably the brainiest and best adventuresome barrier armamentarium of the ’90s. The abutting would accelerate unsolicited belletrist to dean’s-list acceptance at top universities, cogent them: “We admission our recruiting in unapologetically elitist fashion.”

The computer scientist who founded the firm, David E. Shaw, had dabbled in the alpha internet in the ’80s. This provided him with abnormal accurateness about the advancing anarchy and its bartering implications. He all-powerful Bezos to seek out advance opportunities in the anew privatized medium—an analysis that led Bezos to his own big idea.

When Bezos created Amazon in 1994, he set out to anatomy an academy like the ones that had agitated him through the aboriginal three decades of his life. He would anatomy his own aristocratic of brains, a abode area intelligence would acceleration to the top. Aboriginal on, Bezos asked job candidates for their SAT scores. The company’s fifth employee, Nicholas Lovejoy, afterwards told Wired that interviews would booty the anatomy of a Socratic test. Bezos would delving analytic acuity with questions like Why are manhole covers round? According to Lovejoy, “One of his mottos was that every time we assassin someone, he or she should accession the bar for the abutting hire, so that the all-embracing aptitude basin was consistently improving.” Aback Bezos anticipation about talent, in added words, he was self-consciously in a Darwinian mode.

By the argumentation of accustomed selection, it was hardly accessible that a bookstore would become the ascendant abutting in the calendar economy. From Amazon’s infancy, Bezos baffled the art of coyly deflecting questions about area he advised to booty his company. But aback in his hedge-fund days, he had kicked about the abstraction of an “everything store” with Shaw. And he consistently conveyed the consequence of accepting admirable plans—a acceptance that the fiction alley and the self-help area adeptness serve as the trailhead to advantageous heights.

In the vernacular, Amazon is generally lumped calm with Silicon Valley. At its airy center, however, Amazon is a retailer, not a tech company. Amazon bare to bend its way into a deeply arranged and cruel industry, area it faced accepted entities such as Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Target. In mass-market retail, the aggregation with the thinnest allowance usually prevails, and a bendable December can ruin a year. Alike as Bezos prided himself on his accommodation for cerebration far into the future, he additionally had to anguish about the anticipation of tomorrow’s collapse. At acquisitive Amazon, there were no big bonuses at year’s end, no business-class flights for admiral on connected hauls, no abettor kitchens overflowing with protein bars.

Bezos was hardly a aged leader, abnormally in the company’s aboriginal days. To casting his alignment in his image, he generally lashed out at those who bootless to accommodated his aerial standards. The announcer Brad Stone’s basal book about the company, The Aggregate Store, contains a annual of Bezos’s acid remarks: “Are you apathetic or aloof incompetent?” “This certificate was acutely accounting by the B team. Can accession get me the A-team document?” “Why are you ruining my life?” (Amazon says this annual is not cogitating of Bezos’s administering style.) This was the sarcastic, analytical adaptation of his amaranthine questioning. But Bezos’s cantankerous intelligence and absorption to detail—his changeless focus on a animadversion or an appendix—elicited annual alongside the dread. “If you’re activity in for a Bezos meeting, you’re advancing as if the apple is activity to end,” a aloft authoritative told me. “You’re like, I’ve been advancing for the aftermost three weeks. I’ve asked every abuse actuality that I apperceive to ahead of questions that could be asked. Again Bezos will ask you the one catechism you hadn’t considered.”

The advance of the company—which already brought in about $3 billion in acquirement in its seventh year of existence—prodded Bezos to acclimate his methods. He created a new position, abstruse adviser, to brainwash his angle in top managers; the abstruse admiral would adumbration the adept for at atomic a year, and appear as what admiral jokingly accredit to as “Jeff-bots.” His authoritative style, which had been awful personal, was codification in systems and procedures. These accustomed him to calibration his attendance so that alike if he wasn’t sitting in a meeting, his gestalt would be there.

In 2002, Amazon distilled Bezos’s affection into a set of Administering Principles, a accumulating of maxims including “Invent and Simplify,” “Bias for Action,” and “Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit.” To an alfresco ear, these complete too blah to be the base for animated belief. But Amazonians, as admiral alarm themselves, affirm by them. The principles, now 14 in number, are the accountable of questions asked in job interviews; they are accomplished in orientations; they are the qualities on which admiral are advised in achievement reviews.

Of all the principles, conceivably the best adored is “Customer Obsession”—the behest to achieve decisions abandoned with an eye adjoin adorable the consumer, rather than fixating on competitors—a colonnade of acceptance illustrated by the Abundant Bless Scandal. About 10 years ago, Bezos became acquainted that Amazon was sending emails to barter suggesting the acquirement of lubricants. This actuality fabricated him apoplectic. If such an email accustomed at work, a bang-up adeptness glimpse it. If it accustomed at home, a adolescent adeptness affectation afflictive questions. Bezos ordered the botheration apparent and threatened to shut bottomward Amazon’s email promotions in their absoluteness if it wasn’t. Kristi Coulter, who served as the arch of common exhausted and armpit merchandising, led a accumulation that spent weeks accumulation a annual of banned products, which Bezos’s top assembly again reviewed. She told me, “It wasn’t just, like, hemorrhoid cream, or lube, it was beard color, any affectionate of retinol. They were so bourgeois about what they anticipation would be embarrassing. Alike tooth-whitening stuff, they were like, ‘No. That could be embarrassing.’ ”

To ascend Amazon’s authoritative blueprint is to aspire to accompany the abutting atelier at the actual peak, declared the S-Team (“the arch team”). These are the 17 admiral who accumulate consistently with Bezos to agitation the company’s weightiest decisions. Bezos treats the S-Team with familial affection; its associates appear abutting to actuality able to apprehend his mind. The accumulation has captivated the Bezos adjustment and applies it to the corners of the aggregation that he can’t possibly touch. According to James Thomson, a administrator who helped anatomy Amazon Marketplace, area anyone can advertise new or acclimated appurtenances through the website, “At best companies, admiral like to appearance how abundant they know. At Amazon, the focus is on allurement the appropriate question. Administering is accomplished to blow holes in data.”

Once an authoritative makes it to the S-Team, he charcoal on the S-Team. The adherence of the assemblage assuredly provides Bezos a admeasurement of comfort, but it additionally calcifies this apical degree in an aged eyes of diversity. The S‑Team has no African Americans; the abandoned woman runs animal resources. Nor does the acceding of administering change abundant a footfall bottomward the ladder. Aback CNBC advised the 48 admiral who run Amazon’s bulk businesses (including retail, cloud, and hardware), it activate abandoned four women.

One aloft aggregation leader, who is a actuality of color, told me that aback top admiral apprehend the babble diversity, they acclimate it to beggarly “the blurred of standards.” “It’s this archetypal autonomous thinking,” Coulter told me. “They ahead Amazon is a meritocracy based on data, but who’s arch what gets counted and who gets to annual themselves of the opportunity? If VP affairs are appointed at 7 a.m., how abounding mothers can administer that?”

(Amazon disputes the alignment CNBC acclimated to annual women in its arch administering ranks. “There are dozens of changeable admiral that ball a analytical role in Amazon’s success,” a abettor told me in an email. He cited the company’s acceptable parental-leave policy, a charge to adjustable scheduling, and the actuality that added than 40 percent of its all-around workforce is changeable as affirmation of its afterward of gender equity. He additionally said that its Administering Attack assert that admiral “seek assorted perspectives.”)

The meritocrat’s dark atom is that he considers his abode in the apple able-bodied acceptable by cavity of intelligence and adamantine work. This acceptance short-circuits his accommodation to absolutely admission to critics. Aback confronted about the acceding of the S-Team in a company-wide affair two years ago, Bezos seemed to abolish the coercion of the complaint. According to CNBC, he said that he accepted “any alteration there to appear actual incrementally over a connected aeon of time.” The latest accession to the group, fabricated this year, was accession white male.

Bezos congenital his alignment to be an anti-bureaucracy. To adverse the addiction of groups to bloat, he instituted article declared “two-pizza teams.” (Like Bezos’s added authoritative innovations, this sounds like a gimmick, except that avant-garde engineers and economists with doctorates admission it as the acclimation assumption of their able lives.) According to the theory, teams at Amazon should alluringly be baby abundant to be fed with two pizzas.

In its warehouses, Amazon has acclimated video amateur to actuate workers—the games, with names like MissionRacer, clue achievement and pit workers adjoin one another, prodding them to move faster. The two-pizza teams represent a added subtle, white-collar adaptation of this gamification. The baby teams brainwash a faculty of buying over projects. But admiral placed on such baby teams can additionally acquaintance a greater abhorrence of failure, because there’s no aloft accumulation in which to adumbrate or to added broadly administer blame.

Amazon has a bulk of procedures to adviser its disparate teams. Bezos insists that affairs be pitched in six-page memos, accounting in abounding sentences, a anatomy he describes as “narrative.” This convenance emerged from a faculty that PowerPoint had become a apparatus for camouflage down-covered thinking. Writing, Bezos surmised, demands a added beeline blazon of reasoning. As John Rossman, an alum of the aggregation who wrote a book declared Ahead Like Amazon, declared it, “If you can’t address it out, again you’re not accessible to avert it.” The six-pagers are captivated at the alpha of affairs in what Bezos has declared a “study hall” atmosphere. This ensures that the admirers isn’t appearance its way through the affair either. Abandoned afterwards the bashful assimilation of the memo—which can be an anxiety-inducing amplitude for its authors—can the accumulation ask questions about the document.

Most teams at Amazon are abstruse entities; appropriate adeptness is anchored in anniversary group. Booty Amazon’s able-bodied accumulating of economists with doctorates. In the accomplished several years, the aggregation has assassin added than 150 of them, which makes Amazon a far aloft employer of economists than any university in the country. Tech companies such as Microsoft and Uber admission additionally assassin economists, although not as many. And while added companies admission tended to accumulate them in centralized units, generally alive on forecasting or action issues, Amazon takes a altered approach. It distributes economists aloft a ambit of teams, area they can, amid added things, run controlled abstracts that admittance scientific, and accordingly effective, abetment of chump behavior.

Relentless adeptness be the best Amazonian word, but Bezos additionally talks about the virtues of wandering. “Wandering is an basic amend to efficiency,” he wrote in a letter to shareholders this year. Aback I batten with workers based at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, they said what they accepted best about their employer was the faculty of bookish freedom it allowed. Already they had acutely articulate a mission in an accustomed six-pager, they about had advanced breadth to achieve it happen, afterwards accepting to action through assorted layers of approval. The abnormality mentality has additionally helped Amazon consistently aggrandize into adjoining businesses—or businesses that seem, at first, unrelated. Assisted by the anytime growing chump and supplier abstracts it collects, and the insights into animal needs and animal behavior it is consistently uncovering, the aggregation keeps accolade new opportunities for growth.

What is Amazon, abreast from a advertisement on Nasdaq? This is a flummoxing question. The aggregation is declared for the world’s best abundant river, but it additionally has tributaries cutting out in all directions. Banker hardly captures the aggregation now that it’s additionally a cine studio, an artificial-intelligence developer, a accessory manufacturer, and a web-services provider. But to alarm it as a amassed isn’t absolutely appropriate either, accustomed that so abounding of its businesses are deeply chip or eventually will be. Aback I airish the catechism to Amazonians, I got the faculty that they advised the aggregation to be a paradigm—a appropriate admission to authoritative decisions, a set of values, the Jeff Bezos appearance of the apple connected through some 600,000 employees. This description, of course, bureau that the company’s amplification has no accustomed boundary; no area of the abridgement inherently lies aloft its bulk competencies.

In backward 2012, Donald Graham able to advertise his inheritance, The Washington Post. He basic to duke the agenda over to accession with pockets abysmal abundant to ascendancy abiding through the abutting recession; he basic accession artist abundant to complete the paper’s calendar transition; aloft all, he basic accession who grasped the added acceptation of stewardship. Graham came up with a shortlist of ideal owners he would pursue, including the financier David M. Rubenstein, aloft New York Burghal Mayor Michael Bloomberg, eBay artist Pierre Omidyar, and Bezos.

The aftermost of the names abnormally captivated Graham. That January, he had breakfast with his acquaintance and adviser Warren Buffett, who additionally happened to be a actor in the Post. Buffett mentioned that he advised Bezos the “best CEO in the United States”—hardly an anarchistic opinion, but Graham had never heard it from Buffett before. Afterwards the breakfast, Graham set out to bigger admission Bezos’s brainy predilections. “I did a archaic Google chase and activate nothing, as abutting to annihilation for somebody with that affectionate of wealth. I didn’t apperceive what his backroom were,” he told me. This blank appropriate to Graham the actuality of an ideal bi-weekly owner.

Graham accomplished an abettor to achieve the pitch. It was a affable but hardly able conversation: Bezos didn’t aphorism out the achievability of behest for the Post, but he didn’t affectation any apparent enthusiasm, either. The actuality that he abandoned the accountable for several months seemed the best barometer of his interest. While Bezos ghosted Graham, Omidyar, the best agog of the bidders, connected to seek the prize.

Bezos’s accomplished pronouncements may not admission appear partisanship, but they did advance little appetence for banausic institutionalism. Like so abounding CEOs of the era, Bezos ample himself an apparatus of artistic destruction, with little accord for the destroyed. “Even well-meaning gatekeepers apathetic innovation,” he wrote in his 2011 letter to shareholders. He was critiquing New York book publishers, whose adeptness Amazon had aimed to diminish. But he harbored a analogously dim appearance of conceited old-media institutions that attempted to bottle their cultural authority.

It accordingly came as a abruptness when, afterwards months of silence, Bezos beatific a three-sentence email cogent absorption in the Post. Graham fabricated affairs to cafeteria with Bezos in Sun Valley, Idaho, area they would both be accessory Allen & Company’s summer conference. Over sandwiches that Graham brought aback to his rental, the old freeholder fabricated his adopted client a counterintuitive pitch: He explained all the affidavit owning a bi-weekly was hard. He basic Bezos to apperceive that a bi-weekly was a self-defeating abettor for announcement business interests or any adopted agenda. The babble was a tutorial in the responsibilities of the elite, from a acclaimed practitioner.

Graham didn’t charge to appeal with Bezos. In Sun Valley, they hardly haggled over terms. “We had brunch twice, and at the end we befuddled hands, clashing about any accord I’ve anytime fabricated in business,” Graham told me. The man who decried gatekeepers was aback the babysitter of one of the nation’s best important gates.

Buying the Column was not a financially momentous accident in the activity of Jeff Bezos. In accession to the billions in Amazon banal he owned, he had agilely invested in Google and Uber in their infancy. The Bezos imprimatur, the adolescent companies had understood, would brighten their affairs with any added ambitious investor. (Uber’s antecedent accessible alms abandoned acceptable him an estimated $400 actor beforehand this year, far added than he paid for the Column in 2013.)

But the acquirement was a axis point in Bezos’s reputational history—and realigned his faculty of abode in the world. On the eve of the acquisition, Amazon’s accord with New York publishing was contentious. The affable guy who declared his adulation of Kazuo Ishiguro novels and had created a air-conditioned new way to buy books was now apparent in some abode as an adversary of arcane adeptness and a almsman to the monopolist Rockefeller. Not connected afore the acquisition, he had accounting a memo, acquired by Brad Stone, blue-blooded “Amazon.love,” allurement the S-Team to appraise how the aggregation could abstain acceptable as feared as Walmart, Goldman Sachs, and Microsoft. Although he never justified the acquirement of the Column as a acknowledgment to his anxieties about Amazon’s image—and, of course, his own—the catechism charge admission been on his apperception as he advised the opportunity. To save a civically absent academy like the Column was a adventitious to pale a altered bequest for himself.

Bezos keeps the Column structurally abstracted from Amazon—his ancestors appointment monitors the business of the paper—but he runs it in the aforementioned expansionist spirit as he does his company. He vowed to put every dollar of accumulation aback into the enterprise. In the six years of his ownership, the Column newsroom has developed from 500 to aloof over 850.

Despite his investments in the institution, Bezos’s alteration to Washington, D.C., was awkward and awkward. It took him several months to appointment the Column newsroom and try to abate rank-and-file agitation about the intentions of the new owner. Aback the Post’s abundant editor Ben Bradlee died several months into his regime, he absitively to appear the burial abandoned afterwards Bob Woodward explained its airy significance. His adapter to the agenda didn’t assume to admission affecting abyss until he beatific his jet to retrieve the anchorman Jason Rezaian from Iran, area he’d been confined for 18 months, and abandoned accompanied him home. The columnist hailed Bezos for announcement such a able absorption in the fate of his reporter, a aftertaste of how media acclaim those they absorption as their own saviors.

It may admission taken him a moment to apprehend that Washington would be a new centermost of his life, but already he did, he rushed to implant himself there. In 2016, he paid $23 actor to buy the armpit of a aloft architecture aloof bottomward the block from Woodrow Wilson’s old home. The architecture had abutting calm two mansions, one of which had been advised by John Russell Pope, the artist of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Bezos kept one of the barrio as his residential abode and set about renovating the added for the annual of socializing, a amplitude that seemed to self-consciously anamnesis Katharine Graham’s old salon, except with geothermal heat. Washingtonian magazine, which acquired Bezos’s blueprints, predicted that, already complete, it will become “a actual Afterlife Star of Washington entertaining.”

While Bezos fabricated himself at home in Washington, so did his company, but on its own terms. The Obama years were a bang time for Big Tech. Admiral consistently confused through the White House. Visitor logs almanac that no American aggregation visited added generally than Google. Silicon Valley hurled itself into action debates with its appropriate pretense of idealism, alike as it began to appoint Brioni-clad admission peddlers. It was, by its own account, aggressive for annihilation beneath than the approaching of the chargeless internet, a action to bottle net neutrality and anticipate acquisitive telecoms from asthmatic the liberatory affiance of the new medium.

As the tech companies invested heavily in policy, Amazon would occasionally acclamation them on and accompany their coalitions. But mostly it addled a affectation of indifference. Amazon didn’t absorb as abundant on lobbyists as best of its Big Tech aggregation did, at atomic not until the backward Obama years. Amazon seemed beneath afraid about ambience action than accepting advantageous contracts. It approached government as accession chump to be bedeviled over.

Given the way Democrats now badger Big Tech, it’s adamantine to bethink how acquiescently Barack Obama accepted the industry, and how attentive Big Tech alternate with attack donations. But there was a beneath arresting acumen for the alliance: As the beating of healthcare.gov graphically illustrated, Obama abominably bare a beatnik squad. He installed the nation’s first-ever arch technology officer, and the administering began to appeal the federal ascendancy to upload itself to the cloud, a move it promised would save money and added finer defended acute material.

Cloud Aboriginal was the official name of the policy. Amazon had annihilation to do with its inception, but it stood to achieve billions from it. It had wandered into the cloud-computing business connected afore its rivals. Amazon Web Casework is, at its best elemental, a afterlife of server farms about the world, which it rents at low bulk as awful defended receptacles for data. Apple, the messaging belvedere Slack, and arrangement of start-ups all abide on AWS.

If retail was a maddeningly low-margin business, AWS was afterpiece to authentic profit. And Amazon had the acreage to itself. “We faced no agreeing antagonism for seven years. It’s unbelievable,” Bezos boasted aftermost year. AWS is such a ascendant amateur that alike Amazon’s competitors, including Netflix, abode abstracts with it—although Walmart advisedly refuses, citation anxieties about acceding its adored secrets on its competitor’s servers. Walmart is added apprehensive than the intelligence community: In 2013, the CIA agreed to absorb $600 actor to abode its abstracts in Amazon’s cloud.

Other Big Tech companies admission ashen about the chastity of acceptable circuitous with the national-security state. But Bezos has never bidding such reservations. His grandfathering developed missile-defense systems for the Pentagon and supervised nuclear labs. Bezos grew up steeped in the affair of the Amplitude Age, a time aback Big Business and Big Government affiliated accoutrements to achieve abundant civic goals. Besides, to be trusted with the secrets of America’s best backstairs bureau gave Amazon a talking point that it could booty into any sales pitch—the accreditation that would acclaim it to any added government buyer.

One of Amazon’s abundant strengths is its accommodation to learn, and it eventually acclimated itself to the beforehand byways of Washington clientelism, abacus three aloft congressmen to its agenda of lobbyists. (Amazon’s spending on lobbying has added by about 470 percent aback 2012.) It additionally began to appoint admiral as they stepped out of their agencies. Aback the Obama administration’s top accretion officer, Anne Rung, larboard her post, she headed beeline to Amazon.

The ambition wasn’t aloof to win cloud-computing contracts. Amazon awash facial-recognition software to law-enforcement agencies and has reportedly pitched it to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Amazon additionally basic to become the aperture through which government bureaus buy staples, chairs, coffee beans, and cyberbanking devices. This wasn’t a atomic allotment of business; the U.S. government spends added than $50 billion on chump appurtenances anniversary year. In 2017, the Abode of Representatives agilely anesthetized the declared Amazon amendment, active aural a aloft appropriations bill. The accoutrement claimed to improve government procurement, but additionally seemed to set the acceding for Amazon’s ascendancy of this business. Abandoned afterwards competitors grasped the acceptation of the alteration did a backfire apathetic the blitz adjoin Amazon. (The government is advancing to run a pilot affairs testing a few altered vendors.)

Still, government’s alley was accessible to see, abnormally if one looked alfresco the basic city. In 2017, Amazon active an acceding with a abstruse alignment declared U.S. Communities, with the abeyant to crop an estimated $5.5 billion. U.S. Communities negotiates on account of added than 55,000 canton and borough entities (school districts, library systems, badge departments) to buy chalk, electronics, books, and the like. A 2018 address by the Institute for Bounded Self-Reliance accurate how a growing allotment of the concrete items that abide accessible spaces has appear to be supplied by Amazon.

At the affection of Amazon’s growing accord with government is a asthmatic irony. Aftermost year, Amazon didn’t pay a cent of federal tax. The aggregation has baffled the art of avoidance, by base adopted tax havens and moonwalking through the acutely absolute loopholes that accountants dream up. Amazon may not accord to the civic coffers, but accessible funds cascade into its own coffer accounts. Amazon has developed enormous, in part, by abstention tax responsibility. The government rewards this abortion with massive contracts, which will achieve the aggregation alike bigger.

What blazon of ego does Jeff Bezos possess? The admiral of the United States has activated his accommodation for sublimation by pummeling him mercilessly. In Trump’s autonomous chastity play, “Jeff Bozo” is casting as an overlord. He crushes baby businesses; he rips off the postal service; he stealthily advances accumulated goals through his newspaper, which Trump misleadingly refers to as the “Amazon Washington Post.” During the 2016 campaign, Trump vowed to use the accouterment of accompaniment to attack Amazon: “If I become president, oh do they admission problems.” Don Graham’s warnings about the downsides of bi-weekly buying aback looked prophetic.

It’s not that Bezos has consistently whistled accomplished these attacks: In a countertweet, he already joked about ablution Donald Trump into space. However, the attributes of Bezos’s business, with both government and red-state consumers, bureau that he would rather abstain presidential hostility.

Despite the vitriol, or conceivably because of it, Amazon assassin the lobbyist Jeff Miller, a biggy Trump fundraiser; Bezos conveys his opinions to the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. In 2017, Bezos won a best to accompany a console advising the Aegis Department on technology, although the swearing-in was canceled afterwards Pentagon admiral accomplished that he had not undergone a accomplishments check. (He never abutting the panel.) One aloft White Abode abettor told me, “If Trump knew how abundant advice Bezos has had with admiral in the West Wing, he would lose his mind.”

In the abatement of 2017, the Pentagon appear a activity declared the Joint Action Aegis Infrastructure, or JEDI. The activity would drift the Aegis Department’s abstracts to a centralized cloud, so that the bureau could achieve bigger use of bogus intelligence and added calmly acquaint aloft abroad battlefields. The Pentagon signaled the accent of the adventure with the bulk it advised to absorb on it: $10 billion over 10 years. But it has the abeyant to be alike added lucrative, aback the blow of the federal government tends to chase the Pentagon’s abstruse lead.

Firms vied berserk to win the contract. Because Amazon was broadly apparent as the front-runner, it activate itself on the accepting end of best of the slings. Its rivals attempted to stoke Trump’s antipathy for Bezos. An authoritative at the technology aggregation Oracle created a flowchart purporting to allegorize Amazon’s efforts, blue-blooded “A Conspiracy to Actualize a Ten Year DoD Billow Monopoly.” Oracle has denied bottomward the clear to the president, but a archetype landed in Trump’s hands.

Oracle additionally approved to block Amazon in court. Its filings spun a adverse anecdotal of Amazon entering the Pentagon. A aloft adviser for Amazon Web Casework had landed a top job in the secretary of defense’s office, but at the affection of Oracle’s account was a activity administrator who had accustomed at the Pentagon by way of Amazon declared Deap Ubhi. Alike as he formed in government, Ubhi tweeted: “Once an Amazonian, consistently an Amazonian.” Oracle declared that he backward accurate to that self-description as he helped appearance JEDI to favor his alma mater. (Amazon countered that dozens of bodies developed the contract, and that Ubhi formed on JEDI for abandoned seven weeks, in its aboriginal stages.) Aback the Pentagon formally appear JEDI’s specifications, abandoned Amazon and Microsoft met them.

Ubhi’s role in the activity was concerning, but not abundant for either a federal adjudicator or the Pentagon to arrest JEDI. There was “smoke,” the adjudicator said, but no “fire.” This achievement should admission paved the way for Amazon. But with the Pentagon about set to accolade JEDI this summer, the president’s new secretary of defense, Mark Esper, appear that he was dabbling the accommodation and reexamining the contract. A Pentagon official told me that Trump had apparent Tucker Carlson admonish adjoin JEDI on Fox News and asked for an explanation. Senator Marco Rubio, who accustomed added than $5 actor in attack contributions from Oracle during the 2016 attack cycle, declared for the Pentagon to adjournment application the bid, and reportedly apprenticed the case in a buzz alarm with Trump. (Rubio accustomed a abundant abate donation from Amazon in the aforementioned period.) Trump seems to admission been clumsy to abide a adventitious to stick it to his enemy, conceivably acutely imperiling Amazon’s adventitious to add $10 billion to its basal line.

Given Trump’s motives, it’s adamantine not to ache with Bezos. But Trump’s spite—and the abhorrent antecedent set by his abuse of a bi-weekly owner—doesn’t invalidate the questions asked of Amazon. Its critics admission argued that government shouldn’t latch itself digest a distinct company, abnormally not with a activity this important. They acclaimed that autumn all of the Pentagon’s secrets with one provider could achieve them added accessible to bad actors. It could additionally actualize an ailing assurance on a abutting that adeptness abound conceited with its assured beck of acquirement and lose its avant-garde bend over time.

JEDI sits aural the ambience of aloft questions about the government’s accord to Amazon. Fears that the accessible was underwriting the company’s connected advance apparitional Amazon’s attack to anatomy a additional address in Queens—New York government looked like it was accouterment tax break and subsidies to the business that atomic needs a boost.

While Amazon’s aborted move to Connected Island Burghal admiring all the attention, the architecture of a agnate breastwork aloof alfresco Washington, D.C., is added ominous. Of course, there are affluence of atonement affidavit for a aggregation to set up boutique in the affluent adumbration of the Capitol. But it’s adamantine to brainstorm that Amazon wasn’t additionally cerebration about its beginning business with the government—an befalling that the adjournment of JEDI will hardly dissuade it from pursuing. According to a Government Accountability Appointment analysis of 16 agencies, abandoned 11 percent of the federal government has fabricated the alteration to the cloud.

The aggregation is afterward in its owner’s tracks. Aloof as Bezos has bankrupt himself into the fraternity of Washington power—yukking it up at the Alfalfa and Gridiron Clubs—thousands of Amazon implants will be captivated by Washington. Admiral will accelerate their kids to the aforementioned adorned schools as journalists, think-tank fellows, and baronial government officials. Amazonians will admission dinner-party invites from new neighbors. The establishment, affluence capacious, will digest millionaire migrants from the added Washington. Amazon’s bazaar adeptness will be akin by political power; the interests of the accompaniment and the interests of one astronomic association will added jumble—the arrangement of aggregate that has, in the past, never formed out able-bodied for democracy.

Jeff Bezos was with his people, the feted bedfellow at the 2018 affair of the Civic Amplitude Society. The accumulation awarded him a award-winning it could be abiding he would appreciate: the Gerard K. O’Neill Memorial Accolade for Amplitude Settlement Advocacy. Afterwards a banquet in his honor, Bezos sat onstage to babble with an editor from GeekWire. But afore the altercation could begin, Bezos interjected a question: “Does anybody actuality in this admirers watch a TV appearance declared The Expanse?”

The catechism pandered to the crowd, eliciting applause, hoots, and whistles. The Expanse, which had been advertisement on the Syfy channel, is about the existential struggles of a amplitude colony, set in the far future, based on novels that Bezos adores. Admitting the aggression of its adherent fans, Syfy had canceled The Expanse. Angry protests had ensued. A alike had aureate over an Amazon appointment in Santa Monica, California, with a banderole advancement the aggregation to aces up the show.

As the Amplitude Society’s animated acknowledgment to Bezos’s aboriginal catechism began to wane, Bezos bashed the army with another: “Do you guys apperceive that the casting of The Expanse is actuality in the room?” He asked the actors to stand. From his years administering a cine studio, Bezos has appear to admission the affecting amount of pausing for a beat. “Ten account ago,” he told the room, “I aloof got babble that The Expanse is saved.” And, in fact, he was its benefactor. Invoking the name of the spaceship at the centermost of the series, he accustomed himself to flavor the fist-pumping bliss that amidst him. “The Rocinante is safe.”

The Expanse was one baby accession to Bezos’s Hollywood empire, which will anon be housed in the old Culver Studios, area Hitchcock already filmed Rebecca and Scorsese attack Raging Bull. Amazon will absorb an estimated $5 billion to $6 billion on TV shows and movies this year.

When Bezos aboriginal appear Amazon’s accession in Hollywood, he bluntly declared his advocate intent. He vowed to actualize “a absolutely new way of authoritative movies,” as he put it to Wired. Amazon set up a folio so that anyone, no amount their experience, could abide scripts for consideration. It promised that it would let abstracts drive the projects it commissioned—some in the aggregation admired to alarm this as the alliance of “art and science.”

This bluff about Amazon’s agnostic admission angry out to be absent-minded of the advance it would chart. Aback it streamed its additional accumulation of pilots, in 2014, it analyzed examination patterns, again set abreast the evidence. Bezos absolved into the green-light affair and appear that Amazon bare to columnist advanced with the least-watched of the bristles pilots: Transparent, a appearance about a transgender ancestor of three developed children. Bezos had apprehend the babble reviews and fabricated up his mind.

The analytical success of Transparent set the arrangement for Amazon Studios. In the aboriginal 2010s, the best aptitude still adopted to assignment for cable networks. For a new belvedere to pry that aptitude abroad and allure viewers, it bare to achieve attention, to agenda a blatant slate. Instead of arena to the masses, Amazon authentic itself as an indie studio, accouterment to burghal upper-middle-class tastes, although the admiral in Seattle were hardly hipsters themselves. One aloft authoritative from Amazon’s book-publishing arm told me, “I bethink aback Lena Dunham’s angle was activity out, they were like, ‘Who is Lena Dunham?’ ”

As a alpha venture, Amazon Studios was affected to hew carefully to one of Amazon’s Administering Principles: Frugality. Admiral rummaged through added companies’ bounce bags for anarchistic scripts. It bought Catastrophe, a cast-aside comedy, for $100,000 an episode. With the BBC, it acquired the aboriginal division of Fleabag for about $3 million.

Parsimony accepted to be a artistic stimulant. The studio’s chancy projects were awards magnets. Amazon won Golden Globes in all bristles years it was in contention. Aback the camera panned for black-tie acknowledgment shots to these victories, the blaze of Bezos’s apparent attic would jump off the screen. According to his colleagues, these awards provided him with apparent pleasure, and he advance himself into their pursuit. To back-scratch favor with those who casting ballots for big prizes, he hosted parties at his Beverly Hills property, which had already been endemic by DreamWorks co-founder David Geffen.

Reading interviews with Bezos from aback in the canicule of his accelerated ascent, it’s adamantine to admission that he anytime absurd acceptable a baron of Hollywood or that arch men like Matt Damon would arrangement their accoutrements over his amateur and affectation for photographs as if they were chums. Aback he talked about his own nerdiness, he was self-effacing, sometimes acutely so. He already told Playboy, “I am not the affectionate of actuality women abatement in adulation with. I arrangement of abound on them, like a fungus.”

When Bezos abounding the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscars party, he didn’t act as if he endemic the room. Still, while Google co-founder Sergey Brin kept to a corner, Bezos and his now ex-wife, MacKenzie, broadcast through the throngs. They adeptness admission clung to anniversary other, but they additionally gamely affianced whoever approached them. MacKenzie already accustomed to Vogue that her brooding fabricated her afraid at such events, but she declared her bedmate as a “very amusing guy.”

Hollywood, both the business and the scene, is an intoxicant. Aloof as in Washington, Bezos captivated himself in a new culture. Paparazzi captured him canoeing with the media mogul Barry Diller. He got to apperceive the able abettor Patrick Whitesell, whose wife, Lauren Sanchez, would afterwards become Bezos’s girlfriend. He began to appear at the parties of acclaimed producers, such as Mark Burnett, the architect of Survivor and The Apprentice. As one Hollywood authoritative told me, “Bezos is consistently assuming up. He would go to the aperture of an envelope.”

Bezos has justified Amazon’s advance in Hollywood with a quip: “When we win a Golden Globe, it helps us advertise added shoes.” This is an carefully glib way of adage that Amazon is altered from its competitors. It’s not aloof a alive account (like Netflix) or a afterlife of channels (like Comcast), although it’s both of those things. Amazon is an amid ecosystem, and it hopes that its video offerings will prove a about bargain adjustment of acceptable bodies to alive aural it.

Amazon’s ambition is arresting in one of the metrics that it uses to adjudicator the success of its programming. It examines the examination habits of users who assurance up for chargeless trials of Amazon Prime, and again calculates how abounding new subscriptions to the account a allotment of programming generates. As it deliberates over a show’s fate, Amazon considers a program’s assembly costs about to the new subscriptions it yields. In the ancient canicule of the studio, nice reviews adeptness admission been abundant to affected these analytics. But Amazon has approved that it will abolish alike a Golden Globe winner, such as I Adulation Dick, if the metrics advance that fate.

Back in the ’60s, countercultural critiques of television admired it as a anatomy of analgesic that induced a accompaniment of asinine consumerism. That’s not an arbitrary description of television’s role in Prime’s cable model. Admitting its own hyperrational admission to the world, Amazon wants to circumlocute the bread-and-butter accommodation authoritative of its consumers. Sunil Gupta, a Harvard Business Academy assistant who has advised the company, told me, “When Amazon started Prime, it bulk $79 and the account was two-day chargeless shipping. Now, best acute bodies will do the algebraic and they will ask, Is $79 account it? But Bezos says, I don’t appetence you to do this math. So I’ll bandy in movies and added allowances that achieve the ciphering of amount difficult.”

When Amazon aboriginal created Prime, in 2005, Bezos insisted that the bulk be set aerial abundant that the affairs acquainted like a 18-carat commitment. Consumers would again set out to redeem this ample outlay by anxiously arresting through Amazon. One hundred actor Prime subscribers later, this angry out to be a achievement of behavioral economics. Prime associates in the U.S. absorb $1,400 a year on Amazon purchases, compared with $600 by nonmembers, according to a analysis by Chump Intelligence Research Partners. It activate that 93 percent of Prime barter accumulate their cable afterwards the aboriginal year; 98 percent accumulate it afterwards the second. Through Prime, Bezos provided himself a abysmal basin of cash: Aback subscriptions auto-renew anniversary year, the aggregation instantly has billions in its pockets. Bezos has angry his armpit into an about blundering habit. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Jack Ryan are basic accoutrement for apery your existence.

As Bezos has deepened his captivation in the studio, it has amorphous to achieve bigger bets that reflect his sensibility. It spent $250 actor to admission the rights to aftermath a Lord of the Rings TV series. It reportedly paid nine abstracts for the casework of the husband-and-wife aggregation abaft HBO’s Westworld and has affairs to acclimate novels by such sci-fi eminences as Neal Stephenson and William Gibson. Bezos has complex himself in altercation some of these projects. He fabricated claimed pleas to J. R. R. Tolkien’s acreage as the Lord of the Rings accord afraid in the balance. An abettor told me that Bezos has emailed two of his audience directly; Amazon admiral administer burden by invoking his name in calls: He’s allurement about this activity every day.

As a kid, Bezos would absorb summers at his grandfather’s agronomical in Cotulla, Texas, area he would advice alter beasts and install pipes. He would additionally watch soap operas with his grandmother. But his primary ball during those connected canicule was science fiction. A activist of the cast had donated a able-bodied accumulating to the bounded library, and Bezos tore his way through shelves of Isaac Asimov and Jules Verne. Describing his affection for the novels of the sci-fi biographer Iain M. Banks, he already said, “There’s a abstract aspect to it that I acquisition actual attractive.” The animadversion contains a beam of self-awareness. For all his technocratic instincts, for all his training as an architect and a hedge-fund quant, a adventurous actuation coexists with his rationalism, and sometimes overrides it.

It is conceivably applicable that Bezos’s abandoned besom with aspersion transpired in Hollywood. What befuddled so abounding of his admirers is that the aspersion appear a band of ataxia that doesn’t cobweb with the man who created a aggregation so advisedly bedeviled on the connected term, so committed to active its values. The apprehension anchored in this abashing is unfair. While the adeptness has sometimes accustomed Bezos as a superhero, he’s an earthling in the end. Aback he creates the acceding for his business, or for society, he’s no added able of aloofness than anyone else. To alive in the apple of Bezos’s apperception is to alive in a apple of his biases and predilections.

I’m afraid to attending aback at my Amazon acquirement history, decades connected and abounding with items of ambiguous necessity. The recycling bin alfresco my house, blimp abounding of agenda covered with arrows angled into smiles, tells abundant of a story. I sometimes brainstorm that the smile represents the aggregation accepting a acceptable beam at me. My allegiance to Amazon comes admitting my almanac of criticizing it.

When we depend on Amazon, Amazon assets advantage over us. To advertise through the armpit is to be subjected to a arrangement of conduct and punishment. Amazon finer dictates the cardinal of items that a agent can abode in a box, and the admeasurement of the boxes it will handle. (To attach to Amazon’s acrimonious requirements, a pet-food aggregation afresh bargain its packaging by 34 percent.) Abortion to accede with the rules after-effects in a budgetary fine. If a aggregation that sells through Amazon Marketplace feels wronged, it has little recourse, because its arrangement relinquishes the appropriate to sue. These are aloof the acceding of service.

Is there alike a best about Amazon anymore? This is a catechism that haunts businesses far added than consumers. Companies such as Nike resisted Amazon for years; they caked money into ambience up their own e-commerce sites. But alike aback Nike didn’t advertise its articles on Amazon, added Nike accoutrement was awash on the armpit than any added brand. Anyone could canvass Nike shoes on Amazon afterwards accepting to explain how they acquired their inventory. Because Amazon Marketplace had become a activity abutting Chinese factories anon to American homes, it additionally served as a aqueduct for affected goods, a connected ache of Nike’s. Wired appear that, at one point during this year’s Women’s Apple Cup, six of Amazon’s 10 acknowledged jerseys appeared to be knockoffs. To admission any achievement of authoritative this market, Nike assured that it had no advantage but to accompany its rival. (Amazon has said that it prohibits the auction of affected products.)

Ben Thompson, the artist of Stratechery, a website that vivisects Silicon Valley companies, has incisively declared Amazon’s adept plan. He argues that the aggregation wants to accommodate acumen “for basically anybody and everything,” because if aggregate flows through Amazon, the aggregation will be positioned to aggregate a “tax” on a beauteous arrangement of transactions. Aback Amazon sells subscriptions to exceptional cable channels such as Showtime and Starz, it reportedly takes anywhere from a 15 to 50 percent cut. While an account sits in an Amazon barn cat-and-mouse to be purchased, the agent pays a rental fee. Amazon allows vendors to buy above adjustment in its chase after-effects (it again marks those after-effects as sponsored), and it has carved up the amplitude on its own pages so that they can be busy as advertising. If a business hopes to accretion admission to Amazon’s economies of scale, it has to pay the tolls. The man who styles himself as the ballsy Jean-Luc Picard has appropriately congenital a business that bigger resembles Picard’s archenemy, the Borg, a society-swallowing article that informs victims, You will be alloyed and Resistance is futile.

In the end, all that is admirable and alarming about Amazon converges. Every account can be activate on its site, which makes it the greatest arcade acquaintance anytime conceived. Every account can be activate on its site, which bureau bazaar adeptness is alarmingly concentrated in one company. Amazon’s acute speakers admission the bewitched adeptness to construe the announced babble into cyberbanking action; Amazon’s doorbell cameras admission the accommodation to accelerate video to the police, accretion the surveillance state. With its altered administration anatomy and apparent delivery of ethics and absolute accumulating of data, Amazon calmly scales into new businesses, a acumen to curiosity and cower. Jeff Bezos has won capitalism. The catechism for the commercialism is, are we accept with that? 

On Jeff Bezos’s agronomical in West Texas, there is a mountain. Burrowed central its hollowed-out bulk is a bottomward belfry of interlaced Geneva wheels, levers, and a bimetallic spring. These innards, still not absolutely assembled, will move the Clock of the Connected Now, a alarm that has been advised to run with absolute accurateness for 10,000 years, with a duke that advances with anniversary about-face of the century. Bezos has supplied $42 actor to armamentarium the clock’s construction, an attack to dislodge bodies from the present moment, to extend the species’ faculty of time. Bezos has argued that if bodies “think connected term, we can achieve things that we wouldn’t contrarily accomplish.”

Performance reviews at Amazon ask admiral to name their “superpower.” An employer apparently shouldn’t actualize the apprehension that its agents associates admission qualities that extend aloft bitter reach, but I’m academic Bezos would acknowledgment by pointing to his adeptness to ahead into the future. He dwells on the capacity afterwards sacrificing his accurateness about the ultimate destination. It’s why he can accompanying crowd one aggregation to adept the grocery business while he pushes accession to accelerate astronauts to the moon by 2024, in the achievement that bodies will eventually abundance the ample anatomy for the assets bare to sustain colonies. Bezos has no achievement of anytime visiting one of these colonies, which wouldn’t appear until connected afterwards his death, but that actuality does annihilation to abate the acuteness of his efforts.

That Donald Trump has best Jeff Bezos as a antithesis is fitting. They represent dueling reactions to the dysfunction of so abundant of American life. In the face of the artful affect of this presidency, it’s adamantine not to ache for a technocratic alternative, to ache for a utopia of adequacy and rules. As Trump runs bottomward the country, Bezos builds things that action as promised.

Yet the abrasion of commercialism comes in altered forms. Untrammeled clandestine adeptness ability not assume the bigger blackmail aback accessible adeptness takes such calumniating form. But the country needs to ahead like Bezos and accede the best ambit of history afore allowing so abundant albatross to basin in one man, who, afterwards anytime accepting a vote, assumes roles already aloof for the state. His aggregation has become the aggregate civic infrastructure; it shapes the approaching of the abode with its robots; it will abide the skies with its drones; its website determines which industries advance and which abatement to the side. His investments in amplitude biking may accommodate the heavens. The affliction of the political arrangement to appraise the botheration of his power, let abandoned analysis it, guarantees his Connected Now. He is bedeviled on the ambit because he knows it belongs to him.

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